Naruto Characters Databook 4 brings us the long-awaited Mito Uzumaki!

The newest Databook 4 brings us more and more characters that along the series have been kept in the shadows, only to be leaving the fans wondering: what about those characters?

Today, with the newest release of the newest Databook 4, we finally have the change to meet one long-awaited character in Naruto series, that being, none other than Mito Uzumaki, the first bearer of the Byakugo seal!


For the moment, I am unable to provide with any information more than the picture, however, once I will be able to do so, I will come back with an update.

It’s interesting to finally confirm that Mito had the Byakugo seal until she probably died of old age, as we can see from this Databook picture. From what we can observe, we’ll also be getting some insights on the Uzumaki clan. Finally!

Can’t wait for more light to be shed upon Mito!

What about yourself? Who are you looking forward too? Leave your thoughts down below!



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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

OMG SOOOOO MANY MITO-KUSHINA-SAKURA parallels.I just dont know what to say anymore :D

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Kishi seems to be getting blunter and blunter by the day, isn’t he? :D Let’s hope that with the newest appearance of Mito’s, we could be learning more of Byakugo seal!

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      “Let’s hope that with the newest appearance of Mito’s, we could be learning more of Byakugo seal!”

      Sure, let’s hope we learn more about the most unoriginal cliche power-up in the history of shonen fight mangas which is also the most marry sue skill too (herculen strenght with no muscles + Wolverine regeneration combination).

      And “long-awaited Mito”? Since when? She was just fodder whose only “importance” to the story was being the first jinchuuriki of the Fox – despite it is incredible stupid just like Kushina being the Fox’s jinchuuriki too, as there were no hinting nor foreshadowings for that there were people before Naruto having the fox inside them and the base plot (which is not NS nor NH) said that the fox came from nowhere.

      Also, what was the most memorable thing that Mito did? Oh, yeah, she is technicaly like Kaguya, just worst, because we at least saw Kaguya fightning.

Guilherme (3 years ago)

I always kind of believed in that it was a Uzumaki’s jutsu, after all, they were know for their Fūinjutsu and what is Byakugo if not a Fūinjutsu that seals and accumulate Chakra on the forehead for further use? I’m really looking forward to see it translated fully!

Setsuna Uchiha (3 years ago)
Jessie (3 years ago)

Naruhina is canon now.

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