The Last theory on The Last: Naruto the movie, Naruto finale, Chapter 700. Infinite Tsukuyomi where NaruHina and SasuSaku seem canon while NaruSaku canon in The Last along with SasuKarin?

… just few of the questions I have asked myself. Yes, I know it, from here on the statements according to which I really need to check a mental health institution and all that bullshit propaganda started on Tumblr from the followers of a certain shepherd – but we’re not here to talk about that anyway – will seem more and more viable, right? Meh, I don’t really care about what other people have to say, it’s a theory, take it as such and let’s move on.

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Therefore, I am here to talk about the theory I have been telling you about for a certain time now. I want to apologize for leaving you guys wait so much, those of you who don’t know what I am gonna be talking about, and for those of you who do have an idea, those of you who have helped me on this crazy path, this crazy road, those of you who stood besides me when people started calling me crazy and whatever names, who watched me even in my lowest point and still stood besides,  thank you! Many of the things I am going to be writing here wouldn’t have probably be written if not for your help! So thank you!

To that troll who tried “selling” everything that’s going to be written here as “solid proof from a secret source I have”, try again. Stuff like these aren’t gonna work with us. There are certain details that give you away, just so you know. Anyway, moving past that as well… the theory!

Like I said in the very beginning on H&E when I asked some of the guys there if they would be interested in helping me gather some info for the theory, I don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes up, this is just a theory, like always! Might happen to get true like it happened before with almost all my theories (don’t know if I have some unfulfilled ones besides the latest with Sakura and Kaguya, but I have a thought about that one too, but anyway), might not happen and all this will stay at the stage that it is now, that being theoretical. So hope we’re clear on this one.

Now, let’s get to the real deal. Like I have been telling ever since the beginning, although congratulating myself the NaruHinas and SasuSakus, thing I didn’t mind doing, despite how illogical it seemed to me and many other fans around the world – we all know that, there’s like 5% of the people who do like the ending but those are the people that say we, the rest, who believe there’s something fishy with this ending, are crazy so you do the math – but moving on, however, I am afraid I might have been quick in congratulating them. However, I am not taking my words back. If in the end it’s proven that Chapter 700 was the real end and NaruHina and SasuSaku are canon and married, then so be it! However, I stiiiiill have a little doubt that this is actually 100% the true ending, given that it logically contradicts every literary law and law that the manga has established for itself. Thus given it contradicts that, I am still inclined to believe differently, as in the following I will be writing about in this theory.

As I told you on my Tumblr and on H&E although going back and forth, everything about this ending is weird. Everything up to the half of chapter 699 is hella weird. It defies logic and the very laws Kishi established the construction of this manga on. It can’t be that even non-NaruSaku fans see this. Even NaruHina and SasuSaku fans themselves, I have few in my inbox telling me how they cannot believe their pair became canon like that and that even them don’t support it and don’t ship it anymore. I am not BS-ing you and those of you know themselves. Hell, even NaruSasu fans said that the most logical pairing if not NaruSasu given its heavy development in the manga, would be NaruSaku along SasuKarin given its mirrored construction as the counterpart pairing to NaruSaku, the dark pairing, the yang of it.


So that’s why, given certain details I have observed along with certain details others have helped me observing, I theorize the following: that Chapter 700 isn’t the canon ending of Kishimoto’s 15 years of work, in fact, the true ending is The Last: Naruto the movie – that’s why they keep sending us insistingly to see the movie, all this is a genjutsu, as in the all known Infinite Tsukuyomi, that chapter 700 is only the pre-movie chapter like the special Road to Ninja chapter was for Road to Ninja. That in reality, NaruHina and SasuSaku aren’t canon but they will receive a closure in The Last movie, however, that movie will be about the blooming love between Naruto and Sakura, while Naruto and Hinata get their last moment, the moment that will bring them closure before either of them moving on with their lives and love, so to speak.

Now, why do I say this? Well, I have tons of reasons to believe so. I will start first with explaining why I don’t think Chapter 700 is canon and based on certain details why do I believe it’s a genjutsu. It all boils down to the previous movie, Road to Ninja.

Let’s take it on steps… Remember that on November 4, when the Databook 4 was released the chapter preceding Road to Ninja was as well sold? Remeber the initial poster that announced the said event?


At that time, everyone asked themselves why, along with Volume 71 and the release of Databook 4, the publishers decided to have attached the Road to Ninja chapter?

You know what I mostly base my theory on? I feel like I need to tell you before continuing… It’s basically on certain connections I’ve made thanks to the literary devices Kishi uses, along with the fact that all this, Chapter 700, Road to Ninja, The Last: Naruto the movie seems to me as strategic placing (in Chapter 700, aka design feint – I will explain this a bit later) and strategic planning as well. As we know, apparently Kishi has been working on this movie, The Last: Naruto the movie for 2 years now and apparently, according to the director of Naruto Shippuden anime, Kishi had the ending planned for 8 years ago, there are only slight changes made in this last chapter… This seems itself very suspicious to me. If NaruHina and SasuSaku were the “real” end, why show so much NS interaction/development, why mirror it so much with SasuKarin as the two of them being the Yin and Yang of the manga in terms of hetero pairing, not talking about NaruSasu, they top us all, let’s be real here, no matter who enjoys it or not or in what way. But still, why show so many moments like these, if NaruSaku and SasuKarin weren’t meant to be canon?



If NaruSaku and SasuKarin weren’t meant for canon, why Kishi would bring these two pairs when Naruto and Sasuke, the guys who have strongest bond of this manga, their death signifying the theft of the light of hope, in a chapter entitled curiously enough The Real Endthe pairings that were shown through a simple literary device named mirroring were NaruSaku and Sasukarin, the ones being besides Naruto and Sasuke respectively with all their being, fighting until their last breath were Sakura and Karin respectively?

Why show Sakura and Karin going all out in for Naruto and Sasuke respectively?




Why show Sakura going all her way out, risking death by chakra depletion, all to keep Naruto alive if they weren’t meant to be together?

The same which can be said about Karin as well, given all the risks she subdues herself to in order to get to Sasuke and save his life, even though it was supposedly too late? Like Naruto, and her mirroring-counterpart in Chapter 663 Sakura, Karin displays for Sasuke’s life and safety a power beyond the human condition, because as we’ve learned back in Part 1 “When you have a certain someone who is special to you, when you have something special you want to protect, only then you can become truly strong!

sk1 sk2 sk3


Not only this is mirroring between two of the most important bonds in this manga, but it’s also mirroring with the third and maybe the most important one to this manga, NaruSasu, forming thus another one of the triad concepts in this manga, given that it’s a common concept Kishi uses that I have already been talking before.


Kishimoto paralleling Sakura’s actions in Chapter 663 entitled “Absolutely” and her case of risking her live for Naruto because of chakra depletion with those of Naruto’s back in Part 1, in Chapter 134 named Naruto’s Ninja Handbook, where Naruto’s ninja way as a character takes shape and it’s known as one of his strongest qualities, where he, likewise Sakura in 663, risks his life in order to save hers, ironically, in the same fashion by chakra depletion, where Naruto was using his last bit chakra to summon Gamabunta in order to protect Sakura, the same way Sakura used her last bit of chakra to keep Naruto alive at all costs, points once again towards the strong love between those two and how they are fated one for another, not only because it’s romantic and written in the stars but because they have risked their all, selflessly, in order to keep the other one not only happy overall and living a good happy life, but literally alive.




However, the said chapter it’s the same chapter in which Sakura is alluded as being Naruto’s this (girlfriend) by Gamachiki, while showing his little finger, the same way Konohamaru did back in Chapter 34.


And while in chapter 34 Sakura makes sure to assure herself that the statement according to which she is Naruto’s girlfriend is wrong, years later, when the same thing happens in 631, Sakura not only gets flustered not addressing the issue herself, not responding to it, but she neither denies the implication of being Naruto’s girlfriend.

And ironically, these sequence of actions where Sakura risks her life for Naruto follows after Chapter 631 where the most controversial parallel gets confirmed, as in Sakura is indeed the one like Kushina, therefore, it’s implied by the story Sakura should be the one Naruto must find like his mother, not Hinata, the weird one.


No, I am in no way undermining Hinata, I am just showing the parallels here, just so we’re clear.

Therefore, why make NaruHina and SasuSaku canon, after you’ve built an entire manga showing that the fated love of this story, the same way it was with Minato and Kushina, should be NaruSaku, along with its mirrored counterpart, SasuKarin that also parallels MinaKushi in its more maybe weird and darker – if you want to call it like that – way to some and Karin being the other girl confirmed to be as Kushina Uzumaki?



Therefore, as I said, Chapter 700 to me seemed very suspicious from the very beginning when I started seeing the spoilers.

At first, I thought that maybe this is really it, but then, as I said in the beginning, I remembered the fact that Kishimoto sold along with Databook 4, the chapter preceding Road to Ninja, and that’s when I connected everything.

As we all know, in one of his interviews Kishimoto said he showed things in Road to Ninja that could not otherwise do in canon manga. At first, people thought that he was talking about only Sakura’s parents and some moments between Naruto and his parents, after Chapter 700 came out, people thought that what he meant by that is that the only way Kishimoto could show NaruSaku would be through Road to Ninja, otherwise he was pushed to change his intentions and so many other suspicions. Most of us thought about the pairings and other moments, but what if Kishimoto actually meant the Infinite Tsukuyomi? Basically, in Road to Ninja we have a glimpse of how exactly the Infinite Tsukuyomi works, we gets to understand its mechanisms.

What if this is what Kishi was talking about, besides the other details such as Naruto and his parents, Sakura’s parents and so on? We all suspected that he won’t introduce in canon manga Infinite Tsukuyomi in effect, thus we thought we only had it in Road to Ninja, but what if he did introduce Infinite Tsukuyomi in canon manga in effect and thus, that being Chapter 700?

After all, The Last: Naruto the movie is said to be chapter 699.5 of the manga. If we take a good look, from the half of Chapter 699 (aka page 15 to 16) the characters started all acting OOC. And this is where I call your attention to Road to Ninja and this detail of OOC-ness at the half end of 699.

Remember Road to Ninja’s very basic concept? The basic imagery of it? It’s basic detail design? Well, let me remind you:


Get the point? Everyone was upside down! As in, everyone was acting OOC. What’s the primary detail we have observed in characters in Chapter 700? Yeap, they all act OOC! Therefore, this strongly indicates given the behavior of all the characters in the chapters from the half of 699 until 700, that they are in a genjutsu, that Kishimoto’s Chapter 700 is a symbolism and some sort of precedent to The Last: Naruto the movie which is the real ending of the manga. Why else are we advised to see the movie if we want to understand that chapter?

So if The Last: Naruto the movie is supposed to be chapter 699.5 like it’s suggested to us here:


Given the contents of Chapter 700, I fairly believe that this scenario is all part of an Infinite Tsukuyomi and the answer lies in Road to Ninja. Why in Road to Ninja? Because Road to Ninja was sold along Databook 4, which in terms of Naruto’s importance to Sakura and Sasuke’s importance to Sakura, the direction of things were subtly made pretty clear, who’s the one who raises her spirit up and makes her bloom and who is the one making her heart feel unease…


In Sakura’s profile: Naruto: That guy who was so troubleseome by constently courting her with such obstinacy. Even Sakura who used to think about him that way, now, thinks about him in a caring way/ she thinks about him as someone important to her and is one who understands him very well (maybe “the only one who understands him well”, but I don’t know if it would be biased to translate it that way though it could be translated like that). She decided to believe in his beautiful dream that is “to become Hokage”She believes that one day Naruto will become Hokage and she decided to protect his dream. To pay back Naruto who always protected her and loved her until now. Snuggled against (LOL I didn’t know which word used, though this one is weird) Naruto who’s dying after the Kyuubi was extracted from him, Sakura is using the necessary resucue method. Until Naruto’s dream will be accomplish, she won’t forgive to let him die (not too sure about that last sentence but I think it makes sense like that). Note of the translator: Not sure at all about Obito’s panel so I didn’t translate it.

As we can see from the translation, although the translator mentioned that doesn’t want to be biased, we can clearly see by the very fact that such an implication was made – that according to which Sakura is the only one who understands him, Naruto, well – that in Sakura’s heart Naruto holds a very dear place and it implies that the same way Kushina was the one who understood Minato the best, it is implied that such a case happens between Naruto and Sakura as well… By such choice of wording Kishimoto is subtly pointing towards Sakura to be Naruto’s other destined half, the same way Kushina was for Minato and in another weird way, how Minato was for Kushina, if we look from the Jinchuuriki point of view (similar case with Hashirama and Mito Uzumaki as well).

So, the databook implies that Sakura understands Naruto the best. How can we tell that? Well, by simply reminding ourselves of a certain period of time, back in the old days. Let’s turn a bit to Sai arc. First of all, remember the volume’s cover art? If not, allow me to remind you, along with some other little details that connect between themselves and that as well, explain why in The Last: Naruto the movie Sai’s kanji is bonds.




As we can see from the above image, the major point of this volume and Sai’s poster kanji was the meaning of bonds. He understood such meanings thanks to Sakura, as we can observe from the imagery used in the cover art design – Sai together with a Naruto holding an axe having Sakura’s name written on it. What the axe with Sakura’s name symbolizes in that chapter is basically as shown and stated in Databook 4, that the one who gets Naruto the best is Sakura, as thanks to her Sai gets to understand the important bond between Naruto and Sasuke. When Sai first gets punched by Sakura in what it appeared to be Sasuke’s name, he didn’t understood why the fake smile, but he was quick to observe that because it hurts Naruto so much when he hears someone bad-mouthing Sasuke given he feels him like a brother, Sakura is quick to act on the one who put Naruto through pain, thus Sai gets the very well known punch, which later prompts him to observe Sakura’s rather gentle nature towards Naruto, despite her being quite a rough young lady.

Like pointed here and by Kishimoto himself through Shikamaru’s mom, Yoshino Nara (which is coincidentally or not another branch of cherry trees) even the roughest woman is tender to the man she loves, Kishi once again implying Sakura loves Naruto romantically, since we have Sai pointing Sakura’s gentle nature towards Naruto, while in the same chapter Sakura states that if it werenţt for Naruto and him feeling Sasuke as a brother, if she would have heard Sai badmouthing Sasuke once again, which caused Naruto pain, she would have sent him flying right away. But because Naruto decided that he is willing to cooperate with Sai in order to save Sasuke, so will she. In order to keep Naruto from harm, Sakura not only wants to save Sasuke but also abide by any law that’s established along the way, all that so Naruto won’t suffer any more. She not only wants to protect him but his heart as well which prompts Sai, as reminded and shown, to notice Sakura’s gentle nature for Naruto.

On the other hand, in the same Databook, when it comes to Sasuke’s profile in Sakura’s databook entry this is what we get…


She was rejected many and many times, and yet that girl still holds on her feelings. She wants to save Sasuke who took a wrong paths. Sakura who holds an ardent will, offer her help (offer her hand) to Sasuke who made her suffer. She intended to kill Sasuke herself. Sai saw a lie through Sakura’s smiling face when she said “I trust/believe in Sasuke-kun”. Desire/Aspiration and anxiety/insecurity, her heart sways/shakes complexly. Note of the translator: There is only the passage with Obito and the passage where she intended to kill Sasuke that I wasn’t sure about, so I didn’t translate anything. But it’s not not very big, only one sentence for each of them. »Sakura’s favorite: ”Sakura used to hold a goodwill/benevolence towards Sasuke during her childhood. Even after he fell into darkness, that feeling of her didn’t vanished.” »Sakura’s affinities are Water, Earth, Ying and Yang.

As we all know by now and whoever believed otherwise, like I said, only fooled themselves, Sakura will always hold Sasuke dear, will always “love” him, but not in the way a majority of people would be inclined to think, as in romantic love, but more of a brotherly type of love, as I said I believe here given that Naruto was the one who complimented her forehead in Chapter 3, given that as we see, this kind of love hurts her from the very fake smile it is shown to us to the anxiety and insecurity that her heart is engulfed in whenever that type of love she holds for Sasuke is brought to discussion.

As we can clearly see between comparing the two instances aka Sakura in the NaruSaku concept and Sakura in the SasuSaku concept, we’re dealing with two types of Sakura’s so to speak. Like the symbolism of her name, when she as flower baths in light (Naruto) she comes to life (), she blooms, while in darkness (Sasuke) flowers can only whiter and die


Therefore given this interesting symbolism Kishi added throughout the manga, this underneath of the underneath, given what Naruto and Sasuke are represented as (Light and Darkness respectively, just so we’re clear) think in conjunction with that and what we saw in Sakura’s Databook 4 entry for both of them, towards who is Kishi exactly pointing here really…? SasuSaku or actually… NaruSaku?


As we all know, one of the most shocking things about this ending, that started happening around the half of Chapter 699 (which I frankly consider to be narrative feinting along with Chapter 700 but hey, maybe it’s just me…) is the fact that the one who gets to have an interaction with Sakura’s forehead is Sasuke, despite everyone expecting it to be Naruto at some point, given Chapter 3 and what significance it helds in terms of Sakura’s real heart desire and NaruSaku.

Curiously enough, Chapter 3 itself is named Sasuke Uchiha, while the cover art pictures us a young Naruto with a crow next to him, crow which if we recall, symbolizes Itachi Uchiha’s best known jutsu: Tsukuyomi. Behind this imagery, a moon on the background as we can all recall.


Therefore, to me all this seems like a similar set-up to the one in Road to Ninja, as in Infinite Tsukuyomi which supposedly showed the “real” heart’s desire, however, at the end of it, Sakura and Naruto both realized what they really want and should be grateful for, thus NaruSaku were together side by side even when we were shown the reality check. Maybe it’s the same with Chapter 700, right?

For you to understand better what I mean, we’re gonna be taking it on turns, with imagery comparison along with concepts from both the manga’s contents and finale as well as Road to Ninja.

What’s the message written as description in Road to Ninja?


This was the message at the time in order to understand Road to Ninja. This time, however, they did it a bit differently… They made use of the fact that the world is with its eyes set expecting the manga’s finale and made Chapter 700 (a symbolical thematic number for this manga) into some kind of a trick chapter, which at the surface it appears in a certain way, but as long as you try to see underneath the underneath, some things appear, some connections that make you question the validity of the chapter and think that no wonder that we are being sent to see The Last: Naruto the movie. The same way it happened with the chapter preceding Road to Ninja, as we can see from its message.

What are some of the things that one notices weird and telling about this chapter?

Let’s start with the first one:


Interestingly enough, Kishimoto starts his chapter with Bolt making an interesting statement: a real shinobi can pull a prank without them even noticing! For the magnitude of a chapter such as Naruto chapter 700 Kishi’s choice of words is really interesting if you ask me as if he’s saying that he is putting a prank without us, the world’s eyes, even noticing. Speaking of the world’s eyes, the dialogue continues with a remark from Shikamaru’s child saying how there are gonna be lots of look-outs in the whole village.


Like somehow Kishi expressing through this chapter that everything in it, its contents it’s a prank and he still does it despite knowing the world’s eyes, the lookouts are there to watch his every move.

I have been thinking about Bolt’s words you know. Many people assume that given the whiskers on his face and Hinata’s daugther, NaruHina must be canon and happily ever after married, but as I keep looking at the kids, all I see is similarities with their what should be – in a way – their real parents.

Let’s take Bolt for example.


Despite supposedly being Hinata and Naruto’s child, he loves pranks like Naruto and Sakura.



Despite supposedly being Hinata and Naruto’s child, he wears a necklace and we see Sakura will be wearing a necklace that we know little off. However, from what we know from manga’s history, the matter of necklaces first started with Hashirama, one of Naruto’s parallel, that passed down in the family the respective necklace . So if, supposedly this necklace is also a necklace passed down to Bolt, does that mean his actual parents are Naruto and Sakura sice we see no such thing on Hinata nor Naruto in neither The Last or Chapter 700. Instead, the only one who wore a necklace at some point was Naruto – who coincidentally enough got broken when Hinata interfered in Naruto’s fight with Pein, getting later almost killed due to Kyuubi rampage -, and as we can see from the design sketches from The Last, Sakura. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not… but it does make one wonder.

It is funny how Bolt says that a real shinobi can pull a prank on people right under their noses or without them even noticing, whichever translation you prefer, refers subtly to one of the most valuable ninja lessons:


Coincidentally enough or not, this very lesson is introduced to us in Chapter 247 entitled “The Growth of the two”, in which Naruto and Sakura’s growth individually as well as a pair is shown. An interesting succession of facts is the one in which Naruto and Sakura try to win over Kakashi by giving him spoilers of the last joke at the end of the Icha Icha series, the book written by Jiraiya, supposedly being the same book Kishi launched as “The tales of Gallant Jiraiya”, where something happens with the main character and seemingly, the truth is another. Kakashi, fearing to hear the spoilers, covers his ears and closes his eyes, after which Naruto and Sakura mention the very basic skill needed by a shinobi: see underneath the underneath. At the end of that day, similar to Road to Ninja’s case, Naruto and Sakura go out on a date, showing the first signs of a changed perspective from Sakura’s end to Naruto’s one – she now accepts on going on dates with him.

Therefore, given the paths they have taken with Road to Ninja, where they heavily advertised a seemingly NaruHina and SasuSaku -centric movie that a large amount of people were convinced that it will be so, however when it actually came out it was heavily NaruSak-centric, in the context of family love, the kind of love Naruto needed, as well as in the context of the other significant half and how two halves combined form a home, Kishi once again clearly paralleling via Road to Ninja that Sakura is the one Kushina talks about when she mentions to Naruto he should find a girl like her, therefore Kishi once again establishing that Naruto’s destined half is Sakura, this time in canon manga, despite its paralleled counterparts failure, it is expected for Naruto to surpass the previous generations and win the girl’s heart and have together with his other destined half, Sakura, the family he so much longed for and in her own special way, she longed for as well – given that by the end of the movie, together with Naruto in their journey, Sakura learns how important her parents are, despite her initial convictions.

So as I was saying before, given the paths they took with Road to Ninja, what they actually showed and what it actually was about, let’s more forward to some interesting observations…


When we look at these details and remember ourselves towards what really Road to Ninja implied at the end of the movie with NaruSaku, given the so-called manga’s finale gets to be even more unbelievable and makes you question it even more. I mean, Road to Ninja heavily suggested what we already mentioned above, meaning this:





And so so many others. Besides these fairly obvious parallelisms between Sakura and Kushina in chapter 631, what we also have introduced here in terms of NaruSaku symbolism, the concept of red thread of destiny/red thread of fate, via Kushina when telling the story of how she fell in love with Minato to her son, Naruto.

It was because, as we all know, Minato complimented her red hair, that which up until that point has hated it so much, and with Sakura, it is shown to us in Chapter 3, that the one who compliment her most hated feature, like it happened with Kushina when Minato complimented her hair, was Naruto.


Given how some of the canon events of the manga tie in very well with the events in Road to Ninja, it is my fair belief that the response of it, the underneath of underneath of Chapter 700, lies in Road to Ninja. But in order to understand that, you’ve got to go and watch The Last: Naruto the movie.

However, as we’ve seen and established by now, Road to Ninja was the movie that set even Japanese fans to call NaruSaku the MinaKushi 2.0, the new generation of MinaKushi given the parallelism. Now, what do we know as a big symbolism to the two pairings, like we said earlier? That they’re bound through the red thread of fate. Like I said in that theory of mine called Fated Love: Bound by the red thread of fate, given certain details, it is alluded to us that the pairing that’s meant to be it’s NaruSaku.

What does the concept of red thread tells us?

It means “fated lover” and that they’re bound by fate or a “red string”. In other words “girlfriend”

Red string is always put on pinky fingerTherefore, that’s why we have the drawings depicting the finger equaling girlfriend.


The two people connected by the red thread of fate (の赤い糸, unmei no akai ito) are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.”

The concept is that two people who are destined to be together are attached by an invisible red string bound from a male’s thumb to a female’s pinky finger (though nowadays it’s become more common to show both parties attached at the pinky)


As we saw up there, for Kushina, her destined love came in the form of Minato complimenting her hair, however, as we’ve seen in canon manga, Naruto doesn’t get to confess to Sakura either and at the same time Sakura doesn’t get to find out who the one who complimented her forehead back in Chapter 3 actually was. The fact that it was Naruto, not Sasuke and instead we get this:


An image with Sasuke being the one to forehead-poke Sakura is a very Itachi-esque fashion, while Sakura gets in a weird kind of way, her wish fulfilled in regards to her forehead and Sasuke. Only that the way Sasuke pokes her forehead is very brotherly-like, the way Itachi did with him as well:


Given the context of things, I’d say Kishi is actually alluding at a family-like type of love between Sasuke and Sakura, given its parallelism with the dynamics between Itachi and Sasuke (that of brothers of course), to me like I said it would seem he suggests that the love existent between Sasuke and Sakura is the brotherly type, as we’ve always suspected and it has been confirmed to us recently when Sasuke paralleled Team 7 members to its family, which means he views Sakura as a little sister now, the same way Itachi saw Sasuke as his dear little brother. So we get to see the differences in terms of Sakura and her forehead implications when it comes to SasuSaku dynamics and NaruSaku dynamics.



As we can observe and said already, when it comes to SasuSaku and Sakura’s forehead, it’s all wrapped into a brotherly type of love, however, when it comes to NaruSaku and Sakura’s forehead, Kishi heavily implies romance and parallels it to Minato’s compliment on Kushina’s forehead, that which constituted the aforementioned red thread of fate or as known to you the fated love concept.



Speaking of the red thread of fate or fated love concept, before actually going further in theorizing why I believe that the end is not the true one but a hoax under the Infinite Tsukuyomi mask, let’s dwell a bit more into this concept of fated love started through MinaKushi and continued through NaruSaku with a bit of mirroring in connection to this – SasuKarin.

Now, we all know the whole concept of Secret Lovers in regards to NaruHina, right? According to which, in a game, Naruto and Hinata paired together would mean Secret Lovers however, it was brought to my attention back some time ( I will verify this once again though!) that the respective translation is actually falsely translated from Japanese to English and that the combo between Naruto and Hinata, when paired together is named “Secret Love” not “Secret Lovers” – probably alluding back at that time to Naruto’s secret love for Sakura and Hinata’s secret love for Naruto. This concept if you ask me, makes much more sense than the secret lovers one, especially if we take into consideration the following:


When combining Sakura and Naruto, you get the “fated love” card. By now, with the manga we established the fact that Kishimoto, via the parallelism between Sakura and Kushina suggests so as well, that Naruto and Sakura are fated lovers.

Now, what do we know about The Last: Naruto the movie‘s intro?


That finally, everyone’s fate has been decided… Interesting choice of words, isn’t it? So, if Chapter 700 was supposed to be the one that shows us how everyone’s fate has been decided and given the manga’s overall context, implications, symbolism and literary devices which showed us that the fated one for Naruto should be Sakura and viceversa, how comes that everyone’s fate seems to be twisted around as well as everyone there is acting really OOC? And this is where I caught a connection and saw what was behind all of this, the marketing, the weird chapter, Databook entries and whatnot: that connection being Road to Ninja, which heavily implies if you have understood the mechanisms of how IT works in RTN, that everyone is actually in a genjutsu in Chapter 700! But at what point did the genjutsu start? In order to understand these questions, we have to take it by turns and establish first, some ground rules, so to speak. Better said to show some details/connections/parallels in order for you guys to understand better where I’m going with this.

So, as established before, in canon manga it is alluded to us that the destined girl for Naruto is Sakura via the parallelism with Kushina and the same thing is also implied in Road to Ninja, despite it being a genjutsu. In their most core parts, Sakura and Kushina are alike, no matter which world we’re talking about and Minato and Naruto respectively are their destined ones and viceversa because the holy rule of the fated lovers bound by the read thread of love is that the two people connected by the red thread of fate (運命の赤い糸, unmei no akai ito) are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.

You ask yourselves why do I believe Road to Ninja is the answer? Well, there are those of you who follow me for quite a while on my Tumblr who know that ever since Road to Ninja appeared, I said it’s something about this movie more than it meets the eye and as well as, I have been observing how Kishi brings in canon manga, elements from Road to Ninja, which means there’s definitely something up with it.


Given these instances and the other details I mentioned before in regards to Road to Ninja and the manga, let’s get down to showing why I believe that everyone in Chapter 700 is under Infinite Tsukuyomi. I am gonna divide this on 4 major parts.

I. The surface: NaruHina and SasuSaku are canon

Why do I say the surface? Well, guiding ourselves on the aforementioned theme of this manga presented as a ninja’s most valuable skills, as in being able to see underneath the underneath, NaruHina and SasuSaku are what could be called the surface or the seemingly underneath. However, one must see even past that, underneath of the underneath!

Yes, this would seem to be the surface of things, this would seem to be the real end after all, isn’t it? However, given in this theory we relate things to Road to Ninja, let’s try and explain some possible discrepancies that might occur, such as one of the biggest seemingly discrepancy: the one that shows that NaruHina and SasuSaku are supposedly married and canon in chapter 700. :) This is where I am gonna bring your attention to a literary device Kishi has once fooled us with before: narrative feint.

Apparently thus, Naruto and Hinata have a kid, but how comes that besides the whisker marks, Himawari looks like an younger Lee and Lee’s son has a similar haircut as Himawari, minus the apple stem like thing.


You might wonder what would Lee and Hinata have to do since they barely interacted in the manga. Well, besides the fact that Lee has proved to have in-depth knowledge of the Hyugas, back in Part 1, they mirror each other in their love for the hero and heroine.



But there is also a scarf which definitely means Hinata is the destined one, not Sakura – some would say. To those people, I need to remind them a certain thing… that being, the narrative feint! Remember Obito’s case? At first, Kishi introduced us with this idea of the man behind the mask. Slowly he starts building him as Obito Uchiha, but at a point in time, Kishi tries to fool his readers into believing that Obito, the masked man, is actually who he is saying he is: Uchiha Madara. Even the haircuts matched, so besides not only feinting us with the narrative, Kishimoto also did it by design. And now I highly theorize he’s doing the same with the whiskers on the childrens face, despite them being only 2 not 3 like Naruto’s, and despite that this only appears when the baby is in its mother’s womb, therefore, given that Hinata isn’t a jinchuuriki, this would have been impossible! Also, given how the kids actually tend to look like, the possibility of a Lee and Hinata blooming romance given their mirroring confessions looks higher and higher. In the end, this is the beginning of love, right? Who is to say that there isn’t a beginning for a love between Lee and Hinata?

For more explaining in this matter, I’d advise you to read Konan-sama’s own LeeHina theory where she basically puts together everything I wanted to express besides what I already did. Thanks a lot for the help, sweetie, once again!

If you asked yourselves about the scarf, let’s compare a bit symbolism between both canon manga and what we have on The Last up until now:


Not only that this happens 2 years after the Great 4th Ninja World war, but even then, Hinata’s feelings didn’t reach Naruto, similarly how she, in chapter 662 entitled The real end, she doesn’t get to reach Naruto, the one managing to do that being however, Sakura. Yes, most probably given that Hinata’s kanji is love, her love for Naruto will have a pivotal role, but like established in the manga, she isn’t the one destined for him, as even if her feelings might reach him, despite content showing otherwise, the destined one for Naruto is none other than Sakura.


II. The underneath = NaruSaku & SasuKarin: bound by the red thread of fate


Now, given we have established the said similarities between canon manga and The Last, let me get back on why I believe these two pairings are meant to be.

Given the aforementioned parallel:



we can fairly conclude that based on the myth behind the red thread of fate and what manga has shown us until now, NaruSaku and SasuKarin are bound to be together, Sakura’s and Sasuke’s kanjis giving us strong reasons to believe so.

Let’s first remind ourselves about Sakura’s kanji:


As explained before, Sakura’s kanji letter means life or destiny. Not only Kishi has made this obvious but in his classic subtle way, by having Sakura saving Naruto’s life, where her might as the great medic she is shined the most, but it also showed us that she is the destined one to be at his side given the context of the red thread of fate via MinaKushi explained before.

Also, Sasuke’s kanji is path. In whichever path he chose to take, who was the one at his side, with her unwavering love? Oh, right, Karin! Oddly enough, Sarada Uchiha who was supposed to be SasuSaku’s child looks exactly like Karin! Given the meaning of adding Sarada + Uchiha together, could this mean that Karin is the one to keep Sasuke’s fire around, therefore the union between him and her would symbolize basically, Naruto and Sasuke finally becoming brothers by blood?

Kushina fell in love with Minato because he saved her life and made her see him as a splendid shinobi, changed her and complimented her most hated feature. With NaruSaku, it was Naruto who complimented Sakura’s most hated feature and changed her, with SasuKarin is the fact that Sasuke saved her life and thus made her see him as a splendid shinobi, the same way Kushina saw Minato, but what it mattered most at the end of the day is that although destined to be together, these 3 relationships didn’t based themselves on that only thing, but it was a mutual road, where both parties were there for the other, in good times and in tough times, no matter what. Their string stretched andtangled along the way and still seems to be doing so, but at the end of the day, that string will never break!

III. The middle where the secrets lie = Road to Ninja

I kept talking on and on about Road to Ninja and its connections. Besides the ones that I already made obvious, what it’s interesting to mention is how similar Chapter 700 dynamics are with those of Road to Ninja! Let’s take some turns for example

Tenten -> in canon manga loves weapons and couldn’t live without them. In Road to Ninja she isn’t good at all with them while in Chapter 700 she sells them. For those who know Tenten, we should all know she’d never do that! It’s her gift and her way of becoming in her own way a legendary kunoichi like Tsunade.

Kiba – in canon manga loves dogs. In Road to Ninja hates Akamaru and loves cats -> in Chapter 700 he hangs around with the cat lady, having yet a similar dynamic to that of RTN in terms of personalities changes.

These are only 2 of the discrepancies in character I felt like nothing, however, we can clearly see that something is wrong and most likely this seems to be an Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Seeing the finale with Sasuke poking Sakura’s forehead and similar kids that seem to be NaruHina ones, these only remind me about the initial wishes Sakura and Hinata had in Road to Ninja: to be with Naruto and Sasuke respectively. At the end of the day though, NaruSaku was the one to walk triumphantly.

IV. The real ending, the reality of the facts = The Last: Naruto the movie.

 In my opinion, I believe that The Last: Naruto the movie will be the actual real end because if Road to Ninja was made to establish that for Sakura, the right one would be Naruto, in The Last: Naruto the movie we’ll witness how despite the fact that Hinata has her best intentions, the destined one for Naruto will be Sakura, but not probably before having a last moment between Naruto and Hinata, the moment of parting… after which, we will see her taking her clan duties more in serious, maybe? After all, the release of the sketches seem to tell a story… Sakura and Naruto’s were released together, while Hinata’s were released the last, together with her sister, nonetheless.

With these being said, here I conclude my theory, despite the huge amount of other information I could’ve added, I chose to stop here to try and keep it as simple as possible, as I already went far enough. ^_^

Remember folks: all I’m saying here is at a theoretical level and might remain like this forever! Don’t go spreading this around like some true info, like it has happened before! No, this is just my theory and what I believe it happened and might happen, given the information we possess up until this point.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!



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Erik (3 years ago)

I think you’re desperate and over analyzing everything. As bad a writer as Kishi is, he’s not fail enough to end his series on a illusion.

This is the most pitiful NaruSaku attempt I’ve ever seen.

    r3b3l10n (3 years ago)

    I don’t think it’s desperate. It’s a logical analysis of all the material we have thus far. It may or may not be correct but it’s a theory, so it doesn’t have to be. Is it impossible? Nope. Kishi may not be a good writer but I believe he has had some good moments, so we’ll just have to see where the movie goes with all of this.

      Erik (3 years ago)

      Have you thought for a second about the people who aren’t going to see the movie? The movie is a BONUS. To build up what we got in 700.

      Kishi’s ending was 700. If people aren’t going to see the movie they would at least have that.

      This blog and all this grasping at straws makes you look pathetic and in deep deep denial.

      You’re looking for something that isn’t there.

      And no, Kishi didn’t sell anyone out. NaruHina won fair and square.

      All of those “NaruSaku moments” were nothing more than red herring to make the end game less obvious.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        You clearly missed the part with 699.5…

          Erik (3 years ago)

          I read this whole thing and the so called “Shocking Ending” bit was both the end game pairings and the fact that there was a CITY above the statues.

          Not only that, but in some translations, Bolt’s first line isn’t what you have listed.

          This is the kind of shit NaruSaku fans get made fun of for. Looking so far and hard into something so petty.

          Naruto has surpassed Jiraiya in that he MOVED ON. He doesn’t have to keep waiting for a chick that’s in love with another man.

          Especially when that other man isn’t evil anymore and also is very much alive.

          Sakura reconfirmed her feelings back in like, 694, why would she suddenly fall in love with Naruto now?

          You’re looking for something that isn’t there.

          Surataro (3 years ago)

          link of the 699.5? surely you are not speaking about LadyGT alternate ending right?

        Divergent (3 years ago)

        Well the movie is like a filler if it didn’t happened in the manga somehow it’s really not convincing. Why does the 700 chapter gaps should be fill up by a movie? If it’s the endgame I just want to say that kishi shouldn’t developed ns than nh and ss because this shits confuses people to the max. It’s really upsetting that you nh and ss reasoning is always OH SHIT IT’S ENDGAME but the manga shouts ns and only the movie expresses only nh and ss. Don’t be hypocrites if you think you’re otp’s are canon then leave ns fans alone because we are just being logical. If you think it’s canon then just try to accept the fact that NS WAS REALLY DEVELOPED IN THE MANGA! It shows how butthurt you were when ns was portraying to be an endgame with all it’s development.

          naruto (3 years ago)

          You didn’t read the whole theory did you? oh well ,i suggest reading the theory before calling someone delusional and such things .

Yoko Kurama (3 years ago)

OMG I loved your theory Chatte! It sounds so perfect, but there’s only one thing I wanted to point out. When you mentioned Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (the game) about pairing Naruto and Sakura up, you’d get “Fated Love”. Sadly, that won’t happen, when you pair them up, you get “Originals”, which is the basic ninja title of a team. What you were looking at was the Ninja Info Card Title of the online player which can be changed at will if the player has any available Titles. Like for example, my Ninja Info Card is an image of Suigetsu and my Title is “Monster Strong” “Sannin”. I really wish I could provide a video of me showing you, but I can provide images if you’d like. Hopefully this doesn’t change your theory in any way, I love it and I really hope it’s true. And thank you for clearing up the confusion about Naruto and Hinata’s team name. :)

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    ANother thing is that as far Games are concerned the latest Naruto Ninja Storm Revolution provide with Dual ultimate Jutsu tecniques: Guess what? Naruto and Hinata have one, while Naruto and Sakura don`t :P

      Yoko Kurama (3 years ago)

      Can you not? This is a theory about NaruSAKU. Not NaruHINA. Why are you even here being a pest? Not only that, the games weren’t created by Kishimoto, so getting excited about that is nothing. Kishimoto just created Shisui’s Susanoo and Mecha Naruto. Sooooooooo.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        First of all, I wasn´t the one who brought up the Games as part of the theory I´m just putting my two cents about it. And since every tesis admits an anti-thesis here I´m…

        Second of all, Revolutions included some exclusive material from Kishimoto himself “mini-episodes” if you must, which include the Origins of the Akatsuki and Shisui´s Demise.

flawedandpink (3 years ago)

I appreciate the work you put into this. However, I don’t think The Last will change anything about how horrible the ending was and is. While I agree 100% that Kishimoto meant for NaruSaku to be together (the manga also seemed to being pointing towards SK, although I personally don’t ship them), I do think the ending was sacrificed for the sake of marketing. It honestly doesn’t make sense that chapter 700 would have all those kids running around, making character OOC for no reason at all. 700 was all a set up for the spin-off, which a lot of people I know will be reading (I definitely won’t after that disaster of an ending). Everything just seems suspicious because things were supposed to go one way and they went the complete opposite in the last minute.

We weren’t wrong. I’ll tell you that. I trust my reading comprehension (I had university level reading comprehension when I was 14, and that was like 7 years ago, so I’m pretty sure I’m not delusional). NS was supposed to be canon (and SK, to some extent). There are simply too many unresolved plot points without the pairing being addressed and this mess was the result because it WASN’T addressed.

So once again, I thank you for all your work and effort for the NS fandom. Your theories have always been wonderful. I myself will be writing my own version of the ending so I can put this to rest. Sakura-chan and all the others never deserved such treatment, but canon is canon and it is what it is.

Thank you, Chatte.

    dude (3 years ago)

    “I had university level reading comprehension when I was 14, and that was like 7 years ago, so I’m pretty sure I’m not delusional”

    Yet you couldn’t correctly determine what pairings would be canon for a manga aimed at 12 years olds. Pathetic.

      Guy (3 years ago)

      That just shows how rushed the ending was hahaha

      C’mon …NH had 15 interactions in 700 chaps alomost all of them one-sided, SS was painfully one sided till Sasuke pulled his BS in chap 699 and the way it was done completely ruined sakura’s development
      The truth is the pairings were just decided completely just near the ending with kishi leaning towards NS before it
      This is no problem of reading comprehension, its bad writing :D

        addicz (3 years ago)

        Well, the Story name is ‘Naruto’ not ‘Naruto & Sakura’, so the main character is Naruto, only Naruto. Not Sakura n Sasuke. Other than Naruto is side characters. So everypairing is make sense because this story is focused in his story until he reachs his dream. It is up to him where he give his heart. Even I prefer Shizuka Nadeshiko as his wife.
        In my opinion, Naruhina can happen is more like Kishi way to save his first original character. His way to pay his sin because he did not pay attention enough to one his own original character aka Hinata. That is way he give her the main hero as pairing as retribution or something.
        From first Hinata sketch I already have feeling where the story will end tough.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          Dtory was more focused on Sasuke than Naruto at some points, smh

          Kishimoto failed into transform Naruto into a good hero in the end he felt bland and purposeless after saving sasuke

          The sasuke monologue at 699 really helped in showing Naruto’s new blandness because it was VAGUE as helll and it was made by sasuke no less, not the main character of the series

          Guy (3 years ago)

          Story was more focused on Sasuke than Naruto at some points, smh

          Kishimoto failed into transform Naruto into a good hero in the end he felt bland and purposeless after saving sasuke

          The sasuke monologue at 699 really helped in showing Naruto’s new blandness because it was VAGUE as helll and it was made by sasuke no less, not the main character of the series

        Stryker (3 years ago)

        Sasuke’s character was ruined too. He never showed interest in Sasuke, plus he killed the ship. Suddenly, he has feelings for her after fighting Naruto and becomes a big softy.

        Kishi ruined my fav. His writing is horrible for that BS in 698-700.

Elkas (3 years ago)

Wow very impresive. Your theory is like ray of hope to me i realy like narusaku. If this is realy genjutsu then it all make sense that in the last movie trailer i heard hinata say “I WONT LET YOU DESTROY THIS WORLD”
I mean yeah hinata want to live in this infinite tsukuyomi because she is happy she married with naruto. And maybe she said that to naruto because naruto want to destroy this infinite tsukuyomi IT ALL MAKE SENSE. Thanks alot beautifull not only beautiful you realy smart. Many many thanks even if your theory not happen after reading this i feel so refreshed. Again thanks

what (3 years ago)

you’re one of those types that finds jesus in toasts.

    anna (3 years ago)

    hilarious XDDDD

savannah (3 years ago)

This is a really awesome theory, but there’s one thing holding me back from fully believing it. You assume Kishimoto still gives a damn. When, as recent years have shown us, that clearly isn’t the case. NH and SS don’t make any damn sense manga-wise, but from a money standpoint, you can see why they happened. The movie is most likely a last-ditch effort to smooth over pissed-off fans’ feelings. SP and Kishi are probably assuming that a movie explaining NaruHina will make things a little easier to swallow.

    dude (3 years ago)

    They made perfect sense manga wise. You and every other delusional NS/SK shipper simply can’t read.

      naruto (3 years ago)

      no they don’t make sense and stop being so rude . If you nh fans don’t like this then just don’t comment ! . nobody wants to see your rude comments anyway . It’s annoying really .

Bob Shepard (3 years ago)

Lmao the salt of NS fans are real

    r3b3l10n (3 years ago)

    Better salt than poison :)

    kppreading (3 years ago)

    please, you do know that this is a NARUSAKU-based, fanmade theory, and you are simply NOT allowed to come at all if you are to drop rude comments such as this? i suppose you have better things to do, right? like read your beautiful, canon pairings? why don’t you enjoy that, instead of reading something that hurts your eyes and make you cry salty tears? thank you, we love you, have a beautiful day and stay away.

dalli (3 years ago)

This is really good, and whether happpens in the movie, you clearly demonstrated the close bond and connections between Naruto and Sakura and also Sasuke and Karin. Aww this is really good, man you work so hard to write these theories and connections. Omg if Lee and Hinata become something together, my heart will burst with joy. Awww they would be such a cute couple, Lee couraging words will definitely help Hinata’s confidence.
Thank you!! :)

Brenna (maorfangrl) (3 years ago)

Yes! I’ve been waiting so long for this haha Chatte, you are really great! To put these together, and not giving up. Don’t let anyone bring you down okay? You have a lot of us on your side. And I believe in you, and of course, I believe in Naruto and Sakura
Thank you so much for writing out this theory. I hope it can be The Last light and hope to those of us who also aren’t willing to give up.

    Brenna (majorfangrl) (3 years ago)

    Oh and I really admire you haha
    Thanks!!! ^^d

Scot (3 years ago)

I like it, and i hope you’re right.

dude (3 years ago)

You’re fucking delusional.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Better delusional than disrespectful. ;)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Are you’re rude. Nothing new under the sun. :)

      dude (3 years ago)

      I’m just stating facts.

      I’m looking forward to your tears when you realize how wrong you are.

        Noble White (3 years ago)

        Because the truth is you weren’t satisfied at how NH/SS became canon, that’s why you’re here, no?

        Because if you were, you’d ignore this theory (because it’s just a theory anyway) and enjoy your canon pair to the max.

        Honestly, do you not respect other people? I feel bad for NH cause you exist in their fandom.

          C.C (3 years ago)

          its a theory! a hypothesis! she explained it at the beginning! stop calling her theories delusional….. it makes sense if you read it all which i doubt you did

Yoonhye (3 years ago)

Amazing. You really can connect the dots well. What you said makes sense to me. I didn’t actually read chapter 700 but I noticed a lot of fans been talking about how fishy it is. I myself have doubts in Naruto ending that way. I guess let’s just wait for The Last to find out the truth behind it all.

EP (3 years ago)

I never really considered Karin/Sasuke to be a thing, he stabbed her and then was going to finish her off, before Sakura arrived that is. SasuKarin is the epitome of abusive relationship, even more so than SS lol (IMO). I mean he literally left her bleeding out on the ground and was going to chidori her.

If SasuKarin is suppose to make sense, then really any couple under the sun could lol.

Good job on your theory though, I can tell you put a lot of time into it and it’s overall well-researched.

    Stryker (3 years ago)

    SasuSaku makes no sense either. It’s illogical. Sasuke has always been repulsed by Sakura. His change in character was horrible writing.

Kaitlyn Malone (3 years ago)

thats awesome more hope then ever

Jonathan Johnson (3 years ago)


Shaïma (3 years ago)

Wow! This is really good and i hope you’re right with all that. Because i’m still a huge NS shipper :) and i want my otp to become canon XD anyway if it won’t happen i’ll remember this theory and be happy with that✋

hanamo (3 years ago)

i don’t know what to say, you’re so brilliant, really, i don’t know but it actually makes SENSE and it brings me some kind of hope so i’ll wait until Naruto: The Last. And even so i’ll always love naruto and sakura’s relationship.

THANK U CHATTE 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Regal (3 years ago)

This is so brilliant, and I really wanna believe this….the only thing stopping me is the fact that Naruto The Last isn’t Chapter 700 Timeline yet. No one’s married or even together yet….but this was utter brilliance with the theory and the comparisons and parallels! Wonderful job!!!

HalfDemonInuyasha (3 years ago)

After reading through the whole thing and then some of the comments, I laugh at those who are trying to say Chatte is “over-analyzing” or somehow trying to make out the whole reason for this post as being just another mad Naru/Hina hater / Naru/Saku lover, even though at both the beginning and the end, it’s stated that it is all merely theoretical based on her own analyzations (from over the course of the whole story AND Road to Ninja movie no less).

It sounds more like those Naru/Hina lovers / Naru/Saku haters are merely afraid at how much sense this makes and that it just might be possible thus could potentially destroy their dream ending.

So far, I have yet to see Naru/Hina lovers give any real good reasons for how the pairing, from a canon standpoint, makes any sense in a way that can’t be explained away somehow.

I’ve seen several blogs (some neutral, some Naru/Saku) that go into great detail much like this one on why the ending makes no sense in one way or another, giving actual details and explanations to back up their statements (both for why Naru/Saku makes sense AND why Naru/Hina does not), yet all I tend to see from Naru/Hina blogs are disrespectful braggarts (either the bloggers themselves and/or the commentators) who can never explain why it actually makes sense, and when asked to give reasons, evidence, details, etc. as to why they believe it makes sense, the people who ask just get bombarded by other fanboys/girls, and sometimes even the bloggers themselves, who never offer a single actual answer, merely calling that person “disrespectful to Kishimoto”, “butthurt”, “Naru/Saku fanboy/girl”, “desperate”, “not a ‘true’ Naruto fan”, telling them to “get over it”, etc.

And before anyone tries to say so, I am NOT anti-Naru/Hina nor pro-Naru/Saku. I read plenty of Naru/Hina fanfictions and enjoy them, but that’s because the authors of those fanfics are able to actually build up the relationship and development between the two from the very beginning and over the course of their story so that their being together actually makes sense.

I compare Chapter 700 to Digimon 02, where Sora somehow ends up with Yamato/Matt rather than Tai even though Sora and Yamato have had pretty little interaction in general, much less romantic as opposed to her many interactions with Tai, even the first movie showing a bit of romantic tension between them. The decision to put Sora with Yamato was so confusing and made so little sense that both the Japanese and the English voice actors for the characters questioned it.

    dude (3 years ago)

    NaruHina has been built up since the Chunin Exams.

      Divergent (3 years ago)

      Yeah Naruhina was meant for marketing and i know it. How nice I think I should buy her alarm clock and download hinata’s new song (~.~)

      Sekki (3 years ago)

      “Built up” is a stretch. Hinata was introduced in the Chuunin Exams, but her shyness towards Naruto and his obliviousness remained the same all the way through until she actually had the courage to confess, and that was only because she was prepared to die. After that it’s like her confidence level boosted up out of nowhere. She went from a shy girl to a confident woman after one confession. Obviously she had her moments of strength like the Chuunin Exams, but in part 2 what’s the first thing she does when she sees him? She hides and faints.

      Sakura has felt a deep annoyance by Naruto since chapter 3 but steadily began to see his growth first hand and when the Chuunin Exams arrived, she was already supporting his dream for Hokage and acknowledging his struggles. THAT’S “build up”. Not to mention all the other build up in Part 2, where the hints of Sakura’s love are more prominent, everything from her heart skipping a beat to Naruto’s growth, to shyly wanting Naruto’s opinion on her physical appearance to Yamato being interrupted when it came to telling Sakura her own feelings she seemed oblivious about. Along with the other teasing supporters like Konohamaru and Gamakichi as well as people like Minato and more subtly Kushina.

      There was a constant motion in their development and it only kept going up. NaruHina didn’t really go anywhere until she confessed, and after that it’s like she did a 180. There wasn’t even any mutual love on Naruto’s part in the entirety of the series and if there was then Kishi does a damn good job at disguising it. Now all of a sudden NaruHina gets a boost of development by Kishi all of a sudden bringing in flashbacks as development and saying how “As a little girl, Hinata always wanted to give him a scarf.” Gtfo with that. Believe it or not, it just sounds like fanservice and marketing, because nowhere was this even mentioned in the manga, and these flashbacks weren’t even present during that time as well. But now all of a sudden a 1-2-hour movie makes all these sudden developments make a stagnant relationship like NaruHina canon.

      That definitely doesn’t seem like “Build up”. It looks more like marketing.

      The non-shipper next door (3 years ago)

      While I condone your time and effort in gathering legit evidence from manga chapters and irrelevant evidence from non-canon works (Videogames, movies), it is quite clear to me and to most (or at least I hope it is most) of the Naruto fandom that the REAL ending of the series was and it will always be chapter 700. One could argue that the movie will provide closure and more insight into all relationships, but we do NOT actually know that. From what has been shown, the movie will be focusing on NH and is CONFIRMED canon. So why would Sakura play such an important role as Naruto’s love interest if Hinata’s love and development is what is being emphasized? I’m not telling you by any means to not voice your opinion or thoughts on the workings of the manga. I’m just saying you should probably consider looking at things from a different perspective and try to understand why certain things ended in certain ways. Besides, I don’t ship anything as my name dictates, but if, after all the advertising and propaganda of NH in the Last, having NS become canon would be very disappointing and deceitful for a lot of fans of SS and NH who think their ships are canon. Plus the reactions of the rest of the fandom…everyone would feel trolled and ddeceived. Idk that doesnt sound like a good method to go about things. Anyhow, thankyou for your effort and hard work! Just dont be disappointed or surprised if NS does not happen in the end. Have a good day.

      HalfDemonInuyasha (3 years ago)

      How exactly?

      This is precisely what I mean when I say people who try to justify Naru/Hina can never provide any actual facts, details, and explanations as to why that is. You simply say something like, “NaruHina has been built up since the Chunin Exams”, but nothing more, as if that in itself is somehow “evidence”. How was there any “build-up” much less “romantic development” between them? Please provide actual details and explanation to show evidence of it.

      Naruto cheering for her during her match in the Chunin Exams? He cheered for Sakura too, if people have forgotten, and it had the same result (Sakura getting out of a funk and fighting harder), and he also cheered for Lee.

      Their talking before Naruto faced Neji and Naruto saying he “liked people like her”? You do remember what Naruto was like back then (and still was for much of Shippuden) right? Who was the one who was really cheering for Naruto during the exams against Kiba and Neji? Sakura, not Hinata.

      In fact, Hinata was thinking to herself that Naruto should give up when he got beat up by Neji. Sure, some may say that’s “proof” that she loves him, by not wanting him to get hurt, but when you consider the fact that she likes to think she “understands” or “knows” him better than others, then she should’ve known that him giving up was not an option and really gives the impression that she really lacks faith in him, despite the fact that Naruto never giving up was something she claimed to greatly admire about him. Even when they first fought “Tobi”, one little kick from him had Hinata was completely worried about Naruto’s well-being while Sakura had total confidence in him.

      The same can be said about the fight with Nagato. People try to say Hinata jumping in was more proof of her love, but easily overlook the fact that it’s not like everyone else DIDN’T want to jump in to help. They were just far smarter in knowing that there was no point; not because they had given up, but because they knew that they would only get in Naruto’s way by being unnecessary distractions for him which would force Naruto to both fight Nagato and protect them which was something they knew he couldn’t afford to do (on top of most of them being injured or worn out). Hinata openly admits that she knew she could do nothing and would die, yet she jumped in with the belief she could somehow “save” Naruto? She even admits how she’s just being selfish. Again, seems more like lack of faith in someone she claims to love and admire.

      The swearing on her blood that he’d defeat Neji? Again, he would’ve done that for anybody in Hinata’s position. It’s the type of person he is. It’s not exclusive to Hinata, much less proof that he has feelings for her.

      Naruto’s rage and going 6-tails (up to 8-tails) against Nagato after he thought Hinata died? AGAIN, his personality shows that that would’ve happened regardless of who was “killed” by Nagato in his defense. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Hinata or some nameless villager.

      Naruto and Hinata’s connection when Neji died? Where exactly is the “romantic development” there?

      A majority of interactions between Naruto and Hinata have Hinata barely saying anything before fainting and/or nothing happening at all. Certainly nothing mutually “romantic” that would give ANY hint whatsoever that they are “meant to be together” and that it was unrequited for Hinata. And what extremely little interaction time they have together (less than 15 chapters worth, IIRC) is usually followed by over a hundred fifty chapters of them having virtually no time together at all, and yet during that time, it’s largely Naruto and Sakura with a lot of time together and actual development.

      Even Hinata’s confession was made more as a deathbed confession because she made it under the assumption that she would die and thus would not have to deal with what happens after. Even after her life is saved (by Sakura no less), that confession is NEVER revisited ever again throughout the whole rest of the story (250 chapters to do so), and as other blogs have said, it is also completely overshadowed by Naruto’s hugging moment with Sakura while Hinata can only silently look on.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        “really gives the impression that she really lacks faith in him”

        I think that`s really unfair thing to say. Hinata`s “understanding” of Naruto comes from the fact they both were cut off from any form of Family Support, be deemed and complete and utter failure and that is never to be achknowledge. Alas, I don`t think he lacks Faith on him but she tends to rationalize the situations from her own lack of confidence: let`s face it, SHE NEARLY DIED when she fought Neji and her cousin was a prodigy of the Hyuga Clan, “Konoha`s Strongest”. She had every reason to be worried and sure as hell he didn`t Naruto ending up the same way.

        . That is something Sakura didn`t understand until Road to ninja(and that if Road to Ninja can be considered cannon)

        “The same can be said about the fight with Nagato. They were just far smarter in knowing that there was no point”

        Right, they just doing the smart thing right? So when naruto was nailed to ground with no defense possibility how was scu behaviour helpful to him? If Sakura was in love she would`ve done the “selfish thing” to stand in front of Pain, try to stop him and get Shinra-Tensei`d straight to the atmosphere. Because Love is not a rational emotion: you don`t rationalize if you are going to make it, if you are going to be helpful at all. You just feel the need to act, to do something.

        And it seems only one of them two felt that way. Plus, remember that Japanese culture has a high opinion on martyrdom

        “The swearing on her blood that he’d defeat Neji?”

        So, why didn`t Naruto take an oath when Lee got almost crippled at the hands/sands of Gaara? They had also reasons to emphatize and yet it didn`t happen. Tenten with Temari? Same thing, given the arrogance the Sand Siblings possesed at the time and the ill-fate Team Gai has always “enjoyed” .

        “Naruto’s rage and going 6-tails (up to 8-tails) against Nagato after he thought Hinata died?”

        But this wasn`t “anyone else” if goind into Six-Tails Mode was that superflous why not kill Iruka or Konohamaru? They were both relevant to Naruto and utter irrelevant story wise.

        Most of all, why wasn`t Sakura the one who leap in front of the Rinnegan wilding corpse to save his beloved friend/love interest? Right, she did the “smart thing” and might have gotten in his way…

        ” it is also completely overshadowed by Naruto’s hugging moment with Sakura while Hinata can only silently look on.”

        Right, because Sakura didn`t get overshawed by a secondary character when it was the secondary character who actually did something to save the Main Charatcer while the Heroine of the series was doing…something else. But then again that is because Hinata is “selfish” and Sakura is “smart” . Who could possibly die for his/her friends? That is just so selfish…

    Justice (3 years ago)

    You know, that’s actually a fair comparison. The funny thing about that comparison, though, is Tai and Sora were never intended to get together either. Their romantic tension was something completely fabricated by other people than the original director/creator. Bokura no War Game, the part of the movie you’re most likely referring to, was directed by Mamoru Hosoda. The moments people often refer to in the anime are completely non-existent in the original script and were a complete result of the localization/dub team. Hiroyuki Kakudou, the co-dreator and series director behind the first two Digimon series, has stated in an interview of sorts on his Twitter that Matt and Sora was intended from the beginning. The epilogue from 02 was originally planned for the first season, and was later pushed to the end of season 2 midway through the first season after it was decided they would be making a continuation. Kakudou states he wanted to portray Tai and Sora as just friends and how he had nothing to do with the movie you referred to, even going as far as saying that the “Taiora” moments in season 2 didn’t exist. It’s honestly irrelevant what the voice actors thought as they were not involved with the actual story process and were also influenced by other works, like the aforementioned Bokura no War Game. Ai Maeda, the voice of Mimi, even directly referenced said movie as a reason why she believed they would get together.

    So your comparison is more fitting than you may have previously thought. The only difference is, instead of the dubbing/localization team, now you have Kishimoto’s editors. He didn’t even originally intend for Sakura to be the heroine of the series and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the result of his editor’s advice much like the creation of Sasuke to provide a rival character. In fact, the original sketches reveal he created Hinata before Sakura or Sasuke. Kishimoto has also said in interviews that he’s had the basic idea for the ending in mind since the beginning and that “although he wanted to write about the romances of Naruto and his friends in the manga, it was too difficult.” Basically, in so many words, that Naruto and Sakura’s moments weren’t really romantic. Of course, some of this is just speculation on my part much like pretty much everything else on this page, but considering how it ended, the evidence would seem to agree.

      Guy (3 years ago)

      kishimoto didn’t intended for sakura to be his heroine? Then why he called her that in his last interview :D ?

      The truth is Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write female chairs ( he even says that himself). Sakura’s regression in the last 2 chaps and hinata’s blandness is all his fault

      Guy (3 years ago)

      “basic idea of the ending since the beginning”
      sorry , but kishi is the guy who said that he wouldn’t pair up shikamaru, he is the guy that said he actually didn’t know how to end madara, and the one asspulled kaguya thing together with the rikudou sons nonsense clearly wasn’t intended since the beginning

      so as you see, he changed a lot of things, he could’ve changed his mind about pairings too, which i personally don’t find to hard to believe considering how SJ/SP are

Ryousan (3 years ago)

It`s funny how people who complained about Sakura and Sasuke`s Relationship being abusive (for Sasuke`s attemp to stab her with some Chidori) try to pair him up with Karin(who was ACTUALLY STABBED) in order to save their ships. If for some reason some fo this end ups being true I hope they never complain about gender violence or violence in relationships EVER AGAIN ¬¬U

Heyday (3 years ago)

Your theories, though a little forced sometimes, make overall sense, but I doubt they will turn true. It’s sad, but more than often Kishimoto prefers to forget or throw away plot holes instead of resolving them.

I feel that NaruSaku will be the biggest hole to be forgotten or actively avoided throughout the movie. Instead, it will focus on develop the other relationships, which given how there are still a few fans of NaruSaku it’s actually very insulting to address most fandom issues (in a fanservice ending like 700 was), but completely disregard a major one such as this. So yeah, we’re obviously very angry (salty) ’cause this felt as humiliation and almost anybody would feel like that in these circumstances. I’m not someone to do stupid and immature things like demanding Kishimoto for an alternate ending if he doesn’t give me what I want, but I will stop supporting Naruto myself and will ask others to do so… in the end, that’s all we can/should do: if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it :-\

Or what do you think? :)

Bryon (3 years ago)

I gotta admit, Chatte, you sure put a lot of thought into what you’ve done here. Honestly, I was stoked looking forward to it while at Heaven & Earth, and I gotta admit, it all comes together so well, especially with your stuff regarding Sakura’s character and all of that. :D I hope that you know that you have done a good job exploring this for sure.

Daniel B (3 years ago)

You do realize that the movie takes place BEFORE Chapter 700, the chapter that shows that Hinata and Naruto have a son and daughter, right?

I mean, theorizing is one thing, but at this point Naru/Hina happened. I can understand if people don’t like it, but there’s no secret Illuminati genjutsu conspiracy.

jini (3 years ago)

Done rrasing it for almost 2hrs.. heheh..
great! I had fun reading it. Thankyou.

Divergent (3 years ago)

For me Honestly how and why does a villain which is toneri fell inlove with a girl who isn’t even a heroine I really don’t get that part it was surprising shit I ever heard. Did he fell inlove with her bombshell body or her talent for blushing everytime idk what to say guys :(
He just decided to be intimate with hinata and Naruto became jealous because of that? It’s really out of character that naruto would become jealous when they don’t even have the time to be TOTALLY alone together. And TAKE NOTE this movie happened before the chapter 700 so where is there freaking development before naruto got jealous and decided to bang hinata out of nowhere?

David (3 years ago)

So yeah hinata and lee together that would make so much sense while us 5% thinking naruto and hinata happening is well we are blind because it is such an asspull. I think you have way too much time on your hand to be overanalyzing an action manga mainly for tween. And yes i do think you are overanalyzing it but obviously I’m sacred that kishimoto would end is manga like that instead of a simple snapshot of the future. Sorry naruhina fan we got troll again darn it. Just remember guys look underneath the underneath otherwise your reading comprehension is poor and you shouldn’t take things at face value and just enjoy it as it is.

Voodoo (3 years ago)

Wow, this study is truly a labor of love, love for the characters and their fate. But as much I as would love to believe this theory, I think everything that transpired in last couple of chapters can’t be blamed on Infinite Tsukuyomi but to the fact Kishi didn’t care anymore. I won’t deny it, that NS was the endgoal of manga ’til almost very end.

But in the end capitalism prevailed and “powers that be” probably outvoted and made him do it their way. So he put no effort whatsoever into the ch700.

NS didn’t fly with many readers, some go as far as guess that non-canon shippers total in only 30% of all readers. so why piss off the other 70% by messing with their heads in giving them happy ending in ch700, only to shower them with ice cold water in “Last” movie?

I for one won’t watch “Last” or touch anything Naruto related (part3) unless it turns out to be something more than just a “fanservice” or a merchandise cashcow.

Fingers crossed your theory, even if just tiny part of it, comes true in the end.

Arles (3 years ago)

Hmmm, but if 700 was a IT chapter then who exactly is dreaming it?

Hinata? In her dream Neji was alive as he and Hanabi watched Naruto and Hinata having a date. In chap 700 we see that Neji is dead.
Kiba’s? Nah he is hokage in his own IT dream.
Gaara’s? Even less as he rewrote all past.
The others do not seem to match either.
So…in order for this theory to work all those chapters since Madara did cast IT would have to be an illusion as it was all either Naruto’s, Sasuke’s or Sakura’s dream.

Too much effort to make so many chapters mere illusions to pull off a “twist” IMO.

As for characters looking OOC in 699 I didn’t notice it. Naruto was acting like he always did. Kakashi also didn’t show any change. Sasuke was different but that was after he was redeemed by Naruto and shown remorse fore his actions. Would he be IC if he said again that Sakura is annoying, Kakashi is useless and he keeps seeing Naruto as a worthless dropout unworthy of his time? Was that the conclusion of the character development for the guy? I doubt it. As for Sakura still blushing around Sasuke that was hardly weird as the guy was always Sakura’s weak point and she was only weary before because like many others she felt that Sasuke wasn’t still his old self. He was present in body but not in heart during those fight, being more of a Danzo 2 than his old self.
Also…if chap 700 was an illusion then chapter 699,5 should be an illusion too as it precedes it. Therefore chapter 701 should be the real ending as IT is broken.

Anywaaaay, I actually appreciate that Kishi could make a beautiful male/female bond without it needing romance to work. I’m a firm believer that a man and a woman can have a deep friendship. Sakura only starting to treat Naruto better due to her starting feel an attraction towards him would IMO destroy at least partially what did make their bond look so beautiful.

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    The biggest problem with any Mugen Tsukuyomi Theory is that we already have a Mugen Tsukuyomi Release Scene, with everyone waking up. If the Release scene was also part of someone`s Tsukuyomi Induced enthrallment then everything can be part of said ilusion.

    Let`s call it the “Extreme Tsukuyomi Theory” :P Where, in reality, Madara succeded a long time ago and all we saw since Chap.1 was nothing but Naruto`s Dream inside his Shinju Cocoon

Elisa Masah (3 years ago)

As an ex-NS and Naruto fan let me told you just a thing. As much as your work is well done and full passion is more easy to the soul and more akin to reality to accept that in the end the only illusion is that NS was more than a fluke of Kishi.

Rico (3 years ago)

Good blog and your theory makes a lot of sense. I thought the same thing that the ending must be in some sort of genjutsu. It just has to be under the Infinite Tsukoyomi because everyone seems OOC and some things are just way off. However, no matter how terrible it is, the ending really seems like the real deal and I feel that Kishimoto didn’t care at all and he wanted to get it over with quickly. Ch. 700 is really the build up for The Last movie which strongly suggests to be about NaruHina. I agree with all the points you made in your theory and your theory could very well turn out to be true in the end, however with all the hints we’ve been getting from the movie, it seems like NH is 99% confirmed.

naruto (3 years ago)

Awesome theory chatte-san ! . Goood work , thank you very much for sharing it us and please don’t let those nh/ss fans bring you down !

Alisha (3 years ago)

I am a narusaku shipper too.
but this is do funny,just accept that NH and SS are canon,and move on.
Yeah,it’s bad,and no doubt it was for the sake of marketing…but what can we do now?

Marxi (3 years ago)

Hey chatte! Just like to thank you for so much time you spent on doing this theory. Dont let those NHSS fans put you down. We are free to have our own thinking. (: great job!

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

I’m honestly so confused by NS fans over analyzing the story like this. Is it that hard to see that the person Sakura loved from the beginning and the person Hinata loved from the beginning are the ones they would end up with? You ppl say NH and SS doesn’t make sense, but that’s solely based on only seeing what you wanted to see. I’m not saying NS didn’t have moments that teased their pairing, but they were few and far in between…and in part 2 Sakura’s feelings for Naruto were depicted in a protective caring manner; like that of a family member. Sakura never made comments like one day I will walk by your side always, or I promise I’ll be with you. That was Hinata; depicting romantic feelings.

    K (3 years ago)

    It’s funny you say that. So the girl gets the guys. GREAT! What about the guys? What about the fact that Naruto settled for Hinata because he couldn’t get Sakura? So it’s ok that the girls get what they wanted with no reciprocation whatsoever in the manga chapters itself but Narusaku can’t happen because Sakura don’t want Naruto? You guys are fucking hypocrites. What about the fact that Sasusaku happened yet in part 2 the whole pairing was laughable. And far and few inn between? Isn’t it still vastly more than NH/SS? Which was delusional from the start and based SOLELY on a onesided love by the GIRLS. Their love was not reciprocated, not even RESPECTED BY their so called loves. Funny. And You know what it is the most humourous of all? That you guys got the ending yet are still whining over and over in other fandoms. How pathetic.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      lol wow K this really got to you huh? Who says Naruto “settled” for Hinata? You? mmmm I can taste your saltyness lol…Naruto has only ever stated shallow reasons for having a crush on Sakura, basically finding her pretty. He never declared that he loved Sakura. So isn’t it possible to outgrow a childhood crush and find love in someone who was right in front of you all along? That’s basically what’s taking place. I think you need to accept that you basically read the “love” aspect of the manga entirely wrong. As for SS, yea you’re right it was entirely one sided throughout part 2…but didn’t Sakura basically hold on to the same hope that Naruto had when it came to Sasuke? That the guy they knew was still in there. If it can be accepted that Sasuke wanted to fight and kill Naruto because he was his best friend and in the way of his end goal at the time, is it that hard to believe that Sasuke would be even harsher and more violent to Sakura, someone he felt love towards? I can agree SS was a bit out of nowhere and without any real development, but out of all the possible pairings, second to NH, it makes sense, because after all I read the manga right, you didn’t lol. NS was never going to happen, and never will.

        Guy (3 years ago)

        go read chapter 3 again, naruto liked sakura from the beginning because they were kindred spirits, both wanted acknowledgement, not just because she was pretty
        Contrary to what many people say this love continued through part 2 as naruto himself says. But ultimately i guess he sacrificed his own happiness for her happiness

        but alas as kishimoto himself said to justify sakura’s love for sasuke ” love needs no reason” ( because well we actually don’t know why she loves him, she just had a crush on him bc he was the coolest guy of the class ) hahaha such BS

Pingback: A little thought about the secondary love triangle/triad and the marketing around NaruHina in The Last: Naruto the movie | Chatte's World

Hamphield D. Phoenix (3 years ago)

what I read…

blah… blah… blah… blah…
Narusaku’s butthurt nonsense…
blah… blah… blah… blah…

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Then you’re proving yourself to lack quite the comprehensive reading. :)

Purple Purpose (3 years ago)

Really NaruHina fans? This is why I left this ship, y’all don’t make any sense and continuously disregard the obvious. Chatte believed what she believed do to the blunt parallels. Like come on. The hero always gets the girl of HIS dreams and not a secondary character. Sakura just so happen to be a main character and spent the most time with Naruto. If Hinata and Naruto where meant to be, then in realistic terms kishi should have given them more screen and panel time. Because realistically, no one falls in love with someone they hardly interact with. Yes Hinata has always been there for Naruto and he deserves to be with someone who will make him happy had kishimoto put Naruto and his love interest together, then she most definitely would’ve made him happy. They are full of chemistry and comic relief. They look natural together. Hinata only had two important moments in part two and even then she STILL remained as a background with her teammates while Kishi was making references to Sakura and Kushina being similar. C’mon, really? Why was he doing that instead of focusing on Naruto and Hinata growing and budding in the series? Kishi fails at romance. He should never do it again. For all of you kingdom hearts fans, this Endimg was like putting Kairi and Riku together and Sora with Namine.

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    “Because realistically, no one falls in love with someone they hardly interact with.” And yet you find feasible Sasuke`s falling for Karin?

      Nancy (3 years ago)

      Sasuke saved Karin during the chunnin exams, and give her his first real smile. Remember her words? “I just wanted to see that smiling face once more”
      Remember Naruto’s words in one of the covers?”I stayed away from sadness and pain…I wanted to protect that smiling face” the cover was a large picture of his “Sakura-chan” why does sakura and Hinatas feelings matter more then Karin and Naruto? You guys have something against the Uzumaki’s?

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        You should ask Karin if she cared about about Sasuke`s Smile when she got her chest pierced by chidori spear.. Oh wait…she already gave us an answer “Forget it, Sasuke, I`m done with you”

    TTrasengan (3 years ago)

    So Purple Purpose you’re basing your entire logic on panel time, and on main characters being with each other lol. That’s why you’re not the writer. The reality is, as many people has stated, that side character revolved around Naruto, and being in love with Naruto. Her progress was, in essence, symbolizing “their” progress, which culminated to when she slapped him and motivated him during the war and then him taking her hand. Kishi never really focused on romantic showings throughout the manga…Thus Hinata basically became the symbol for naruhina through her growing confidence and character development (as I said, her character revolved around being in love with Naruto). That’s why almost every time Hinata made an appearance during part 2 and especially during the war, she referenced being with Naruto when it was all done. I’m not saying that is the best approach to develop any kind of love story, but after all Naruto isn’t really a love story now is it?

      Purple Purpose (3 years ago)

      So TTrasengan, your basing that I’m basing my logic over panel time but did you actually read thoroughly to understand what I meant?

      No, I’m not basing my entire logic over panel time since you were reading my comment so thoroughly. I mentioned that Sakura and Naruto had more time together to develop their relationship as opposed to Naruto and Hinata. I mentioned that while Kishimoto planned to put the main character with Himata, hed rather create parallels between the two main characters which he SHOULD’VE spent his time doing with Naruto and his future baby mama.

      I’m not saying that this is a romance story, and it isn’t. But it’s only common sense to develop a relationship between two characters who are going to end up together in the end right? Take Avatar The Last Airbender for example. That wasn’t a love story either but the creators developed Katara and Aangs relationship. At first she only saw him as a childish older brother, but after she spent MORE TIME WITH HIM, she began seeing him as a strong and brave young man and grew respect for him then eventually love.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        I wouldn`t take the case of Aang and Katara to be a good analogy to that of Naruto and Sakura for a number of reasons:

        1)Sakura had expression romantic feelings for other character(Sasuke), while Katara didn`t and lacks of real counterpart in that regard. Which also “taint” any would be relationshio between them

        2)There are not any love “triangles” in Avatar. There is never one situation in which more than two characters covet the affections of their love interet. Most of Avatar pairings are more products of the fandom and less results of the actual development of the series

      Purple Purpose (3 years ago)

      (Sorry the rest of my message cut off) but that’s all I’m saying. Masashi Kishimoto should have developed their relationship and it doesnt have to be a lovey dovey shoujo to do that. But instead, he wants to create the biggest filler of the series with this movie. Why would you need 110 minutes to show that instead of implementing that in the reading material? Don’t you get it? It’s just ludicrous.

        Guilherme (3 years ago)

        Well, why can’t you see that the growth is reversed? Naruto’s feelings towards Hinata evolved from part 1 until the war, his opinion on her clearly changed and it kept growing. It’s not ludicrous as you say, it just isn’t “conventional”. That’s my opinion thought.

        TTrasengan (3 years ago)

        Purple Purpose, I can get where you’re coming from after you explained yourself more there. However for me while reading the manga I was always aware of NH. To me there was development, and enough development for me to believe they would get together when it was all said and done. That’s just the way I read it anyway, so that’s my opinion.

BAKERO-DOROBO (3 years ago)

hahahaha you forgot chapter 669 SASUKE pokes SAKURA`S forehead


BAKERO-DOROBO (3 years ago)

loser always complain hahaha

BAKERO-DOROBO (3 years ago)

we don’t believe in your theory…

John Santos (3 years ago)

Wow… I can’t even fathom the amount of work you must have put into writting all of this.
Given all the evidence we have gotten so far, the only thing I’m gonna say is that there IS a chance.

I wish you good luck with your theory, and I really hope it stands correct in the end , even if I don’t believe it myself.

All the best, Chatte! <3

masterofdiseaster (3 years ago)

Really? All the effort you put into writing this just to deny an ending? Canon ending I must add… holy you really must have too much time on your hands, eh?
Whether some people like it or not NaruHina is the reality and I doubt that there will be a massive plot twist in the movie that will lead to NS. It just doesn’t make any sense as this would create too much confusion, as not everybody is going to watch the movie. To me NH was always obvious, Sakura just doesn’t have this kind of feelings for Naruto, they share friendship and Sakura treats Narutard more or less like a dumb brother that she loves dearly and would put her life on the line for him. It’s the little things throughout the entire series that foreshadow NH. Starting from the very beginning with Sakura hating Naruto while Hinata had deep appreciation for him, and like in the real world women always get it their way.

Sayuri (3 years ago)

*looks at all the arrows* This is Naruto not fucking organic chemistry.

masterofdiseaster (3 years ago)

And just to add to my previous post. This is just a show. It doesn’t matter, get on with your life.

Flerg (3 years ago)

It’s not even about misreading the text at this point. NS fans are emotionally stunted and unstable girls. You can cite out all the ‘parallels’ (aka Kishi red herrings) and ~fate~ you want but here’s a secret: a man has to be AMAZINGLY stupid to marry a girl who’s been proclaiming her love for a unbalanced asshole her entire life. Because the moment he rears his crazy head, she’s going to be running back to him once again.

A girl loving crazy evil assholes and being unable to stop is a HUGE red flag for dudes and no sane man would go for that, epsecially if he has a cute wallflower type crushing on him the entire time.

tl;dr Get out more and off tumblr. Your view on romantic relationships is twisted.

The Truth (3 years ago)

You have autism, and you are imagining and over-analyzing your imaginary context to create a relationship that the author has proven does not exist.
Also, Hinata literally died to save Naruto while he was fighting pain.

David (3 years ago)

So if you are going to talk about sasuke saving karin at the chunnin exam. What about naruto and hinata at the exam and I’m not in anyway trying to prove anything but a lot of double standards seem to be going around. Karin’s love for sasuke nothing wrong with that sakura’s screams of character derailment can be heard. The fact that everyone try to apply real life logic to this. Well for what I’ve seen in life sometimes people fall out of love sometimes not. Sometimes someone just isn’t interested in someone other times they take notice.

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

Just an overall concept to add to this “debate”. NS fans seem to base a lot of their arguments on the false notion that Naruto loved Sakura throughout the manga. This is where you have to consider the difference between a crush and love. Naruto never loved Sakura, it was a crush. Even though I’m pro NH I’ll never say Naruto always loved Hinata either. Naruto never loved either of them throughout the manga in a romantic sense. That’s proven when he was saying his final goodbye to his mother by updating her on the requests she left to him before she died. When he reached “finding a woman like her” he didn’t have a real answer for that; aka he hasn’t felt romantic love as yet. Furthermore that’s why the tagline for the movie is “The last story, is first love”. In the movie he’ll now be discovering love and who he loves for the first time, and as has been made clear by chap. 700, his love is for Hinata.

Both Sasuke and Naruto are teenagers in part 2. At an age where they’re trying to find answers for and understand their feelings. Sasuke being torn between being an avenger and the bonds he has with Naruto and Sakura. Naruto growing up and along the way finding a new understanding as to why he strives to grow stronger and why he wishes to be Hokage, aka his desire to protect the bonds he’s developed. For Naruto the final answer he finds as far as we can tell for the movie thus far, the final piece is love and his desire to protect that love he finds for Hinata. As for Sasuke, as seen in the manga, he finally understands his friendship with Naruto, and those feelings that have always been within him but he tried to toss aside for the sake of his revenge. This in turn leads him to understand his feelings for Sakura, feelings that were clearly depicted all the way back to part 1 when he left the village for the first time, and only said goodbye to Sakura. This makes a little more sense than all the desperate theories doesn’t it??

    Guy (3 years ago)

    just a crush… goddamit go read the manga again, NH happened at the end but its no reason to diminish naruto’s feelings for sakura (Eg-. chapter 3, gaara’s fight, end chapters of part 1, chapter 458, chap, 459)
    Naruto turned out to be quite the selfless guy, sacrificing his own feelings for the girl he loved

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      Guy, tell me when did he ever say he was in love with Sakura? When did he ever profess or confess love for anyone in that way? Yes he’s selfless, how does that equate to being in love? Isn’t his character generally selfless? It was just a crush in part 1, and in part 2 he barely showed (if at all) any signs of still feeling that crush. As the manga progressed it diminished consistently.

    Lori (3 years ago)

    Lmao, don’t even try to make any excuses. Then you could say the same thing about Sakura. If you’re trying to speak for Kishimoto by being all up his prostate and saying that Naruto never truly loved Sakura, then you can say the same for Sakura. You can say that she never truly loved Sasuke. Everyone with eyes can see that her pale and immature love for Sasuke was just nothing but a school girl academy crush that all of the girls held for him. Naruto continued having feelings for Sakura in part 2, as Sakura contained her unrealistic infatuation for Sasuke in part 2. Naruto did love Sakura, and that was very clear when Sai asked him. Naruto and Sasuke weren’t struggling with feelings lmao, where did you get that from? Did you just make that up because where in the hell was Sasuke confused, about his feelings for anyone? Did you even think he had the time to think about how he felt about Sakura? He was too busy fighting his own problems and his own inner battles driven by hate and revenge and he was too busy trying to kill Sakura in the meantime.

    Ummm, instead of taking it out of context why dont you just realize the reason why Naruto didn’t answer his mom was because he wasn’t in a relationship yet? Lol?
    It’s really funny how you’re coming up with your own little theories of how they lagically suddenly fall in love in the movie. How Sasuke finally realizes his love for the head leader of his fan group and Naruto falls in love for the head member of his fan group after TWO YEARS LATER. Why don’t you give me an excuse for, ChoujiSarui and InoSai while you’re at it? I’d love to know the inner emotions they were struggling with at 17 years old and how overcame that and finally realized they loved each other all into the same time span and had babies all in the same time span in the Last. Explain your reasonings. Btw, why are you even here? Lmao, arent you satisfied with your crack pairings? Oh, I get it, deep down inside you must hate them which is why you’re over here reading theories that make sense of the non canon pairings. because you’re in denial that the cannon pairings makes sense so you’re over here reading theories that do make sense so can argue to see if it will get rid of your doubts. because there couldn’t possibly be any reason why a person who is satisfied with the ending would be here. Arguing on a blog. You got what you wanted. Go celebrate!

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      lol you’re petty attempt at being smug is laughable kid. I didn’t even take the time to read your entire post cuz I kept laughing. At the end of the day I didn’t read the story wrong you did my friend. As for their feelings, go back to first grade, learn creative writing and comprehension, read over the manga, and then we’ll talk when you’re on my level. Until then a kid like you can’t have a rational convo as you’re you lack the intelligence to comprehend the symbolism, and metaphors in a manga. ;)

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      PS just so you don’t come with the predictable childish statement that I didn’t answer any of your questions, here’s to yuh! an example of how idiotic you sound and how you’re contradicting yourself is by laughing at the idea that Sasuke and Naruto were struggling with their feelings, then saying Sasuke had no time to contemplate his feelings for Sakura because he was struggling with his own inner battles. Inner battles…aka feelings, idiot. Beyond that you’re saying Sasuke wasn’t struggling with his bond with Naruto??? Really??? That played no part in his own story in the manga..according to your idiotic statements lol…As for Sakura, I said in understanding his bond with Naruto in chapter 699 he in turn understood his feelings towards Sakura, as seen when he approached her and apologized at the end of the chapter…this is why we can’t have a convo, as I said go back to the first grade and learn comprehension.

Mimi (3 years ago)

I had a straight face until the necklace part. Thanks for the laughs until the end!

Elkas (3 years ago)

Hey chatte-san i like you to read this , i want to know what do you think about it . Me after reading it feels very hurt its feels like something very dear/precious to me being stolen very frustrating. If what that guy said realy true , then i’m not gonna watch this movie and drop naruto series and anything related to khisimoto . Realy , he write a very good romance with minato x kushina all those panels / connection between them and narusaku and in the end he just throw it away in trash can. Naruto just give up on sakura never confess his love forever and sakura just gonna forgive the man who try to kill her and naruto many times , not even say thank you to naruto after working so hard bringing back sasuke to her and forever never find out that it was naruto who likes her forehead. I feel so betrayed… I realy like your opinion about what that guy said in that link .

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Dear, as I said on my Tumblr, those spoilers look fake as hell. Think about one thing: would Masashi Kishimoto, author of Naruto, condone such a scenario where Ino gets raped? Just try answering this question for yourself. That’s all I have to say in the matter. :)

      Elkas (3 years ago)

      Thank you. At least you reply my comment thats all that matter to me. I hope you keep making theory about narusaku , reading the connection between them is so sweet. I cant count how many times i refresh this page waiting for your reply. Even in narutobase forum Alot ppl there post many of the last movie spoiler . Thanks again. ^_^a

C.C (3 years ago)

a very well thought out theory. you’ve done it again chatte. haters needs to understand the difference between in denial and theories. if ch 700 turns out to be the actual ending, then so be it. theres nothing wrong in gathering info and guess what might actually happen instead.
imo, the ending is too blunt. like why show chapter 700 when you can wait to release it AFTER the movie? isnt that a poor way of promoting the movie? it makes sense to see it as a prank. gotta look underneath the underneath.

Nancy (3 years ago)

How can some one call naruto’s feelings a mere crusha. He risked his life to protect her, because she Is that important to him. but that’s all it is. And no, I refuse to see this so called NH and SS canon. Bolt doesn’t even look a thing like Hinata, Sadara looks nothing like Sakura, she is a cross between Sasuke and Karin. SS fans should be pissed. Now, Hinatas daughter looks like her, but it’s unclear who the father is, she looks a lot like Lee to me…and that’s cool really! (I like Rock Lee XD he makes me laugh!) it doesn’t matter anyway, crack ships are far more interesting the the these canon ships (gosh I hope this is all the IT, such a horrible way to end the Manga) maybe…maybe…this movie will bring it all together, and the series will make sense again. :/

    Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

    Nancy you are disgusting for your thoughts despite the canon being confirmed two weeks ago. It is understandable to not like the ending for its flaws but denying the events of the chapter is an insult to Kishimoto for his 15 years of work and diligence on the series. You are only person ensnared in a delusion.

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    Nancy Naruto risked his life for almost everyone throughout the history. Could be said that the most important thing he wanted to protect was the people who acknowledged him, which are not limited to Sakura on any way.

    About the Bolt thing: Naruto doesn`t resemble Kushina at all. Perhaps the Namikaze genes are quite dominant on a genetic scale, who knows? But that isn`t proof of anything

    About Sarada: If you look closely you will notice that Sarada has quite similar eyes to Mikoto her paternal Grandmother and her haircut is similar to that of Shibaku Haruno(Sakura`s mom) but with the adding of Sakura`s huge forehead

    About Himawari`s Father: People often quite the lack of development and interaction between Hinata and Naruto as evidence of why Naruhina shouldn`t be. Now if we compare the amount interaction between Hinata and Lee…Just do the math :P

    About Sasuke`s attempts of Sakura`s Life: Like I said on a previous post, why people go on Tantrum mode when it regards to Sakura(for Sasuke`s attempts to stab her with some CHidori) but are perfectly ok with ending up Karin(who was actually stabbed)? That is quite hypocrite to say the less

      Heyday (3 years ago)

      About “Nancy Naruto”: Partially agree, while it’s true he protects all dear to him and not only Sakura. The fight against Gaara was to save Sakura more than anything else, though at the end he realized he wanted to save Gaara as well.

      About Bolt: Not sure what Bolt has to do with the resemblance of Naruto & Kushina, but the latter is true and even confirmed in the manga (when they talk, both agree that Naruto inherited Kushina’s face).

      About Sarada: Karin also has big forehead and the the hairstyle of Sarada also resembles Karin’s.

      About Himawari’s father: Agreed, Leehina is almost as dumb as NaruHina or ChouKarui (unless we go by the argument of “everything could have happened in the time skip between 699 and 700, then LeeHina makes as much sense as any other canon pairing).

      About Sasuke’s attempts on Sakura’s life: This discussion is not about wheter SasuSaku and SasuKarin are cute/healthy pairings. Both are sick, probably. It’s about all the parallelisms in the manga wit NS and SK, this is not hypocresy.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        ABout Naruto`s protective behaviour: yeap, I agree. but most of Naruto heroic enterprises to save someone are almost not related to Sakura. if Gaara was to put down, let`s say, Iruka he woulda have gone as far as he did with Sakura. That`s a quirk of Naruto`s personality, not some sort “protect my lady” kind of behaviour

        About Bolt: I`m pointing out that Naruto`s resemblance with Kushina y also quite limited and , as a personal observation, ALL characters Faces are similarly shped ¬¬U

        About Sarada: How Sarada`s not spiky haircut resembles Karin`s spiky Haircut?

        About Leehina: The problem is that Movie will most likely revolve around Naruto and Hinata…and trying to avoid the moon falls down. there is only so much can be explained via the movie

        About SasuKarin: One arguments of why Sasusaku was to never to happen was Sasuke`s dark behaviour and utter disrepect for Sakura`s feelings/life, but then we have Karin..who would have been finished off if not for Sakura. I think that`s one paralellism is getting largely ignored in the theory

Patsy (3 years ago)

To me the ones who really need to back off are all you NARUHINA fans. If your couple was cannon already why do you have the need to come to a page where its someone’s theory. To me personally some of you NaruHina fans are really rude and arrogant. For instance you guys come to NaruSaku pages and start talking shit and we are delusional. Why can’t you just leave us NaruSaku alone and other people theories alone. I will admit that some NaruSaku do the same but seriously this is based on someone’s theory and we have every right to speak what we feel is right. Who are you to look down on someone theory and besides most of you NaruHina fans never give a clear enough reason as to why the ending makes sense. My best friend is a NaruHina fan and he himself has yet to give me a clear explanation as to why the ending makes sense. Clearly majority of you NaruHina fans are nothing rude ass people who don’t respect other peoples blogs or pages or theories. Why don’t you just stop going to NaruSaku Pages and other peoples theories because all i see is that NaruHina fans are very impulsive and just jealous that some people can actually give a reason as to why Naruto and Sakura should be together. All i see from NaruHina fans are that they are cannon but they could never show their proof as to why the ending is correct. Catte theory might be true might not and she clearly states that this isn’t a NaruSaku info but just a theory. If you NaruHina fans took the liberty to read the whole thing instead of sticking your noses in where they don’t belong then. Seriously no one wants to see your rude ass comment. Give me a real and good enough reason as to why the ending is legit. Not the stupid comments that we NaruSaku fans are butt hurt and in denial crap. We give you reasons as to why we believe the ending makes no sense. Now its your turn.

    Grendel (3 years ago)

    Bless this. I’ve yet to see a Naruhina fan produce evidence. All I hear is “Hinata’s cuter11!” Seriously, Nh fans are ridiculous.

    Just Passing Through (3 years ago)

    “My best friend is a NaruHina fan and he himself has yet to give me a clear explanation as to why the ending makes sense…. Now its your turn.”

    Kishimoto’s really big on the whole religious symbolism bullshit. Mangekyou jutsu are all named for Shinto gods, Hashirama’s wood shit is named for Buddhist stuff, Indra vs. Asura is a Hindu thing, and of course Kaguya ate the forbidden fruit. Another thing he included is a reference to Taoism in the Hyuuga clan. Uchiha vs. Senju is a metaphor for Japan’s internal sociopolitical struggle during the Meiji era. The Gentle Fist style references Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm), which is a martial art that is based off of Taoist teachings. One of the biggest things in Taoism is the idea of Yin/Yang. The layperson notion of Yin/Yang is kinda just “opposite but equal” but it’s a little bit more intricate than that in Taoism. “Yang” is Light, masculine, embodying the ideal of “life without form,” while “Yin” is Dark, feminine, embodying “form without life.”

    Yin/Yang bullshit is all over Naruto: Naruto and Sasuke, Hashirama and Madara, the two halves of Kurama, and Neji and Hinata. Kishimoto emphasizes a big thing in Taoism: the importance of bringing Yin and Yang together. It’s how the Rin’negan is unlocked, it’s how Kaguya was sealed, and it’s how the tailed beasts were formed via Creation of All Things. It’s also how Naruto and Hinata get together romantically.

    At the beginning of the series, it’s pretty obvious that Naruto is pure Yang (bright, loud, masculine, willful) while Hinata is pure Yin (dark, quiet, feminine, understanding). To put it simply, Naruto understands nothing but has a shitload of willpower while Hinata understands everything (at least about Naruto) but has no willpower to help her use her wisdom. But every time they meet, Naruto and Hinata impart a bit more of their own aspect to the other.

    During the written exam, Hinata offers to let Naruto cheat off her test, demonstrating her understanding, (Yin) but Naruto declares that he’ll be Hokage even if he can’t pass the exam, demonstrating his will (Yang).

    Smash cut to the preliminaries where Naruto beats Kiba and Hinata offers him her medical cream. She’s demonstrating a tiny amount of will (Yang) and Naruto realizes (Yin) she’s really nice. Then Hinata fights Neji, who is also a Yang-type, using his immense will to terrify her into almost forfeiting, until Naruto cheers her on. Through Naruto, Hinata gains a bit of will (Yang) and Naruto sees Hinata in a completely new way, understanding her more (Yin). Through this, Hinata is able to change (Yang affecting Yin).

    Then we get to the day of the finals, where Naruto is nervous about fighting Neji. His will is fading because he understands how strong his opponents are and how his confident exterior won’t save him. But Hinata uses her understanding of him to revitalize his will and Naruto in turn comes to understand that he was wrong about how he saw Hinata: she’s the kind of person he really likes (Yin affecting Yang).

    Jump ahead to the Invasion of Pain, where the big moral of the arc is “Naruto is an immature kid who doesn’t know shit about how the world is run.” As much as with ninjutsu, Pain beats Naruto with argument: he asks how Naruto would address the hate of the world and Naruto has no answer. It’s there that Naruto realizes for all his “never give up” resolve, he doesn’t have a better solution (life without form). Hinata jumps in to save him. Naruto urges her to run and leave him (Yang sacrificing for Yin) but Hinata insists she’s not afraid to die protecting him (Yin sacrificing for Yang) and, to hammer the whole “Naruto is wrong” point home, she confesses her love and Naruto’s shocked expression makes it clear he had no clue. In fact, he probably never even imagined that anyone could love him. Naruto is so lost that it takes the ghost of the Fourth Hokage to set him on the right path.

    It’s right then that Naruto finally has “form” to his “life”: he wants to kill Nagato so badly but understands it wouldn’t mean anything and would only perpetuate the cycle of hatred. It’s through that unity of willpower and understanding that he achieves true victory and starts to really grow as a person. Of course, Kishimoto decides to represent this as a shitty mass resurrection, but we’ll gloss over that.

    During the War arc, Naruto rescues Hinata and Hinata clears his identity to everyone doubting him by telling them to look in his eyes. She begins to doubt herself, but Naruto uses his understanding to revitalize her will by telling her she’s strong and that the proof is in HER eyes.

    Most significantly, after Neji dies, Naruto’s will is shattered. All of the “form” he’d gained for his “life” is meaningless as Obito taunts him with his own words. But Hinata does the same thing he did for her: she uses her understanding of him to revitalize his will and the legendary hand-holding happens. Yin and Yang are finally starting to connect as Naruto realizes she’s been by his side the whole time. It’s no coincidence that when Infinite Tsukuyomi happens, she telepathically cries out to him and he actually hears her. It’s a pretty common thing in Japanese culture for the “power of love” to let the one who loves you hear your cry for help no matter how far the distance.

    A huge chunk of Naruto’s journey has been about growing up and understanding people. At the end of the story, Naruto has a truer understanding of the world (or so Kishimoto wants us to believe). Thus, it is extremely thematically appropriate that when Naruto finally understands everything, he connects with the one person who has understood him from the beginning: Hinata. It took them a while to get there, but Yin and Yang are finally together.

    The fact that “Byakugan” is based off Baguazhang, which is itself referenced in the “Eight Trigrams ____ Palms” techniques shows it’s not a coincidence.

    Naruto describes Hinata as dark, while Naruto is himself light, as described by characters like Konan.

    Naruto’s got the sun-shaped Yang seal, Hyuuga means “facing the sun” and Hinata means “a sunny place.”

    Literally every single time Hinata has a serious scene she improves Naruto’s understanding.

    HalfDemonInuyasha (3 years ago)

    And that is exactly what I meant in my comment above.

    Most blogs I’ve read that are unsatisfied with Chapter 700, whether they are neutral or pro-Naru/Saku, are able to give out civilized, detailed explanations as to why they believe Naru/Hina makes little sense from a storytelling point of view, but are still willing to concede that if it’s what Kishimoto decided, then there’s nothing that can be done to go back and change things. (However, that does NOT mean people do not have the right to criticize.)

    Yes, there are those that are quite rude themselves, but not nearly as many as people believe.

    Most blogs/comments that I’ve come across or was shown that claim to be satisfied and/or are pro-Naru/Hina on the other hand, have largely been filled with disrespectful braggarts who have yet to give any actual, viable reasons and explanations as for why (they believe that) Naru/Hina makes sense. All I keep seeing (from the blogger and/or its commentators) is people saying Naru/Saku fans are “butthurt”, that “it’s canon, get over it”, that “you’re over-thinking things”, “you’re delusional”, “you’re sore”, “you’re desperate”, “it was always meant to be this way”, “haha, you lost” and so on. Not a single one has been able to give even a small fraction of details and explanation as to why Naru/Hina makes sense at all.

Bluegrief (3 years ago)

Hm, as an NS-shipper I really want to hope that your theory becomes true but somehow it is a bit over analyzed. However, your post about the Haruno clan was quite interesting and made pretty much sense to me, and I really think Kishimoto will surprise us!
Well, what I wanted to say is I really appreciate your passion you put in your work and the fact that despite NH and SS seem to be canon you gave me hope – a hope that Kishimoto just wanted to pull a prank on us. Now, we all have to wait for the film until we know more about the weird things in chapter 700.
Over the last few weeks I was pretty upset and angry about the last two chapters since they were quite ooc and didn’t show me a happy end in which everybody has reached its goal. Not everybody was content, and there were so many little things I noticed.
Look at Tsunade, it’s quite impressive how fast she can change her clothes and hair, or look at Shikamaru who at the end suddenly looks younger, wears a chuunin vest and has no beart.
Sakura seems to be in a relationship with Sasuke, however, she has Karin’s lip shine, and Kishimoto makes her look a lot more like Kushina with the dressing style and hair clip.
I just can’t understand why he would do that, there are so many parallels, and they all are a waste? Or does he really want to confuse us?
I never understand why Sasuke suddenly loves her, there was not a single romantic hint from him, just looks of care or regret of having to hurt her.
SasuKarin makes more sense to me allthough I don’t really ship them, but then again people just want to see what they want …
Before going to bed I want to give you some observation that might help you the next time when you wirte another theory.^^
1) Kiba said the seventh quit but that makes no sense since Naruto is Hokage at the moment.
2) Everyone calls him the seventh but never his name allthough Kiba and co are his friends.
3) Why do we have a young face from Naruto on the mountain? I thought he recently became Hokage. So it should look as old as him.
4) When you look at Hinata and Himawari you can notice some leaves dancing in the air on page 4. Haven’t we seen these leaves back when Naruto used the henge no jutsu to know what Sakura really thought of him? And I could sweare there were also leaves when Naruto came back after 2 years of training and met Sakura und talked with her in chapter 245 page 13 …
Hm, it is really confusing, and when I think about that one song from ‘The Last’ I got the impression it talks about a person who is/was confused with its feeling and now realizes there was always someone waiting for him/her, always someone who loves him/her. Maybe it’s Sakura? I don’t know …
Well, this is it. If there are some mistakes, sorry, English is not my mother tongue.
Thanks for writing that theory, good night!


Narutofan100 (3 years ago)

I’m stunned your basing your theory on a non-canon movie, as far as why it was put into databook 4 is more likely because it was the most recent Naruto movie and because it was incredibly successful. As far as the whole Hinata is a wierdo thing, Naruto stopped thinking of her in that way during her fight with Neji. Infinite Tsukuyomi was dispelled in chapter 699, its over. Concerning why Sakura saved Naruto after the Kyuubi was removed its because Sakura is a medical ninja and Hinata is a taijutsu user, so not sure how she couldve saved his life. Himawari is definitely not Lee’s daughter if that were the case she couldnt have those whiskers and if you want to go into genetics it is possible for neither Boruto nor Himawari to possess the Byakugan IF hinata’s mother did not possess it. Databook 4 also states Sakura’s favorite thing is Sasuke and you’ve got it backwards Sakura’s love to Sasuke is romantic and what she feels to Naruto is like that of brother. No, all the characters in chapter 700 are not acting OOC. I know thats jumbled and choppy but I’m more concerned with getting my thoughts out

Ray (3 years ago)

Basically you scammed for 700 manga chapters, a couple of movies, games, for the sake of finding some kind of hope for NS? I understand you may not like the ending, I’m sad too, as a NS myself, but I think this is really really forced, and ultimately your are just rising your expectations high, to be disappointing again.
I don’t understand why NH became cannon, I just can’t see this building they talk about, but they are canon now, Kishimoto is not that smart nor a good writer to pull all of this up, most of the “writing skills” most people talk about, are just assumptions, he never proved to be more than average writer in any moment.
Naruto had a simply and safe ending, don’t know how is the shipping distribution about popularity, but maybe that influenced, maybe no, maybe is just what Kishi liked, I think we should just stop fighting against something is not in our control, and enjoy what we had, the NS community is so amazing, even if we are not canon, we can pull this out.
I really don’t want to see everyone so sad again, is not fair.

Miki (3 years ago)

I loved your theory. As soon as I rest chapter 700 my immediate thought was Tsukuyomi. I’m glad you agree. Chatte I have been awaiting your theory and you did not disappoint. Good job girl with connecting all of the dots. Not to offend the Naruhina fans but I honestly don’t get the basis of their ship. Hinata is adorable and she worked hard, but that doesn’t mean she deserved Naruto. She’s a side character, main characters needs come first. So when I saw the Naruhina ending I was just like “How? Did I miss something in the manga?”. I was disappointed and a little angry, but I’ve since calmed down. Reading your post didn’t give me hope, It just made me a happier. It would be great if you were right about the ending. If you’re wrong then okay, the ending can’t get any worse.

    CeRiLe00 (3 years ago)

    “main characters needs come first.”
    Did original little mermaid get what she wanted? (Human prince) No.
    Did romeo and juliet get what they wanted? (life together) No.
    Heroes don’t always get what they want.
    But they generally get what they deserve.
    Naruto deserved happiness and Hinata provided it.

Lori (3 years ago)

NaruHina, SasuSaku fans are honestly ridiculous. Get off of her blog and go back to your mop hair style kids and that SasuKarin kid named after an appetizer. There should be no reason for you to argue anymore if you already got what you wanted. Not everyone does crack and see it the way you do. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and not doing drugs.

    Grendel (3 years ago)

    Thank you. That’s why I dislike NH/SS but mainly NH fans. They’re really immature. It’s so sad.

Cookie (3 years ago)

I loved reading this post, because this made me believe for a few minutes that chapter 700 did not happen. But despite being a hardcore NS fan that I am, I feel compelled to take a pessimistic view about your theory. My reasoning is why place a fake ending in the last chapter of a huge series if it never really occurred. It could potentially ruin the reputation of the series. For comparison, RTN was simply a filler chapter in the manga when it came out, a chapter that didn’t reveal any major plot developments. However, I am a firm believer that Kishi did plan for NS initially, but simply caved in under all the pressure (from NH fans, editors, etc.). If you read his interview that recently came out, you get the impression that Kishi was using his editor’s suggestions whether he agreed with him or not. Regardless, the series is not a shojo after all, so I guess we shouldn’t expect the pairings to make sense.

Loki` (3 years ago)

One thing still make me wonder about the movie is.. about the OST, star vessel.. why must something about vessel? talk about vessel,thats remind me about genjutsu or tsukoyomi. maybe this theory right,all of the theory its make senses. good job chatte :)

David (3 years ago)

Lol I do love reading some of these justification (sorry i’m bored) she is just a side character sorry hinata, chi chi, ginny, keiko(was she main or side been a while since i’ve watch yu yu hakusho(what’s really funny is kishi drew inspiration from these three show)) you cant end up with a main character they come first right sakura and sasuke. All these bias opinion about this or that(dont worry most people are bias) but when you get this emotionally attached to an action anime about two fictional character not getting it on in the end well that’s sad.(wow i sound like such an hypocrite another thing that most people are) still keep whining about your parallels,your development, keep posting page long post about how this was meant to be as if kishi owes you guys anything, keep talking about how it’s for marketing while only 5% of us actually likes the ending and keep deluding yourselves that this is not the real ending because kishimoto was writing this manga all for the sake narusaku.

None- SS shipper. (3 years ago)

I am not against you shipping NaruSaku you can ship it all you want, but it really sucks that you are being a bit delusional. It’s just going to hurt you more when the movie comes out and NaruHina continues being cannon because this isn’t going to change why hype up NaruHina so much for it to not become cannon? To surprise people? I highly doubt it, people are going to talk about the movie after they watch it and ruin the ‘surprise ending’, so why keep such a big thing a secret? Stop over analyzing the story and rather try to accept what has been shown already that way you can start the process of healing. I don’t know read NaruSaku fanfictions, look at fanart but stop undermining Kishimoto’s work.

Dani (3 years ago)

These debates are getting old. With all the pairings in total, its obvious which ones are supposed to be endgame. I think that this theory is a bit of a stretch, but its plausible. However, Sasuke and Karin don’t seem right. Sasuke was never a romantic person in general. I think having him in a relationship is foreign and weird. Sasuke can barely take care of himself, how can he take care of someone else? As for Sakura and Naruto, Naruto genuinely loves her. I really don’t think its a “crush” as many people like to argue, there was literally a SET DATE “The day Naruto fell in love with Sakura.” Naruto genuinely cares about this girl. If Naruto truly, truly cared about Hinata like he does Sakura, then he should have been there for her at all times. If Naruto loves Hinata like all the PRO-NH people say he does, why does he not show it or express it in the manga? I’m sorry, but you can’t depend on a movie to develop a pairing that could have had so many opportunities in the manga. Its poor writing. Let me remind you, this manga is called, “Naruto” not “Hinata” and not “Sakura”. It doesn’t matter what the SIDE CHARACTERS WANT the MAIN CHARACTER should be able to follow his dreams and achieve what he’s been trying to achieve. Another thing, if Naruto’s nindo is to “Never give up.” Why did he seemingly give up on Sakura so easily? Why does Hinata fall in her attempts to save Naruto? Why can she never catch up to him even though she always wants to be by his side? And if Naruto truly cared about her, why doesn’t he wait for her to catch up? (symbolically of course) All thoughts aside, Naruto’s infatuation/love/attraction to Sakura has been present since DAY ONE. Its incredible how Hinata seems to be relevant in the MAIN CHARACTERS feelings, when they are HINATA’S feelings. Root for Hinata, go ahead! But its really odd seeing people assume that Naruto must love her back just because she loves him.
Anyway, but of a rant, but it was needed.

Also; NH fans, why are you on a PRO-NS blog? Got some time to kill? or what?

    CeRiLe00 (3 years ago)

    “If Naruto loves Hinata like all the PRO-NH people say he does, why does he not show it or express it in the manga? ”

    When Naruto informs the Great Toad Sage of all the times he had let the Kyubi take over his body, he mentions that when he saw Hinata get stabbed by Pain he became so full of rage, he allowed the Nine-Tails to take over his body without thinking.

    ”Its poor writing.”
    Kishimoto: I am not good at writing romances.

    ”It doesn’t matter what the SIDE CHARACTERS WANT”

    So Sakura is just a mindless doll, whose only purpose is to please Naruto-sama?
    That kind of attitude truly irks me.
    Sakura has every right to reject naruto if she truly doesn’t want him.

    ”Why did he seemingly give up on Sakura so easily?”

    Because you can never force someone to love you.
    Kishimoto:Naruto’s close, but Sakura loves Sasuke as we should expect from that speech.
    After kage summit it was clear that narusaku wasn’t gonna happen

    ”But its really odd seeing people assume that Naruto must love her back just because she loves him.”

    Well right back at you.
    You say sakura must love naruto back just because he’s the hero.

Lies (3 years ago)

Gotta love how nay-sayers and haters immediately spammed this page as if they’ve been awaiting it more hardcore than actual narusaku fans. Narusaku fans, other-shippers and non-shippers stumble upon it through someone linking it or something, all “oh hey cool theory/idea “, ” like the way you didn’t give up ey “. Haters be stalking narusaku pages such as this like crazy ” you so obsessed you so deluusional, get over it, get over it, you so delusional, narusakutard, so disrespectful, get over it, we right we canon ladida, no your opinion sucks uuuuuhhhh, trolololololo lets disregard every good intention they have and hate hate hate on themmm cause they so wrooong we can nay-say on everythinggg dissagree with everythinggg”.
Meanwhile narusaku’s all ” lets not give up guys, lets make fanart lets come up with our own theories and fanfics, lets name their son shinachiku and adopt him cause we still love Naruto and our ship no matter what happens ” and non-shippers are all ” how the hell did it go wrong? Why is it about ships when it’s a shōnen and why is everyone so divided? The ending doesn’t make sense in general, Everyone should see that! ” , narusasu’s all ” for all it’s worth you narusaku guys were awesome as well” * throws flowers * etc.. Haters all ” you narusakutards are the most disrespectful pieces of shit I’ve ever seen, all hail Kishimoto! ”

Anyway, you can’t say the theory doesn’t draw a crowd. Negative feedback, positive feedback, they both do the trick, right?

Star (3 years ago)

People is so mean with you, I read it ALL, and it have sense. But some of this Hinaterrorist or something, are just talking nonsense, they don’t even read the whole post and just coment stupid things about you and NaruSaku fandom. They don’t even READ, I’m thinking that they don’t know how to READ :/

    None- SS shipper. (3 years ago)

    Apparently we know how to read since NaruHina became cannon, and not NaruSaku. :)

      Lies (3 years ago)

      You read the tweets from Hayate Date right? Or whatever his name is.
      You pro-ending people seem to regard his tweets quite truthful and as a validation of your canon.
      However, he also said your oh so high and mighty chapter 700 was decided only three months ago. And that not everything in 699 was up to par with the original plan.
      What do you conclude?
      Indeed, no development towards it. Only some tacky ways to excuse Sasuke’s character destruction to a nancy boy within the last three months of chapters.

      Better luck next time, boy.

        None- SS shipper. (3 years ago)

        The ending was decided quite a while ago, even the director of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden admitted that he had discussed with Kishimoto and he said the ending was just as he was told, with a few small changes.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          Dear lord. * facepalm *
          Yes, Date Hayato. ( not Hayate sorry )
          Pikachu5551 right?

          What’s your point?
          Date posted he indeed talked about the ending with Kishimotosensei and remembers he told him something similar to this 8 years ago, however there were some changes.
          A fan replies to him asking if he is talking about all the couples, if he’s talking pairing-wise.
          He responds, no I’m talking about 699.
          The fan is glad that he’s talking about 699 and thanks him.
          Another fan asks him what is up with 700 as it seems 699 was ( partially ) decided a long time ago. When did 700 get added to the story. And how this happened.
          Date replies it must be something the sensei thought of, but he only heard about these plans three months ago.
          Fan thanks him.

          Thus yet again I refer to what I said in my previous post.
          Three months ago movie marketing went full-on.

          Look it up for yourself, you can find his response between tweets on november 12th. Someone made a printscreen of it with an added ( nonetheless poor ) translation if you want to make it easier for yourself.

        Dazed (3 years ago)

        If the last chapter was only thought up 3 months ago, how does that explain the fact the movie has been in production for 2 years? It’s entirely possible things like who Chouji would end up with and Anko’s design was only finalized 3 months ago, but if you’re suggesting somehow that he only decided on Naruto and Hinata getting together 3 months ago despite all the interviews to the contrary and the fact that The Last is a love story based around Hinata and Naruto that’s been in production for 2 years, I really don’t know what to say to you.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          Don’t go twisting yourself, it almost seemed you were convinced your ship was fucked up by underdevelopment yourself a little there.
          Look up the tweets yourself, huh? I didn’t suggest anything myself, I just concluded that they indeed didn’t give it enough attention by what that director said and the way there were no actual leads towards it. And that that holy tweet about him knowing the ending 8 years ago actually has more context he explains himself.

          Why go for Narusaku moments ( as a non-shipper even I noticed these as they were pretty ” in your face ” so to speak ) within the two years you’re making a movie about naruhina hmmm. Ohno wait, Neji died and Naruto was more devastated than his own niece who was making sure that it would make sense that in two years time her development finally took place. Oh and in the past three months Sasuke switched with sakura’s jacket, oh and kakashi conveniently said one of the most uninspiring lines, as an adult, in the entirety of the manga to desperately pump some “logic” up for a random ass ending that was coming a few weeks later.
          How can you as a naruhina fan, I pressume you are, be happy at all?
          Babies aren’t born by holding hands you know, nor is true love. Is one movie really sufficient for you? If it is, you are pleased very easily in that case, as if 15 years worth of story wasn’t all that important compared to how important apparantly a specific ship was. Very sad.
          Movies were never even considered as true canon before “this one” because they just conveniently make up shit. Ohno, Naruto totally talked to that chick even though it was stated he never did. No Naruto totally met up with those guys and Sasuke was there too. Not giving enough fucks about too much drama as always ( until his magical enlightenment ). Same goes for fillers.
          Look at how in-game short movies, also, aren’t always accurate with the actual head canon manga for example.
          Why is this one suddenly so vitally important? Is it because they.. forgot something? Like, lets say…reasons and development?
          Pretty dissapointing they didn’t just suggest it through their shōnen headcanon that the ending was actually a shōjo.

          Do share with us All the interviews from the past 15 years ( Japanese original, I don’t do fake and I don’t do naruhina relevance only either so be complete ), Not including those of when the movie was already started being marketed three months ago.
          Prove me ever so wrong.
          I will be pleased with every bit of information that would make this ending more descent. Just like everyone else who doesn’t go hating or nay-saying on other peoples pages just for the balls of it.

Sigh (3 years ago)

*Sigh* Look, I’m sincerely not trying to rain on your parade, I have had countless ships that did not become canon, and I get how you feel. I do. But this is just too far-fetched. In a manga where up until this point, there are still unexplained plot holes, this soap opera-esque theory can’t happen. Not to mention it’s a shonen manga. For 12-year-olds. How many of them can dig this deep? To find whatever is “underneath the underneath”?
You need to accept that NS didn’t become canon, and live with it. This coming from someone who shipped Zutara. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just fiction. There are more things worth your time in real life, instead of spending a crap ton of hours on this theory that ultimately proves nothing, because the chances of NS ever happening in canon are nil. And there will always be other ships.
Not to mention, you’re also giving NS fans false hope. It’s not good for anyone. You still have fanon. You still have Shinachiku, for whatever you people called him. You still have fanfiction, fanart, and the fandom. It’s not the end, unless you say so.

Raihan (3 years ago)

I hope what you say be true: D but, when now there is a spoiler that makes me downhill :(

    Raihan (3 years ago)

    please chatte-san ansew my question :)

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Faithinblue (3 years ago)

Well… I think you’re a genius ! This is perfect!

Loki` (3 years ago)

see.. this is what kishi says in the latest interview,november 20th 2014.

“I decided quite a while ago to go with Hinata.
There was a time when I was on the fence about going with Sakura, but after coming this far and just having Sakura switch over to loving Naruto would make her kind of a terrible woman.
Anyway, Sakura really has always just been wholeheartedly about Sasuke.”

we dont have hope again guys.. :/ those that means chp 699-700 and the whole about naruto the last is the ending kishi choice. it makes me more dissapoint to kishi,for illogically reasons. xD he makes naruto lost his moto for never give up. hahaha its really make me sad T_T at least i can save narusaku in the deeper of my hearts. they are the most beautiful couple for me :)

    akasljfd (3 years ago)

    Sakura was never Naruto’s goals.

      Lies (3 years ago)

      The only reason a female in a writers context like this gets attention is if the main character gives enough shits about her.
      If sakura wasn’t his goal, her love interest, whoever it was, would’ve been handled like, for example, Ino’s.
      But instead of that we got Naruto making a, unresolved nonetheless, lifetime promise and them growing closer.
      Oh no, her well-being was never the red thread that kept Naruto’s shit together and his story going. They did not at all specifically state inside a recent backstory on kakashi that they chose a girl like sakura to keep Naruto’s motivation up by challenging him with a rival turned best friend ( @ The third ). Fighting for her approval and love. And his well-being was never the thing that kept her from falling into a dark abyss of selfish behavior.

Grendel (3 years ago)

Hmm, i didnt read 600/700. Only pairing I actually ship from naruto is Yahiko/Konan but I feel narusaku makes a lot of sense as well. Although this was just a theory, a huge part of me wants to believe this is true. I dislike hinata and I don’t want to accept the fact a background character such as her self will magically end up with the hero of this anime. Even if naruhina is canon, I will never accept it. Also, guys only like naruhina because she has bigger boobs and a submissive personality which is really sad..

岸本斉史 (3 years ago)

ハハハ、これは非常に興味深いです。申し訳ありませんが、あなたはそこにはない何かを探しています。しかし、非常に楽しさとクール。私は私の次の漫画で遠くまでこの何かをしようと覚えているでしょう。ナルトをご支援いただきありがとうございます。 ^^

    岸本斉史 (3 years ago)

    Kishimoto commented on this!
    O____________________________O Holy shit!

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Good thing you kept your username lol

Carlos Lopez (3 years ago)

As much as i hate the ending i doubt it was a fake/illusion ending, I will admit the ending didn’t make much sense and even if the movie explains it. It takes a WHOLE movie to explain something, it shouldn’t happen. Idk if he planned out the ending but the anime/manga seem be ruin by the ending.

Narusaku and Their Theories Suck (3 years ago)

LMAO. Narusaku’s over. GET OVER IT, GODDAM. Salada called Sakura “mum” and Sasuke “Dad”. YOU MAKE ME CRY RAINBOWS OF DANCING UNICORNS

Kushina Purity (3 years ago)

I’m not going to insult you or anything like some of the people here have, but I think you’re getting your hopes up for nothing. It would be odd if the movie diverged from the manga in the way you’re theorizing. I think everyone should just make peace with these pairings; the manga isn’t about romance anyway

Loki` (3 years ago)

this is the right translation from the latest interview..

New Kishimoto’s interview
“The interviewer : ” In the epilogue, we can see that Hinata & Naruto have two kids. But when did you decide that Naruto & Hinata would be together ?”
Kishimoto : “Quite a long time ago, in fact. But I have to admit there was a time when we did thought about Sakura, you know. But if after all this time, she would just all of a sudden change her heart for Naruto, this would make her kind of a terrible woman, don’t you agree ?. Anyway I think she’s already completely devoted to Sasuke.”

now he become the most terrible author i think haaha.. how could a woman who fall with a man wo always make her happy,loves and respect her. called terrible woman? fucking nonsense.. im done with kishi,and now he totally changes naruto became a terrible man xD

    addicz (3 years ago)

    So, Kishimoto actually NH,right ?
    The first Hinata sketch is real,right ?

Kyle (3 years ago)

My prediction, Someone that so important in Naruto will die in The Last Movie, that’s why Junko, Naruto’s seiyuu so shocked after watching it. Oh and if those Leaked images about all character design were true… There will be no wedding scene for Naruto n Hinata, wedding scene is only for Toneri n Hinata, n about those kids…i still don’t have any idea about it

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JR Drol (3 years ago)

This is the most idiotic and desperate theory that I’ve read in a while.

hhhhdgjjfddajkk (3 years ago)

Desperate fans LOL … MOVE ON chatte please …

Suki90 (3 years ago)

Loved this Chatte! Every single word makes sense to me, even if I don’t really believe this will happen because of the movie, the trailers and a lot of stuff there (not counting spoilers because I’ve read a lot of them and I don’t see any sense), I want to believe that NaruSaku was really meant to be because of the development, moments, etc.

Ah… As always, hardcore NaruHina (the ones who came and insult every single comment oh Naruto and Sakura meant to be) are annoying as hell… I’M TIRED OF READ “DELUSION” “PATHETIC” “SALTY” in every single stupid comment…

But the question of the $64 thousand… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN A NARUSAKU BLOG in whish she always state by the way THAT HAS THEORICAL, NO PROVED… NOT CANNONICAL, ANALYZIS! God people, are you so sad with the end game you have? It seems like, becasue if I were you I wouldn’t be here reading something that I believe is not true. Just saying.

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YOU STUPID CHATTE (3 years ago)


anonymous (3 years ago)

Holy crap. The Last opened on a full moon, December 6th, 2014 and chapter 700 came out under a full moon, November 10th, 2014.

RtN airs on January 1st, 2015, New Year’s Day which supposedly in Japan is also considered as the day in which a new sun rises.

On January 1st, 2014 the moon was in its New Moon phase which is the phase in which the moon stands directly behind the sun and is completely eclipsed by the sun. During the New Moon phase we can’t see the moon because not only are the sun rays hitting the side of the moon facing away from us, but also because of the sun’s rays are causing direct electromagnetic interference. This is why it’s hard to detect celestial bodies which are in the same direction as the sun.

The end of reality manga chapter officially came out strictly on the first day of a Last Quarter: January 24th, 2014. That is, it came out strictly the day after the end of the Full Moon phase, so an “infinite tsukuyomi” couldn’t be casted in the real world (even though it happened after in the manga). The end of reality chapter contained narusaku and sasukarin moments. Jump Festa 2015 was also held in the Last Quarter phase of the moon and this is when Kishimoto started talking about Sakura in a more positive light, when he displayed his drawing of Sasuke’s “family photo” with Sasuke’s face looking away from Sakura, when it was revealed that the Naruto art expo in Spring will be for everyone (and not for Naruto otakus). The Naruto anime episode “A True Ending” aired on a New Moon phase.

RtN will air again on January 4th, 2015 which is the day in when New Year celebrations end in Japan. This year it coincides with a day strictly before a Full Moon. A Full Moon begins on January 5th, 2015.

Also, the Bolt movie comes out in August. Amaterasu stands for “the great AUGUST kami (god) who shines in the heaven”:“. Note how I emphasized the word August in those quotes. Kishimoto said that there will be more of Sasuke in the upcoming Bolt film. I don’t think we know yet how the infinite tsukuyomi was dispelled but I think it has something to do with Sasuke and maybe we’ll find out when Naruto Volume 72 comes out.

Naruto Volume 72 comes out on February, 2nd ( which is strictly the day after the end of a Full Moon.

I built most of these speculations from mostly unconfirmed information in this tumblr ->

One more interesting thing to note is that if you read the lyrics from Hinata’s song “In the End of Winter”–, it suggests that Hinata realizes that her love for Naruto won’t be requited because for him “Important things are all equal.” This song came out in a separate CD which includes this song only and is different from the movie soundtrack. The distributor of this CD is Floppy which if you recall is the same company which trolled everyone by blacking out the person holding Naruto’s hand in one poster. Did anyone ever get a hold a poster to confirm who that mystery person was?

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    You can check for the phases on the moon at this website–

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Correction: I’m coupling observations from mostly unconfirmed information.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    So maybe there will be some big news announced at the airing of RtN in TvTokyo on January 1st, 2014. Also note that Naruto Shippuden won’t air in TvTokyo on that Thursday, although it could also be because it’s New Year’s day.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    No offense but I don’t want to have anything to do with a guy whose most initial suppositions were based on the theories I wrote and then “sold out” as true stuff when I clearly mentioned they were theoretical stuff.
    And yes, the secret person was Hinata in that poster, so you see, there’s no turning back. That’s what Naruto series became now. :)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    This concept is called a theory, maybe you should study what that means before posting pointless internet memes. :)

Smart Guy (3 years ago)

And this is why you should not use drugs, kids.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Such a smart remark, right? You’re so proud of yourself right now, ay? ;)

Fengshui (3 years ago)

Hey, Chatte!

How is being a Red Herring? XD

And about “Himawari is Lee’s daughter” crap, would you explain:
1.Why Himawari’s face, eyes and whiskers like Naruto and not Lee?
2.Where the hell do you think that Lee has any child while Lee was not Guy’s son despite the huge resemble?
3.Why Himawari don’t have the same hairstyle as little Lee who ALSO HAD A LONG PONYTAIL TOO?

“Because they were on the same page”, suuuuure, and Boruto were on the same page with Tenten, isn’t that means that Boruto is Tenten’s son? Naruto X Tenten CANON! XD

    Guy (3 years ago)

    What a mature person…

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I don’t know honey, since logic was lost in this series you know. As for being a red herring well… what can I say? Better a red herring with substance and development than canon with no meaningful basis. But to each their own, I guess. :)

      justiceisserved (3 years ago)

      better red herring? and yet you lot will sink to new levels of low just to make it seem that everything is wrong with naruto now and that everyone hates naruto. honestly, i wanted to feel bad for you guys, but given the shit you and your side if ship caused the entire fandom, i sit back and watch you wallow in your miseries

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        I never said anyone, on the contrary, I made a clear distinction to whom I’m addressing to or about whom. If you don’t know how to make the difference, well… that’s not my problem mate.

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)


      Sorry, but most people never thought the “development” between Naruto and Sasuke romanticaly because:
      – Sakura already was romanticaly loving Sasuke while Naruto never showned any sign of that since chapter 474 (the comic relief from chapter 631 not count as Naruto only said “well, she is a girl and a friend, so, yeah, I guess”).
      – The relationship between Naruto and Sakura was more like Goku the Bulma with the exception that since Kishimoto can’t writte females he couldn’t draw them neutral.

      Also, since there was “development” in NaruHina too you can’t even saying it. Further, since Naruto inherited Kushina’s face, personality and habits it was oblivious that Naruto will be together with someone who is more like Minato and we all know that at first Minato was a weirdo to Kushina + Minato was “selfish” who prefered kill himself instead of raising their child just to die with his waifu.

      Also, aside that red herring stuff he has point about asking those things.

      I mean, seriously, Himawari and Boruto looks like each others, Himawari has Naruto’s blue eyes, whiskers and face!

      And nobody said that the boy who was training with Lee was his son unless his name is Youth.

      Also, on the next page, Tenten and Boruto are on the same page, so according to your “theory” Tenten is the “real mother” of Boruto.

      And yes, the young Rock Lee who was still in the Academy HAD a ponytail too.

        Guy (3 years ago)

        All pairings were onesided, and between all pairings NS was the one whose received more development, AKA interaction.

        Trying to dismiss as a Goku c Bulma pairing is forced as hell because Goku never had any feelings for Bulma and was aromantic for quite a while

        I’m tired of the argment that Hinata is like Minato, it makes no sense. Minato is confident, calm and collected, Hinata is not like him only in the calm department maybe. Even more Kushina words to Naruto were pretty precise, and Kishimoto already “admitted” Minakushi was to serve as somehow red herring to NS, trying to compare Minakushi to NH is crazy and forced

          littletalks (3 years ago)

          interactions does not equate to development. try again

          Guy (3 years ago)

          The same can be said for NH and SS right? For NH most of their interactions were one sided ( Hinata’s part) or platonic in Narutos part ( confirmed by the last, since he only noticed hinata after the genjutsu) and in SS most of the development was negative with Sasuke not showing interest and Sakura acting as a doormat.

          At least NS interaction showed to be mutual at some point since we got them from both Naruto’s side (ex, Gaara’s fight, Confession to Sai) and Sakura’s side (ex: bridge scene)

Rex Julius (3 years ago)

Just a friendly advice: instead of smoking weeds, being high and writtes these “things” you should play videogames or do anything more important. ;P

Bill (3 years ago)

To clarify on the genjutsu ending, I believe this is infinite tsukuyomi from naruto’s point of view. Because he always remained an ignorant idiot, so forgetting about hyugas always having the byakugan, or sai and ino’s kid having sai’s exact skin color would be something he would do. Along with the other stuff.

    Bill (3 years ago)

    after all, who says that they are all seeing the same illusion. Every one is different, so the odds of a single illusion that satisfies everyone is pretty low

    Rex Julius (3 years ago)

    MT shows the “perfect world” they want to see, meaning if Naruto would be in MT then Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina, Neji and other people would still be alive like in Gaara’s case.

    So just let forget this crap already!

kirinjaeger (3 years ago)

Really love your theory, I’ll take it as canon and say it’s all just an illusion lol. Anything to forget that horrible ending.

Hyuga (3 years ago)

NS logic: only 5% of fans liked the ending. Kishimoto sold out for money. Facepalm*

    Mr.Why (3 years ago)

    And you took that 5% from where?!

Narutolover (3 years ago)


UsuratonkachiRevolution (3 years ago)

I really enjoyed reading this theory! Also, why do you NH/SS/Pro-ending people keep calling us delusional and shit? It’s kinda getting old and retarded tbh. I mean we have the rights as readers of the story to criticize the ending.

My grammar is horrible, sorry about that.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Glad you did! ^_^
    Well maybe they’re doing it because it scares them of the accuracy of the narrative threads I’m using here that Kishi might use as well himself? After all this very theory is based on Kishi’s principles…
    Don’t worry about your grammar, though, it’s fine! ^_^

Emb3rs (2 years ago)

As much as i love narusaku im starting to get the feeling kishi is just a horrible writer due to his recent interviews. He basically said he chose those couples early on yet allowed narusaku to be teased throughout the entire series?!? If he truly chose those couples early on and wanted to make them canon he should have made it so naruto and hinata grew closer as the series went on. Also sakuras explanation of how the love naruto feels for her is just because of the rivalry is bs. Like really you’re saying the entire time he was willing to risk his life for her it was just to out do sasuke?!? I came to terms with naruhina early on when i first started watching the show around a month ago and was wondering how Kishimoto worked it in but all i got was narusaku the entire time so i was like wtf. I like narusaku now because of how much it was teased to the point were i thought how the fuck isn’t this canon. If kishi truly had even an ounce of decent writing he would have put his thoughts aside and gone back through and reevaluate his final choice of couples or just avoid it all together. Nobody can say what i just posted makes no sense because even the writer knows that sakura and naruto got teased together way to much to the point were sakura was just as blind to his love for her as naruto is to hinatas love for him.

    Chatte Georgiana (2 years ago)

    All I gotta say it’s this: money makes the world go round. ;) It was all a decision based on marketing tactics. And yeah, he is just a bad writer. He’s not even a writer, he’s a drawer. This story was written for him in the back, as we can notice years later from his interview with Kobayashi.

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