Eternity was born in the village: the Romanian peasant and his connection to Heaven & Earth


In a world where speed and technology is all we find around us, where the connection with the land beneath our feet seems to be more and more severed, many times making us look like walking zombies, there’s still someone who stands firm in his convictions and connection to the world around us: the Romanian peasant.

“Eternity was born in the village” says one of the most famous quotes by Romanian philosopher, poet, playwright and novelist, Lucian Blaga. In his poem “The Soul of the Village”, Blaga talks about the scenery of the Romanian village and its connection to the Romanian peasant, where “every thought is slower,/ and the heart throbs more slowly,/ as if it beats not in your breast/ but deep down somewhere in the earth”.

In Romania, the village is considered the heart and the soul of the country, the Romanian peasant combining simplicity in his way of living with kindness, keeping thus alive the moral and spiritual values that have been passed down from generation to generation, making him and his way of living a symbol of the link between Heaven and Earth. As priest Dumitru Stăniloaie – a great connoisseur of the Romanian soul -, used to say: “The biggest two passions of the Romanian peasant are the earth and faith (heavens)”.[...]


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