Why I decided to move all my Naruto-related posts on my personal blog.

As many of you know, before, I was very active on writing my Naruto-related posts on Tumblr or different social-media sites. Many of you might not like the fact that now I am writing all the related posts on my personal blog, but before disliking this fact, let me tell you why I have done it.

First of all, as many of you know the photos display problem. On Tumblr and DeviantArt or other forums, where I have my theories, analyses & co. written, I have my photos hosted on Photobucket. All good, fair and square. However, when I hit a large number of views, Photobucket shuts down the viewing option because of large bandwidth. It happened with most of my writings because I hit over 40.000 views – side note: Chatte thanks the hell out of it for that, guys!

So, because this is a major problem in understanding what I am writing there, I decided to store them all, here. WordPress rules and likes many views, I guess, haha. So you can view/read it how many times you want, the photos won’t disappear!
I know I have the chance of buying a subscription on Photobucket and go for Photobucket Pro and they give me more space, but it’s still limited to an amount (as far as I know). So why do that when I can store everything here. I already pay for hosting and all those stuff here so this way I shoot 2 things in one move. Taa daa!

And regarding Tumblr… to be honest, ever since Yahoo bought it, I have a feeling of uneasiness… Don’t know IF I am being paranoia or not, howeverrr, I just prefer to be rather safe than sorry, if you know what I mean. PLUS! They also ask for hosted images sometimes and since my all-time important pictures are, yet again, hosted on Photobucket I will meet the same problem I am trying to escape.

So with that said, I hope everyone will understand my point of view and respect it and hopefully you will still read my stuff. ^_^

But DO NOT worry, I won’t disappear from the face of Tumblr. :) As you already saw, I always link to Tumblr if it’s something related. I just wanna be certain of some things plus, here, being my personal blog with a WordPress platform, things are a bit more clearer and less messier and I can find stuff easier. At least to me it is.

To my other readers: hope you don’t mind seeing these kind of stuff here. This is a part of me after all. And well, to be honest, if you mind it, you can always skip these parts, right? :P No one is forcing you to read something you don’t like or are not interested in it.

It’s just that, compared to few years ago, let’s say that my spectrum of subjects has enlarged.

Anyway, with that being said, I hope you all understand, respect and still read my stuff. If not, oh well… Gonna be talking to myself, haha! O_O

Yours truly,



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