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The Last: Naruto the Movie; Opinions on the blank period, movie trailer + plot, pairings confirmation & Naruto chapter 699 + 700 prediction

Okay guys, this is it… few more days and the most beloved series in the world at the moment, in my humble opinion, approaches swiftly to its end. As you probably have seen on my Tumblr, I promised you I will … Keep Reading…

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Prepare to be mindblown… Kishi’s subtle hints? (NaruSaku)

Ok, I know you will hate me for this, I know you will call this bullshit, I know you’ll call me crazy. I don’t care! But anyway, let’s start: So, I’ve noticed this since Naruto in Kurama mode appeared, but … Keep Reading…

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The pride of a Shinobi: why Sakura’s speech in Chapter 630 can be considered one of the most impactful in Naruto Manga

As I previously said, I was planning to make this post as I have seen that the reactions on the web regarding Sakura’s speech were quite shallow or, not present at all. They totally discarded her appearance in this chapter, … Keep Reading…

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