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Should we call for Leonardo DiCaprio’s help again? Romanian Ministry of Environment derogates mass killing of wildlife

That’s the question that keeps bothering my mind ever since I found out a horrible news yesterday: Romanian Ministry of Environment is all in for the killing of Romanian wildlife. 552 bears, 657 wolves and 482 wild cats are going to … Keep Reading…

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Leonardo DiCaprio joins the fight for Romanian forests

Yeah, I’m late to the party with this news but guess what? I don’t care! The news itself is so big that who cares about timing, anyway? Well, actually one should care about timing when it comes to other stuff, … Keep Reading…

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Happy International Day of Forests!

Did you know that 21st of March is the International Day of Forests? I have to admit…  had no idea. I came across this nice post on Facebook with a quote of Franklin D Roosevelt saying: A nation that destroys … Keep Reading…

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