Habits, habits…

So as some of you, my personal computer is down which means, unfortunately, I can’t write what I had planned, soon enough. Ok, maybe I am being a drama queen and I will be able to do it quicker than I think but it seems like a world away until I will get my computer back.

Fact is, I might not get it back at all… Let’s hope the HDD is still good enough so I can transfer my data from it to my boyfriend’s HDD.Luckily, I have his computer to browse around from, however, all my things, my information and stuff are stored in that drive. So I feel like I cannot write something until I get my hard drive back. That’s all that matters.
And this is where the title’s relevance come in. We are so attached to our habits that it’s funny. If someone tries to get us out of them, it feels weird. At least for me.
One of the reasons I cannot write stuff from my boyfriend’s computer is the fact that well… it’s not my computer, you know? I got used with mine so much that writing from another computer seems so strange. I have all my stuff there, arranged in a certain way, each to his own, some stuff is arranged so messy but you know what? I have an order in all that chaos! – this makes me thing about the Chaos Theory which simply put says that even though it all seems a chaos, there’s actually a certain pattern, order in which things happen.
Same with my computer.

For example with the Naruto analyses… I have there all the volumes up to 65 first in original Japanese, then, since I focused more on Sakura’s character, all the manga panels, in English, in which she appeared. So imagine that it’s like above 1000+ manga pages, not counting the volumes. Crazy, you might think. Possible, I might say. But who cares?

However, I am so attached to my habits connected to that computer that I cannot write a proper analysis or big post like I used to do on my computer. I feel like an incapacitated handicapped version of myself.

Ideas? Oh, God, plenty! Only if I’d had all the time in the world. But I am soo but so accustomed with certain habit patterns I developed at that computer, like I was saying, that I can barely get used to a new one or for a short period of time bare the transition.

This is one of my crazy habits I got really attached with. What about you? What is your most weird habit that you can’t seem to get off? Or I am the only one?

Oh and with this, I kindly ask you all, some of you who had waited some stuff from me to just have a little patience. Hopefully, it won’t take long until I can fulfill my promises! But do not worry, I haven’t forgot. Hopefully, my Hard Drive problem will soon be resolved.

Until then, feel free to tell me or not, which is the habit you got most accustomed with and cannot “work” without. :)



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