Legion – King of Kings Chapter 4: Don’t feed the trolls

From the shadows, I come… back, haha! Soo, as you guys know, I am reading my friend’s manga, CasualMisfit, called Legion King of Kings. Now, last time I was telling you about the third chapter called “The Punchline” (whose punchline I hope you got by now, if not let me know and I’ll tell you what I believe it to be ;) ), that’s why now as I forward through his series, I want to continue giving you some pieces of my head.

So, chapter 4 is called “Don’t feed the trolls”. So befitting for a games manga, I thought to myself when I first read the chapter’s title. As we enter this story’s chapter we see that Amadous was sent back to “the base”, so to speak, while he meets there the guy who he has a beef with, after he was sent by him exactly in the “wolf’s den” (or dragon’s den as he main character says himself) for – and I quote – lulz! And what follows after is a part I like, where Amadous snaps and it is shown to us that sequence we all make as gamers: in order to express our anger, we start clicking our mouse faster or hit the controller harder for the character to really “get into the game”, hehe. I found that a nice subtle detail that really goes with the whole scene, given the type of manga we’re talking about.

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However, after this comes one of my favourite parts of the chapter, and I believe, of the manga up until now. Amadous snapping at his fellow psionian – being the thing that basically makes him go super crazy on the guy, after he’s told that “attacking a fellow psionian” isn’t a simple thing to do, especially for him as a beginner.

Fellow…Fellow?! You sent me into the dragon’s den to have my ass handed to me! You are not my fellow anything!!!… Getting your kicks at the expense of others! Bastards with nothing better to do than waste people’s time… I hate people like you!

I believe by now you already got an idea about why this is a favorite part of mine. Not only is a really appropriate piece in the context of the manga, but also shows a more human side to the character and gives it the depth of the real world gaming, showing us the beef between beginner gamers and that type of gamers with experience that believe they’re high and mighty just because they’ve got the knowledge of the game, compared to someone who just joined in. Basically, a subtle hint to what we can call the “bullies of the gaming culture”.

After Amadous finishes throwing his honest and sincere opinion at his “fellow psionian”, he is advised that if he wants, he can challenge him to a battle. The other player doesn’t even finish their idea that Amadous already challenges the other guy to a fight.

What follows next? Well,we’re being slowly but surely introduced to the “magic system” of the manga which I very much like. It is well thought and applied very nicely to the context of his story.

Legion Manga Page

Of course, a battle follows and his “fellow psionian”, Anchor, wins it given the experience he has compared to Amadous who is just a “noob” at this very point in the story. That is when Anchor starts taking it out on Amadous, asking him if he ran out of “dramatic rants” (have to admit I liked this part as well although I don’t stand Anchor’s character), continuing asking him if he understands in the first place why he even lost? Soon after he starts explaining and in his explanation we find out about one of the mysteries of the Legion universe: the Omnicron title. Some players that are assisting the battle ask one another about the what is that an “Omnicron”, but no one has any idea.

After Anchor deactivates his Ki enrichment getting back to his original shape, he leaves the place telling Amadous that “it’s casuals like him that are keeping Psionia down”. Casuals, he says… haha! At that point I’m like… I see what you did there, Cas! 

And it doesn’t stop there, as Anchor continues telling him that although he has some spirit inside him, he hates to break it to him but spirit isn’t going to get him anywhere because “this isn’t some anime or manga” and that “no deus ex machina is going to save him at the last second”. The subtlety of this particular sentence is absolutely glorious! At least to me. And again I’m all like .. Yes, yes, I see what you did there!

Anyway, the chapter then finishes with Anchor ending his own dramatic lesson by telling Amadous that he should uninstall the game and that he should play something more of his level… like Tetris. Again I’m like I see what you did there, but at the same time I think to myself that what a nice throwback at childhood times we’ve got here.

Anyway, overall the chapter is great for me, one of my favorites definitely! Why? Because of everything that we have: a little bit of conflict, a little bit of underdog situation as well, but done nicely, not overly sappy like we have been used until now in other works, we also get introduced to the “magic system”, and as well the whole dialogue between the two that makes subtle references to all clichés we’ve seen up until now in a manga and all that in the beginning of the story! That’s something that, at least for me it’s very appealing and I am very curious to see how this story will evolve, overall.

From what I’m seeing, I’m absolutely loving it and as I told Cas, I hope one day it gets so big, that we can even play the game on our own computers. :D

Oh and by the way, if you want to read the chapter, go here.

Anyway that’s it for now. Till next time, the all know



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