Latest song obsession.

Haven’t been writing about what has obsessed me lately in quite a while. Well, to be honest I don’t really know if I found one that stuck to my heart that much.

That is, of course, up util today when a mix was recommended to me that had this kick-ass song in it:

It’s just… wow! The girl’s voice, the sound waves on the back, the wolves motif of the song along with the moon’s, all wrapped-up in a love story has its own magic, in my honest opinion. After all, these sounds that beautifully wave do give it such an atmosphere.

Yes, I know, it’s the remix version of Amy Steele’s – The Wolves done by Tep No and not the original version, but oh well, to each his own… frequency. :D

So yeah, that’s kinda it. This is the song that will obsess my brain for the next week or so. Plus that picture, whoa! Yes, lately I’ve developed a greater liking in wolves. :D

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