Upsetting imagery the British media tries to paint Romanian voters in…

Wow, this is one of the very reasons I left UK and came back home. Of such implications like the ones in the articles and the ones in the comments of some people. So much hate…
Before arriving in the UK, I had so much respect for the great United Kingdom and its culture, I admired it and saw it as a culture and society that would embrace the people who want to strive for a better life by offering what they can instead, like you do it in any other place, such as for example an honest trustworthy labour, but when I got there, I saw the total opposite.

I saw cold, judgemental people. I saw unwelcoming people, people to whom I was looking up to for being part of what I thought to be at that time, a higher cultural environment and society from which I could learn and prosper as the simple Romanian that I was. Sadly, it was all grim and cold like one of the greatest literary voices of its culture described it so in his lifetime works, Charles Dickens. Before deciding to get to know the British culture, I made sure to study it by going to a profile University. So thus, at the end of my three years of studies, in order for those studies to be recognized, I had an exam like everyone else.
Studying English Literature I came across Charles Dickens’ works and a gray, grim and cold world, especially for children in that era known as the Great Victorian era. My thesis was based on that… I thought to myself that such environment is impossible, now after so many years. I believed that things were different… but they weren’t.

Romanians are mostly (I am not saying all!) treated as slaves there, they work hard for a wage that normally, a British citizen rather prefers to stay home and get its income from the Government sustenance, yet we are the ones over-populating UK, yet we are the bad ones despite doing the work most of its citizens wouldn’t and judged harshly because the media there (like in most cases and countries anyway) manipulates the image of the real truth, putting a bad shade over our names and only concentrating on the rotten trees.
Like rotten trees would only be in the Romanian forests, like somehow “Every forest has its rotten trees” it’s only available when we refer to Romania(ns). I wonder when will British people see the rotten trees in their forest as well? I heard, lived and seen enough things of my own there that I could be speaking of now… but I’m not gonna do it.

In the end, every forest has its rotten trees and some maybe more than others. After all, Britain’s own people, the homeless and in need ones were easily thrown away like garbage with the anti-homeless spikes phenomena… Now, what should I believe now? How should I judge the Great United Kingdom based on these experiences and articles that are written by their media?!

I don’t even want to comment on the anti-homeless spikes matter but really, how should I see it? As the cold, grim and unwelcoming world Dickens described in his works or as the higher cultural environment/society I thought it was before actually getting to live there and see for myself?

…you tell me, those of you who easily judge on the surface! How should I see you, the ones who easily judge but have never been on the other side of the barricade?

In the end we’re all faulty… no one is sinless! But before pointing at the the mote in the Romanian’s eyes, why don’t you look at the the beam in your own? Why instead of simply striving for a better world, overall, for every single human being we strive for hate? Where’s the union in your own name oh,you great United Kingdom? Or the said union is only available for just British people? If so, then pardon me for these spoken words and for hoping for a better world past race, color, religion etc. Because in the end, we’re all only human and we all bleed the same…

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Imogen (3 years ago)

To be honest, your general stereotyping of British citizens makes you no better than the judgemental people you’re talking about. You can’t even begin to understand the difficulties that they face, this is not a one sided thing. Citizens of all races who were born in the UK are not happy at all, and when the vote to get out of the EU comes it will probably be a yes (most likely outcome). Who’s fault is that? The suppressed locals who you’re so quick to slander for their unhappiness and anger at a failed system? Or is it the system itself that has failed it’s citizens over and over leading to new generations of hate and depression? I think a more understanding is needed on BOTH sides instead of these blame games.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    My general stereotyping? You see, that’s where you began wrong in the first place. I didn’t stereotyped anyone, that’s the thing. I asked how should I see UK given the experiences I went through? Did you know I worked in a place I wasn’t allowed to say I was Romanian? No, of course you didn’t, because instead of actually getting what I’m saying here, you’re quick to jump on the gun and shift the blame, so to speak. I can’t even begin to understand the difficulties they face? Tell me how difficult it is to live in a country that puts at your disposal the minimum wage for a decent life compared to Romania where a minimum wage won’t help you get through a week of simple, decent living. Think about that for a second and then tell me I can’t even begin to understand what they’re going through.

    I didn’t even say it was a one sided thing. In the end, didn’t I say that we’re all sinful that we’re all faulty and we all bleed the same? Or did you miss that part?

    And if I can’t even begin to understand, apparently, although my UK friends generally agree with me, instead of telling me how bad I am for supposedly being judgemental, despite me asking how should I see the situation, explain the situation to me. Yes, I haven’t lived everyday there like the citizens that were born there, I give you that, however, I’ve lived enough to experience on my own skin how people like me get treated there for the simple fact that they’re Romanians.
    Why doesn’t the media there write about the Romanian guy from some time ago who helps homeless people with food and shelter from his own money? But noo, because the British citizens need to see Romanians like a pest, apparently…

    First of all, you didn’t even understood the premise of this post whatsoever! It’s how the media tries to paint people something they’re not! And since the media threw some infamous statements about how Romanians are like this or like that, what I did was ask HOW should I see UK given the things I’ve personally experienced on my own skin?
    So please, next time make sure you really understand what I have written here before jumping to conclusions.

    Whose fault it is? If it’s the people or the system’s? That would be a never-ending cycle question if you ask me… Cause yes, mainly systems are at fault… but by whom are the systems ran if not by people? So I hope you understand why I say this would be a never-ending cycle question.

    As for your last statement, let me tell you that yes, I wholeheartedly agree with your inquiry, after all, like I said myself at the end of the article, thing you didn’t seem to get, we’re all humans and we all bleed the same…

    Thank you for your feedback, nevertheless! :)

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