Naruto’s new illustration book back cover revealed.

Hey, everybody! Remember what I was telling you about the other day according to which, a new Naruto illustration book will be sold along Volume 72? Well, as you know by now, it’s front cover has been revealed but finally now we have the back cover out.

This is it, apparently.

What do you guys think about it?

To be honest, my first reaction was literally this:

Why does Sasuke have a shojo prince face wtf?

I am sorry but that’s all I can think about when I see his new design. Not that I don’t like it or anything, looks kinda cool, after all it’s Sasuke and he’s supposed to be lookin’ cool, I guess, haha but… really, why the shojo-esque face? For the love of God, please, don’t ruin Sasuke as well Kishi! We’ve already had enough of the others in The Last. Who those characters are, only God knows cause a majority of your fanbase doesn’t.

Anyway, moving on… what do you guys think about it? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.



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Fengshui (3 years ago)

“Why does Sasuke have a shojo prince face wtf?”

Dear Chatte, that’s what I was telling you ever since part 2 that the drawing of Naruto became so shojo like that everyone became a bishonon under 40 – except those who have beard.

Also, Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Obito, normal Nagato, Madara, Neji, Naruto weren’t shojo like to you already? Comparing them Sasuke is still so-so.

“Who those characters are, only God knows cause a majority of your fanbase doesn’t.”

“Majority”? So, NaruSaku is majority…. okay, so bad that all forums, including both Naruto fansites or online manga reading forums says different.

“what do you guys think about it?”

Well, since majority of your post was about calling Naruto as a shojo despite until chapter 699+700 you called it shonen despite the uglish and feminine drawing since Kakashi Gaiden + the shojo bishonen characters like Sasori, Obito, Deidara, Madara, Nagato, Kabuto ect as hardcore shonen villains (cough, cough, Raoh, Kaioh, Akuma Shogun, Neptune Mask, Neptuneman ect) and neglecting all the logic fails since Kakashi Gaiden (including the retcons like chapter 154 where it was revealed that Naruto’s first bonds were not Sasuke nor Iruka but Kiba + Choji + Shikamaru AND the entire Obito flash back retcon which could not even happen as Kakashi was already a chunin when Rin and Obito left the academy as genins) and calling me stupid bleach retard…. all of that because of a 4832th Rie Kugimiya tsundere-loli pairing fetish…. well, what can I think….

I can’t even be happy about it that at least the blood-mouthed NaruSaku fans “rebelled”, because as their fanarts and fanfictions said they were totally fine if she would became as Naruto’s housewife, the reason why they are became so “critical” to Kishimoto was only because a pairing, which is funny, cause Naruto was never about pairings.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Hahaha, nice cover there, dear NH fan. You know why? Because first of all, I don’t even know who the hell you are and trust me I do remember people I interact with and I’ve never had any discussions with anyone regarding shojo-esque things and second of all, no, I didn’t say NaruSaku is a majority so nice try.
    See, that’s why you guys are so easy to spot. Because the point is, it’s not just the NaruSaku fandom who calls this finale bad and The Last and whatnot, but all you guys think about is NS, NS, NS.
    And we all know who remained on those forums: NH-ers and SS-ers because the rest just left.

    Stupid Bleach retard? Another fail at inventing things since I’m reading Bleach myself. Any inventions left? Because all that you say here are pure inventions so if you tried to make them remotely believable, well, if anyone even remotely believed such silly things, I’m so so sorry for their poor souls.

    And last but not least, see this is why you fall so easy under your own trap. I was critical on Kishi’s writing before. My first posts on Tumblr about Naruto were critical on his writing. Just less than now and who knows me also knows why. ;)

    But really nice try! Props to you for that. Next time try to make it more believable.

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      “Hahaha, nice cover there, dear NH fan.”

      So, if somebody not agree with you he/she is already an NH fan? LOL, sure, not a ShikaTema fan, nor a TsunaDan fan, noooo, he/she must be an NH fan.

      I think that’s what they call as paranoia, my little dear Tsundere-loli fan.

      “I was critical on Kishi’s writing before. My first posts on Tumblr about Naruto were critical on his writing.”

      Sigh, first, when I wrotte “you” it was not only adressing you, but every NS fans like you! Good to know that you don’t know the multiple meaning of “you” word.

      Second, yes, I remember, it was chapter 615 and when Tsunade was defeated by Madara, forgetting that all the five kages were solod by him!

      “I didn’t say NaruSaku is a majority”

      Sure, just referring to them as the majority. XD

      “it’s not just the NaruSaku fandom who calls this finale bad and The Last and whatnot”

      Sorry, but the numbers of likes and dislikes + the comments shows something else! XD Should I even mention eiga + moviewalkerplus + anikore and any other japanese sites except yahooo? ;P

      Plus the tickets selling well, New York, Dallas and Washington had to add more screening because each time the tickets sold already.

      So yes, only NaruSaku fandom are angered + SasuKarin fans. If there are other persons who are angered, they are only angered, because they believed, that 2x 16 pages will be enough to conclude all questions that gathered up throught 400-500 chapters + believed that 32 pages will be enough to conclude all the 1000+ characters’s fate.

      “And we all know who remained on those forums: NH-ers and SS-ers because the rest just left. ”

      And normal Naruto fans who were not reading a shonen fight manga for romances like “you”. While NaruSaku fans and SasuKarin fans ran to tumblr and creating their “the real chapter 700 theories”. XD

      “Another fail at inventing things since I’m reading Bleach myself.”

      Oh yeah, and how long my dear? Siiiince… 2012. I am following Bleach since 2006, my dear.

      Heyday (3 years ago)

      Ahh, I think I know this gal/guy because of his use of the term “Rie Kugimiya” when talking about the NS fandom and his reference to TsunaDan (apparently, she/he’s a non-shipper that only tolerates TsunaDan). If this is the same person I think then she/he’s on a personal crusade against “some NaruSaku fans” (always trying to not generalize when discussing with this gal/guy because she/he always bring that counter-argument with a “sigh” :P) and has even created fake interviews as to mock or mislead “some” of them. She/He also seems to have a personal beef with you because she/he is always talking shit of you (but still she/he follows you and your posts). I hope I’m wrong about this because it actually sounds pretty scary… actually, it’s scary that I know so much about her/him, but I swear that I’ve only read like two or three of her/his comments in tumblr.

      Moving on with her/his critiques on you, I think they’re just prevaricating from the original points you made. First off, Naruto is a badly written story with a bad ending. The fact that “some NaruSaku” (and other fans) were able to see past these faults (because of pairing preferences or, in my case, because how emotional and realistic some of the characters acted) has NOTHING to do with the fact that the story was bad in the end. She/He just created this misleading argument to counter the validity of your original claim with no other reason but to put you down and your credibility as a critic.

      Just like “some NaruSaku” (and other fans) decide to use certain parts of the truth that fit their needs, this gal/guy makes the same mistake. She/he argues that because the movie was highly liked in Youtube then it follows that most fans had to like the movie when in fact it only actually disproves one of her/his theories. If NS are truly that obsessed with throwing shit at this movie then why won’t they go to Youtube and drop dislikes + hate comments like crazy? Well, maybe because “most of them” like the normal people they are (as opposed to the deranged psychopaths that “some people” like to imagine), they’re moving on and simply won’t watch something they know they’ll hate. I abhor this whole ending and I’m not going to sit through this movie. It’s a NaruHina story (I read in the spoilers 70% of this shit was NaruHina fanfiction) and I’m NOT a NaruHina fan. Simple as that.

      “Some NaruSaku” claim that the only people who could like this ending were the NH/SS fans because their pairings got canon while “some NH/SS” think that only NaruSaku+SK+NaruSasu hated this ending because of the opposite. I think this is obviously not true, there are many kinds of people out there. However, it’s no wonder that we see the pairings being mentioned constantly since the ending was ALL about them (700 was half this and The Last was almost entirely NH). There is barely anything else to discuss but stuff based on speculation. And even the upcoming novels are not going to be written by Kishimoto himself nor will be serialized to America (I may be wrong on this).

      Finally, I just wanted to rebuke his generalization of Naruto fans (not necessarily NaruSaku) being disappointed on the ending just because it failed to accomplish “the impossible” which was to try and resolve the subplots of +1000 characters in the scanty amount of pages left for the story. Not true. The ending didn’t even try to resolve any of the relevant aspects of the story. It was just the stupid resolution of the pairings and the not-so-surprising fact that Naruto is now Hokage. Worse than this is the problem with time skips. We get a glimpse of this perfect World where everyone is happy and have somehow managed to reproduce (even the emotionally challenged Sai so obsessed with his brother and Naruto’s penises). With everything solved, the only value we’ll be getting out of the future story will be either to try and explain how the ridiculous (SasuSaku) happened or to simply read the same story again except, this time, vicariously told through Boruto & Sarada whom I honestly don’t give a shit about.

      PS. I don’t really mind if Naruto’s artistic style is shoujo or not. As long as it’s able to show the character’s emotions through their expressions then I’m ok. I don’t read shoujo, so I don’t know if the stories would be good or not, but I don’t really like corny romance or too much of it so I think I’d probably hate it (just like I hate The Last).

    anon (3 years ago)

    well then i dont understand why are you complaining i mean she only commented on the cover piece not any pairing anyway this site is for her fans not haters or trollers like you

guest702 (3 years ago)

It looks good in my opinion I want but it because it’s suppose to be printed on some really high quality paper. And is it just me or does everything that kishi does leave a bad taste in your mouth because that’s what all your post are about now I don’t see how you could say that everything went to shit just because your stupid ship didn’t happen. You guys knew for about a month and a half that the last was going to be centered around naruto and hinatas relationship and all you can do is bitch and whine like you weren’t expecting it. Get over your ego and the ending. The film has done exactly the opposite of everything that you posted about it.

guest702 (3 years ago)

It looks good in my opinion I want it because it’s suppose to be printed on some really high quality paper. And is it just me or does everything that kishi does leave a bad taste in your mouth because that’s what all your post are about now I don’t see how you could say that everything went to shit just because your stupid ship didn’t happen. You guys knew for about a month and a half that the last was going to be centered around naruto and hinatas relationship and all you can do is bitch and whine like you weren’t expecting it. Get over your ego and the ending. The film has done exactly the opposite of everything that you posted about it.

    Guy (3 years ago)

    The movie is already out on the internet and if it already looked bad a month ago with the spoilers out, its proven to be even worse.
    Literally in this movie everything goes around Hinata, she is literally the MC. Others characters are ignored ( Sasuke, Kakashi, ee, Tenten, Kiba, Shino, etc) and the true main characters are all changed for Hinata’s sake

      guest702 (3 years ago)

      Other characters ignored the whole manga has ignored the supporting cast ever since the beginning of part 2 the only side chartered that really got development was shikamaru. Is he just makes excuses to bitch indirectly about narusaku not happening. And now cause of one movie that I found mediocre but not bad retcons everything that happened maybe you should go back and read the manga because their are tons of plot holes. And characters changed? They are still the same old characters I didn’t spot a difference with any of them in the film they matured I’m not the same person that I was 3 years ago things change. Stop nitpicking at all these irelevant things just to bitch and moan about your stupid ship. And it’s funny how you said that sasuke looks like a shojo prince and it ruined his character. Because to me it looks like you were reading naruto as a shojo and not a shonen.

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      Yeah, because Tenten, Kiba and Shino weren’t ignored already since the start of Part 2, right?

      Also, they only promised that Sasuke will do something important (which is happened) and that we will see Kakashi as a Hokage (which also happened).

        Guy (3 years ago)

        @guest702 and @Fengshui
        Indeed, I agree when you guys say that some supporting characters didn’t had their time to shine in part 2, one of part 2 main problems was the fact that there was too focus in the sasuke and naruto duality.
        But saying this about part 2 doesn’t erase “the last” fault, I mean, its the last movie, it was expected something BIG out of it, but instead what we got was too less of a focus in the K11 and even in characters like Kakashi and Sasuke, both that were heavily featured in the early marketing of the movie

        And now @guest702, let me give you a example in how characters changed.
        Naruto, sulking because Hinata rejected him while the fate of the world is at a stake…just let it sink for a while.
        Naruto, te guy who never gave up on Sasuke, (even when he went bananas) giving up ON THE ENTIRE WORLD because of a rejection?
        And also he bacame a emotional retard, doesnt even know what love is… Naruto isnt Goku, his main characteristic was his empathy and emotional capability, so much that he used he so called “Talk no jutsu” to turn villains into good guys.
        And this is just about Naruto, I could talk about Sakura or even Hinata here too, but this text was going too be much bigger

        And for the instance, I’m a story fan first, I was disappointed how the later arcs turned out and even more in how the ending turned out not because I cared about some pairing but because I cared about the story and its logical progression

          guest702 (3 years ago)

          @guy naruto has always showed his side where he is about to waiver and give in but his friends and family always help him come out on top. Like during the pain arc his father kept the nine tails from unleashing and when hinata kept him from giving in after nejis tragic sacrifice. The point is naruto always has his friends there to back him up just like shikamaru and sakura where there in the last for him. It’s just like kakahshi said “we just want to follow him even if he trips and stumbles we will be there to support him all the way because that’s the meaning of a comrade” these characters aren’t picture perfect their lives and traits developed as we read and watched the series further adding to them. And the last was far from a perfect movie but I went into it already knowing it was gonna be a romance movie so I wasn’t surprised. And I agree with you also kishimoto had tons of characters at his disposal but never developed or gave any story to lots of them. Naruto is a great manga I’m my eyes but it is far from perfect.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          You look like a intelligent person, so follow me here:

          I somewhat understood your point, but did you watch the movie?
          Regarding Sasuke or another person I never saw a moment in which Naruto gave up

          You said he needed help from his friends sometimes when he lost his “no giving up ” attitude? The only time I remember him giving up and being in despair was during the pein fight , and even then the circunstances were completely different, Naruto mental state was a wreck he was completely at the mercy of the fox
          In the movie his only problem was hinata’s rejection…this in not a excuse for him to give up ON EVERYTHING. He only come back to normal after Sakura reassured him that Hinata would never stop loving him because girls cant change their feelings…*facepalm*
          So what would happen if Hinata indeed wanted to be at Toneri’s side? The earth would be destroyed because Naruto would still be sulking

          Now regarding Hinata’s wordless rejection he gets all sulky and weak like that? Even when the fate of the entire world is on the line?
          Its clear for me that this was made by the figureheads of this movie as a poor attempt of trying to creat some cheap drama, unfortunately the scene was very badly executed and made no sense if you go back and see how Naruto character behaves.

          Hope you understood my point, the problem wasnt Naruto giving up per see , if it is made right him giving up can lead to some wonderful character development, the problem was in the situation it happened and how he came back from it

      Heyday (3 years ago)

      Always a pleasure to be on your side when debating, Guy :D

      You’re spot-on, my friend. Also, please remember how relentless was Naruto in his quest of making Sakura fall for him. Before leaving the village to train with Jiraiya one of his departing memories was the desire for Sakura to finally start liking him. Not to mention that this was shortly after Naruto realized Sakura’s true feelings for Sasuke during this time.

      Other than that, I really have nothing else to add to your arguments :)

        bahahaha (3 years ago)

        naruto’s relentless quest of making sakura fall for him??? you lost me at this line dude, youve seen a lot of fillers to even think naruto was relentlessly pursuing sakura.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          Naruto himself said that brah

          @oh please
          You can see him saying this at chapter 143 page 18

          but look, per see attaining sakura was never a goal. Its just that if we go by Naruto no giving up attitude, it is given that he wouldn’t give up on Sakura also.

          If anything, his feeling should have closure. Naruto could confess to sakura and if NS wasnt meant to be, she could reject him somehow and they could grow closer as friends.
          However what happened was that they retconned his feelings for her and not only this, they retconned his emotional knowledge too, because if we go by the last, Naruto really thought that Hinata’s love confession was the same as him loving ramen…this from a guy that with 10 years old was able to make sense of haku and zabuza complicated relationship and make the later cry

        Guy (3 years ago)

        Thank you @Heyday

        Ah yes I forgot about that.
        Naruto’s love for sakura is one of the reasons the retcon of him not having any knowledge of love is stupid.

        Naruto is not like luffy or goku, the typical dense shonen hero,
        Naruto understood his bonds and his emotions. He was a empath who was capable of topuching even his enemy hearts

          oh please (3 years ago)

          @guy & @heyday…please explain/ show/ cite the actual chapter/ panel where naruto stated that SAKURA was one of his goals because, I cant , for the life of me, get why “giving up on his love” is almost always included in arguments like these. naruto’s goals were to be hokage, gain acknowledgement from his villagefolk, and bring back his dear friend. NEVER was it stated that one of his goals were for sakura to love him back.

          mangakage (3 years ago)

          @guy chapter 143, p.18: that is your interpretation of that? a declaration of goal? no wonder you guys were so surprised at the ending that could be smelled since chapter 1.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          All the pairings were one sided till the ending do the ending couldn’t be “smelled” since the beginning LOL

          that page just shows that Naruto had determination to make Sakura like him like he liked her.
          I believe the scenes he had with her like the POAL and saving her from Gaara besides the time he admitted it to Sai are enough proofs that his affection for her was alive during the whole duration of the manga.

          As I said before this could be resolved without the use of retcons, unfortunately they chose the easy way out and now apparently his affections for her were “rivalry”, and lol, this makes naruto look like a scumbag m I mean if this is true then he had no business calling sakura out on lying to herself because he was doing the same and was even treating her like a trophy! This also makes the Sakura from ch3 right after all, because if the rivalry statement is true then Naruto was really just an annoying brat trying to one up Sasuke while not caring for her :p

          Guy (3 years ago)


          *All the pairings were one sided till the ending so the ending result couldn’t be “smelled” since the beginning LOL

Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

The majority of the fanbase thought the movie was good. No media is without its flaws. The only person ruining the series is NS tards like you who claim they know the work better than Kishimoto and just bash the series in general.

    Guy (3 years ago)

    The argument that only NS disliked the endings has been proven wrong time and time again, rather the only ones who liked the movie are NH/Hinata fans

    Just look how the normal non-pairing fans in japan are reacting

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      LOL, sorry, but nope.

      About japanese yahooo, sorry to not believe in american NaruSaku trollings, who are writting the name Hinata as “日向” and makes other katanaka and higarana errors! XD

      Also, did you read anikore, eiga or moviewalkerplus? ;P

        guest702 (3 years ago)

        That yahoo Japan stuff is kinda hard to believe but reviews are being posted everyday even big blockbuster films don’t get that many reviews so that does raise a red flag when I see that plus the accounts have only reviewed the last and that’s it. I wouldn’t put it past the fandom to do something as stupid to sabotage the ratings but it’s still kinda far fetched.

          Guy (3 years ago)


          It is farfatched, most of the reviews are in perfect japanese, so unless he is saying the NS fandom is in its entirety proficient in japanese, it makes no sense

        Guy (3 years ago)

        I’m sorry, but how this screenshot about a english subbed version about the last proves anything?
        We all know how the western fandom is and acts, most of them care most about pairings than story and plot

        Now about japanese yahoo, well, unless you believe all the NS fandom is extremely proficient at the japanese language then your argument falls down. Most of the comments over there are pure japanese, just try to put in google translator, the comments when translated into english are all messy.
        Just look
        There is only one english review over there and by the way it was worded its probably from a japanese with little knowledge in the language, the others are clearly japanese even the four/ five star ones, but if you look at the quantity of “kudos” of these comments, its obvious the preference of the japanese fans

        About others review sites such as eiga, moviewalkerplus and etc. They dont have the same popularity as yahoo jp (as per words of a japanese acquaintace of mine) Yahoo jp is the main site in jp used for movie reviews
        Though even users sites such as eiga have shown a clear disapointment towards the last, over there as I remember the score was around 4, now its around 3.5

        If you want even more proofs about how jp is doing regarding the last, feel free to read
        There are sources and everything.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          I wrote a big kind of lap, with lot of links, its awaiting moderation now…

          fleeting (3 years ago)

          clearly, not all NS are proficient at Japanese because hell, to someone who is, those fake ass reviews were funny as hell what with all the weird word placing and broken thoughts…but ah well, allow me to borrow chatte’s favorite phrase – whatever makes you sleep at night guy, whatever makes you sleep.

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Even if those were “fake ass reviews”, for someone who really knew this story, those don’t even matter.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          can you give me an example of those “fake ass reviews” ?
          I always ask for them but NH fans never show me any.
          Until you actually provide proof that “THE MAJORITY of the reviews in yahoo JP is fabricated by western fans ( which is not) your statement will only make you look like a delusional chump @fleeting

SasukeFTW (3 years ago)

I really dislike Sasuke’s new look, I wish he kept his duckbutt hair and bangs and I really don’t like his hair covering the SharinRinnegan he should be able to disable it like Madara.

    Guy (3 years ago)

    I agree with you on this, I miss the duckbutt hair too

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