The Last: Naruto the movie gets an early screening on 24th of November!

On the movie’s official website, fans of Naruto were announced that there will be an early screening of The Last: Naruto the movie. Everyone was invited to participate in a lottery to win a ticket for the selective early screening of the movie on the 24 of November.


Although announced to be released on the 6th of December, apparently the marketing team behind the movie decided to offer to a number of fans, a gift in the form of being able to see the movie earlier, not having to wait until its official release.

We are waiting forward for the impressions of the people who will be lucky enough to see the movie and let us know as well, about its content. Wonder what made the people behind the movie to release it earlier? Maybe the shock and discontentment of people all around the world in regards to the ending? We can only wait and see…

Good luck to the participants!

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AaaaNinja (3 years ago)

It’s a pre-screening (not news, it’s been advertised for a long time) and not a reaction to anything that has been happening. It’s a common practice. I’ve been to them. Usually they’re free, the distribution company has employees attending to gather data: they do it to get first impressions, possibly quotes for ads, and video footage of people saying what they thought of the movie, also for commercials. People get to go home with posters and goodies.

    Lies (3 years ago)

    I also knew this for a while already, I agree with AaaaNinja.
    I don’t believe they’ll consider our reaction anyway, at least not go as far as to change their plans. As long as they have cash in the bag, what was lost doesn’t matter anymore.

    I’ve been thinking. Maybe a little melo-dramatic but perhaps Kishimotosensei saw sakura’s development as the blossom of the flower of her name. They blossom very beautifully and strong for a while, nevertheless they wither sudden and die. Like bushi and shinobi get compared to them, maybe Kishimotosensei decided a long time ago to let her development wither when the season of Naruto ended.
    Sounds really unmotivating, I’m sorry.

    Have you heard of the fanfic/drawing contest though? I think the info is on the former countdown site(?). I’m not a talented artist myself so even if I had inspiration I would be unable to send in anything, nor am I active in the online community. But I’ve seen some beautiful fan arts these last couple of days I’ve never even heard of before.

    So maybe if you know someone, like this Ladygt I’ve been hearing about, you could suggest them to make a beautiful contribution, maybe a new take on the ending? Apparantly (lets hope) Kishimotosensei will go through them himself. It would be a good thing if he saw some inspired works, not necessarily shipping, to realize how his own ending felt into the bigger picture of the story for his fans. Not just through commentaries of why, how and when he completely missed the ball because someone always feels a need to nitpick at them, but through his own artform.
    Us fans who aren’t into the ending get blamed for bad motives way too much just for having a well-intended opinion, we shouldn’t be divided into haters and lovers after up to 15 years of loyalty and respect for Naruto. This only proves how little they considered us. So maybe this could be a good opportunity to show him what Naruto, his promise and his dream meant to us, without bashing or hating.

    Thank you.

Cold Soul (3 years ago)

$$$$ destroying art lesson 101…

    Lies (3 years ago)

    Couldn’t agree more.

      Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

      Kishimoto does not owe you anything in his story. Art that is not dictated by the whims of fanatics like you.

        Lies (3 years ago)

        We’re not fanatic enough to search for Narusaku fan blogs specifically to spread some hate and dissagreement.
        Pardon me, but it seems like you could use that time to read a self-help book about managing the attention-craved bitch within.

          Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

          Thanks for the hypocrisy NaruSakutard. Your warped perspective believes Kishimoto owed you something and you accuse him of being a sellout. A self-help book would be in your best interest along with a straijacket

Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

Deluded fans who try to force the author to enact their version of the canon.

    Lies (3 years ago)

    Sadly enough I’m a non-shipper :( ( there goes the big one ), I just actually open the manga, read it and love it.
    Also if you think Kishimotosensei is that much of a crybaby that he can’t handle criticism, i’d start slandering myself if I were you, because that doesn’t really regard him very highly does it? I’m sure he’ll love you for your hatred towards his other loyal fans.
    Maybe keep the superficial prejudices in check next time, huh?
    Your irrational bashing only dismisses your argumentation, child.

getoverit (3 years ago)

Enjoyed the ending, I’ll enjoy the movie more. I must say, still salty I see

NictheC (3 years ago)

Taking this as a writer, chapter 699 was alright. Sure, I suppose Sasuke was capable to giving us such a diabetes sweet monologue, but his forehead poke was a bit out of the blue. Sakura’s reaction after Sasuke said sorry should have been more stern, but I suppose she was just so relieved team 7 was alright. I’m not very happy about how she wanted to join Sasuke on his journey though, but I suppose that too, was a sort of “oh, hey, Sasuke’s not trying to destroy everything again. Years of PTSD. Done” kind of moment.

The biggest problem for the ending, I believe, is the timing in which they released the epilogue.

If he had JUST waited for a time closer to the movie so everything could be explained and maybe we would have watched the movie.

However, because we all feel so alienated from the series (it’s amazing what a shipping war will do to people), not many of the fans want to watch it.

Chapter 700 was rushed, unexplained, and seemed to warp all our favorite characters, or at least put them in situations we hoped they wouldn’t be in.

Sakura should be head medical ninja, but we only see her cleaning a house and talking to her daughter about boys.

Hinata should be fuckin’ Head o’ House, but she is only visiting Neji’s grave and we already know that he is 6 feet below the ground. We don’t need to know where he is now. That’s redundant.

Sasuke’s wandering around… I suppose that that’s pretty much an epilogue for him, but to make Sakura a kid and to run off again is pretty sleazy.

Naruto is Hokage but his son resents him and does everything he used to do when he didn’t have a family. STOP RIGHT THERE. Naruto, even if you just took this job you should have already instilled endurance into your kid. Your kid should be like Minato the way you and Hinata SHOULD have raised your kid and I would have expected you to have done that.

Everybody else is paired off in weird pairings.

Now, I’m not saying that being a housewife or having a job is bad, but an awesome way of showing “this character has a life AND kids” is by showing the character coming back to their kids. What should have happened was a smooth transition to the spin-off, but that wasn’t we received.

The kids are not their parents and shouldn’t act like them, and we shouldn’t have such negative preconceived notions of them. We should be excited, but we aren’t.

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