The Last: Naruto the Movie – Masashi Kishimoto sends a message to Naruto fans!

As Naruto manga comes to an end and The Last: Naruto the Movie approaches, author Masashi Kishimoto sends his fans a message!



“Given that the original work (manga) and the new movie are connected as much as possible, I would appreciate if you’ll go to see the movie after you have finished to read the manga. (It’s OK even you haven’t read it! AHAHA). This movie is, putting it straight, about love! I never had a movie about it, so please enjoy Naruto!

Author: Kishimoto Masashi”

As we can observe, Kishimoto himself feels nostalgic about the manga’s end and once again, he prompts us, his fans, to once again, enjoy a new adventure that Naruto will be going through.

This time, as we can see, besides the other plot points, we’re dealing with a love story. As I already said it here, it’s my strong belief that Naruto Uzumaki will finally conquer Sakura Haruno’s heart for various reasons, but, of course, in the end we must wait and see.

So, let’s show our support to Kishi once again, by being there for Naruto in his journey of love!

What do you think about Kishi’s message? Who do you hope this love story will be about? Will it be a romantic love story or it will touch all the aspects of love? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

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My Info (3 years ago)

Oh please its with Sakura and Naruto!!! Or maybe this time we will see Sakura making her move. Hehe

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    A probable outcome, I say let’s wait and see. ;)

      ilsexoxo (3 years ago)

      hi ^^ well narusaku didn’t happend :C i ship them but yeah….naruto and hinata are together just like sakura and sasuke (in the manga they are having a child )ps: srry for my bad english
      but yeah i’m kinda happy that naruto is not gonna stop there’s still coming a movie and naruto 3 is just little chapters and not just like naruto 1 and 2 xxx

        Alon (3 years ago)

        except it actually could be karin died and sakura took care of her and sasuke is still finding himself.

          Rose (3 years ago)

          Karin did not give birth to saskues daughter. The real mother is actually Sakura. They made saskues daughter look like Karin to make a twist in saskue and Sakura relationship.

Mat (3 years ago)

I respect peoples’ opinions but please get your head out of the mud. I don’t ship either pairing but even I can see, time and time again, that Sakura doesn’t love Naruto romantically, and Naruto looks like he accepts that. She loves him sure, platonically, but from the trailer, and the facts from the manga I’ve seen, it looks like it’s NaruHina, and Sakura is showing her support.

NaruSaku isn’t happening and no amount of theories or thought to be hidden messages, or looking at things that are meant to be humorous and nothing more. Accept it with dignity. NaruSaku is not happening. Did I think it potentially could happen, I’ll be honest no i didn’t because there were clear signs that showed she wasn’t interested in him.

    chatte (3 years ago)

    You have your opinion and I have mine. Until all this is over, I am allowed to believe whatever I want and interpret it based on what I see. You know as they say – it’s not over until the fat lady sings! And if it is indeed gonna happen, then we’ll talk then about the said circumstances, but, as I said, until everything is over and clear, I have the right to express my beliefs, regardless of what others think.
    Thank you!

      Jesus Gutierrez (3 years ago)

      I’m actually pretty disappointed..
      I can understand Kakashi being hokage for a while but the relationship with naruto and hinata does not…
      Why lead us all the way and do this..?
      Hinata should have had a lot of interaction to even be considered..
      I’m just plain bummed out..

      But now I’m hopeful for naruto and sakura kids..

        Anonymous (3 years ago)

        Kishi is such an ass for what he did to us. I mean really the stalker who’s been following you around since the freshman year since 1987. And I thought my jokes were bad

      Tria (3 years ago)

      It’s all good, Naruto got mouth to mouth action with Sakura already lol.

    Alon (3 years ago)

    reaaally? ;)

    Lea (3 years ago)

    THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to say that forever!

Chloe (3 years ago)

Interesting! So how come you truly think NaruSaku will happen? I think you have good reasons to support the ship, but I mean, the film has pretty much advertised that NaruHina will happen (IMO)… I don’t really get why every single NaruSaku supporter is saying it’s a ‘marketing’ trick or whatever, because if it was, that would the complete an utter troll of the century T.T
What do you make of the trailer then? Naruto’s staring? The childhood scene? If the focus is on love, then why would Hinata be shown so prominently? To banter us? I’ve never seen a film go that far to tease a ship just for the sake of it :/ I just kinda feel like you’re giving yourself false hope…
If NaruSaku happens though, I’ll be very happy for you! XD

    RS456 (3 years ago)

    Not like they didn’t do it before.

Heaven & Earth (3 years ago)

I really want to see NS become canon, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up. That way, I won’t be disappointed if it does become NH (though I don’t think it will unless SP and Kishi pull some pretty crazy stuff in this movie) and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it winds up being NS after all. At the very least, there’s no need to worry about SS becoming canon, so that’s one problem down! (Really though, Naruto won’t go for Sakura or Hinata, because the movie seems to focus a lot on the “First Love”, and obviously (everyone knows it, including you!) that Naruto’s first love… was RAMEN! NaruRamen 4 Life.

    Tria (3 years ago)

    Here’s the thing tho, couldn’t NaruHinKara happen? He gets two and Sasuke get that Uzamaki girl.

Ryan (3 years ago)

I’m disappointed, as much of the manga did not make sense. Naruto is supposed to become Hokage at the end of the manga not Kakashi. During the Madara fight when Naruto was dying, Earlier this year Sakura said, “your dream it’s right in front of your eyes”. We have been waiting for Naruto to become hokage since day 1, promise broken. Then Madara dies from black Zetsu would’ve been interesting to come up with a way to figure how to beat him very dissappointing, then Kaguya worse villain and Naruto should’ve defeated her signal handly. This manga and show is called “Naruto” not “Team 7″. Kishi I have been a major fan of Naruto all my life and it’s ruined. My ideas were way superior.

    Ismarys (3 years ago)

    If only it was your manga… but it isn’t. It’s Kishi’s and he can end it however the hell he wants. Your “superior ideas” don’t mean jack.

    Demon1LT (3 years ago)

    Umm… Maybe you should read the last chapter before speaking and look who hokage is.

Fahmi Yadi (3 years ago)

Naruto nerd fans ….bhaha fighting over an anime

Samantha (3 years ago)

So I’ve been seeing pics online about NaruHina’s “Child” does anyone know if they are true? Kishi told us that the main love triangle is going to be in team 7 . Naruto has never told Sakura how he feels upfront … No matter the pictures, the trailers, the CD’s i still believe they have a chance. Call me crazy but it’s what I think! The first time Sakura was introduced in Naruto I just knew that I wanted them to be together. Yes I know that Sakura didn’t like him then but in Shippuden their relationship had improved. I’m a NaruSaku shipper and I’m proud of it! Yes you might if heard it before but if Naruto gave up on Sakura his whole ninja way would of been in vain “I will never give up!” Kishimoto is playing with our emotions and he needs to just tell us already. He claims Naruto resembles himself and they his wife resembles Sakura. And obviously they would be together so why not Naruto and Sakura. This is Naruto Shippuden not Hinata shippuden. I took a look at Naruto and Hinata’s child … Does the kid get whiskers as well?? I heard that if the Female is a jinchuriki that’s when the kid gets the features of the tailed beast . Also I heard that when the pics were put up Kishimoto had asked them to take it off because it had disrespected him, and the people who help Kishi with Naruto are huge fans of NaruHina they post stuff that confuses people. Hopefully NaruSaku will win… I hope for the best

    Izzy (3 years ago)

    It is true that Naruto had children with Hinata. A blonde-haired boy and a blue-haired girl :) They both have the marks on their faces. NaruHina all the way! Sorry the way you wanted didn’t come to be. But if I chose by evidence who would end up with who, NaruHina would win. Hinata loved Naruto all throughout the manga and even confessed her love toward him. Naruto always cared for Hinata. During the chunin exams and when Pain stabbed her and he went insane almost releasing the nine tailed fox entirely. Sakura never liked Naruto (though she did confess she loved him, but that was just to get to Sasuke). And Naruto never confessed that he loved her either (he liked her only when they were starting off as a team). So it would’ve made more sense if Naruto ended up with Hinata instead of Sakura. Besides, *SPOILER ALERT* SasuSaku was confirmed :)

    Arina Ariff (3 years ago)

    C: I hope you’re fine with what you’ve said. Hahahahahaha

Zachary Burz (3 years ago)

I honestly think it will end up being Naruto and Sakura as a couple. Because seriously, when you look at it, the only thing Hinata has done for Naruto was defend him from Nagato (aka Pein) during Pein’s invasion of Konoha. That and she did sorta slap him in the face to get him to continue fighting Obito in the Fourth Shinobi World War, but that doesn’t contribute to anything. There’s no way that Naruto would give up on Sakura. Also, Sakura should have realized that Sasuke did not love her, when he stabbed her after his battle with Danzo. She should have gone to Naruto who cares and truly loves her

Re18 (3 years ago)

I’m a NaruHina shipper (a fanatic one, to the point that I hate NaruSaku) and it’s me and my fellow shippers win after the epilogue was released.

However, I know how it feels to see your ship didn’t end up together in canon. So, I respect you guys, NS shippers, when you still support your ship although there would be no more NaruSaku in the end.

NaruSaku (3 years ago)

This has disappointed me. I have been a NaruSaku fan for a long time now. Naruto can’t just change his feelings and go end up with Hinata. This is all messed up. Why would Kishi do that to us? There has to be a brief reasoning about it. I want NaruSaku!!

    Demon1LT (3 years ago)

    Whats the point of Hinatas character and love scenes if she were not to end up with him? Come on people think from a writers perspective

Ari-San (3 years ago)

NaruSaku should have happened. I’ve supported it for many years, and yet, it didn’t happen. All that development, parallels, and hints, all that work, and what? He gives us NaruHina. How Classic. Why did he make those hints? *sighs* Naruto gave her a promise of the lifetime, he would always be watching over Sakura. He’s married to Hinata? Wow. Just wow. Faaanservice.

NaruSaku (3 years ago)

I was disappointed but I’m also happy that Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. The one thing that I’m disappointed is that NaruSaku didn’t happen. I shipped that for days, months, weeks and years. I thought I was right but I was wrong. NaruSaku didn’t happen but I’m glad I shipped them. I was also glad that they’ve been together as always… it’s so nostalgic! I was depressed and sad. Naruto said he would confess his love to Sakura if he kept his promise. Now that Naruto kept his promise, why did NaruHina happen? I thought Naruto loved Sakura. Naruto even said to a girl “I have this girl I loved named Sakura” Everthing has been turned Inside Out but I’m happy bc Naruto is happy with Hinata but I will always ship NaruSaku. So, I’ll just say thank you to NaruSaku for making me happy. I guess it’s time to move on…

    Demon1LT (3 years ago)

    naruto never says That.

Narusakufan8 (3 years ago)

Caruso should have gone with Sakura, he should have won her heart! Naruhina had very little development, not enough to result in their canon.

    Demon1LT (3 years ago)

    But NaruSak had 0 development

anon (3 years ago)

there is still hope a person confessed it was just a fanart also did you see that necklace sakura had? looks like a ring cant be sasukes because he left unless 699 wasnt real i doubt it anyway we will find out monday.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    It’s false. It’s a fan in denial over the pairing who’s been spreading the rumour and people are gullible and stupid enough to fall for it because they want it to be true. Guess what. NaruHina is canon, NaruSaku isn’t. Get over it and move on with your lives. There’s no conspiracy or anything.

stelios (3 years ago)

First Sakura lied to Naruto bcs she forced by her classmates(shikamaru,ino,kiba,lee and others)just to make Naruto realised that Saske is a threat for him and the vilage. Second the anime title is Naruto no Hinata we see the life of a ninja who tries to make his dream come true and he makes it with the help of his friends and master’s and most important help by Sakura the only character that suport his dream in both ways spiritual and physical.  Third i dont hate Hinata no bcs she loves Naruto but bcs she respect him and suport him for ‘never give up’. And Forth: Naruto is not the only one character Hinata calls -kun she calls all the male characters(the characters she knew) not bcs she loves them but for respect. I know is to late to say my opinion but is now or never and i believe that kishi will make the right decision.

    stelios (3 years ago)

    I forgot to say in (third) that i dont hate Hinata but ‘I LIKE HER FIGHT STYLE AND HER KINDNESS’

Demon1LT (3 years ago)

Its NaruHinata. Hinatas character would be pointless if it was anything different, its not gonna change.

ZERO (3 years ago)

well maybe BOLT is Sakura’s son but naruto married hinata in the end and have a daughter and SALADA was the daughter of KARIN to Sasuke that he leave to Sakura

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Ryu (3 years ago)

Just so you know I am a big Naruto/Hinata shipper when I saying this. I did not find much joy in seeing them get together. In reality it did not matter who Naruto ended up with as romance was not the main part of the story, because romance did not play a major part no pairings had any real development.

Dez (3 years ago)

I’m a huge NaruSaku shipper but I think it’s pretty obvious that NaruHina happened and is happening. I don’t think it’s going to change. I think the movie is just going to explain how everyone got together. All hope for NaruSaku was crushed with that last chapter. We just need to accept that NaruHina is canon. :/

Tria (3 years ago)

In my honest opinion Naruhinkara could be a thing. It’s not like there’s a law that prevents it, Sasuke could’ve had that Uzamaki girl, but she just disappeared and etc. I feel like it’s because the ending was rushed.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I agree on the part with the ending, terribly rushed!

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      Still you didn’t had problems with it until chapter 699 + 700.

      “So, let’s show our support to Kishi once again, by being there for Naruto in his journey of love!”

      I can’t see your support there. Oh, wait, because you wanted something else than what the advertising actually promised – NaruHina, Kakashi being as Hokage (meaning having less time), Sasuke do something important (saved Konoha) – and tried to making false advertising actually a good thing (the movie will be NS)?

      Sorry, but this wasn’t supporting.

      And honestly: where the hell did you believed that 30-32 pages will be enough to closure all sub-plots and characters? Just the sub-plots were 100+ and since only Neji died in the so-called war we still got thousands of characters to deal with them.

      Not mentioning that when the announcment happened for the final 5 chapters we got that message when Naruto VS Sasuke started so the sane people already knew that it will be rushed.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        No, I didn’t. Why? Because in my mind there could have been an ending that would’ve nicely wrapped things up, at least concerning its base established themes.
        And yeah, of course I said support Naruto in his journey of love. Manga showed me for 15 years that Naruto is interested romantically in Sakura. I had all the reasons to say those words and then all the reasons to change my opinion because Kishi made things so. So really, stop with this charade that I didn’t do this or that just because you don’t understand some pretty basic things.

i_am_bread (3 years ago)

I swear Hinata and Naruto are the worst pairing. When did Naruto even seem to feel anything for Hinata?! Not until she told him so. Then, apparently he likes her back. Uh.. I don’t think so! AND THEY GOT MARRIED?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OPEN-ENDING IDEA?! A little bit of my heart gets ripped out of my chest whenever someone mentions Naruto now. I don’t mind SasuSaku, but that’s because Sakura is awesome. I will not go see the newest Naruto movie when it comes out because I don’t want to be crying when I see Hinata and Naruto’s love child. Naruto is awesome and Hinata is… sometimes annoying but not the worst. NaruHina is NOT love. NaruHina is NOT life.

Potato chips (3 years ago)

Okay so the hole point for Sasuke going crazy was to restore his clan right and afther the war ends and he ends up with Sakura and they both have a kid now righ but (not meaning to sound sexist cuz I am a girl also just curios how this is ganna work out with the hole restore the Uchiah clan thing ) and it’s a girl Sadara which in this case she’s lovely and beautiful being a Uchian while on the other side there is Naruto and Hinata and they both have children , Himiwary and Brounto?. However in the new magna that came out ( Naruto Gaiden ) in witch they show all the kids of the ships , people are starting to ship Brounto and Sadara and if that does happen and they do end up together how is Sadara restoring the Uchiah clan because if she end up with Bronto wouldn’t she be married into te Uzumaki Clan and not the Uchiah clan because once you marry a guy you get his last name righ? so how will Sadara restore the Uchiah Clan ???

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Well, as I’ve been saying for quite a while now, this story lost all logic… but oh well…

booop (3 years ago)

i feel like the only one who was rooting for sasuke and naruto to get together /// i cant stand sasusaku its so …. unhealthy ??? and as much as hinata is my bby and i love her, i feel like its so weird that naruto married her considering he’s never shown that he’s reciprocated any of her feelings before

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Haha, no, you’re not the only one. There are a lot of rooters for Naru and Sasu out there too!

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