Connecting dots: some latest thoughts in regards to The Last: Naruto the movie and my last theory…

As many of you know by now, on Heaven and Earth I made a thread where I discuss ideas with some dear members there as well as gather information I need(ed) for my theories in regards to Naruto and Sakura’s potential relationship in the end and the connections that have been done in the manga and yadda yadda.

As you know, in my last theory, the main element I based my theory on was how all this situation seems similar to me with that of the previous Naruto movie, Road to Ninja. As you all know already, besides that, I connected some of the dots between my theories along the time… So I kept talking to different members @H&E about million different things/scenarios how this whole fiasco of an ending could be explained. Because yes, it is a fiasco and you don’t get to tell me otherwise! I have plenty of reasons to call it that and plenty of arguments to make in favor of it… don’t forget that 698 chapters point towards a certain direction so shush, I don’t wanna hear a thing about this! If it’s to be discussed, it’s to be discussed at another time, after the movie.


But until then I was telling you how I and other members @H&E were debating ideas when coolcatjas, a dear member of mine, came with an interesting idea… Let me copy-paste it to you so you get the context of where we’re going with this…

Aw man if IT theory is actually what happens (but at this point, I don’t think it’s very likely) I hope they do something like The Disappearance of Haruhi did if it’s Naruto in an IT.

Kyon= Naruto, Haruhi = Sakura, Nagato = Hinata, Altered World = IT (or chapter 700).

This is kinda long, but it’s so good

After which, another member opposed the idea coolcatjas was proposing…

PLZ Don’t compare my beloved Nagato to Hinata lol. Also the case is different in the disappearance of haruhi, Nagato’s personality has changed into a different personality (shy like Hinata) in a different world, but in Naruto, Hinata’s personality hasn’t changed. I don’t get what you’re trying to say here, can you explain?

And then, coolcatjas explained:

I’m not comparing them as characters but more like the situation. Hmm it’s hard to explain but I guess Kyon’s altered world is like Naruto’s 699/700. It’s peaceful but boring,and the characters are not who they really are. Presented as an easy way out or the simple life with no troubles. Sure it’s nice but it’s not the truth. Then as Nagato wanted Kyon to stay in the altered world, Hinata would want Naruto to stay as well or something (but of course never against their will or obligate them). After “talking” to himself Naruto snaps out of it and chooses to get out of the IT the same way Kyon chose the original world.

So it’s not like I want it to be exactly the same but I really want to feel the same way. That scene in TDoHS was so touching and is one of my favorite moments in Anime. But that’s too much to ask for Naruto it seems.

And I would never compare Nagato and Hinata as characters ever lol. Nagato is my favorite character next to Haruhi so it would insulting if I did.


So then, after she said this, something went “Evrika?!” in my mind… A new hypothetical situation, theoretical thought you name it, came into my mind. So I say to her:

You know in RTN Naruto breaks out like that… talking to himself while remembering Jiraiya.
The Last is built on RTN as skeleton of the story… So what if Naruto to get out so to speak, from this hypothetical genjutsu at the end, remembers Kushina’s words since the movie starts with her words while RTN starts with Jiraiya’s lesson – a ninja endures, same lesson Naruto learns when Neji dies and that he gives to Boruto only that in this crappy world Naruto puts the problem as sh*t, you don’t say that to your kid – ergo the NS parallel, the real one, happens at the end, Naruto breaks somehow out of genjutsu like he did in RTN by remembering Jiraiya’s words only this time he remembers his mother’s one about the weird girl, ergo NaruSaku canon.

After which, I added some other ideas, those I already posted on my Facebook page and Tumblr blog, upon continuing the discussion:

Anyway, everything is connected, Junko said to watch the movie together with everything else on Naruto, movies, manga etc. What was the preponderent? Hina-princess but NaruSaku. Same here only that is all around Hina-princess in a world which deals with genjutsu, reality warping based on inner beliefs and selfish desires…*coughHinata’slovewhichisportrayedasselfishorsinglemindedcough*…
So, I don’t know why but major part of my theory was based on what I just said earlier and what I am gonna say now: screw it, I don’t care that much anymore anyway… Basically all this is RTN skeleton, Shion-centered story only that the princess is Hinata-sama bla bla, touches upon bonds (Blood Prison was the one about bonds if I am correct, the one who has a NaruSaku hug which Pierrot took out of the script…) as well, major IT or something of the sorts ergo contradiction to the highest with the canon manga, ergo as IT and other details that I still don’t wanna share sorry from my theory come to pass, at the end of the end we might see Naruto breaking out of the IT remembering his mother’s words like he did in RTN by remembering Jiraiya’s ones, ergo parallel with canon Naruto 631 and all the circles close.
It’s all about destiny. Sakura’s one is to meet the man of her dreams – ergo NS canon (Chapter 3 contents) and Hinata’s one to become the Hyuga heir and break that destiny of hate (look at the advertisement for the special episode with the Hyuga sisters).
Speaking of the special episode, remember RTN Sakura, the prologue one? How she was basically flirting with Menma or something of the sorts, I don’t know since everyone kinda teased about them: Kushina teasing Naruto about the hero’s daughter and Ino saying in that Charasuke special Audio CD/DVD that the one matching Sakura was the gentle like Minato-san, Menma-kun (funny how RTN Ino is some sort of canon Hinata matching Naruto and Sakura and in The Last we have Sakura matching Naruto and Hinata, while in the end Charasuke kind of sticks with RTN Hinata who had a Karin-like personality… weird, isn’t it?) when she sees canon-Sakura going all fangirl 101 on Charasuke.

That special was to show us that no matter the universe – NS is destined ergo Red thead of fate concept I talked about in my theory, this is the destiny that must happen, while the Hyuga special shows us that the destiny that must happen is that Hinata is Hyuga heir but also breaks that destiny with the hate between her and her sister – mark my words – just as it happened to Neji… Yes, he changed his destiny but also what was destined to happen was destined to happen: him to die in order to protect a Hyuga main branch member, Hinata-sama.

So yeah, that’s basically it… I’ve said it. I wanted to keep this all for myself but bleh, i don’t care anymore… Might all be true and us all lost a good portion of our lives for a shitty ending like this but meh, who knows…? Maybe there really is more to it.

I want to see the movie to get my answers, that’s all…

PS: forgot to say that all this seems like different pieces of ideas/scenarios/scripts yadda yadda patched together in a ultimate movie (kind of like the movie with Shion + RTN + canon manga IT dreams) that makes it seem in a way which might be but it also might be something else.

Also the scarf thing is the red herring. They try to force it as NaruHina paralleling MinaKushi when canon manga and Road to Ninja showed us that the one that parallels MinaKushi is nevertheless, NaruSaku no matter the universe we’re in. Apparently, they found an universe where NaruHina parallels MinaKushi…

That’s what I believe it might be the case, to be honest… Otherwise as I said, I see no logical way in which this could be explained without Kishi ruining his 15 years of legacy, unless he sold out… And I want to think better of Kishi, I want to think that all this is just his other Obito Uchiha narrative feinting 2.0, otherwise the results of this movie will be disastrous and I don’t even want to imagine what comes next.

But that’s another thing for another day to discuss…We’ll touch upon that at the right time.

Until then, don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.



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BBJ (3 years ago)

Interesting, I did wish it would be somewhat like this. I am one of those who claim Naruto to be overrated but I did look out for the ending just to see what a 15 year legacy would end. I felt really bad for all Naruto fans.

But these guys mentioned Haruhi and that alone made my day.

blrrh (3 years ago)

You know, I used to ship narusaku but after sakura’s fail confession I stopped shipping them . How could anyone believe ns still had a chance after that? It was doomed since then. You don’t like the ending and NH/SS that’s fine, just accept that their canon.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Then it proves you understood nothing out of that confession. :) How could anyone still believe they had a chance after that? Simple, because it was shown to us that selfless love wins above all, in the end. That’s how. :)
    And no, it doesn’t mean I have to accept everything that’s thrown at me, that’s a skewed logic you’ve got there.
    If you go to the grocery store to buy carrots you accept potatoes? I don’t think so… Therefore, I have the right to not accept and neither agree with this ending.
    Thank you! :)

      EP (3 years ago)

      That confession showed Sakura didn’t understand Naruto very well, despite being in Naruto’s team for so many years. She was ignorant of how close Naruto an Sasuke’s bond was, she actually believed Naruto was only trying to bring him back for herself and not both their sakes.

      She was ignorant, but she still had good intentions.

        Yuley (3 years ago)

        Please read chapter 458 again especially the part where Sai talked about Naruto’s promise of a lifetime to Sakura and that Naruto really loves Sakura.

        After hearing that wouldn’t you feel guilty like Sakura too. She feels that Naruto is doing all this just for her. She feels torn, but in the end chose Naruto’s safety over finding Sasuke. Anyway, Which in my opinion, it’s 50-50. Naruto’s searching for Sasuke so hard because of Sakura and himself.

        Anyway, Naruto acted so angrily because of that fake confession. Why? He hated people who lie yes. But he really hated it because he knows that Sakura didn’t really love him (or she felt confused about her feelings) at that time so that confession wasn’t real. He didn’t want Sakura to say a false confession because he really values the feelings he has for Sakura and is not to be taken lightly for.

        Can’t you see his anger was mainly due to his deep love for Sakura. Or are you denying that. Don’t just take things on surface value. Have some reading comprehension.

      Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

      Sigh… Look: Naruto is just a neverending shonen fight manga where “romances” and shippings were noting but simple tools to chain shippingers down. In reaility, romances no need in “nsf” mangas, just look at Dragon Ball and Kinnikuman.

        Vic-San (3 years ago)

        Well if Kishimoto did not wanted romance in the story he should have stayed away from it..Not done any pairings.. friend-zone all relationships nor go there at all..Kishimoto touch base with Violence, Drama, Romance and ended in comedy.. as well porn or fanservice..

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      You mean Sakura’s selfless love FOR Sasuke? ;P

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      What are you talking about?

      Sakura – under the pressure of Shikamaru and Sai – only wanted to lure Naruto away until the others kill Sasuke and the reason why she tried it with fake confession because Sai told him (meaning all NS moments were for nothing) BUT it was so fake that EVEN YAMATO wanted to punch her into the face if Kakashi didn’t stop her.

    micheal mitchell (3 years ago)

    Thank you you are so sorry Naruto and Hinata is happening point Blank plain and simple you Naruto and Sakura fans need to chill out and grow up it isn’t your story it isn’t your 15 year legacy this is Kishimotos work either you respect what he did or don’t read the series if you think it’s a fiasco no hate no trolling just being honest……..

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      Kishimoto would be nothing without his fanbase, so shush! Stop giving this all morally enlightening lessons of maturity when you don’t even take all the angles into account, thank you.
      Once you publish a work or art and want people to follow that work of art, you open yourself for criticism. Period!

      anon (3 years ago)


      Will we see Team 鷹 (Taka) in the new era project?
      Most definitely. I have been planning for that. They will likely appear alongside Orochimaru. After all they play a huge part in Sasuke’s life. Sasuke chose 鷹 (Taka’s) qualities and abilities by the example of Team 7. So to speak, Juugo is Kakashi, Suigetsu is Naruto and Karin is Sakura. They have grown very close and much of a family like Team 7 has. They are left in a mystery for now! They were miles away from Sasuke after the war ended.

      The databook number 4 told us there is no way 香燐 (Karin) would stop being by Sasuke’s side, did she really get over him so soon?

      (laughs) Honestly I haven’t given it much thought. It is hard to find a way to explain how she got over Sasuke. I don’t think she ever would and it was not in my original intention to have her give up. If I was ever going to end the story with romance I had been planning to let Sasuke end up with 香燐 (Karin). In the process I decided to make her a member of the うずまき一族 (Uzumaki-clan). It would symbolize the end of the curse of hatred between Uchiha and Senju and the end of a repeating circle. Sadly she did not gain as much popularity as Hinata and Sakura so we discussed to ditch the idea.

      There are rumors about Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter looking more like Karin than Sakura, what would you say to that?

      I was conflicted when I realized I could not let Karin end up with Sasuke. Things went much tougher from then on since for me it would have been much easier to write Sasuke romantically if he had went for Karin. It becomes extremely hard with Sakura because she is an overly emotional woman. That is why at some point in the story I planned for her to get with Naruto. He’s the person who always understood her. Once more due to popularity reasons the idea was ditched in the progress and she went back to loving Sasuke. I always liked Karin’s design so I suppose the reasons for this resemblance is a franchise I am possibly creating (laughs) I do love all of my characters so it was hard to just not involve Karin anymore.

      How would you describe the relationship between Sasuke and Karin?
      Deep. In fact throughout the times they spent together Sasuke developed feelings for Karin. That became relevant when he awoke a new power to save her during their fight with キラービー (Killer Bee). When an うちは (Uchiha) learns to love changes occur with their visual powress. It increases out of hatred and love – out of the desire to save somebody. Even if they are apart now Sasuke still cares as much for Karin as for Sakura. The two have always been liked on a similiar scale by him. Karin is like the voice of the Sasuke fandom! (laughs)

NSisRedherring (3 years ago)

Another of your delusional biased ramblings, it’s already a given that NaruSaku will never ever happen, with all the source materials prove your theories wrong. Give up zombie, your ship sunk, scratch that, your ship didn’t even touch the waters.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    And another one of your baseless and brainless statements. What else is new under the sun? :)

      NSisRedherring (3 years ago)

      Can’t accept the fact that you NS didn’t happen? You should lay off on bootleg make-up miss it messes with your brain. To entertain the idea of Infinite Tsukuyomi to explain why the 700 happened? How pathetically desperate can you get? Lay off with the paralolz lady cause even Hinata got that, and your precious Sakura is also a NaruHina shipper.

        Vic-San (3 years ago)

        Funny how all HN are falling to the lies being portrait dismissing the fact that Sakura never acknowledge any girl as Naruto’s love interested. Lol If you don’t see it 700 feels like a genjutsu..If you take a look at Hinata dreaming sitting next to Naruto he is motionless while Hinata is so close to him and Naruto arm is not even around her hugging her?…700 feels out place..

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    NS is all over the manga but the last link to it has not been established that is what we are waiting for the last link.. the last step.. where Naruto full-fills what he said in chapter 3 and kiss her forehead..which will be Sakura’s realization how blinded she was over Sasuke.

Elkas (3 years ago)

Respect for you my lady. I’ve been waiting , i need this to keep my sanity and hope up. Every time i see image of sasuke poke sakura forehead i get nightmare its like the feeling of someone cheat/betrayed me. I never accept those scene and i pray to god that scene is genjutsu after what kakashi said abut her no longer love sasuke just wanna save him from darkness and then bam she ask him if she can go with him. I always believe in ns but every time i accidently remember this scene my hope for ns suddenly goes to zero and i go crazy. Look at erza from fairy tail a perfect female character , sakura should have become like her . She love gellal since kid [same as sakura love sasuke since childhood] gellal try to kill her twice and become wanted criminal after he is redeemed erza no longer love him and moved on. But sakura? as soon as sasuke redeemed she revert back to her part one ? that shit sasuke fangirl? , I realy pray to god everyday “please make this scene genjutsu” if not i dont have choice but to delete 160 gigabyte naruto anime episode i collect so far and call kishimoto female writer and sexist. By the way my lady please keep posting narusaku theories , respect for you. :)

    OP (3 years ago)

    Not to sink another ship of yours but… I don’t think Erza has moved on from Jellal at all. Pairings in FT are played pretty straight forward, and Jerza seems to be one of those that will become a certain thing sooner or later. Just saying, I wouldn’t get too comfortable with the idea of Erza with another guy ^^)

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

I can’t help but pop in every so often to read this stuff. I’m new to this shipping thing. I actually only heard of these “wars” and the term shipping for the first time in the midst of the release of the movie trailer. So you can say I’m making up for the missed time. I read all this, and I just wonder why the ending that is canon is so unacceptable to you, and makes you feel as though it’ll ruin Kishi’s work. Ok so you’re a Sakura fan and a NS shipper. I dunno what I’m trying to say. I think to me it’s just that I am a casual Naruto fan. I read the manga, haven’t watched the anime in a while so catching up, but I never took part in any of these forums. I never really analyzed every single little detail. I just read what was provided through the manga. To me, it’s always been NH and SS. I will admit Kishi teased NS in part 2 a little bit but throughout the war it was clear as daayy that Naruto would end up with Hinata… So I don’t understand why you overanalyzed everything, and continue to do so. All the signs you’re pointing out aren’t there. You’re just basically seeing what you want to see. I mean even Kishi talked about the kissing scene between NH at the screening. Sooooo I mean… maybe just maybe, you’re just seeing what you want to see with all these theories?

Voodoo (3 years ago)

One thing that we must take into consideration above anything is, that this movie is basically end of Naruto as we know/knew it, so by pairing Naruto with Hinata now, there is no real profit loss for them. Sure, they might lose some fans, but it’s the end of the road anyway, so why not end it as they, not to mention countless fans, see fit?

Most people will still go watch it, regardles of what the others might say about it. If I was a betting man, I’d say it will surpass the RtN in the box office quite a bit, do to agressive marketing. Merchandise will be sold like hot buns and from what I’ve read, it’s already selling quite well (nothing official, just talk).

So yes, we, the dissapointed ones, will not stick around for Part3/Kids sequel, but it’s already been said to be a short run anyway.

I honestly want the movie to be something more than what trailers and spoilers have been telling us, but I doubt that’s the case. I will stick with RtN as the last true great Naruto movie, and continue to support NaruSaku forever.

    misa (3 years ago)

    its true naruto already end and sme like the ending others not is like voodoo says if you dont like the cannon pairing is your choice but its just sad been in negation(sorry englis is not my native language)

Tiff (3 years ago)

As always you are amazing Chatte ! You should really consider writing your own story someday (:

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you dear for the compliment. And as a matter of fact, I am writing my own story. :)

Yuley (3 years ago)

I wonder if some Naruhina shippers can enlighten me how come they ship Naruhina and how come they think NH was as clear as day that it would be endgame.

In my opinion, the only strong evidence that proves that NH would be endgame, would be the fact that “Naruto-kun Naruto-kun” was her only purpose to this manga. She didn’t succeed as a clan leader. As though the sole reason for her creation was to be Naruto-kun’s wife in the end. (which is so disappointing that the development as her as a clan leader is being thrown out of the window. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had developed this part like how Inoshikacho and I would say Kiba and Shino proved themselves to be worthy members of their clan.) she is nothing more than pairing fodder which is so disappointing and it’s even more disappointing that NH can’t see this and only care about the endgame pairing.

Even in the movie Naruto didn’t feel anything for her and only started to develop some feelings after everyone egged him on to spend some time with Hinata.

    getoverit (3 years ago)

    Well, if you stop looking at the manga without the shipping goggles you’ll understand, I’m not going to point out the hows and whys since you can see them in the manga. I do admit that at first I thought NS was endgame but this was at the early parts of 1 and 2. But the longer the development goes it convinced that wasn’t the case after the confession of both hinata and sakura.

      Vic-San (3 years ago)

      NS moments in the last arcs still overshadow any HN..Naruto’s main concern still Sakura and Sakura’s Naruto regardless of Sakura being in denial with Sasuke..For which in 693 another lie is born now from Sasuke as he does say how he feels about her while in genjutsu

    EP (3 years ago)

    “I wonder if some Naruhina shippers can enlighten me how come they ship Naruhina and how come they think NH was as clear as day that it would be endgame.”

    I think we all knew the ending was going to be either Naruhina or Narusaku, anyone saying either one of those pairings had no chance at all was just bias and lying to themselves.

    The ending didn’t surprise me at all, he finally brought Sasuke back, he ended with one of the girls (Hinata or Sakura), he had kids, he became Hokage.

    “I would say Kiba and Shino proved themselves to be worthy members of their clan”

    Kiba and Shino are tied with Tenten as the most irrelevant characters among their class. They have the least screen time, and don’t appear to be doing anything important throughout the war arc. Hinata and Ino saved Gai, Kakashi, Naruto, and Bee, from the Juubi with their Mind Transfer + Byakugan combo. Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, and Bee were the 4 most important players in the allied Shinobi force, even more so than the 5 Kages. They were fighting Obito and Madara at the same time with just them 4, while the 5 Kages got smashed by Madara alone.

    I think durring the team 10 was sealing that Kyubi brother away, Team 8 + Neji were fighting Zetsu Zombies lol

    Kishimoto only really cared about Team 7 and Team 10, hell even Gai’s team got thrown under a bus in part 2, even though Lee and Neji were so strong in part 1. Kishi clearly never gave a crap about team 8

    LeSauce (3 years ago)

    Lel, you all shipped a pairing Kishi wanted you to to troll you. You got duped, deal with it.

Please (3 years ago)

This seems like the work of a madman, I’ve seen CSI show’s with less non-sense and convoluted random ideas.
You invested way too much time into this fictional pairing and now your wasting even more time now that it’s over.
Think about your life and what you could have been doing with it instead of these ludicrous rationals.

Wellner (3 years ago)

Honestly seems a bit farfetched to me and strange that a movie would invalidate an ending to the manga, even it is canon. What I been getting out of the movie is that it will add a little more content to Kaguya…and NaruHina.

I’ve never focused as a shipper in Naruto, most of the time the development took the backseat. I quit thinking Sakura would be with Naruto when she hesitated killing Sasuke..despite being a world infamous criminal she couldn’t let her childhood crush go. It made me think being with Naruto, or anyone, wouldn’t be much more than a consolation prize. Yes there are parallels to it in Kushina and you could probably say there’s some in Tsunade and Jaraiya as well.

There’s not much to NaruHina,though. The most interaction concerning so is when she confessed to him. It doesn’t even get acknowledged, yet I find that better than throwing it back in her face as he did with Sakura..which happened a little after Hinata’s confession..huh. Irrelevant, as it appears Naruto is mostly upset at a fake confession. It was also a bit selfish and discrediting to what he has been working toward up to that point in Part 2.

Either way though I find it odd to disregard the entire story based on a relationship pairing in the end that I can’t see how it even affects the story, but that’s just my opinion. For me it was much more important for Naruto to achieve a much bigger dream. I guess the movie will tell the bigger tale here.

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    I stated this on a another post but Sakura meant to kill her self and Sasuke after Sai told her she and Sasuke were a burden to Naruto.. It was very clear after the conversation with Sai that is what she intended to do.. Lol love the sisters double episode.. still Hinata did not grew on me as Naruto’s wife still even if they try to made her parallel to Naruto… Saying she was the only one that could help Naruto when he was pin down by Pain lol.. Naruto has been in worse situations and has come out on top but they had to cheap shot that one.. As well as made a reflection on how Hinata fail to be heir to Naruto fail to get Sakura.. The only thing left for them to mention is that all Kunoichi were watching Naruto from a far and were curious on him lol (Hanabi hint) All those 2 episodes how Hinata was badly trained and force to accept a training not suited for her..While Hanabi was more adept to them..if they had build Hinata’s stamina she would have become better training..I was remembering what Akisame did to train Kenichi lol in HSDK..he was in same boat as Hinata.

    Orenji (3 years ago)

    The only reason Sakura didn’t kill Sasuke was because she couldn’t break her promise of a lifetime with Naruto if she would have gone through with it Naruto would have never forgiven her.

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      …….. Sure, that’s why
      1.Sakura had flash back about ONLY Sasuke that made her stop
      2.Rejected the stone ninja in chapter 539 + 540 and thinking about Sasuke as her love interest.

      And other stuff. Also, the promise has been destroyed in chapter 470 so no, just accept the fact that Sakura romanticaly loved Sasuke.

LeSauce (3 years ago)

Kishi has confirmed that everything he did to make Sakura and Naruto seem like a couple was there to mislead us, or rather, you.

All the parallels are basically Kishi trolling you. He had NaruHina in mind from the start.

Rex Julius (3 years ago)


When will your next Naruto theory comes out? XD

Also, won’t you compare Naruto series with the legendary Basilisk anime? ;P

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

Just had to come back and laugh at this LOL. Wow was this so wrong, looks like it was what so many said it was i.e. denial.

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