Internet hate: is it worth it or not?

What’s with this title? I thought it sounded cool. But wait, it’s not just about that. What I really want to talk about is about the internet hate.
I hope this won’t end in another large post, as it usually does, but I have few things I want to say about the matter at hand. What internet hate is most based of is emotions. The giver (aka the shithead who sends hate) has only one simple weapon: words. The receiver (aka the poor person who has to take the shithead’s bullshit) has apparently none.
Why do I say one simple weapon when we all know that words can cut deeper than swords, and why do I say that the receiver has apparently no weapon? Well, let me make myself clear. The reason I say this is because it really is that simple! On the other side of the monitor screen, it’s just a powerless person that probably yes, hates you will all their guts, and feels the need to bring you down to the pits of despair because that is the only thing they can do. They can’t get to you and hurt you in any physical way – getting past the fact that face-to-face they wouldn’t have the guts to say anything to your face -, so, like I said, they try to bring you down, emotionally speaking.
Now, this is where the trick lies… All the power is in your hands, not theirs! You are indeed the target, but you are the one in control of the situation. All they can do is send this not-so-innocent-venom-filled-arrow at you, metaphorically speaking, of course, with the hope that it will reach you. But besides their little arrow, they can’t control anything. They can’t control its target, if it gets to you or not, and if it does whether it affects you or not.

Like I said, they have absolutely no control! The one in control is you! Only you determine if it gets to you or not and how you deal with it. I know, you’ll say it’s hard and feelings do get hurt and I won’t contradict you there! However, why not turn it into something fun?

For example, some of you who read my blog and know also my Tumblr blog, know that for quite some time now I have began to receive a lot of anon hate messages. I don’t want to sound all-knowing or however some people might interpret me but, instead of giving in to the hate messages, I turned the tides… What did I do? I simply turned everything into something funny: I respond to them pointing at their own stupidity – because yes, let me tell you, there is a lot of that involved -, I simply laugh at their pathetic attempt to make me feel bad or anything, or I just turn into a sassy bitch because let me tell you, there’s nothing funnier than sarcasm and sassyness in these situations!
Chatte_Invalid_HateGet on the your-hate-is-invalid-mode, give no shits, keep on being awesome!
Like, really… What can they do to me? Get out of the monitor and strangle me? No. That would suppose face-to-face interaction and these kind of people are cowards, not to mention speaking of the control is in your hands, I’d punch them directly in the face if that were to be. What else could they do? Well, realistically and pragmatically speaking nothing, really, no-thing!

So why give in to their hate? In these kind of situations you must remember that first of all, you are a better person than them! The fact that they have lowered themselves to these levels speaks a lot of volume about their persona, not yours. Second of all, remember the fact that, like I said, the one in control here is you; third you should remember that no one defines you than you. If someone tells you that you’re this or that you mustn’t believe them. You know which one is the truth! Don’t fall under their prey and actually start believing what they tell you. Because that’s the biggest possible weapon someone could have over you: your psyche. But, then again, we get back once again to the control part: you are in control of that portion of yourself, not them.

So to answer my own question: no, internet hate it’s not worth it. Why? Because like I kept repeating myself over and over again, the one in control in this matter is you. They literally can’t do anything more than to throw a mean, hateful message at you hoping that you will feel bad so they could feel like they’ve won over you a battle that’s only in their head anyways,  or God knows what else could be in their hate. But more than that, they can’t do anything.

So that’s why I say: turn the tides! You have no idea how much fun internet hate sometimes can get, especially when the tides turn. Because when you smile in their face – more or less, you get the idea – it drives them crazy, it frustrates them, it makes them implode and they’ll try for a time to get even more aggressive and they probably will get but you see, if you maintain the same attitude, trust me, at a certain point in time, they’ll get tired. And even if they don’t get tired, that once again doesn’t change the fact that they have no power over you. For me for example, it has become such a daily dose of fun you have no idea! Trust me! And if you don’t, you can always visit my Tumblr blog to see it for yourself.

So no, internet hate isn’t worth (and if you ask yourself what, your emotional distress, of course!) but if you flip the coin, you might get a surprise you maybe didn’t believe it awaited you there!

And with this, I am gonna stop before this turns into some philosophical-life-wondering subject. Because yes, I do have the tendency to go there!

’till next time, stay awesome and remember: the power is yours! (I just realized I sounded like Captain Planet, lol!)



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Odeena (4 years ago)

Oh dear, oh dear… Anon drama made me quit my incognito Tumblr account – not because any of it was directed at me, personally, but because there was SO MUCH vitriol aimed at other people (general and specific) that I lost my faith in that community for good. Good to see someone still holding on to their blog there in spite of all that crap. Stay strong, Chatte-sama! :D

    chatte (4 years ago)

    Well, if you can get past that – although sometimes it does get tiresome – Tumblr is actually a really cool place. Lately, it isn’t so much the fandoms’ fault as it is the Tumblr platform itself. They did some modifications that makes one think that they actually encourage anon hate. That’s a thing, however, I will be touching upon another time.
    As for blog, of course I still keep it! To me, this whole hate has just become so funny that’s like my daily morning coffee. I can’t miss my fun. :D Therefore, arigato gozaimasu, Odeena-sama! ^_^

GreenKaoriChan (the same of tumblr) (3 years ago)

Chatte, you don’t know how useful and comforting was for me reading this. You know, while thank God I haven’t suffered of anon hate as unfortunately you had, I did had a rather…unpleasant experience in other fandom, in which I felt really attacked for my ship preferences. I was really bad and afraid of continue posting there (until now, I quit the fandom), however, I realized that “Why should I care for this?” and your post just hit the right spot too. Really, it was really encouraging and I’m glad that you wrote it! :)


    chatte (3 years ago)

    Kaori dear! ♥ Welcome to my other blog, haha!
    As for your comment, I am so glad my message got across. ♥ Because really, this whole internet hate isn’t worth it at all. You’re attacked for what? For things you enjoy? How childish can that be? As long as you’re not mocking anyone and do harm intentionally, I see no problem with enjoying things you do.
    You’ve probably seen a lot on my Tumblr, so I don’t need to bring that up again, haha, but the thing is people are mean, that is how life works. Good people and bad people. You know, Yin and Yang stuff, haha…But yeah, with that being said, it just matters for one to know themselves and be with a clear consciousness when it comes to doing no harm, otherwise no one has any reason to fall pray or believe any of those bad words people use to bring you down.
    Some of them (the majority, I think) do this because deep down inside, like I was telling someone on my Tumblr whom I’ve had discussions with about bullying, cyber-bullying and hate stuff, generally, these people are just insecure and the way to make themselves feel more secure and more confident about themselves, is by bringing someone else down, thus they get this false-impression that they’re building their strength based on other people’s weaknesses – or what they consider to be weakness.
    They aren’t strong or God knows what, they’re just not secure about themselves and feel very insecure over your own confidence so they try to impinge (cut) from their target’s own self-esteem in the hope that their target becomes weaker and weaker emotionally speaking, thus giving them this false-impression of power, when it’s nothing but a false-built confidence because the moment the other person doesn’t back down and isn’t intimidated of them, or even better, recover from the possible down-moment they had, when confronted, these people just back-off or try to change the card, starting to play the victims, in the hope that out of this situation, they’ll get you to be the bad person and make other people sympathize with them.
    That’s why I say, not giving a damn and be aware that the power is literally all in your hands, is one of the things that throws-off these trolls. I mean, look at my Tumblr after the recent anon hate wave… Because I gave no fucks, have you seen anyone else trying to troll me with hate messages? Excepting the minor baseless ones like “NaruSaku sucks” yadda, yadda… these are already children’s play for me, lol!
    But yeah, like I said, when it comes to internet hate, people need to be aware of few simple things: their control over the matter, the fact that the person from the other side of a screen-monitor has no power over them whatsoever, and also, the fact that you’re not defined as a person by what other people talk about you. :)
    Once again, glad I was able to comfort you hun with my late-night ramblings. ^_^
    Take care of yourself hun!


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