New illustration book sold together with Naruto volume 72

As we all know, few days ago, the cover art for Naruto volume 72  was released.

As we all know from the series’ finale, on February 4 was announced that the latest volume of the series will be out for sale. Apparently, according to company dealing with Naruto merchandise besides the volume, on February 4, along with Naruto volume 72, we’ll also get the next Naruto Illustrations Book, having the cover and its back designed by Masashi Kishimoto himself.

Waiting forward for this or not? Excited? What do you think this could contain given the latest illustration books?
Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.


UPDATE: Front cover:

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NeoGazer (3 years ago)

Are these books the ones that contain the character’s inner thoughts, abilities, and Stats?

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Nope, those are the Databooks that were sold before the release of The Last: Naruto the Movie, along with the chapter preceding Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, to advertise The Last: Naruto the Movie. :)

    These are going to be some illustrated images from Naruto, like the art covers for the latest volumes, I guess? Something like that, anyway.

sasusaku and sarada (3 years ago)

Yeeeaaah bitch, more sasusaku and naruhina is coming

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

Oh man I can’t wait to see all the new stuff on Naruhina and Sasusaku!! Did anyone else see the manga about Naruhina’s first date btw? Hinata was so sweet to Naruto, that’s like every man’s dream in what she did for him on their date. Hinata is so awesome and they are so perfect for each other.

Daniel (3 years ago)

sorry about the idiots who post crap on here…they aren’t just stupid but also have TERRIBLE taste in what is a good relationship. Thanks for the update though I and many other true Naruto fans continue to appreciate it :)

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    How are you NS true Naruto fans when you sent death threats to Kishimoto and his assistants, created Facebook pages calling for their murders and a petition to ban the manga in North America over a pairing?
    Chatte and you just confirm the double standards if you comment on how bad the Naruto series is that is okay but if anybody else responds they deserve to be insulted. You are extremists.

Sally (3 years ago)

Is it true that there will also be a few extra never-before-seen pages in this volume?

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Yeah, apparently we get 2 extra pages. I don’t know for sure, I guess we’ll just have to wait. But that’s the talk going on in the fandom which apparently was announced at Jump Festa this year.

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