A little thought about the secondary love triangle/triad and the marketing around NaruHina in The Last: Naruto the movie

All I have to say in regards to this marketing for The Last: Naruto the movie in regards to Hinata and Naruto, My Last Theory and Konan-sama’s own LeeHina theory is the following: before freaking out for NaruSaku, remind yourselves of how things went between Lee and Sakura at the end of the day.

Lee helped Sakura in a similar fashion that Hinata helped Naruto, same dynamics. All this time, despite being jealous, Naruto still loved Sakura and Sakura ended up confessing to Naruto, when if we look at the same dynamics that exists between NaruHina in the manga and the one they try to imply, Sakura could have very well confessed to Lee, but she didn’t. She ended up confessing Naruto.

Guess who Naruto is gonna end up confessing to? If you think that to Hinata because of how wrong he viewed her when they first met, remember that Sakura also considered Lee lame because at that time she was just a 12 years old kid, but later she learns that she was wrong about Lee and decide to stick best friends.

And there, voila! That’s what they are most probably hiding behind all this aggressive marketing campaign. Same as Road to Ninja, cue the two theories: My Last Theory and Konan-sama’s own LeeHina theory as I was reminding you.

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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

Honestly chances for NS are like 1-2%. Even that “spoiled plot” seems it has been written by someone from the industry and kind off pulls all the connections from the trailer and 700 outcome. Might be incredible fanfiction or legit leak,this time its really hard to recognize.We still dont have the japanese source so we can still keep a bit of hope.At least we can fight till the very end.

fourtwentyfiveride (3 years ago)

Golly, I do hope your theory works out in the end, in one way or another. It certainly doesn’t seem far-fetched. :)

dalli (3 years ago)

This is great! Well hope this movie could be like that. It wraps all of those unrequited love.

addicz (3 years ago)

If Himawari is Lee daughter, why she has Naruto eyes ? Hinawari hair is Hinata hair style when she was genin.
Read saiyanisland, you will find the lates rumors about The Last movie story line.
What will you do when all of your theories proved wtong chatte-san ?

    hurhurhur (3 years ago)

    Well, that’s why they’re called theories. But more importantly, if she is Hinata’s daughter, why doesn’t she have the byakugan? Why do they even have whiskers? They’re not supposed to be hereditary.

      addicz (3 years ago)

      haha,I know. Do you remember Shi/C, sensor Ninja Darui’s partner as Raikage bodyguard. Do you remember what have he said about Naruto and Kyubi fushion chakra mode ? He have said it is Naruto chakra.
      The Golden and Silver brothe become Pseudo Jinchuriki becasuse they have ate Kurama chakra. I believe even without Kurama sealed inside him, naruto already pseudo Jinchuriki. In 9 months inside Kushina’s womb,Naruto absorb a numbers of Kurama chakra. Just like that Kumo Brothers two weeks in Kurama stomach.
      It is become his DNA now. The other pseudo Jinchuriki is Sabaku no Gara.
      Why no Byakugan ? It seems Uzumaki + Kurama chakra combo wins against Hyuga chakra. Do you want to know my Opinion about Doujutsu users Shinobi, from Madara to Hyuga Neji ? for me they are weakling, no Doujutsu, no victory. They are very good at assasination, but total loser at straight fight.
      Madara EMS defeated by Hasirama.
      Izuna EMS defeated by Tobirama.
      Neji defeated by Naruto.
      Edo Nagato defeated by 3 men,two of them are Pure Strength.
      Sasuke + E Sharinegan + 9 Biju Chakra + Sage chakra vs Naruto + SM + Kurama + Sage chakra + almost give up muscle = tie.
      In Sasuke retrieval arc, Neji said the team need better eyes than mind. He means Naruto.
      Naruto eyes hundreds way better than any Doujutsu.

        Just-Michael (3 years ago)

        The Sage of Six paths fathered Indra who possessed a doujutsu even though his father was a jinchuuriki.

        So Naruto being an uzumaki plus jinchuuriki shouldn’t influence the byakugan. Regardless of their blue eyes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do not possess the byakugan.

Just-Michael (3 years ago)

Okay, this theory seems a bit farfetched, in my opinion. Lee and Hinata had almost no common ground aside from Neji.

That aside, I’ve come to terms with NaruHina being canon, maybe you should too. In the ends its your choice, but remember, these are just characters. Bolt and Himawari are clearly siblings and are obviously sired by Naruto and Hinata.

I think if Naruto was a romantic manga, Naruto would end up with Sakura. The storyline in Naruto has been kind of weird since after the invasion of pain. Too many elements added to the story. A bit too convoluted. In the end Kishi decided to pair Naruto up with Hinata, maybe he had a great reason for that, maybe not, but I think it’s a waste of time trying to debate against it. Hinata is a decent character in her own right. I think the problem with NaruHina is that there is a lack of history between the two, something Kishi aim to rectify with the Naruto: The Last.

By all means, Kishi has done a terrific job regardless, the only insult I can find in his work is Sasusaku. And of course I think there are things he should address. For example, Naruto have brought Sasuke back, yet Sakura has yet to say thank you. I think this lack of closure is what keeping Narusaku fans from moving on. To be honest I feel cheated not because of Naruhina became canon, but because of Sasusaku. NarutoxHinata was always within the realms of possibility. Sasusaku defies logic, but I guess sakura got paired with Sasuke by default. But whats done is done. Bygones. I hope the next movie brings you closure of some kind.


Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

Chatte you are most delusional NaruSaku tard on the Internet.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Too far dude. Not a NaruSaku fan and yes I will agree she’s grasping at ideas that aren’t there, but still too far with the insult.

arai chan (3 years ago)

Delusi fans …

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addicz (3 years ago)

And the sage fathered Ashura who has no any Doujutsu.
So make theory Himawari is not Hinata’s daughter is laughable when she has clearly had her mother hair style and face. And Leehina theory more ridiculuous, when she has those whisker marks and clear blue eyes for all of you to see.
I hope you make a proper apologize for denying Kishimoto desicion…
Indirectly,trough your theories, you screaming ‘ Bulshit ‘ for Naruto ending..
Forgive for my rudeness Chatte-san…
Good Luck

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