Spiritual Enlightenment: Sakura Haruno, Slug Sage Mode and possible genjutsu connection

Ok, this is a post I promised you guys a long, long time ago. I apologize for taking this long but well, what’s done it’s done. Let’s get to the actual post.

For a long time now, everyone gossiped about Shikkotsurin being the third place where one can acquire Slug Sage Mode given the fact that we’ve learned that along Myōbokuzan and Ryūchidō, Shikkotsurin is a legendary place as equally famous as the other two. What made us believe that? Simple. Jiraiya and Naruto learned Sage Arts at Myōbokuzan, Orochimaru tried to acquire it but failed, thus, Kabuto surpassed him by being able to master it at Ryūchidō, which only leaves Shikkotsurin being the third place where one can acquire Sage Mode.

Now, given that we have multiple candidates up for the role, there are a lot of debates going on about who is the third Sage, is it Hashirama, Tsunade or, least likely in one’s opinions, Sakura?

What I am going to do here is try to explain why in my opinion, Sakura will be the one getting Slug Sage Mode, why possibly Tsunade hasn’t and why Hashirama’s Sage Mode is not Slug Sage Mode, it’s rather an individual Sage Mode, so to speak and it’s connected to the Juubi.

But let’s go step by step.

I am first going to start with explaining the basics of each Sage Mode until now and some certain connections that hold meaning into the overall idea of Sage Modes.

Many believe that the Sage Modes are similar, thus, Sakura wouldn’t be able to acquire such state given her condition. So because the Frog Sage requires a large amount of chakra to master it, Sakura wouldn’t be able thus, to master the possible Slug Sage Mode.

I will begin first by clearing up that if the requirements would all be the same with all the Sage Modes, why Sakura would be able to master it. However, that’s not the case and each Sage Mode has its own requirements and I will show you later on and try to be as clear as I can be for you to understand.

Ok, let’s start with this and take it all step by step.


  • Why Sakura would be able to acquire Sage Mode if all the Sage Modes would have the same requirements as the Frog one


I revisited the training for Sage Arts with the Frogs and analyzed it. As well, I asked my friend Megi for help with the translation of the Japanese transcripts in order to be sure I didn’t miss anything. So, let’s get down to business!


Japanese transcript says:

F: そうじゃ。忍術が内なるエネルギー利用するのに対して仙術は外のエネルギーを取りに込んで利用する
That’s right! Whereas ninjutsu uses internal energy, senjutsu takes in energy from the outside.

Important to remember. When Fukasaku says, internal energy, he means chakra itself. As explained to us back in Part 1 within Sakura’s scroll.

So, simply put internal energy (chakra) is boosted by external energy (as in, what we’ll know afterwards, senjutsu chakra).

Keep going with the explanation, Fukasaku says:


Japanese transcript says:

F: Umu…Naruto-chan, I think you also know, ninjutsu uses chakra that is molded from internal “spiritual energy” and “physical energy”. With Senjutsu, you take “natural energy” from the outside and add it to the chakra within you, creating a new, stronger chakra (which is made available). With this, your ninjutsu, genjutsu, even your taijutsu will get a significant power up.

Stopping a bit here, what does this tell us?
That you add to the chakra already within you, natural energy which you absorb from the outside and induce it into your chakra, as the third element from the chakra’s composition.
So, with this said, the basics are simple. All you have to do is absorb the said natural energy.

Now, continuing…


Japanese transcript:

F: 全てはバランスじゃ。精神エネルギーと身体エネルギーと自然エネルギーのこの三つ。この三つをバランスよく練り込まなきゃ仙術チャクラはできん
It’s all about balance. Spiritual energy, physical energy, and natural energy. If they aren’t in perfect balance, you won’t be able to mold senjutsu chakra!


You’re accustomed to balancing your spiritual energy and physical energy for ninjutsu…but also adding natural energy from outside and keeping perfect balance is the most difficult work (near impossible feat). Too little, and you cannot make senjutsu chakra… and that’s to say if too much natural energy is taken up, you’ll turn into a frog.

Now, why do I say that Sakura is going to be able to manage it?
The only problem with making senjutsu chakra, is that you have to have enough chakra already in you to be able to gather/balance it, otherwise, the natural energy will overwhelm you and apparently, turn you into a frog.

But since she now has the Byakugo seal, chakra reserves are a problem no more, since she expanded them. Now all she has to do is draw nature energy and mix it with the chakra already within her. It doesn’t matter if it’s molded or not, nowhere does it say that. It’s simply the chakra within you. Not to mention, as we’ve seen, chakra pool can be increased via training.
That’s why the element of balance is introduced, because, once you add a new element into already 2 pre-existing elements, you need to know how to balance them all, in order to get the right proportion, so to speak.

Also, that’s why we have Gamakichi giving the explanation with the ice-cream.


To say that Sakura cannot add natural energy because her seal is already with molded chakra, is that saying that you cannot add mint to a chocolate vanilla-swirled ice-cream, because it’s already made out of chocolate-vanilla, you cannot add mint, when you can actually do it, just top it, simple as that.
Same with Sakura. Given that now she can bypass the chakra pool rule, all she has to do is attract natural energy and mix it with the pre-existing chakra and keep them all in balance. Which wouldn’t be a problem for her, given the fact that she was the best at controlling chakra. Hell, she did this for 3 years. Kept perfect balance between her spiritual energy and body energy and all in one spot.

To make a simple analogy: for those of you who at some point, played Need for Speed, it’s the same concept as NOS.

You have a car, it runs x miles/hour. But when you add NOS, it runs even faster than initially. It’s a boost in the car’s original power. Same with Sage Arts.

Now, in order to make clear why I think that Slug Sage Mode is different and why Sakura would be able to master it, let me go through with showing each of the requirements of Sage Mode and the differences between them, how each of them is based on one particular style and how this was foreshadowed ever since the beginning of the manga, it’s only that we didn’t saw it, with each member of team 7.

So, let’s get down to business.


  • Frog Sage Mode


The one who represented Frog Sage Mode in its perfect form, is, as we all know none other than Naruto.
As we all know, the particular fighting style that it’s adopted by the frogs is none other than Kawazu Kumite, otherwise known as Frog Kata.


So the storyline tells us that the style the Frogs adopted is actually taijutsu-based style, thus, Frog Sage Mode’s signature style is taijutsu.
This takes us to the very beginnings of the manga, where, funny enough, Naruto loses to Kakashi in taijutsu.

naruto-1564892 naruto-1564915

Funny how this was a definite foreshadowing, but, at that time how could’ve we known? Considering this point, I fairly believe that these lessons that each member of Team 7 learned, is what later, will provide a representative style for Sage Mode.
But until we get to the next Sage Mode, let’s end what I have to say with this Sage Mode. As we’ve seen, one of the requirements for Frog Sage Mode is that one has to possess large amounts of chakra.

Now, why did I say in the beginning that not all Sage Modes are similar, thus, not all the requirements are similar as well? The answer lies within certain elements of the manga, in connection to each one of the Animal Trinity.
With frogs, they require large amount of chakra because large amounts of chakra is one of the basic rules when signing a contract with the frogs themselves, as remembered back in Part 1.

naruto-1566099 naruto-1566100 naruto-1566108
So this is why, in order to be able to train in their Sage Arts, one would have to possess large amounts of chakra.

So, funny enough, the Frog Sage Mode has 2 of the characteristics that were representative for Naruto: taijutsu and large chakra reserves.

Now, in order to make things clear and see the differences and why I state that each Sage Mode is different, thus holds different requirements, let’s get to the next Sage Mode.


  • Snake/Dragon Sage Mode


Now, the representative for this Sage Mode is, none other than Kabuto, as we all know. Now, the curious thing is this… Let’s take a look on what exact element is put emphasis on when Kabuto talks about this particular type of Sage Mode.

As we can see, the emphasis is heavily put on the body. Now, what does Kabuto tell us? That he has modified his body, in order to be able to come with a perfect body suitable for Snake Sage Mode or actually, Dragon Sage Mode.
So as we can see, the requirement for this particular type of Sage Mode is that the user has to have a strong body in order to be able to master the Snake/Dragon Sage Mode.

With the people I have argued before in regards to Sakura being able to possess a Sage Mode, it was brought to me the same statement: that she’d need to have a large chakra reserve because that’s how Sage Mode works generally and the argument that was brought is that Kabuto used Karin to be able to possess large chakra reserves.
However, that argument I consider it flawed. Why? Because Kabuto mentions that he used Karin’s body in order to be able to possess amazingly impressive recovery power.

I think one of the misconceptions comes from the fact that people confuse Uzumaki’s traits. They weren’t known for their large chakra reserves, they were know for their very strong forces of life/longevity, as showed to us throughout the story.

Kushina even says that she was brought to be the vessel of Kyuubi not because she possessed large chakra reserves but because she possessed a strong chakra that was able to suppress the Nine Tails and says that the Uzumaki clan, once again, was known for their longevity.



So be not confused, Karin was used for her recovery ability, not for her large chakra reserves. We don’t know Karin’s chakra reserves, we just know that her chakra has the ability to heal. Not to mention that when she healed Tsunade, she said that if Tsunade kept sucking more chakra out of her body, she, Karin will be the one who will get old.
But anyway, moving on.

As we’ve saw with the frogs, the secret in their Sage Mode lied within the type of the contract one has with the said animal. With Frogs, the requirement we’ve seen that is the large chakra reserve, thus, their Sage Mode required large chakra reserves. However, as we’ve seen, with the Snakes, it was different. What Snakes required in order to be able to master their Sage Mode was a suitable body.

This reminds us of a previous statement of Manda’s, back in Part 1 when he was summoned of the Battle of the Legendary Three.

Here, Manda says to Orochimaru that he’d better prepare 100 sacrifices. Now, I remembered that in one of the scans translation, it was translated that “You’d better prepare 100 bodies sacrifices”. So, because at this time, I can’t remember which of the sites of the ones who hold scans had it, I decided to check with the Japanese transcript and, once again I asked for my Japanese friend’s help, Megi, to translate it for me. This is what the raws say:

M: オイ…後で供え物生贄百人用意しとけなア。
Oi…the offering prepared later better be a 100-person sacrifice.

Now, when I saw that, I asked Megi if, given the context and the differences between English and Japanese and how usually, besides translation one has to adapt it into the language they’re translated, it could be possible that the translation I saw with the 100 bodies part could be correct. And this is what she says:

“Well in Japanese it does specifically say “person”, but I think what you are saying will also have the same meaning, I just used 100 person because there was a possibility that Manda meant souls (I am not sure about this)! Maybe you can look this up, but I do not think that would matter. And well, usually sacrifices are physical unless Orochimaru could store 100 souls somewhere right? Strong soul could also lead to a strong body? When reading it, it looks like the 100 person sacrifice is like a ‘meal’ to Manda.”

Now, what could strengthen the fact that Manda was, indeed, talking about 100 bodies served as sacrifices? It’s Orochimaru’s own snake technique that requires bodies in order to be able to shift from one body to another, thus, this is why I consider that the translation I saw long time ago with Manda referring to 100 bodies can be a correct one. Hell, as we know, Orochimaru always wanted Sasuke’s body because Sasuke’s body, besides the Sharingan, was strong enough back in Part 1, to withstand the cursed seal mark, which originated from Ryūchidō. Thus, Orochimaru would have the strong body needed in order to obtain Snake/Dragon Sage Mode + his all-time wanted Sharingan.

Therefore, it is proven to us that Snake Sage Mode’s requirements are different than Frog Sage Mode’s requirements. Where Frog Sage Mode requires large amounts of chakra, Snake Sage Mode requires a strong body, which only strengthens the idea that each Sage Mode is different, thus,  the requirements of Slug Sage Mode will be different as well.

Also, what I would like to add to that, is that, like Frog Sage Mode, Snake/Dragon Sage Mode has a different based-style than the Frogs. Where Frogs are known for their taijutsu-based style, Snakes are known for their ninjutsu-based style, as we’ve seen with Kabuto.

Funny enough, back in Part 1, Sasuke is the one that loses to Kakashi in ninjutsu.

Now, I know you’ll say that Sasuke doesn’t have Snake/Dragon Sage Mode, but let’s remember that he is a user of Senjutsu and his fighting style is largely based on ninjutsu usage.
If you’re wondering if this breaks the parallelism, I’d say no, it doesn’t. Besides the fact that we are shown that Sasuke still has a contract with the Snakes, thus he could acquire Dragon Sage Mode by magic if Kishi wants, in the end, he is a user of Natural Energy coming from Ryūchidō.
Think about it, at least one of the students of the Sannins, for now Jiraiya’s and Orochimaru’s are utilizing Sage Mode/natural energy.

We have Jiraiya – Naruto
Orochimaru – Kabuto, Sasuke.

Now all we have to do is wait until the triad is completed. I bet that until now you’re thinking about the fact that why Tsunade didn’t use it?
True, she wasn’t shown but don’t forget that things can still happen. Plus we have the saying with “The new generation will always surpass the old one”.

Who is to say that Sakura will not surpass Tsunade by mastering something her master couldn’t? In this case, Slug Sage Mode, therefore, Sakura would be surpassing her teacher as well.
Jiraiya mastered it but not fully, Naruto surpassed him in the sense of fully mastering it.
Orochimaru found the source of that natural energy/Sage Mode, but couldn’t master it due to his weak body, only managed to acquire a lower mode, as stated by his disciple, an imperfect Snake which we could link it to Orochimaru’s ability to transform himself in the 8 headed White Snake, same as Hakuja, who was a big white Snake.

With Orochimaru, we have Kabuto that did it later and Sasuke who is able to utilize the Natural Energy coming from Ryūchidō.

Now, we have Tsunade’s case which didn’t utilize any form of Sage Mode, but we are shown that she does have knowledge of Shikkotsu Forest and we all know that by now, it’s confirmed to be the third place where one could acquire Sage Mode. Who is to say she couldn’t master it or didn’t have time or whatever the case? This point could be further explained when the revelation would be done.

Now, I am sure that at this point, you’re wondering if Hashirama has Slug Sage Mode or even be sure of the fact that, indeed, the Sage Mode Hashirama has is indeed, Slug Sage Mode. Here is where I come and I tell you that I firmly and strongly believe it’s not Slug Sage Mode. Let me try and explain you the best way I can, why I think that Hashirama’s Sage Mode is another Sage Mode that it’s not connected with the Animal Trinity and their respective locations.

  • Hashirama’s unique Sage Mode. Shin Sūsenju & Shinju

Now as some of you that are frequenting the same forums as me know, I am a strong believer that Hashirama Senju’s actual Sage Mode comes from the Shinju/God Tree itself. I am well aware that there are indeed some gaps that don’t quite can get filled however, if we look at the manga, there are several elements, details or however you want to call them, that indicate that my presumption might hold some actual truth.

Let’s take it step by step first. As we know, the actual God Tree is the Juubi, the Juubi who was previously constructed, among other things, from Hashirama’s preserved cells by Madara.

If we look at the tree and look at Hashirama’s techniques/Sage Mode there are quite some similarities between them.

A Tree that blooms which is similar to Hashiramas’s Blooming Forest, technique that he used to put people to sleep.



As well, what they also have in common is the fact that both Shinjuu and Hashirama’s Wood Dragon absorb chakra.

Also, prior to the transformation of the Juubi into the Shinjuu, it is explained to us that actually “that thing” is Natural Energy itself.

Coincidentally or not, funny how the first elements that are mentioned there when Kurama starts describing the Juubi are none other than earth and water, both which are the elements one uses in order to get Mokuton. But besides all those similarities that I have shown until now, the biggest one is none other than the designs of Hashirama’s multiple statues and the ones that we saw in the most recent chapters, which were coming out from the Shinjuu itself.

Let’s show some examples.


naruto-3911487 naruto-3911489



Coincidence much that both Hashirama’s wood statues, to say like this and the Shinju ones look extremely alike? I believe not! Of course, there are details that will further need explaining but that is Kishimoto’s job. But from what he has shown us, Hashirama’s techniques and Sage Mode and the God Tree, might be very well linked and Hashirama’s actual Sage Mode could be some sort of Mokuton Sage Mode.
You might think by now that how can this possible, we only know three places where one could acquire senjutsu.

But, think about it! He could very well have a unique Sage Mode because:
1. We know that there are three magic places associated with the Animal Trinity where it was said to attain/master Senjutsu as in, Natural Energy.

2. Then, with the whole Juubi transformation story, in-between, we get another mention of Natural Energy. And that being TenTails… which surprisingly transforms into a Tree that has similar traits with Hashirama’s Sage Mode and techniques.

3. With that being said, we now have a fourth mention of Natural Energy which breaks the patterns with what we have known until now that we only had three sources of Natural Energy. As I said, we have a fourth one now.
Thus, we can conclude that besides those 3 magic places, there’s an ultimate source of Natural Energy that is the Tree itself  – this will need further explaining by the author himself, of course – which only leads logically to the idea that his Sage Mode is unique to him and has nothing to do with the Animal Trinity and their Natural Energy possession/Sage Modes.

With that being said, let’s get down to the last, but not least, part.

  • Slug Sage Mode, Sakura and Genjutsu

Following the patterns of the aforementioned Sage Modes, what does that tell us? That similarly to the Frogs and the Snakes, Slugs have certain requirements as well.
Back in Part 1, we got to know a lot about Frogs and Snakes and see how the contract with them works, but we’ve never seen how it actually works with the Slugs. That is, until now.

From what the story unveils to us within the latest chapters, it would seem that in order to get a contract with the Slugs, one should acquire, first, the Byakugō seal. Why is that? Back in 632/633, we find out that soon after Sakura acquires the seal herself, she is able to summon Katsuyu.

What else could probably strengthen this idea? Well, it’s the fact that as explained by Katsuyu itself, her healing works in connection to Tsunade’s seal.

So this only shows us that there has to be a link between the user and Katsuyu. Which only means that, as I seen, in order to be able to summon Katsuyu, one of the requirements in her contract would be that the user possesses seal. Otherwise, if that wouldn’t be the case, why wasn’t Shizune shown to summon Katsuyu by now? She’s as well Tsunade’s disciple along Sakura, however, the only difference between the two is that Sakura was able to master the seal, while Shizune wasn’t, thus, she wasn’t able to summon Katsuyu either. Because they couldn’t connect via the Byakugō seal.

Now, what do I mean by spiritual enlightenment/wisdom?

As we’ve seen with the other 2 Sage Modes, their ideologies, so to speak, are based more on team-work (Frog Sage Mode) and in the Snake/Dragon Sage Mode, we see that it has more to do with genetic manipulation and body alteration. Coincidence much that Kabuto’s Sage Mode was called by Kishi as “The most evil Sage Mode”?

Given Sakura’s character and what the Diamond seal’s characteristics and mythology, they are both highly linked to spiritual enlightenment or let’s say, wisdom.
As we know, Sakura has been shown to be compared to Heaven, which represented as wisdom/enlightenment, back in Part 1.

Given the seal and Katsuyu’s gentle nature, and Shikkotsurin being the third place where one could learn Sage Techniques, I fairly believe that spiritual enlightenment or wisdom, however you want to call it, it’s the requirement Slugs have in order for one to be able to master their Sage Mode.
Also, given Sakura’s character being heavily constructed on Buddhism, we all know that Buddha’s teachings were heavily based on the said spiritual enlightenment. I have talked a lot about the said Buddhist connections in various places. If you’re interested to read more, you can do it here, here, here and here.

Now, going further. What could be the signature-style, so to speak, that Slugs have? Given that Frog Sage Mode and Snake/Dragon Sage Mode have their signature style represented by taijutsu – Naruto – and ninjutsu – Sasuke -, this leads us to the most logical idea, foreshadowed back in Part 1.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. None other than genjutsu. And as we all know, while the foreshadowing in Sakura’s case is rather scarce, it’s still there. She was said to be surpassing her master and in that context, her genjutsu-type would be the difference, as stated by Kakashi at the beginning of Part 2.


Once again, I wonder, is it a coincidence that right about now, when it is brought to our attention that a flower will soon bloom, a flower that is heavily connected to genjutsu, Sakura’s power-ups are slowly but surely, being shown? As we all know, in DB3, Kishi even put a part that said Sakura will be blooming on the battlefield? And now we’re on a battlefield and we’re being shown a flower that’s about to bloom and Sakura showcasing more and more her skills as a ninja.

My opinion is that, no, it’s no coincidence.

With that being said, I strongly believe that Sakura will be the one acquiring Slug Sage Mode, a Sage Mode that will be heavily based on genjutsu, thus coming full circle with the 3 styles, which would also answer many people’s question in regards to “What about Sakura’s genjutsu abilities”, as well, fulfilling the saying with “The new generation will always surpass the old one”, therefore, Sakura will surpass her master.

So with that being said, I end this here and hopefully I didn’t forget anything. If I did, please forgive me. The hour I am writing this post is rather late and I’ve been spending all day collecting data throughout the whole manga.
However, if you think there’s more to it, feel free to write in the comment section down below. Share your thoughts with me! :P

Hope you enjoyed!

Yours truly,


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Elle (4 years ago)

Interesting read.
Not to rain on your parade, but how could Sakura know natural energy? We seen how long it took for Naruto to sense it.. then use it.. and it’s only because he had the vast amount of chakra to counter it (and the toad sage’s beatings) when he is training.. and sakura’s vast amount of chakra only came now..

    chatte (4 years ago)

    Hey, Elle. First of all, thank you for taking your time and read my theory/analysis.
    Second of all, I know there are some things needed to be addressed but that is in my opinion, the author’s part. As of how could she know, well, think about it. Tsunade addressed Sakura about Shikkotsurin in a way that made it clear for us that Sakura has knowledge about it too.
    As for Naruto being able to sens it… Each one of the three places, has a special kind of way that the Natural Energy is let’s say, somewhat harvested. For Naruto, indeed the oil made it easier, with Ryuchi cave, it was the cave itself that was surrounded by the Natural Energy, thus Kabuto collected it via his Snakes.
    Now with the Slugs we can’t know for sure but what if the way to gather Natural Energy is via the Seal?
    As for Sakura’s vast amount of chakra, I agree that it only came now, but if you look at it, it has always been there, it was just put away in order to get the seal. Not to mention, Sakura’s chakra reserves have never been bad to begin with. If we look at what she did with the chakra she has, outside the seal, it’s pretty impressive. As in, demolished an entire battlefield, healed the Ninja alliance, all that without releasing the seal itself.
    So, I am sure that these details who indeed, need resolve, will be explained by Kishi himself. Because the requirements of each Sage Mode is different, therefore, it is only logical that the requirements for SSM are different as well, therefore the gathering might be done different also. So that’s why I say we cannot fully know for sure how it will work, how the process is done, given the differences between each SM.
    Hope I made myself clear, dear, if not, just let me know and I will try to explain the best way I can. ^_^

    Baka Chan (4 years ago)

    but how can sasuke know about natural energy for only 2 mintues and begins utilising it?

      chatte (4 years ago)

      Haha, good point, dear! In a matter of not even a day, because he did heard about it before, when he fought Kabuto, but once he got the hang of it, he immediately started applying it. Therefore, one could only assume the fact that this wouldn’t be a problem for Sakura either.
      Excluding the fact that, as I said, Tsunade spoke to Sakura as if she knew about Shikkotsurin.

gatomon21 (4 years ago)

I’d love if that happend, but I start to doubt it – the latest chapter looks somehow like the story will come to an end soon and sadly I’m not sure if Sakuras power will be needed any longer.

    Chatte (4 years ago)

    Hey, Gatomon, thanks for your feedback. First of all, yes, indeed it seems like the series is coming to an end, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover up. Madara is still there, the battle between Sasuke and Naruto is still upcoming, so there are a lot of things that are still going to happen where Sakura’s newly acquired powers would be of use. :)
    You know as they say, it’s not done until the fat lady sings! :P

Patrick (4 years ago)

Sua teoria é muito interessante já que o anime desde o começo deixava claro que sakura tem um ótimo genjutso,e eu ia adorar se isso acontece-se eu acho que sakura tem que superar tsunade de qualquer forma pois todos seus discípulos já superaram só falta ela,mais tmb fico triste em achar que isso talvez não possa acontecer ;( o motivo ? pelo qual o mangar está acabando e acho que kishi como sempre vai colocar o destaque no Naruto e Sasuke esquecendo totalmente da personagem terciaria ”Sakura” mais não custa nada ter esperasas…
fugindo do assunto….
A e na luta do time 7 contra o Obito no manga?vc prestou atenção que a Sakura ficou olhando atentamente as reações do Sasuke, vc não acha ? por que pelo visto Sasuke não voltou completamente para o bem, então eu estou achando que Sakura tentara impedir Sasuke de alguma forma!
será ou é só besteira da minha cabeça ?

Greg (4 years ago)

I think Hashirama sage mode is a green lotus flower I remember in one of naruto color page hashirama sage pigment and eyes were green

Jennifer Navarro (4 years ago)

I believe Sakura will get a definite power up soon. The manga has not ended yet and Gai and the pthers are still struggling to distract Madara. It’s been hinted many times, Kishi loves foreshadowing and parallelism, that Sakura may get a power up which will be Slug Sage Mode. No one else has it, so most likelye Sakura will. Hopefully she does, she’s an amazing character in the series

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Even though we’re at 4 months distance in regards to this, given the recent developments and how Kishi freely handles power-ups that have or don’t have too much logical sense, I fairly still believe that Sakura will get SSM. It’s not over until the fat lady sings, haha!

Miki (4 years ago)

You should update the information to reflect the latest chapters. Specially regarding Sasuke, Tsunade, Sakura, and Hashirama.

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Well, if I would do that, it would defeat the purpose of a theory, so I’m gonna leave it like that. ^_^

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