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My name is Georgiana. That’s why on other social media websites you can find me not only by Chatte, but Chatte Georgiana as well (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram etc.).

I graduated the University of Craiova, Faculty of Letters, Romanian and English Grammar and Literature. Big fan of Charles Dickens. Actually, my thesis paper at the end of the 3rd year of University was based on how he treated the children/childhood matter in his writings back in the Victorian ages. Loved it!
It was a bit of a parallel between American culture which treated childhood as an adventurous one via Mark Twain, English culture via Dickens, who showed how childhood in that era was more about an unhappy one, with labor and such and, Romanian one, which was more about the innocence of the childhood and how mothers are always overprotective with us, but also scold us, via Ion Creanga.
Anyway, I think I spoke too much about that.
Now, about me… What can I say? I am bold, yet, sensitive. I know, strange characteristics. I like to respect and to be respected. I don’t tolerate 5 grade behavior, so you could call me strict from that point of view. That probably comes from the fact that I should’ve become a teacher and in the last year of University, we had practice hours as teachers.
Anything else I could say? I worked 4 years as a designer/DTP (Desktop Publisher) at a local newspaper. So, if I am allowed to brag about myself, I am quite proud of being able to finish both terminal year of high-school and University, while working.

After that, I went to England for a while. 4 months to be exact. I wanted to establish myself there as I very much like their culture, however, being Romanian, it was a bit harder. We are not allowed on the working market. We have to meet some requirements. I only got to take my NiN (National Insurance Number) – if there’s anyone from there, they’ll know what I am talking about.  So, at least, now, I can come back to England more prepared than the last time if I decide to keep going on with my dream.
That was one of them, to make a living for a while, in England/London.

However, given certain events I had to get back home. And I did and started rebuilding my own way in my own country.

Other than that, what can I say? Stubborn, impulsive, protective, loving.
Don’t know how good it is the fact that I still value law, order, respect within a community, seeing as how things go around every social media channels so on and so forth.
I guess you could call me old-fashioned… Funny that, in the new terms, I’ve been called butt hurt, excuse my language, please, for asking people to talk more respectfully and in a nicer tone, mature manner. I’d say kids nowadays, but I realize, hell, I’m only 24! I am not that old. Or at least now, at the moment I’m writing this…
Guess the principles that my parents raised me were different. Same as the times.

But I guess that’s enough about me for now, eh? You’ll probably ask yourselves what about this personal blog, right?

Well, as some of you already know, this is the upgraded version of my previous blog, which can be found here.

The old one was more focused on animal welfare, politics, social problems and such.

Not saying that these subjects won’t be available on this blog anymore, however, I plan on expanding the area of discussed subjects. Diversity is probable the most suitable word.

A little heads-up, though about a certain thing. I want to let you know that the posts within this blog will be either in Romanian (my mother tongue) or English, depending on the subject of discussion.

What else should I say? Not sure to be honest… If you have any further queries, don’t forget to hit me up via contact form and/or comments and I’ll gladly be as helpful as I can regarding your questions/concerns.

That’s about it, I guess…

Yours truly,


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