Yahoo Japan covering up the negative impact of The Last: Naruto the Movie

After the premiere of the supposed most-awaited movie in the series’ franchise, The Last: Naruto the movie fails to positively impact its audience.

After feeling betrayed, robbed and mislead by the false advertisement done by Studio Pierrot together with Masashi Kishimoto, Japanese audience decided to pay back the creators of the movie – which supposedly, as promised, will resolve all bonds -, with their honest and realistic opinions about the movie and the expectations they had based on the done advertisement.

Given the betrayal the majority of the fans felt, the movie had mostly 1 star reviews, the following one having up to 200 kudos prior to its sudden disappearance from the most-rated comments on The Last: Naruto the Movie’s Yahoo Japan.


When posting the comment, the first thing the poster addressed was “I know this is going to be deleted to I’m going to take a screenshot”, leaving us thus know how things seem to be working behind the scenes at Yahoo Japan and how for this weird reason The Last: Naruto the movie needs to look good on plate, despite its fans being overall highly negative about it that Naruto, the hero of the series, at the end of 15 years of serialization has gotten to be called by Japanese fandom “the worst scumbag”.

The negative impact the movie had over the fandom can be felt in the results the movie is getting given that whereas yesterday the movie was rating at 2.93, today it seems to be dropping even more, at 2.84 and seems to be continuously dropping.


Fans also seem to suspect a high surge of fake accounts being created to counter-balance the negative review The Last: Naruto the movie gets, given how a majority of the “good reviews” are rather robotic, as observed by fans @ 2ch, given that they are consecutively added and the wording of the statements being nothing more than suggestions on buying more promotional products related to The Last: Naruto the movie:

“If you watched the movie you should buy and read the novel too!”

Another thing that has prompted fans to notice these seemingly manipulative reviews besides the fact that the positive reviews are consecutively added and the wording is the way it is, it’s the fact that whereas the bad reviews the fans make gain kudos in seconds, the good ones seem to have their 0,2,3,4,7 kudos, prompting fans to think these come probably for the same people that posted the other positive ones.

For a good majority of photos regarding fan’s reviews, go here and here. The said events were also confirmed by another Japanese fan herself on Tumblr:

This is absolutely true. I saw the movie on Saturday and while I’m still trying to deal with my disappointment I went on 2ch forums and saw the very well written yahoo reviews last night. Today when I go to read it again they are gone and people on 2ch are in an uproar about it. The 5 star reviews written to balance out the 1 star reviews from REAL people do not have any valid reason to offer about what was good about the movie just that they really loved it or 感動しました deeply moved. But all the negative reviews have very detailed analysis of just exactly where in the movie and what was so bad about it especially the  parts which contradict the original manga. I agree with all of the points made by the negative reviews because a lot of the points are also things I saw wrong with the movie. But I was just so overwhelmingly disappointed I can’t bring myself to blog about it yet. Nonetheless I am just so sickened by the marketing ploys and the way Naruto has ended like this. People are entitled to not like the movie ESPECIALLY if they gave very good reasons as to why instead of blatantly just saying they hated it with no reason. There is absolutely NO NEED to delete negative reviews and counter return with a flood of fake 5 star reviews to balance out the average rating. Even if you enjoy the movie there is NO WAY the Last deserves 5 stars. At best if you can look past all the inconsistencies maybe you can give it a 3 or 4 but 5 is WAY too much. Such blatant false marketing cover-ups I have never seen! Really really disappointing… But yeah definately spread the word!

Probably will get anonymous hate but it doesn’t matter anymore because I feel much better knowing that I wasn’t the ONLY fan disappointed in the movie. I would love to translate it all for everyone but the truth is it doesn’t matter how many or even who translates it, it’s all very negative. And I have to add it is NOT NaruSaku fans complaining. People are writing valid reasons like Naruto should not be able to use Kagebunshin when he is still in the academy and Kakashi who is a strategist will never rely on just 勘 his 6th sense when making important decisions and if Sai is trapped in a genjutsu dreaming of his brother there is no way that all Naruto can have memories of is Hinata, what about Iruka? etc. etc. There’s hardly any complaints about lack of NaruSaku! It’s about what makes SENSE and this movie and the script hardly matches what happened in the manga NOR do the characters feel IC. THAT is what people are complaining about! Trust me when I say it barely has ANYTHING to do with shipping and EVERYTHING about how bad and consistent this The Last movie is! Oh the movie ranking no. 1 this week? Of course people are going to watch it if you market it as THE LAST Naruto movie ever. It will gather old and new fans and also people like me who can’t get a refund from the pre-sale tickets have to see it twice. So do you think I count as part of the pool of money they gathered from opening week? It’s not like I have a choice! I don’t doubt the movie will do well in terms of sales but satisfaction after actually seeing the movie for themselves? Well that’s exactly what those reviews and comments on Japanese forums are for and even now certain comments are being deleted! I don’t even have the energy to be mad anymore only sadness disappointment and emptyness. I hope the studio staff and Kishi-sensei are happy with the way they trampled on fans feelings, those who have supported this manga for the last 15 years. The more you care or remember about the manga the more you cannot bring yourself to like this movie cause you start thinking ‘but what about when s/he did that in the manga??’ etc. etc. This is a movie where you will enjoy it more if you do not remember anything about the characters, who they were, what they stood for, and what they achieved in the entire span of the manga.


Another Tumblr user, a Japanese fan herself also tells us that the general impact of the movie over its fans wasn’t quite that good:

Most of them are not happy. My friend sat next to some Japanese boys who were around our age (20) and she said she heard them say “doushite?” throughout the whole movie. They were asking why?” some things happened. It mostly happened at the times Hinata was doing nothing but being the damsel in distress. Or when she took the ruined scarf with her on her mission to save Hanabi, who in their right mind would do that?

So I think the real Naruto fans were greatly disappointed.

A few people even left the theater early! Now it is rare for Japanese people to act like this, because they will stand out from the crowd to much. Japan is not an individualistic, but collectivistic society. They mostly do what the group does, so it was sort of a shock to see 8 people leave early. But I guess even the Japanese have their limits.


So this begs the question: why is Yahoo Japan deleting the negative reviews, especially since they are the highest ranked? Not just the first highest ranked comment was deleted, but the second one too, both of them expressing their thoughts however, the overall reception of it being negative, given the movie’s content and false advertisement they did, packed with the fact that this was the first movie that didn’t allow cancellation and refunds, which prompts the majority of the Japanese fans to call this movie and its marketing ploys nothing more but a fraud, this being the reason that the movie seems to have gained so much grossing.


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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

NH/SS makes 60% of western fandom anyway.They just glorify fact they got canon so they will financially save kishi and SP.I know I wont have anything to do with Naruto anymore..

BlueStarSaber (3 years ago)

To think Naruto series could of lasted years with all these spinoffs you talk about in your post, but now it will die off because of this movie.

hanamo (3 years ago)

Thank you Chatte for sharing this with us, I remember reading something like this in the NaruSaku tag but i didn’t pay attention to it, i didn’t want to, i mean, i’m still dissappointed cuz the movie but what the did to Sakura & Nakamura is unforgivable.

Lemy (3 years ago)

well well well, this is not surprising. it is business… can’t really blame Kishi, money is money… he has sorted his priorities
But for all the thing they could have put in this movie, they decided to go 250% shojo manga… that was a dumb move.
And they turned the Hero into a jerk for using a girl’s feeling to compete against his rival. if Sakura’s feeling really did change, then this is the lowest crap.
Anyway, this whole thing is a bad joke.
I was a Hinata fan and didn’t mind naruhina that much… but now Hinata turned into a selfish love sick puppy with no character. she can care less about neji or her sister as long as naruto-kun… such a shame…
naruto deserves better and she deserves a better treatment of her character too.
The whole cast deserve better than this. there was so much more than pairings to develop in this epilogue… if they really wanted to continue the franchise, an open ending was the best solution.
The pairings have destroyed all the characters development… they should have just leave it for people to guess. they could have made kids too if they wanted. But without pairing the cast, living the audience guessing, instead of trying to develop a romance at the cost of character development.

    jemma (3 years ago)

    listen, im a real person and i was really impressed with the last nauto movie, i have been wait in for nearly 700 episodes and all the movies for naruto and hinata to get together, she saw naruto when no one ave a fuck about him, in the movie the reason she was all naruto-kun is because she new that he would save her sister its not that she dont give a fuck…and all those bad reviews up there that are rote out…they are all in the same hand writing dummys…naru and hinata for life…so stop all this negative crap and get on with ur lifes…do you seriously have nothing better to do that criticizes a movie,,,

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      I have better things to do that I do. In my free time, I talk about things I used to like/like, etc. And honey, it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to have a problem with the movie whatsoever… After all “naru and hinata for life”, right? ;)

getoverit (3 years ago)

funny how those reviews came from western fans who hasn’t even seen the movie and ns desperately trying it’s best to throw mud on the movie. guess what? those reviews won’t even put a dent on how successful the movie was unlike rtn’s 300 tln earn 500 on the first day. again spreading the lies, accept it brats.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Wow, such experts in Japanese NS fans became over night, right? Don’t you see how ridiculous you sound when you have the sources and everything in your face but you still don’t accept the fact that this movie is simply put: trash. Everything in the manga took a backseat so Hinata can have her fairy tale story. Suit yourself, we all know the truth.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      LOL you are so pathetic, you cherry pick all the negative reviews to beat down the movie. you have absolutely no respect for Kishi’s work, you’re just a spoiled brat having a tantrum because you didn’t get your way. You have not acknowledged the fact there are a lot of positive reviews as well, clearly depicting your spoiled bias. How about you grow up and get over your sour grapes?? lol.

        Lori (3 years ago)

        Everytime Chatte posts something on her blog, you have to comment some shit. You’re fucking pathetic because you have nothing else better to do then stalk pther people’s blogs with different opinions then you. She can be sour about her ship not happening but that’s non of your fucking business! Why are you constantly here reading what she has to say if you don’t agree with it?! No matter what you say won’t change her mind so stop constantly commenting trying to tell her otherwise that she’s wrong! You need to come to the realization that not everyone in this world has the same mindset as you. You may think that this movie is perfect but she doesn’t! Go find people who agree with you and stay off her blog. By the by, she’s telling the truth. I have two Japanese girls in my class who do not like the ending of this manga either and nor do their friends in Japan. She’s staying facts! The Japanese fandom are primarily NaruSaku shippers. Even kishimoto acknowledged that Naruto and Sakura were a popular pairing. They even created a pink and yellow day in dedication to the two characters. Stop spreading your hate here, stop reading her blogs, and shut the fuck up. You got what you wanted. Are you just intimidated by Chatte so you feel the need to put her down?

          TTrasengan (3 years ago)

          @ Lori I’m only now seeing your post, didn’t read through it as I don’t have the time to read essays. Two things…One I have a lot better things to do, if you’re so busy stalking my posts you would see I post once throughout the day. I post because Chatte has been ridiculous about this. Second, intimidated by Chatte? lololol…no Lori, no… I’m not intimidated by her at all. You’re picking at straws. By all of her sayings I’m entitled to share my opinion of her writing, and her general reaction to NH being canon that she chose to share for the world to see. My opinion is that her reaction has been that of an incredibly spoiled child, and it’s laughable and pathetic. I choose to share that on every ridiculous post she has shared throughout all this.

        jemma (3 years ago)

        i thing he is so cool i love naruto…gosh if he was ever in the same contry as me i would thank him in person but i can because he lives in japan “どうもありがとうございました
        Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita” so a typed one will have to do xxx naruto and hinata for life xx

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          And what does this have to do with anything we’re discussing here?

      getoverit (3 years ago)

      funny how you get your sources from tumblr and tweets without credibility, and making junko look she is dismayed about naruhina when in reality she was suprised but still cheered them on. and that yahoo was pretty much rigged when there are reviews written in english. here is my source what do you have? you’re welcome to make more fake statements though.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        And you know from where that was taken? From Nikkan Sports magazine or something along the lines. You know what is known for that particular magazine? Yup, gossip magazines. So shush! Of course they did so much money if they didn’t allow refunds.
        My sources are Tumblr because those are the people that went and witnessed everything with their own eyes, not some site that deals with general impressions of the movie that doesn’t even care about other details but to report what every other website like them already reported.
        So yes, my sources are the people. The people you can ask yourselves and check with.
        Paint it how much you want, this is the truth you keep saying I nitpick when all you do is nitpicking at the fact that there is a good majority of NH/SS fandom (oh, so “unexpected”!) that likes the movie and that’s it.
        Suit yourself. Sources are there, everyone can check with their own two eyes.

          getoverit (3 years ago)

          like rtn wasn’t guilty when they mislead fans when promoting characters like sasuke, kakashi and hinata. please you make it sound that those 200+ reviews make the voices of the majority when i saw more than half are incoherent japanese and english. please if you want to be credible make sure you get non shipping credible sources at tweeter and tumblr that the very least are not blinded with shipping goggles.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          chatte: actually those numbers were taken from a movie data analysis firm in japan. Note the drop from the numbers reported earlier. Even with the opening weekend I still I think it’s too early to compare naruto the last with road to ninja.

          On day one their analysis said that naruto the last is poised to go past 2 bill yen. So what if this doesn’t happen? It would certainly suggest that something strange happened (i.e. the fans are pissed).

      Naruhina (3 years ago)

      who gives a shit i certainly dont give a fuck i was waiting for this since the anime came out!! so u and the rest of these butt hurt people could fuck off if u dont like the movie!!!

    Grendel (3 years ago)

    You do know that many people pre-ordered the movie before SP leaked the spoilers, right? After the spoilers, a lot of JP naruto fans wanted a re-fund but no re-funds were allowed. All the money made the day it was released is inconsistent. Quit being in denial. If you want to go watch that crap, then go ahead.

      curious (3 years ago)

      if the movie is a crap, I wonder why there’s people kept on going to the cinema for it..I mean the same people that had already watched it.. it seems the movie is quite addicting eh =]

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Because it was marketed as The Last movie in the franchise, of course that people will go see it. That doesn’t mean they’ll be satisfied by it as neither does the ticket he payed that helped collect its big cash reflect its quality. A thing people seem to not be able to grasp nowadays…

          (^^) (3 years ago)

          what I don’t get is that why did a number of people actually thought the last was going to be about all the other characters and tying loose ends. it was clear from the very first promotions and leaks that this was going to be the last movie that would be about naruto (not the last movie per se) and that it will be about romance. about the loose ends – they cant finish everything in the movie and the last chapter because they have the miniseries to set up for it. I also agree with the others, the trend of how the movie is doing well does not explain the no refund outcry. there should have been a significant drop after the first few showings but the LAst have proven to have consistent good flow of movie goers.

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Actually it wasn’t from the beginning. In the beginning they pushed for Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke with a sprinkle of Naruto and Sakura. Only aftor the tickets got sold they started with the real advertising. That’s why people have a problem with it. Especially since the manga per se had lots of unfinished plots. Also the movie barely made 2 billion whereas for what it meant it should have exceeded that. They didn’t even make profit out of it. And the movie doing well is part of the no-refund policy because if refunds were to be allowed, not even those two billion would’ve been acquired. Movie goers that are NH or SS yeah, they were happy, but the majority wasn’t. So no, the point is nothing was clear, it was built upon lies and at the end of the day a good majority of fans are dissatisfied with it given the manga’s content.

Divergent (3 years ago)

Nh fandom can’t get over the fact that the sales was high because of the false advertisement and IT IS THE LAST thats why fans from japan came to give appreciation for the movie but they didn’t know all of this would be full of naruhina even the main characters were neglected. I really hate that commercial about sakura and hinata. Without further explanation the rate of the yahoo japan is 100% legit. Still nh fandom thinks it’s a fraud. You wanna know what’s the real fraud? It’s the movie so accept the fact that there’s haters.

Also sasuke should be the one together with naruto when his childhood memories appeared not hinata. What the hell did hinata do for him can someone answer me aside from giving him the ointment and being a stalker? There’s so many errors and holes that any TRUE FAN CAN POINT OUT. The only one that gain something from the movie was Hinata that’s why i started to hate her after this oh and also scarf-kun.

    Funny (3 years ago)

    Man, you’re simply calling the Japanese, of donkeys. When you go to see a movie without knowing what you’ll see? (Never). That would be pretty dumb, stop, invent things, this does not and real.

    Funny (3 years ago)

    Yahoo has always been open to all, that is, my cousin, only 2 years have an account there, if not is enough for you, “The Last Naruto Movie” is not a story about Sasuke, first we had 15 years sasuke, second because he wanted a story of the naruto and hinata. You do not attended and acts as if you had seen. I saw, I was not a fan of NH, even more so, I was happy.

    kevin (3 years ago)

    the last probably refers to the fact that its the last movie with naruto himself as the centre, all things that were expected couldnt all have been put in the movie, hence the side novels coming out, which will probably explain and give more insight

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

This is all so entertaining to me lol. I wish I knew about these shipping wars from the beginning. I mean ok it’s all well and good to ship whatever “couple” you want, but to reach the point of trying to run down the man’s work out of bitterness from not getting your way. I mean that shows what classless, tasteless, trash you people are as human beings. How much you guys are lacking in your own lives by trying so hard to compensate for whatever you lack by putting so much time and effort to not only over analyze 15 years worth of writing, but beyond that to now put that same amount of effort to run down Kishi’s work. I mean you guys don’t see how much trash that makes you people? It’s like watching five year olds not get the present they wanted for Christmas. I’m not the type to talk so lowly of people, but this is how low you guys have stooped. It’s embarrassing and tasteless. I mean even if you wanted to share that yahoo Japan is removing negative reviews that’s fine, but at least have the decency to acknowledge that there are just as many positive reviews to do unbiased writing, but you’re so biased and such worthless trash you don’t have the decency to do even that. As a Naruto fan you should have the maturity and decency to respect what Kishi’s accomplished, to appreciate that a staple of so many people’s lives is coming to an end and to support those who are fans of Naruto. Instead you’re so blinded by your sunken ship that you show your true colours of how immature and spoiled you are. It’s like watching the Kadarshians or one of those retarded reality shows, where you know the people on it are trash, but they’re so ridiculous you can’t help but watch.

    getoverit (3 years ago)

    neither do i, i started joining this shipping wars when i stumbled ship on ship combat article at tvtropes and the time naruto ended was curious at how the losing side reacted and boy im at disbelief, they’re making shipping more important when this wasn’t a focus in the story, i can understand if its harem and romance genre as focus but naruto? what was in their minds?

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      getoverit: ship combat article? don’t even compare this to combat. so is this what people do to think they’ve made a difference? i’m angry with kishimoto for selling me dreams when I was a child and not coming through in the end. I’m a customer so I have the right to be angry but please whoever thinks this is some war or thinks they’re making a difference in life just stfu

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        @anonymous, how did he fall through on delivering on those dreams? Naruto has become Hokage, got everyone in the village to acknowledge him, protected all of his friends and loved ones multiple times, brought peace to the world, and did all this through hard work, and perseverance. Aren’t those the core dreams of Naruto as told throughout the story? So in essence the only dream that “fell through” is Narusaku… Naruto ever declared that his dream throughout the story?? Hmmm no, he never stated that to be one of his dreams did he?? So in essence that was pretty much your dream wasn’t it. So Kishi failed to deliver your shipping dream. Is that Kishi’s fault or your own?? Hmmmm lol.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          TTrasengan: I have to disagree and will add that MANY MANY people (in japan) are also dissapointed with kishimoto, especially after the last naruto the movie.

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        @anonymous you disagree that Kishi delivered on Naruto’s dreams? And your statement is based on online posts, some of which are NS shippers?? At the end of the day yes I won’t deny the movie probably got a good amount of negative reviews in Japan. It also got a just as many positive reviews, so please stop cherry picking for the sake of your bitterness.The story of Naruto has so many characters that have many fans. So of course the natural outcome is that those who are say Sasuke fans are going to hate the fact that Sasuke wasn’t heavily featured. The same applies to all the other characters. This is a Naruhina movie at the end of the day. Does this mean the entire movie is a failure or destroys 15 years of work? I hate to burst your bubble, but no it doesn’t equate to that. It just means Kishi wasn’t able to please everyone… and that there are a bunch of spoiled, immature brats in the world who are bitter about not getting their way even though it’s their own fault for only seeing what they wanted to see and not what was actually there.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          TTrasengan: I have no problem with naruhina as the endgame. Actually, Hinata would make a great wife. The problem is that kishimoto should’ve dealt with narusaku before going on to naruhina. If he had dealt with narusaku properly in the first place then he wouldn’t have needed genjutsu and retcon to make naruhina happen. The problem with kishimoto is that he half-arses everything. Chapter 700 turned out to be so weak for an ending. I think kishimoto was more preoccupied with making and exposing characters for his spin-off than actually making naruto hokage. It wouldn’t have surprised me if kishimoto said that he forgot about naruto’s dream of being hokage and rememberer again for the sake of making a next-generation spin-off.

          Kishimoto is playing the money game and japanese fans are now like “Fine you wanna play the money game? Let’s play the money game.”

          curious (3 years ago)

          When you bring up sasuke in your comment, I realized that he didn’t showed up in the 6th movie…but no one made a ruckus bout it XD..

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Because those movies didn’t promised the end of a series where all character arcs have to be properly solved which The Last didn’t. Really, if you’re going to defend this movie, make sure you know that you really understand the criticism it is brought to it first and then say that “no one made a ruckus about it”.

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        @anonymous I can only partially agree with what you’re saying. Chapter 700 could’ve ended better with a little more depth into some of the major points throughout the story. However at the same time, there is so much content that would have to be covered the final chapter would’ve had to been waayyy longer than it was. While I think the final chapter could have been better, I don’t believe it was weak, nor do I believe he was preoccupied with the idea of spin offs, and making money. I think the spin offs and all that are necessary given that it’s 15 years worth of story here. I don’t think a story like this can truly end without pissing off a lot of people. At the end of the day Naruto’s world kept getting bigger and bigger throughout those 15 years, and give credit where credit is due, Kishi managed to intertwine so many stories and characters despite the vastness of Naruto’s world and all the characters. So while you may be quick to turn against Kishi based on having the opinion that the ending was poor, I don’t share your sentiment… and while the ending could’ve been better, I know I couldn’t do any better at all, so I still have the utmost respect for what he’s accomplished and the ending he chose to give us. If you feel so strongly about it, go start writing your own manga.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    As an artist, the moment you share your work with the public, you open it up for criticism. But it’s something silly people over the internet like you seem to not grasp so good. I mean, criticism of any sorts seems to be a totally alien concept to you, as if The Last: Naruto the movie is the only movie in this damn world that has received criticism, of any sorts.
    Hell, it must be that Critics Choice Awards is a fake event with fake people because those people are there because they’re just “bitter” and don’t have anything to do than to run down other people’s work, ne?

      getoverit (3 years ago)

      hypocrisy at it’s finest

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      Lol Chatte, yes movies garner negative criticism based on an overall objective view of the story. Your criticisms aren’t objective, they’re based on your personal bias for a ship that never sailed, based on a potential romance that only made up a small fraction of the overall story. So please don’t speak about reviews and criticism. You’re not doing objective criticism, you’re not doing unbiased writing, this, for you, is just sour grapes. At least have the decency to admit it.

        Geralt (3 years ago)

        TTrasengan – you have to actually be a fan of the series to understand why so many people are disappointed. Unfortunately Kishi decided to develop too much romance and thus split up fandoms years ago. Instead of sticking to one pairing and developing it he developed multiple possible outcomes. He should have focused more on the story and action as this is a shonen manga. He even admits he is embarrassed to write romance yet still does. The other big problem is that he never resolved everything within the manga and so they made a movie to do it for him. The movie only focused on one pairing and left out the other unresolved issues in the manga. Even if NaruSaku isn’t your cup of tea, it was the most developed pairing and was gutted for this movie and to make sense of the last chapter. Fans become fans because they enjoy a show, they know what to expect, however when a character changes out of nowhere and does something against the fans expectations, like not being themselves, it can really hurt someones opinion of the series. As for me, I was always a fan of the manga, I won’t be able to read the manga now because I know the story won’t lead to the outcome, it feels pointless. Kishi should have left romance out and focused solely on the story and the action, like Oda does with One Piece, or Toriyama did with DBZ. Romance unfortunately brings about the greatest angst. Still though, I’m not saying Kishi is a bad artist or author, I just feel like his final decisions were too influenced : (

AVINASH SHARMA (3 years ago)


    getoverit (3 years ago)

    CAPSLOCK, lol, salty much?

    Naruhina (3 years ago)

    are u fucking stupid everybody knows about his fucking dream why cant the movie be about naruhina just because they didnt show sasuke or watever the fuck u guys are mad about. i dont give a fuck i have been waiting for this since day 1! oh and btw there will be another movie where naruto will be hokage so stop fucking crying theres a reason why in the trailer they put 12.5!!!

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      I stopped at “just because they didn’t show Sasuke”. You my friend just did the biggest sacrilege… I’ll leave you in your canon dreamworld! Adieu!

Atro (3 years ago)

Lol, this is all so ridiculous. From a non-shipper point of view, the ending was total trash. Period. And so is the movie (I still can’t believe I paid actual money to watch it). Naruto went from being a story about friendship and never giving up to a fuckfest where everyone suddenly has kids and to make things worse, the movie that had to “explain” everything makes everyone but Naruto and Hinata non-existant.

If you cared for something other than your stupid pairings, you would see all we got was no closure after 15 years. What happened to the Hokages, what’s with Orochimaru? How’s everyone dealing with the war and all the loss it caused? How did Naruto become hokage? 699 episodes waiting for that and we don’t even get to see it?! Why is Hinata not the great leader of he clan and just a housewife instead? Why isn’t Sakura kicking ass as the greatest med ninja instead of being all happy she has a kid with the man she “loved” (who tried to kill her THREE TIMES) even though he’s nowhere to be seen? Cause apparently, quoting Mr Kishimoto, “it would make her look bad if she changed her mind” EXCUSE ME? What makes her look bad is being such a stupid idiot that she wouldn’t! But then again, we’d have to address the issue of almost every woman in Naruto being so plain their only dreams are to be next to a man, as if they’re worthless by themselves.

There were so many things that could’ve been shown on that episode, but no, let’s just talk about something that had no importance whatsoever in the whole manga without even explaining it. Cause I guess it couldn’t end at 705.. You wanted to go that route, fine. At least give me pages that make me care about it! Instead, I get 2 hours of a Naruto who behaves nothing like himself, who spent 700 episodes being a douchbag, and who now gives up at the first sign of trouble. Are you kidding me?

A fine ending would’ve been Naruto and Sasuke standing on the top of that freaking mountain, because THAT is what the story was about. But no, “my ship is cannon” and that’s all that matters. As ridiculous as those ranting NS shippers who only complain because their ship didn’t happen are those who can’t see past their stupid cannon ship and have a critical opinion on the matter. The only ship I cared somewhat about was Shikamaru and Temari (hello, cannon!) and I still thought the ending was utter shit. Because Shiktema or not, it was!



    getoverit (3 years ago)

    lay off with the salt man, get some calcium. and no i’m not getting out of this page Not when I want to see your temper tantrums

      Z (3 years ago)

      Why are you even here? Did you seriously only come on here to stir up the people who are ACTUALLY looking at the facts, reading what the people are saying, and trying to present those facts to the public? The only thing you are accomplishing by being here, is showing everyone just how desperate the NaruHina fandom is to make sense of this movie.
      Looking at the rating on Yahoo Japan, reading some of the comments, seeing how much Japan hates the movie, it shows how bad this movie is. And don’t give me the bullshit of “It generated more money than RTN.” This movie is the only movie that didn’t allow refunds, meaning after people saw the spoilers and pictures, they couldn’t get there money back and they had to watch the movie. Yes SOME people liked the movie. But a great majority of them hate it with a passion and they will speak their mind. People like you, who are only here to troll, make me sick.

        Someone (3 years ago)

        You know what else Japan thought was shit: Cowboy Bebop and Akira

        simba (3 years ago)

        what? here to read about FACTS??? haha, facts and narusaku shouldnt even be used in the same sentence, because it has been proven, everytime, that the last is doing well and that those who did not like the movie are not the majority. stop embarrassing yourselves into claiming you have facts

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Oh dear, you poor soul… Keep believing that is doing well despite not being able to cover up its production costs for everything that surrounded this movie. There are so many things to take into consideration when saying a movie is doing good. But please, do continue to believe so, nevertheless. :)

      natasukeroro (3 years ago)

      You just want some attention u Attention whore! Get out of this page! You do not respect people’s opinion. Your just a lonely little troll who knows how to touch a keyboard and Quite u non-sense comment!

EP (3 years ago)

With movie reviews and video game reviews you have to realize 100 or 200 reviews is only 100-200 opinions among the thousands or even millions who watched the movie/game, and the angry people are always the most vocal about somethinf they don’t like so they spew hate threw w/e outlet they can. There’s so many times where a videogame gets a low score but actually wasn’t a bad game at all.

If you could sell the Naruto ending there would be a lot of bad reviews simply cause everyone wanted something else. If NaruSaku was canon then the NH and SS shippers would be smashing the 1-2 star rating, same thing happens with NH ending, no matter what it’s going to anger a lot of people.

Kishimoto already said The last is Naruto going through one last stage of development, which was love, I guess the kind of love that will pull all kinds of emotions out of him, like jelousy, anger, happiness. Naruto and Hinata were all over the advertisement in this movie, So there’s no way they misled people into thinking this movie was anything other than romance between the two.

    getoverit (3 years ago)

    It’s a bit sad that the sweetest chapter (a brother returning, a dream of being Hokage fulfilled, and a loving family in a loving home) of Naruto’s life would summon the most bitter of hate among fans of the losing side.

      Atro (3 years ago)

      Seeing as you have words for everyone I was hoping you’d reply to my previous comment and address the issues I posted, but I guess that would require actual arguments..

        EP (3 years ago)

        The loose ends are most likely going to be tied up in part 3, that’s probably why Kishimoto is making it in the first place. Initially I was disappointed with how short the ending was, but then I realized part 3 is when we will get a answer for a lot of things. We can’t really say there’s loose ends until the story is finally 100% completed and there’s no more canon movies or manga chapters being created.

        If I had to guess I’d say Sakura is still a medic Ninja and there’s probably not much work for her to do in this time a peace. The panel with Tenten showed she couldn’t sell any weapons because there’s not much going on anymore. I don’t think anyone in the Ninja world has come down with series sicknesses other than Itachi. It’s either Sakura’s day off or there’s nothing series that needs her help going on.

        As for Hinata leading her clan, why should she put them first when they treated her like crap her whole life and said she was worthless and couldn’t be the heir. They replaced her with Hanabi, that was the whole point. Hinata doesn’t have anything to prove to her father or her clan, she became stronger because Naruto encouraged her while no one else did, and that’s why she values him over her father who treated her like crap.

        The message isn’t “I trained hard with Naruto as my inspiration so I can prove to my father and my clan that I am worth to lead them after they treated me like shit, and do what they wanted me to do.”

        It’s “I trained hard cause Naruto believed in me when no one else did, and I will find my own path”

        She doesn’t need to do what her father wants her to do, she can do w/e she wants with her life. Her father was a asshole anyways.

          Mat (3 years ago)

          Technically their relationship improved, as well as the relationships within the clan itself, though I don’t know if Hanabi remained as clan heiress or if Hinata was renamed as the heiress, or the whole thing was settled. Either way a lot of stuff will be explained in the movie and in Part 3 but people are narrow minded sometimes and let their emotions cloud their judgement. They see only what they want to see instead of the big picture.

          EP (3 years ago)

          Her relationship with her family improved because she developed through Naruto and became stronger, by the time the war arc hit she was fighting alongside Neji and her dad as a capable hyuga. The thing is though, Naruto is the reason she got that far, not her dad, not her clan, not even her team. People are so hung up on the fact Naruto is her main inspiration to realize that he was the only one who believed in her at all and pushed her forward. So of course Naruto is more important to her than anyone else, they never gave a shit about her.

          Yeah I agree about the big picture part. When you read chapter 700 and then hear about a mini series part 3, you know that 700 wasn’t the complete ending. If 700 was suppose to be the complete ending, Kishi would of had to make the chapter much much longer.

          In the end he just decided to expand the ending into part 3, which I’m glad he did so we can get a long and full ending.

ZZZ (3 years ago)

Butthurt and ignorant NH trolls here are funny to watch. The truth is exactly as Chatte said. You can’t deny the poor rating when there are several comments putting down the movie by fans, and when those comments get the highest “helpfulness” ratings. Never have I seen a post about Japanese fans actually saying that they like the ending. You keep using the fact that the movie is making so much money but your point is ambiguous at best since they are fraud and did not allow refunds. Go and enjoy your own canon, coming here makes you seem butthurt and salty. Chatte is not either of those because all she is doing is trying to entertain us with the failiure of the movie.

Lies (3 years ago)

Same old same old with the hating, I see.
I think the ” Cheers ” theme song would be appropriate here by now.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if some people on here made a mistake in their search engine, though.
Isn’t this below the competition you’re so eager to win?
Don’t worry you’ve shown us how low you can go, integrity first. Don’t be worried you’ll come off as the two little engines that couldn’t. You’ll do fine.

Cause.. you know.. we’re all starting to have our suspicions by now. Lol

Kira (3 years ago)

Eh, I wonder what Kishi and SP were thinking by ONLY focusing on NH.

I actually kinda like NH, though I think that Kishi did make her a bit to singleminded regarding Naruto. Literally “Naruto kun” is like 50-70% of her vocabulary. Her bonds with everyone else and her dreams for the future that do not involve Naruto are pretty much non existent.

Kishi and SP could have given NH a bit less exposition and give Sasuke and Kakashi some actual role instead of all this fake advertising. Sasuke’s line about protecting on the promotional material turned out literally to be his only one. LOL…not. And what was the point of making Kakashi hokage if nothing came out of it? Why not keep Tsuande as a hokage till Naruto takes over?

Hell, they could give SasuSaku some more exposure and give it more cute moments to show it as a parallel to NH or something. That way both NH and SS fans would be pleased.

Even Sakura…put to the role of a mere love cupid and having her own romantic dreams discarded. Damn, if SS was not an option in this movie for whatever reason then Kishi and SP could have given Sakura a better role that a love councilor or (at least they did not do THAT) an alternative love interest for Naruto to give some love triangle tension. Why not give her more badass kickassery moments… like punching that lame idiot Toneri in the face?

Instead we got a VERY pleased NH fandom…and pretty much all other major fandoms and shipdoms left disappointed. Even the SasuNaru bond which is so much loved in Japan and given so much focus in the manga was left completely neglected.

Instead of Naruto the Last it should be Naruto the Love. Or Naruhina the Love.

Cookie (3 years ago)

This is what you get Kishi for messing up the ending in Naruto. This is just like DBZ man. Watch in a couple of years, they’re going to announce “Naruto GT”

HalfDemonInuyasha (3 years ago)

Gotta love the haters who try to project themselves onto others by calling them “salty” and such. Those people making such accusations are the ones who actually have only kept up with Naruto solely for the pairing results. Are there NS fans who are simply mad that they didn’t get together? Of course there are, but they’re clearly in the minority of the fandom in this case.

The rest of us have kept up for the story; the plot and character development.

The negativity toward the movie is far more about the unnecessary retcons to the manga, the character assassinations of those we have spent years with, all for the sake of forcing through a pairing for profit, and the fact that we’re told things will be “explained” and “resolved” and yet nothing actually is. And the negativity toward NH is not because of people being “salty”, but because of the fact that when you actually read the manga, look at the all symbolism and parallels, read the words and watch the actions of the characters, then the pairing itself simply makes no sense and is completely inconsistent with what was built up in the manga.

I mean, what if the new Star Wars movies had Luke Skywalker suddenly acting like a total douchebag older man towards everyone, including his friends, with no explanation for his behavior at all while simultaneously forcefully retconning events from Episodes IV, V, and VI? Wouldn’t ANY Star Wars fan cry foul and demand real explanations, point out why it makes no sense, why making such retcons is stupid and unnecessary? Then, how would such fans feel if they were suddenly told they “misunderstood” everything from the first trilogy and seeing interviews contradicting themselves? Wouldn’t that piss off fans as a whole even more?

THAT is the biggest reason for the negativity toward The Last. Even most NS fans I’ve seen are telling “salty”-accusers to FORGET about the pairings for a moment as they try to explain why they feel the way they feel and what do such NH/SS fans do? Accuse the NS fan of being “salty” about not getting their pairing yet again, completely ignoring and brushing aside everything they say.

    Lies (3 years ago)

    Spot on

JoeBlow (3 years ago)

People need to stop blaming the NaruSaku fans for these negative reviews. How big can their representation be in the overall percentage of people that watched the movie? The percentage of NaruHina fans is huge, so why isn’t Road to Ninja (which is considered a “NaruSaku movie”) being dominated by negative reviews also? Why aren’t SasuNaru and NaruHina fans negatively reviewing that movie to death?

According to reviews that have been translated, people aren’t even griping about the fact that NaruSaku “isn’t canon.” They’re bothered by the fact that Naruto is extremely OOC and why Hinata, a side character with less than 20 panels of importance, is getting such a significant role. WHY isn’t the last Naruto movie centered around the MAIN characters and the restoration of their bond after several years of fighting to protect it? Sasuke, who is basically the second main character, gets ONE line. From what I’ve heard, Kakashi and Sai also don’t have roles of significance, either. (And who cares about Yamato, right?) Also, this movie does nothing to tie up the plotholes in chapter 700 (what happened to Orochimaru?) Yes, the film was said to be a love story, but that was AFTER several tickets had been sold.

People also claim that it’s the western fans that are causing such a ruckus and posting negative reviews. You’ve got to be kidding me. If so many western fans know Japanese, why aren’t there a majority of western NaruHina fans running to the movie’s rescue? Face it, the overwhelming majority doesn’t seem to like this movie. Nobody is “butthurt” or “salty” shippers. They want the REAL Naruto back. And they want Team 7 to be given the restoration and screen time it deserves.

Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

Bad news: somebody from NaruSaku leaked the truth that NaruSaku fans organised and decided to create multiple Yahooo acounts in order to take revenge on Kishimoto by giving negative rates and “reviews” on the japanese sites. Busted.

Also, japanese never asks refund, because their cultural tradition not allow it. They watch then ranting if they didn’t like it. Busted.

    Mani (3 years ago)

    Can we have a link please? I’d like to see for myself c:

    HalfDemonInuyasha (3 years ago)

    And yet you can’t provide an actual source to prove it and just expect everyone to take your here-say for it?


      Lies (3 years ago)

      No need believe it either.
      If it’s not that, then they’ll go on and suggest every non-Japanese narusaku knows descent Japanese. They’ll always find things to spam about.

      I’ve seen negative comments being deleted with my own eyes. At first I didn’t believe it, cause, you know, it’s Utterly Despicable.
      I was just scrolling the comment section on the site and reading every single one of the recent ones. Even the positive ones, yes ( I do refer to the comment I wrote above about how to deal with your menstrual cycle if you’re gonna hate again about people on a narusaku page being biased Lol. Wait a minute?! Narusaku page.. being..positively… info towards.. narusaku?? Much smart. So logic ). None of them were insulting, very few had grammar inconsistensies, both positive and negative ( we’re all human ). Some were long, some were short. Some had many likes, some had few, some had none. I’ve personally only seen like, dunno, three English ones with skipping through the pages yesterday.
      Yet, I leave to copy the link to someone. And when I open it again and click on a negative one I hadn’t read, it wasn’t accessable anymore. And some of the previous negative ones just disappeared. I didn’t look for every single English one or something, but the one that was posted yesterday was gone. Japanese ones I read recently were gone. Conveniently also the one that questioned why some comments were being deleted next to its content.
      Coincidence that only the rating matters? Not the right of expressing yourself?
      Face it little lurkers.

      Freedom of speech my ass. But I guess we’re used to that and all, with all the stalker hate telling us ” we so wrong “, ” we so bad “, ” we so hypocrite “, ” we so alpaca ” for expressing an opinion that doesn’t suit the canon-dicktatorship.
      Yes you read that right.

      No サービス ( service ) in Japan? Hm, strange for a country that hires staff specifically to provide service for customers.
      Them fucking over dear customers would seem to me to be out of the ordinairy.
      It is not Usual for a customer to demand a refund. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be offered. If it wasn’t clearly said to be offered, and they go out of their way to ask for it (1) and are declined the possibility and Then they still even feel the need to be out front and complain (2) about the fact that refunds weren’t available, then some shit hit the fan.
      If it is handled properly, Japanese people won’t fuck over the reputation of someone for no reason, for it to be spread even overseas afterwards.
      Or it has to be a Real big hater. Hm strange they aren’t hate-spamming on this page also then.

Grendel (3 years ago)

Naruto is a joke. I can’t beleive I decided to get back in the series. Honestly, if I had known it was going to end this badly, I would have never got back into it in the first place.

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    WoW I read all the comments and cant belief how senile some people are… and to the fact that some dont even know that everybody in this world knows what love is.. From animals to humans disregarding race or being .. we all know what love is even before we know the word.. cause before knowing the word we all know love is a feeling.. Still many try to belittle this feeling and give it a label like it makes any difference.. Naruto not knowing what love is lol is that joke of course he knows what it means he is been craving it since he was a birth.. love of family.. love of thy neighbor..or so call acknowledgement.. without even watching the movie yet I realize how one sided Hinata and Naruto were made.. reason who knows it has not been clearly stated.. Why it was one sided cause it never was never part of the manga.. Naruto never exchange anything with Hinata other then compliments of admiration and support..Regardless of Sakura .. Naruto never understood Hinata. If you take everything Naruto did for Sakura and only look at what He did for Hinata or Hinata to him.. what do you have .. really what do you have how many chapters would have been there.. Would Naruto has gone after Sasuke? Would Naruto had a reason to leave the village..

    People don’t realize what Naruto did he did it for Sakura not for Sasuke not for anybody else.. Sakura was the moving force behind everything that he did or developed after.. Common misconception is to think he did it for Sasuke.. If Naruto would have been interested in Hinata then Sasuke would not have been a priority it would have been Neji it would have been make Hinata strong so she can be clan heir and other stuff. the focal point of the manga would have shifted and they Hyuga clan would have taken a lot more presence..

    It was a cheap long shot that Kishimoto and whoever else behind this making Hinata more important then anybody when in x number of chapters in the manga she was not.. not even in RTN when she had small clips one with how Hinata had a superior body to Sakura and the other Hinata claiming rights to Menma..but the killer of all was the last line Sakura gave when Naruto ask for a date.. I have already been on a long date with you.. why would she consider that a date at all? instead of saying I would never go on a date with you and friend zone him..

    All I can conclude is that either Kishimoto did not know how to pair Naruto with Sakura yet which was kinda of obvious how..or he was force to end the manga that way.. He might have been force to suit up Hinata as a rival since the manga was ending .. he could not longer delay this but if you look at the moments NS overshadows HN moments in the last arcs..Which leads me to belief he still had design rights not story-line wise rights. Someone else was running the story-line shots..

    At the end of 699 it was hinted a final fight which I was to belief it was over Sakura but as the movie spoilers have mention Sasuke don’t make much of an appearance.. so this never happens regardless of motive..Still regardless of how much we complaint the damage to the story is already done..Unless Kishimoto states the movie cannot be taken as canon..if not this story is a lie or is yaoi..

    To me this feels like Superman saving Lex Luthor and marries Lana instead of Loise.. and have knelt before an enemy..I am old..

      [email protected] (3 years ago)

      The driving force behind everything Naruto has done was Naruto and to a lesser extent Sasuke. That is what is so damn good about Naruto. It is about going after YOUR dreams and never give up on the people YOU care for. Not about doing anything to finally bang some chick.

    Lies (3 years ago)

    @ Marie
    Can you back that up?
    Screenshots, sites etc.
    Provide us with Japanese originals as apparantly that’s the only opinion that matters.
    Hand us some non-biased things to respect this pages bias and make it legit to everyone, give us facts, not tumblr posts motivated by the annoyance towards a specified group of people. He could’ve been constipated and felt the need to rant for all we know.
    Do proof us wrong with descent data.
    I’m sure nobody would be against the thing that could miraculously save the 15 years story, we read and love, for all of us.
    I’m talking about the primary info. Give us raw information, not gossip, that’s not an opinion on what Japanese people supposedly think, so we can analyze ourselves and you can analyze it equally.
    Then we’ll have something to talk about.

    As for the yahoo rating site as confirmation? As stated above I’ve read through of the yahoo site comments, what he says about it is generalized bullshit. He didn’t read it. If he did, he read very selectively. A lot of negative comments give elaborate analyses of the movie, these people went out of their way to write a comment that’s probably going to be deleted. And did, it’s a shame really, too bad they don’t leave it on there long enough and people aren’t allowed to express themselves, huh.
    The positive ones’ content in fact is a lot about impressions and feels instead of going deeper into the content. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a review. Yet nobody is suggesting in the same sentence about how negative comments aren’t going deep enough in the content that, equally as much, positive comments aren’t either. Lets be realistic about this.
    Also, no where have I personally seen insulting statements either on that site. Provide me one, however useful you believe that would be.
    I do not know of these other “fanbases” which spread misinformation, either. Do provide those ones too. So we can see that for ourselves as he himself didn’t, even after feeling the absolute need to suggest the negativity and “wrongfulness” of their existence. Seems pretty unconvincing of an argument if you think about it.

    The only thing clear on that topic is that negative comments are, in fact, disappearing, whether they be Japanese, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, English, long, short, polite, inpolite, elaborate, clear-cut, blue, green, potato, potato.
    This was the incentive of this blogpost I’m sure, in case you hadn’t noticed.
    So that won’t cut it. Try again.

Awesome (3 years ago)

Please GET OVER IT. I know i havent seen the movie yet but everything you guys are complaining about as said.. when at the end of chapter 700. Kishi said THIS STORY IS ABOUT LOVE. The damn picture for the CD was a picture of ONLY Naruto and Hinata. EVERY SINGLE TRAILER was basically showing its about Naruto and Hinata. The only valid thing i see is that yea… thinking it was the last Naruto movie for sure brought more people to watch. But before the movie came out it was said that there will be more surrounding the new generation.

Honestly,Ive seen so many bits and pieces of the movie i probably have seen the whole movie in like 100 broken up parts and i understand what they’re saying that yea some things just dont add up but its not enough to be overreacting. The trailors basically said one thing this story is about Naruto and Hinata. It was a red flag if not anything else that the other supporting character would be just that in this movie- Supporting Characters. And what do they do? They stay in the background.

hahahaha (3 years ago)

make your own movie hahahaha

Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

I’ll just add my two cents from someone who was in Japan when the movie came out. There were alot of people waiting in line outside when I went to watch it and from what I could tell the cinemas were all packed. There was even a little pre opening show with some dudes in costumes. The movie was alright in my opinion better than RtN no where near as bad as that one review made it out to be. The news over there was calling it a hit and stuff too but then again it IS japan.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    All movie theaters have lines outside on the weekends and especially true is when a new movie is released.

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      Anyway, the last: naruto the movie sold almost 400k tickets during opening weekend.

xxx (3 years ago)

well actually without being bias about parings in naruto there are many errors in the movie like how come hinata can be bullied since she was a heiress of hyuga im sure that hiashi or other hyuga clan will allow the brats to do that,naruto can do kagebunshin in his academy days isnt it the first time that he succeed in bunshin jutsu when he was with iruka?the last movie is not the last there is another movie will be airing on 2015 so the naruto staff lied since im sure that many people will come and watch the movie since it was a LAST movie of naruto.So there is nothing wrong about those review if its going to be last it must be a last movie .

    kevin (3 years ago)

    this is not the first time its been shown that hinata was bullied, it was shown in some episode of shippuden too, before her handler came and told her not to associate with naruto, at that point he tried to use “bunshin no justsu” all the ninja kids were,learning it at the academy

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      Yeah, another flashback fabricated by Studio Pierrot that never happened in canon.

        Slayer (3 years ago)

        Inaccuracies happen in canon-related shows all the time. Some that haunt me to no end is the many inaccuracies contained in the Yugioh Series as a whole. Half of the monsters didn’t have accurate effects. Towards the beginning of the first Yugioh series, most of the effects were completely off. Anyway, my REAL problem with the whole Naruto trying to protect Hinata when they were younger (besides the inaccuracies of course) is her bodyguard. He had one job and that was to watch over her. A jonin, who’s eyes should specialize in finding people, couldn’t keep track track of a young girl. Not just any girl, but the girl who would become the next leader (at that time at least) of the Hyuuga clan. Unless she was extremely stealthy as a child, the bodyguard didn’t seem to have much use. In fact, I don’t think he did ANYTHING useful in the entire series. Some argue that Sakura was pretty useless but at least she had some spectacular moments of use (unless Sasuke became involved, where she would become so love stricken that she wouldn’t anything). As far as I know, every character besides Hinata’s bodyguard did something worthwhile.

Kakashi (3 years ago)

people like you are bashing the ratings of the movie and most of the facts you presented are fake.. yahoo japan? i can write japanese using google translate.. and many of my friends knows japanese.. so what? check this out then talk:…..

    Lies (3 years ago)

    Good thing your argument needed to inferiorize the Japanese language, and apparantly the social/cultural significance of language learning in general.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Of course the naruto movie “dominated” in Japan. There aren’t any movies in Japan and it was the only movie which opened on that weekend.

    Anon (3 years ago)

    Just a subtle reminder that Star Wars: Attack of the Clones did really well at the box office too…

      Slayer (3 years ago)

      I did even know there was a movie with that title o.0

        Slayer (3 years ago)


          Anon (3 years ago)


          The ‘look it’s making money’ argument might be one of the dumbest defences I’ve ever seen from a shipper.

          Slayer (3 years ago)

          @anon OOH right. I forgot that that was the title of the movie. That movie was more or less destined to do at least somewhat well no matter how poor it was in terms of movie quality. Only because it provided more backstory into Star Wars franchise meaning that nearly every Star Wars fan was guaranteed to watch it.

anonymous (3 years ago)

The sukima switch CD on the last: naruto the movie soundtrack which used to be in the top-10 a few days ago fell out of the top-30 yesterday.

anon (3 years ago)

This is pretty sad. I guess people won’t stop criticizing Naruto and Kishi for their pairing not being canon. For god sakes grow up

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Yes, because indeed all I talked here was about pairings… pfft!

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      LOL Chatte your entire opinion is based on your ship. Please stop lying to yourself.

      anon (3 years ago)

      Chatte, you are one of the most single-minded people I’ve ever come across. Your entire hate for this movie is based of your hate for the canon pairings. Let me give you some advice, get over it. You look like an ignorant spoiled idiot who’s whining over spilled milk. NS extremist might love you, but to the rest of the fandom thinks of you as nothing but a fool.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Oh, “Anon” dear, if it would only be this way but we both know it’s not and it hurts because it’s the truth and a majority of fans hate this movie. But of course, I’m just an ignorant spoiled idiot… Plus, as if I give a hell of what other people might think of me. I have my own opinions and if you and those people who think of me as nothing but a fool, than so be it. I’d rather remain a fool but at least with a backbone…

          Slayer (3 years ago)

          Not going to lie. Despite not liking your ramblings all that much, every part of your response from “Plus, as if” was terrifyingly impressive

          anon (3 years ago)

          Then keep as it is; an opinion. You’re nothing but a hypocrite trying to shove your opinion on other.

          Slayer (3 years ago)

          Oh. Haha I just realized your original response in this comment chain. Until recently, the only thing you have been talking about is Naruto since it ended. More specifically (but still pretty general), that not NaruHina makes no sense when compared to NaruSaku and that Naruto and Sakura should have ended up together. I also know it is a common theme of NaruSaku fans to ask where the proof is for the NaruHina ship. Since the NaruSaku fans (here at least) won’t accept the clues of proof that they were given, then what about the movie? He falls in love with her in the movie. It has been said that it is canon. Naruto only liked (I don’t recall Naruto ever saying that he “loved” Sakura. If he does, I would like to know the chapter so I would have some background on it) Sakura because of a rivalry which has and will continue to happen in real life with younger kids who are rivals

Naruhina (3 years ago)

what the fuck why is all of u so fucking negative jesus like a bunch of 5 year olds crying about something thats irrelevant. this movie was made to finnallyyy show narutos love life! why the fuck do u all not wanna see that i am very happy with this movie even doe i haven’t seen it yet! but i pretty much know what this movie will be about and plus did u guys fucking forget obito told kakashi that he has to be hokage! how old is naruto like 19 and u guys want him to become hokage already jesus didn’t minato become hokage in fucking adult hood didnt he have a kid also so why the fuck are u guys getting mad at this movie and plus the movie is 12.5 for a reason and they did confirm that there will be a another movie coming soon. its called 12.5 for a reason dumb asses why the fuck will they make a movie and put 12.5 for no reason. 12.5 basically means half which means half of the fucking story. man all of u just enoy the fucking movie if u are a true naruto fan u will be very happy for this movie cause i sure as hell am. :) if u guys dont like the fucking movie go watch something else simple as that!!!

    Naruhina (3 years ago)

    12.6 sorry :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Indeed, I’m supposed to enjoy a movie who turned around all the Naruto cast and responded to nothing after 15 years of serialization… Give me a break…!

      anon (3 years ago)

      Even more evidence of you idiot hate for this movie. “Turned around all the Naruto cast”, is your own opinion sweetie. Don’t make it seem like it was actually suppose to end some other way. Stop crying over it and accept the fact that this IS the ending.

Ellen (3 years ago)

So you didn’t like the movie , that is your opinion and your own personal interests who are we to judge you on that , but on the other hand there are people who did enjoy the movie , and who are going to enjoy the movie . Our inability to understand and respect that we are allowed to disagree and to have different points of view has caused much conflict , your an example of that.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I’m an example of that? But excuse me, do you see me going down on people’s accounts and force my opinion on them like it happens to other sides? Hmm, you see, I think we’re having a bit of vision problem here… Am I even saying that people aren’t allowed to like it? Really, what’s with this argument to begin with?

Me (3 years ago)

Most of those bad ratings are from WESTERN kids that are mad because they wanted Sakura and Naruto to be a couple.
I’ve been reading some reviews on japanese websites and they even write it in english, they haven’t seen the movie for sure xD

I used to be a fan of Naruto, but after too much filler I started being a hater, now I’m going to watch the movie because Naruto and Hinata are a couple, I didn’t expect it and I think it’s going to be cool. Maybe this is the first good thing Kishimoto has done for years.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    NO, they aren’t. It’s the actual truth. These people cannot just magically learn Japanese over night, you know? It is a fact that by ending the way it did, Kishimoto ruined the series and it’s actually the worst thing Kishi could’ve done. Why? Well… look at the execution, the answer lies there. But to each their own, I guess…
    You can keep telling yourself that in Japan people are happy that NH is canon, but the actual truth is that the majority hated it. Why? Once again, look at the execution. But as I was saying, to each their own.

      Me (3 years ago)

      Fans are happy, haters gonna hate.
      I’ve always give bad ratings to everything related to Naruto, even without watching it. There are many haters in Japan, just as happens outside it.
      Of course some of those bad reviews are by fans that didn’t like it. But I’m sure that haters and the Narusaku fans (japs and foreigners) are majority in those websites, I’ve checked some of their profiles, they’re news, don’t have a profile pic, they have reviewed only 1 thing, “Naruto the last”, and as I’ve said, some of those comments aren’t even in japanese.

      But as a anime/manga fan I’ve to admit that Naruto sucks, Kishimoto is too damn bad at his job. Naruto is overrated and doesn’t deservers it’s popularity when there are a lot of shows so much better.

      Anyways, hasn’t it surpassed the money made by Road to ninja? You, I, Narusaku fans and many haters are going to watch the movie and Kishimoto would get even more money from us.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        No it hasn’t yet surpassed RtN’s gross earnings. Kind of unexpected for a movie that was said to be poised to top the 2 billion yen mark.

          Mat (3 years ago)

          Actually a reliable and unbiased source confirmed that Naruto the Last surpassed the 1 billion yen mark about a week or five days ago. Nine days into the screening it already reached the 1 billion mark when it took Road to Ninja 17 days.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          That’s exactly what I said in my previous posts: The Last surpassed the one billion mark. Though it hasn’t surpassed RtN’s total, yet. Also when they reported that The Last surpassed the one billion yen mark, the original Japanese source didn’t specify if it was during the weekend or if it was at the time of reporting and also, exact figures weren’t given. English-language sites that report it was on the 9th day are making their own conclusions. The original Japanese source was ambiguous in its reporting.

          I’m still placing bets on The Last falling short of two billion yen in gross revenues at the Japanese box office. The Last has been so persitent in shoving its product to people which leads me to think how it would be doing without such forceful marketing. The thought of The Last falling short of RtN would really hurt their brand so it’s no surprise that they would invest so much into making it seem like it’s a smashing success. If you try to look behind the scenes they still seem to be pumping so much money into this thing and I think for it to be comparable with past naruto movies we would have to look at the movies in terms of total net revenues.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          Also the Naruto franchise made a high risk/high profit move by its product rebranding (story retconning) which started with The Last and will move onto the next generation project. If you look at the past manga volume sales, they currrently are in a steep downward trend which could justify the risks they’ve taken as of late. They still haven’t given up on their plan and I’m thinking how are they planning on mitigating their losses. I think they’ll use the anime and the upcoming final storm game to provide some balance. Ultimately, I don’t think their risky behavior will bear much fruit and I think they have to be careful to not lose too much money in the span of the naruto franchise.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          They might also pander more to western audiences to reduce their losses.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          Mat: You were right about them pushing past the 1 billion yen mark on the 9th day. On the ninth day it grossed 1.04 billion yen. They didn’t report this until the 11th day, as opposed to the other movies which they had already reported their figures on the previous day. For this past weekend they did the same thing: they reported places 1 – 4 with their figures but skipped again on reporting for The Last which placed 5th this weekend. They’ll probably do it tomorrow.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          Because in Japan today is Emperor’s Birthday, The Last sold like a Satuday on a Tuesday. In contrast, RtN didn’t have any national holidays between its run. This and the opening weekend is what’ll make the difference between both movies. Also how they scammed Kakashi fans into thinking they’ll see Kakashi playing an active role as Hokage, and Sasuke play an active role with his Rinne/Sharingan.

          Most likely The Last will surpass RtN’s sales after day 21, specifically some time this next weekend. If they would give out the figures for the Last like they do for the other movies currently in the box office then it’d be easier to estimate when this’ll hapen.

          One thing to note is that by day 21, RtN grossed about 80 percent of its total run. It’s still very possible for RtN to surpass The Last in individual weekly sales from now on. The Last’s weekly sales have been in a steeper decline in comparison to RtN. Because of this, I have reason to believe The Last won’t surpass the 2 billion yen mark regardless of the fact that it’s been reported several times this is supposed to happen. Like I said the difference between the The Last and RtN will likely be the opening weekend and Emperor’s Birthday.

      elsa (3 years ago)

      oh dear here we go again with the “majority”. once and for all, SOME japanese did not like the movie because of the sasuke bait but MOST were satisfied. pls do not make it seem like your feelings are the same with the majority, it has been debunked over and over and over again. and if the last were as irrelevant as you try so hard to make it be, then why are you so dedicated into making sure to highlight its flaws, as if the last tanking would magically change the manga ending.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        It has been debunked by whom? The people @ Narutoforums? You really make me laugh. Yes, the majority of Japanese NH fans did like it. I didn’t even argue with that but the rest? Come on, we all know it. It’s a matter here of if we want to admit it or not, after all, it’s not like the serie’s end screams more success, on the contrary.

        Why do I dedicate my time to point out its flaws? Because that’s what I do. That’s mainly my specialty, ya know? Bad writing is bad writing, it’s as simple as that. I don’t care about the manga changing its end, as if I want to have such an end, lol. No, thank you, no thank you.

        My support for this series is gone, if you haven’t even gotten the idea by now. I did say it that Kishi’s last chance with the series’ sloppy “ongoings”, so to speak, was the movie. The movie is gone. And so are Kishi’s chances from my part with this series. It’s that simple.
        The whole agitation around is made by you guys, really, not me.
        I’m giving my opinions and that’s it. But then apparently you don’t like it so you need to blow it off.

        Really, any person with decent reading comprehension knows and understands why this movie and its implications are a flop. End of discussion.

Really? (3 years ago)

While retarded Naruhina fans keep throwing money at the screen Kishimoto is at his house like:

Nate marvel (3 years ago)

2.83 now. hahaha!

Mr. J (3 years ago)

Wait, stupid NaruSaku fans still exist. What happened to the mature ones? Sad that Sakura got all of those moments because she was the main character, compared to Hinata, who got a good amount of moments from what she could, which was a lot from her role. Also considering the fact that a lot of characters, including Minato, Sai, and Yamato, who saw Sakura’s SIDS for Naruto, but not Hinata’s. Oh right, because Sakura was his teammate who was doing what she was supposed to do. Please tell me how much Sakura would have mattered if she was a side character being replaced by someone else. How much would NaruSaku matter then? Not much to you all, since Naruto started off from liking Sakura just because she was pretty. Naruto liking a side character who hits on him. Nope. I’ve seen some smart fans who I do feel sympathy for. I even like their NaruSaku art. People like this are who I have no sympathy for, because they clearly believe that a couple ruined Naruto. Ignore Naruto becoming Hokage, ignore Sasuke coming back, ignore the world being saved. NARUSAKU DIDNT HAPPEN WAAAH. Get over it. This fan base is why I don’t like NaruSaku anymore.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Nice excuse, nice excuse. It’s not like Kishimoto is the author and could have given all the moments in the world to Naruto and Hinata in these 15 years, yet he didn’t. Excuses are easy to find, indeed. :)
    And the problem is that indeed a couple ruined Naruto, because in order for Naruto to look desperately in love, he had to be reprogrammed. That was the problem that affected every little other aspect. :)
    And you know it’s not just about Naruto becoming Hokage or Sasuke supposedly coming back though we have no clear indication of that and all the others. It’s the matter of how those things were done and no, it’s not because NaruSaku didn’t happen, but nice of you to try and paint it that way.
    And interesting projection you’ve got there at the end, what can I say?

Aurora0914 (3 years ago)

I was so disappointed with the last chapter, that I don’t even give a fuck about the movie. I’m not going to watch it, nor am I going to continue supporting Kishimoto in any way, shape or form. He completely betrayed an artist’s views – he pulled something completely out of his ass, and I’m really glad other people are seeing this. I hope that no one shows up to the movie. I hope he loses all his money, I hope he becomes bankrupt. I really hate materialistic people like him who value money over quality and over their own works and time.

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Bro (3 years ago)

Why? I’m a fan for 11 years. Why, so may bad reviews? i think the fan doesnt look further more into the what type of relationship there in Naruto. well, its pretty Masashi fault to not emphasize their relationship from the beginneing

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Shitimoto (3 years ago)

Can only agree with all the hatred.
My tip for people who didn’t watch the whole of Naruto yet… just stop watching after Pain…
After that the show goes downhill faster then you can say “filler”…

Ignore ALL movies ofc.
While the first one or two movies MIGHT have some entertainment value… the more developerd characters get, the more shallow they seem to be in the fillers / movies.

I would wish for a remake of the whole last arc. Like NGE. Just make one BIG movie. But make it GOOD… not like NGE… Just wet myself a bit from thinking about how bad THAT was… I stopped watching months ago, when Naruto was 99% fillers already, and i can only say… imagining the whole thing sounds a LOT better, then what shitimoto came up with.

For me, Naruto killed Sasuke in one last epic fight, and neither Sakura nor Hinata become Naruto’s wifes, because Hinata never makes any progress, and Sakura is SO obviously not really in love with Naruto, but simply hungry for love. Naruto spends his days as a teacher, just like Iruka, training kids and stuff, until the day comes, where he gets “nominated” to be hokage, and he remembers all the things he learned on his way, and all his friends, and he smiles, and tells those 100 year old skeletons, that he doesn’t want to be hokage anymore, because he already has everything he ever wanted, and rather protects his friends in a battle, then sitting on a table doing paperwork all day…
Maybe he could even suggest a new hokage? Something… believable? (NO PUN INTENDED) I mean, who else do we know, who turned from a completely crappy character, into a… pretty decent guy… wanted to be hokage when he was a kid… is pretty much AS related to a kage as naruto is?… Yea, what about Konohamaru? Naruto could just like… pull him out of thin air… like…
KM: “Ow! how did you find me? I mean… I wasn’t spying or anything…”
Skeletons: “How the hell did HE get in here? this is top secret! NOTHING can sneak in here!”
KM: “Come on, let me go Naruto niisan!”
Naruto: “If you need a new Hokage, why don’t you take him?”
KM and Skeletons: “Wait what?”
Naruto: “If you don’t need anything else, i’m going now, bye!”
Aaaand then you see Naruto rejoin his firends who are… off to a mission or something… Great point to end, and leave everything to imagination… again… :P

I know that suggesting Konohamaru doesn’t make THAT much sense, but… Wasn’t that was Naruto always did? The elders expected him to be respectful and everything, and he just takes everything like a joke… Out of despite, when he was a child. Even though the reasons have changed, his behavior is and should forever be, completely childish *duck and cover* like Goku…

Senile Skeletons: “And hereby we declare the new Hokage… … … …”
More tension…
Everyone: “Wait what?”
Akamaru: “Still makes more sense then the original ending, doesn’t it?… iii… meeeaann… ruff!!!”

A naruhina fan (3 years ago)

I was a naruhina fan, but I absolutely agree when people say that the last was bull…hinata being USELESS (yeah…I said it), sakura acting like a fangirl, naruto being out of character…are just a few of the many flaws I saw in the movie…In all honesty, I did want some naruhina moments, but I wanted the main focus to be on team 7. I always imagined that if naruto were to end up with hinata, it would be sometime after the war, certainly not after 2 whole years with naruto still not knowing about hinata’s feelings. Seriously, if that movie depicts how those 2 ended up together, I prefer narusaku or narusasu. Even an open ending without any pairings would have been better…I suppose the movie ruined my favourite pairing :(

Dean (3 years ago)

I just saw the Last movie (an hour ago), and all I can say it’s really crap. All about Hinata actually, being princess and useless.
As Hinata fans, SP did a great job.

Before watched it I did remind myself this movie is nothing but romance, but I didn’t expect myself to actually puke because of it.

Nagneto (3 years ago)

I’m just mad they made Hinata a damsel in distress, and we got no input from the people closest to her in story (Team 8). I am happy to see my favorite character being elevated from background noise though.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Ah, look, someone reasonable! That is what one would call a nice critique without going overboard. My beef is with the fact that they did this at Sakura’s cost. They could’ve very well went with the formula they went without having to crush everything beneath it and established themes and developments, although Kishi shot himself in the foot with this one but oh well.

    The point was that there were SO MANY ways the guy could take without having to screw all the previous things over but he didn’t and chose to end things like this.

    As I said on other places, if I’d be a NH fan now, I’d be raging at what Kishi did to Hinata, I swear! After all, there’s a reason why I moved from shipping NH and SS to NS/SNS/SK.
    But meh, what does it matter now anyway?…

NeverMind (3 years ago)

I was about to say I agree to what you said here about the movie, but I suddenly realized one thing I almost forgot long time ago (since I went to other animated series): his feelings to everyone, even Sakura, have been equal since he was trying to get acknowledged by Konoha, and yet he’s blind to that person (Hinata, by the movie/Pain Arc) who acknowledged and loved him since the beginning (it is even before Naruto met Sakura or Sasuke). I think it is like his first time Naruto had felt a romantic love for a long time (since Naruto’s crush on Sakura is generally a sort of a part on his competition against Sasuke), thus his reaction on Hinata choosing Toneri over him (in reality, Hinata does so in order to rescue Hanabi… and well, Hinata prioritizes Hanabi, her sister, over Naruto, her lover) made me think that he is overacting too much at first without noticing that he didn’t realized Hinata’s feelings for him.

Well, since with you being NS/SNS/SK, I think, right now, to compensate for not having a NarutoxSakura ending, let’s just say that Sarada/Salada, Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter, has a crush on Boruto/Bolt, Naruto and Hinata’s one of two children (other being Himawari), and let’s leave it at that for now. Also, in my opinion, I’ll just say that the author had already dropping hints (from different characters, especially his parents) since some time at the beginning of the series about who will Naruto ends up with, that only became apparent at the latter part of the manga.

After all, Naruto (franchise) is all about action and friendship, not a romance series to start with. And well, as a romantic movie, all I can say is just simply satisfying (not much very satisfying though).

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thanks for your insight, you do have some cool points, however, sorry but that’s my problem here with everyone: treating Naruto’s love for Sakura as a rivalry thing when he proved numerous times it’s not while Hinata’s and Sakura’s feelings are treated like real love. Nah, I can’t agree with that given what the manga has shown.

    But I guess SP is okay with that. Plus, the movie is a rehash of NaruSaku and NaruSasu bonds. I don’t like rehashes, I hate when someone copies things blatantly.

    Trust me, I understand every little thing of how they have tried to portray this movie in but it’s not gonna work with me given what happened prior and what we know prior to this movie.

    So no, I don’t buy it.

Elsevier (3 years ago)

I am just wondering: Why do you hate the movie that much? Is it just because the main character didn’t end up wth the main heroine (reminds me of Akame Ga Kill and to a lesser extent, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, in regards to the character named Honoka Mitsui)? Just curious.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Bad writing, OOC and fucked-up established themes. I don’t like that. Animation is cool, don’t get me wrong. But that’s about it. Aaaand I don’t like how SP deals with things. They fucked-up Sakura’s design while sexualizing Hinata. I hate these kind of things.

      Taylor (3 years ago)

      I think they kind of overdid it with Hinata…she looks too much like a barbie doll. While they may have tried to make Sakura look less appealing…I think she looks really beautiful. Same goes for the rest of the kunoichi. They look kind of graceful, while Hinata…just…Anyway I would have like to see her become a strong clan leader than a damsel in distress. Its such a shame.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Same here, I swear. I still hold Pt. 1 Hinata close to my heart. But Part 2 kills it for me.

      Elsevier (3 years ago)

      (1) Bad writing – yeah, I might agree with this only at first, it suddenly happened like the movie is the bridge between 699 and 700. But then, every thing has to be develop no matter what.
      (2) OOC – I am aware of it from some from many sources, as well as you. But… I think something was wrong from there… and tbh, I don’t know why… maybe because you guys are a shipper of certain preferred pairings (that don’t end together). I don’t really mind shipping, since I am watching the series for the action and the plot as long as it is canon, that includes The Last as well… [or maybe because Neji, who is from the branch family of Hyuga, was there in order to protect Hinata, who is from the mainstream family and on that time, was protecting Naruto, who is a vital character in that certain mission. There was an irony after all, especially how Neji wanted to change the fate of the Hyuga family, until he was taken down by the Naruto in the Part I of the series.]
      (3) Fucked-up established themes – perhaps romance is not the author’s forte.
      (4) Sakura and Hinata’s designs – Sakura first… She stays the same, justified that she is a fighter/medical ninja, and for me, it is fine as it is… Then Hinata… It may be her mission outfit I think and it is actually new, giving the kind of confidence she has to be right now (outside of her feelings with Naruto), and it has been two years since the 699th chapter. Maybe we had different opinions about the designs.

      OUTSIDE of Naruto: To think about something, this is your world/website after all… I haven’t notice the site since I am paying more attention to the reviews about the recent Naruto the movie.

        Guy (3 years ago)

        “Then Hinata… It may be her mission outfit I think and it is actually new, giving the kind of confidence she has to be right now ”

        –It was just fanservice.
        Its winter, makes no sense for Hinata to use such small clothes. Sakura too for that matter.
        But there is also the point that Hinata never used clothes like that in canon
        Obvious fanservice

Ice 00 (3 years ago)

LOL if you can read all those japanese review you will understand that half of Naruto fans in japan end up hating Naruto…

So.. yeah.. Naruto the Last movie end up as a Failure.

Buster (3 years ago)

Yeah, I agree with you Chatte. I just watched the movie, subbed. I have to say, it was far too fairy tale like and short sighted on the Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.

Honestly, I was a big fan of theNaruto and Hinata pairing. Woot Woot! But making the whole movie revolve around that concept and making all the side characters so static, that was a VERY BAD move! And Naruto’s realization, didn’t that seem a bit forced?

Though, I’m addicted to the franchise. I’ll watch it again once it’s dubbed. Just to be disappointed again, I’m sure.

Zippit (3 years ago)

Esti penibila bai fata! Daca nu-ti place, renunta la a mai citi/viziona si lasa-ne in plata noastra, pe noi astia care inca suntem fani ai seriei!

Am inteles, n-a iesit cum ati fi vrut, dar lasati-o moarta! Autorul are dreptul sa-si incheie povestea exact asa cum crede el ca e mai bine si cum are el chef! Restu’ poa’ sa comenteze pan’ o face pitici pe creier, iar asta nu va schimba cu nimic faptul ca fanii, la nivel mondial, se declara multumiti de poveste/final.

Singura explicatie pe care o vad pentru ‘furia’ fratilor nostri japonezi (unii japonezi, ca majoritatea o iubesc pe Hinata) , e faptul ca ‘NaruSaku’ nu a avut loc. Si e de inteles, pentru ca personajele ca Sakura, genul b**ch care agreseaza personajul principal, sunt apreciate in Japonia. Dar uite ca restul lumii nu apreciaza genul Sakurei ( btw iti pot insira o lista intreaga despre : why Sakura or NaruSaku sucks; why NaruHina make sense), iar Kishimoto a trebuit sa se ghideze dupa ce vrea publicul larg, nu doar dupa ce vrea Japonia.

Perechile au sens. Povestea nu e rea, chiar daca a deviat de la ce obisnuia sa fie (Cam ca ORICE ALT ANIME/MANGA CARE AJUNGE LA UN NUMAR IMPRESIONANT DE CAPITOLE). Naruto the Last a avut succes si prin urmare, Boruto the Movie va fi asemenea. So, daca nu va place (tie si celor ca tine) nu va uitati! Eu si cei ca mine, o sa ne bucuram de fiecare secunda de film! :D

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Oh, dar vai, ia uite ce avem noi aiiici! Ce dragut.
    Auzi, da’ ia raspunde-mi tu mie draguta, ce cauti tu aici? Cu ce nu te las eu pe tine mai exact ca asta nu prea imi e clara…? Asadar, ia raspunde-mi tu mai intai la asta si dupa vorbim, ok?

    Nu de-alta dar vad acelasi comportament si judecata spalata pe creieri ca prin alte parti si mi-ar cam fi rusine sa spun ca ai mei compatrioti sunt asa de… usori de dus de nas. :)

Kakurine (3 years ago)

Thank you Chatte for this blog. I also like Sakura and hated what they did to her. I appreciate your work here.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    No need to thank me hun. :) I’m just expressing my thoughts here. Great to see I’m not the only one int his “battle”, so to speak. ^_^
    Thank you very much for the appreciation as well, it’s the people like you that make me want to “fight harder”, hehe. :D

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