As The Last: Naruto the movie approaches, the cover for Naruto Character Databook 4 is released!

The date of November 4th comes closer and closer. Until The Last: Naruto the Movie airs, Kishi has decided to offer us some extra gifts! As I was previously saying, when the cover of Naruto volume 71 got released, we got some glimpse of a supposed long awaited Databook 4! At that time, to my knowledge, they were just rumors based on what information I gathered around, but this time, with the information being confirmed, I present to you my dears, Naruto Characters Databook 4’s cover!


Apparently, this time we are featured with both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, symbolizing nicely the light in the darkness and the darkness in the shadows, hehe. We all know how Kishimoto loves his not-so-little symbolism.

I, personally, like it and Naruto’s smile gives me closure… Kishi drew him in such a way that his face tells us that, I don’t know, at least, that’s the feeling I get from the cover.

What about yourselves, do you like it? How excited are you for it? I, for one, am super-excited! Can’t wait to read their new Databook stats!

Don’t forget to leave me your opinions down below.

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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

If its out and someone is probably translating it we might find out NS happening before it happens in manga.Good and bad at the same time because it would make me happy but i wouldnt be so excited for story then xD

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