Naruto manga: Sakura, The Heroine.

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Many use this excuse to bash on Sakura that “OMG, even Kishi himself said Hinata would make a better Heroine than Sakura”. At first, knowing how fond Kishi is for Sakura, seemed a little out of his way and since I wasn’t involved that much with the fandom, I didn’t cared about it.

But as I got involved and got into debates about Sakura, not mentioning those with the haters, explaining that Sakura isn’t the type of Heroine people should expect given the fact that Kishi wants to emphasize other things through her character, this argument was always brought to me, that Hinata made a better heroine and that Kishi even stated so.

As well, not to mention I saw someone on Tumblr saying that even on Narutopedia wrote that. I went there myself. Saw it. It does. They say that in an interview from 2010, Kishi stated that.

First, they don’t even know which interview. It was the Jump Festa interview 2010. I mean, if their seriousness and professionalism would be indeed, as they make it look, they would’ve named such a big event. We all know Jump Festa is quite popular in Japan.

Second, don’t you think they should’ve added an official link? As long as something like this, that can twist the views of many, and we’re talking about Naruto fandom here, is published, I think at least, we should’ve had that part included. It gives a plus of seriousness and professionalism, as I said before.

Now, because some were really concerned about this and I, personally, consider this part to be quite irritating when debating Sakura’s character, I’ve done some researches and found the answers to that interview. When Kishi is asked about Sakura’s status as a heroine in complement with Hinata, this is what he says:


Well, given the fact that I have a friend who happened to study Japanese and live there and study, for 3 years, I have asked for a translation. This is what Kishi says:

I have been told by other people that Sakura isn’t acting like a heroine, or that Hinata is more of a heroine than her, but if I think of it Sakura really has the strength of a heroine inside her, and from here on out she’s ready to show it, too.

He has been told by people that Hinata is more heroine than her, not that he said Hinata was a better heroine than her (Sakura). As we can see, the background reason why she would make a better heroine, is clearly fan made. No such thing mentioned in the actual answer.

Further explanation:

言われている is the passive voice of 言う (“to say”)
周りから means “from [the people] around” (assuming it’s ‘people’ because only people can say things)

Therefore, 周りから…言われている would be “I’ve been told by the people around me [that...]“.

If Kishi himself would want to say something, there’d be no need to use the verb 言う in the first place, he could just go ahead and say what he has to say.

The second line is Kishi’s actual opinion. It begins with a , which is a conjunction used to place two things into opposition in this case (it amounts to “but” in English). He then goes on to talk about Sakura’s inner heroine and how we’ll be seeing more of that.


Let’s get facts straight, shall we? As we can clearly see, Kishi enforces the idea that the Heroine of HIS story is none other than Haruno Sakura, that she has the strength of a heroine inside her.

The “inside”, could fairly mean as in determination. We all know that when Sakura puts her head into it, she can move mountains.



So, my dear Naruto fandom, before taking something for good, make some investigations. Don’t fall for such things. Especially since we’re talking about Narutopedia. We all know that information there can be changed quite fast by almost everyone. Add someone who dislikes Sakura and likes Hinata in there, and done! You have a false information.

Now, hope we’re clear on this matter.

Thank you for your time!

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Aggie (4 years ago)

I’m so happy to see the real translation! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Until now, I thought that the other one was true and I felt sad about it, but now I’m even happier about Sakura and I like her even more, seeing that Kishi acknowledges her as a heroine. 。◕‿◕。

    chatte (4 years ago)

    How couldn’t he acknowledge his own heroine? If he had said that it would be as if he had said he doesn’t know the story he created. It makes no sense at all. Kishi’s plot is very well-written and everything connects, every action has a reaction which means, every tear she shed has it’s purpose for a moment in the future. It’s the same with every other character. Every word and action of his, had a reaction (resolution) in the future. Same with Sakura. Kishi knows very well what he is doing with Sakura, with her personality, her powers, character and development overall, her story, in fewer words.

    So whoever translated that in the first place, must’ve had a real issue with Sakura or else there’s no explanation logical on why to spread such a news in the first place.

    Too bad it got on Narutopedia where some people there took it for good so now, every Naruto fan that doesn’t bother on getting too interested in facts like there, who don’t really are into the story and its beauty/flow, overall would believe such a nonsense.
    Not to mention for the new fans that come and the first result in searching Naruto on Google is Narutopedia.

    But they felt like leaving it there, because the supposed thing is correct, when they didn’t even knew in which interview Kishi had supposedly said that. Proves how irresponsible, incorrect, unprofessional and biased the staff or whoever wrote those things there, are.

    So this is why everyone believes that nonsense and why some people are, indeed, glad to know that Kishimoto has never said that. Because it wouldn’t make sense to the story overall as she is very rooted in the plot. Some stories and actions of her’s wouldn’t make sense, unless interpreted the right way and then you understand the overall role of her character in the story, then, you know that what supposedly Kishimoto had said back then, doesn’t make sense.

    So then you start digging and find the truth. Same thing that happened to me. :)

      Aggie (4 years ago)

      You’re right, and let me say that I admire your researches and dedication to this story, especially Sakura, who happens to be my favourite female character as well.
      Up until I joined tumblr, every forum I passed by had these haters about her characters, I couldn’t understand why, she’s amazing and I love her since I first saw this anime, I guess I was 10.
      I’m glad that I’m able to read your articles about her, and I agree with your point of view. Sunt mândră să cunosc o astfel de fană care provine din România, ca și mine. <3

        chatte (4 years ago)

        Wow, esti romanca? Ceee taare! Nu ma asteptam. Stiu ca la noi sunt mai rari fanii, especially when it comes to her, haha.
        Da, imi place mult povestea si m-am atasat foarte mult de ea. Ideologii, politica,traume psihologice, moralitate etc. Tot felul de subiecte de-astea mai nu usor de atins… Si imi place pentru ca autorul are asa un fel de a le povesti foarte bine pus la punct!
        Vai, ma bucur mult sa te intalnesc!

          Aggie (4 years ago)

          La fel! <3 Abia aștept articolul despre Shikamaru, prevăd o analiză genială, venind din partea ta. :D

          chatte (4 years ago)

          Multumesc frumoos! ^_^ Sa speram ca reusesc sa salvez hardul sau cel putin sa reusesc sa imi transfer datele pe hardul prietenului ca daca nu, oh Doamne, it’s gonna be a pain in the ass, scuze expresia. ^_^

Shashank (4 years ago)

I agree with you here, i’m sick of Hinata fans always trying to put down Sakura in favour of Hinata because of this misinterpreted translation. I’m glad that i found your site. Thank you very much for this post.

Elle (4 years ago)

Hi Chatte, thank you so much for providing this info. I’v been a naruto fan for about half a year and truly, how can hinata ever compare to sakura as a heroine? does a “heroine” only have a one track mind and do everything and anything for her beloved without thinking of consequences? honestly i cannot see her “growth” people have been raving about. part 1 hinata with her limited screentime.. no cancel that, that hinata in chunnin exams > everything else of hinata. she have been stuck in a love hell FOREVER and people think its great. wth? her fans takes her weakness and glorify it as a plus point -.- this person here has a great example of hinata’s “great deeds”

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Vao (3 years ago)

I really appreciate this post. I love both Sakura and Hinata and honestly people are very harsh to Sakura. Their conceptions about her are clouded by their judgements which is unfortunate. If only they gave her a chance then they would see how amazing she is. A true heroine of the story. Who cares about popularity? If that determined the hero then Kakashi, who beat out Naruto multiple times in popularity polls, would be the hero. Besides, people! Have more faith in Sakura! Kishi would not make an incompetant girl the heroine of such an amazing story. Besides, whether people agree or not Kishi still clearly makes Sakura be the main heroine. Bash on her all you want but Naruto would never forgive anyone who would hurt such a precious person to him. Even if they did not end up together, Naruto and Sakura still love each other in a familial way. Hinata vs Sakura is crap! Sakura wholeheartedly supported Hinata’s love for Naruto! She understand Hinata best! They are comrades and both would protect the ones they love fiercely. Sakura has a one track mind? Perhaps. But the same can be said for Hinata and whats wrong with that anyways? After all, Naruto was one track minded as well “DATTEBAYO I WILL BECOME HOKAGE!” Keep coming Saku-haters, nothing can change the fact that she is phenomenal either way. Disciple of the Godaime Hokage. Can summon Katsuya and already able to perform the Strength of a Hundred Seal Technique. One that many say (Kakashi, Granny Chiyo, and the First Hokage himself) surpass the legendary kunoichi Sannin Tsunade. Itachi said that people live in the worlds they perceive. Go your way and I’ll go mine but I know that Sakura is the heroine. (Besides, that does not change the fact that Hinata is awesome as well). All in all, Shanarooo!

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