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A little notice + regrets as a Sakura fan after Kishimoto’s interview with Kobayashi.

Hey guys! How are you doing? Sorry I am not in a too speech-y mode and haven’t written my thoughts in regards to a lot of things in a while, have lots of things to take care of in RL … Keep Reading…

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NaruSaku on the cover of the War Saga DVD release

Apparently, after trying to bait the NaruSasu back in the fandom, Studio Pierrot tries now to bring the NaruSakus back with having Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno on the cover of the War Saga DVD release for the anime adaptation. … Keep Reading…

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What have I been doing lately + World of Samsara

Well, lately I was majorly busy with work-related stuff. Besides that, in my free time, as you all well know I have been planning my story along with starting to look for reference sources for character design. Yes, I am … Keep Reading…

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