The Last: Naruto the Movie; Opinions on the blank period, movie trailer + plot, pairings confirmation & Naruto chapter 699 + 700 prediction

Okay guys, this is it… few more days and the most beloved series in the world at the moment, in my humble opinion, approaches swiftly to its end.

As you probably have seen on my Tumblr, I promised you I will be writing this post, as you guys have left lots of asks in my inbox, along with me, expressing my interest in giving my one last shot at trying to guess this manga’s path. I am willing to bet on what I will be writing here, but once again I remind everyone that this is my personal opinion and does not constitute in any way any warranty that it shall happen, but as I said, I, with my stubbornness and air of “know it all” – like how some people like to call it when I usually simply mention my opinions -, am willing to bet on anything this “last theory” in regards to the big finale.

I am also willing to say that if it will be so that NaruHina will be canon, as many of you like to bestow upon many of us, who oppose that idea, then so be it. Of course, I will still express my opinions, you won’t see me shutting up if I consider something to be BS, but if NaruHina will be indeed canon, then so be it, you’ve “won” ! As if it’s a battle from which we would gain something but anyway, moving on…

However, up until then, I would kindly ask to allow me to say one more time: hold your horses, don’t jump to conclusions! It’s not the first time you’ve done it and got yourselves almost burned-up… We all did at some point, because Kishi took care of that for us too, but with NaruSaku he always had a way… Now, finishing this little introduction or bet if you wanna call it like that, let me get to the point of this post.

From where do I have this confidence, now, even more than ever despite the movie trailer and its apparent contents, Masashi Kishimoto’s message and the Last’s theme song cover, all which apparently, point to a story between Naruto and Hinata? How can I still have the confidence to express my confidence in why I believe NaruSaku aka Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno becoming canon? How can I say this if besides the apparent story between Naruto and Hinata, in the last movie trailer Hinata Hyuga seems to be the heroine of it, despite Sakura Haruno being present there and known as the heroine as we’ve seen from the charachter sheets that were released of the poses of Naruto and Sakura, one along the other?

Well, it all started when I saw this image:



Let me first start by saying that this is all the confirmation that I needed to reinforce my theory’s belief. I wasn’t sure exactly when this movie will take place, but thanks to the confirmation, all is set.

This confirms that indeed, chapter 700 of this manga will be the epilogue chapter, that takes place years after the end of 4th Shinobi World War.

Well, let me start by beginning a bit with a twisted order, but you’ll understand at the end of it. Yes, this movie will be about Hinata, mainly from certain points of view, yes, this movie will be about her love for Naruto and her bond with Naruto indeed, yes Naruto and Hinata will have certain moments together in the movie but not because of what some subsets of the Naruto pairing fandom thinks, but because of other reasons.

Therefore, allow me to begin with the prediction for Naruto chapter 699 and 700 and we’ll go from there, further in the future as we’ll be passing through my last theory.

What I believe we’ll be seeing next in chapter 699 is a Sakura arriving along Kakashi most probably, seeing a hurt Sasuke and Naruto, and I am not sure exactly how, Kishimoto will show us through some of his writing skills how Sakura, will “choose” in some kind of way between Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto, evenly, but of course, might be done in the always subtle way – but we also might see it pretty bluntly this time. We will probably go through some SS resolution (or not, I am not sure, though I hope she gets some closure with Sasuke, they were nakamas after all and given Sasuke’s current state, we might see the old Team 7 dynamic, that which we all loved) after which,we will finally see the things we’ve been all waiting for and the thing that moments like Naruto Chapter no. 3 or Promise of a Lifetime were created and how Naruto, the outcast ninja, how even in the released full trailer of the movie is reminded to us, managed to accomplish one more of his desires: to one day gain Sakura’s heart by pure love, dedication and hard work, like he always did, even if it meant him suffering.

Like I said in “…from here and now on”, I believe the latest chapters, in our case 699, we will see Naruto finally confessing his feelings to Sakura, not before making sure to remind her in a way, about the Promise of a Lifetime he once made to her, back in the days when not only Naruto wanted to do this for Sasuke and himself, but also he made it for Sakura and he did it in such a way that he showed how gentleman and how big his heart is and how his love wasn’t just a crush. And like how in that 235 (?) filler was shown, Naruto will have been doing this like a gentleman, by loving Sakura the way she truly was, beautifully faulty like a human being, yet perfect in his eyes, with her feelings for Sasuke and all her being, and if he would be to one day win her heart, do it rightly, by showing why he at least would be worthy of her love, as for Naruto, Sakura’s heart is so pure and beautiful, that he’d only could consider himself lucky if such pure heart would bestow her eyes upon him. He had seen how she can love by her showing affection to Sasuke. He can only be lucky to have that affection one day. Same problem of worthiness Sakura seems to be having as well with herself in regards to Naruto’s love for her. She sees the magnificent heart that Naruto possess, so pure itself, that she can only feel unworthy of it – as her words say back when Sai tells her Naruto lover her – how can he love someone like me?

They both have beautiful hearts, they just need to rediscover it.

Probably Naruto will be tempted to back off as Sasuke would be now back and this is where possibly Kishi will be reintroducing a quite straightforward reaction from Sakura -> Naruto in terms of her reciprocation of his feelings. By then, she would have probably come to a conclusion/realization in regards to her feelings for both boys. It is also possible as well that 699 will show us a slight reference to Naruto Chapter 3 forehead kiss scene, making Sakura finally realize who was behind the “Sasuke mask” and who was exactly the guy who fulfilled, like Sasuke himself said in 693, her dream about love, back in Chapter 3.

If not in chapter 699, maybe we’ll see it in chapter 700, in the epilogue (and here is where we slowly transition into the story of The Last) where we’ll see all the rookies and how they ended up years after the finish of the 4th Shinobi World War, and where Sakura will be appearing as Naruto’s wife similarly to maybe the scene in Naruto 382 when Kushina makes her appearance as Minato’s wife, pregnant with Naruto, and somewhere in there, maybe a bit later, as they have a kid, Sakura telling her kids how she fell in love with Naruto, and as Kushina tells Naruto when they meet about her love story with Minato and how the hair she had hated, brought her her soulmate and made her love her most hated part of hers, she mentions how “the forehead she had hated so much, brought her the man of her dreams and since that day on, she started loving her forehead and, more importantly, Naruto…” and how also, her forehead would have been her “red thread of destiny”. This is how I think I believe things will be played out in 699 or 700. If not then, maybe in The Last, but I am absolutely sure that Chapter 3 will be touched upon at a certain point in time.

Why I believe so? Well, like in “Growth of the Two” chapter 246, beginning of Shippuden Kishi shows it through Sakura and Naruto, “a ninja must see underneath the underneath”. Wondering if Kishi wanted to give us a hint ever since back then, since Naruto and Sakura, are planning to spoil Kakashi about the fate of the main character at the end of Jiraiya’s book which can’t make me but think about Kishi’s book, The Tale of Gallant Jiraiya, and we all know that one… Sadly, Kakashi refuses to hear the spoilers, although funny enough, Naruto and Sakura are about to “really spoil” it for him. Maybe there’s a hint in the name of the chapter? ;)

Speaking of destiny, as we all know, recently this image has been circling around the internet:



As we all know, each of them represent a certain thing.

Hinata – 愛 Love (also affection, care, attatchment, desire or craving)
Shikamaru – 志 Will (also intention, plan, resolve, motive or hopes)
Kakashi – 忍 Endurance (also patience and self restraint or ninja)
Sasuke – 道 Path (also journey, course, moral or teachings)
Sai – 絆 Bonds (also relationships, emotional ties/links between people)
Sakura – 命 Life (also destiny, command and fate)

Sakura’s as we can see is Life known as well as destiny or fate, command and life.Let me tell you why I believe it’s one of those “underneath the underneath” reading moments.

Yes, Sakura’s profile also is connected more to the life one given her status as a medical ninja and, also, in her personal profile, how she has mentions of being the best medical nin, Tsunade’s pupil, who has inherited her master’s will.

But you see, this kanji as a pair tattoo for a woman and a man means “unwavering love” or in archaic form “destiny”. Of course, these things could mean absolutely nothing and I am not saying they mean that but… in the context of this manga and Masashi Kishimoto’s and his “underneath the underneath” lesson, what do we know about Kushina’s red hair? Brought her the man of her destiny, like Sakura’s forehead will bring her the man of her destiny. What besides that caught my attention? The fact that for a woman and a man, paired means unwavering love.


To be honest, ever since I saw Sakura’s face in 697, when she wakes-up from the genjutsu, as she stops for a second and looks at Naruto, the feeling Kishi left me with, given that scene and the whole triangle context and issues with Sakura’s forehead, is like Kishi saying Sakura’s heart was always destined for Naruto, but given certain “impediments”, Sasuke has “prevented” until the moment Sakura will find out about the forehead comment, the destiny of love between Naruto and Sakura to happen, due to ironically, Naruto’s own silliness.

This, paired with all the other hints I told you along the way, make me believe that NaruSaku will be canon.

But what about Hinata, you wonder? Her word means love, the movie seems to concentrate on her relationship with Naruto and her love for him. Well, let me tell you what Kishi is doing here.

We’re at chapter 699/700, right? Hinata’s feelings haven’t been resolved yet and after the war – like in the exact timeline of The Last -, she’s planning on stop chasing after him, but not before wanting her feelings to reach him one last time, until she’ll let go.

As we saw in the trailer, Hinata has been trying to give Naruto that red scarf for a long time now, ever since they were children. Now, indeed, Naruto’s words are directed at her. How do all these connect?

Well, as we know when Naruto was little, he was pretty meany of itself and as we can remember, he used to treat people really harshly because he was seen and felt himself, like an outcast. And then was Hinata, who was just admiring him, back in the shadows, not saying anything – thus, insert that part in the movie with Hinata loathing herself that she didn’t do more back then.

Like I always said myself when debating with NaruHina fans, yes, she had the best intentions, but she still stood there and watched and did nothing. That made her selfish, no matter how good-willed she was and Hinata knows that herself and as we can remember and see, she said it herself – one in the confession in Pein arc and the other one, here, when she says she loathes herself for not doing more.

Hinata herself says she didn’t do more, so in my opinion, this shuts down any “Hinata was there from the beginning while bitch Sakura wasn’t” type of comments. Hinata herself says it.

However, once and for all, before stopping to run after him, Hinata makes one more step in trying to reach him and from here, the focus on her and Naruto, and tell him what she couldn’t tell him back then – that she wished she would have been there more and thus, that scarf would be her sign of “sorry” for those times or something like that, I guess, in my opinion.

I believe she goes to Sakura because if the manga ends with NaruSaku in epilogue, Hinata feels somehow the need to ask Sakura if she can offer Naruto that thing, assuming that Naruto and Sakura are already dating/engaged. And Sakura, given how she really is a nice girl, assures Hinata that she can do such thing, and maybe who knows, she even helps morally Hinata to do it.

I also believe on the other side, Naruto, as he is pretty mature now, feels the need to clear things up with Hinata as well, in regards to that time. Assure her that although he was very hard on her that it even made her cry (as we can see in the trailer), he didn’t mean it, he was only a hurt child, but now he really appreciates her as a close nakama.

Besides that, what could the other type of love in Hinata’s case could be or mean? I, for one, believe that it’s gonna deal with her rather selfish love, which she will realize and make her wake-up to things that matter more, as in, her clan and her status as a heiress, thus we’re introduced with Hanabi Hyuga’s kidnapping, which forces Hinata to get out of the craving type of love for Naruto that she had, to the love for her family, realize what’s more important to her – Naruto’s love or Hanabi’s and her clan’s safety? And thus, with all the things happening, it will help Hinata finally move on, as well as Naruto, but not before settling these things between them. And that is why we have so much focus on Hinata, besides the Hyuga involvement via Toneri, Hinata is heavily involved and presented along Naruto, in the trailer.

But, like I said, in my opinion, this blank period is also dealing with how Naruto and Sakura became an eventual couple, who later started to date and who later, in the time of the epilogue presented to us in chapter 700, got to get married, how Naruto proposes to Sakura (I have a feeling that’s a ring on her necklace to be honest, the engagement ring Naruto gave her maybe, but I can’t put my hand on it) and have kids and the happy life that he always wanted and Minato and Kushina, along with other generations’ echoes, destinies finally get fulfilled and the closure they needed via Naruto and Sakura’s destined love.

So, with that being said, I am willing to bet my money that this is how things actually are and this is what the movie is actually gonna be and why I don’t believe at all it affects NaruSaku in The Last: Naruto the Movie, but on the contrary, it reinforces it!

What do you think? Leave your thoughts down below!

Till next time,



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AJ (3 years ago)

I just can’t wrap my mind over Hinata keeping quiet/distant from for two years. It’s not like the premise of Book 4 for “The Legend of Korra”. No one’s gone their separate ways by leaving the village – except for Sasuke

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Well, I am sure that lots of things have happened in these two years. :)

      AJ (3 years ago)

      The concept artwork for Sakura’s casual attire shows her sporting a necklace with a ring on it. What’s that about, I wonder? (Even I would scream BS at the thought of Sasuke giving her a promise ring.)

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        If that is a ring (hard to tell though, I presume it’s one), then like I said, my guess is that the two are engaged/going to be engaged at some point in time and thus, Sakura wears the ring on the necklace. But of course, that’s purely our fan speculation until it gets confirmed. :)

    anakin olandesca (3 years ago)

    Hinata is naruto’s wife chapter 700 comperm it

      Leonard mosca (3 years ago)

      I do not believe the man who wrote Naruto NarutoI does he wrote Naruto 700as of July 4th last year was the nice note of written by him is that not what he said in the interview last year so we’re naruto 700 I also believe you said he sucks writing romancesthat’s how I know he did not do naruto 700 on top of that Nipsey Hugo is dead now

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        He does write them because they called him back. Why? Simple as hell: no one really takes this franchise seriously anymore after the fucked-up morals.

Dick (3 years ago)

I’d love to see the look on your face once NaruHina becomes canon.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Same look I’ve got everyday. :)

      Anne (3 years ago)

      Brilliant shut down to the pathetic stalker :)

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Well, I don’t really know what they image it’s gonna happen to me if NaruSaku won’t be canon and indeed it will be NaruHina. For me all of this it’s a simple debate and a thing with which I have fun, but my life won’t end if NaruSaku won’t be canon, duuh! So I don’t really know what face they expect me to have… But oh well, only they know, so I won’t bother. :)

    Kass (3 years ago)

    lol dont be a dick dick

    Hooooray! (3 years ago)

    SasuSaku and NaruHina will soon sail their ships!

      Kass (3 years ago)

      that won’t happen obviously

Tsu-Kii (3 years ago)

Also I’ve asked myself.. why would Naruto, the one who never gives up, give up on Sakura?
I mean he would never ever give up on loving her and if he really will give up, Kishi would totally change Narutos personallity cause that wouldn’t be the Naruto we’ve known for all these years.

    derp (3 years ago)

    just because you change love interests doesnt mean you are giving up.. wtf that logic doe

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      In a manga that context dictates so, it does mean. Of course, in real life things are tad bit different, but we mustn’t forget that we need to abide by the manga’s rule. :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Exactly. What people don’t realize when it comes to Naruto’s love for Sakura and downplay it that way is that with Naruto giving up on Sakura, Kishimoto would break Naruto’s strongest characteristic and manga’s message 101: never giving up! That’s why when I see people saying so easily that Naruto gave up on Sakura, considering his love for her and his character, as well as Sakura’s character and obvious change in feelings, I can”t help but wonder if they realize what they’re actually saying/thinking…

      Lily (3 years ago)

      I love how you completely put Naruto’s “love” on a pedestal, when you do know he doesn’t love her, he has not ever said he did, it was only a crush in canon, and yet you downplay Sakura’s love as a “crush” when she has poured her heart out confessing her love to someone other than Naruto twice, the double standards here is just incredible. If Sakura is meant to “get over” her uncondtional deep love for Sasuke then why wouldn’t Naruto get over his 12 years old crush, seriously the lack of common sense is just shocking.
      The only feelings confirmed in Naruto, are Sakura’s and Hinata’s, both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s feelings are unknown and unconfirmed so maybe think about that before you keep embarrassing yourself.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        I put Naruto’s love on a pedestal? Tell me who exactly has made Sakura smile every time Sasuke has made her cry, tell me who at the age of 12 almost sacrificed his and gave a lesson of how important Sakura was to him? Oh, right, I think it was Naruto in the battle with Gaara. Ah, but that must’ve been a long time for you now, right? Then, maybe this will refresh your memory: Naruto telling Sai he can’t confess to Sakura until he fulfills his promise. I wonder what he would like to confess… Oh, right! His love.
        Look, if you don’t look at the broader context as well as the underneath the underneath details, don’t whine up when it will all be confirmed, okay?
        You all keep downplaying Naruto’s feelings when the author ALWAYS said support Naruto and his dreams! Not Hinata and her dreams, not Sakura and her dreams! Naruto’s! And one of Naruto’s desires/dreams however you wanna call it was to be with Sakura, remember next time when you downplay the main character’s feelings as well as support! The end might surprise you if you don’t…
        If you are the one who wants to believe that and it makes you feel sleep well at night, go ahead, sure, but I have my convictions and I stick with them! I explained why millions of times, won’t repeat myself. Thank you!

          Smile More (3 years ago)

          This is such an old comment but too funny to pass up. “I put Naruto’s love on a pedestal?” Then you proceed to put his love on a pedestal. Anyways just thought it was funny. Why can’t two characters have a relationship and just be really good companions these days. This whole shipping thing is rather silly in my opinion. Why invest emotional attachment to a pairing before it’s confirmed, it like gambling, it also reduces your experience of a series because the entire time you are busy interpreting various scenes to suit your ship, not to mention you end up disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass. Shippers argue they have way more evidence or canon moments than their rivals but lets all be honest here, it’s based far more on emotion than any “evidence”. If all the evidence was swapped people would keep their ships and swap arguments. If narusaku was end game naruhina shippers would use the exact same arguments as to why it was a bad ending as narusaku shippers, and the narusaku shippers would be defending stuff that they are currently picking apart. Let me tell you it is so nice not to ship any pairings and experience the last chapters, well actually the entire series, with an open mind. Sure it wasn’t the best manga ending I have ever read but Naruto is not the best manga. It was fine, a nice send off to a nice series, people need to chill out and smile more :).

Rodrigo Duarte (3 years ago)

Nice post, I think the same… “Next stop… NS babies… COME ON KISHI, give to me, I need see this… give to me, give to me.”

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I am willing to bet we’re soon going to be seeing blonde & pink haired babies! ♥

      Smile More (3 years ago)

      How much XD.

Cesar (3 years ago)

NaruSaku FTW!!!

My Info (3 years ago)

Great stuff as always!

Momo (3 years ago)

Your theory is interesting, but it sound too much like a fan fiction, you should start writing your own narusaku fan fiction, I will go read. NS happen or not is very up to Kishimoto, but I like your ideal though. Keep up with the great work, I will come and check once in a while. Denial mode is all we, NS shipper, can do right now. The chances for both pair are 50/50 in my opinion, if Naruto doesn’t like Sakura anymore then is game over for all of us or if he confess to Sakura once more and she reject him again then is also game over for us. Good luck to all NS shipper and God bless you all.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    To be really honest with you, you seem to me like a “NaruSaku” in disguise person. If you’d indeed be a fan of this pairings, given the manga’s content and development between both Naruto and Sakura, you’d know that what I’m writing here isn’t any fanfiction play but actually based on canon possibilities, given the literary devices Kishi has used until now. Also, denial is a strong word there, don’t you think? It’s the very reason you gave it away regarding your “NaruSaku”-wanna be persona, to be honest. Denial is the last word you should’ve used given that NaruSaku fandom has plenty evidence on what to relay on and their anything but in denial!
    So sorry if I strongly disagree with your view.
    Have a good day!

cha (3 years ago)

thank you for this wonderful prediction..I always love your analysis and this one is pretty much what I’ve been thinking too.but one thing I disagree a bit though, you assume that they’re already dating/engaged but to me I dont think they are,Idk, maybe naruto already confessed in manga and sakura pretty much reciprocated but,they arent really an item in the movie.l mean,they go out, like for dinner etc but they dont proclaim boyfriend and girlfriend for each other yet (lol,is that even possible).so,because sakura isnt really naruto’girlfriend,she’s like “supporting” hinata to go for him cos sakura is that gentle of girl (damn this sounds like unrealistic shojo story lol,the movie plotline is already unrealistic cos a hyuga is suddenly relevant after 15 years -__-) well,yeah that’s what I believe. :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you for your insight dear! As for why I proclaimed that, well, canonically, Sakura has publicly committed herself to Naruto while, when prompted the question by his father in regards to Sakura being his girlfriend, he answered positively, therefore, it is safe to assume that they actually might be a thing/dating/being engaged.
    Of course, it depends, maybe they’re not like that and this is a thing that happens along the unfolding of the movie. But it can also be what you wait, in the end we’ll have to wait and see, but this is like I said, what I personally believe. :)
    Thank you for your feedback, dear! Have a great day! :)

dalli (3 years ago)

I enjoy reading this. I am excited to read the two last chapters. And your right, this movie might be a closure for Hinata in realizing that her love didnt reach for him ( if only she had spent more time with him) and she could finally move on. And of course I think we will have a final Sasuke amd Sakura closure as well.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you, dear! Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I fairly believe this will be the movie that will show how both Sakura and Hinata received closure in her respective love for Sasuke and Naruto and how both of them move on, ending with Naruto finally getting to be with Sakura, Hinata becoming the heir Hyuuga always needed, while Sakura finally finds the love she had always dreamed of/wished for herself. :)
    Her fairly tale will become real while Naruto’s dream becomes real as well. ♥
    Ah, can’t wait to see it! :)

      Lenny mosca (3 years ago)

      in Naruto’s last movie I believe he stole fanart of naruto&hinata children Japanese fan artist once I’m able to find an internet site I will leave it here for anyone to see

Yui (3 years ago)

That’s a wonderful analysis, Chatte! I agree completely with you, and that’s what I think will happen too, I am certainly not buying all the “NaruHina” in the trailer when we all know that the most developed pairing is NaruSaku and until now Naruto keeps proving that he still loves Sakura. Reading this also made me feel warm inside and reminded me once again of why I love NaruSaku so much, so thank you for writing this :3

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Don’t mention it, dear! It was my absolute pleasure, after all these are my thoughts haha! But I am glad it made you warm inside and you enjoyed it, it’s always a joy to hear that! ♥
    Also, I want to thank you for your feedback! ♥

zechschic (3 years ago)

If this helps you sleep at night, fine. But the mental gymnastics you just went through is probably more than what actually went into developing ANY of these ships in canon. Just sayin’.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    My mental gymnastics is purely based on manga canon content. All I did was, based on the content, predict what it might happen on the future, that’s all, which means it did went into developing not ANY of the ships in canon, but NaruSaku. I am not inventing things, I am just writing based on them.
    Thank you for your feedback, anyway!

Miki (3 years ago)

Thank you so much for writing this. It seems like everyone believes this NaruHina thing is going to happen. I just can’t see NaruHina happening under any circumstances even with the ‘evidence’. Your article gave me confidence not to waver. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is the fact that my favorite manga is ending. If Naruto ends up with Hinata I won’t understand it and I won’t be happy about it, but I’ll accept it if that’s what Naruto wants.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Basically that’s my take of it as well, but after 15 years in which Naruto has loved Sakura and Sakura has began to show reciprocation in feelings while on the other side, no romantic interaction on the NaruHina side, while very bad interaction between SasuSaku, it can only make me believe that the pairing intended by Masashi Kishimoto cannot be any than NaruSaku, especially after Naruto wanted to win Sakura’s heart fair and square. And if you don’t give up and play it fair, destiny always has its way to repay your hard work! That’s what I believe, thus, that’s why I see NaruSaku canon. :)

ko-nyan (3 years ago)

this was a really good read and something i needed for sure, thank you, Chatte! Feeling super juiced and more confident now! TY!! <3

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Don’t mention it, dear! ♥ It was my absolute pleasure and it’s a real joy to hear you say it has lift up your spirit. That’s it! Don’t give up and have faith! ♥
    Have a great day dear! *hugs*

Trang95 (3 years ago)

Nice analysis! But I honestly don’t think that the ring is an engagement ring considering that they are only 19 years old by now.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    While I do get what you’re saying and I do acknowledge the possibility (that’s why I called it a possibility myself) of it not being a ring nor the two of them to be engage, it is possible that it might also be vice-versa, like I said myself, that NaruSaku will be engaged in the movie. Or, maybe like I said to someone here, along the movie we’re shown how they get engaged.
    Why do I say this? Because it’s usually a common trope in anime&manga, for them to get engaged/marry pretty young compared to the real world.
    But, I guess we’ll have to wait and see the confirmation of it. In the end, we’re just playfully speculating here. :)

Mira (3 years ago)

I love reading your thoughts! You really put some cool ideas into the stuff you write. I like it! I’m not 100% sure that NS will happen anymore and to me it’s quite possible that there will either be no certain pairing or NH, but all in all I still (thanks to you, my dear) have high hopes and love for NS! :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you dear, really glad you enjoy my stuff! I still am 100% sure that NaruSaku will happen. Kishi didn’t had Sakura’s feelings for Naruto to change from the beginning, tease them as possibly love throughout Databooks so that now just leave it like that, especially, considering Naruto’s character, who well, is Naruto: never stopped loving her and he never gives up! So I am sure that Naruto will win her heart over and they’ll soon to be a happy married couple! :)
    Of course, each and every one out there is free to believe whatever they want, this is what I believe. :)
    Glad to hear you’re still hopeful in regards to NS and no need to thank me! Its beauty stands on its own, my words are just slight additions.
    Have a great day dear! xoxo

      Mat (3 years ago)

      Clearly you haven’t seen the recent datebooks. In them it says that Sakura’s favourite person in the world is Sasuke, while Hinata’s is Naruto.

The One Who Knows All (3 years ago)

It’s a good thing Naruto is ending up with Hinata, she’s the perfect match for him. Sakura and Naruto don’t have any real feelings between each other instead of that they’re teammates. You should just accept that Naruto is ending up with a wonderful, kind hearted, caring, and loving girl…unlike Sakura that is. Make all the speculations all you want, it won’t change the fact that Naruto and Sakura are a “thing” or you making a rather dull theory that Naruto “married” Sakura. Can’t wait to see the pitiful faces of all the NaruSaku fans when Thr Last comes out.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    In your opinion it might be a good thing, but in mine it isn’t. You say she’s the perfect match for him, yet she is filled with faults, the same way Sakura is, the one you people keep bashing and compare Hinata to, in order to make Hinata look good, while making Sakura look bad.
    Why not hold Hinata to the same standards, eh? Hinata herself said she’s selfish, as well as in the newest film, she seems to be self-aware of her status as a Naruto “supporter”. As in, when she had the chance to actually do something for Naruto and help him bear the loneliness he faced, she did nothing. Why else you think she loathes herself?
    Yes, she might have had the best intentions at heart, but she did nothing to follow through which was a ZERO help to Naruto. Whereas, Sakura, as bad as she might have treated Naruto, at least acknowledged his existence, a thing Naruto always craved for! Sakura made Naruto feel alive, through her own twisted 12 years old ways, but she did it and that’s why Naruto not only loves her, but cherishes her. Because she acknowledged his existence and scolded him when he did stupid things, didn’t just brushed him off, while Hinata, with her best intentions and all, said nothing, just stood behind the trees while watching Naruto battle with solitude and hatred ALONE! She could’ve done so much, acknowledge his existence in any way, like Sakura did, yes she didn’t. Period. End of story.
    You say Sakura and Naruto have no real feelings for each other than teammates? But what about the dates proposal? The obvious physical attraction? What about both of them risking their lives for each other? No feelings, huh? Right, because Sakura doing romantic gestures in front of a village is considered absolutely no feeling.
    Fine, if it suits you, go with it.
    I am not accepting anything. Yes, Hinata might be a kind hearted girl, caring and everything, but so is Sakura and the author specifically pointed it out few chapters ago.
    Or you forgot that part? So then, your point is…?
    As for hoping bad on other people, careful what you wish for cause you just might get it… just not in the way you’d wish.
    Never wish bad on someone. Remember… karma’s a bitch who always does its thing.
    But suit yourself, believe whatever you want. I am free to voice my thoughts and opinions and you hoping that NaruHina will be canon, won’t stop me from doing that.
    Thank you!

Diehard (3 years ago)

Just when I thought NaruHina is most likely to be canon because of what the others are feeding me, I saw this. I’m a diehard NaruSaku fan and I always tell those who oppose me ‘who’s going to have their last laugh in the end’. I was bothered by the upcoming movie as it triggers the mind of naruhina fans. The movie obviously screams NaruHina just by seeing the trailer. I never gave up on my ship though. I looked for different infos from other NaruSaku fans about what they could say for the upcoming movies. This info you made is the best. Clears my mind entirely. Now I’m gonna ship NaruSaku harder and shove it on the opposing ship’s faces.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I tend to have that effect on people, bwuhahaha! Lol, kidding!
    I know many people are inclined to believe so after the way The Last: Naruto the Movie has been advertised, but I base my beliefs on the manga’s content and manga’s content heavily indicates NaruSaku. As for what others say, well, to each their own opinion, of course, but we cannot just ignore the fact that trailers and marketing is always misleading, while we should focus on manga’s content.
    As for shoving into other’s people’s eyes, I don’t know what to say about that. I believe the sole reason that NaruSaku will be canon is enough, thus you won’t need to shove anything in anyone’s face. But, of course, to each their own as in a way, I do get what you’re saying.
    Thanks for the feedback dear and glad you enjoyed my read! ♥

Alesse (3 years ago)

Right on the mark. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Your posts always make things so clear and obvious. I totally agre and I’ve said it on the narusaku forum. Never has a author left such important details out of a conclusive manga. A movie is suppose to be a add on.

Gr at post……let’s hope for the best this Thursday. I’m anticipating the biggest troll of all time…which is this whole naruto a movie push.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you, Alesse dear! Glad you liked it. And indeed, like you said yourself, the author left so many important details behind in regards to the pairings that it’s only normal he would follow through, which only indicates NaruSaku. :)
    And yes, this Thursday apparently will be the biggest shitstorm, excuse my language, in all times, haha! And its rapidly approaching, haha!

Setsuna Uchiha (3 years ago)

oh, and i want to ask what she did for Sakura Naruto when he was little and villages him turn aside? She ran after Sasuke and Naruto beat him even to humiliated! Had to get him into the team so I doubt it would be with him so much friends.
Hinata was very shy, but I loved him and respected.
It was Hinata Naruto who saved his life, Sakura just crying and she knew what was going on with him because the man was from the Hyuga clan, if he did not stand in front of Naruto Hinata would die and Sakura did not care, just there crying and did nothing . While Naruto told everyone to fight to confuse, but if you really love someone you do not care if udláš something well or poorly, to save the one you love everything you do, even a violation of a rule or prohibition.
Whenever Naruto Sakura asked for a meeting just beat him up without any logical explanation, kdykooliv Naruto saved her life so he beat the very next day and said what a fool.
In addition, the part in which Naruto spoke about love Sakura was filler with a story that has nothing in common. All major NaruHina moments have taken place in the storyline!
Moreover, if Naruto really loved Sakura would not say it to his dad when he said goodbye to him ?! He said that perhaps, finally found a girl who is like Kushina !? He said it !? No!
Additionally, Sakura is quite selfish, she knows how much she loves Naruto so why before there was a fight Naruto vs Sasuke, Sasuke front screamed after him as much Miljø ?!
When Sakura confessed to him so it was just a lie and Naruto gave her also pretty clear what she thinks about it, Hinatino confession was true from the heart of true love!
So why would you not have Naruto Hinata! Why would dream could not be! The last movie is a story of love! A Naruhina its definitely more than NaruSaku!

Ships. (3 years ago)

NaruSaku => brother/sister relationship
Sakura never had romantic feelings towards Naruto. At this point, I can’t believe there are people who truly believe NaruSaku will happen. In my opinion, in chapters 699 and/or 700, we’ll have a SasuSaku closure. Plus, the movie will be about NaruHina. I’m sorry but that’s the way it is.

I respect your opinion, but SasuSaku and NaruHina are more likely to become canon.
Nothing is confirmed, but just wait and see it by yourself.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Ask me a question: have you ever wanted to peek on your naked sister in the bath? Has your sister ever asked you to check her body and tell her if she looks more womanly? If so, then this is when you can tell me that NaruSaku is a brother/sister relationship. Fine if you want to ship it like that, but don’t tell me the manga is picturing it like this when it’s clearly not that way!

    If you want to believe so, sure, do it. But don’t be amazed that people have the faith that NaruSaku will be canon given the manga content heavily indicates so, therefore, we do have a basis for our claims or beliefs or whatever you want to call them.
    And no need to say I should just wait and see by myself. I am already doing that, we are all already doing that. Why? Because we’re all in the same boat. Therefore, we all wait. We just have different opinions, that’s all. :)
    Thank you for your feedback though!

    Jessie (3 years ago)

    Naruhina yes but sasusaku? Sasusaku is the worst ship ever. Sasuke does not like her. Sakura was obsessed about him and after Sakura’s confession Sasuke didn’t think of her he thought of itachi. I would say sasuhina has a better chance.

Lui1227 (3 years ago)

Thanks, I really needed something like this. it’s not like the world were to end if narusaku doesn’t be come canon.. but, after seven years since I read this manga, for me this couple is special and deserves a conclusion

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    No need to thank me, dear! It was first of all my pleasure and second of all these are my honest beliefs in regards to the latest news we’ve heard. Indeed, NaruSaku is a beautiful couple that needs its proper conclusion and given the only things they’ve been going through, it would in my opinion, only be fair to both of them to end up happily together because they’ve always been next to each other and supported each other, only they knew the pains in their hearts and how much it hurt, but they still stick together and supported each other and literally gave their life for each other, loved each other selflessly so much that would be only fair that after such a life filled with turbulence, pain, loss and all those not so nice things, they both can spend together, happily, the rest of their lives and have a life filled with that type of love they both need and both offer to each other, only that Kishi with his authorial intent has kept separated until now.
    But I am certain that by the end of the series, Naruto and Sakura will be together living that happy live! ♥

christinalotus (3 years ago)

This was what i thought!You’re amazing as always, i love you.♥

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Haha, thank you dear! Love you too, omg, you’re such a sweetie! ♥ And glad to see I’m not the only one expecting this to happen. Fingers crossed! ^_^

Elias (3 years ago)

I am sorry, but in my opinion, your analysis is too biased. That is obvious. Let’s wait and see. Imagine what you would have writen, if all the parts of hinata in the movie trailer plot description etc is replaced by sakura! It is a comic pairing & wasted time for certain people invested in pairing thoughts. But thanks for the info with the poster and it’s translation. :) appreciate it. keep it up.

    Elias (3 years ago)

    Besides, I would find it very disrespectful of kishi towards his fans (naruhina fans are also part of his fans) if he is promoting like this clearly hinting towards hinata (especially when the movie is confirmed canon to the manga unlike the previous movies) and then make a narusaku instead of what he has hinted so clearly in the current trailers posters etc. I would rather have naruto being a single and meeting another good woman instead, let sakura and hinata move on too. I feel for sakura that she has experienced a painful love towards sasuke and I am sorry for hinata wasting to much time being so introvert and hypershy that she missed her love chances when they were little kids. Well.. If upcoming posters or trailers hinting towards sakura, I would find it quiet cruel. It is like provoking narusaku and naruhina and sakusasu. All fans of his naruto.
    Like I’ve told my wife already, this shipping is no use to speculate about. Kishi is the writer, he invent naruto out of his imaginations and skillfull art, and he has all right to write as he pleases and fans should stop bashing him because it doesnt fit their shipping, their own plot etc. just love narusasu no one gets hurt at the end -_-
    By the way, where did you get the poster and the translation? Can i have the link of the source. Appreciate it. Thanks :)

X (3 years ago)

Chatte, this is really well thought out. One thing that got me though is just again, the oddity of the promise coming this close, yet we have a movie implying NH but again, Kishi wrote both the manga and the movie these past 2 years and despite all this, in the time we saw stuff like 631 and 663 for NS, he didn’t bring anything more on NH in the manga yet was still writing the movie so its really to me a good question of, well he had to be aware of this stuff right? I mean either way its cut, NH is just not that fulfilling if it just occurs within 110 minutes after not much focus in the manga, even to this point in 698, Naruto still loves Sakura and never changed in regards to Hinata nor loving Sakura less. And one other funny thing got to me too, if NH is that obvious, wouldn’t the end of the manga and movie be spoiled already? I mean if Nh is that obvious for chapter 700, that spoils the movie outcome and well, you would only watch it to see how NH happens, not that if it did or didn’t. But if NS occurs in chapter 700, then it becomes a deal of, how exactly did this happen and just what occurred in the movie despite it having so much NH implied events. I mean I can already see it as, well if NH is in chapter 700, then its well okay guess the NS stuff is just dismissed and we get Hinata just “there” with Naruto and the movie won’t bring any suprises, but if we got NS, then its a good question because at this point, no one would be looking at NS for the movie, yet the manga has it highly inclined to the point of the promise. I mean unless kishi just went to commercial writing and made the movie for the fact of how marketable Hinata is well, thats kinda sad given all the NS stuff of the past, but if NS suprises us in the end, then I say well not only does everything flow together, this movie would still make sense even with the focus on Hinata in some way, because if we see NS in the end, it doesn’t spoil the movie, its still about Naruto and Hinata in some form that lead to the NS stuff and otherwise shows us what happened.
I mean again, if its obvious, then SP already spoiled the manga and the movie with NH as the end result and what company would want to spoil its own stories before the end? Otherwise if its NS then its a better question to see that its not a matter of NH didn’t occur, but to see what exactly happened with Naruto and Hinata to see why it didn’t occur, if the movie had something like you said or otherwise something like Hinata sacrificing herself (kinda going on neji said she would give her life for naruto) then maybe something big happens in the movie and not for the way people think? Kishi said its about love, but not the result of the love, thats what remains to be seen, and until we see chapter 700, its either NS following everything from the manga or its NH and we know it happens in the movie and well, then it kinda just becomes a rescue deal and we need to see the sense of what actually occured in the 2 years later to make NH go. Because thats what I see at this point, the movie is either to say how NH occurred or in NS manga case, it shows the finale of Hinata’s character the manga never had time for.

Riza (3 years ago)

Hi, you always have such deep analysis and I admire you so much for it :) while I personally do not mind if NH becomes canon, your optimism makes me, well, optimistic for NS! Excellent work :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Thank you for your message dear, oh my God, you’re such a sweetness! ♥
    I wouldn’t mind NaruHina either if it would have been properly written, foreshadowed and all but given it hasn’t, I stick with NaruSaku, haha.
    But thank you, really, for your very nice sweet message! ♥

jini (3 years ago)

….had fun reading this.
I too bet on NaruSaku

natalie (3 years ago)

So happy to read this! Narusaku always made sense, so much growth and an amazing bond! There were so many hints that they belong together, and if she still feels for Sasuke after he tried to kill her, called her annoying, put her in a gengutsu… I have lost hope for Kishi. Even Naruto told his dad that he hadn’t accomplished everything Kushina told him about finding a girl like her, even after Hinata confessed! If he ‘loved’ her why would he say that and say he is trying his best! 700 chapters of feelings don’t change that fast! Naruto and Sakura forever!! Btw, loved your post!

Iman (3 years ago)

Well, I really hope it going to end up as NaruSaku like you predicted. I never like NaruHina from the beginning. But it really confuse me when Naruto hold on Hinata’s shoulder and she is blushing so much from it. If Naruto is already engage with Sakura, should she be at least sad to have Naruto hold on her like that? I really hope it going to end up NaruSaku

    Jerry (3 years ago)

    It wasn’t naruto that was holding her on her shoulder. it was sakura. You can see none of the hands have the white bandages on them.

Guilherme (3 years ago)

I’d accept NaruSaku gladly if Hinata have her ways with Naruto to the end of the movie until she gives her life to him and diesr. Needless to say I would be awfully disappointing otherwise. She’d go against her own “ninja’s path” if she ends with some random dipshit (like Toneri, Kiba or a random Hyuuga).

The holding hands and clear confessions are just way more relevant than a comic classic almost filler situation that is the forehead chapter. It’s more like a fanfiction, kudos to @Momo, than any palpable fact.

We can’t assume Naruto’s feelings, as we can’t assume that the manga’s epilogue’ll follow that cliche development. Which is to say Naruto ends ~exactly~ like Minato’s. Mostly cause everything until now was Naruto changing fate. (it can be a single thing clearly different for all I care XD)

The most annoying part thought was the selfish part, because it discounts everything Hinata has done, her growth and her actions. Her words just shows her self-loathing personality, and her evolution as the story progressed is astounding.

To talk about she being selfish just cause she hadn’t enough screen-time is outrageous (IMO). Of course that wasn’t you intention I believe, you probably see the little she did as “less worth than what Sakura did” and discard the huge difference between their roles. I won’t judge thought, the value people puts in every action is uneven anyway, like points of view.

But, for me, at the end of the day, Sakura did nothing – absolutely nothing – more than her obligation as a Team 7 member. On the other hand Hinata always have gone out of her way to be with Naruto, defying fate every single time (almost exactly like Naruto does I daresay).

To sum it up, everything you just said about Naruto is also transposed to Hinata (given it’s own proportions). Meaning that the only way I would acknowledge the other possibility is by taking away any possibilities of a NaruHina’s end, either by death or solitude.

Not that I believe it would happen like that. For me it’s exactly like some said before me, the plot of the movie’ll be “Why NaruHina and not the obvious NaruSaku?”. It’s not a NaruHina’s end, it’s a NaruHina’s start. It’ll clear plot holes and explain all the “why’s” in a way that makes the Epilogue bona fide.

I totally agree that NaruHina never had been truly explored, but that is the beauty of it, that’s the beauty this movie’ll bring us and tie all the knots to an epic closing of Shippudden.

Now I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I really love a well thought out argument and I’ll always get a urge to match it. Even if I didn’t, I hope I was able to explain my opinion clearly.

( ^ ▽ ^)v peace

    Jessie (3 years ago)

    I also think naruhina is canon but I’ve always preferred narusaku. Hinatas character would improve I think if she moved on from naruto because her development revolves around him. Naruto is holding hinata back. But I think naruhina is canon because naruto is like kushina and hinata is like minato. So yeah….

      Guilherme (3 years ago)

      IMO that would just take her of character. All her growth until now was cause she believed in Naruto and looked upon him, incorporating his ideals and supporting his way of life. To see she just “forgetting” and “moving on” is just not her “ninja way”.

Justice (3 years ago)

I just don’t understand. Some of you are saying things along the lines of “I’ll have lost all respect for Kishimoto if Sasuke and Sakura get together!” while simultaneously supporting the idea that Naruto “never gives up!” and will “overcome any obstacle to achieve his goal!” You’re talking about a relationship here, not getting the job you want. At least with SasuSaku, Sakura has an actual say in the matter, you all want Naruto to basically conquer his woman because he can’t take no for an answer.

I’ve already seen some rebuttals to this. “Well, Sakura can change her mind and decide she likes Naruto instead.” Yeah, well so can he. The post talks about how Hinata “had the best intentions, but she still stood there and watched and did nothing.” and how “That made her selfish” while “Sakura’s heart is so pure and beautiful”. Is this some sort of joke? Did we just forget Sakura badmouthing Naruto for being an orphan? Or her fake confession in a clear attempt to manipulate Naruto, even if “it was for his (supposed) own good”. Or how when Naruto needed some support after Jiraiya died, Tsunade was in a coma, and he just confronted Pain and he was looking for someone to talk to that he thought could help him process everything, she question why she was even trying to help Naruto because she was “the one that needs cheering up…”? And Hinata is selfish because she was a socially awkward little girl who didn’t know what to do when handling something most adult admittedly probably wouldn’t know how to handle? Give me a break. Human beings are inherently selfish creatures, there isn’t a single thing any character can do that can’t be interpreted as selfish, however saying she’s selfish for lacking the means to help someone and beating themselves up over it in retrospect for not being able to be their for them when they needed them is nowhere near as selfish as imposing what you think is best for someone onto them and lying to them to manipulate them into doing what you want, or even saying you outright envy them because they’re parents are dead. Those two instances are infinitely more selfish than anything you can possibly point out that Hinata ever did that you believe were selfish, especially when one of your main points is based off a movie you haven’t even seen yet and recounts an instance that doesn’t even exist in the manga.

And what’s all this about “selfish love” and “craving type of love”? This is coming from the same person who said, “Sakura’s heart is so pure and beautiful”? The hypocrisy and double standards are overwhelming. Sakura essentially lusted over Sasuke for the longest time because he was attractive and seemed cool without knowing a single thing about him, going as far as to badmouth Naruto being an orphan to him as if she were completely unaware of the fact he was the last surviving Uchiha and obviously had no parents either. How you sit there and outright criticize Hinata for her shortcomings and praise Sakura while apparently being completely blind to her’s is astounding. There’s only one instance of love that isn’t “selfish love”, and that’s unconditional love. Kushina and Minato’s love for Naruto is unconditional. Hinata’s affection is more of admiration, not “craving”. Sakura’s love for Sasuke for the longest time was craving, though at this point if she does still love him, which is likely the case given she said this to be the case in chapter 693, I can’t bring myself to describe it as such since being treated so poorly would usually deter just plain lust unless she were some sort of masochist.

You’re free to ship whoever you want together, it’s not as if anything I say would stop you anyway and I have no intention of doing so to begin with, but loosen up those rose tinted glasses a bit before you cut off the circulation to your brain. Regardless, I hope that if you enjoy the series that you will continue to enjoy the series and not be one of those that judges it solely on whether or not the two characters you wanted to get together coupled or not.

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    It’s a common mistake to lose focus when talking about something you like too much. I don’t think this is the case of Chatte, but I’ve seen s many NaruSaku fans saying those things you said that I just lost count.

    They try to praise her “flaws” but never acknowledge then, it’s just frustrating. Don’t you think?

    For me first we need to put thing in context before losing track of what we are saying. That’s why I believe that what Sakura did was concise, but that doesn’t absolve her in any fucking way.

    I like this realistic approach, and it makes justice to what this post didn’t “show”, even thought it still boils down to personal values at the end.

    ( ^ ▽ ^)/ hi-five

frida (3 years ago)

But then what is the meaning of the scene in the movie trailer where Naruto is looking at Hinata in awe and he says he’s finally realized what he wants to protect? Please reply, I’m just trying to predict what’s going to happen. x)

Dathan (3 years ago)

I like the predictions you’ve made, but I believe that Kishimoto may take a straight approach. Being that movie has been labeled the “blank period” of Naruto this could mean a change in Naruto’s feelings. Throughout the series although he has chased after Sakura, Naruto has slowly been acknowledging Hinata’s feelings. In fact, in the Pain arc and especially when Neji died, she gave him the strength to continue fighting. Plus, I could also imagine that his marriage to her could change the fate of hyuga clan.

Blade (3 years ago)

Just curious how do you suppose that Kishimoto retcons the effects of 693 if NS happens ? It was pretty obvious that Sakura meant love in romantic way and that Kakashi was justifying that love , they used words such as “Ren’ai”(word used for romantic love) and Aishite by Kakashi (therm for strongest love , selfless , unconditional love) . This in many eyes only proves that Sakura’s love is real and stronger then the one she feels for Naruto while Sakura has only used Suki for Naruto ? Why would Kishimoto do this near the end with this wordings for her feelings for Sasuke if NS supposed to happen in 699/700 how do you make Sakura love Naruto more and not looking like a rebound and not feel forced ? Its setting up a bad image for NS , Don’t get me wrong NS can happen but after 693 Kishimoto pretty much fucked up the credibility for any parring so open ending seems more likely though I very much like to believe you but this is all so confusing and a mess . But thanks anyway it was a nice read I just think that it would work only if 693 conveyed a different meaning then the one that was presented that’s all

Danijel (3 years ago)

Are you an wizard? That’s the best thing that i read today…you totally made my day
Greetings from Croatia! <3

Suuu (3 years ago)

Hey nice post!
Wow it’s seems like you really love Sakura, you know she’s kinda my model for a woman in her personality, because she is an intelligent, and hell powerful girl!!, and this maybe sounds a crazy but a little part of why I want to study medicine is because of her.
Although I have to say that I’m a naruhina fan with all my heart, because if we talk about love and lessons of life Hinata is my heroineeee. God, from her I learn a lot!
My to lovely girls help a lot, and at the end I hope for both of then to be happy

sugi (3 years ago)

great thought, but i have other opinion,

well lets see,
sakura (have a crush on) -> sasuke
naruto (have a crush on) -> sakura
hinata (have a crush on) -> naruto

conclusion -> Basically, no one love each other, its just like “friend filled with another friend”,

well its depend on kishi how that confusing triangle love thing will end,, as you can see in theory no one love each other.

IMO, in that last naruto Movie its going much like this;
first part Naruto date with sakura, since the subject of kidnap is Hyuga clan not sakura, so the “love thing” will be focus on Hinata, when her sister kidnaped, hinata give naruto a lesson that make him more courage, beside of that sakura is goin’ nowhere,

after the epic battle, naruto confess his love to hinata, because she always on his side.

Thats it, its easy to guess a movie based on the subject.
(sorry for the english)

Chick (3 years ago)

This blog and comments made me all crazy suddenly, it was fun tho! I’ll have to wait no to break my brain in making predictions! :)

guilty08 (3 years ago)

i totally agree with guilherme.. i am naruhina fans.. but i dont hate narusaku.. i watch the last movie trailer and i am pretty sure it is gonna be naruhina.. why you ask ? it’s just the feelings i get from the movie, sorry. some people says why hinata never help naruto and always watching in the sideline ? come on… it’s just her character!! shy and blah blah blah, and beside she is just a kid when “SHE ALWAYS WATCHING IN THE SIDELINE”. you expect hinata to go bang bang and save naruto from the bullies ?. when she grow up ? well just like the battle with pein. and what’s sakura did for naruto beside her role as a team mates ? punching and etc… (i dont hate sakura really. i just didnt see the good in her).
i just want to voice my opinion^_^v, lets just wait and see whats gonna happen in the movie. and sorry for the bad spelling xD
great post !!!

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    Yeah, but the final question and the final answer probably’ll lie in the manga. It can end NaruSaku while the movie’ll still be NaruHina, and that wouldn’t be the same.

    I really hope it ends NaruHina tho and we are like bros on opinion ahaha. There is no need to hate Sakura as she has filled her role really well.

    Yet people tend to disregard Hinata just ’cause she ain’t a main character, I get really sad when that happen.

    Let’s keep hoping’til the end! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

guilty08 (3 years ago)

hahaha just like you said, it can end narusaku and naruhina, i saw on other website thats the movie is the filler between the final chapter and the epilogue. so yeah it can end like that.
and for narusaku fans… i want to remind all of you that there are plenty of story where the hero didnt get the heroin… and for some people who want to say “naruto never give up! why would he give up his feeling for sakura ? didnt it go againts his nindo to never give up ?” come on… naruto is human too!! human tend to give up something in life right ? at least once or twice for naruto ^_^(its alright if you disagree with me, its just what i believe tho).
i am fine if it gonna be narusaku but i hope it naruhina(cuz i want to see sakura happy with sasuke) \(^^)/
and yeah bro i get sad too when people disregard hinata cuz she ain’t a main character..
again, sorry for the english. cant wait for the movie xD

liska (3 years ago)

There are more NH and SS Shippers than NS together. So if ns happens naruto the end is piece of shit

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

The thought has crossed my mind if a twist will be thrown in where Naruto ends up with Sakura. Honestly though it all seems pretty straight forward in the trailer, and upon looking at past trailers for the older Naruto movies…there weren’t any significant twists or anything in the end…in fact usually the trailers for the Naruto movies give a good bit of info on what the movie is about. Other than that, after focusing so much in this movie on the hyuuga clan and hinata it just doesn’t make sense…the scarf is relevant to naruto’s mother’s story, and even more so all the hints that have been in the manga since the war began. Hinata has stated she will be by naruto’s side. Even in her flashback of when they held hands, Naruto was smiling while they were holding hands. Meanwhile, Sakura has shown no genuine romantic feelings for Naruto at all. It’s right there in the reading, not in over analyzing.

josh (3 years ago)

I do think this is interesting, I’ve never been a naru saku hater and if it does happen I won’t be upset or anything..But I really do want naruhina to happen as I’ve always been for it. I know it seems unrealistic and one sided, and even probably no amount of writing can make it come off good (if naruto does decide on her) but to me, I just want them to happen. But like I said I’m not against naru saku and if it does happen it happens, and I will accept that.

lalala (3 years ago)

Better upload it on because that’s where it belongs…I honestly cannot believe you wasted time coming up with this bs. You’re either: a) delusional, b) stupid, c) an idiot who can’t accept he/she’s wrong.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    It’s an opinion, not a factual thing. You should learn to accept people are allowed to have ‘em, ya know?

Kate (3 years ago)

Thanks a lot, Chatte! This article is just what I needed. I’ll be honest, when I saw the trailer and all the pictures that are trending, I was pretty convinced that NaruHina were going to be canon and that just broke my heart.
The trailer focuses completely on Hinata and her love for Naruto…
Your article reinforced my faith in NaruSaku and all the proof that we have to support our ship! Personally, NaruSaku makes so much more sense than NaruHina – and I haven’t always been a NaruSaku shipper but no one can deny the development that the two have.
Thanks a ton, girl!

Guilherme (3 years ago)

It’s over guy. It was good arguing with all of you but we have our winners at last: [SPOILERS]

Jeff Daifenbaker (3 years ago)

Things change. Maybe Kishimoto initialy intented for NaruSaku, but after 16 years, seeing how Sakura never gained much popularity with the fans, maybe he saw fit to change the course of the story as it was beein writen, maybe he changed his mind and thought too that NaruHina would be a better ending. I hope he goes with NaruHina, I like the idea of Naruto returning with Sasuke, fullfilling his promise to Sakura, who then says she loves him (Naruto), but Naruto says he knows that it’s Sasuke who she really loves, stays in the friend zone, and goes after Hinata, who is in love with Shino, and the guy from the Ramen Shop. One thing is certain, if the industry thought they would make more money with NaruHina, they surelly preasured Kishi towards that. After all, money talks.

Officialnaruhinacouple (3 years ago)

*cough* i believe you saw the raw scans already so i might advice to you to read narusaku fanfiction to make you feel better.

re18 (3 years ago)

In the end, the main pairings are NaruHina, SaiIno, ShikaTema, ChouKaru, and SasuSaku…. Tbh I’m a fanatic NH fans and dislikes NS and all but I know that feelings when your pairing don’t come into canon. Well, but I respect your choice when you said that you will always be NS’ fan. It’s the fact that you’ve accepted the truth but didn’t stop to love what you love :)

Moraina (3 years ago)

I see nh and ss is canon what is the count down for when they clearly showed bolt and sarada and why a count down for that.
When naruhina is the last the movie.

Screw the count down when we know nh andss are canon.

Zelda (3 years ago)

In chapter 700, it is a naruhina pairing as well as a sasusaku, saiino, and temarishikamaru

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jane (3 years ago)

NARUTO HOKAGE SI QUEDE CON SAKURA HARUNO . LA SI HAY ESPERANZA FANS BUENA PAREJA NARUSAKU ¡¡¡ sakura es una niña estaba alli bacan lo q ha dicho la frente y el cabello lo vi esta enamorada de naruto transformo clon sasuke si el fue naruto estomago de la leche . pero le dijo naruto le gustba una hermosa frente marquesina sakura chan , sakura sonroja siempre amables por mi tonto naruto uzumaki . sakura te proteger lo salvar tres veces enamoro el fondo mi corazon el sentimiento de naruto …… sakura confesar sonroja se quede con naruto uzumaki ¡¡¡
pero la pareja son perfecta naruto y sakura ¡¡¡¡ sasukey karin¡¡¡

Fengshui (3 years ago)

“but if NaruHina will be indeed canon, then so be it, you’ve “won” !”

Yet even today you still ranting and hating, wishing to kill a 2D character.

“And like how in that 235 (?) filler was shown”

So, despite saying that fillers don’t count now they do?

“So, with that being said, I am willing to bet my money that this is how things actually are and this is what the movie is actually gonna be and why I don’t believe at all it affects NaruSaku in The Last: Naruto the Movie, but on the contrary, it reinforces it!”

I hope you didn’t bet your house on your hallucinations whiches would needed at least 30+ chapters and not just 2 chapters.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Wishing to kill a 2D character? Lol, poor soul… I can’t even take your arguments seriously…

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