The Last: Naruto the movie: Hinata Hyuga and Hanabi Hyuga’s sketches finally get released!

Finally, after all this, we get to see Hinata Hyuga and her sister, Hanabi Hyuga, in the way Kishimoto Masashi himself designed them!


This seems to finally resolve the mystery woman next to Naruto in the initial sketches as well. It has always indeed been Hinata. Along with Hinata, we get to see her sister, Hanabi Hyuga, who now is a little bit more grown-up than last time we saw her.

I for one, like Hinata’s battle costume although it seems very Sakura like, probably that’s why I like it, haha, while I have to admit, her normal clothes look rather dull and bland.

What about you? Do you like it? Dislike it? What’s your opinion about it?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!



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Guilherme (3 years ago)

Her battle outfit seems to focuses on mobility, yet it’s still not as flashy as the other girls. She’s as reserved as ever. ♡

Looks like Hanabi’ll be following the Hyuuga trend to wear traditional clothing, that make me positively say she’ll be the next head.

Can’t wait ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    As I said, to me it looks very Sakura-ish. I am curious to see if Hanabi has the other costume Kishi designed for the Rock Lee SD manga. :)

      Scot (3 years ago)

      If one wanted to send a email to Kishimoto, and hope that he would receive it. How would one go about it?

itsxtray (3 years ago)

I wanted to reply to you on your other website but i don’t know how since i’m new to tumblr, but this is the whole post (sorry i know this has nothing to do with this post)

derangeddoctor replied to your post:I can’t believe that you and Ladygt are so ungrateful? Kishi spent 15 years of his fucking life making Naruto for us and you want to call him a slick Bastard and bad writer because your pairing didn’t happen?!! Bitch you and Ladygt need to grow the fuck up. All y’all fucking care about is pairings when Naruto was really about friendship bonds and never giving up. NS didn’t happen. Get the fuck over and stop trying to make bullshit theories up. Give Kishi credit where it’s due BITCH!!!!!!!

“Naruto’s about friendship bonds and never give up” Ironic considering Naruto gave up on Sakura….

LOL, yeah, I know, right? The irony of the fact that they so try to throw shit at us that can’t even see they’re contradicting themselves. Poor, poor little souls.

The romance in naruto has always been more focused on the female characters rather than the male characters, Specifically hinata’s love for naruto and sakura’s love for sasuke. Hinata NEVER gave up on naruto (even after he didn’t reply to her confession) and Sakura NEVER stopped loving sasuke, (even after everything sasuke did to her) when it specifically comes to the romance in naruto the “never give up message” was for the females. (tho thats kind of sexist) Jiraiya never gave up on tsunade and look where that got him. When it comes to romance naruto won’t repeat his teacher’s mistakes, and on the subject of naruto’s character, him realizing sakura doesn’t love him accepting that and moving on to find new love (just like real people have to) is character GROWTH, that takes a level of maturity i’m glad naruto has achieved.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Thank you. At least somebody else sees it. Though I would have gone with the swearing . Not that necessary to help prove a point.

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