The Last: Naruto the Movie; Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga make it on the theme song’s cover

Finally it seems we’re able to get new information in regards to The Last: Naruto the Movie! This time we’re talking about Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga on the cover art for the movie’s theme song.



According to the official info released on the movie’s official website, the theme song name is “Hoshi no Utsuwa” (Star Vessel), that is supposed to represent the “magnificent medium-tempo number about friendship and the bonds between people.” It will go on sales on December 3 apparently.

Now, I am sure fanbases all over social media networks have exploded, as NaruHina fans probably screamed canon, while NaruSaku fans – or at least a good portion of it -, started losing hope over this cover and its significance.

As I told you in one of my previous posts, in regards to pairings, my conviction is that Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are going to be this manga’s end couple. So why along Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga makes her appearance?

Well, as stated in the previous quote, the theme song is a song that talks about friendships and the bonds between people. We mustn’t forget that one of the bonds of this manga is the one between Naruto and Hinata! So it’s a nice representative of that and, if you ask me, the sad looks on their faces is because, I don’t know… they’re remembering Neji? Don’t forget that another bond of the series is the one between Naruto and Neji and Naruto and Hinata. And the two of them do seem pretty sad in this art cover. Wonder why?
Otherwise, what can I say, finally glad we got to see Hinata’s design. Very Sakura-ish if you ask me and it makes me wonder why Studio Pierrot kind of changed Sakura’s outfit. But oh well, guess for that we’ll have to wait for more new info.

With that being said, I am waiting forward to hear the song and maybe get more info about it! So, for the NaruSaku fans out there, don’t freak! Remember, look underneath the underneath!

What about you? What do you think? Did you like the cover? Don’t forget to leave your opinions down below.

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Katia (3 years ago)

Yeah, Narusaku will surely happen !
I was worried this morning when I saw the picture of Naruto and Hinata together,I thought they’re gonna be together … but when I read the chapter (the moment Sakura woke up) I knew it won’t happen ! Sakura is sooo going to go help Naruto and heal him *.* I just hope that Studio Pierrot won’t force Kishi to end the story with Naruto and hinata as a couple (sorry for my bad english :p )
btw, I really like your posts and all ! your theories and analysis make me keep faith in this pairing! You’re the best !

    iben holt (3 years ago)

    Yeah right…… naruhina has way bigger chances to happening than narusaku

Guilherme (3 years ago)

This is a reply to both articles (the one about NS cannon ending, and about this one)

Now I can see where you take this from, but I’m pretty sure that’s way more random than the scarf thing.

Also you must look all the posters for the movie to the get what the fanbase is saying, and looks like you hadn’t seen the poster were they stand sideways an the scarf goes exactly to the square where Hinata lays looking sideways.

In case you didn’t see it, here goes:

In this one, Sakura is completely out focus, like some background character. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think NaruSaku is pretty live on the Manga, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change by the movie plays out.

Also that does not pin’s out Hinata’s chances, as the song doesn’t necessarily “focus” on “friendship” bonds. That’s just one interpretation, and I see it as a completely different situation.

I’m not as crazy as the fanbase, and I’ll probably not die if I’m wrong, but as I look through Hinata is the saddest of all in the leaked Images. You check it over all you want, but in every single one she appears clearly sad.

Now, what does the leaked “sinopse” says? Well the end is near, and who would look more sad than those who’ll have to see their beloved ones depart to fight against it. The cover and song just reinforce this theory.

There is too little for NaruSaku fans here, and you know that. And as much as you want to denie, even if Naruto ends with Sakura in the manga, this three year are decisive and they could break up and he can finally ends with the girl that always looked up on him.

I don’t think it’ll be like that though. For me the manga’ll end without couples and for three year Naruto’ll mature to answer Hinata’s confession. And she’ll wait, she said that she’ll wait no matter how much time it would take.

This is the perfect break point to close that lingering doubt, and I think he’ll confess just before he goes to fight the calamity the Moon’ll bring, putting meaning behind the history of love they are promising.

the ugly truth (3 years ago)

The denial in this article is strong.

    anakin olandesca (3 years ago)

    Naruhina is canon in manga hinata will end up with naruto in final chapter 700 the movie is in betwin chapter 699 and 700

iben holt (3 years ago)

I am a BIG SASUSAKU FAN!!!!!! So stop act like you know who is ending up with who. That is just evil

iben holt (3 years ago)

Naruhina sasusaku 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariz (3 years ago)

Naruhina is the perfect couple, i really wish they’ll end up together :)

    Kass (3 years ago)

    naruhina sucks

Cold Soul (3 years ago)

You think Kishi after like 144 narusaku moments through entire manga(basically more than SS and NH combined) and with all the parallels and that stuff would give us SS/NH.Also Naruto says:”I will never give up”.So basically he shouldnt give up on returning Sasuke or becoming hokage but he should give up on girl of his dreams.Riiight,you kicking in with some logic.

Bardo Thing (3 years ago)

i am big fan of Narusaku

Bardo Thing (3 years ago)

i love it

Bardo Thing (3 years ago)

i love Naruto and sakura

Nate (3 years ago)

No offense, but I truly think some people are overthinking this. I’ll be honest and say I don’t care who Naruto ends up with as long as he’s happy, but the whole NaruSaku-will-totally-happen-because-my-overly-hopeful-and-complicated-thought-processes-say-so, almost looks like you’d be in denial even if the outcome would prove the contrary, and I barely see any actual basis on NaruSaku happening that actually makes complete sense on these articles. I mean NaruSaku might happen still, but not with the over-confoundedness and generation of any probable NaruSaku endings that you’d prefer despite the few hints given to you and everyone else. I think it would happen, just because that’s what the creator wants, and not with magically reading-between-the lines-that-don’t-actually-exist for NaruSaku yet. People try to say SasuSaku won’t happen because Sasuke hasn’t at all said he loves her (which makes sense, though he could fall for her later if, like I said, the creator simply chooses so), but then the same people try to argue about Sakura’s feelings when she clearly hasn’t said anything about loving Naruto either, and has in fact said she still loves Sasuke after all this time, meaning everyone is just being hopeful and biased right now and not basing anything on what could be called fact. Well, I guess we won’t know officially until we see it happen, maybe we’re being given not so subtle hints of a NaruHina ending and being shown this right to our faces so that we purposely overthink the meaning, or maybe it’s a trick to make NaruSaku fans lose hope to then have their wish come true in the end. Who knows? No one else can actually say yet, except Kishimoto himself. ;P

    anakin olandesca (3 years ago)

    Sorry guys narusaku is not canon read naruto manga chapter 700 naruhina endup 2gather and have 2 children bolt uzumaki and himawari uzumaki

Nancy (3 years ago)

I think many people don’t read the manga, so a lot of people are going to be shocked when NS happens! I can’t wait! xD I still have fond memories of Road To Ninja. :D

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    NaruSaku fans are just very imaginative, any little thing like a compliment to the forehead is motive to scream “ns is canon! kyaaa”.

    Same thing for NaruHina, but she has soo little screen time that every little NaruHina momment is way more relevant than the overload of NaruSaku tiny little bits that’s multiplied by a thousand in the fanbase head.

    That’s just to say that you can, and maybe will, be shocked as well. Overconfidence is dangerous, and it doubles the fall

      Kass (3 years ago)

      wow you’re rude . Please just fucking leave please we don’t need nh tards here . And we all know who are the dreamy fans here . The ones living in an allusion . Those are the Sasusaku/Naruhina fans . Dude hinata pregnant ? , are you even serious .

        Nate (3 years ago)

        You’re being quite rude yourself. You even replied, ‘NaruHina sucks’ to some random NaruHina fan who wasn’t being rude to anyone. And you’re being twice as rude to this guy who was only stating their opinion, but since it conflicts with your opinion it seemed ruder to you than it really was. I’m quite neutral to any pairing, yet I’m seeing more defensiveness about your pairing, which is strange because if you really are so confident that NaruSaku will happen, you don’t really need to get so offended. You can prove your confidence of NaruSaku happening if you’re calm and don’t get so worked up by any silly NaruHina fans. It’s not like any of their comments will change the chances of NaruSaku happening if it really is set in stone to happen, right? ;)

    Nate (3 years ago)

    I don’t see why anyone should be shocked about NaruSaku happening… Sakura is the main heroine along with Naruto, the hero, after all. A little typical, if you ask me, so absolutely no surprise there. It would be sadness and anger of silly people having failed ships, not really shock. Now, I would be shocked if he ended up with neither Sakura or Hinata instead. Though, that would actually be kind of funny, after so many people fought over their silly ships and neither ends up happening anyway.

      Guilherme (3 years ago)

      That I would like to see happen hahah;

Gert (3 years ago)

Hello, it’s just me or Hinata is sideways in all her images? Maybe she has the branch seal?

Tricia (3 years ago)

Wow, you guys are completely ignoring Sakura’s declaration of love to Sasuke before his fight with Naruto. Remember how she told Sasuke how she never stopped loving him? She doesn’t love Naruto. And Naruto told Minato, in regards to Kushina telling him to marry a girl like her and “not a weirdo” that he wasn’t following everything she said? NaruSaku isn’t going to happen. Sakura doesn’t love him, as was spelled out PLAINLY in the manga when she confessed her love to a bastard who tried to kill her twice. And if Naruto still held any romantic regard for Sakura then he would’ve confirmed such to his dad.

NaruHina (3 years ago)

NaruHina forever! Just give up, you NaruSaku fans, it’s dumb to the point where you people seem delusional. It’s sickening, disgusting and above all retarded. The only person Sakura Loves is Sasuke. And besides did you people even see Naruto’s face when Sakura confessed the second time. He didn’t look sad. He looked angry. Angry at Sasuke’s selfish behaviour. And also, he said “But mom told me to find a woman just like her and…Today I just turned 17 so I don’t really know anything about women or booze! Uh, er, well not everything’s going just the way mom told me.”
Not everything’s going just the way Mom told me.
Wonder how everything he said before that was positive until it came to the part that had to do with women. In ehich, Kushina, said to find a woman just like her. And Sakura is like her in some ways.
Why was his reply negative to that?
Weird huh?
They showed Naruto and Hinata standing together as the cover of the movie..
Not Naruto and Sakura. That makes me wonder..why not Sakura? I mean, they’re friends right? Closer friends than Naruto and Hinata.

    christinalotus (3 years ago)

    You are too dumb to live, sorry.It is not about your choices, it is about your words.You have never learnt that a TRUE Naruto fan NEVER GIVES UP ON HIS/HER DREAMS.It seems like you aren’t a true fan

Kyoru (3 years ago)

I’ve always been a supporter of NaruSaku. I have no hate towards Hinata. I like her a lot, it’s just that the NaruHina thing makes me really frustrated.

To me, this poster looks like Naruto has finally answered Hinata’s confession with a rejection. The reason why the sad expression on Hinata’s face. And Naruto facing away from her. I believe someone as cheery and expressive as Naruto, if he were to return her feelings, he wouldn’t turn his back to her with this solemn expression on her face; he would facing her instead if he is returning his feelings. Body language is the key in the poster.
It looks too much like a rejection to me.


rhymesmatter (3 years ago)

OMG NaruSaku fans are SO PERSISTENT! “I have something to tell you …so wait for me…” Why would he need to REJECT HER after he saves Hanabi??? JUST let it go and accept it NaruHina wins don’t be so butthurt about it! He will come back having saved Hanabi and he’ll be all “Hinata…Remember when you said back then with Pain that you loved me…Well.. I love you too” BAM and end of! The sooner you guys admit it the better it will feel! Maybe Sakura is getting some from the now-wanderer-without-purpose Sasuke!

    Jessie (3 years ago)

    I’ve always preferred narusaku but naruhina is right in front of everyone’s eyes! Naruto will probably say or think this in the movie. “Sorry mom but I’ve found someone like dad im already like you.”

      Jessie (3 years ago)

      Also everyone is over thinking this just like tobi.

kotae-Neko (3 years ago)

Enough SS/NH stopped . We have the hope , why is this a problem ? If we have to flow , we will sink , but at least we will believe in our relationship to the end . I really do not understand why it bothers you , i really do not understand

Jeal (3 years ago)

You lose now, sir. NaruHina IS canon.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Miss. :) Yes, indeed, it seems that NaruHina is canon. But what exactly did I lose here?

      Chatte's Theories (3 years ago)

      Do you not even see what you have lost ? All of those worthless, time consuming theories that you’ve made and STILL clinging on to them, even after NaruHina and Sasusaku has become canon. Why do you even waste your time even making up theories after theories AFTER THEORIES. Before and AFTER the GODDAM MOVIE. That proved that Naruhina is CANON. Don’t you have better things to do than to be all anti- The Last?

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)


      2.Time (you wrotte more theories than manga chapters)

      3.Love for Kishimoto


      5.You pairing fetish

        Guy (3 years ago)

        If writing theories was her hobby and she felt fine doing it I don’t actually see a problem

Edelberg (3 years ago)

Sorry to break the bubble, but the final chapter came out and confirmed:
-Naruto and Hinata are married, with two children, a kid who looks like the father, and a daughter who looks like the mother. both have the usual whiskers.
-Sasuke and Sakura are married, with one daughter, who looks interested in Naruto’s son.

So the narusaku ship has been officially blown up and sinked.

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Fanta (3 years ago)

I am going to cry if naruto goes with hinata Sakura an him are perfect even now when I’m typining I’m crying just for narusaku

Minecraft 22 (3 years ago)

Naruhina won!!!! And the alternate ending was a troll

    Fengshui (3 years ago)

    What alternate ending?

    There was never any promise for alternate ending, nor even any promise from the creators that the The Last movie would be a NaruSaku movie. It was all the hallucinations of Chatter and NaruSaku fans.

django (3 years ago)

I could give a shit with whom naruto ends up, the story behind the manga relationship pairings is weak, the only more or less passable pair would be shikamaruxtemari and i am being to nice saying that; if naruto had ended up with a random character like choji did it wouldnt matter to me since his pairing with hinata or even sakura is more or less as good as that of chojis

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