Sakura Haruno’s possible character development.


Ok, so I have this theory regarding Sakura’s development in the series, ie supassing Tsunade.

I know the majority of you will start bashing towards her calling her all that names. I’ve heard it before, not impressed.
I am not here for your whining personalities, not for hearing your hate.
There is a lot hate in this world, real one, so I don’t need some childish hate towards a character. Are we clear?
Before saying that no, Sakura will not get it because Naruto is ending, let’s not forget that Kishi said multiple times that he wanted to end the series yet he found himself continuing it.
So until it’s not finished, I have the right to think up for some certain possibilities as long as I want.

Hopefully, we are clear.
Sorry if I sounded bitchy, my excuses, I’ve just had it with people with whom you can’t have a nice discussion. I am just repaying in the same manner, if you want to take it like that.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Given the last events, as we’ve seen, Tsunade is on her verge of dying. There’s a 50/50 chance of survival. We don’t know for sure if she dies or lives.

But putting this aside, I have had these ideas before this whole Tsunade events of certain developments Sakura might get.

1. Yin Seal.

Well, as we know, Kishi has drawn Sakura to make a big deal out of her forehead.
From the series’s start this was a part of her personality, more exact, one of her biggest problems regarding her insecurities over her looks.



But what made me think it’s not just about her forehead as a personality issue was after Tsunade was introduced in the manga, and afterwards, Sakura became her student and we saw the pattern Kishi followed with the 3 characters.

Naruto – Jiraiya: Learned Rasengan from him at the beginning as a prime development, afterwards he learned Sage Mode.

Sasuke – Orochimaru: Curse Seal as a prime development, afterwards learned Kirin with the help of Orochimaru, which, surprisingly or not, enough, looks like a Dragon (according to the manga, snakes evolve into dragons, see Kabuto getting Dragon Sage Mode)

Sakura – Tsunade: Medical ninjutsu and improved taijutsu as a prime development, second yet to see.

When we are first presented to Tsunade we got to see the Yin Seal drawn… where do you think? Exactly, on her forehead!


Later on, Kishi emphasizes once again the “forehead” thing with Tsunade.



As we clearly know, Kishi isn’t the man to place signs here and there for nothing.

Putting the jokes aside, this reminds me of a funny picture I’ve found few days ago.



That was for the laughs.


Now, going on with my theories/possibilities, however you want to call it.

2. Genjutsu (Bringer of the Darkness)
As we know, in the beginning, ironically, Sakura falls under Kakashi’s genjutsu in the 2 bell training.




But later on, we learn that she has gotten better at genjutsu, as proven in the Chuunin exams and Kakashi’s words.




Of course, now you’ll say that she was only shown to disperse it, but in the major fight Sakura had with Sasori, genjutsu would’ve been totally out of the question.
Now, you might ask yourself why I straightly went to Bringer of the Darkness and not other genjutsu.
Well, as I was re-reading the manga, one thing caught my attention.
In the Team 7 which consisted in Yamato and Sai, Sakura was always associated with Yamato.


And what really really caught my attention was this:



sakura7 sakura8

Out of them, Sakura was the only one to recognize the Jutsu and the Mokuton ninjutsu out of her colleagues.
Actually as we’ve seen, besides Naruto, none of them were associated in some sort of way with Hashirama Senju.
The only one who was, indirectly, is Sakura as we’ve seen in these scans because we all know who Yamato is.
And also, the most powerful genjutsu technique Hashirama showed was, as we all know, Bringer of the Darkness.




So if we put all these pieces together into a puzzle, it would lead to the fact that Sakura would get to learn it, taking into consideration that she is associated to Hashirama not only via Yamato, also via Tsunade who is his granddaughter and was known to know everything about her grandfather.
So this would come fairly logic into Sakura’s development.
Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is this.
In the War, now, when we are introduced to Nidaime Mizukage there’s a hint.



As we see, he says that his element is Yin (I wonder who possesses the same seal) element and that this means he is a genjutsu user.

So once again, if we put these into a puzzle, we can see it quite clear. The only missing puzzle here is Kishimoto.

You might say that no, this is not possible but let us not forget about the fact that her master is the Hokage so, actually, Sakura has access to all these documents that contain jutsus and stuff like that.
We caught a glimpse with Sakura having access to those things in the war, where she was reading a report made by Yamato. We all know that these reports are for the Hokage.



sakura11 sakura12


And as we clearly see here, Sakura has access to it.
Now, I know there will be some of you that will say this won’t happen, it’s not possible but Kishi hinted so many times that old generation is surpassed by the new one, also he has made this clear that might happen with Sakura via Kakashi and Chiyo and these two are strong voices in the Narutoverse.
Kakashi, well, we all know who he is.
And Chiyo, we also know who she is as well and Chiyo is a veteran in her own right that fought Tsunade many times, has wars behind as experience and yet she said Sakura is liable to surpass Tsunade.
So this might come and it wouldn’t be something strange to see, I would say that even expected.
The Slug Sage Mode thing, I am not taking it into consideration because I do believe that belongs to Tsunade more than Sakura, but who knows, maybe Kishi throws a surprise. o.O

Anyway, this is kinda it.
Hope you enjoyed the reading!

P.S.: Once again, I repeat, these are fair theories of mine, however, legit ways of how Sakura could receive her honest power-ups, disregarding the fact, that logically, she should get any medical jutsu that Tsunade possesses.

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Shashank (4 years ago)

I completely agree with you. Sakura will most probably surpass her master just like Naruto and Sasuke have done. Also regarding the younger generation surpassing The old one, i read this piece of information and found it very interesting. Jiraiya always loved Tsunade but she never have him a chance. But right before he died he won her feelings right ? Jiraiya’s student Minato surpassed him in both skill and love by winning kushina’s heart and becoming the Yondaime. But he wasn’t fortunate enough to witness his son’s growth. Now we come to Naruto. There’s no question that Naruto has surpassed his father and Mentor in terms of strength. So he must surpass His predecessors in love too by winning Sakura’s heart and start a family and watch them grow. This is just my opinion. Tell me what you think

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