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New special footage about love released for The Last: Naruto the movie

An interesting special footage was announced today for the upcoming movie The Last: Naruto the movie by the official The Last: Naruto the Movie Facebook fanpage (Post by 劇場版ナルト.) A special video was released for Japanese audience only, where it … Keep Reading…

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In light of recent developments… Naruto 693

It’s gonna be a short post, since I am kinda on the run and in-between stuff. I just wanted to leave you with some of my thoughts about the latest chapter and mainly, Sasuke Uchiha and his bonds. The latest … Keep Reading…

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Japanese depiction of love in the media and the famous NaruSaku forehead kiss scene

I will start by saying that the title might not be one of my best but it was the only one that could somehow compress into fewer words the thing you are going to be reading about. Like I was telling … Keep Reading…

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