Naruto volume 72 cover art released.

After its finale, in February Naruto volume 72 was announced to be released for sale.

Until then, the cover art for the volume’s preface has been released already.

As we can see, there’s a great wall build now upon Konoha, despite its apparent peaceful times and we don’t see Naruto’s face. He has his back turned at all of us.

For me, I had expected something different, maybe our old Naruto, the one we knew before this finale, wearing his Hokage hat having a big grin on his face for finally achieving his dream but with this new Naruto, no one can tell.

Anyway, what about yourselves? Do you like it? Do you not? Why?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.



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EE (3 years ago)

No bandage on his hand arm again, or hands at least. Kinda reminds me of the inconsistent art in chapter 700 where Tsunade’s sleeve disappeared

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    Naruto lost his right arm the picture being cover shows his left or am I wrong?

Lady Diana (3 years ago)

Thanks for posting this Chatte !
I made a comparative tumblr post with this cover you might find interesting ;) :

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    The only thing your comparative cover post shows is the superficial difference except you forget Naruto is a mature adult on the cover and Yoh is still a lazy teenager. The narratives within the final books emphasize the differences: Naruto fulfilled his dream of being Hokage but now he has obligations towards his village, its citizens and the shinobi world.

    Yoh did not become Shaman King, the villain his twin brother Hao is the new controller of the Great Spirit. Yoh and his allies could only persuade Hao not to exterminate humankind for their perceived transgressions. They even admit he was correct in his beliefs they could not bring change to the world.

    The final volume does not complete the story epilogue chapters titled Funbari no Uta show Yoh, Anna and their son Hana being killed in the Middle East and Hao had to revive them after he was blackmailed by Anna. The sequel Shaman King Flowers as the previous Shaman Kings are disgusted that Hao is the new owner of the Great Spirit since he is a mass murderer and social Darwinist.

    Another competition is being held to determine who as the dominion to control the world. YVS the new villains and previous Shaman King and Hao are very similar in personality. The irony is Yoh’s son Hana is the leader of the team assembled by Hao to win the competition so he can execute his agenda without opposition. Yoh’s failure to fulfill his promise to become Shaman King had detrimental consequences for his son Hana and the world.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I saw that on Tumblr. Really great comparison, though sad situation, heh…

      Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

      So you people only judge by outside appearences but refuse to acknowledge the narrative within. Selfish fans at their finest.

        Light (3 years ago)

        How can they acknowledge the narrative when they have constantly shown that they cannot understand the narrative itself, Naruto’s narrative is pretty simple to grasp. It’s only fitting. Let them transgress more into their delusion.

Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

The cover is great. He started out alone but now he watches the village and his new obligations to himself, his citizenry and the shinobi world. Leadership and maturity are heavy burdens Lady Diana the only disgusting part is chatte’s hypocrisy she asserts she is done with Kishimoto and Naruto but keeps insulting them because Kishimoto did not shape the work to her
selfish whims.

    guest702 (3 years ago)

    Man this comment is her website in a nutshell

kanie (3 years ago)

I agree, i’m disappointed. naruto was portrait as a loner but never gave up on what he believes in. he made lots of friends throughout his adolescence year and became someone people could depend on. when he was younger he always smile and said he will become the hokage with a grin and with so much happiness that even i believe he would still continue to do so, But seeing him all grown now without his uzumaki grin and loud voice is quite disappointing, yeah his grown, but he could still be the boy everyone came to love.

Dont you see goku was the same lovable
person we love even though he had a major responsibility, which was to protect the earth. goku always had fun while keeping the world safe and hang with his friends. If kishi wanted he could have still went with that, but for some reason he didn’t instead he gave us a guy thats not the naruto we love, a guy that look really old for his age, a guy that looks depressing to see, a guy that ignores his kid, a guy that lost touch with his most important person and team, a guy that broke his promise, a guy who now drinks alcohol like tsunade and jiraiya, and lastly, a guy whose strict and professional.

grown or not grown, you should still have that kid inside of you that reminds you who you are no matter what. I know his older but thats no excuse not to have fun and act the way you are. For some reason i think they might show a little of that in the spin off, but i don’t know i’m not planning on watching or reading it anyway

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    And when you think all his predecessors despite growing older, still had the same grin…

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      Oh, sure, let’s see:

      1.Hashirama was a loser, who couldn’t even redeem his best friend and decided to kill him so he could be the king of his trash hill and passing all the problems to the “next generations”, so he could relax and saying “sorry, I did my best, really” while spoiling his granddaughter. Such a wonderfull man!

      2.Tobirama was a paranoid retard, who not only was the MAIN reason why Madara lost all of his faith and became evil (killed his little brother + his beautyfull speech to Hashiama about how much would be better to exterminate the Uchinas), while technicaly his jutsus and actions as Hokage caused the most damage to the world (Edo Tensei, discrimination of the Uchihas despite they were the first who turned their backs to Madara ect). Such a wonderfull man!

      3.Hiruzen was the most weakest Hokage of all, both by talent and mentally, he couldn’t stop his apprentice nor save Minato from death, he couldn’t put an end to Danzo’s nightmare and allowed to Danzo and the councils to make the Uchihas feeling that they are trashes, “ignored” both Asuma and Konohamaru and so on. Well, at least he accepted he was not the best.

      4.Minato was technicaly a male Hinata, his character was revolving around Kushina so much that despite Kushina’s life could be saved by the same method as they saved Naruto later in the manga aka resealing the Kyubi into her OR being a real father like Isshin from Bleach and living with his son then years later he could reseal the resurrected Kyubi (which couldn’t be sealed by Akatsuki because of the tail-ranking-sealing rule) he didn’t wanted to live without her so he committed suicide to follow his waifu to death, totally ignoring his son and simply saying “nah, who cares, he will solve everything”. Also, failed to save Obito, then Rin, but he couldn’t even recognise his OWN apprentice! Such a wonderfull man! He is nowhere compared to Isshin.

      5.Tsunade was the worst of all, not only she didn’t made her job fine, but under her “reign”, the village was destroyed several times, sent genins to a lethal mission, forced others to do her Hokage jobs, allowed to Danzo to trick her and steal the Hokage hat from her and so on. So if Sasuke wouldn’t kill Danzo, Danzo probably killed Tsunade after he came back from the Kage Summit as he did with the messanger frog.

      Oh, and about having the same grin:

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      @Chatte you’re speaking like you’ve read an entire manga series about Naruto as Hokage. The only bit we’ve seen of Naruto as Hokage is in the final chapter. When the story shifts to Bolt, we’ll see what he’s really like. I don’t doubt he’ll still have traits of his younger self.

      guest702 (3 years ago)

      You talk as if you seen the type of hokage he is it was only one chapter for God sakes get over yourself these post are pointless and you just bash at naruto and kishimoto every chance you get.

    Rex Julius (3 years ago)

    “thats not the naruto we love”

    So, just because he moved on Sakura he is not the Naruto that “we” love anymore? Not selfish at all!

    “a guy that look really old for his age”

    OLD?!? Where? Even Shikamaru, Choji and the other male characters have older face than Nartuo!

    “a guy that looks depressing to see”


    “a guy that ignores his kid”


    Also, you just proved that you don’t know anything about parenthood. Kids are attention and love hungry very often, even more what they really wish. That’s why they must learn that there’s time for everything.

    Also, if he really ignores him, then:
    – Why didn’t just sent someone else for him instead of going there personally?
    – Why did he chose to help to his son just to spend time with him instead of asking someone else?
    – Why did Naruto sympathised with Boruto’s attention hungry?

    And so on. Yes, you don’t have children, that’s why you can’t understand the situation, but let me ask you: should Naruto spoiling Boruto to the death, making him an even worse brat?

    And before you come with your clones:
    1.A clone is still a fake, and child wouldn’t satisfied with a fake.
    2.The other Kages easily detects clones, sending a clone to a national summit would not only insult to the kages but to their villages too.
    3.Using clones to make the work would make people thinking Naruto as an unreliable leader who uses cheap methods, turning them away from him.

    “a guy that lost touch with his most important person and team”

    He was the reason why Team Seven came back in chapter 699 and that Sasuke and Sakura are married.

    ” a guy that broke his promise”

    Sakura was the one who erased the promise because of Sai’s brainwashing – yet Naruto didn’t stop to redeem Sasuke. So no, he never broke his promise, further, he even kept a promise that has been “broke” already. ;P

    “a guy who now drinks alcohol like tsunade and jiraiya”

    And Hashirama, and Hiruzen – he even smoked everyday like a factory – ect. Also, how can it be that while you accept Jiraiya and Tsunade drinking you are now saying that Naruto is a sinner? ;P

    “a guy whose strict and professional”

    Because none of the previous Kages were strict, right? ;P

    And again: sending clones to the kages would a direct insult to them and the villages as they easily detects them + he can’t play with the faith of the villagers! Did Hiruzen used clones to do his job? So.

    Oh, and very cuuuute that you brought up Son Goku, so bad that Naruto was based and a direct copycat of Kinniku Suguru from Kinnikuman (even their background story is the same). Also: what was Son Goku’s job? He was a mayor? The leader of the planet? A consultator? Oh no, Son Goku was literraly a JOBLESS person who collected money from martial arts tournaments!

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

This… is… hilarious…. hahahahaha. The cover art is disappointing?? lololol… So basically everything put out for Naruto now is terrible lmaaoo. What childish antics am I witnessing?? lololol. If you compare the first cover to the last the contrast, in my opinion, captures the journey. From a design standpoint it makes sense. The first cover is bright, colourful, busy, and captures Naruto’s very much childlike pranking persona. This cover for volume 72 shows Naruto as Hokage, and the maturity he has now, the responsibility that comes with that coat and the self awareness he has about that responsibility; he must watch over the village and protect everyone within it. When it comes to protecting his comrades Naruto was always depicted in a serious light. That depiction, that side of his character, developed more and more as the manga progressed. Also stop being mopey. His back is to us to show off the coat. Throughout the series that coat worn by his father Minato was almost always shown from the back. Given that even when Naruto became a sage he started wearing a similar coat Naruto as Hokage was always going to be depicted with this coat rather than the Hokage hat. The cover is fine, stop whining directly and indirectly about NS not happening.

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