From the shadows, I come… back

Long time no see, eh? Probably some of you remember me, some of you don’t. But it doesn’t matter anymore, now. Because it will be the same for everyone. Known or unknown.

I am starting fresh. I know, I have said it multiple times here and on my other blog, that I will be back in business yet… I didn’t. I know, I broke my promise.

But life does that to you… Makes you do unexpected things, twists your wishes, you can’t get to do what you want, what you dreamed about and you get pissed-of at it. But life knows what it’s doing, I guess. It has its ways of working absolutely unknown to us, the humans. At the time it twists your wishes you want to blame everything on life and call it a loathing life you’re having, however, life knows its ways, as I was saying.

And I lived it on my own skin and learned that. You go through ups and downs, you go from hope to desperation, from failure to success, from fame to unknown. But all you have to do is never give up and work your way through it, survive. Because yes, life it’s a battle, a test, a journey. The only condition here is that you are the one in charge with it so in the end all you have to do is work your way, build the road with your own two hands, metaphorically speaking, of course. Don’t wait for others to do it or don’t blame it on life. You already had a gift from it: the mere fact you’re breathing is the biggest gift you could get. Now it’s your job to mold it onto your own preferences.

These are just few of the things I’ve learned in the past couple of years. A lot of things have happened to me since I went in the shadows. I laughed, I cried, I got excited, I got sad, I rose, I fell but I stood back-up and no matter how hard it was, no matter how much I cried alone in the nights, through all those tears and sorrow, I came back. Just like the Phoenix bird.

Now, enough with the metaphors for one post, right?

I just wanted to let everybody know that I am finally back and let them know that this blog was something that I always wished for it to be: a personal blog. But when I mean personal, I don’t mean it in the way I used to act and write, I mean it in the actual sense of the word. From now on, no more evasive me, no more bias which I used to have, or, at least, in the most reasoning terms, as unbiased as I can be, no more the little child I use to be. I grew-up. It’s not a brag, it’s a fact. I grew-up and I see the world differently. So many things have happened to me that I am almost, completely changed. My view on this world is totally different. And I am here to share all this. I am here to share with the world, my own view on itself.

I have gone through so many morally-gray situations and life changes, challenges from which I learned that the world isn’t the way I thought it was, the world doesn’t wait for you to grow-up and get out of your mother’s shell, the world goes round. But not around you. You just have to make sure you catch-up the train leading your next station. I was some sort of an older teenager rebel in fight with the world, instead of my parents. But I learned, a lot. And if I’d ever had to get back and choose another way to do stuff, I’d do the same things.

I know, sounds like that cliché statement that you always hear in movies and it is highly annoying and you’re already stuffed of it and, up to a certain point it is. But in a way it isn’t. Because it’s my own experience, what I, personally have lived and learned. That the statement happens to be overused in fiction is because it has it basis in real life.

Not to mention real life is a cliché itself. You are born, you grow-up, live and then die. Never-ending cycle of life. But in the end, it matters what you actually do to make your life worth it, even if it’s a cliché. Live every little moment and cherish every little thing and a new world will await you out there. Paint your life in colors, don’t let it go through in black and white.

As Bob Marley once said: “Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love”


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