Some last thoughts in regards to Naruto chapter 699 & 700 spoilers and The Last: Naruto the movie plot and info until now…

Well, I think that’s no need to explain what a shocker the recent spoilers for Naruto 699 and 700 were for absolutely everyone that is not a SasuSaku shipper nor NaruHina…

The spoilers are legit, that’s Kishi’s style there’s no doubt in lying ourselves over it, really. Now, how do I feel about it? As you’ve probably seen from my Tumblr, I kept hope, I gave up hope and then I said I’m willing to wait. Why? Because as I said there and on Heaven and Earth, something seems really off and fishy!

I can’t see how after all this development, foreshadowing, parallels and whatnot in this manga took this route, I can’t. It defies logic itself and those spoilers are chaos! Everyone paired up with everyone, characters looking weird than we know them and whatnot…

Therefore, what I think in regards to Naruto chapter 699 and 700 and The Last: Naruto the movie’s plot and info up until now, until everything will be cleared with the chapters and the movie? Well… as I said, something doesn’t add up!


Some of you probably know what I already think since I discussed it on H&E (plus the 4chan album print-screened from H&E users giving their opinions and apparently I’m around there) but some of you might not, therefore, what I’m gonna be doing from a lack of time and other things, is just copy-paste some ideas I’ve shared with people on H&E on why everything might look like that and what it might actually be underneath the underneath?

So, here it is (copy+paste on some discussions I’ve had with other users), some replies of mine in regards to the latest info we’ve had:

    • Guys idk the images are and look real but SOMETHING doesn’t add up… I don’t know…
    • To one of H&E admins who wrote the following, I told him clearly that I so feel him in regards to what he wrote, aka this:

OKAY PEOPLE HOLD IT!!! I need you guys to discuss with me because this leak knocked down my iQ, not to mention my reading comprehension skills (I was passing these with A’s when I was little). Something doesn’t add up here. Here I’m thinking this thing is legit and forcing me to leave this series alone…yet in the back in my mind, there are some very obvious sh*t going on here: First, its the NH kids, especially the son. Now didn’t we know that the Byakugan is an “aggressive trait”? It will show on all of the kids. Plus, Naruto got the whiskers because of Kurama’s influence during Kushina’s pregnancy. And looking at Ginkaku and Kinkaku, they got the whiskers while being in Kurama’s stomach, eating parts of his insides. How that’s become an aggressive trait? I highly doubt Naruto’s sperm were fused with Kurama’s influence. Next is the names: Bolt/Boruto… uh… first, its an english item… sounds VERY unoriginal, unlike Kishimoto’s statement of naming the child Shinachiku and even Menma. And because those names associate with Naruto, not to mention his favorite food, ramen. Then we have to go to the “SS” girl who’s name is Salad/Sarada… wouldn’t a better name be like Setsuka or Yuri (common Japanese female names, especially they associate with flowers aka Sakura) Then she looks strikingly similar to Karin… how we gotten from a flower or a smell to food? And the rest of the kids, especially the Chouji/Karui kid… Now that’s crack at its finest! How’s that even possible, especially Karui is from Cloud. Yes, she expressed feelings for finding handsome men in the Leaf, but went to Chouji of all people?! Sai and Ino’s kid: looks uh very similar to Sai… wait she has strawberry blonde hair? How we got black and platinum blonde to strawberry? (Unless… forgot about Fuu Yamanaka…) I really don’t know… this is like torturing my brain…

  • Guys idk I am having some hopes but idk, I have gotten to doubt my logic i guess…? I don’t know..
    My guts tells me something but those images something else. They sre real, no doubt …. but it DOESN’T ADD UP. DEFIES LOGIC!

To another user of H&E who posted this:

Could it be a final image of the Tsukuyomi in effect? Or perhaps it’s an alternative ending? No… It’s difficult to express, but there is some underlying element of misdirection to these images being conveyed. Be it the glasses of Sasuke’s daughter, the NH children having whiskers when Naruto wasn’t the providing incubator for them, and the out of nowhere relationships emerging with some of the most post unpleasant looking children in the manga… It’s not a coincidence.

I told him the following:

  • I smell some genjutsu…

To the same person who posed another good point:

With all the craziness going on and the absurd levels of power that these ancient god-like beings, all of whom have one common goal in mind, to see the world brought under their control via the Tsukuyomi. How do you manipulate the hearts and minds of those you’re intending to have become part of your collection of minions? By appealing to their base desires, as completely and explicitly as possible, while abiding by the exact circumstances of the universe around to make it seem believable and not allow anyone to question it. Their complacency overrides any notions of common sense.

Hinata’s ultimate desire to see a future with Naruto is a prime target for the IT. Tsukuyomi doesn’t have to abide by the same limits concerning time and space as the normal world does. There could have been a time lapse in the decades for however long she and the others have been trapped in the illusion. Keep in mind that Mei’s dream depicted her accomplishing her goal of marrying someone. Relationships and marriage don’t happen overnight (unless it’s NH and SS from the “spoilers”).

Again, it’s just too easy. There has to be more underneath it all that we’re just not getting.

I told him the following:

  • Exactly… I mean the kids really make NO SENSE. SK alluding? Weird names? Sakura looks more like Kushina than ever but she is married to Sasuke because…what? Naruto gave up?
    Come on, it makes NO SENSE!

To another user who said a really intriguing thing, IMO, I told him that “Why do I have the same feeling?”. What did he wrote?

Naruto and Sakura will pop out a kid and it will be about them :zaru:

After which the another member said the following:

I agree this whole thing smells of an illusion like the IT is still in process Evil also posted a picture of a moon and we all assumed its releasing the IT but what if its the opposite what if this movie and this epilogue is the life that has progressed in the IT and the movie is showcasing how they got out of it and learn their lesson find their true selves ? It makes sens with how all of this just seems ridiculous to be canon facts it just doesn’t make any sens it recks of badly written FF and the IT dreams that we have seen from the rookies .
Didn’t Evil posted that pic that appeared like SK ending but then change it to fit SS/NH bc of a “mistake” ? He did that on purpose I swear and it make no sense.

I told him that I am having similar thoughts but I don’t know anymore…

After which, I remembered someone saying Tsunade and Ay are in the spoilers and that’s where something rang a bell to me…


Why did I had a strange feeling? Because as you can see, Tsunade is next to Ay in Mei’s dream and apparently Mei and Gaara are a thing in those spoilers? Well, looking at Gaara’s design for the last which is this:



Doesn’t it look HIGHLY similar to the man Mei is marrying?! Which lead me to the following idea…

  • Have you noticed that The Last has a similar kind if set with the IT dreams? And manga contents up to some point match what happened ever since the dreams till 698? I think the Last is canon and it explains the gap between 699 and 700 its beggining till its end cuz these spoilers look like IT dreams at the beggining of 700 that by the end kight very well be ending in NS? What if everyone really is under genjutsu?
    The SS poke forehead scene could be Sakura’s genjutsu dream that by the end she realizes that it was Naruto who said that cue – that’s a thing Naruto would say…idk.
    All i know is that those pictures are real but what if we don’t put them in the right context?
    What if it ends like RTN and by the end of the chapter, like at the end of rtn we have a cute NS moment?
    Since 691 when the moon activated the plot of the manga seems very weird. Thinking now in retrospect it is like they really are all under genjutsu and their best wishes are happening.
    And this makes me think Kishi is ending this in RTN fashion but in the manga… For a long time now the plot is highly similar to RTN… So what if Kishi plays it the RTN route and all this weirdness is because everyone IS in the genjutsu?
    Idk I am not saying it’s true, just possible…
    Hinata gets NH in her dream = NH in the spoiler scans
    SS family scans + SS forehead poke = Sakura’s inner desires that the one to have complimented her was Sasuke, when we know in reality was Naruto henged as Sasuke.
    But that leaves Naruto’s most efervescent desire/dream aka to bring Sasuke back which would make what happened till now a genjutsu reality…
    So what if in reality Naruto didn’t bring Sasuke back, neither confessed Sakura and all that around there cuz it was all actually a dream of his, his most efervescent one aka bribging Sasuke back and confessing to Sakura in the hope that she will reciprocate but in reality, like I said, nothing is like that and thus the weird stuff in the Last? Naruto is still not Hokage, Sasuke is a wanderer and so on? What seemingly might look resolved in 700 with the SS and NH in the IT world, but by the end of it, of 700 it still showd NS and makes you ask how NS if SS and NH supposedly happened? And them bam, The Last explains it was all actually genjutsu and this is why manga ends with the last page having NS on it and then a new manga with NS and SK babies?
    Idk.. I am not saying it’s like this, but could be a twist! If it’s not, oh well…
    To me that kid is little Naruto from the interview image in one of his poses then Shippuden Naruto shillouette next to it, not the small one.
    Speaking about the kids… Don’t you find their hair weird like…the green part that you throw aeay on a strawberry or cherry… Doesn’t it look suspicious to you? SS kid looks like an SK kid and NH ones with cherry haircuts…really? Of all things…CHERRIES? You don’t find that suspicious at all? SS kid points to Karin and NH one to Sakura…what is wrong in this picture, really?
    Not talking about the clothes on NH kid but their haircut – looks like cherries. Cherries = Sakura.
    The SS kid likewise looks like Karin!
    This screams NS and SK up to heavens in a weird way?
    So what is up here?

So what if this is the big shocking ending that we got as a message when Naruto was announced to have still more 5 weeks till its shocking conclusion? And the shocking ending and plot twist would be that despite Kishi showing SS and NH apparently, all this will be about NS, lol. The underneath of the underneat, maybe? I don’t know anymore…

But like I said on my Tumblr, I am not yet willing to give up my gut so what I’ll do is wait and that’s it. If NaruHina and SasuSaku are to be canon, then so be it! But if not… what if underneath it all is NaruSaku and SasuKarin kid?

Something really doesn’t add up… What are your thoughts? I for one am really confused. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

Till next time,



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Kass (3 years ago)

the ”spoilers” were confirmed fake by a japanese fan artist . He even confessed that they were his fan arts

    Cold Soul (3 years ago)

    You will be dissapointed in few hours AGAIN.Get over it!

      Kass (3 years ago)

      Dont get me wring but Naruto was supposed to achieve everything Jiraiya/Dan couldn’t . Including the girl . ”THE NEW GENERATION ALWAYS SURPASSES THE OLD ONE” going by this then Kishimoto should make ns canon . Honestly this doesn’t make sense at all

        Cold Soul (3 years ago)

        Well chapter is coming in hour or 2 so prepare for SS/NH overload and forget those smart ideas like NS and prepare yourself for this epic shitty finale!

    Raven (3 years ago)

    It’s just a rumour. A nasty one. Chatte, i appreciate your work and i really love to read them because they are give me hope. But now… it’s just too complicated. I think its just simple: this is the ending NH and SS are canon and have *sorry* but ugly kids. No logic here, but at least Kishi really give us that shocking ending. And the meaning that “shocking ending” looks like just bad writing. And iam really really mad about him, because he always feed us with NaruSaku moments. *sorry for my english* Have a nice day!

    Zachary Burz (3 years ago)

    Are you serious? You’re saying that the last Naruto Chapter, Chapter 700 was drawn by someone else other than Kishimoto? Someone who managed to mimic his art style? Please let it be true because right now, I am so angry at Kishimoto with these pairings

      Ryuk Shinagami (3 years ago)

      Well i understand were your coming from i thought that as well maybe it is was a genjutsu. But now the chapter is out and we lost but agian why does sarada look like karin?! why does naruhna girl have cherrie thing. I am dropping the series however i will check in to the last movie to see if your right and while i wish to god you are i truly doubt it sorry. I think we lost. I still will chenck in to see if your right. Narut is a cheater and bangs sakura evertime aske is out traveling. lol I hope so anyway cheers for the time being.

    Lenny mosca (3 years ago)

    can you find a link to a website that has naruto fanart I want to prove the naruto 700 is a fan fake if we can prove naruto 700 is a fan fake hopefully we get him to rewrite the story thank you for reading this

Cold Soul (3 years ago)

I think we should lower expectations.Kishi fucked up and thats it.I think all this flaws that dont add up to story are just misses Kishi did because he ignored them in excitement of writing.I mean he is far from anything called smart writer which analyzes all the details of his own story.He simply ignored those flaws you mentioned on H&E.I mean in the end Kishi basically sends this messages:1.Its okay to give up 2.Girls,keep loving molester and he will return your love 3.Expect birth of love in a guy who was ignorant to emotions even when he was good guy 4.Just hope for love and it will come,development not needed or barely noticed 5.Never trust writers hints.They just keep you on edge of seat till dissapointment 6.Will of past generations ARENT SUCCEEDED,some are failed again or ignored and thats destroying message of manga! 7.It doesnt matter if it makes sense,everyone needs a pair because it just should be like that 8.Following fantasy ideas is better than logic ALWAYS. I mean,these are HORRIBLE messages Kishi sent.And the worst thing is bigger part of fandom actually LIKES this.Im just speechless.Just move away from this failure of story!

D (3 years ago)

I want to believe there is another end to this story, but I’m hesitant to do so. But I also think something is fishy about all of this. What I do know for sure is that you are probably a better writer than Kishimoto is.

Also I find it ironic that SasuSaku fans bashed and shamed Karin for her looks for years and now they’re stuck with a kid that looks just like Karin. Karma at it’s finest.

Speaking of the kid, another thing worth mentioning is that in all the other kids (perhaps not NH’s son) features of the mother’s are clearly visible. (Ino’s kid has her coloring, Karui’s kid her coloring, Hinata’s daughter her coloring, Temari’s kid her eyes) etc….but Sakura’s daughter looks nothing like her. SS’s can say that she has her forehead or eyes or whatever, but there’s no denying that the kid looks like Karin. The kid might actually be Sakura’s but I wonder if Kishi realized that he made a Karin look alike? He can’t be that dense?

Lindsey (3 years ago)

That’s a plausible explanation. Yeah, 699-700 seemed to have an odd ending. Naruto would’ve never given up on liking Sakura. It was him that complimented her forehead, it was him that was there when Sasuke left her. Too many things were left out. I certainly don’t understand the Choji and Karui pair. Anyway, on mangapanda the status for Naruto is still ongoing.. That seems suspicious to me. It would’ve been finished. They would’ve known it.. I think there might be more chapters. I’m keeping an open mind about this, because it all seems too surreal.

    Erin (3 years ago)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the on going title. I’m so confused and hoping there might be one more chapter. And honestly what the hell is sauske doing at the end. It seems too suspicious for a mission, my mind starts coming up with conspiracies and reading the other comments just adds fuel. And Kiba said something about the 7th hokage quiting? Oh the confusion!

Mat (3 years ago)

And the ending that die hard NaruSaku fans, most of which I know are in still in denial, don’t want to happen occurs. NaruHina and SasuSaku are canon, get over and move on with your lives. The next movies that will be coming out will further go into details about how they fell in love, Kishi has limited timeframe so the movies, the ones that are now canon will elaborate on this.


sannie (3 years ago)

Well, I read 699 and 700 pretty early this morning, so mangapanda wasn’t crashing yet. I think 699 was so perfect, just the wording and the emotions and the dialogue was so good. Now, 700 on the other hand, was absolute and utter crap! I think Kishi only did it too please the fans who are obsessed with all the couples. I really hated this ending and I hope he knows there are many of us that do :(

    ryannn (3 years ago)

    The ending sucked ass, Kishi did it to please fans of NaruHina, that shit ruined the story… not to mention him ignoring the shit between Naruto and Sakura. He took up so many years just to make Naruto go back on his way, and to me thats trash bro. Yo, he did good up to that point, I feel he just ignored Naruto’s character and made him seem like someone else. As a real fan who was tired of couples and shit, he ruined what good story he had by putting them all together. I also cant stand the fact he went and put a little history in Naruto the Last, where him and Hinata saw each other as kids…really Kishi man. He had to literally add shit that we all know makes no damn sense, he had to change the story up (literally change the background) a little so that it seemed Naruto always wanted Hinata. And the kids are so overrated man, he just cut and paste shit to make it seem legit. The ending is unacceptable, especially the fact everyone has a kid. This manga ending is terrible and just another crowd pleaser, and i feel it was untrue to itself. Sorry but he just B.S.ed everyone, i mean there’s enough Naruhina fanfics and sh!t out there for them to be happy with, so why would he change character like that? And you cant say maturity.Im pretty sure his children shouldn’t even have the whiskers, cause that’s not a trait from clans but biju. He ripped it apart man.

      Ryuk Shinagami (3 years ago)

      I agree with you. To me Naruto seemed kind of dejected he seemed almost unhappy to me anyway idk I really wouldn’t mind this so much if it wasn’t for the NS bench scene and the Sakura = Kushina thing. Idk i will check up on the film just to see how it goes. Cheers

      omaroto (3 years ago)

      yes indeed you are tottaly right

    omaroto (3 years ago)

    yes i realy think so.he ended it like that to please the fans.and the only couple that make sense for me is shikamaro and temmari.i’m realy sad.i don’t know why some fans didn’t like narusaku.naruto never give up on his love for sakura ‘besides the writer never gave us a sign of love between naruto and hinata.this is realy confusing

hime (3 years ago)

I think the ending is just perfect. It isn’t right to bash the author just because your OTP didn’t happen. Yes, I am an SS fan, but I think Kishi has already established everything about the ending ages ago. Nevertheless, it has been a fun journey with Naruto. 15 years. Omg.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    But who bashed the author? Are you referring to me or generally? I don’t quite understand. Indeed, it’s not good to bash him, but one is allowed to criticize his work, nevertheless!

Aya (3 years ago)

agreed Chatte, this ending feels like it was specifically made for this movie. And anyone didn’t find it reeeaaaallllly strange that it ended with the infinite tsukuyomi symbol? I too believe that there is something going on but we’ll have to see if we are right or not. Good observation!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    At least it makes two of us, now, haha! I even wrote on my Tumblr that I find it strange it ended with the Infinite Tsukuyomi symbol on the cover, hehe…

      Ags (3 years ago)

      I don’t see the IT symbol. Could you provide a link pls?

Ralph (3 years ago)

It should have ended better. Why does it have to be NaruHina? Arghhh

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

sooooo like, I think it’s safe to say. The ending was pretty genjutsu, no misdirection, just as it was always teased throughout the entire manga…and yay! Naruhina!! Yaaaaayyyyyy! Naruhinaaaaaa!!! They’re together and have a gorgeous family, yaaaaayyyy!!! The reality is, throughout shippuden naruhina was always teased way more than anything else with regards to couples. They had way more moments, and narusaku was clearly NEVER happening from the time sakura made her false confession and professed her love for sasuke at least twice. At the end of the day the pairings of naruhina and sasusaku were there from the beginning of the manga. Naruto’s “crush” on sakura was essentially there for comic relief, and nothing more. Naruto never really gave a serious romantic reason for liking sakura other than finding her pretty.

    Ryuk Shinagami (3 years ago)

    Tehee silly silly child. NS always had more hin’ts what about the kushina is like sakra thing huh? Naruto fell for Saura becuase ” she wanted to be excepted just like him.” Now this probably also why he fell for hinata because anyone can see she waned the same thing. Naruto’s feelongs for Sakura were never childish if you think they were how do you explian “the promise of a lifetime” hmm? I except that NH and SS happend. I just don’t understand why have the NS bench scene and kushina = sakura thing? If not for these two things the ending wouldn’t bother me. I won’t live a lie. You guys NH and SS win. Now please can we all live and let live? Good day.

    Robinator (3 years ago)

    “Naruhina and sasusaku were there from the beggining”What anime/manga were you following?Sasusaku was deystroyed the moment sasuke tried to kill sakura.And narusaku HAS THE MOST FUCKING EVIDENCE IN THE ENTIRE SERIES.He Has never shown that he LOVES hinata,yes hes shown that he cares for her,but he loves sakura.AND TO MAKE AN ENTIRE MOVIE ABOUT NARUHINA AFTER ALL THAT DEVELOPMENT IS DISCUSTING.

Leanne (3 years ago)

I guess congrats to the NaruHina fans. I’m sure the NaruSaku fans will carry on.

Guilherme (3 years ago)

That’s some hatefull mentality, really. “It made no sense” “kishi did it just for the fans” “bohoo that’s all a huge lie”. Don’t you all get that this reaction is really childish? Don’t you get it there was a huge gap of years between 699 and 700?

Just accept the fact that you don’t know ANYTHING that happened in between those chapters and that all those parallels you all MADE UP are nothing but things in your heads. How can you all be so dense?

Look it different, see the other parallels you all “discarded” as garbage or “utterly stupid” and you’ll see that everything has an explanation. From Shino’s Teacher end to Darui’s Raigake position. Fuck everything was simple outstandingly thought out that you can’t just “brush it off” as “nonsense”.

I never thought you guys would be that close minded, really. For once grow up and accept that relationships aren’t what you perceive as reality and the history ain’t gonna follow your personal aspirations. The only fucking pair that ain’t mentioned ever is Chouji’s, and that is the only “SHOCK” in that end. Seriously, God.

Also why now you “negate” what you said before just so you could say it made no sense? Before you argued that Kishimoto was doing this to keep space for “spin-offs” and “parallel histories”, and what did this epilogue left us with? Future spin-offs, parallel histories and even an open world for a Second Generation. Stop it, stop trying to insult’s Kishi work based on personal feelings.

This is who they are, and not only the movie but all the future work will exist to disprove any claims you guys make now.

Here, you can cry in frustration but let it get over your heads to the extent were you start to descredit the history as a whole.

Hush hush everything is well ( ‘́⌣’̀)/(˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)
Group hug for ya’all (Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    “Here, you can cry in frustration but *DO NOT* let it get over your heads to the extent were you start to *discredit* the history as a whole.”


Mikulia (3 years ago)

“699 and 700 were for absolutely everyone that is not a SasuSaku shipper nor NaruHina”

Funny how non-shippers were also not shocked at all.

Dude go make a research the only people surprised with NH and SS becoming canon were some desperate and delusional NS fans.

Check NF, there’re non-shippers in there that also agreed NH and NS were the logical and expected choice.

I’ve asked 3 friends of mine (2 r non-shippers and one is a NS shipper – not hardcore) if they were shocked with the ending about the pairings and they all said the same thing “not with NH and SS, that was obvious it would happen, but man ChoujixKarui was a surprise!”

Do you guys even remember you’re still using your shipper glasses? isn’t not the time to remove them?

    sannie (3 years ago)

    Actually I was surprised because in case you forgot this was never about romance at all. This isn’t a shoujo manga; so…
    It’s clear that Kishi only did this to please the people who are obsessed with couples. I’m not a “shipper” at all and I just don’t think there was enough character development for these pairings to even be true. That’s why I feel that Kishi only did this for the fans. Why else would he create that last chapter and there is hardly any dialogue between the “pairings” that are together. I believe the manga should have ended at 699; it was a great ending. It really focused on what Naruto was all about this whole time. Friendship, bonds, growing up and achieving your dreams. Not sure why Kishi felt the need to add romance (that clearly was not done in the right way) but again, as I said; it was clearly for the obsessive fans who only seem to care that their pairings became canon so that they can rub it in each others faces.

      sannie (3 years ago)

      However, since there still is the movie, maybe we will be able to get some insight into how these pairings came true?? I could only imagine that’s where he would show this. And from the trailers that have come out some of the pairings do look plausible. Well not some, just one lol

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        Why can’t they marry after a lot of years? Most of then always showed somewhat that will and it’s not really surprise. The thing is that the fact it’s a Shounen makes this revelations even more logical.

        As you said yourself it’s not a Shoujo, so why focus on the romance? Why not just give us the result of it? Their sons and daughters is the answer. It’s pretty logical if you think about it.

        Yet I don’t think Kishimoto is taking that easy road. I think he’s going to explain everything slowly through all the new media that’s rising like theater, movies, spin-offs. Those are all on his plan, I can bet with you.

          sannie (3 years ago)

          Yes, I know that relationships can develop over time; logical ones at least. You talk about this being logical yet it’s a far cry from it. I take it your an avid NH fan. What guy in his right mind would suddenly notice a girl that stalked him the majority of his life? And then fall in love with her? He called her weird on numerous occasions if I recall correctly. I can assure you guys don’t like clingy girls. On the other hand, SS is just plain stupid. Can’t imagine there’s a girl in this world that would still have feelings for someone who treated her like crap from day one. My only hope is for someone to interview Kishi and see if they could have him open up on his choice for ending it this way. I’m quite sure he didn’t intend half of those pairings.

          Guilherme (3 years ago)

          NaruHina time is coming, the movie is right around the corner and it’ll show us Naruto’s warming to Hinata. She confessed to him, what did you expect? A girl confession has so much meaning in Japanese culture, and he wasn’t able to answer her cause he had other things to think about. Now that everything is in peace he can finally think it through. (this is just one explanation, there are many others)

          Now for SS it’s even simplier: Sakura’s loved Sasuke from the beginning to the end even after being put into a genjustu of death. She hoped from the deepest part of her soul that still there were good in him. So no matter how much he pushed her way she just clinged to that hope. You may say it’s stupid, but then you are calling her stupid and that’s for you to decide. (this is just one explanation, there are many others)

          I don’t need to be SS or NH shipper to see logic behind it all. Your claims are biased and personal, people see things different from each other and there is no “universal pattern”.

          But then I ask you, why should the character feel the same way you fell @sannie? Why do you need to place their views through your own? Why your notion of what’s right or wrong is more important than their’s? Or even more important than Kishimoto’s?

          You may not agree with it, but you may not claim it’s logic is nonexistent. If things were reversed I wouldn’t do what you’re doing, believe me I’m no “crazy shipper”.

          Peace out, v(。-_-。)v

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        @sannie As much as the series did not focus on romance, it always hinted at it. If that wasn’t so then all these ships wouldn’t have any ground at all to be conceptualized. At the end of the day romance was always there. As the series progressed the concept of romance began to be featured more and more bit by bit. Yes the time skip brought about some sudden pairings, but the reality is they grew up, it’s just plain realistic for the characters to get married and have a family by that time. What is even more realistic is for them to find their “true love” as adults, it’s rare for people to end up getting married to their childhood crush. Which is what, in essence, makes naruhina and sasusaku so special and a story that was worth hinting at throughout the series.

Gert (3 years ago)

Hey, hello look i have a favor to ask i always look up at the heaven and earth forum, but now is closed up, i think i now i, and they are not accepting new members, do you have some sort of contact with the moderators so i can siign up! im not trying to create problems just to follow the discussion and get to the narusaku fics recommendations THANK YOU

Guilherme (3 years ago)

Just some things I noticed about the post itself (not the comments or the idea in general like on my other comment):

Boruto can also be a reference or homage to Neji’s name if we connect with the meaning “fasten a bolt”. That could also connect with the growth of the world as whole hinting to a new Era.

Hyuuga’s were never shown marrying outside of the family, that could mean that the Byakugan is a recessive inheritance and that it can only be inherited when a Hyuuga matches other Hyuuga or a Half-Hyuuga.

I also got a feeling that Half-Uchihas have “weaker” eyes and have the need to use glasses. But that’s me, as I like to think Obito was a Half-Uchiha as well.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku where seen with the whisker even before consuming Kyubi’s Chakra on episode 286 of Shippudden. It was never proved that the whisker-like mark are Kurama’s. It’s a Theory, yet even if it’s true it could be a mutation on their DNA caused by Kurama’s Chakra, which means it can be inherited as well.

And what is this about cherry’s “green part”? There is no such thing at all. Cherry grow’s out of a thin stalk, there is no leaves on it like you could find in a Strawberry or Tomato. Aren’t you getting a little too desperate here?

    sannie (3 years ago)

    What do you mean no green parts on cherries? I have cherry trees and there are many leaves that are green? Unless you are referring to something else?

      Guilherme (3 years ago)

      On the cherry. There is no leaves on the cherry itself, like we got on strawberry’s and tomatoes. That’s what I meant, sorry for the bad wording. (๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳy

        sannie (3 years ago)

        Oh, okay I see what you mean. No, you don’t have to be sorry, it’s okay :)
        I wasn’t sure if you meant there wasn’t any leaves on the stem of the cherry (which there are). But, if you meant on the actual fruit itself than that’s correct :)

          Guilherme (3 years ago)

          Glad you understood what I meant. (*^-‘) 乃

Elias (3 years ago)

I feel sorry fand grieve for narusaku, as they have spent hours and their heart to this ship. However, please remember, this manga has been invented by kishi and it is up to him, how he want it to be, evolve and end. Naruto is like 5-10% pairing and the rest is more than that. Now the end is clear and real (no conspiration or genjutsu or spoilers anymore). I am sure we all love naruto the whole story so we follow it till the end.if you are true fans, please stop insulting or bashing kishi, just because of disappointment over pairings and then the kidS. Instead, visit the shonenjump.viz official website for the special thank you naruto messages that will be deliebered to kishi. Thanking him for having shared naruto with us that as inspired us (his utter will and effort etc.. All his life). You can defend all you want, but i am sure we all are mature enough to understand. Peace. :)

Lies (3 years ago)

I think we have to give up whatever hope we had for this ending. I’ll be honest, I’m devastated, I kinda feel horrible after reading it. It’s all fanservice-well-intended but it’s absolutely awkward to the story development we had for 15 years. As if I just wasted a decade of my life reading an amazingly written story that twisted itself in 2 insignificant chapters and a movie that’s apparantly going to “justify” every “couple”.
I’ve never been an active fan online, I just enjoyed my time reading up until chapter 698, and well…
But, I felt that this blog was thinking the way I was thinking a little and also respected the 15 year story-line Naruto instead of the fanservice ending, so I decided to leave my last thoughts here before I quit Naruto. Because I won’t be able to read it any longer.
I feel terrible for those who were such fans they bought tickets to the movie, or even went to Japan for it and also didn’t expect the ending to be this awkwardly put together. They played it very “smart” by offering them in advance.
In advance I apologize if I sound harsh or biased, as each and every one of the readers I have my own life, past, joys and troubles and thus also a particular affinity towards some character’s story development more than others. As we’ve all experienced when confronted with stories. I have my right to express my concern so just like I respect yours I hope you will respect mine. I’ve never shipped anyone with anyone , I just followed the story line. So this is no attack to anyone. It’s just… Confusing
I personally felt affinity for everything else in the manga. But felt no affinity whatsoever towards “love” ( I don’t count children’ crushes ) throughout the story, I never really noticed it either, except for Naruto’s love for sakura. Because it just made sense. He’s a good kid and after his struggle with loneliness and acceptance he deserves the girl he fought for and that motivated him to become the best he can be. It seemed that sakura was for Naruto what Naruto was for hinata. A motivation.

I’ve been inspired by this manga for a Long time, eventually hoping that it would end beautifully as food for thought on the many topics we have encountered along our way as readers. To each his own conclusion, as a ” what have you learned?” reflection about life, and especially friendship, through a little but amazing manga so to speak. That it would revolve around Naruto and Naruto alone, for this one last time. How much he grew, what he learned etc. It should’ve been a great platform for youngsters, like it had been for me. Because I have to admit growing up with it was great until now, and now…. I fear..I doubt I’ll ever let my children, our future generation, be exposed to such an indescent message within this particular ending that can’t be overlooked.

Maybe a little dramatic you say, I wont’t dissagree, but I have a rather close connection to the most prominent message I conclude out of this kind of ending to the manga, so I was shocked to find out they chose to promote this negativity towards women, self-exploration and the hidden thumbs up for abuse and parental neglect. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t write this out of a feminist or extremist standpoint. I’ve just seen the scars of it in real life and it raises a high concern for me if it’s canonized in youngsters manga. I also know it’s a “mere”manga, but keep in mind the influence it has had on the lives of many readers, and the strenght of message it carries for children who are still exploring life.
I just feel and know people should always consider their influence, their ripple so to speak, on others. Especially when in position of power for the conveyance of messages world-wide. For example through a book. Its expected not to abuse it and learn others bad examples, especially not when aimed at impressionable youngsters.
I’m not at all hating on Kishimotosensei by the way, I understand capitalism and I understand there’s probably a whole behind the scenes decisive organ and marketing agent. I doubt they even actively know what silly little people like me could be concerned with. Although I secretly wish they did a little.
I do thank him from the bottom of my heart for his story, chapter 1-698. There are no words great enough, I am forever in awe and inspired.

Anyway, I’ll begin this endless dillema.

What actually happened to Sasuke? Did that one final blow kill whatever respect he had for himself? No problem with the ending of 698, although it was the most hasty written thing and it diminishes both Naruto and Sasuke’s friendship development a little bit too much into a guy just being tired and just giving up on himself and his dreams cause he’s been confused for too long and the other ones dreams are more persisent, stronger and more people support it. Of course he loves him as a friend and brother and he looks up to his strenght and that convinces him, but things just don’t go over easy and smooth like that. He can’t be thinking about love right after that??! And 1 chapter? At least chapters 698 & 699 should’ve been all Naruto & Sasuke, nothing else. Just for the beauty of closure. Because they only trully flourished with eachother.
But I guess we are used to always someone ” being in the wrong “. No matter how bashful ( chapter 1-698 ) Sasuke’s ideas could have been to some, I thought it was touching how he felt so alone and traumatized he’d rather just be alone and take on the hate as he is used to it already. It’s understandable after what he just found out about his brother. Of course he can’t handle all those feelings, that survivors’ guilt even. I agree there is need for revolution in that world, and one boy’s believes, doesn’t matter how ambitious, isn’t going to change Everyone just because he is liked by many. The system failed, and its Sasuke’s right to be fucked up. It’s not a matter of why it’s a matter of why Not. Sasuke obviously needs non-biased help though. Good help, not some “teacher” shipping a girl crush on his ass and not some desperate girl who never sincerely agreed or understood who he is. With this ending it’s clear sakura just wanted to own him, like a child desperately wanting a cookie or a toy and throwing a tantrum when she can’t and overreacting so much she herself gets confused why she even cares so much in between crying, but still just wants to own that damn cookie. I know I call it out harsh I’m sorry. But rejection is a Part of life, not your entire life until you get what you want.
And that’s why Naruto’s unconditional friendship is vitally important and why 698 was still a good chapter in my opinion.
However, only by accepting yourself and your past can you find some peace in your heart. And that hasty random love bullsh*t they pulled, to quickly justify the second chapter, with that poke ( that to me just undid the exclusive brother love thing ) isn’t going to ” FIX ” his characters’ pain and anger. And Why would he disrespect his bro-friendship with Naruto, who he has Defined multiple times to be the only important person to him? By just ..randomly caving in to sakura’s desperate attempts to change him, when he Knows Naruto loves her, she motivated him to succeed and Naruto sacrificed his damn ass for her. Even so far as to push his own feelings aside and knowingly save a guy she has a ” schoolgirl “- crush on and that has treated her horribly and rejected her ( with good reason cause his emotional development should be better off without a person like that ). What a shitty ass bro Sasuke is, sorry.
Also atleast Naruto stood up for sakuras ass, she Never did for herself. Okay she tried to kill Sasuke when he didn’t cave to her likings. But that’s not standing up for yourself? Thats Really unhealthy behavior and is Not romantic. That’s something a stalker who can’t come to terms with not being the love-interest would do. Murder-suicide.
Believe me, this kind of choice-making will lead to an abusive relationship. Because one or the other will always blame the other for past behavior and the chains they put on eachother. Especially if one of them is better off in a completely different setting. Of course sakura’s got her piece of ass after being a crybaby for so long, so she’ll probably bow down or something ( I feel horrible for her fans ) But Sasuke I mean, he should run from toxicity, he’s been through enough, he doesn’t need a constant reminder of someone who’s still living in her past childhood dream. You know that ” lovely ” time, for Her, while he was struggling each and every day. He wanted to kill his brother, not talk and ask for an explanation, no Kill. That’s not a happy child.
But, I guess I have given him too much credit after what happened with Itachi. I thought Sasuke was more than a guy trying to act all ” contrary” and “difficult” to the story. I thought he actually had some development and individual importance going on, other than being some “endgame”. I thought he was more important on the topics of friendship, self-exploration, forgiveness and brotherly love but oh well.. What can i say.. I would’ve liked seeing him in a positive light.
And even worse, I Never really liked the whole desperate girl attitude of sakura but this just tops it. This is absolutely a despicable example for women out there.
Also what is it with these kids? Is this just a quick ending to settle further earnings on those ” kids ” heads in the future? I’m afraid it is. But I’m staying behind I’m sorry. There’s No logic in there whatsoever. Everyone just randomly ending up with eachother? What, only kiba found a girl outside his group of friends? How very realistic as an ending to this ninja shounen manga ?? (I believe I spotted a laptop that made me cringe because apparantly they went from a (deliberately)traditionally-inspired world, walking everywhere,to riding a intergalactic hoovercraft or something, it bothers me how they made it ” modern “. Will they have cars and run around Tokyo next? )
Maybe the only thing that’s a little descent is Naruto apparantly giving up on sakura because she can’t be helped and thinking about himself for once and incidentely becoming hokage ( but did he just hit that child? ). I don’t particularily Like Naruto and Hinata( I just thought of her as the girl that overcame her fears by looking up to her former crush->now example ) but this desperate ass ending with sakura convinces me that Any man deserves better. I mean fellow-readers, we All hoped for her to develop Away from the whole ” I define whatever I do by this one guy I had a crush on from when I was 7 “, and to become a strong woman who can stand on her own two feet and realizes what the difference is between a piece of ass and actual love. I would’ve Loved that. That would’ve been Awesome. She would’ve left a positive impression on all girls out there. Emancipated and all that stuff. She almost did, I mean even the databook reminded us she gave up on believing Sasuke’s actually a descent person. Sai called her bluff ( the antisocial guy knows right, sadly he goes for the second most shallow woman in their small group of friends. But hey at least he has shown more interest in Ino with one line than Sasuke did for sakura in the whole non-fanservice story ). So in the end she still went for the guy who mistreated her to the point that she didn’t even like him anymore? She obviously started to realize what love is by looking at Naruto. But apparantly we have to face that she’s the most shallow character ever. Even Karin or Ino would say fuck off if they thought Sasuke was bullshit. But No, apparantly getting that one school crush under your belt is more important than HIM or yourself or, most importantly, your children’s future. No better candidate for a father than absent, degrading Sasuke I guess? Just that ” owning ” of people right? ” yes he finally caved and gave up “. Wauw, because That’s love right?
People are probably justifying it by calling it ” never giving up on someone ” and ” hiding your feels “. Don’t get me wrong, I know what it is to crush on someone hard and to love someone, but you and I also know that a relationship should be equal and built upon a healthy foundation.
I call this a severely problematic situation. If he valued her he would’ve reached out like he did to Naruto. Instead he tells her to kill a fellow stalker or calls out her uselessness, I don’t know about you but to me that isn’t a sign of liking someone. Especially not if you try to stab them afterwards.
So Sasuke just said sorry and everything’s okay now? It’s not like he confessed anything? Sorry is the absolute minimum he could say or Naruto would beat his ass. But wait, Oh because when they were 12 they were in the same team and she calls him -kun and pushed herself onto him right? ( easy victim ) (it almost feels like a getting “reputation” thing, it just doesn’t make sense ) No ” fuck you for degrading me ? “, no doubt on whether or not you should stand up for yourself for once? No fear he would beat your ass to a pulp when he goes through trauma again and old memories come crashing down? No fear of instigating whatever hatred and loneliness is inside the guy because your love is based on easy acces and ” changing the outside ” instead of ” accepting the inside “? No work or challenge for him whatsoever.
You know, some women bring out the worst in men because they don’t accept them for what they are. That potentially leads to violence. You can never justify a man’s abusive actions, but when the tendency is known it’s best to remove negative factors from his life. For both of them. If not, expect it going mental in this kind of situation. And well to a desperate, troubled woman that one guy is just the convenience she always wanted and he gets taken for granted because she lives in her own expectations of the guy, not reality. And so she ” justifies ” it.

So to recap, not only does this end promote that if women are desperate long enough, after being called annoying, rejected, hurt and called out for being useless Multiple times, the traumatized abusive guy they’ve been chasing, ignoring the descent guys, will eventually cave out of nowhere/ when convenient for their desperation-charm and pushes them into the weak little housewife role they apparantly craved just to disregard whatever development they went through in their lives, and to be one of the worst examples of motherhood for a daughter there is. “Yes, do define yourself by a guy, wait on the porch until he has lived his life and your time stood still until he found the time to talk to you. Never say Fuck you, nobody kicks me to the ground and still gets the gift of my love”.
But hey, it Also seems to promote the absent father ( and most likely neglectful ) that is certainly something we need to commercialize some more these days…

Great writing, not at all the worst message to both female(!) and male readers Ever.
I sincerely hope no one takes this as an example in real life.
If you are pushed to the point of wanting to kill your love-interest because he won’t change his mind and you don’t agree, you need to talk to a professional.
Also, if you love someone trully don’t try to own them, but learn to let go for their own benefit, not yours.
And PLEASE don’t have children with an abuser, no matter what kind of abuse. Parent is a verb, you have to Do it, and someone who can’t keep their own shit together shouldn’t be having children. It will reflect on the child. Think of Their future, not yourself who’s stuck in some ” expectation ” of a person. You don’t love them anyway, you love what you want them to be but never will.
I haven’t been spared the tragedy myself. And now a manga I’ve enjoyed for many years ends up roundabout promoting what I’ve been trying to prevent so many children and women, who don’t have the strenght to stand up for themselves because they lack a good example in their lives ( media ), from falling victim to.
I have given up on this unrealistic akwardness, I will continue my insignificant effort to help those who fell victim to believing in this kind of misguided love, or children who fell out of importance because of it.
But other than with this message, I have no way of saving other readers of believing it is okay to neglect yourself in this way if they choose to take this “ship” into heart and take it serious, that it is okay to choose for the degrading and destructable instead of the motivating and constructive ( luckily we still have some strong characters ) But I sincerely hope nobody will take it as an example, and no child reads that hurting yourself is okay because in the end you’ll get the guy/girl you want. This isn’t beautiful, nor is it romantic. This is yet another misguided media statement that corrupts peoples vision on love. Love, in fact, is not supposed to victimize you.

I hope this will not overshadow whatever good came out of the story.
I’ll continue to cherish those characters which I have loved and the great past story.
I hope you will too.

Thank you for reading,
my apologies for the long read.

Papaya queen (3 years ago)

Hmmmmm. Delusional much? All the parents do make sense. You all are really happy to forget that years passed between 699 and 700. Someone said why would a girl stay with a guy who is abusive and tried to kill her? Well why would a guy stay with a girl who made fun of him, mocked him, hurt him, played with with his emotions, and I don’t know made fun of his dead parents? Another point. Sasukes comment to Sakura? It’s not like him? Yes it is. Or to be clear. It’s like Itachi. And after everything It seems Sasuke is finally changing into the personality he would have had, if the tragedy of the Uchiha hadn’t happened. As a child he was gentle. Just like Itachi. So yes. His comment makes sense. Third point. Since when has a kids hair/hairstyle made sense in a manga? -.-” yes alot of the characters follow their parents looks. But it’s not a requirement. And to be honest SS. Is pretty much a perfect mix of their personalities. I mean guys…. be logical. Accept the ending. We all know how Kishi felt about Hinata, that she should have been the main female character. Hes finally giving her her moment. Lastly…. RTN. Isn’t Canon.

Good (3 years ago)

Please stop being in denial. Nobody knows the characters more than the creator himself. Respect him. He knows what’s good for them.
It’s been hinted since the beginning that’s the only one who can give Sasuke love is Sakura. She’s one of his precious people. Why Sasuke hurt Karin but put her in genjutsu instead? Why not do the same thing as what he did to Karin? Keep denying but Kishimoto-sensei already made SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaTema, InoSai and ChouKa CANON.

There’s a man, spent his 15 years on Naruto. At first people loved him but when the manga ended not like people wanted to… they hated him. Bashing him to death, calling him a bad writer. What they forgot, they’re just putting too much hope till they forgot it was Kishi who decided the end not them.

Karushie (3 years ago)

It’s a lil bit confusing.. With the other pairing its kinda impossible but Even though im an NS fan..lets accept the reality.. I respect kishi’s decision..

Claire (3 years ago)

guys if anything, I think narusasu is the best pairing that should have happened. I am very serious about this… they are literally soul mates and they had the most chemistry throughout the whole thing.
Just though NaruSasu should have a say in this forum…….
p.s. you can’t even deny that if naruto or sasuke had be canonically female then they would be the most shipped/canon pairing. Just think about it.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    That I agree with. The only pairing that NaruSaku comes second to is NaruSasu. :)

Amanda (3 years ago)

I nearly cried in chapter 700, and not because I liked it. What-the-actual-hell. I am guessing by the age of Asuma/ Kurenai’s child that about 14 years have passed? And there are now mac computers and a whole bloody city that looks like Dubai around the “hidden” village of the leaf… WHAT?! That doesn’t even make mathematical sense let alone plot sense. Nothing about how the villages have changed, how (if at all) the ninja system has had to adapt since none of these villages will much want to fight each other after the alliance in the war. I wanted to see Naruto BECOME Hokage, and then being oh so keen to greet everyone in the village cheering for him do a super tajuu kage bunshin and create a shadow clone so he can chat to every single person in the village as Hokage. That is genuinely what I thought the ending would be. And then his real body would find Iruka and treat him to ramen.

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    Yeah, I hated those skyscrapers as well. The fuck was that? The Macbook is okay as Naruto always had this “mixed” feeling of weird technology, but those “skyscrapers” just looked weird.

    But Kishi has made these time-lapses mistakes before, Minato’s Head on the rock while Obito was Genin is a great example. Let’s hope those things’ll be toned down when they reach anime version.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      Just had to chime in on this technology leap some of you seem to find so incredulous. Are we forgetting that this is at the end of the day a fantasy? Beyond that even in our real world we have made leaps and bounds in technology in the span of 15 years. Think of all the technological developments between 1995 – 2010; we went from cassettes to discmans to ipods to ipads.

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        That’s why for me the Laptops, for me, are believable and okay. My problem is with the Skyscrapers that looks like a whole city. It’s impossible to grow city that big in a spam of 15 years.

        Of course it’s fantasy and all, but it needs a little thingy called verisimilitude, don’t you think? It’s just too fast for a city to grow that big.
        I’d say some buildings under construction or maybe some big buildings with big spaces between them. But a whole city? That’s pushing it. That’s my only complaint tho.

Sy (3 years ago)

I haven’t seen anything from you since the chapters were released. Sadly, they were real. No genjutsu. No fakery. sigh.
Well ShikaTema is confirmed. About the only good thing from those chapters.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Preparing something. I do have a personal life after all, I can’t always be writing. :P But yeah, I do have something prepared. :)

      Amaterasu (3 years ago)

      Lol @ some of your haters on here. Twats like Mat should know when to shut up before they continue to make assholes out of themselves.

      The same can be said of Ladybyakugan, she’s probably jealous she isn’t as pretty as you, which is why she was targeting you so badly in threads on the 5th xD

      Anyway, I completely agree with you, chapter 700 was shit. Almost half of the fanbase feel the same way. 699 = perfect ending. 700 = serving fan ending.

      I myself could go on and on and on here, but I don’t wanna clog everything up lol, so justttt get back on NB soon ^_^

Mat (3 years ago)

Chatte for your theory that means you still have not accepted the truth which is sad. Your looking for clues when there is none. I thought better of you for this.

Also if this theory of yours is Hinata’s dream still the Infinite Tsukiyomi which shows us our greatest desire, why is Neji’s grave shown in the end of the manga? Shouldn’t he be alive and well? Just stop. It’s not healthy.

Yo all you NaruSaku fans out there quit looking for more NaruSaku clues when there aren’t going to be any. Part 3 is a miniseries about the next generation of kids, not about Sakura finally realizing her feelings for Naruto or Naruto making a mistake for marrying Hinata. Get over it, man up and move on. There will be other pairing debates for other manga in the future.

Ps. Anko really let herself go.

    Ryuk Shinagami (3 years ago)

    Anko : One of the sexiest babes of Naruto. Now over weight and lazy. J man must be turning over in his grave.

Some dude that's about to crush your hopes and dreams (3 years ago)

NH just don’t want to accept the fact that there is more to this and that it doesn’t make sense and NS fans don’t wanna give up either I mean it just doesn’t make since Naruto never goes back on his word he will get Sakura no matter what NH are the stubborn ones who don’t want to give up their ship we all know that neither NH or NS compare to NT(NarutoxTenten) there’s very little out there but we won’t give up on NT just both of you ships give up what ever happens happens don’t be like that kid that committed suicide over the death of itachi…. Sure Masashi kishimoto messed up with NH it makes no sense and most of those moments that you NH fans claim to have happened some didn’t even happen I’m the manga for example all the lovey dovey pain fight moment in the anime was total BS the only reason NH fans bash on Sakura so hard is because it threatens their ship Because they know that it was always meant to be I’m not here to take sides but NS makes more sense to than NH. And if some NS fans are dbz fans bash Masashi Kishimoto and move back to Akira Toriyama he announced and new movie in golden week and a possible new series and if they’re any AOT fans Hajime Isayama announced the new season of AOT to begin sometime in fall 2015 so hope may be over for Naruto but there are many other great series out there where writers don’t change the story that was meant to be over the fans I mean I’m a Naruto fan and I’ll be honest this made me accept I waited through about 500 something episodes to watch the NS moment but it became bs don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to abandon the series but if this does happen there’s alternative routes out there

    Ryuk Shinagami (3 years ago)

    Preach it brotha! There are many wonderful series out there to enjoy like Dragonball. I may be done with Naruto but i will check in every once and a great while.

Some dude that's about to crush your hopes and dreams (3 years ago)


Emily (3 years ago)

I’m still confused, why would they leak these chapters almost a week before their actual due date? It’s not right. When I saw chapter 700, I was tempted to through my laptop across the room. Be spent a little over 10 years following this series! I’m not happy about this ending, period. It’s like, “Let’s just put in all hetero pairings! Even the most crack filled ones!” Yeah no… I find the ending disappointing. The children don’t look right. I have a feeling that they are all in a genjutsu still… He’ll even Tenten said “this world is too peaceful.” Um… It sounds like a message to me. Idk about you guys, but to me this ending is like a bad fanfic. Naruto ended at 698 to me. Period. No movie. Nothing else. I’m officially done with it all once this supposed to be chapter is fully released on November 10th.

Nate (3 years ago)

Ok I didnt really read everyone else’s comments, so i dont know if anyone has pointed this out, but think back to Kushina’s last message to Naruto. Can’t remember it exactly but one of the things she said was “Find someone just like me”, now we know how Naruto is, and he even gave a response to his dad before he disolved or what ever he hesitated when he came to that point, now honestly ask your self, really, who is more like Kushina, Hinata or Sakura? I think that the is a genjustu in play, it might be Sakura’s even. Think she probably wants Naruto to be happy, she probably thinks that he deserves some one like Hinata who would “love him back” so this might be just the outcome she imagines, would work, she knows Ino is into Sai right? There are some logical fallicies that are in Chapter 700, at first I was hit by depression and a pit of my stomach feeling, but now i might try and do a little digging, if anyone has any theories they wanna bounce off to me message me at PODboy14 on youtube.

getoverit (3 years ago)

you could always rely on ladygt or fanfiction to make your own fantasy narusaku ending. but in the end it will amount in NOTHING. careful with the salt though, it would be more painful it gets to your wounds.

p.s. how come needs a registration now? i wanna see the hardcore vocal minority lick their wounds, though not the NS fans who gracefully accepted defeat, i have respect for them

    Lies (3 years ago)

    I guess you already have your answer why?

Jackie (3 years ago)

I hate it when people excuse this shitty ending with the fact that it was a time skip. So? He skipped all the development. It makes no sense. The characters were so OOC. It’s like saying ”one thing led to another”. But isn’t that his job as a writer? To show us how things lead to another. I’d say it was shitty writing and completely rushed.

Divergent (3 years ago)

Can someone explain what’s the countdown for? Im puzzled >.<

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    It’s the countdown until the release of the chapter officially. They also said they would make an announcement.

Tia (3 years ago)

Um see here is what makes no sense during the war naruto told his dad that sakura is basically his girlfriend am i correct ok. So how come he ended up with hinata i believe maybe the movie will show something but since the start naruto has always loved sakura. And even so naruto’s mother said to find a girl like me which is sakura something had to happen. Therefore i believe your theory, because this doesnt add up. I believe kishimoto rushed the ending of the manga considering the gap from when kakashi was hokage to naruto. Hopefully the movie can clear all this up considering that in the manga all the character do not look like the designs for the last there has to be something that kishimoto didnt show that he saved for the movie and the children part i wouldnt be able to believe considering since nejis death hinata would have to be tge head branch of her clan and they dont marry out of the clan anyway. Also hinata wasnt a fully developed character in the first place and there was way more hints of naruto and sakura through out the duration of the show. There cleary is something missing within these final chapters of naruto.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Read the chapter again. Naruto was joking around when he said that. When Minato was departing Naruto told him he didn’t have a girlfriend.

    Also Kushina said “try not to find a weird one …. try to find one like your mother.”

    This is what is known as a contradiction. Kushina was not a normal person like Sakura during the academy, she was far from normal she was weird.

    Also Naruto stated that he didn’t follow everything she or his father said.

    Get over it. NaruSaku is not canon. Grow up and move on. Honestly it’s sad and pathetic that you’re still in denial. Hopefully it doesn’t end with you going to therapy.

      Lies (3 years ago)

      I don’t ship, I follow the story but don’t go bashing the awkwardness people feel of it all. Doesn’t matter if they’re narusaku fans. If you write, you are expected to receive opinions. Just like I am right now. You can only hope the reader shows you respect, doesn’t think you’re a nutjob and learned something new even if they dissagreed.
      This ending gives Every ship the right to be confused because this ending lacks hope and proves the couples that happened end up in a hopeless ending where dreams get contradicted. Just look at the way Naruto treats his child, that’s not what I personally expected from someone who didn’t have a father and built himself up to be a better version of himself for 15 years our time. He could easily kage bunshin all over the place to be with his family ( was the ” title ” that important? ). Sasuke abandoning this bullshit is only normal, he always was rather self-centered. ( And No he isn’t like Itachi. He’s his baby brother. They are their own person. A big brother should love his sibling for being themselves, not their absolute copy , biggest fan and follower ) He’s better of not burdening himself and getting an even bigger guilt-trip anyway.

      About your reaction to Tia:
      1) he hinted to his father that he had someone in mind. ( could go any way, for all I know it could’ve been Sasuke ghehe ) So it doesn’t prove anything other than Naruto not giving up on loving.
      2) sakura used to be weird at academy age a lot, and in shippuuden still is weird around Naruto. She gets put to the test and they challenge each other. That she comically ” hits ” Naruto is in no way comparable to Sasuke’s behavior. That was child’s play, not putting them down emotionally. It was for our amusement anyway.
      However, she shuts down whatever she stands for for all the boycrushing, blushing and trying to make sense of her desperately chasing tail when Sasuke’s around. That’s weird on an unhealthy level.
      I think the weird most ( non-narusaku hating ) fans see is her easily getting all ” inner ” angry around Naruto but still caring. Seems that Kushina did that as well. Anyway, them being Exactly the same is not something you should bargain for, that would be awkward on many levels.
      I guess the only thing that might throw the ” like kushina ” off balance is that she also said not to go for a ” bad ” woman. And well.. That 699 bullshit made sakura pretty.. “you know what”. But pushing back her complete development hasty in one chapter is fckin awkward.
      3) sakura got ” bullied ” for a physical trait, so did kushina. And there was a potential overlap in ” appreciation of the insecurity of the girl “. Red hair / forehead ( I also recall Naruto called her small boobs just fine in an omake, just for randoms ). The past Naruto acting as Sasuke and admitting he finds her forehead attractive ( just like his father always loved the thing Kushina hated about herself ) now Really being Naruto, instead of Sasuke just stealing his brother’s EXCLUSIVE thing between Them as 唯一無二 brothers ( I have no words… ), would’ve been Much less bothersome in my opinion. Maybe him telling her he kept his promise just like Minato kept his promise to retrieve and protect Kushina. That promise being more important than some silly crush you didn’t give up on from when you were a kid, even though you lost whatever contact you had and you dissagreed with them, would have been a better lesson for readers than just getting your way after crying a lot. In my humble opinion, an actual promise differs from a crush. Crushes don’t last through facing reality. They make you doubt whether or not you even like the person still.
      4) just like Kushina sakura thought of Minato/Naruto’s first impression, later dream of becoming a hokage as ridiculous and stupid. Maybe Minato was more calm and posed but he probably had parents that backed him up so he didn’t have to shout it out to be heard or taken serious, and personalities can’t ever be Full copies of course, they just share things.
      Later, by Minato/Naruto proving themselves they start believing in them and even supporting them and their cause and so growing more fond of that formerly ” ridiculous ” boy.
      I think Any fan should’ve atleast noticed these, whether you like it or not throughout the storyline there was a beautiful potential of rising above the past and this time having a chance to do it right. But helas it lost hope.
      I don’t play the loveboat game and even I am shocked by the lost potential.
      Instead sakura is reduced to less than nothing with the whole backtracking thing. As if she’s 5 again and everyone else grew a pair.
      Why was there a need for Sooo many pairings anyway, other than future profit on those children. ( kiba and the granddaughter of nekobaasan was the only cool one in my opinion, probably because it was true to kiba’s character, innocent, I love animals and she isn’t a member of their seclusive little group and therefore an “automatic candidate”. Chouji should’ve been eating a delicious meal with a chubby lover. )
      There’s nothing wrong with an open ending. I don’t recall the beginning starting with an endless list of characters, why end it like that. Why not end it with Naruto?

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        @Lies, Aren’t you being a little too dark there? Think about it the other way around. Focus less one sided and get the big picture.

        First 699: Why Sakura cried? She loves Sasuke selflessly and cared for Naruto deeply, she obviously worried sick. It’s simple as that.

        Also It’s clear that by the end of 699 Sasuke’s been making amends with everyone, humble and understanding as a new man. Why shouldn’t she fall in love with him a new over time?

        I do not talk about NaruHina cause the movie’ll give us deep insight on their relationship and their reasons.

        Now 700 ain’t nothing but a normal day in life for almost everyone and an important reunion of the five Kages for Naruto and co. Can’t a kid feel jealous of his father job? He knows that day was special and it would make the most ruckus!

        And his father was there for him, no matter what you think his words meant. He got late for his reunion like it was no bother at all just so he could scold and acknowledge his son.

        Of course he could just make Kage Bunshin and win in life, but ain’t that cheating? We’ll never know why he don’t do that in every single little thing ever.

        It was obvious that we wouldn’t be getting any “why”s yet (just the circumstantial theories) nor any insight about each characters life, everything is cause profit needs to be made.

        Of course that’s me and hope I didn’t sound disrespectful to your personal feelings. Personally I can’t feel the world in that dark tone and can’t accept that a normal day equals the death of every dream. It feels more like everyone has simply grown up.

        I’ll just enjoy the ride and all the future histories that’ll work as tie-in, and for some reason I try to advise anyone who ain’t a “crazy shipper” to do the same. (^v^)

        I’m optimistic about this and have some facts at my side that indicates it’s actually possible. And even if it don’t happen why should we worry? We can always make fanfics, fanarts and create or own theories.

        Group hug once again. (Ɔ˘⌣˘)(T⌓T)˘⌣˘ C)

          Lies (3 years ago)

          That’s okay, but I’ll pass on the group hug(?). But hey I’ll awkwardly hifive or something.

          I understand that you dissagree with me. As you pointed out, I seem have a different view/feel about the whole, but that does not make mine one-sided or dark persee though. But okay if you really feel that way, just don’t bash it for the sake of bashing.

          I hope you don’t expect everyone to have experienced a 15 years worth story the same as you did. I’m sure you don’t but I’ll just mention it. Everyone will have had a different opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially not for a story that has been developing for a long period of time in which readers will grow up themselves, experience their own life and form their own personality, believes, standards, do’s and don’ts etc. People differ not only inter- but also intrapersonally as you well know. Just like time, contexts influence those believes, standards, do’s and don’ts etc. as well. So to conclude, we all had a long road coming here. Let others be confused if they feel like it. I see no harm. I haven’t seen anyone blasphemize the entire story here worthy of hate, and if I did I intentionally ignored it for a reason. Everyone seems to agree it had potential until it did. Whenever ” until ” might be.

          Also I won’t take a comment as a personal attack, nor should anyone, so don’t worry(?). I would never reply to a post if I were horrified if someone acted/spoke contrary.
          Keep being optimistic and positive as well by Also understanding other viewpoints.

          As to some things you said: I guess I expected things differently and more “open”. Not just a caption of “daily life”, as you mentioned, 10 to 15 years later. Granted some development it would’ve been okay. I didn’t feel the happiness, positive progress and the dream-conclusions but hey, that’s just dark ol’ me (?).
          I also don’t think that it is obvious that the reader would not get info about such an important development within the manga but through another medium. It might just me being naive but the financial incentive feels kinda icky. Progress between Naruto and Hinata in one movie, no problem. But 10-15 years worth of development feels hasty and ” filler “-worthy to me.
          I don’t feel like it, being the missed opportunity it is in my opinion, and having some bad conclusions on my mind.
          But cudos to you if you do.

          PS: I don’t read nor do I write fanfiction. I just let my opinion be based upon the story itself. So I doubt I’ll be doing that soon. But good suggestion nonetheless!

          Guilherme (3 years ago)

          awkward hi-five! ( ・_・)ノヽ( ・_・ )

          That was just my feel of it, I didn’t intend to sound judgmental. Sorry.

          I think there is another reason he left that out of the manga, I read somewhere of the interview that Kishi stated clearly that he felt “embarrassed” writing romance. He probably was humble enough to not write it now and let it to the future while showing the result of it. That’s just another theory tho.

          Btw, It was a good talk and let’s check what’ll happen. I hope you’ll get to enjoy the future additions to this history as I will. ( ^◡^)

anon (3 years ago)

they were confirmed fake the real chapters will be on monday.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Keep dreaming your delusional fantasy.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    The official date the chapters are released in the manga are on monday, but they got leaked much earlier than expected.

      anon (3 years ago)

      hey lets just wait until kishi confirms anything about it atleast

      anon (3 years ago)

      anyway at the bottom of the last page it said it was made by someone else no one saw that it looks like i am the only one

Ari-San (3 years ago)

Hello, ^w^. Be warned, I’m about to rant. Before I proceed, does anyone know, what’s up with the Heaven and Earth website? If so, please reply.
I’m not impressed with what Kishimoto has done. How wonderful. He made Hinata, end up with Naruto. Great.
Seriously, if they were gonna end up together, why did you create all those hints, moments, parallels. Heck, there even was a movie for them. What happened to promise of a lifetime, and I’ll keep watching over her. You builded their relationship up for years, and suddenly turn it all around, into a NaruHina ending. One Word : Fanservice -.-. Why would Kishi neglect all those hints? I can’t believe this, Kishi, I’m disappointed in you.
SasuSaku?! How does Sakura forgive him, after all he’s done. They get married?! Are you kidding me. So, you allowed Sakura, to marry the guy that attempted to kill her. Wow. It show’s how much development you’ve put into her. Instead of making her a headstrong woman, you created a fangirl.

To be honest, I was hoping for NaruSaku. Naruto never gives up, not ever. He’s always been crushing on Sakura. Sakura was showing affection to him, little by little. Everything was falling into place.

But you had to ruin it.

Lies (3 years ago)

To those among us who are feeling scammed, confused, awkward, unsure about this ending. Who aren’t feeling this is because of a “ship” but because of an unnatural ending to a great story.
I found this tumblr post by shinosays that actually made some sense why you feel this way in a way that you maybe couldn’t put into enough words yourself.
Respect to the writer please. Thank you.

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    What a Deep Dark Imagination hahaha was he feeling alright when he read the manga?

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Quote: ” respect to the writer please ”

      Were you when you wrote this??Dafuq?
      Is this a suggestion to him/her being mentally ill or something? One post can’t make you judge a person’s mental state of mind this harshly.
      Shame on you.

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        @Lies, I meant emotionally well. Like, feeling well and less depressed, happy or at least neutral. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. (T-T)

    mszynisz (3 years ago)

    Oh, that is a good explanation why I feel so bad and empty about chapter 700. Thanks for the link!

      Guilherme (3 years ago)

      Oh, and if someone is looking, here is what is wrong with that post:

        Lies (3 years ago)

        Took you long enough.
        Seems like a nay-sayer just dissagreeing to dissagree to me. No need for me to condescendingly suggest any emotional status while this person wrote this.

        Many are doing this, I don’t mind the fact that they reply or dissagree ( why else post your own opinion than to get feedback right? ) but the WAY is rather..forced. Seeing only the negatives in the opinion of people who don’t like the ending, or just having an opinion about this in general apparantly. Everyone is also a hater disrespecting Kishimotosensei apparantly, nobody has good motives, and when one person does some dumb shit apparantly everybody is guilty of some kind of hate crime.
        If someone posts an opinion. It’s all “Lets get crackalackin!” Checking off the list everything someone said. Ohno *check* this is wrong and *check* this is wrong and *check* this is wrong, oh that’s delusional *checkcheck* and that’s just absurd *checkcheckcheck*. It’s a very boring read as you can already expect the next thing, and the next thing, and guess what(?), the next thing will be completely “wrong” as well. It lacks any contributing content itself and its not even positively inspiring at all. What does shinosays himself learn out of this, what should I or random person number 1, 2 and 35 learn out of this, other than that his opinion apparantly being wrong according to this person and maybe that the music on the background is shit (sorry I do funky)? No need to be so bleh about everything just because it’s against “the almighty ending”.
        This whole uber-defensive community is getting really tiresome. Are they insecure or something? I know the ending is fucked up and its your ship, but come on guys. It’s either the ” show respect “, “stop being delusional ” or ” you are wronnnng wrongwrongwrong and we are rightrightright” kind of attitude. I can’t even begin to understand why it’s so wrong for Narusaku, Narusasu, non-shippers or whatever to share their thoughts. Even bashing that little kid Narusaku fans made. Its fanart dafuq?
        I’ve seen nobody actually disrespect Kishimotosensei, many people very kindly state how much the manga meant to them and this is exactly why they feel saddened. And if they don’t, if you talk to them maybe you’ll find out. Or ignore bullshit? Maybe stop focusing on childish things, I don’t know? Or I don’t know, stop trying to find excuses to nitpick? The naruban thing for example was a Naruhina fan who faked being a Narusaku fan. I mean, how low can you go. Lets LIMBO!
        Do people who don’t like the ending have to go lower now for them to be satisfied or something?
        That doesn’t make any sense!

        The whole housewife thing for example. Jeez, come on really? Are people still going on about this? As if anyone ever bashed housewifes in general within this context.. Its probably housewives and women wanting to become one being AGAINST this unhealthy “couple” Screaming abuse, as they care for healthy families, love and happiness. That’s such a convenient fix to go all ” you so wrong “. What is that “reverse” feminism or something? Come on.
        It’s about, among other things, it being the last official manga chapter, and Kishimotosensei choosing to depict them in boring ass situations with no meaning (except for a hopeless one) and for example about badass sakura not being depicted as badass sakura, which is consistent with her submissive reaction in chapter 699. Doesn’t matter how many years have passed ( lame excuse for trying to make up for huge-ass plotholes ) connections are easily made that she might’ve given up a few very important things like, I don’t know, self-esteem. Hold on! Before you go nay-saying! Nowhere does it show otherwise.
        Like those people saying Sasuke’s a good father, hmm strangely enough Kishimotosensei chose as his final depiction in the manga a guy who isn’t around. And Naruto’s a good father, hmm strangely enough Kishimotosensei chose to let him hit his child ( no way anyone is going to “convince” me this is good ol’ Naruto by comparing this to a NarutoxKonohamaru hit and a KushinaxMinato hit as both of these examples are similar age groups hitting each other and not parentxchild ) and brush him off. I see something there, others do also. And others don’t. So who’s to say who’s right? I don’t know. Who’s wrong? I don’t know either. So why nitpick and act bashful just because it’s a different opinion or impression than yours? You can of course state your own opinion, Please, but dissagreeing to dissagree, Isn’t that getting a little sad?
        I think many who hate on those who dissagree with the ending, just for hating(?), forget that this was specifically chosen to be the last depiction of the manga. And not going for an open one, nor a full-out one, but choosing an awkward one where he probably debated making a scene where Naruto whipes his ass after taking a dump, is rather obviously going to stir some discussions right? Why deny people that?

        Moreover, being unhappy with the missed potential of the manga if it lacked the substance it had before, believing Kishimotosensei had more in him than this, and being dissapointed that the financial incentive ate away at this all shows more respect and dignity to the authors talent, if done properly and politely, than kissing ass Ever will. The least you can do is show him you actually read and learned something and got an opinion out of it. If he can’t even handle (polite) opinions, as many self-proclaimed true fans suggest, then he shouldn’t be in the position of inspiring people because you will ALWAYS get feedback.
        And making fanart or fanfics based upon his story ( even if its to make up for it )? Only shows how much you adored his artstyle, story and effort. And No author caring for his fans will deny them that what in return shows him how much they care for his work. It doesn’t “blasphemize” Kishimotosensei to read, love, learn from and criticize his work. Cause, you know, all an author ever wants is for readers to become little puppets agreeing with eachother and him, the almighty Creator! Cause, you know, thats not at all the opposite message we learned Through Naruto.

        Why don’t you let the nay-saying rest, huh?
        If you want to act like the good example of a real fan, don’t go contradicting every single little thing you see and bring in some constructive messages about your own opinion. It’s unflattering otherwise.
        And I’d like to see Those.
        Don’t be that one person who steps all over others to let him-/herself stand out
        Let people use their imagination, let people share their opinion.

        Sorry for the draggy read.
        Thank you.

          Guilherme (3 years ago)

          It’s all a cycle of criticism and of people playing defensive, everybody can have their own opinion and everybody can criticize each other opinion.Then we get to a loop were everybody nitpick and argue about how they should express themselves or feel about it.

          If someone is trying to refute someone else they would normally take what they said and put into their perspective. That’s not bad or misleading as long as they didn’t distort what have been said.

          Of course it doesn’t mean it change anything in the resolution, as well as it can easily provide incomplete info to those who didn’t read everything in advance. But that is a consequence and it’s up to each individual decide if it’s enough.

          At the end of the day it’s all about personal feelings and convictions, whose may be more damaging or hurtful than others, which make me think there is no boundaries in topics or opinions, as long as it isn’t based on worthless insult or prejudice.

Khaminator (3 years ago)

Everyone, please, this is NS we’re talking about. Anything is possible. For example, would you be satisfied if the conclusion would to be the hermit of the six path playing a prank on the world? spookkyyyy

    Khaminator (3 years ago)

    … and none of them actually existed except those in hermit of the six path’s generation.

mszynisz (3 years ago)

Hi Chatte. I actually read your blog entry just now, but I must say, I came to the same conclusions after reading chapter 700. Kids don’t make any sense: NH kids have no byakugan and have whiskers for some bizzare reason. SS daughter looks like Karin (da wut). Pairing Chouji and Karui is just taken from nowhere. Not mentioning Sai and Ino – remember that Sai only said something good to Ino, because he believed it was completely opposite to reality. Good example for kids: lie to your spouse all the time. Also, suddenly all characters change their behaviours and their story feels now so pointless!

On the other hand, I feel very much satisfied by chapter 699 and I think it should be the true ending of Naruto. This way we have all plot points closed, but the far future of our heroes still lies in their hands. And I think such an ending would be the best: the readers which usually identify themselves with some characters from the series would feel compelled to finish those stories in real life, sticking to their ideals. And actually, such an open ending makes all characters from Naruto become timeless heroes, which we can relate to at any point of our lives. In an open ending, all of them has the potential to become the best shinobis of their times, and actually this is what we expect.

However, what we get is chapter 700, which literally turns all females into housewives, maybe apart from Tenten which gets the worst job I would ever imagine for her. And all the male characters are either changing their goals or are largely omitted. Wasn’t Sasuke one of two most important characters in the series? Then why on earth is he only on one page of the chapter? And Naruto. He knows how it feels to be not noticed and abandoned, but why is he making his own kid feel that way. This all thing doesn’t make any sense! This is not the Naruto I know!

And I think that modern city that is built on top of Hokage faces is the most out-of-character idea of the whole series. How is it even possible. Let’s remember that Konoha was largely destroyed and not much was rebuilt before the war. I could imagine the village being rebuilt and expanded, but modern day architecture? That would take at least couple hundred of years. Also remember that no other village had such a modern look and though every village had its own style, they all looked like from the same period of time. You just can’t go from Ancient Japan to modern history in 12 years! If that was true, then Konoha when Minato was a Hokage must have been just bunch of mud huts! Ridiculous!

The only thing I actually liked about chapter 700 was the last page, because it was clearly a tribute to the first page of chapter 001. Good idea. The only good idea in the entire chapter. However, I’m a bit sad that Sasuke is not featured on that drawing, since Naruto stopped Juubi and Kaguya mostly with the help of Sasuke (actually he wouldn’t be able to do it without him). That would also be fitting since the whole manga was based around their friendship.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    As usually NaruSaku fans, or fans in general who don’t like the ending are clouding by their emotions.

    Kishimoto said that the next generation project films would be canon, logically it will explain things such as this and how it happened. Ie how they fell in love, how things around changed “technology wise”, etc.

    Second, the whole it’s fake or that it was done by Kishimoto’s assistant is false. It’s just a fan who couldn’t accept the truth and started spread false rumours. In reality it was said that Kishimoto’s assistant handed in the final piece to the publisher. That’s it.

    Now let’s think about this, making a manga by yourself is very difficult especially the attention to details that the manga chapters have. It takes quite a lot of time not only for inking, but colouring, drawing, putting in the text. If kishimoto’s did all this by himself, then I am impressed because this would have taking him 1-2 weeks by himself.

    Also the standard procedure for the publisher would be that kishimoto’s assistant have kishimoto’s signature to approve of the final work, but the publisher would be kept in the loop of the final chapter too. Look it up. Use logic people.

    And the whole housewife thing people are looking too much into it. They could still have their jobs and duties but it’s their day off. It could also because since there’s peace in the elemental countries, no more conflict, or very little, that there’s no real point in doing that anymore. Hell Tenten commented that she barely sells things anymore because of the little conflict in the world. Ninja are still used but not as much anymore, as it should be when peace such as this is achieved.

    The whole thing people going on how Naruto went back on his nindo and gave up on Sakura. Did naruto ever state she was a goal? did he ever state he was in love with her? the answer is no. It was from the perspective of other characters which were later proven wrong. Naruto could have easily matured and realized that while Sakura was his first love, her heart was ultimately Sasuke’s and knew he needed to move, just like he moved on from wanting to be acknowledge to wanting to keep people safe. In the Naruto the Last it will show us how Naruto fell in love with Hinata. Accept the ending guys. NaruHina is canon, while NaruSaku isn’t.

    Though I will admit kishimoto could have given us a few more chapters or released the movies first and then the final chapter. But I liked it nonetheless.

      mszynisz (3 years ago)

      Mat, with all do respect, but it looks like you’re completely misunderstanding me. I’m not at all bothered by who ended up with who. NaruSaku, NaruHina, whatever. And I’m not questioning if this chapter is written by Kishimoto, because we all know it is, and it is a canon.

      My problem with this chapter is that it is a complete anticlimax. Naruto being neglecting father, shinobi not meaning anything any more, hokage title being a placeholder for a city mayor rather than for “the one that protects the village”, because there’s nothing to protect the village from. And yes, you could be right, maybe off-screen Sakura is the best medical ninja ever, TenTen is the legendary kunoichi and Ino is the head of the Interrogation division (though one could wonder why such jobs would matter or exist any more). But that’s not shown in this chapter. This chapter shows them as housewives. It’s not showing them completing their dreams or following their “way of ninja”.

      It just looks like the entire point of this series has been neglected in this chapter. People became ironic and not caring any more. And I’m really sad about it. And I’m probably even more sad looking at Naruto and Bolt: why couldn’t Naruto just make a clone and go play with him? Instead we see him lecturing his son and going back to work. I don’t think Naruto would ever do that, because he knows how it is to be lonely and abandoned. I would rather see him happily going with Bolt and making a clone for the kage summit. So it seems Kishimoto made one chapter too many.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        I think we lack details to say that Naruto ahs become a neglective father to Bolt and Himawari: Some kids like to draw attention because they are ,in fact, spoiled by their parents, perhaps Naruto is the most loving father of the Ninja World and we are misjudging his character

        About, the whole Hokage-Shinobi situation: We should remember that Naruto promised to Nagato and others that he would win peace for them, and he fulfilled that priomise: The thing is that peaceful world lacks the need of permanent Village filled with Full-Time mystic warriors. It`s something that happened in real history with a lot warrior castes and elites

        Ottoman Jannisaries and Chivalric Knights are prime examples of such situation. They are necessary in times of strife and conflict but their existence becomes near meaningless and devoid of real purpose when peace and stability are achivied. So they either find a peace time occupation and make themselves useful or are dismantled: I think that is what happened.

        It`s an Anti-Climax it`s the natural transition from period of almost permanent Armed Peace to a one Diplomacy and Cooperation

        addicz (3 years ago)

        I dont understand with this. Some of you complaint with Naruto treatment to his son. He has jobs,he was a parent who look for money to keep his family alive. Look at the other Kages expresions when Naruto entering the conferens room. I bet Naruto late more than 30 mnts. I can say he lates because he spend his time to help his son clean Hokage monument. .
        Some of you have said he as a hokage is useless when the peace achieved,there nothing to protect for. Guys,as long as chakra still exist,money still hold the power, human still alive. Dangers and enemies will always exists too. Look at Toneri, he appears when peace time the Shinobi world.
        He wants to protect his family from higgest position. His words is Law. He has allies,a few of them are Daimyos. He has powers, and it is all for his family.
        Boruto become ninja because of his own choice, to be a ninja he should know his father position. Naruto just want Boruto like him when he was a cild, uneducated and unresponsible child. He just want his child to surpass him. As long as Naruto treat his children equaly, I wont call him bad parent. I wont put him in Hiashi standart.
        Naruhina already CANON even BEFORE the manga STARTED. Thank You very much

        Mat (3 years ago)

        Making a clone is not the same. If I was a kid, and knowing Bolt, I’d want to play with my real dad not a copy, that would just piss me off. It’s like saying he’s not good enough. Same would be said if he sent a clone to the Hokage summit, it would be rude to the other Kages.

        Also Naruto does care for his son, he loves him so much that he took the time to explain his reasons why he can’t be with him as much.

        Also what do you expect would happen if peace occurred around the world. Ninja are still around because there’s still conflict but it’s minor now. When you strive for peace you know that there will come a day that you have to give up the mantle of a warrior and potentially need to look for a different career path. Same as today in real life.

        Plus this is 15 years later in the future, it’s not that strange that they would change in terms of personality. Like I said before all this will be explained in the movies that are too come.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          At least they talk about explaining some according to you and others who think this ending makes sense.
          Not that I found a literal statement on what, where and how myself. Except for that one black page that implies some. I’ve seen many take it as the continuation into the childrens’ and not our own characters’ story though, so it might be very..hardcore, in lack of a better word, if they try to jam all of that new/old/present info together to make up for lacking like 200-500 chapters’ worth of development. Or maybe they’re planning on making like 25 movies or theaterplays. I don’t know.
          But I will admit I’m not looking for info like a maniac as it clouds judgement, and I’m not interested in excuse fillers or more awkwardness, so I might’ve missed out a lot. So do inform me about it or link me some Japanese original raws I’ve missed out on.
          All I know is that there’s a fat chance that those movies will be running in Japanese theaters, arriving with delay internationally, and all us fans are in Japan.

    Elias (3 years ago)

    Seems like the hyuga’s eye genes are not dominant. Maybe that is why they tend to marry their own clan to preserve it. Remember thats they are one of the oldest noble clans (i guess pure blood hyugas).
    Whiskers seems to be dominant xD well, the kids have only 2 and their daddy 3 peace

      Mat (3 years ago)

      You may be right.

      However, it could also be that they do have the Byakugan but they just don’t have the clan’s eye colour. Kinda like the Kyubi’s chakra doing some interference in Naruto’s genes and it doing something similar to his descendants.

      Though it could be something else that occurs in the movies.

Ceyj (3 years ago)

naruto will officially end on november 10. so we just have to wait until it’ll get confirmed. Thus i am not sure if it is true, but I have seen a post, that those leaked pictures were fake. it has been confirmed. it was said to be a fanart by a fan from japan or is it done by kishi’s assistant. well im not really sure bout that.

Dipsy (3 years ago)

Honestly, naruto taught me a lot about logic and philosophy. And I consider that to be the best thing and the reason why I loved naruto so much. thay I even applied to so some circumstances, and even in school. but in my opinion, by that ending i dont really see logic, i see confusion. that really escalated quickly. And to kishi, I really adored him, he’s a amazing he’s a genius, for writing such epic story about friendship, pain, reality, not to gave up your words, and etc. but that ending is really terrible, maybe not but surely it’s rushed, i dunno why he do that, but it’s heartbreaking to see a genius mangakas ended the story abruptly with a lame shit. it really is disappointing. Let’s wait till monday to get this chaos/confusions settle. Still i’ve got hopes, and hoping everything was just under infinite tsokuyomi. haha just sayin

    Lies (3 years ago)

    I agree

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    I agree only with the “rushed” thingy. And I believe it were all on his plan in the end, cliffhanger on the past and future.

Leanne (3 years ago)

Hold it!!!
Chapter 699 and 700 were official right? Why is there a countdown in the Naruto JP site? Why is the internet so confusing!? ;(

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    It’s for the official printed release and an announcement.

      Leanne (3 years ago)

      Ah okay. Thank you very much. I guess I have to wait what is the annoucement was.

Deja Vu (3 years ago)

For those of you who didn’t like the pairing cut it out. Naruto and Sakura was NEVER going to happen. Sakura was way to much into Sasuke. I take chapter 700 as an epilogue. Everyone is over thinking it. You wanted them to fight forever?? Come on dawg!

Dipsy (3 years ago)

it’s disapppointing. i am not really into shipping but if chapter 700 was true. i should say iy doesnt make any sense. like how did it happened? that after the war, naruto and hinata had sex, sasuke and sakura had sex, ino and sai had sex, everyone had sex that we didn’t even know how the hell happened. I still consider his hardwork for 15 years, but really we deserved more than that. And now the mighty has fallen. what a waste. :(

Dipsy (3 years ago)

I’ve read from a source that, about the chapters release. 699 maybe true since the date says it will be released on november 3, so it does last few days. and the naruto 700, will be released on novmber 10 which is the said official released of the final chapter. so maybe there’s still a lot going on. and all we have to do is wait patiently. 1 more day to go. :) haha

tabebuiaflowers (3 years ago)

Yeah, something is reaaally weird. I am still thinking that these chapters are not real, or put out of context. The designs seem like kishi´s but there are so wrong things with them. The posts and few spoilers I´ve seen make think like nobody is truly happy!

alex (3 years ago)

its a cop out think thats what kishi. did he went with the fandom most people liked and uh…. it doesnt match up ur right he wouldnt have had so much narusaku just for laughs he wouldnt have had him chase her this hole time wtf was the point then why didnt he give hinata as much screen time with naruto as sakura did if thats what he intended … he told his fucking dead father that sakura and him were a thing wtf ??? what the hell is his mom gonna think when shes sees that ” u told me it was the pink one !!???” ” idk ?? thats what he told me when i went down there ???!”

danai (3 years ago)

I hate that Ino is with Sai, a guy who didn’t even like her or really fins her beautiful… Lazy writing much? And Sasuke all of a sudden coming back to Sakura… Everything else I can deal with but Sai for Ino, come on. She should have gotten someone else… And just leave poor Tenten single? Meh.

Drake Mastroddi (3 years ago)

WOOOOOOOOW. You are just like my friend. Delusional. It’s people like you and most of the people here who make people like me laugh at how absurd some of the things you post are. As a Psychology major I can say that every single piece of evidence is self concluded or confirmed by someone who shares the same view points as you. This is called confirmation bias, where you ignore or disregard information that proves your points wrong while bring pay attention exclusively to what supports your ideals. You are doing what proves to be the downfall of many intellectuals in the world. Take this as a compliment since you have to at least be intelligent for this problem to apply to you. You are in a way writing a report on a theory similar to what a scientist would do-this makes you intelligent- however in your report you only include data that supports your claim. The quotes you put in all seem to be from people who support NaruSaku. So in conclusion your entire bases is well constructed but is invalid because of the overwhelming bias it has to one side. Now there can also be many more errors that one can not prove since not all of us are on the same forums. But there is always the chance that you in fact lied and all the response you said other people posted, we just created by you in an attempt to sway the audience. I truly hope you didn’t stoop that low as this would make everything you just said completely invalid. Here is a little hint for your future endeavors, don’t seek out the people or objects that confirm your view but rather those that reject it, for if you can turn those who would oppose you to your side without smoke and mirrors while not finding objects that disprove you, this would in fact support your theory…sorry but have been using the wrong word. You have a Hypothesis. Finding the evidence that is unbiased would would turn it into a theory. Now if your still reading what this, I thank you for your time.

    Lies (3 years ago)

    Hi, I’d like to comment to this.

    No need for a Psychology major to understand what you said.
    However, at what point is it wrong/ delusional/insane to 1) dissagree with an ending of fiction 2) gather info to prove that a Story seemed to miss the target with its ending in your opinion, and then getting your own little theory, or as big chiefs call it “hypothesis”, going. This is fiction as you well know, writing fanfics is not unhealthy either even though that turns out Exactly the way intended on beforehand. Who’s to say she’s not just inspiring people to get over that ending and writing their own founded upon this.
    Is it delusional to write or suggest fiction without considering everything? Kishimotosensei didn’t consider everything so…Is he? Is it delusional to be a fan of a different ending? It it delusional to criticize something the author chose to make public with financial benefit? Kishimotosensei chose this awkward ending so he chose the consequences also. If he has no sight into what could be potentially criticized within this ending, he just had major luck and winged it for 15 years. As a writer you should know and expect at least the obvious criticism because you definitely can’t hit all the marks if you choose a “closed” ending. And well..pairings with random babies ( especially at the cost of character development ) is one those obvious ones.

    Nonetheless this post is from last week, so who’s to say what chatte thinks about it now.
    Also, when did the interpretation of fiction end up in hard scientific facts, and not imagination of its readers anyway? If that’s the case, everyone please get your wands out.
    We’re not contradicting the main story line of 15 years here and reciting evidence that god is real and dinos are myth, we’re just confused about the ending of Naruto being dissapointing and chatte gave us her take on it. And some might find that hopeful, maybe it’s impossible but what’s the harm? People on this page taking this hypothesis to heart deliberately choose to go against the in-world “reality” of chapter (699&)700, but not the whole manga, nor do they choose to be delusional little slaves to this godspoken bible of hypothesesese…(?).
    I don’t think this is a case of the olden ways the intelligensia used to write about their topics, choosing the results matching their desirable conclusion damaging and defying scientific development in the the long run (which can be debated as newly found topics have no basis to compare with yet and every contribution, doesn’t matter how flawed, is fundamental at that point and will always be, even if it’s used as the bad example forever more ) because there is no damage to be made here.
    Many fans lost hope in the manga with this ( unnatural ) ending and gained some back with thinking outside the box. Is that delusional? Delusional would be thinking it’s okay to criticize fans for not instantly anbandoning a manga that has been in their lives for up to 15 years for one or two “unremarkable” chapters and some excuse of a movie to merit future financial goals. Delusional would be not expecting people to have an opinion and swallowing everything.
    Imagination, experiment and opinion are signs of intelligence, not sticking to some rules you learned in class.

    It’s great and respectable and all, you clarifing this blogpost is biased by the ” dafuq dis ending “-community and reminding us people of what unbiased writing is ( sorry I didn’t cover every detail but most of the non-condescending content you wrote is indeed troublesome to consider if it were true, so I won’t complain cause there’s no need ).
    I bet you lots appreciate it. Especially those needing to affirm how “delusional” this is, sadly enough ( I don’t know why they still feel the need to hate but oh well..).
    it’s rather futile as everyone on here knows which bias this blog has and what little harm is being done. And you pretty much revealed your negative incentive with your introduction, and backed yourself up with some good basic knowledge.
    We all know the infinite tsukiyomi is far-fetched, but it would be more plausible to these ” what the fuck is going on ” fans that are seeking around the internet why this is happening. Let them believe what they want to believe, this is fiction we are talking about. Not scientific evidence.
    Pretty sure no one is writing an essay or a thesis about this. And I’m pretty sure nobody is going to take out of this the inspiration to make unscientific claims about actual common realities on this planet.

    I assume you intended well, regardless of the negativity in the beginning and the questioning of intelligence. If not, let people be people and please be more flexible towards other ways of thinking when you go down the professional route because this kind of contrary behavior is demeaning to people who are actually delusional. This isn’t a “funny” thing to say. Be openminded please. People who will seek your help with that major of yours will need that attitude from you to open up themselves. If you can’t I advice you not to influence people who are already weakened.
    Stating that this is a bad example because it “seems” delusional and giving clear down-to-earth arguments okay, but don’t forget the internal bad messages of the manga ending, you as a Psychology major can’t ignore. Don’t you go biased either.

    And just a last piece of advice, please don’t get arrogant when you receive a major, it’s unflattering, or use it as an argument, as you have no idea ( not even language will be a definite factor, as language code variation/accomodation for non-natives is more interesting than overall standardization to some ) what majors other people have before having accurate grounds to judge them on, and moreover it doesn’t validate arguments other than to those who just go ” oh degree equals intelligence so she/he’s right, right?”.
    Some might even say that failure trumps succes in the long run of human development. I personally am not impressed by an academic record but by the kind of people behind them.

    Thank you.

Anallisse (3 years ago)

it’s not right. the ending was pure shit. i don’t like narusaku, naruhina, sasusaku etc. in my opinion, the only possible pair was sasunaru. i mean, really. they kissed. yeah, accidental, but still, they did it. the most disappointing thing, was ch 700. no sense at all. why it needed to be a pair? naruto was about friendship and whishes. kishy destroyed everything with last chapter. i’m really disappointed

disgustingvenus (3 years ago)

I have one question: Can the movie be seen as a part of the manga? If yes, then it would make sense that it’s all inside of the IT and Kishi only wanted us to be pissed so that we would watch his movie. If that’s the case then I sure as hell love you Kishi, you fucked me up once again but in a good was :D

Aki (3 years ago)

I hope it’s all you said. Oh, I just wanted it to be NaruSaku, SasuKarin and ShikaTema. Tought Temari is my fav girl, she’s from Suna (and very loyal to her village) and she’s know to be the most cruel kunoichi and now she she is a wousewife?
Sakura too… She’s awesome, how the fuck did she end up being a wousefuckingwife???

your salty tears (3 years ago)

Funny how 2 fucking chapters made you realized Kishi is a bad writer. My advice to you guys, please read NARUTO not THE ADVENTURES OF SAKURA AND NARUTO.

Elias (3 years ago)
In this interview you can see parts of chap 700 which proofs the ones on mangapanda etc are legit. Kishi, he seems to be a very humble man for the fame he is receiving worldwide. A normal author writting & drawing his manga story with hard work consistantly over the last 15 years. Please appreciate it. It is sad that people are bashing him unproportionally over the pairing -_- So happy to know there is part 3 focusing on the next generation.

    anon (3 years ago)

    the source you gave us showed a picture of shikamaru on a wall and then one of his sketches had a heart in it which is weird because i never ever saw a heart in the manga. And then for what ever reason i saw naruto and sasuke on the ground and it was coloured and that source didn’t really confirm anything.

      Elias (3 years ago)

      Hm, if i open the link there is kishi’s foto. And then some sketches of chap 699 and 700. Just visit the . There are 2 articles about kishi’s office and kishi’s interview just after finishing the last chapter.
      If you still don’t believe it, ot is already passing the 10th nov and just look for the official releases. Good luck. Hope everyone calms down and respect kishi’s decisions as the ultimate author and inventor of naruto. ^^

Squirrel (3 years ago)

I just feel the last chapter is a let down. I have had friends criticize my shipping choices. I have shipped NaruHina, SasoDei, ItaKis (Itachi/Kisame), NejiHina, GaaSaku.

And in the beginning I shipped SasuSaku. I can see why people are angry about the SasuSaku. Sakura didn’t lie when she said she had feelings for Naruto. He didn’t believe her about it. IN fact Sakura had plans to KILL Sasuke. A lot of us felt all of Sakura’s character development went out the window because she and Sasuke got together. Telling people who feel a certain way to get over it is not fair to us.

I stopped reading the comics because it dragged on to the point where it got boring. I only read the last chapter to see how it ended. And to be honest only two things happened that I liked. Hinata and Naruto got together. So did Tenten and Lee. I am okay with Ino and Sai being together (even though I prefer him with Shino).

I can say people need to get over how it ended. Don’t like it write fanfiction to correct it. That IS what fanfiction is for right

sannie (3 years ago)

Okay, I wasn’t sure where else to ask this. But, a lot of people who are NaruHina fans say that it’s obvious that they were going to end up since the beginning. Now, I don’t know if I missed something but could someone list all the instances where this was true? Now, I know In the anime there are a lot of filler episodes which point more towards NaruSaku, but i was more curious as to the moments in the manga. I mean, everyone who “ships” NH says there indeed was character development in the manga; could someone kindly explain where? Thanks!!

    addicz (3 years ago)

    I ask you all Narusaku fans. I am not trying to be rude or something. If sasuke not an asshole or not defect Konoha,stay in team 7, will Sakura notice Naruto ?
    You all say,NH cannot match each other because different personalities.
    Now I ask you,Shikayoshi, DanTsuna, Minakushi, Fugamiko what are they ? They are ballance.
    And why NH already happen from the start, please search Hinat first scetch!

    Becky (3 years ago)

    I actually recently reread the manga, hoping to solidify my predictions without the influence of any extras or filler from the anime. I really enjoy trying to guess what is going to happen (I told my husband forever ago that ShikaTema was a definite) and I honestly thought that NaruHina was a little more likely than NaruSaku. Here’s an overview of why.
    Naruto first starts to look at her closer during the Chunin exams during her fight with Neji. She keeps getting up even after being beaten by Neji and Naruto vocally acknowledges that it impresses him. This prompts a comparison between her and him from Lee, and Sakura tells him that Hinata had always watched him. This seems to strike something in him and he makes a blood oath after her defeat to avenge her.
    Then, before the exam finals, when Naruto is seriously doubting himself, he actually opens himself up to Hinata who calls him a proud failure and says he has what she believes to be true strength. You can again see that what she says has a strong impact on him. After this he tells her she might be kind of dark and weird but he likes people like her.
    In the Pein arc, Hinata jumps in to save Naruto when he is pinned to the ground by Pein. She confesses her love and almost dies. You see yet again that look on Naruto’s face when she confesses. His intense facial expression is a constant theme in most of their interactions. Although the two don’t interact as often as him and Sakura, their encounters always seem to leave an impression on him (I think he also looks for her after his fight with Neji). I think it is also important to note that Hinata was the one to encourage him when he doubted himself and Hinata jumped in to save him. These are important moments you often see between a main pairing.
    When Hinata is struck down, Naruto immediately transforms into 6 tails, which is the highest he had gone. I am sure the destruction of his home and all was part of it, but her possible death is undoubtedly a catalyst for the transformation. After he gets out of the transformation, he is emotionally thankful that “Hinata and the rest of the villagers” are okay after the explosion from the transformation.
    In the war, Naruto jumps in to save Hinata from an attack and some think he may be an imposter. Hinata says she can tell he is the real one just by looking in his eyes. She chastises herself for needing to be saved by him again, which he notices and reassures her. When she tries to deny that she was feeling like that, he says he can tell by the look in her eyes. It’s a pretty intimate scene, really.
    Then, the last big scene with them is when Neji sacrifices himself for Hinata and Naruto and she brings him from the brink or despair back to himself. He thinks on Neji’s words about his life not being only his (Neji’s example being Hinata’s willingness to die for him) and tells her it’s thanks to her who’s been by his side that he’s understanding.
    There were a few smaller moments like Kiba telling Naruto he didn’t have to act all cool just because Hinata was there and such, but the above are the big ones that made me think NaruHina would end up as canon. I’m not saying there weren’t any NaruSaku moments, but I think the relationship was more established than a lot of people are saying. It’s not like Choji and Karui. You also have to factor in Sakura’s undying love for Sasuke. Naruto knew her confession for him was fake and he was entirely correct. She definitely grew to care for and appreciate him, but not in the same way as Sasuke.
    Anyway, I hope this was helpful!

      Guilherme (3 years ago)

      My thought exactly. Thanks to putting then into words and clear points in the manga.

        Becky (3 years ago)

        Absolutely! I understand that many people had a serious emotional investment in the outcome of this particular pairing and it can be really hard for it to go the way you don’t want. And I don’t think Naruto’s final love interest was nearly as cut and dry as someone like Shikamaru and Temari.
        However, I don’t think there are grounds for people to say that the pairing was unprecedented and that he was just doing it to please NaruHina fans or because he was messing with people.
        Kishimoto allowed for Hinata as the possible final love interest from the beginning and although it is obvious Naruto had feelings for Sakura, she obviously always had feelings for someone else. Not only did his interactions with Hinata leave serious impressions on Naruto throughout the series, but I think it makes sense that those feelings turn into love later.
        Hinata has always supported and loved Naruto and, much like Sakura, her dream was always to stand by and support the man she loved.
        Also, the MinatoxKushina parallel doesn’t exactly work because, yes, Kushina said she wanted her boy to end up with someone like her, but Naruto is much more like Kushina personality-wise and Hinata is more similar to Minato.
        As for the hair clip and Sakura wearing an apron (because she is cleaning), Hinata is wearing a jumper over a long sleeve shirt and her hair is long. I honestly think neither is a good reason for a comparison to Kushina’s looks.

          Guilherme (3 years ago)

          For me that’s like looking at clouds, you see what you wanna see. Looking for clues and trying to make sense of anything based on appearances and things that were never said is just not enough to convince anyone who isn’t biased.

          It’s like saing: “that pairing is senseless because I think Kushina said that Naruto should marry Sakura!” or “I think Naruto loves Sakura more than anything and he would never give up on her like this!”.

          Geez, even the “never give up” line is clearly flawed. He just said he doesn’t goes back on his words, his promises, and, as anyone can guess, he never ever promised he would make her love him.

          Those things were never once said, meaning most of their defense is based on things never said, things never shown.

          Then they dismisses everything that IS shown saying it’s stupid or not really important, or even “I didn’t like those moments, thus I do not consider them relevant”.

          If I’m to do exactly that, I’d say Kushina mean’t someone that fulfills what the other half lacks in the relationship, like she fulfilled what Minato lacked. But that’s me and that’s it.

          Thanks again for the list ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

          anon (3 years ago)

          you know i thought this was for people who favor narusaku anyway naruto saved sakura too why i dont like alot of naruhina shippers is because they ONLY pay attention to hinatas point of view i mean she did get development dont get me wrong but as much development kiba who was (technically) narutos first rival or second i guess but naruto loved sakura for 7 years for a reason and what reason sakura has for loving sasuke? None its a crush to me love has to be a reason not ‘oh he rescues her or holds hands with her’ i mean seriously, cant you see their bond and i know your a girl but partially what earned her popularity was her breasts also what has hinata done for naruto but either stalk or talk to him. Even i can see that her feelings decreased for him. Anyway i dont want bash your fanbase so im sorry.

SkyRage (3 years ago)

I hate that ending. Nothing made sense!

Why does Konoha look like a modern city if only like twenty years passed at the most? A fucking laptop? Really?! Why is Sasuke out of the village if he’s supposed to be married to Sakura? Why does Salad look more like Karin? Why did Naruto give up on Sakura?
Why did I feel like I was reading a rushed, poorly written fanfiction?! It felt like Kishi just said “fuck it, let’s just end it with as much fanservice as possible.” Why would Kishi go through all that trouble of hinting Narusaku so much and give all those parallels between NaruSaku and MinaKushi if NaruSaku isn’t canon? It’s like he just gave a big “fuck you” to all the NaruSaku fans that supported him for fifteen years. And to ad insult to injury he made Sakura look like Kushina! With the apron and the hair pin and enverything (I can’t be the only one that noticed this)! Glad to know Kishi loves he’s fans so much. Kick us while we’re down why don’tcha!


    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    I recommend you to read the comments, there is a lot of insight in both sides on then.

    Cheers ( ^-‘) 乃

      Guilherme (3 years ago)


      SkyRage (3 years ago)

      I did read them all, but I was unsatisfied by what I’ve read. Truly, I don’t believe the IT theory but I do think something’s kinda fishy. That’s why I asked those questions. I want to listen to more of what people think.

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        I guess it can’t be helped. My opinion in most of them is already posted ^^ I’ll just hope you get your answers sometime soon.

        Lies (3 years ago)

        Read this interview a little. I think a pro-ending person posted it on here before.

        I’m sorry I don’t have the Japanese original but I trust others to translate correctly as well.

        Lets tune into this part:
        The story lasted for such a long period because the characters “stuck it out.” When I attempted to quickly offer an answer (to issues raised in the story), the characters did not allow me to do so. If I had made them act as I wished, the reality would have been lost.

        I found my answer.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          As in.. he did exactly that.
          His choice of course.
          However, his own words pinpoint what made it feel unnatural.
          Those who are 100% happy joy joy or 100% disrespectful, I fear, did only care for the loveboat sailing off in a non-romantically intended shōnen, which Kishimotosensei admits to himself.
          The fact that he’s too embarrased to write romance within 15 years worth of story and therefore, for some reason, decides for an ( to him apparantly with embarrasment and unfamiliar feelings loaded kind of ) ending, pairing up for a timely planned mass reproduction for the next generation, unaware of the weird message, in two chapters and a filler movie?
          To me that only adds to Why it feels awkward.
          It’s not strange or evil, but mere human ( for whatever motive ) if you look at it like that.

          We have to admit to ourselves, hate or love what I’m saying, there’s a lot ” off ” and this wasn’t the grand ending it should’ve been.
          To some it’s the modernization, to some it’s the character development betrayal, to some it’s the unhealthy moral lessons, to some it’s the unnecessary reproduction, to some it’s the uselesness in the end.
          ( my apologies if I missed any. Pretty sure those of you who read my initial comment to this page know I only have a huge moral issue with one ” couple ” and the uptight ending, so I’m just adding the most frequently stated problems I found )

          I’ll keep wondering why he didn’t consider hitting targets high & wide with an open ending solely about Naruto, reminiscing about his dreams, goals and promises, hinting at maybe hinanaru or narusaku from his thoughts, but not defining it. Maybe even thinking about how he would raise his babyboy and how he wants to be an inspiration to him with all the wisdom he has now. Thinking about how he will make his own parents proud. Heck, they could’ve made it a scene right before his son was born. Ending it with that good ol’ signature smile from Naruto and the sound of a baby crying in the distance as we zoom out to peaceful ol’ Konoha with Naruto’s face on the mountain. This manga was never called “couples” (shippuuden), so why end it that way?
          An open ending like my suggestion satisfies the imagination of every reader. Turning the valve on the waterworks and leaving its stamp Forever.
          Who’s baby it would be, would be up to us. I believe we were also important to Naruto as faithful readers so why not give us equal benefit and not divide us as a whole with something ridiculous like this closed ending?
          It is no secret that whoever Naruto ended up with was a sensitive topic.
          If it wasn’t, the manga wouldn’t have touched so many people and it would’ve stopped before/at the 5 year target Kishimotosensei initially got.
          So people being suprised/shocked by the recoil from fans because of a lack of awareness towards them, is not something I’m going to waste my time on as we all have the right to our opinion.

          And if they were to be in Dire need of money, “couples” can be added in fillers later, with all the necessary attention, with an open ending like this.
          Without making the manga awkward and out of balance. Without ruining it.
          Without messing up 2 outta 3’s development so the baby express can come and choochoo all up in our wallets and let the restless hop right on to the next loveboat.

          But that’s just me. I love open endings, being food for thought and all. Mostly they inspire in a positive way, letting the horizon be opened wide in front of us. Not covering our eyes to the road that has brought us there and taking our individual struggle for granted.
          I personally feel Naruto deserved that too.

          Thank you for reading.

Sora (3 years ago)

I fucking hate the Naruto Ending. Its like end of another anime, it does not look its naruto anymore…one hell of bullshit was at the end. The pairing does not even make sense and not to mention sasuke ending with that ugly bitch whore sakura!!!! Its not like i hated her but when its shown that naruto can gave up on her then why the fucking hell she can’t on sasuke???? I lost respect to writer and all those retards who are happy at the end should know that it was not a SHOUJO manga but they were fucking annoying shipping them that the result was A HELL OF SHIT.

anesuna (3 years ago)

Chatte i really enjoy your theory.. would you like to talk about it with? Talk a little, exchange some ideas.. because this last chapter really bothers me. Something is not right… :) hope to see your answer

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    Chapters 699 and 700 are official and The Last film will be released in a few weeks. You and Chatte are people ensnared in an illusion.

      anesuna (3 years ago)

      Did i ask you anything?

        Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

        I know you did not ask me anything but it is disgusting to witness you NaruSaku tards disparage the series Kishimoto spent 15 years working on by speculating on delusional theories.

          anesuna (3 years ago)

          If it disgusts you just don.t look… free to do whatever you want. Just like me… have a good day!

Rache (3 years ago)

I really had no interest in the coupling, and I’ve never really shipped anyone on Naruto (Except Shikamaru and Temari. Called it since he fought Temari in the Chuunin exams. I wish I could find the post, but I predicted they would get married in the end!). And given the fact that this is a shounen, the only reason I would think Kishi is trolling us and that Naruto isn’t finished yet and there might be something going on still is because of all the coupling… It was too shoujo-y to be real. All the people paired up?? How odd… It made my skin crawl, especially the CRACK ones that seemed like something out of a bad fanfic. Chouji and Karui?!?!? WTF. Kiba with that cat girl from the anime?! I’M BAFFLED. And Lee had sex?! And conceived a kid?!?!?!?!?!??!?!! IMPOSSIBLE.
You bring up an interesting theory I have never seen before, but I wouldn’t get your hopes too high up. I figured this kind of shitty ending was right up Kishimoto’s alley. He’s always been a rather crappy writer from the start. I didn’t expect any less of a terrible ending from him…

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    It may not be Lee’s kid, maybe just a random studente who is bad at Ninjutsu and still wanted to be a Shinobi.

Amanda (3 years ago)

As a NH shipper, I also disliked 700. I thought 699 was great but 700 was definitely rushed and crazy. But the thing is 700 is the last issue, but it’s not the ending to the story! 699 is. 700 happens years later, anything could have happened in that time. I feel like NS and NH had a pretty equal chance of becoming canon in the end, because both of them were still unrequited. For me I always saw NH as having more romantic potential, though NS has a stronger bond I alway read it as developing into friendship rather than into romance. Given years of time I could definitely see how NH could be canon, even if it wasn’t fit to be canon in 699. But then again, that’s just how I read it. TBH I think it’s canon, and while I love Kishi’s work I think he just did a crappy job on this. He just made 700 as a way of saying “here, this is what I ship btw, even if some of them have had no interaction” ie how you end up with Choji and Karui.

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Fengshui (3 years ago)

“as I said there and on Heaven and Earth, something seems really off and fishy!”

Nah, you just forgot to take out the trashes.

“Sakura looks more like Kushina than ever but she is married to Sasuke because…what? Naruto gave up?
Come on, it makes NO SENSE!”

1.Kushina never had romantic feelings anyone aside Minato, she was not in a love triangle – while Sakura had romantic feelings for another boy and was stuck in a love triangle.

2.The reason Sakura wanted to save Sasuke because she romanticaly loves him.

3.Kushina could defend herself when she was a child – Sakura needed to be protected by Ino till she found a sandbag (Naruto) whom she could punch all the day.


And the reason why she married to Sasuke because Sakura always loved Sasuke and never Naruto – fillers, interviews and bias Databooks whiches made mistakes like Rin and Obito became genins much after Kakashi became a chunin etc. don’t count, only what happened in the manga.

“What are your thoughts?”

Simple: stop smoking weeds.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Still doesn’t negate the fact that MK = NS, confirmed by the author himself. Databook bias? Ahahaha, lol.
    And I wasn’t referring to your thoughts anyway.
    Sakura loving Sasuke romantically… you do realize that what she loves about this whole things stemmed from the forehead poke which is what made her heart go doki doki which further proves my point? Naah, you don’t or wouldn’t anyway.

      moar (3 years ago)

      for the love of all that is holy, you are one hopeless case chatte. NO mk does not equal to NS, kishi NEVER confirmed this. he only confirmed making sakura somewhat similar to kushina yet you , with your power of interpretations, jumped into conclusion that this also means NS parallels minakushi. also, you blow that forehead poke into high heavens. sakura’s affection for sasuke was evident waaaay before that forehead poke. and had she found out that was actually naruto, you know damn well she wouldve clogged and hurt him and still not develop feelings for him.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Oh suure, surre! Like you guys would know how to read a context, like you guys can pinpoint bad writing. I mean, look at you, you’re here defending Kishi’s bad writing, lol.
        Go tell these words to someone whose life didn’t evolve around writing a story and its structural basis and then we talk about jumping to conclusions. ;)

      url (3 years ago)

      see here, another example of an NS who clearly misinterpreted that parallel. kishi made sakura similar to kushina but this doesnt automatically parallel MK to NS. kishi never confirmed this parallel, but you guys just jumped on this bandwagon without trying to understand things correctly.

Amy (3 years ago)

Guys…it’s a manga. These characters aren’t even real people. Your OTP didn’t happen. Time to move on with life.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    And who says people haven’t moved on if they’re still talking about it? Really now, what kind of logic is this?

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