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Update on The Last: Naruto the movie postponed to April 2016 due to “technical concerns with the content”.

As we already know, The Last: Naruto the movie had a very bad reception in its motherland, however it has been planned to get released in other countries. As we know from when Road to Ninja: Naruto the movie came out two … Keep Reading…

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The pride of a Shinobi: why Sakura’s speech in Chapter 630 can be considered one of the most impactful in Naruto Manga

As I previously said, I was planning to make this post as I have seen that the reactions on the web regarding Sakura’s speech were quite shallow or, not present at all. They totally discarded her appearance in this chapter, … Keep Reading…

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Naruto manga: Sakura, The Heroine.

Source Many use this excuse to bash on Sakura that “OMG, even Kishi himself said Hinata would make a better Heroine than Sakura”. At first, knowing how fond Kishi is for Sakura, seemed a little out of his way and … Keep Reading…

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