Naruto Characters Databook 4: Sakura Haruno’s profile. SasuSaku vanishes while NaruSaku grows? Brief translations for Sakura -> Naruto, Sakura – > Sasuke

Okay my dears, as you know, the newest Databook just came out! And we’ve finally have gotten some brief photos plus translations.

sakura_haruno_databook_4_naruto_narusaku sakura_haruno_databook_4_sasuke_sasusaku

As we can notices, in each of the profiles, Kishi chose some very specific moments in regards to Sakura in terms of SasuSaku and NaruSaku.

Let’s start one by one.

First Sakura – > Naruto Databook 4 section:

In Sakura’s profile: Naruto: That guy who was so troubleseome by constently courting her with such obstinacy. Even Sakura who used to think about him that way, now, thinks about him in a caring way/ she thinks about him as someone important to her and is one who understands him very well (maybe “the only one who understands him well”, but I don’t know if it would be biased to translate it that way though it could be translated like that). She decided to believe in his beautiful dream that is “to become Hokage”She believes that one day Naruto will become Hokage and she decided to protect his dream. To pay back Naruto who always protected her and loved her until now. Snuggled against (LOL I didn’t know which word used, though this one is weird) Naruto who’s dying after the Kyuubi was extracted from him, Sakura is using the necessary resucue method. Until Naruto’s dream will be accomplish, she won’t forgive to let him die (not too sure about that last sentence but I think it makes sense like that). Note of the translator: Not sure at all about Obito’s panel so I didn’t translate it.


Let’s move to the second being Sakura -> Sasuke Databook 4 section:

She was rejected many and many times, and yet that girl still holds on her feelings. She wants to save Sasuke who took a wrong paths. Sakura who holds an ardent will, offer her help (offer her hand) to Sasuke who made her suffer. She intended to kill Sasuke herself. Sai saw a lie through Sakura’s smiling face when she said “I trust/believe in Sasuke-kun”. Desire/Aspiration and anxiety/insecurity, her heart sways/shakes complexly. Note of the translator: There is only the passage with Obito and the passage where she intended to kill Sasuke that I wasn’t sure about, so I didn’t translate anything. But it’s not not very big, only one sentence for each of them. »Sakura’s favorite: ”Sakura used to hold a goodwill/benevolence towards Sasuke during her childhood. Even after he fell into darkness, that feeling of her didn’t vanished.” »Sakura’s affinities are Water, Earth, Ying and Yang.

From what we see and from what Kishimoto seems to draw attention to, SasuSaku is hurting Sakura while NaruSaku seems to be making out of Sakura a better, strong person!

Is it because my predictions might be true, NaruSaku will become canon in the manga or The Last: Naruto the Movie while SasuSaku dies?
After all… Sakura’s own heart seems to not being able to take such suffering from Sasuke’s part anymore…

But until jumping to proper conclusions, let’s just wait for the proper translations and info, and, of course, manga’s end!

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!



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James S Cassidy (3 years ago)

I say this is the best damn news we have gotten since the trailer. It basically puts forth the slow decay of SasuSaku and the steady growth of NaruSaku full force.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Definitely. These things were obvious up until now, if everyone had a doubt, then for sure these doubts have been put to rest by now. :)
    Sakura’s love steadily but surely grows for Naruto, while the one for Sasuke decays and hurts her heart more and more.

    Guilherme (3 years ago)

    Still there is Sasuke’s page which’ll explain us his look and his real feelings. Looking back at Kaguya’s battle, things could have changed when he thanked Sakura deeply like that. Just looking at him holding Sakura as a focal point is reason for doubts.

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      That page is just to explain how Sasuke’s switching technique works. :)

Guilherme (3 years ago)

Then it’s explained (︶︹︺)

Is that page of the Jutsu or Sasuke’s?

Kass (3 years ago)

r.i.p sasusaku

    AJ (3 years ago)

    Don’t get your hopes up. Kishimoto’s just using the movie to clarify HOW the endgame couples officially became canon after the 4th Shinobi War. (I’m a NaruSaku fan; but I can grow to accept NaruHina.)

    zoe (3 years ago)

    r.i.p NaruSaku
    SasuSaku and NaruHina are cannon!! ;)

ClaudiaCV (3 years ago)

Es la mejor noticia que he leído durante un buen tiempo. Narusaku manda y ansiosa por el último manga, Kishimoto tiene la última palabra! :D

Aggie (3 years ago)

Chatteee, did you find out what is written here ? Because it looks like the first characters of each paragraph have the colours of Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto and I really want to know what they’re about ;-;

    AJ (3 years ago)

    It’s just bits of info for the movie:
    – 2 years have passed since Naruto & Sasuke fought
    – A new threat appears
    – Naruto’s group sets out to save Hanabi

George (3 years ago)

Can someone tell me, is this good or bad?

There are people on H&E claiming the databook says that Sasuke is her favorite.

AJ (3 years ago)

Regardless of what happens, we’ll know Naruto & Sakura will ALWAYS have an incredible bond.

    joe (3 years ago)

    Omg just stop it. I hate comments like this. NS is obviously romantic in nature regardless.

Anon (3 years ago)

in the databook it tells you what the character likes most and according to sakura’s page sakura likes sasuke and on hinata’s page it says she likes naruto

kimione (3 years ago)

Sakura’s favourite person is Sasuke. Naruto is Hinata’s.
Mentioned in Databook 4

Guest (3 years ago)

We’ll find out very soon, I bet it won’t be NaruSaku. No, scratch that! NaruSaku will never happen. They better off as brother-sister love and best friend. But on top of that I only care for their happiness. Don’t care if it would be NaruSaku, NaruHina, SasuSaku after all it shounen so I don’t really expect romance being inserted.

Even when it turned out to be NaruHina… you’d always be on denial.

Even after Sakura’s 2nd confession… you’d always be on denial.

Even after NaruHina hints on The Last.

It hurts to see you in denial. But I love your Sakura’s rant how she’ll have her own wood release.

    Yuki (3 years ago)

    No… In a chapter Orochimaru mentioned Karin is Sasuke’s favorite when he was still in team taka. also, Sasuke’s himself claimed he only accepts Naruto.

hanna (3 years ago) have you seen the latest leaks with Naruto and Hinata’s children? Are they real? PLEASE NO

frida (3 years ago)

Last night, the official Naruto website put up new images of Teams 7, 8, 10 & Team Guy. Between these images, there were two kids (one girl, one boy). Based on the design, they were supposedly the future children of Naruto & Hinata. Later, the images were taking down & stated that it was rude to the author to put them up. By seeing the images, I can say the designs look very Kishimoto-ish!
Now here are the images from Tumblr (with the other ones deleted and all), please tell me what you think:
Help me understand! Btw, there are a few new charater designs, I have no idea why. But in there, there seems to be a boy next to Kurenai that ressembles Asuma, maybe the son? Most likely.

    Jessie (3 years ago)

    I think they’re canon. Narusaku fans are really disappointed right now that means me but I knew naruhina would happen I saw hints throughout the Manga.

      frida (3 years ago)

      Well honestly, I too am a NaruSaku fan but with what I’ve seen, it seems NaruHina will happen. Just trying to be more realistic than hopeful, you know?

sannie (3 years ago)

I assume your the same Chatte from the NS forum. I’ve been lurking on that page for the past two days but earlier today it’s been required for you to sign in and actually be a member. I don’t have an account but I just wanted to say; that I’m with you! I seriously done see any of these spoilers as being real. Why would kishimoto let any spoilers leak; real ones? It could all be propaganda, imagine how many people have been googling naruto the last. And how many times have naruto forums been shut down due to all the “heavy traffic” because of an increased number of users. I bet kishimoto and his team are having a laugh at seeing everyone going mental over these spoilers. The art for these spoilers is very weird, didn’t kishimoto announce he’ll be drawing chapter 700?? None of the spoilers leaked resemble his art at all. Let’s not get started on the supposed SS moment, that was totally off too. The kids dont seem credible at all either, not sure where to begin with that. To be honest, I’d have preferred Naruto to end without any pairings. Just him, standing on the hokage mountain (his head in particular); saying “I finally did it.” Naruto, to me, has always been about bonds of friendship (much of part 1). I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Kishi feels the need to end it with all these random, thrown together pairings. I do love NaruSaku however. It is, in my opinion, one pairing that at least had some DECENT development. People always say NH makes sense; but does it really? They hardly ever spoke the entire 700 chapters. Hinata is a sweet girl, I just don’t think there was ever enough development for her relationship with Naruto. Just my opinion though. I could go on forever! Hope to see a post by you again :)

sannie (3 years ago)

Oh my, reading my comment again I noticed all the spelling mistakes!! Please ignore those haha. Its hard typing on a phone xD

Cookie (3 years ago)

Did u see the news? Narusaku is officially dead and Hinata and Naruto had kids and Sakura and Sasuke had kids. I lost all respect for this lol. And let me just tell u, Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter looks like Karin and Sasuke’s kid e_e

Man, this show is gonna become DBZ omfg.

sannie (3 years ago)

I can’t believe those pairings were true -_- I honestly loved the ending of 699 and think Kishi should have ended it there. 700 really was just for the fans obsessed with pairings, it’s clearly not hard to see that. So many things wrong with that last chapter.

Leanne (3 years ago)

I really want to accept the reality but I just can’t, it’s NaruHina officially. Now I know how Harry and Hermione shippers felt. The Harry Potter fans would know this other shipping wars.

anon (3 years ago)

the chapter 700 was confirmed fake the leaker admitted that it was doujinshi or fanart i should say.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Not fake. Quit living in denial. Get over it. Move on with your life. Honestly I thought the ending was great, still could have been a bit better though. Felt like it was missing something.

    Meh. The new Naruto movies from the new project will show us the events that occurred between chapter 699 and 700. Kishimoto said they were canon unlike the others.

Ari-San (3 years ago)

This warms me up so much. I’ve been a fan of Naruto, for very long, supporting this shipping.
I know, that, this is one of the best ships, and should have been canon.

Obviously won't happen (3 years ago)

Just to keep your hopes up, what if Burrito is actually NS son, Himewhatever is NH daughter and Caesar Salad is SK?? This would be ludicrous and an exquisite troll to all fandoms :D

Also, polygamy and probably lots of orgies if Naruto were to use Kage Bunshins during the sex :D

Snake (3 years ago)

I feel bad for you narusaku. im a naruhina fan but i think u are hurt that things ended this way. i think you will have to deal with it and let it go.

    kai1100 (3 years ago)

    To me if i was naruhina or a sasusaku after reading chapter 700 i would feel like it was bittersweet or was not worth it one bit this is why so many fans are upset the ending was bad you can not deny it most of your fellow naruhina are enjoying the celebration is it a celebration? or a funeral? for both sasusaku and naruhina i say that because both pairings had no delvopment and am i the only one that feels its fishy that naruto and hinata kids have cherry blossom hair and sasuke and sakura daughter looking like karin? if theres something else planned witch its a big if cause naruto is over than maybe kishi did that to pretty much troll ever fan of those shippings but oh well.

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narutoprophet (3 years ago)

I think that Sakura still cares for Sasuke, but not in the same way she did in part 1. She has grown to love Naruto, but maybe she does not realize it yet. For instance, Kishi took Sasuke out of the equation in part 2 only to develop Naruto and Sakura’s relationship.

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