Kishimoto foreshadowing Sakura’s development via Hashirama Senju

After my previous [Theory] about Sakura Haruno’s possible character development and the Subtle hints from Kishi, I finally saw two patterns connecting each other, more or less.

Now, let’s get down to business.

In my previous thread containing the theory about possible character development for Sakura, I spoke about how she is, in a way or another associated/linked with Hashirama Senju. She is more or less present when something related to Shodai appears, that’s why it lead me to believe that what we’re seeing now, some details regarding Hashirama are foreshadowings that will lead to Sakura’s development.

So, let me speak more about it in order to make myself understood better.

When I saw the latest chapters, a short thing bumped in my head.


These are similarities that you can’t get past. Or, you can, given we’re talking Sakura…

But let me continue… I have seen some particularities in Sakura’s character that remind me of Hashirama or, you could say, the viceversa. Particularities in Hashirama’s character that reminded me of Sakura. But let us begin…

Remember when she was young, Sakura alwasy had this position she used to stay and cry. Kishi has drew Hashirama the same way in the latest chapter. Both Hashirama and Sakura have similar drawing style. And usually when Kishi wants to emphasize on something, he draws the characters similar.
So, here is Sakura:


And, here is Hashirama:


And as a proof, we have for example of Naruto, Yahiko, Nagato and Obito that have that similar big smile.


07_zpsc6fc864d  ch381_UK_Page_14_zpsddc41630 Naruto_448___Nagato__s_smile_by_tubeyo

Nagato’s smile is from one of the panels of the extra pages included in the tankobon release of chapter 448.

As well, we have Hashirama being quite emotional and insecure (more or less) “cry-baby” as well, in the latest panels, remembering us about Sakura back in her childhood years.

sakurahashirama3_zps0d73e0ab sakurahashirama4_zpsa5dc17cf

Now, getting past these association in personality, let’s get to the idea I’m trying to make here.

Ever since the latest chapters appear, in my opinion, Hashirama foreshadows, as I said, possible upgrade for Sakura. In my previous theory, I explained you how she was more or less associated with Hashirama via Tsunade. Well, now, it’s not only via Tsunade in my opinion.

Let me explain how.

Remember as I told you that back in part 1, Sakura made a big deal out of her forehead.



Then, while Tsunade commented that Naruto is like a second Jiraiya, he commented that she, Tsunade, has raised another version of herself.



Now, as I said back then, Kishi put an emphasis on the forehead via Tsunade’s Yin Seal.


tsunade tsunade2

Hundreds of chapters later, when Hashirama appears, guess what… his Sage Mode marking appears nowhere else but…exactly! On the forehead!

14_zpse26600fb 12-13_zps2cd80694 11-1_zps8e734103

Now, you would say that it’s nothing… but remember my previous thread about how Sakura’s Haruno symbol is similar to Naruto’s one from the belly and arms?

Well, it’s not only similar to that, but it’s more similar to Hashirama’s circle on the forehead.

Remember this?


You may say it was coincidence, but I say it’s not. Why? Because Kishi planned this symbol long time ago in his character design book:


If you haven’t picked it up, let me make it more clear…


It’s the exact symbol on Hashirama’s forehead. You may say you don’t believe it has a relevance… but let’s think … Why the same sign? Why on the forehead, which has been a big deal for Sakura back in the days? Why has she always been, in a way or another, associated with Hashirama? Why out of the newest generation she’s the one to know about mokuton ninjutsu, a secret technique of Shodai’s?

As I said in the previous theory regarding her development…

sakura6 sakura7 sakura8

Why her being the one knowing this back then?

Why her being paired with Yamato, in the mission they had?


As well, later in the series, in this war… Why her being the one discovering the Zetsu, which is made from Hashirama, as we all know?

08_zpsb488029e 09_zpscb1e3504 10-1_zps4d596763

Why showing her discovering data about Zetsus and coming to the conclusion they’re made from Hashirama, being once again, somewhat associated with him?

02_zps0f4d328b 03_zpsff5ba984

Why whenever it’s something about Hashirama, almost every time Sakura is there? You might’ve said that it’s all coincidence up till now, however, why have on his forehead, something important in Sakura’s character, a symbol that is the same with the Haruno symbol. Be it coincidence? Or not?

You know as they say… There is no coincidence! And talking about Kishi, who, when trying to foreshadow something, convey a message, has similar drawing style for multiple characters, I say something is up there for Sakura. Is up to you to see it or not…

Also, to make it clear, I am not saying she will be a Senju or something like this. What I am saying is that even if she is a normal girl, she might get to Senju-like powers, despite being a normal girl. Now that would be an excellent example of hard work and morale that even if you’re not part of a clan, you can still be powerful. Minato Namikaze, anyone?

Sakura and Hashirama share similar traits that have been found only in the two of them.

Now, as I said throughout the thread, besides the obvious Naruto/Sasuke parallel, Madara’s and Hashirama’s childhood flashbacks remember me a lot of Ino’s and Sakura.

Let’s count them a bit here.

When they first meet, they introduce themselves in a similar way that Ino and Sakura did, asking about their one another’s names, differences are, of course, considering Ino and Sakura lived in a different times, however, Ino is pretty much similar to Madara, the confident one and, as I previously showed, Hashirama is potrayed the same way Sakura was back then, a bit insecure and always had that sitting position. No need to re post it as I did it before.

Latest chapter showed us how more and more similar their relationship with Ino’s and Sakura is.

Madara comments on Hashirama’s style, the same way Ino’s commented about Sakura’s.



Another similarity is that after Madara’s/Ino’s comment, both Hashirama and Sakura begin changing their styles, in order to look better.

sakurahashirama9_zps66572a5c sakurahashirama10_zpsddcb3e30 sakurahashirama11_zps17b71cf6

Oh, another thing that I forgot, when Madara says to Hashirama that he can read him like an open book, remember who did that in part 1?

Yeap, Ino. In the Forest of Death situation after Naruto asks Sakura what about her hair and she lies in order to not make him worry, Ino catches that immediately, reading her…like an open book! ;)

In their respective fights, both Ino’s and Sakura’s panels were drawn similar to Madara’s and Hashirama’s ones.

sakurahashirama6_zps37d69d84 sakurahashirama7_zps27d9dcf1

Also, similar drawing style and the overall idea/cotext we find it in the latest chapter.

Both Hashirama and Madara were shown having the same resolution, agreeing over the Konoha subject, their thing together, if you want to name it like that, in the same manner that Sakura and Ino were having the resolution and were shown in the end agreeing over their own thing.





You will say that it’s slightly different. Yes, it might be, however, in the next panel, Sakura has the same facial expression like Hashirama.


While drawn differently, given the times and places, another similarity is the fact how both Hashirama and Madara had their special place where they were meeting, the same way Sakura and Ino had.

Also, in the same way the rock is a representative of Hashirama and Madara’s friendship, in Sakura and Ino’s one, we have the flower. And to my knowledge, both pairs share this unique trait.

As we have been showed in the latest chapter, another common trait they both share is their superior chakra control.


Now, getting past those similarities and what I’ve already presented before, as I reminded you, in the past, Sakura asked Yamato if he could teach her Shodai’s binding technique.


Once again, her, being in one way or another associated with him. Back at that time, probably meant nothing, but considering the latest events, it might mean something, in the end.

Also, as someone reminded me here, Hashirama has a technique related to flowers that puts people to sleep.
Well, whose name has the meaning of a flower and was showed to be proficient with sleeping gas bombs? ;)

Sure, as I stated all throughout this thread, all this could mean nothing or it could mean something.


Hashirama’s forehead seal, that circumpunct, is actually the Bindu symbol. What does it mean?
It represents a vast number of things, but mainly; creating life from nothingness.
– Meaning, his regeneration abilities, similar to Tsunade’s Byakugou, derived from Sōzō Saisei (Creation Rebirth). The Sage’s technique Banbutsu Sōzō means Creation of all things. See the connection here? ;) Basically, Tsunade creates life out of nothingness. More or less, since she does it with her chakra, but I think you get the idea.

Bindu is said to be located at the back of the head. This centre is said to be where the chakra is produced from, a chakra that can be the nectar of immortality.

In metaphysical terms, Bindu is considered to be the point where creation begins.

Now, at the back of the head thing. If you remember back in part one, Naruto and Sakura were compared to Heaven and Earth, more specifically, Body and Mind. General conception, the mind resides in the head. So, there you go, another connection.

In most books the Bindu chakra is not mentioned, but in the Tantra teaching a lot is written about the [B]healing and rejuvenating effects of said chakra[/B]. It’s basically considered to be the health centre of the human body and when put to use, it’s said to speed up healing, satisfy the being both physically and spiritually and basically grant the user immortality.

Now, what do we get here… healing and rejuvenating.

Don’t you find really suspicious the fact that Sakura, out of all the things she could’ve been, she became a medical nin?

Keep in mind healing and rejuvenating.

Let’s get to something else about Sakura. As we all know, Sakura’s color eye is green. What is it known/said about green?


Green is a vibrant and fresh color that has connotations of life-force, vegetation, rejuvenation, youthfulness, and health. In the chakra system, green is the color associated with the fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, and is associated with empathy, compassion and the power to heal. The fourth chakra is associated with the path of devotion that elevates spiritual love above religious ritual. Green eyes can indicate a youthful-seeming and compassionate person of boundless energy who has immense creativity as well as the gift of healing.

Coincidence much about the symbol she had above her head, Hashirama has on his forehead, what the color of her eyes are, what it means, Tsunade’s heritage, skills, color coat? All these have one thing in common: healing.

Coincidence much that all these details are linked and connected to each-other? Most of them have in common healing, rejuvenating, immortality? And that the only characters that are associated with such thing are Hashirama, Tsunade (who even has her green coat) and Sakura.

Since we previously talked about the Bindu symbol (if you want to read more about the Bindu Chakra, you can do it here), I found something pretty interesting:

Whilst this energy centre “sleeps” it is similar to a dot, but when awakened its energy begins to flow or to “drip”.

Now, on who have we seen a dripping dot?


Well, coincidence much or not, again, when Hashirama is mentioned, guess who is featured?

13-1_zpsfe8c09fd 14_zps0101d4fe

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