As The Last: Naruto the Movie approaches, Volume 71’s cover is released! Naruto Databook 4 included?

As the wonderful series we all love comes to an end, we have yet few things to wrap up. Which ones? Well, as we all know, the remaining volumes.

Cover 71 has been recently released and it pictures Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura in a fighting pose as Kakashi, their master, is on the background.



How do I feel about this? Well, definitely nostalgic and I wanted to write a special post on this cover because this has to be one of my absolute favorite covers, ever! It perfectly describes the action that has happened along the volumes’s content, as well as the feel of Team 7 being reunited and working together, once again, as a team. Something Kakashi himself finds lovable. And how couldn’t he? These three have gotten so far compared to the little children they were when they first met.

Volume 71 will be on sale on Tuesday, november 4 and also, there’s a secret book accompanying the volume release. Could this be the long awaited Databook 4? These images sure seem to suggest so:

naruto-uzumaki-databook-4-profile-2 sasuke-uchiha-databook-4-profile



With these being said, we can’t help but wait and see if this is indeed the long-awaited Naruto Character Databook 4 we have been waiting for such a long time. But until then, we have the wonderful volume cover to look at and remind ourselves of how much time has passed since these 3 were just brats and how much they have grown-up.

I, personally, am very excited! What about yourself? Don’t forget to leave your opinions down below.

Till next time,



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