The Last: Naruto The Movie. The last Story, the first love: why I believe Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are going to be canon + opinions on the movie’s plot teaser

Given the latest information we’ve got, I find myself more and more curious about this newest movie. First, we got the movie’s teaser according to which the Narutoverse is about to be in danger.

The moon is near to collision! At this rate, with the Moon in collision course, it will fall down to the earth by becoming a meteorite! The countdown toward the Doomsday starts! How will naruto hurdle this crisis?!



Most of the people around asked themselves but what about the moon? Well, let me tell you a bit about what I believe… As you know it from my Tumblr, I have been one of those people whose statements were that the Kaguya story felt too rushed on a hand and on the other hand, the fact that Black Zetsu comments before being sealed along with his mother in the moon, that he will wait for his mother’s revival. In that moment I knew that Kishimoto isn’t gonna end this story here and now. In my opinion, it’s just on hold and will be featured in the upcoming movie or one of the series of movies I suppose it’s gonna come like I already mentioned in Naruto ends in 5 weeks: from here and now on…

In my opinion, given that we knew so little about Kaguya, we are yet to find her whole background and the symbolism in regards to her characters. As I’ve already written here, in my opinion Sakura has some sort of involvement/link or will have, with Kaguya. I am not saying necessarily clan backgrounds, it might very well be just from the fact that both Kaguya’s third eye and the Byakugo seal have the same symbolism behind and knowing Kishi, this could be it. Of course, there I talked about lots of possibilities that might occur, but in the end, it will be what it will be.

With the moon in collision, it’s either Kaguya’s return as I said or it might be very well be the people or whatever they are for which Kaguya was building an army. I mean, she had to have a reason to build a Zetsu army, right? We know she came from a very far-away land, but that land was never mentioned to us so maybe now, in this latest movie, we will finally find out. I am curious to see how Naruto&co. deals with this, especially Hinata who seems to be having rather a sad figure. I am hoping that maybe, we will have more plot-involvement from the Hyugas as Kaguya is their ancestor via Hamura Otsutsuki who seems to be the direct ancestor of the Hyugas themselves. So, yeah, waiting really forward to it!

Now given I have that cleared, let me get past to what I wanted to address. And that is Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno’s relationship. I know, from this article paired with the team’s official tweet these latest days, everyone freaked out. But I know I didn’t. Why? Because apparently, Studio Pierrot’s marketing team is doing an excellent job! Why? Let’s be honest here, the whole world knows, even the Japanese people themselves, about the Western side and their shipping arguments. What did Studio Pierrot and the other publishing teams did? Take the fact that the NaruHina fandom looked behind the simple meaning of a scarf and Hinata’s position and turned it into a international tease between the fans.
Both articles even mention how the fans “want to dig” the scarf’s supposed significance and Hinata’s position.
Now, of course, everyone freaked out and took this as a positive hint from Studio Pierrot themselves, when all they did was ask themselves what about Hinata’s position and the scarf that fans so much want to dig about?

And it all started because of this poster:


The reason Studio Pierrot along the other asks themselves why fans dig about the scarf and Hinata is because as we can see, they intentionally put the scarf between both Hinata and Sakura. And I think we all know why.

Now, what is my opinion on this first love? Well, the reasons I have already listed them several times in my two other posts, Japanese depiction of love in media and the famous NaruSaku forehead kiss scene and Naruto ends in 5 weeks: from here and now on…, so I won’t repeat myself. Instead, I’m gonna leave you with what I consider to be real teasers in regards to this new love.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, we must remember the teaser we got in regards to Sakura’s beauty and how Naruto must be… what? Thrilled, astonished? We don’t know but… that’s the teasing part.

Source: Naruto The Last Teaser 11/09/14 de nirvanerox

Besides that, what else did we got? Well, let me tell you a little something that I noticed myself.. Why is it that besides the teasing from the narrator itself about Sakura’s beauty and (I suppose) Naruto’s astonishment on it, we get Sakura having little hearts behind her in one of the wallpapers you can get if you play the chakra games on their official website?


Wanna know what else makes me believe that this new love story they’re talking is about the love Sakura has for Naruto? On the same chakra points game they posted on the official website, on Sakura’s card with the 40 chakra points we get none other than Yamato’s comment in regards to Sakura’s own feeling of helplessness in regards to the things she can do for Naruto.


What did Yamato comment on Sakura’s feelings for Naruto then? That it’s not a matter that she feels the things she does for Naruto are small or big, it’s how strong Sakura feels about Naruto that matters and that in reality, Yamato could tell that Sakura… and this is where Kishi’s played a game with us with his authorial intent. But I believe we all know what Yamato was about to tell Sakura, right?

This new love that has been featured, if we’re gonna take it by elimination cannot be other than the kind of love Sakura will realize she feels for Naruto. I, personally, am sure of it! Of course, we have to wait until the movie’s come out to see it but I’m willing to bet my money on it!

What do you think? Who is the one that will find a new love? Feel free to let me know down below!

Till next time,



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Andy (3 years ago)

Great post! I cant believe I just found out about you. I personally do not ship NaruSaku but honestly, if your theories come true, I wont be surprised! ;)

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Hey, Andy! Thank you very much for your feedback and also really nice meeting you! Hope we’ll be seeing each other around more.
    Enjoy your stay around! :)

Yogyakarta (3 years ago)

Yep , those little hearts there is enough proof , for me. Same as Andy , great theory there. Kudos to you !

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback! I am not saying that’s the only think that holds weight, but it’s a nice touch. :)

Tanookitty (3 years ago)

I love reading your write ups and theories but I couldn’t help but feel like the mentioning if the hearts behind Sakura’s card was silly. I think those were definitely cherry blossom petals. I don’t think we need a point like that to prove NaruSaku is most likely going to be canon anyway. ^_^ love your blog and I am looking forward to more of your posts!

    anakin olandesca (3 years ago)

    Sorry guys narusaku is not go na be canon this movie is for naruhina its show this how naruto return hinatas love for him and get merried this hapen the event after chapter 699 before 700 so naruhina is canon read the manga naruto final chapter 700 naruto and hinata have 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl name bolt a.k.a baruto and himawari uzumaki

Irene (3 years ago)

These behind Sakura are not hearts, but cherry blossom petals XD I really hope Kaguya won’t be back :(

    chatte (3 years ago)

    I know, but don’t you find it curious that the shape is a heart’s one? ;) I, for one, do so. But of course, everyone is free to believe whatever.
    I am only talking from my point of view. :)

Someone with common sense (3 years ago)

Lol Sakura loves Sasuke, not Naruto, I love how you disrespect Sakura’s character so much, she has said tons of times she is in love with Sasuke, the poor girl, you all treat her like she is some special needs person that doesn’t know anything, she has not ever been confused about her feelings in canon, you’re watching one too many fillers and Naruto does not love Sakura either so he has to suddenly realize he’s “in love” with Sakura too lol. Also on that chakra game, it means nothing, they were all at random, and the exact official translation is not “how strong you feel for Naruto”, it’s “how much you care for him”.
I think you need to read Sakura’s fake confession again, look at Yamato’s reaction, yep he sure looks like someone who thinks she has “feelings” for Naruto, everyone has acknowledged Sakura is in love with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Naruto, Sai, Karin, even Sasuke has.
I love how you keep mentioning Studio Perriot as if they write the manga, it doesn’t matter what the studio do, you should be more worried on what Kishimoto is doing, because it ain’t NS.
You think you people would of woken up when Sakura was drawn on Sasuke’s horse holding onto him and blushing, I wonder why she wasn’t on Naruto’s horse blushing? Oh yes, I wonder.
But anyone is wasting their time talking to you, you reject manga facts.

    Kass (3 years ago)

    lol look at those ss tards always sticking on a cover .putting your faith on a sticking cover won’t make your ship canon honey , know this.

    Oh and btw Sakura doesn’t love Sasuke anymore hon , that’s something obvious . Even Kakashi says that sakura ”doesn’t want to make him hers ” and that’s enough proof to put down your whole argument . She only wants to save him from darkness because he was a dear teeammate of her and that’s it . stop forcing into this sick relationship honestly . stop being so forcefull on her .And Sakura still doesn’t know about her feelings yet , check databook 3 where it is stated that Naruto makes her heart to beat faster and that she’s confused about her feelings . As for Naruto im sure we all know he IS IN LOVE with Sakura . Deal with it . Honestly it’s not even an argument , it is a FACT .

    As for the fillers you are not to talk . Look at the fillers they added for Hinata and NH . At least Narusaku has CANON developtem and facts by Kishimoto himself . And also don’t you ever write on this page ever again if you’re gonna be an asshole . stop bashing chatte . At least she has more common sense than you to get a job because what she writes is common sense and smart lol .

      Mi (3 years ago)

      Sakura still loves Sasuke. Kakashi says that sakura ”doesn’t want to make him hers ” But still she said she loves him still.

      And i’m not all for shipping couples but it seems NaruHina is likely going to happen. Why would Hinata be one of the main characters for the last movie right? Plus Naruto hasn’t responded properly to her confession which i believe will happen after everything. As for Sakura, she might be with Sasuke, might not. Well that idk. I just think Hinata is who Naruto is very likely to end up with. Although Kishimoto had some NaruSaku moments before, NaruHina moments seemed to appear more after.

    Kass (3 years ago)

    oh and about the translation ! it i says ” it’s not size of what you do for him that counts . What rally matters are your feelings towards naruto . Sakura i can tell by looking at you . you really/truly L- ”

marie (3 years ago)

I totally agree ! Pierrot always tends to tease the ships ( all the fillers that are naruhinaish,
but also the filler where Naruto tells that girl from the matrilineal village about his feelings for Sakura ). This explains a lot.About Sakura’s picture, I tried to access the chakra game but it seems you have to log in… How did you do it if I may ask ?
Anyways thank you as usual for your posts :)

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Hey, dear! Yes, indeed Pierrot likes to tease the fanbase aaaaa lot! As for the chakra game, you have to go to that log-in button, then go to the register mode where you’ll have to pick a username and a password that have numerical and alphabetical composition. :) That should be it. If you’re still having problems after that, let me know!
    Have a great day! :) And also thank you!

Guest (3 years ago)

But…she loves Sasuke. It’s been confirmed so many times that even neutrals have admitted that it is indeed true. And I’m pretty sure those were petals, not hearts…Not trying to be rude, but this is utterly ridiculous. Why does Sakura have to be some trophy for Naruto when she loves Sasuke and he can give her more and then some. You don’t have to like SasuSaku to know that she still loves him.

Oliver (3 years ago)

You’re an idiot, have you even read the manga??? Sakura told sasuke that she always loved him and always will. As for hinata hyuga she sacrificed herself to save naruto telling him she loved him, and recently he has begun to develop feelings for hinata, as for the movie if you have done any research hinata is pregnant and is probably scared out of fear of how her child will be, and hinata would never marry anyone but naruto. The only feelings Sakura has towards naruto are usually hate, anger, and jealousy she’s easily the worst person via the leaf village, if you remember ino yamanaka also had hearts for her background, showing that she is into young with your heart.

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Because spewing offenses surely makes you look smarter… I have nothing to talk to people that cannot have a decent debate.
    That is all I have to say in the matter, have a good day!

    JS (3 years ago)

    Hinatards are always the same

      Chloe (3 years ago)

      Way to generalise people T.T I’m a ‘Narutard’ and can hold a decent ‘debate’ thank you…

        Chloe (3 years ago)

        Wait I mean Hinatard XD Though I guess I’m a Narutard

SnowDrop (3 years ago)

Good job, miss Chatte!
I’m glad you are still optimistic about NS.
To be honest, I’m so sick and tired to read these baseless SS and NH fans comments,
but your post gave me new hope.
It’s nice to see your reasoned opinion and Yamato’s quotation once again, the first love story now should be about NS, I’m sure of it.
The only thing, these “hearts” you were talking about, to my mind they are just petals of sakura’s flowers.
However, thank you so much for your analysis!
I hope this little picture of Sakura will make your day)

Cool Guy (3 years ago)

Well that’s still a huge speculation, we still can’t consider Narutos true feelings towards Sakura.

    chatte (3 years ago)

    I am not sure what you’re referring to with the impossibility of considering Naruto’s feelings for Sakura. What exactly do you mean by that? Can you be more concise? Thanks! :)

Incognito (3 years ago)

To be honest I enjoyed your writing, (I am a NaruHina fan). I liked the fresh approach and your view you have. I would have loved to give my opinion but I am to biased. Like Hinata I will rather say nothing than say something I cannot unsay. All I want is to see Hinata happy. I believe the only place she will obtain happiness is by Naruto’s side. Keep up the good work :)

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Aww, that’s so sweet of you dear! ♥ And don’t worry about saying your opinion, you can always do so. :) As I said multiple times, as long as it’s a nice debate, even if it doesn’t involve my favorites, so to speak, it’s still entertaining for me, haha! And in the end, what matters is for everyone to be happy. I, for one, am looking forward more to her in regards to her implications of being the next heir to her clan. But that’s just me, I guess, haha! ^_^
    Have a great day dear and thank you for your feedback! ♥

None- SS shipper. (3 years ago)

I absolutely dislike SS, and I can see that Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke won’t be changing anytime soon, there has been a hundred chances in which her feelings could have changed and never not even once has Sakura thought about Naruto in a romantic light. Also about Sakura being connected to Kaguya is just… not there, I can’t see how they are connected.

dolly33 (3 years ago)

Thank you for boosting my confident for narusaku. Someone told me that on twitter, Hinata gives Naruto the red scarf and naruhina would be in canon and it was written on japanese. :/ But I don’t think the pairing thing would be spoil like that right, until it actually comes out.

    chatte (3 years ago)

    Don’t mention it my dear, my pleasure, haha! :P As for the scarf and written on Japanese, it was like I said in the post, an article that observed the theories fans all around the world do, they didn’t say that as it was coming from them. :) It’s just pure observation, that’s all. :) So, no worries! :) Have a great day!

Vincentbc (3 years ago)

Hey Chatte :) I am a NS fan and I really agree with your point of view. It’s not that I dislike NH, in fact I really admire Hinata for doing so much for Naruto to the point that she is willing to sacrifice her life for him. All that really made her an admirable character. However, when it comes to love, I believe it is more of feelings than contributions. I would sacrifice for my female best friend, but that doesn’t mean that I love her romantically. Throughout the story, I hardly see Naruto showing signs of having any romantic feelings for Hinata. In my opinion, what he sees in Hinata is admiration and respect. I’m sure he is very thankful to her for what she has done for him so far but correct me if I’m wrong, there had been hardly any signs of Naruto saying or even showing through actions that he likes Hinata romantically. As a matter of fact, he has admitted to Sai that indeed he is in love with Sakura but he felt that he didn’t have the right to confess to her because he can’t even keep a promise that he made to her. That was pretty obvious that Naruto DOES have feelings for Sakura. (More importantly, that happened after Hinata’s confession during their fight with Pain). Also, as mentioned, the data also stated that Sakura is confused about her feelings to Naruto. This is clear when we see how protective she is towards him and how much she cares about his feelings and well-being which is prominently shown throughout Shippuden. Those, in addition to what you’ve mentioned about what Yamato words about Sakura’s feeling to Naruto and the events of part 1 (whereby Naruto clearly says and shows that he has a crush on Sakura) are what contributed to making me feel that Naruto loves Sakura and that there is a chance that Sakura may or might have already develop feelings for Naruto as well as the conclusion that Naruto does not really have romantic feelings for Hinata.

As for SS, it’s probably similar to NH in the sense that the girl contributes a lot for the guy but the guy had shown no signs of having romantic feelings for the girl despite how the girls really deserved respect for their determination and courage. Sakura loves Sasuke without a doubt, but Sasuke clearly doesn’t feel the same way, he has expressed this many times. Not factoring how bad he had treated Sakura throughout the story (to the extent of almost killing her), he had never shown any signs of reciprocating Sakura’s feelings despite knowing her feelings towards him. That, to me is already a clear-cut answer regarding Sasuke’s feelings towards Sakura. It takes two hands to clap, the moment one party doesn’t feel the same, the whole relationship won’t work. As far as the story has progressed, this is what I observed. Though the last few chapters of Naruto and the movie could cause things to change and turn out differently, that I don’t know.

Other fans on this page may say that I’m biased because I’m a NS fans, but I speak with supporting evidence. I can clearly see that everything that you’ve mentioned, you have clear evidence to support them too and therefore, I really agree with you and I enjoy your write-up which are not made up of baseless biased opinion and assumptions. If you were writing up on NH and you presented clear evidence, I would definitely agree with you too. I really don’t see the need to shoot someone just because they have different opinions from you. That is why I respect NH fans for their opinions too even though I may not share the same view as them. I hope you guys won’t attack Chatte just because of differing opinions. If you wanna express your opinions, do it nicely and I’m sure Chatte will be more than willing to hear you out and we can all have a friendly debate on our differing view. Isn’t that more fun? :)

My Info (3 years ago)

I love reading your article as always!! :)

kyuubiOV3RDRIVE (3 years ago)

Narusaka fans are really getting desperate aren’t they…. honestly I see whoever did this tried hard. But honestly I had Myy opinions till they became fruition Knowing sakura treats him like shit punches him and fakes her feelings for attension or whatever makes me urge to wanna die on a world that would let it happen. Pt 1 she treated him like shit even said his dream was a fools dream. Hinata was shy but achieved development from being with him. Pt 2 the hero returns and knowing how much she changed even though she’s still shy a lil . Sakura still looks flat but more feminine ig
Still counting on him for every little aspect punching him treating him like he never changed at all even though he’s still dense.
Pain arc hinata actualy risks her life and says she lives him DEVELOPMENT CITY OVER HERE. When naruto saves konoha from pain ect he became the hero he etched to be. Later on bull shiz happened and she said your a hero now of course everyone loves you . She says it like no one lives Uu b4 but now your a hero of course we life you now!. Ugh but don’t forget who loved Uu before you were famous . Not the one who treated you like crap.

christinalotus (3 years ago)

Your theories will come true.I’d bet on my money for it.

IceQ21 (3 years ago)

Sorry, but your theory has flipped a 180 into hinata’s flavour… It’s all hyuuga now :)

    IceQ21 (3 years ago)

    my proof is the new trailer

dude (3 years ago)

spoiler alert to those that dont read the manga and havent seen it

hinata has won over naruto as they are married with children years later a son bolt/boruto and a daughter

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jane (3 years ago)

porque s i me gusta la pareja es mejor naruto y sakura . sakura si estada enamorada a naruto para convierte hokage igual a su padre minatos namiskates . naruto si verdadera mi madre kushina parece sakura haruno es el linda . gran final si quede narusaku si existe ¡¡
la mejor pareja es muy bonito sasukarin¡¡¡ and narusaku¡¡¡

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