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Thoughts on Anime News Network’s interview with Masashi Kishimoto at NY Comic Con

Or better said, on a particular side of it. Yes, I am sure that by now everyone knows what I am talking about. As we all know, Masashi Kishimoto has recently been at the New York Comic Con where he met … Keep Reading…

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A little notice + regrets as a Sakura fan after Kishimoto’s interview with Kobayashi.

Hey guys! How are you doing? Sorry I am not in a too speech-y mode and haven’t written my thoughts in regards to a lot of things in a while, have lots of things to take care of in RL … Keep Reading…

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Never giving up hope and fighting till the end: last thoughts before the early screening of The Last: Naruto the movie

As I told you some days ago on my Facebook page as well as on Heaven & Earth, the place all the lurkers seem to have activated their infiltration accounts – but moving past that-, Junko Takeuchi’s latest interview gave … Keep Reading…

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