Uncovering the truth behind the marketing strategies: in regards to The Last: Naruto the movie poster containing Naruto and Hinata

As we all know, yesterday The Last: Naruto the movie brought us new promotional material. In that promotional material, we get to see Naruto and Hinata throughout the years and a Naruto seemingly reaching for the same-old introvert Hinata.

Along with the poster, we get different descriptions. From what I have heard, people are worrying about a certain line in there:

Feelings that couldn’t reach/ get through
Naruto and Hinata
Their fate are now connected/ mixed!

Now, I know how this might sound, I know this might be true, but as I spoke in my last theory post, given how this seems once again a heavy marketing campaign like the one in RTN, basically from here it stemmed to me the idea of the theory besides the weirdness of the finale, given how in my theory I told you at some point that Road to Ninja basically covered up some canon manga events that established the NaruSaku and MinaKushi parallel, that were molded to a new, parallel universe, that in the Limited Infinite Tsukuyomi, as it is presented to us in Road to Ninja, same seems to be happening in The Last: Naruto the movie as well with NaruHina.

Let’s look first at the poster:


Naruto and Hinata first as little genins and the first line of the lyrics: 届くことのなかった想い (Feelings that couldn’t reach/ get through). Now, let’s remember a little bit some manga events:




Good, now… you remember the previous marketing and the general description of the movie when it comes to Hinata?

The feelings that still haven’t reached. What is the conclusion?

The Konoha village where the winter festival is nearing. Naruto is in Ichiraku along with his friends he grew with. In the midst of all this, Hinata’s feelings that she poured in the scarf she made haven’t still reached Naruto.


Basically, if you look at this, it’s a replay of the manga events between Naruto and Hinata, since the very start, similarly prior to her confession.

Good, now, let’s move a bit on and then I’ll come back to the bolded in the aforementioned quote.

Next line says: ナルトとヒナタ Naruto and Hinata. Now, what could this be? Hmm, let me see for a minute here, I think I got something in canon manga! Oh, right! Events starting around 540 from where Kishi started to introduce the narrative feint, just like he did with Obito as Madara when he made Kisame recognize him and then everyone started to think it’s really Madara, although by that point, the obvious choice for everyone would have been Obito, the later revealed to be the first actual obvious choice. Meantime – without boring you with multiple manga pages, I’ll just leave some suggestive ones – NaruHina interaction goes like this:



Then, what does the latest part says to us? Oh, right: 人の運命が今、交錯する!(Their fate are now connected/ mixed! )

Hmm, I wonder, what chapter does that remind me of? Hmmm, maybe a certain one…




Now, I’m gonna return a bit to the question they pose: Hinata’s feelings that she poured in the scarf she made haven’t still reached. What’s the conclusion?

Well, going backwards a bit and looking at what they want to imply given the flashbacks of the little Naruto and Hinata and how she, in the movie prepares that red scarf for him that is supposed to represent her feelings, after which they advertise the fact that their fates have now been connected, all we have to do is to look at the third instances I just described you until now from canon manga and look back at the theory together with my last post and you’ll understand what’s going on behind the scenes, I hope. ;)

Remember what happened after all the connection beetween Naruto and Hinata? Oh, right, when he together with his half were at death’s door, who were the ones at their side? I don’t think I need to remind you, do I, about this?



Not to mention how interesting a certain panel placement starts around 539-540 where Kishi has started his narrative feint with the confusion of who exactly Sakura was talking about in 540, Naruto or Sasuke, when the letter nin confesses to her, after she has just declared her love for Naruto?



Oh, right, we get a fake Neji asking Sakura if she’s alright…

Is this maybe, an allusion to Chapter 3 with fake Sasuke complimenting Sakura’s forehead, who was actually Naruto, thus this way the author alludes that Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke are based on a fake image of his? Kind of like I said in these multiple instances before until now? I don’t know what to think. After all, things seem to be connecting now, you know?

In that same period of time, around 540 I started making these first theories about the possible power-ups Sakura might get and possible connections with Hashirama Senju and/or Kaguya.

And given these theories, funny enough in Databook 4 Sakura’s main affinities are water and earth, two of the elements that equal mokuton, as we’ve learned here:




Interesting how Kakashi explains how Haku was able to use Ice elements jutsu due to his Kekke Genkai… what does that mean, that I might be right and the Haruno clan is more than what they seem?
Interestingly enough also, at the same time, Naruto asks about other elements that are under Sakura’s belt: manipulation of yin and yang, medical ninjutsu and genjutsu.



And the most interesting enough, this happens at a time when Shikamaru battles Hidan, who had an immortality power through a ritual, that guess how it was symbolised:


A triad/triangle inside a circle. I talked about this triad concept in the beginning when I explained why Sakura showcases her powers this late and this is one of the concepts I based the theory with Hashirama Senju on.

Interesting connections, ne? And as we know, in the movie Shikamaru even talks about protecting the king Asuma entrusted him with! Maybe we will get to see besides NaruSaku awesomeness, some Sakura awesomeness?

Oh well, I guess we just wait and see, if these theoretical thoughts of mine come to pass or not. xD

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!




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arai chan (3 years ago)

you were stupid or too stupid ?? look at the Final Chapter 700 manga no coat at home sakura uchiha, you’re too fanatical fans ,, Long long can you crazy hey you should immediately look in the mirror and say I’m crazy

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    No, I am not stupid otherwise my brain wouldn’t fuction and be able to express itself in regards to some thoughts I have. But you seem to be signaling such thing with not only your poor behavior and language, as well with the fact that you didn’t even read all the links that are there to understand what I mean and you’re talking about other people being stupid, oh, go figure!
    Next time, learn about terms such as narrative feinting that can become a design feint given that the narrative of the story is visually expressed not only verbally, and then we can have a chat. Until then, sayonara!

      Bryon (3 years ago)

      Just ignore ‘em, Chatte, haters gonna hate.

      Naruto Series Fan (3 years ago)

      My question is: what do you wish to accomplish with these theories, when things are already clear?!

      1- Naruto and Hinata married and had children, as Sakura and Sasuke did.
      2- The movie is cannon and the preview screening has already been shown with people who attended saying it was mainly the story of Hinata and Naruto falling in love.
      3-THERE’S NO HARUNO CLAN. It’s not in the databooks, Kishimoto hasn’t talked about it, whatever your IMAGINATION says about it isn’t cannon and you shouldn’t go out of your way and try to convince others that it is.
      4-Water + Earth = Wood. HOWEVER, nobody except Hashirama and people with his cells can use it. It’s been stated by the manga, in the anime, IT’S CANON that only Hashirama (NOT EVEN TOBIRAMA, ANOTHER SENJU) was able to use wood release. Otherwise, why don’t you speculate about Tsunade or Ino or any other one having water and earth release as being able use it too?
      5-You’re reading into it too much. The message of the manga and it’s storyline are very clear: it’s about friendship and family (just as Kishimoto said). It’s about how you should value the people who surround you and how the power of love in it’s most abstract sense can overcome everything.
      The focus of the manga isn’t NaruHina, nor NaruSaku. It’s about Naruto not wanting to see his best friend Sasuke be overcome by darkness. He stated he was his goal. Naruto’s goal wan’t Sakura, nor Hinata. His goal was to be acknowledged by the village and to redeem Sasuke. Even his “love” for Sakura stems from his rivalry with Sasuke.

      When you see the movie I’d be glad for you to review it OBJECTIVELY having in mind that it was written by Kishimoto.

    Noble White (3 years ago)

    What’s so bad voicing out an opinion?

thelazyocelot (3 years ago)

Now after trying to find details in 700 I actually found something. In panel where Sarada says boys are stupid you can see shelves with books and some objects. Now if you look closely near the vase you can see set of box with uchiha symbol. I wonder why put it there??

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Like I already explained, it might very well be a visual/design feint given that the narrative of this story is expressed not only literary but also visually.

Elkas (3 years ago)

Respect!!! My lady you so brilliant. I dont think you gonna believe me i didnt sleep for 2 days. Everywhere every naruto forum almost 85% naruhina and sasusaku fans are celebrating talking about spoiler of the last movie , you know its almost as it been decided. Narusaku fans starting to dissapear one by one as if they already jump off ship. Sometimes i think do kishi realy gonna make ending like that? i mean its his master piece , his art , did he realy think money is the most important think . The power of money is realy scary it can even buy peoples . But i cant help it in the last 2 weeks i cant count how many time i watch naruto road to ninja and all of narusaku moment in each episode . And in my heart i say damn kishi you realise it or not you write a VERY beautiful love story . In my brain if naruto gonna give up his love for sakura this is not the way . I always think that he go on mission to bring back sasuke and he wants to take all sasuke hatred on himself and die that way he fullfill his promise to bring back sasuke to sakura at cost of his death and sakura realize that naruto will do anything to make sakura smile even if he has to give on become hokage and let his love one together with sasuke. Not like this crap of chapter 699 and 700. Even if your theory not happen my god i feel sooooo refreshed every 5 minute or so i always refresh this page. This place give hope even if its false hope in the end i think hope is what makes people move foward and forget about that past. Thanks again my lady. RESPECT!!!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you, dear! ♥ Well, as I always said, these words of mine until proven otherwise are just theoretical “What ifs”. Indeed, the ending seems to be looking in a certain way, but I, personally, refuse to give up until I see everything undeniably being proven to be that way and also refuse to think Kishimoto sold his dignity as a writer after developing the manga for 15 years in a certain way. Therefore, until then, I just keep my faith in Kishimoto as a person, as a writer, as a literary mind and I am not giving up!
    If it’s proven in the end that the ending we’re seeing now it’s real, then and only then I will accept Kishimoto’s choice and move on. Until then, I am holding close to my beliefs and refuse to give up at least without fighting till my last breath, haha!
    It’s a thing Naruto and Sakura taught me and for that, for the story of Naruto and Sakura that Kishimoto wrote, I will always cherish him! Despite everything, I learned valuable lessons from the hero and heroine of this story. Even if the end won’t be like I, along with other people expected it to be, I’ll cherish the journey because you know as they say sometimes it’s not about the end, it’s about the journey. And these two had a beautiful journey together! ♥

      Elkas (3 years ago)

      I’m right behind you my lady! After reading your theory i feel like cant give up but at same time , affraid getting dissapointed in the end but that is how this world work so no choice. I always think if naruto and sakura come to live they gonna smack kishi and said enough let me confess to sakura-chan already and tell her im the one who compliment her forehead and sakura gonna say you dumb writer enough of sasuke-kun im done with him dont you realise no matter how kind/good girls is no one cant love a person who tried to kill you 3 times and dont give damn about you. Please keep up writing theory my lady i believe im not the only one your writing brings light in this dark hours.

      EP (3 years ago)

      Kishi’s editor or assistant said the ending was planned 8 years ago with only minor changes. I really don’t think Kishi would make a fake ending in chapter 700 just to tear it down with a romance based movie.

      I mean, I get where you’re coming from though. Mass Effect 3’s ending pissed me off so much that I wish they made a movie that said the whole thing was an illusion.

      Anyways, I enjoy the effort you put into your theories. Keep trucking on! =)

shannaro-ttebayo (3 years ago)

You know I enjoy your theories and I hope they become true, but slowly, I really start to doubt it. If it really was a marketing trick, why do they have this early release for some special people in November? Wouldn’t it be contradicting since they would all give away what’s happening in the movie? And wouldn’t there be some hints about NaruSaku to encourage the NS-fans to visit the cinemas as well? After all, its all about money and getting as many people as possible to see the final movie, but with showing only the NH-images, I think they will scare the NS-fans away and as far as I know, there are more NS than NH-fans in Japan…
Chatte, I just hope you are right. But even if not, NS will forever be in our hearts. I will go down with this ship.

Raihan (3 years ago)

I hope your theory will come true :) chatte-san.. :)

arai chan (3 years ago)

You sasukarin shipper right ?? I know it’s rock-hard your brain for what you spend for something like this? , You should think of something more important than this, I hope you will think of all this back ,, on what basis do you make the theory like this, and to whom ?? They ask you? , Or just because you’re on the verge of defeat, you’re wrong I’ve been meaning to move in the visual field of Japanese manga

    Divergent (3 years ago)

    Arai chan~ if you’re gonna complain here this is not the place you should be. We don’t welcome people who only insults to show how superior you are. If you think you’re otp is canon and more meaningful gtfo here because your presence is not needed here with a butthurt fan like you oh no? :>

    Raihan (3 years ago)

    then what is your opinion?

    shannaro-ttebayo (3 years ago)

    Accept that people have their own opinions and that they are allowed to do so. Why can’t you just let them be? What is it that drives you to go to a blog and start complaining about a persons thoughts and opinions? Do you feel better now? By putting others down? We let you have your opinion, so you should be polite enough to leave us alone with our. Of course constructive criticism is good, but right now, you are just trying to put people down, which is not helpful at all. If you can’t be polite, then you better just shut up.

Unbiased bloke (3 years ago)

Sigh. You’re reaching too much….

It’s over, your otp sank and now you’re in denial trying to come up with any excuse to try to make the ending fit in with your rationale and logic.

Word of advice, just accept and let go….

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I love how all you people that tell me it’s over and I should move have this urge to put the “unbiased” term in your usernames, as if you’re trying to seem something you’re not. As an unbiased person, you should definitely see that after 15 years of work, the ending is really out of the realm of realness prior established in the manga. But I guess to each his own.

      EP (3 years ago)

      Do you feel NH and SS are impossible outcomes, or just SS? Also, what makes Sasukarin ok but not SS?

      For me NS,NH were both always very possible, SS was iffy.

      I think the only pairing in the series that I knew for sure had no chance at all was Sasukarin because he stabbed her and left her bleeding on the ground, then shortly after Danzo died he went back to finish off karin with chidori. Even after all her help he had no regards fo her well being.

      Anyways I’m curious why SK is ok with you.

moochie (3 years ago)

I read over this post and your theory about the last and chapter 700 and I have a question. If they are in a genjutsu or the tsukuyomi, sorry if I misspelled it, when do you think that they were put in it? Like, do you have a specific chapter in mind? I am not doubting you, your theory does make sense and I am a NaruSaku fan, I am just curious.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I think this will be shown in the movie. :) At some point they probably all get into a genjutsu and that’s how they’re dreams intertwine and certain confusing details appear. :)

      shannaro-ttebayo (3 years ago)

      Maybe in the chapter which was called “the REAL end”?

Hacker (3 years ago)

you idiot, you’ve sunk otp ,, why do you make such a stupid opinion ?? you know the term psychology? what psychology is in trouble? you’re just like Karin, mad to be something that is not bound to happen

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Because I have the right to an opinion. Deal with it.

    shannaro-ttebayo (3 years ago)

    Here we go again, do you really think that insulting people will make you look superior? Just as an advice to you: It does not. Being rude is never acceptable. Accept that people have their own opinions and that they are allowed to do so. Why can’t you just let them be? What is it that drives you to go to a blog and start complaining about a persons thoughts and opinions? Do you feel better now? By putting others down? Who is the one who should think about psychology again? Do you feel so insecure that you need to put others down in order to get some self-esteem?

dalli (3 years ago)

This ia really interesting! Ahh this website holds sp many interesting information. I guess we will have to wait and see.

archie (3 years ago)

Girl, you’re fucking mental.

LadyGT (3 years ago)

Chatte stop all this, I beg you, look at your family ,, I realize all of this will only depress us fellow NS, I know you do not accept this, but try to Receiving, See all of this is over

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Lol, nice try hiding behind LadyGT’s username. As far as I know, LadyGT’s email address isn’t [email protected]

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      Maybe, but trust me, if the real LadyGT wouldn’t move on right after the ending already but staying then she would saying the same things, but even more rude.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        And who are you to say what the “real” LadyGT would do? She’s free to do what she wants with her life, as she wants.

anesuna (3 years ago)

Naruhina fans come to this kind of blogs/posts/tags because they are insecure of their own canon, bc of course the things are not clear in the chapter. They know that, and that.s why they want to stop us to find errors and wrong things on the plot. They envy narusaku bc they only got canon in the last chapter with the couple separated and only the whiskers on the kids to let you imagine the truth .. we have parallels/growth/development that’s what they envy. And that.s the reason they are all salty and come here to insult people with their own opinion.. i think chatte, you should ignore… is the best answer to this kind of people. Just wait for the movie… They are doing all this marketing thing to make naruhina believe the movie is for them. Why? If it was narusaku, naruhina wouldn.t go see the movie. With all this apocalipse, naruhina will see the movie and them “OMG it.s narusaku” and then all narusaku will see the movie. See? Everyone watchs the movie with just this strategy :D Chatte your theory rock! Don.t let this comments let you down. *

Voodoo (3 years ago)

You’re too smart for this world Chatte. I doubt even Kishi went this deep into the world he himself created. I bet some Naruto writers are lurking around here and going… yeah this theories of her sound cool, why didn’t we think of that?

But, that being said, I think they really are just trying to connect everything to make sense and tie it with chapter 700. And for us that didn’t like the chapter, movie will do absolutely nothing to convince us that this path was planned all along.

With leaked Last synopsis, be it real of fake, I ask myself why didn’t they use all this material they’re trying to cram in the movie as source for Part3 of the manga, instead of giving us the children story?

I mean amount of stuff that’s going to happen in Last could span 100 chapters, at least.

If this is something that needed to happen, then at least show us how Hinata/Naruto and Sasuke/Sakura came to be in 110 chapters instead of 110 minutes.

    Theorder14 (3 years ago)

    So ur asking him to make a hundred chapters of NH & SS spending time together? Last time i checked, this was a battle shounen manga which didn’t even have romance as main focus >.>
    Kishimoto is just terrible at writing romance. He have already admitted it twice. It’s just as simple as that. That’s why the romance aspect will be in the movie since others will help him write the story for him.

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      For a shonen battle manga he sure had a lot of time to write NS though…

        Theorder14 (3 years ago)

        Sakura is one of the main character & part of team 7 so it’s a given that she get lots of screentime compared to others. Like i said, Naruto isn’t a romance manga. There is no real romantic progression between any of the pairings. + He said that he’s embarrassed writing about romance. Ofc there weren’t going to be any progression.
        That’s why he gets help from others to write the romance story for him in the movie.

Cookie (3 years ago)

I love your theories, and they seem logical and only the wise people would actually realize these statements u made. However, I don’t think Narusaku is canon cause of the released chapters. Clearly, if the last 2 chapters didn’t really happen, then why did he end the series? He would probably continue it. I know how upset you are, I am too. Like I heard that Kishi was originally going to put Naruto and Sakura together, but idk what happened in his mind with the ending (maybe he was on crack). We’ll just have to see lol. And don’t worry, there are other people out there who are furious with the ending. Others went to the extent of wanting Naruto banned cause of the ending lol.

natasukeroro (3 years ago)

Chatte! Your soo cool!! all of your opinion give me hopes about sakura and naruto.. The ending really in naruto is a mess. It’s like kishi’s making fun of his fans!.
I really love ur opinion! Keep it up! :D Do not let those idiots criticize ur work! I’m always a fan of ur opinions!

Guilherme (3 years ago)

Kishimoto just said in the interview that Naruto would end with Hinata and that Sakura only loved Sasuke. That’s it, there is nothing extra or sugarcoated hidden underlines.

I liked the theory about the power-up, but it’s simpler and it has already happened: Byakugou and ultra-mega-master-earthcrushing-all-over-again. Tsunade is Senju and Sakura is her spiritual sucessor, that’s it.

I love how you over-analyse little thing like squares and triangles, and would love to see you doing that with NaruHina hints, but I guess it’s not you cup of tea. (。´∀`)ノ

Now I’ll just wait happily for the movie to rise and finish all your doubts. 〜(^∇^〜)

I’ll be hoping that after it you do not feel empty or cheated like some of my NaruSaku friends claim to be. ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)

    Carlos Lopez (3 years ago)

    Yea but also said he wanted NaruSaku at first but it would make Sakura a horrible person if she dated Naruto which i dont understand why?

      addicz (3 years ago)

      well,Kishimoto goes to his original pairing..

Raihan (3 years ago)

I found the interview with Kishimoto .. “In the last chapter, we see Naruto and Hinata have two children. Well, since when the mangaka decided that NaruHina be together? It says Masashi about it.
“Actually, quite a long time, but have to admit there is time to think also about Sakura. But after so long, heart Sakura just suddenly switch to Naruto, this will give him the impression that horrible woman, agree right? Anyway, I think he has devoted to Sasuke with whole heart. I will continue to write Naruto until this summer. “Huft .. :(

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Rex Julius (3 years ago)

Please, don’t smoke weeds anymore!

Fengshui (3 years ago)

I can’t understand your “logic” – unless you confess that you drank alcohol before writting this.

You are saying that it would be f*cking okay if Kishimoto and Pierrot are toying/playing with fans with “fake advertisings”, but if they dare to do this to NaruSaku then they are rotten evils?

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Nope, I’m not.
    And I’m not here for you to understand my logic, man. If you’re not capable enough of doing it, not my fault.

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