Latest song obsession

I haven’t written for a long time now about what I obsess lately in terms of songs. Well, without too much noise involved, I present to you the song:

I always had a soft spot for songs like these and I always enjoy to listen to them while I work on something or I write about something or any other activity.
When the sounds and beats and every single chord waves into your brain it feels like, at leas to me, a good brain massage, haha!
You know that feeling you get after a good massage and you’re so rested and relaxed and refreshed and you feel like you become so productive and energized to do anything?
Well, these are some of the feelings I get when listening to songs like these, and Chromefrost is one of them. :)

Therefore, enjoy, listen, share and if you have something else you want to recommend to me, don’t forget it to leave it down below.



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