The Last: Naruto the movie reception failing to impress fans. Movie gets voted one of the worst in the franchise.

Finally The Last: Naruto the movie aired in theaters on December 6. While all around the big names of the media industry try to cover it up as a huge success and being sold even better than its predecessor Road to Ninja, in reality, things look a lot worse.

Fans are generally disappointed with the movie, its contents as well as the fact that, as previously discussed, although they wanted to cancel their tickets and/or get refunds, fans couldn’t do it as The Last: Naruto the movie was the first movie in its franchise that didn’t allow refunds.

The general complains come from Kakashi and Sasuke’s fanbases, which are known to be some of the biggest fanbases in Japan, that feel they have been part of a fraud and are extremely upset of the false advertisement Studio Pierrot made.

With the help of a Japanese fan themselves, we have gathered the general reaction of the fans across Japan in respect with this movie. Down below read for yourselves how the reception of this movie seemed to failed at impressing the fans:

1) Summary of the movie and the situation at the theaters.

You can catch up here, here and here.

(Click the word and you will be re-directioned to the information.)

Naruto’s confession:

Hinata: If only I was there when Hanabi was …

Naruto: I absolutely will save Hanabi. Don’t worry.

Hinata: Thank you. You’re so kind Naruto-kun.

Naruto: No … really. I don’t say that because I love you or anything of that sort. I’m just worried about Hanabi, that’s all.

Hinata: What happened just there? What did you say?

Naruto: I’m worried about Hanabi …

Hinata: Before that …?

Naruto:  ….. Hinata… I love you.


Team Taka never appears in the movie.


“This movie is sold 175% more than RTN in their first day. Which is understandable if you think of the huge Sasuke and Kakashi fanbase who bought the merchandise and tickets before the plot was shown AND the fans who went to see the movie because it’s the LAST movie which resolves the ending.”

^Above contains the information of how The Last only sold more than RTN in their respective FIRST day.


Translator words about the theards and words from a general view of what is happening in japanese websites about the movie, etc:

“The majority of hate comes from this false advertisement. Sasuke and Kakashi are always number one and two in popularity polls. The fans of Sasuke and Kakashi now understood that they were lead on to buy the pre-sale tickets because they have the biggest fanbase. Now they’re really really mad calling this fraud.”

“There was a refund in the movies before. The no refund policy started from this movie or they started after revealing the spoilers. Hence people call it a fraud.”

“I didn’t read much about Junko’s part. They say that she was a NS fan and she was forced in doing something she didn’t want to do or something like that. They were also saying something about her comment saying she doesn’t understand how guys can like that type of girl(=Hinata) or something. I didn’t read thoroughly so I’m not so sure.”




2) Japanese fans reactions.

As always, there is gonna be 2 sides, but from what I got, negatives reviews are overwhelming. Hinata’s anti-threads exploded, Naruto’s anti threads and anti movie’s were created too in 2ch. The comments are NOT only from NS fans, but from everyone.

These are “a few” of them:

1)      403 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:58:34.15 ID:eRzVMOQo

Rather than caring for the sister who had her eyes taken out, she’d rather kiss a guy with the moon in the back.

404 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 22:00:04.41 ID:zjdycutc

The NaruHina I thought was alright, now made me hate it.
I was wondering whether to see it but I decided not to.

384 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:39:39.13 ID:j9sWjPAP

Who wants to see a love story movie between a scum who kept flirting with a woman he doesn’t love and a sh*t woman whose priority is Naruto-kun»>scarf»»»»»>little sister

370 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:28:16.07 ID:zjdycutc

The man who was so persistent towards a woman he didn’t love for rivalry says one word.
“I hate people who lie to themselves!”

Reply comment:
375 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:32:39.40 ID:zhByzqf+

“I hate people who lie to themselves!”
“But it’s okay if I’m doing it!”

336 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:04:52.58 ID:gcZStMZk

*pastes Kishi’s interview*
Nice joke

338 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:07:12.62 ID:3b8EdATE

I don’t know how to react towards Naruto becoming a scumbag

339 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/05(金) 21:07:59.26 ID:XhJ9ANMW
“People who read the last chapter could clear their doubts with this movie”


1)      630 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:02:02.64 ID:F7BOzbZt

Everything for Hinata-sama

631 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:02:39.12 ID:86avGooN

I hate how characters like Sakura are being stepped on for NarHina
They killed Neji for NH right
Was it so bad to let them get together normally

635 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:10:22.30 ID:Da4yOu5w

Was the CPR necessary?
They could have let Hinata or Hiashi do it. Poor Sakura

637 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:13:32.02 ID:QOcXQ2ZC

Neji could’ve lived and become a right hand man to Hanabi
It’s like they killed him for NH and Bolt

638 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:15:04.85 ID:iEDzGZsM

We had a scene of the emotionless Sai worrying for Naruto at the fake confession
But if the mislead is true then that means he was made to believe Naruto’s fake love for Sakura,
Forced Sakura in a corner and said something he shouldn’t have
I didn’t know Naruto was the worst scumbag who would say that he hate people who lie to themselves and do the same thing using people

640 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 02:20:37.85 ID:sL94po+U

I thought that Naruto was the most sympathetic character but now I start to feel that he’s the most terrible
Why did it come to this

942 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 14:25:35.81 ID:PAFFbtgb

・*:.。.( ゚∀゚)( ゚∀゚).。.:*・゜
上映後    _, ._
(´゚д゚`)(;゚ д゚)


I can’t stop laughing at the change of expression of the middle school students sitting in front of me. “The one where they Naruto filed to a parallel universe with Sakura was so much more interesting”
I absolutely agree

871 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 13:03:36.07 ID:6Ivq4PAh

The last movie is Hinata’s love story…..
I didn’t care about Hinata but now I hate her
It’s the last movie they could have done some other

6 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 15:18:22.77 ID:Sl0zH5rv

Kishi are you for real?
Making a movie for bolt?
Who’s gonna watch it. You’ve become a complete retard

817 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:34:59.68 ID:E2aLYrVw

The author himself destroyed Naruto’s one sided love
Naruto is also poor
The only one who got gain was Hinata

818 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:35:22.87 ID:/1TOuJti
I thought the voice actors were victim but now I hate Mizuki

819 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:35:27.63 ID:f2ibzN7w

RTN is the last movie for me

821 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/06(土) 12:36:26.64 ID:iHRspGpQ

Pre-sale fraud Title fraud secret fraud goods fraud the fraud about dedicating this movie to all Naruto fans The fraud that this winter you’ll be warm with Naruto the fraud of Kaguya’s ancestry


1)                             10 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 00:51:52.61[1/2]

People say that the privileges fraud always existed but you don’t go “Yeah, I accept it!” by that
They should have made all the privileges into NH but they say they can’t because the tickets won’t sell. But that means that they are making something that doesn’t sell into the main of the movie.

9 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 00:50:30.39[1/2]

The pre-sales ticket fraud is too horrible. If this movie airs it’s going to become a bigger sh*tstorm
They know that Hinata doesn’t sell so they use other characters and do fraud
And those pairing tards are keep on attacking on comments against this fanfic movie
The retardedness of Hinata moe anime studio and NH tards are amazing
They respond many times, change their IDs, and their thinking is so crappy.

13 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:01:32.21[1/5]

What it’s unacceptable that those are the only Sasuke scenes
Most of all they excluded him from the wedding
Was that all Sasuke was to Naruto? Even though he kept on saying Sasuke Sasuke in canon
Sigh, I’ll continue after I watch it

14 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:01:49.77[3/11]

I don’t care whether this is a romance movie or whatever
But why is every other character that isn’t Naruto or Hinata gone to the side?
They kept on showing Sasuke and Kakashi in the pre-sales and this is what happens
Also the other rookies seem to be tools
Who is going to gain from watching this movie

16 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:10:07.01[1/2]

I’m so relieved that I won’t get harassed by the retarded NH in this thread
They attack on any single comment that talks bad about the movie with more than 20 replies and it’s sick
It doesn’t make sense for the movie which not only doesn’t compliment the canon story but disregards it not to be bashed

17 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:12:17.50[2/5]

I’m already used to this trailer fraud
But not showing anything between Naruto and Sasuke who returned in chapter 699
What was that about seeing a new relationship?

18 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:13:32.36[1/3]

Probably by new relationship they mean strangers that don’t care about each other

20 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 01:15:36.62[1/3]

I want to see Sasuke and Kakashi’s fight scenes more than Hinata’s scarf
They could have made it Allstar
Please tell me that this isn’t the last Naruto movie
I liked this story that it makes me want to cry
I want to see a ninja movie where team seven and the rookies are active instead of a romance movie
Naruto had Iruka
Everything is a mess

41 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 07:48:43.46


If they made the privileges Kakashi and Sasuke
They knew that if they used these two characters the movie will sell and many people will be happy
They knew this and they made Sasuke appear only for two seconds and that Kakashi scene.
I feel like they had ill intentions.

Even in the poster and the main visual the rookies were drawn in the same size as Hinata
The people who are going to watch the movie because it’s the last would have expected more actions
They made only Hinata have some story that was not in canon and made her knit a scarf which was a waste of time
The other characters are just there like ornaments and they ignored the unresolved plot points of canon manga
This isn’t something you do in a movie you call the last

82 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 13:08:44.28

Remembering Toriko, Mizuki is a professional in destroying stories

92 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 14:03:58.01

I feel so bad for Sasuke and Kakashi fans
They made the use money with the pre-sales and the goods but in the movie they only appear for 90 seconds
The comment on the book cover was forcefully brought in to sell it
Hinata is the main so they should have made Hinata goods

105 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 15:49:19.72


What a pre-sales fraud lol
At the time of the pre-sale they hid that this was a romance movie forcing Hinata
Despicable anime studio lol

But a story that increases so many antis at the very last is very rare
This not a ninja manga or a battle manga but a romance obsessed movie for pig Hinata
How the anime staff have fallen

107 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 15:53:38.37

With such an ill intended way of sales, even though they fixed some parts due to the bad response from the people watching the screening, it would have ended badly
I feel bad for people who cannot get a refund
But they are allowed to watch the movie and give this movie one star and complain

117 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 16:36:28.89

Are these kind of pre-sale fraud common?
All the characters that had the goods and the posters and the movie related products are only there for a minute
Is this normal in other stories?

131 見ろ名無しがゴミのようだ2014/11/27(木) 17:47:11.97

NaruHina fans are really not reading the canon manga
Of course they won’t realize the difference of personalities and settings with the canon version so they are happy in their own thread
I don’t know what they want if they are only happy with their characters wedding and not reading canon


 Update of the Japanese comments in the anti-THE LAST thread. Apparently, it seems like the anime studio made a commercial where Sakura is being jealous of being robbed of her heroine status. The Naruto fandom are angry about this and this is their comments.

397 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:44:18.11 ID:jGMzbziZ
何か新しいCM流れてた うろ覚えだがサクラに

A new commercial was going.
They made Sakura say, “Why am I not heroine”
How much does the anime staff hate Sakura….?

400 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:45:33.48 ID:l2oO+G4X

They probably know about the chaos going on in the internet
It’s a mystery what they’re trying to advertise with that commercial

401 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:45:37.84 ID:6fPNOfPK

I just saw that terrible commercial
How much does the anime staff want to make Sakura fall

402 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:46:34.48 ID:EpL0lbam

They probably have a huge Sakura complex

404 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:46:54.12 ID:ntAYnpZZ

I never liked or hated Sakura but now I feel sad for her hearing the creators words

405 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:48:06.39 ID:fEYlYnWg

Because this movie proved there was nothing wrong with Sakura

409 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:53:02.24 ID:6fPNOfPK

The commercial
Sakura: From when did Hinata become the heroine?
Naruto: Well-

412 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:04.33 ID:EpL0lbam

But Hinata was never the heroine was she?
Even though she’s a princess in the movie

414 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:33.99 ID:fJOBH/0G

They should just stop this….

415 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:55:39.36 ID:PVxF5ieH

They are so obsessed with the heroine status
There is no way you can think of an unimportant character as a heroine

421 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:59:23.15 ID:8N78wN2P

When bullying comes to this level I feel so bad for Sakura’s VA….

422 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 00:59:56.39 ID:WTtRHxa4

How did Nakamura-San feel when she spoke this

423 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:00:12.30 ID:EpL0lbam

I truly hate Hinata
Her character design is ugly too

424 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:00:56.52 ID:AVqSMNly

This isn’t the level of cringing…it’s such a low blow
I don’t want this staff to work in other stories
Please write their favorite princess Hinata forever
And never speak and close your mouth and nose

426 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:01:19.46 ID:PVxF5ieH

When I read chapter 700 I didn’t feel anything about NH. But with this movie I just hate them. Was there ever a story that made the fans a hate it so much after the ending?

430 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:03:08.98 ID:MJ+wdhve

This commercial is true….how much of a scum are the staff?
It’s so disgusting I can just feel their Sakura hate
I hated them when they posted the Hinata is the true heroine comment
Now my hate has increased, what a sh*t

436 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:05:16.91 ID:MJ+wdhve

It’s so disgusting that they made Sakura’s VA say it
Let their star Hinatan and Mizuki say it

438 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:06:32.86 ID:scHiYvbm


There are a total of four commercials that put Sakura down and Hinata up

It’s so cringeworthy to see their persistence in trying to put Sakura down
I don’t think in the canon, Sakura ever looked down on Hinata

447 :見ろ!名無しがゴミのようだ!:2014/12/07(日) 01:10:19.25 ID:EpL0lbam

After trying to destroy her love life and using her assist to in NH, this is how they treat her
The must have been jealous because her character design is cute and she’s the first love heroine lol


Some links to 2ch:

The LAST anti-thread 4

Anti-Hinata thread [THE HINATA] thread


Ten hours ago, Naruto Uzumaki had already 86 anti threads created for him. Naruto’s new nickname is 最低のくず the worst scumbag. 

3) Kishimoto’s words and Junko Takeuchi’s words.





Movie Voucher
Inside me Naruto’s child era has finished and from when the adolescent era started I decided to make Naruto get with Hinata.

Hinata is the only one who saw Naruto trying hard from the beginning and cheered for him.
Naruto knows that no matter how things don’t go well you’re cool as long as you try hard and never give up.
Sakura also realizes that in the middle, but I felt sorry for Hinata who was there from the beginning if she isnt reciprocated (lol).


“But I didn’t really have any devotion about the love story of the two-Naruto and Hinata- (lol). I didn’t plan to write this story.”



“In the latest interview her answer (Junko’s) towards “How do you feel about the Hinata love story?” was quite direct:
There was never anything to show that this (NaruHina) was going to happen so I was surprised.

“Also, it seems to be that the Bolt movie will have a Nana Mizuki play Himawari. However, Junko will not star in this movie for some reason.”

“I remember her words to Kishimoto during RTN promotion. It was like

Junko: If you will make a Naruto son, can I give my voice to him too, sensei?!?

Kishimoto: Sure! “

This is from an old interview with her:

“Interviewer: So, the chronicles of a grown up Naruto begin at last. Can we expect any major changes to his voice and your performance to reflect it?

Takeuchi: Well, both young Naruto and grown-up Naruto are the same character, but…I’m going to imagine that some amazing stuff happened in the two years not chronicled in the original manga, and approach the role as if it were brand new. As for whether or not there’ll be changes to the voice or not, I won’t know until I actually do it… well, maybe it won’t change (smiles). I’m intending for half of the elements in my performance to consist of what we’ve built up until this point, and for the rest to be a brand new character. I’m really excited about it.

Interviewer: Will his relationship to Sakura and Kakashi undergo changes as well?

Takeuchi: I don’t think there will be major changes. But, for instance, where before he would have surely tried a brute strength approach, he might not; where before he would have simply tried to plow forward, he might stop and think. That’s where we’ll see his growth. I feel Naruto grows stronger the more people there are whom he cares for and needs protect, and the Naruto we’ll see in Shippuden will have a better grasp as to how to protect them. I think he also has more power to work with now, too. But he’ll still be as reckless as ever (smiles).

Also, I’m eager to see what happens, romantically with Sakura. I mean, little by little things have started looking up, right?

Interviewer: Well, that’s true.

Takeuchi: And that’s why I’m worried things will go terribly wrong! If things are going well right now it means it’ll be difficult* later on, so will you please stop getting worked up so easily, Sakura-chan!”

That’s probably why she was “surprised” at the ending.

4) Other things.


According to the greeting:

NARUTO’s new movie is coming on next august.

Boruto is a lead character and Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada will appear in it.

Kishi’s now busy thinking the scenario.

He’s going to think how SS get married from now.

He also worried whether the scenario of the last movie connects well with that of original manga.

He forgot to make Boruto & Himawari have Byakugan.

He named Boruto (volt) to express that Neji (which means volt in Japanese) fixed Naruto up with Hinata.

Also, it seems that Chie Nakamura complained for the lack of SS in the movie, so Kishimoto will make something about it in the incoming movie about Bolt.

The general review of The Last: Naruto the movie seems to be the worst one in all Naruto franchise.


So, as we can see, fans across its mother land feel the same as the general fanbase across the world: betrayed, disappointed, lied to…


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Kasuga-kun (3 years ago)

Still in denial? Sorry, but i think you need to move forward. I know you’re shocked like most of us, but there’s nothing we can do except move forward and accept the fact that he was corrupt by lot of money and doing this shitty finale that is now impossible to change.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Funny how this only shows you haven’t read the article at all, sorry to say it. The reason why this movie made so much money is because they didn’t allow refunds! It was the only movie in the franchise that didn’t allowed people to cancel their tickets and get their money back!

      Heyday (3 years ago)

      That website was wrong. The 1.48 billion number was actually from RTN, which was its total box office and not its first day earnings.

      I don’t know why people still think that number is right :-\

      Regardless of that, The Last is apparently doing OK in monetary terms. It got half a billion yen from gross sells during its first two days which was 156% percent better than RTN during this same time frame.

      There’s TOO much noise to know for sure whether Japanese bad reviews are as overwhelming as you claim. If this however, turns to be true, then we should be able to see a trending of sales decreasing, though, to be honest, I don’t know how decisive of a factor are reviews for the anime movie market. On the other hand, many people might still want to check the movie for themselves, for whatever reason, and keep the good trending afloat in terms of ticket revenue.

      Remember kids, your wallets speak louder than your voices ;)

        Rex Julius (3 years ago)

        Now the box office of The Last is 1.9 billion yen already. So much about failing. ;)

Hemant (3 years ago)

As expected, this movie is nothing but big lie, not only to Naruto fans in general but by Kishi to himself. He not only shown his true color by accepting money over 15 yrs of story and character development but by sending a bad kinda message to the world that its ok to fall in love & marry a girl with whom you are like strangers you don’t know each other so well at all, well go & make your later life hell. And by making SasuSaku married its like oh well fall in love & marry the psychopaths who tried to kill you many times. Gosh, Kishi turned out to be really stupid. Im not going to watch this crap movie and neither any other follow-up movies & novels now ‘coz this is NOT the same Naruto whom I have admired so long for his gentleness, friendship and “Never Give Up” attitude. My last Naruto Movie is – RTN, no other after it. R.I.P Naruto T^T

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    The only stupid person here is you Hemant for being a spoiled fool who expected Kishimoto to accommodate your selfish whims. Sasuke and Sakura is not abusive it is just a darker version of the comedy you guys claim Naruto and Sakura have. One less moron reading the series thinking it belongs to him is so much better.

      Hemant (3 years ago)

      Better check your own head before calling others fool. You say thats the dark humor regarding SS pairing. Well u need to do more research on what u talking about before blabing. And im not passing judgement on Naruto or Kishi just coz of one movie or it unexpected pairing but had you read manga frm chapter one, and had lil sense you wouldnt have said what you said above. Nect time better think and do research before blabbing NH and SS shippers, lol. :-)

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        Hemant your passive aggressive tone doesn’t mask your saltyness. You know all about love right? You are the love expert and it’s supposed to go one way for everyone. Seriously dude you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s possible to fall in love later on in life with someone who was right in front of you all along, that concept may be cliché but it’s cliché for a reason. Also the fact is that their connection did have development, it’s just that you were so busy misinterpreting Naruto and Sakura’s growing bond as friends that you missed it. As for Sasusaku this was a fictional story about ninjas and chakra, and talking giant animals. Those scenes were created for the sake of telling the story of how far Sasuke had gone with his pursuit for revenge and power. You’re trying to twist that around for the sake of being bitter about your sunk ship. Even if you wanted to throw an argument from a moral standpoint then it can be argued that Sakura displayed the ultimate act of love and grace by forgiving Sasuke for his mistakes. Grow up and get over your saltyness.

          Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

          THIS ^

          This what I haven been trying to tell people since a long time ago. People tend to judge a fictional work from realistic moral viewpoint, but are also quite selective in their choice of situations: I really doubt people shed any tears when Kakashi executed Kakuzu in cold blood…or when Shikamaru buried HIdan alive o.oU

          Also, people don`t seem to have a moral conflict with Obito redeeming itself in the last second after the evil he ahs done ¬¬ he murdered Konan in Cold Blood, he instigated, organized and funded the most deadly terrorist organization of the whole world, Caused a huge load of casualties during the war HE STARTED. Just to name few and,yet, he gets exonerated and enjoys a happy afterlife with his dead girlfriend: which I believe would be either horrified by his casualty list or go Sakura-mode and forgive him(which is what actually happened -_- )

          This kind of hyperbolic scenarios happen because it`s a FICTIONAL WORLD, filled with FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: They thought to epitomize certain aspects and concepts. But hey are not real people, do not face real-life situations and dont react in a real-life manner.

          Hemant (3 years ago)

          Please enlighten where and when the bonds btwn Sasuke & Sakura was growing. I agree Sakura had her doubts even till end but when was there any positive answer from Sasuke ? And my view above is based on how Kishi ruined the end of fabulous journey of Naruto with a crappy end. And as per his interview, if he really was trolling with Naruto fans by diverting their attention to NS all these years, then don’t you guys think its outright lame excuse in the end? Would any sensible story teller ruin 15 yrs in developing those characters which he knows he would eventually dump in the garbage at the end? He could have easily replaced the female protoganist during this long time. It wouldn’t been felt as rushed work as well which its makes now. My dislike for Kishi started not bcoz of any pairing but b’coz of how he created a beautiful and amazing saga with so many memorable moments with friendship and family value and in the end he dumped it all up for one crappy love story and that too for one character that literally never developed at all even in 15yrs apart from just saying “N..Na..Naruto Kun”. Regarding Sakura’s forgiveness, yes its a big act of love, only a person with real genuine heart can forgive someone who tried to kill her “three” times. But that doesn’t mean she has to marry that psycho. Again for the last time, pairing came as the story progressed by Kishi, not everyone are into pairing every good looking or emo looking guy & girl in the movie or anime. We don’t have that much luxury of time to waste you know. This is about how bad and unjustified end the writer gave to the characters and the saga itself after all these years. All his excuses are lame now, no matter how he tries to patch it up. So chill NS haters. :p

          BTW Chatte, you got some SP invasions it seems finally. Congratulations, hehehe….. :p

          Lies (3 years ago)

          @ pitiful haters: Go outside, live life and see how ignorant you are instead of stalking a page.
          No idea anymore if others should be worried or amused by your oblivion and constant need to hate on others.

          Don’t mind them Hemant. Even if Kishimoto flatout states he was going with narusaku for whatever reason, but he didn’t fall through with it, they’ll keep right-fighting the shit out of violence, weak women, dishonor and whatever immoral disgrace to the story to desperately justify their need to make shōnen manga characters into “pairings”. They don’t even know why people are dissatisfied. They are stuck on shipping. Those going out their way to hate on others, twist their arguments constantly. It’s a narcissistic game.

          This guy TTrasengan ^ doesn’t even realize how ridiculous it sounds that he calls ignoring violence towards yourself and disrespecting your own self-worth an ultimate act of love and grace. Forgiving no problem ( granted it not being instant considering this context, which wasn’t the case ), but kneeling down and instantly willing to fuck everyone over who Actually cared about you, and just forgetting your own standards and (healthy non-unfounded-boy-crush) dreams, is something completely different.
          Cause a child needs a parent like that, right? Can’t even figure her own shit out. And that acquires the other to randomly fall in love all of a sudden too, right? Sasuke has to change, right? He can’t just be himself. He has to be someones toy. Just like anyone has to change in Naruto’s shōjo world all of a sudden. No man can have his problems and enjoy being alone, even though it doesn’t fit them at All. Vaginas and dicks don’t “save” someone out of their issues, self-worth and reflection does.
          What happens when someone bakes you a cake btw?
          Someone hand me a bucket for my tears cause I’m paralyzed by the beauty of it all…

          The other guy Nicolas.. You shouldn’t even waste words on arguing. I will say this to him though and leave it at that: Yes, do keep trivializing by believing fiction does not at all influence its readers differently according to background, and interpretation of it differs as well. Do not at all realize they turned Obito’s situation into a positive moral by overall clearly stating he was in the wrong and baited. Rin’s appearance was him forgiving himself as Rin was the representative of that what kept him going towards the light before, not her losing her self-respect. That’s an absolutely ridiculous statement. Rin didn’t seal herself into Obito, this was his reflection. Why else would they look how he remembered themselves as kids? She didn’t die at that age. Obito’s violent motivations were cursed upon his original sense of justice ( Naruto similarities anyone? ) either way. Remember him being pushed into it and cursed? Don’t know if you even read it as there was much more to his story.

          Before I go on…, they’re kid soldiers right? So that makes everything okay, yay! 12 year old boys and everyone else should just distance themselves and randomly learn things from never ever critically considering the things they are exposed to, like for example fiction. d(^_^o)

          Great mindset you’re projecting on the entire fandom’s individual background and reading interpretation/impressions influenced by it there..
          You see, not everyone hides their own inability of expressing themselves immorally within the violence of a storybook. Indeed some seek the shocks ( there is enough brainless horror, not that I remember Naruto being defined as so ), others seek guidance, others seek fun, etc.

          The fact that you seem to assume it being wrong that people tend to connect their own moral values to whatever they encounter, however extreme, keeping in mind the context, is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard.
          Do you expect people to disconnect themselves from articles written about child abuse, war, domestic horrors, serial killings as well? As they are merely articles who are as distant to the reader as a fictional story would be.. Or do you suddenly swing around your mindset 180 degrees according to what benefits your argument best? Selectively deciding when you feel you should be aware other people exist as well, and considering moral values are essential to respecting yourself and others.
          The fact that no other issues are addressed now is because they are not glorified as the ending of the manga ( hope you realize how futile that statement you made was ). Or do you know what every single fan really thought about every single character or every single act of violence that happened? Don’t know if you knew this, but it was never about retaining violence throughout the story, things actually got resolved quite a few times. I think the main character usually had something to do with it, and everyone got their motivations, however misguided, explained as a motivating agent to ignite moral debate..
          You seemingly missed out on this.

          You stating that you have been trying to get your message about this spread and it apparantly not being well- received ( or you shouldn’t be this eager when someone finally agrees ) should’ve made it clear how flawed and self-centered the mindset behind it was. Incoherent intolerance doesn’t stick well with many people.

      Calamity (3 years ago)

      Anyone who tries to claim Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship is not abusive clearly haven’t followed the series. I’d like to know in what universe it’s perfectly acceptable and not horrific to try and kill your love interest/future spouse not once, but multiple times.

    Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

    Truth is that problably Sakura never got over his feelings for Sasuke, that is crystal clear: What saw in him beyond the cool/handsome guy, etc? I like to belive that she understood he was in pain: back in Tome 1 when they were becoming Gennin he constantly stressed his desire to kill his brother and the fact that he empathized with Naruto being an orhan probably gave her a lead that he was hiding pain from past aswell.

    Also if you remember, when Sasuke awakened the Curse Seal for the firt time during the CHunnin Exams there were some images of how Sakura “remembered” the “real” Sasuke in comparison to the one she had in front of her(and resembled orochimaru), which is followed with a hug that somehow manages to vanish the Curse Seal and return Sasuke to normal, which leads to think that somehow she knew the “real” Sasuke and was able to tell between the dark and real Sasuke respectively.

    I`m gonna be honest in this: Sasuke`s character (beyond his hatred, darkness, revenge thing) is pretty much unknown, there isn`t much in him to know beyond his “dark side” that is, he is defined by the very things hat must disappear in the Ninja World. And once he is redeemed he HAS to revert to the “real” Sasuke: his whole in journey is summarized in that short fragment during the Chunnin exams. Sakura can tell that Sasuke is “lost” in darkness but that the “real” Sasuke, the one she loves, is still down there. buried deep beneath layer upon layer of Susanno Bones and Amaterasu Ashes, but still exists :P

    That was what made NS impossible to happen in the first palce for me: Naruto is aware Sakura loves Sasuke, she might doubted this at some point in the story, but Naruto didn`t(“I hate people who lie to themselves”) and when she was confirmed in this knowledge, she never doubted it again: She admiited this to a Iwagakure shinobi that was trying to make advances on her and screamed outloud right before their final showdown, if that didn`give you a clue then nothing under heaven would have.

    Like I said, if Obito gets to date Rin in Heaven after ALL he has done, why not Sasuke -3-?

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      Lies LOLOLOL it’s rather amusing to me that you continue to pick at moral values from this fictional piece. Things happen for the sake of telling the story of the character, that’s all it is. If you are so stupid that you can’t decipher that on your own, and choose to pick the “bad messages” from Naruto to add some ridiculous notion of value to your arguments for NS then all I have to say to you is I’m sorry that you’re so pitiful.

        Lies (3 years ago)

        What is amusing is you being so insecure or unable to express yourself properly that you have to resort to personal slander, ridiculing and insulting someone who disagrees with you.
        Your argument matches your behavior.

    Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

    I knew it was just matter of time for someone to throw a self-righteus tantrum about how f*cked up our sense of marality is and how we trivilize the important stuff yada yada.

    if this was a GTA story you would be actually glad that peoples fails to relate to characters in a moral level, same goes for the whole Blood-series, Manhunt, etc you know, the whole set of fictions where unrepenting violence is an end unto itself.

    Sure, people can extract whatever lessons they see in fiction, but shouldn`t be oblivious to the fact that is still f*cking FICTION: Like I said FICTIONAL characters, that live in a FICTIONAL world dont live, dont react, and dont behave like a Real Counterpart.

    You talk about bering critical about the reading? Fine, forgive in failing to extract your “holier than thee” teaching from this manga, you say people tend to dislike intolerance and yet you seem to bash the first person, that without resorting to any sort of name calling or hate spech, simply extracted a different set of conclusions to the story.

    Way to go pal, but go ahead continue with you little “I`m smarter than thee” act I`m not going anywhere

      Lies (3 years ago)

      What drama.
      I guess if you expected it you shouldn’t be so upset about it, though.
      Especially not on this page.

      Do look up the meaning of self-righteous and read your own post again. What was the meaning of it if it wasn’t to convince us how morally selective anti-ending people are and that it’s fiction and fiction is fiction, thus not real, thus unrelatable, or what not that disagreed with Hemant. I mean, you even literally expressed you’ve been trying to tell people this for a long time..? Why do that over a longer period of time if you don’t believe you are right and their opinion is lacking compared to yours, thus you must inform/”school” them?
      Your argument just got thrown back at you as it was flawed. Don’t go judging me as being self-righteous, which is much too overrated as an avoidance argument to begin with, if you can’t even humbly reflect on your own behavior in a way that’s Not conveniently degrading to someone else.

      Do notice you’re not the first person with a different opinion on this page. Not the first who stated it without (immediately) hating or name-calling.
      Not even the first I expressed myself towards in one comment, as that was TTrasengan and Hemant.

      Different genres demand different approaches, play into different attitudes and motivations of the audience. This is why PEGI, categories etc. guidlines exist.
      Like I said, people seek different things as people are, all in all, just different as you well know. The GTA comparison is rather far-fetched here. Nonetheless, it remains the same, basic morals should still be considered when confronted with extreme fictional cases. If not, you distance yourself from that negativity while overly exposing yourself and consequently growing numb to the shock of it without any after-thought. You can escape reality with fiction, but you can’t escape fiction without a sense of reality.

      Don’t play the reverse victim card. It’s not flattering when you provoked feedback yourself. You choose to vent on this page.
      The fact that this is the first time that anyone told you that the interpretation of fiction doesn’t simply stay bound by the mere fact of it being fiction, has nothing to do with me being holy or smarter. Anyone could’ve told you that.

anonymous (3 years ago)

They were so quick at reporting how naruto the last sold +175% tickets on the first day compared to road to ninja but we haven’t heard yet about the official weekend gross.

getoverit (3 years ago)

spreading heresay, hate, and twisting facts are we? I have to admit that you’re a lost cause. you should be happy that naruto finally have a home.

    naruto (3 years ago)

    please sfu

      getoverit (3 years ago)


TTrasengan (3 years ago)

wow you’re going all out to try to damn this movie based on not getting the outcome you wanted. Having an opinion is one thing, being spiteful is another. the funny thing is I’ve only read great reviews about it online. Not saying every single fan will enjoy the movie, few movies ever pull that off. You’re just twisting that around to feed your selfish whim. You entertained me with your desperation throughout all this, but this one is just pathetic and says a lot about your character as a person.

Steven (3 years ago)

How typical. These r just some info posted by NaruSaku fans from tumblr which isn’t reliable. They only picked the lines from japansese NaruSaku fans while conveniently ignore the others etc.

As for Junko. She will be playing as Naruto in the upcoming movie so it would be weird if she voiced his son >.>

I need only to post this blog.

This person have actually met Junko & got to talk with her for a whole day. She’s the one who gave Junko the red scarf & she wore it in the early screening event.There’s also several private pictures to prove it.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Junko is probably under contract to have to voice naruto.

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      Also even if she really is upset that still wouldn’t be reason to quit her day job. She probably is under contract to promote naruto at official events whether she likes it or not.

      There’s an article that came out about takeuchi and mizuki and I think it talks about both their reactions when confronted with the news that hinata and naruto will have a kissing scene. I think it says that they read the script over again many times to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake and this was really happening in the movie.

      I think it says that while mizuki was happy about it, takeuchi had a more ambiguous reaction saying that she was just happy for naruto and thrilled that she will be voicing such a happy scene for naruto.

      I don’t know japanese and google translator is sort of incoherent so here’s the link for that:

Elkas (3 years ago)

Yeah too bad, this is an example of author who lost control over his own art/manga. Kishi should just change studio the moment periot start to complain about what he write. I can’t help it im starting to hate hinata now . Kishi realy dont know anything about girls heart. “THE GUYS WHO WE LIKE ARE CUTE AND TREAT US GOOD” quote from Rei Miyamoto from HOTD.My girlfriend, my sister,and my mother confirm this. 90% Sasusaku moment only hurt / downgrade sakura and whenever sakura act around sasuke she just lie to herself. But with naruto sakura can be herself she doesn’t have to put mask on her true self and naruto always there both naruto and sakura fill each other weakness. You know love is about sacrifice and build up it cant happen instantly the moment you meet. What happen between hinata and naruto is just the same like rock lee and naruto. Hinata sees naruto working hard even though almost everyone in the vilage hate and ignore his exsistance. Hinata is the same as naruto in her clan she is a failure and a dropout, thats when naruto fight neji in chunin exam he swore to win when he almost lose he remeber NOT just hinata but rock lee as well that a dropout can beat a genius with hardwork. Thats why what i see is naruto understand hinata thats why before he fight neji he said “you know i always thought you are weird girl but, i like a person like you” to hinata because that is the first time naruto knows there are someone else like him who try hard not to be labelled as dropout. But where is hinata when naruto sit around that swing alone when everyone graduate and become genin? Love is about sacrifice , trust and that cant happen instantly. IF Hinata realy love naruto at least DOO SOMETHING. But no she prefer to WATCH him suffer from behind a FUCKING TREE. So hinata lack sacrifice and trust and please dont bring pain arc what hinata do is endanger the whole village because clearly naruto said to katsuyu to oder no one to help him. With sakura is different she knows she can always trust naruto even from chunnin exam when naruto fight kiba while everyone look down and him, shes the only one that believe naruto will win, she gonna give up become chunnin that year just save naruto UNREALISTIC dream not even thinking about herself and sasuke. While hinata offer him her paper to CHEAT she not even thinking what if they got caught bot her team shino,kiba and naruto team will fail the test. Thats the different between sakura and hinata. Naruto work hard for the girl he love to love him thats why i said love is about sacrifice and trust and it must be build with hardwork.

Kishi is fucked up he let periot take control over his art. The power of money once again can buy people. He even dare to cross some line he is not supose to by saying sakura is terrible woman if she moved on from sasuke and all those narusaku moment and hints was there to mislead the reader. He left chapter 3 bench scene where naruto compliment sakura forehead as sasuke in disguise and naruto promise of life time to sakura to bring sasuke back UNRESOLVED. He let the guy who always hurt sakura and try to murder her 3 TIMES and in 699 chapter she goes back to that shit fangirl to the man who tried to kill her.

I still remember couple of years ago he said he draw naruto like him and sakura like his wife. IF this is true and i can’t help it but think bad of his family. I started to think he is crazy , deep down he hate his wife/regret marrying her.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Wrong he did not do such a thing. A couple of years ago Kishimoto revealed that at his wedding he was told by any manga other, Oda if i recall, commented how his wife looked like Sakura. Kishimoto laughed and simply took it as a compliment and said the same to Oda about his wife looking like Nami.

    When asked if he drew inspiration from his characters he stated that Kushina was inspired by his mother and wife. No mention was it said that Sakura drew inspiration from someone but as people noticed the similarities between Sakura and Kushina they drew their own conclusions and posted it online and the rumour was accepted by some without question.

    Also you’re bashing Hinata for not helping Naruto? No offence but the clan didn’t want her to do anything and she couldn’t do anything because she wasn’t confident enough. When she was kid she also wasn’t in love with Naruto, she admired him, and Hinata regrets not helping him during that time.

    No offence but Sakura’s love and Hinata’s love are different. Sakura’s help for him was because he was her friend and teammate, of course she could count on him. Also if Sakura is so great why did she partake in treating him like crap? Sure she matured and realized she was being mean, because of Sasuke no less, but just because she saw a different side of him and his actions doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love with him.

    Also don’t use the Kushina comparison, It was meant to be taken as a joke nothing more. “Try not to fall for someone weird… try and find someone like your mother.”

    There are numerous references that Kushina was a weird kid and shinobi and did things no sane or regular person would do. Also the RTN isn’t canon, everything that happened in that movie isn’t real so if you’re shocked as to why the emotions didn’t switch over into the canon plot line … well you know. I’m surprised that people are still debating the RTN thing when it’s irrelevant. Kishimoto said it was just a fun project, that’s it.

      Elkas (3 years ago)

      I said “IF ITS TRUE” i dont know the details. Im not mention about RTN realy? why naruhina fans lurk in here? this is narusaku chatte theories, what the fuck are you doing here? You have better things to do you have your cannon pairing happen why not go to your own fandom and be happy there?. You try so hard to make other fandom accept your pairing that much?. Its still amaze me why theres always naruhina fans in narusaku tag.

        Mat (3 years ago)

        I come here to debate. Having a theory is ok, nothing against that. But we are allowed our own opinion on the matter, after all if people simply accept the word of one person, who uses biased theories and half truths. The problem with pairing theories is even if they ship a particular pairing and they try to remain neutral, they always end up twisting the information they present to suit their needs.

        Did you know that Chatte original said she likes Hinata but when her pairing didn’t become canon she turned on the character and made it sound like Hinata was one of the worst characters ever.

        Also the RTN things wasn’t directed at you it was everyone in general.

          Vic-San (3 years ago)

          Is funny how people see one side of the coin but don’t give the same credit or courtesy to the other side.. just cause one side is a seal and the other face doesn’t mean its a coin or that it has two sides..

          Most don’t even care that Naruto was love at first sight with Sakura..or that he confirm his feelings for her on 3 different panels..Nor they value this as giving his word to himself or reassurance/acknowleding of what he felt for her.. As well dismiss the fact that every time Naruto acknowledges something he is giving his word..oh Hinata stay true to him he loved him..but Naruto could not do the same to Sakura.. Sakura never return his feelings so he gave up on her.. he stayed only as a friend..cause friends specially male and female always stay good friends they don’t cross the line and becomes lovers that never happens..really that has never has never happen when in crucial moments people will scream the name of the person they love the most that never happens..cause there is no precedence on that right..

          The moment I read the screener spoilers I saw two lies ..Sakura rooting for Hinata.. I never read or seen Sakura lift a finger to push Naruto towards Hinata or any girl… Naruto liking Sakura cause of his rivalry with Sasuke.. no where in the manga that is hinted.. even in the point of the manga where romance is hinted is Naruto watching Sakura enter and going gaga over her before we even know a rivalry exist between Sasuke and Naruto exist…and on the recent 2 episode show going to the point of saying Hinata had her hand on the saving of the village.. Naruto was pin down by Pein but we know Naruto can take more then 1 hit.. so that statement alone makes Naruto look like a wimp that need help when the their fight was just beginning.. as well as other disregard that in the event the 9 tails would had kill Pein who would stop the the 9 tails Naruto?? and where was Sakura oh yeah her boss the 5th Hokage was out cold.. Kakashi was in she end up healing and being practically the Hokage and since she knew what Naruto could rearrange the landmass in one blow..she made sure no villagers/Ninja where near for casualties of friendlyfire..

          I can’t say but someone change Kishimoto mind and how the story would end who only kishimoto know’s..But marrying Sakura to Sasuke would only dig him a bigger grave then he already has…

          If I can compare Naruto to any superhero I would compare him to Superman..why cause what it comes from their mouth they make it happen.. anything they voice the make sure is true..and the only thing Naruto is loosing the man of steel is that Superman has never kneel to anyone..(if that still true I have not keep up with the story) and Naruto has gone back on his word.. That which a hero believes is sacred..if is broken the hero loose his will..

          People can go back and fowards saying how he did not break his Nindo.. yet he did is plain and simple… yes Superman also had Lana but she never return his feelings as she was in love with someone else who return her feelings..Sasuke has never return Sakura feelings at all cause he is full of hate.. (Hagoromo 693 no love in his heart only hate for what he lost in the past)

          Between Hinata and Naruto was 5% chance of getting together.. and Sakura had 95%. Hinata was a long shot wrong done..
          If Kishimoto wanted a real romance movie there are several writers/authors that could have help him make a love triangle and action movie superb cause all the loops where there but some where alongs the lines he lost sight of that and made a one side love story with a longshot pairing using lies to build them up.. that is where it hurts cause some of us belief in what he already established and it was turn into a lie.

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Matt, stop misinforming people on what I have said. I said that I have no problem with Hinata per se, only that I highly dislike her Naruto-centric persona. So try again.

        getoverit (3 years ago)

        2 words: cross-tagging

      Vic-San (3 years ago)

      //No offence but Sakura’s love and Hinata’s love are different. Sakura’s help for him was because he was her friend and teammate, of course she could count on him. Also if Sakura is so great why did she partake in treating him like crap? Sure she matured and realized she was being mean, because of Sasuke no less, but just because she saw a different side of him and his actions doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love with him.//

      Huh I guess you dont know that there are friends who cross the line and become lovers.. and how they are pain by seen the other hurt or rejected.. I guess you never pay attention to the panels and watch closely at Naruto when this scenes happen .. how his eyes were full shock or he would find no way to react that what was going on.
      Lol when females see a diferent side to the man they hate that is exactly what happens they fall in love.. I guess you never heard the saying “there is a thin thread between love and hate” By all accounts Sakura was showing signs of a change of heart and denial towards Sasuke. Why cause prince charming was not charming at all.. prince charming was full of hate a psycho wanting to kill her and has never for what I have read done what the real prince charming should have done kiss her forehead make her fantasy come true..


      //There are numerous references that Kushina was a weird kid and shinobi and did things no sane or regular person would do. Also the RTN isn’t canon, everything that happened in that movie isn’t real so if you’re shocked as to why the emotions didn’t switch over into the canon plot line … well you know. I’m surprised that people are still debating the RTN thing when it’s irrelevant. Kishimoto said it was just a fun project, that’s it.//

      Wrong Kushina was never weird.. She was a young girl who was taken from her village and brought over to a strangers land to be a jinchuriki and the only way she found able to survive it was by being a bully..Not taking the crap from anybody being young or old.. she would dish-out punishment regardless. She did not care.. That is who she was.. Minato change her by admiration and by complementing the one thing he loved and she hated her red long hair.. Why Minato was able to acknowledge Sakura as equal to Kushina.. cause the hard time Kushina gave him to become his girlfriend..So if his father had a hard time getting his mother why not his son having the same issues.. lol forget like father like son?..

      RTN focal point was fake but everything else was real.. You had to make sense from real to unreal.. the parallel world was not cannon but Naruto and everything else was.. Why the fact that they were testing the infinite Tsukyomi should have burn a red mark on cannon.. lol Pretty much everything that happen inside the parallel world was not cannon but once out that it was cannon..and dunno why even Kishimoto even mention or allowed to be mention date on that movie..which is a clear hint of NS pairing .. RTN is partially cannon since they were not dreaming it they were awake being teleported to another would have made sense and almost disregarded completely if Naruto had been dreaming all alone but he wasn’t.. factual parts he was not dreaming he lived it.. and he had the longest date ever with Sakura or according to her..So to say that did not happen make another lie..

        Mat (3 years ago)

        The movie and everything that happened was not canon. Get what that means? It means none of it actually happened and therefor it could not help NaruSaku as it didn’t actually occur.

        What stayed canon was the emotion of Naruto and Sakura. In this case Sakura still being in love with Sasuke and she was happy he was paying her attention, but became sad when she realized he did it to other girls and wasn’t “her” Sasuke. Also Naruto stated “What! You called that a date!!” Sakura was joking around and Naruto could hardly believe she’d consider that a date.

        Also fyi just because two people go out on a date does’t mean anything will happen. In some cases it doesn’t result in the guy and girl becoming a couple, sure they have fun but ultimately they stayed friends, trust me I have friends where this happened.

        Also really? Kushina was never weird? Yeah, nice try. Kushina was referenced as odd or weird kid if you know how to read and interpret the words in the manga. She did things that no one else would do. Sure Kushina was a jinchuriki, who cares! That has nothing to do with my argument.

        Also Chatte a few times you stated you didn’t like Hinata and posted it in arguments but didn’t state the Naruto centric behaviour.

          Vic-San (3 years ago)

          //The movie and everything that happened was not canon. Get what that means? It means none of it actually happened and therefor it could not help NaruSaku as it didn’t actually occur.//

          So the Why did the infinite Tsukyomi happen .. lol.. oh Yeah RTN was not canon.. Yeah right.. Canon is another word for official story-line unless you wanna make someone a saint..

          //Also really? Kushina was never weird? Yeah, nice try. Kushina was referenced as odd or weird kid if you know how to read and interpret the words in the manga. She did things that no one else would do. Sure Kushina was a jinchuriki, who cares! That has nothing to do with my argument.//

          Sorry Japanese is not my language and I got take translation with a grain of salt.. but I did study art and also had an art teacher driving me mad cause I wanted to draw superheros
          He would question everything out the drawing asking for a reason why? So when I look at drawings I do that I look for the reason why.. She was a bully.. if you reference what other thinks of you . you would say.. but when You see the flashback of Minato .. they saw her weird cause she was different she did not act weird very different things.. unlike Hinata she never stalk no one.. your definition of weird is wrong..
          No it not bases of the argument but is the bases of why she was brought over.. someone who has different traditions then yours will always be label weird.. lol..but you state she was..

          //Also fyi just because two people go out on a date does’t mean anything will happen. In some cases it doesn’t result in the guy and girl becoming a couple, sure they have fun but ultimately they stayed friends, trust me I have friends where this happened.//

          Is a 50/50 chance something will happen if they both have chemestry.. is a random posibilty.. but you disregarded the main point why cited as a date? Naruto/Sakura have a love hate relationship.. While Naruto never tells and hold his feelings for her.. his actions speak otherwise since they go beyond friendship and same for Sakura.. her actions go beyond normal friendship.. and she is also in denial of a double lie.. The denial is that she thinks there still something sweet or worth saving in Sasuke while Hagoromo plainly says there is nothing of the thing in Sasuke all in his heart is hate..All ever mentions sasuke is hate and he already cross the line.. He kill Itachi and he already into bloodlust. Sakura doesnt know this nor the fact how he really feels about her..thus denying any feelings she can have for Naruto..

          Most don’t wanna see this cause all they wanna see is the long shot relationship happening.

abdil (3 years ago)

salty ns shippers hahahahhah.
NH and SS are happy, married with children. Narusaku is dead and buried.

The last is doing better than any naruto movies. You salty narusaku shippers better stop making up false rumors and lying about the japanese voice actors. Get over your sunk ship.

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Dani (3 years ago)

Hi there! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while and I must say you have very nice posts.
As for the movie, it’s scheduled to be screened here in my country next year, and seeing all these reviews makes me not want to watch it. I’m an NS shipper who has accepted everything, and hearing these stuff from the movie disappoints me. Kishi never gave Naruto and Sakura proper resolution and they have demoted the heroine into the side character. Sakura’s character has been trampled on and Naruto’s just OOC in this movie for some reason.

It’s disappointing how things turned out, huh. And it’s evident with the Japanese fans, who are the priority in the first place. I wonder if the anime’s about to end sooner than expected? (I hope not, I want to see the CPR animated hihihi)

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    Agreed NS never had a proper finished or beginning ..even in the last part of 699 it was still hinted the dam chapter 3..

    Same I still wanna see that cpr scene and how people will belittle it to holding 2 fingers and a slap lol

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guest702 (3 years ago)

1 month later and ticket sales and revenue are still steady

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Although considerably dropping after its first week compared to other big names and SP and other affiliated companies beg people on twitter to come see the movie once again. Why beg for people’s presence in the first place if it was such a blockbuster and people like it so much?

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      Suuuuure, so bad that the facts are:

      – Road To Ninja started only at 3rd place, then fell to 6th place on the second week, fell to 9th place on the third week then after that it fully fell out from Top 10, WHILE The Last started at 1st place, fell down to the 2nd place on the second week, fell to the 5th place and stayed there for the third and forth weeks, then fell to the 7th place on the fifth week and only fell out from the Top 10 on the sixth week and even only fell to the 11th place. ;P

      – The box office of Naruto already was 1.75 billion yen at the end of december – confirmed by official anime sties like churchyll – and now is 1.9 billion yen and still has 3-4 weeks in japan + like in the case of Road To Ninja the foreigner box officies will also be added there. ;)

      – While the rating is only at yahooo is “bad” (aka trolled by NS shippingers) on independent sites like eiga, moviewalkerplus, anikore ect is has much better ratings. ;)

      – SP “begged” to people at all previous Naruto movies too + Kishimoto “begged” in 2012 to watch RTN too and keep reading the manga. So nothing special. Oh, and even your “favorite seiyuu”, Junko also “begging” to watch the movie. ;P

      – In Asutralia, because of the succes and encore of fans they added new screenings and this time not only for 2 days, but for an entire week. ;P Further, The Last officialy announced in Brasil, Singapore, Thailand and other countries, while in the USA the tickets sold out to much that they had to added extra screenings. ;P

        Shitimoto (3 years ago)

        Funny, i’d say its the NH/SS people that massively manipulate ratings, since you find billions of comments full of reasons why the movie is just BAD, but pretty much none, that explain what is good about the movie.

        Seriously, what do people like? This has NOTHING to do with the anime we watched for 700 episodes. You could as well watch an episode of another show.

        Please name a single thing, that you were expecting from the ending, that it fulfilled.
        Your favorite ship? Great, that makes up for ALL the things that are just WRONG with the story…

        Just like the ending is a Harry Potter clone, even the PROPHECY was cloned pretty much EXACTLY… “In the end, the two have to fight, and one of them has to die…” COME ON…

        Besides that, Sasuke is the worst kind of human scum (right after movie Naruto). There is NO way that they would allow him back in the village. If someone would have stopped, i don’t know… Hitler?… would you welcome him in your village, because the guy who stops him, who is a complete idiot btw, tells you that Hitler is not THAT much of a bad guy? NO! You would NOT welcome him…

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kira (3 years ago)

Nana Mizuki……………………. the good ruined actress of nearly every anime she stared in. Give back the shounen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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