New thoughts in regards to my last theory for The Last: Naruto the movie

Ok, this is rather really quick, I am just going to copy-paste what I already discussed with other people somewhere else. I am in quite a hurry. So, behold once again may I remind you my theoretical thoughts about all this fog around the story of The Last: Naruto the movie. If you want a little recap in regards to my previous theories, don’t forget to check out this link.

So, as I was saying, behold the holy copy-paste, haha!

My initial thoughts:

  • There’s something weird about Kishi in his interviews…all he is reciting as a justyfing reason are SS and NH reasons. Hell, he even made Sakura a housewife FFS! It’s like he’s reading our discussions on Tumblr for a while now and now made a finale and a movie to screw with us all, I swear but like somehow he left NS untouched – after all what we love, the selflesness love for each other is what he is using as an excuse for Naruto and Sakura to give themselves a chance of happiness – and left behind a manga full of parallels and points and double meanings to either troll us at the end and all this is really and IT or to like leave his mark that this is what he was forced to do and so he doesn’ care anymore, gave them what they wanted but not how they wanted.He is either preparing the troll of the century or he was forced, idk… Something is really off and I find it hard to believe that Kishi would leave such a message behind.

    They even call the NH love awkward…i mean, what? Isn’t it supposed to be beautiful, not awkward? And thus this makes me thibk about Kushina’s word, his foreshadowing – don’t go for a weire one (Hinata), go for someone like your mother (Sakura). And he was supposed to never give up yet he did and on top of that he went with the weird girl.
    Maybe that was why those words of Naruto’s to Kaguya? As an excuse for this sh*t of an ending?
    Idk what to believe anymore, I swear…
    And oh, he makes NS the destined couple, then he tries to force it now with the red scarf but which gets ruptured? Wtf… And then have Sakura pointed as somehow the destined one given the Kanji, but you still end it with NH.
    What the actual f**k, really? This makes NO sense!

After which, I started thinking more “in-depth”

As Konan-sama said, didn’t someone mention a NaruSakuHina love triangle when we first talked about the movie? Was there a source?

How can stuff end like that when we have this?


and this:


You went from RTN to something like this? Kinda not logical… In the end the movie has been in production for 2 years. So you’re trying to tell me that this girl:


that couldn’t reach Naruto in the end was beat out by this girl:


who reached him (more like brought to him – hint hint destined girl to be with?)and his heart?

So then, I thought a bit more…

  • And another weird thing. So Sakura gets a calendar with her quote to Naruto that she won’t let him die so easily as long she is there, with the manga panel where Kakashi states that her feelings towards Sasuke have changed, MIND YOU the month she is on is none other than APRIL, the month Naruto fell in love with Sakura. (and the month mind you the new series starts)
  • sakura-narusaku-calendar-the-last
    On top of that we have a Naruto in 700 that not only looks miserable, bitter and unhappy in 700 but he also drinks and isn’t with the girl he was destined to be with, the girl whose destiny was supposed to bring him as the man of her dreams cue CH3, basically he broke his mother’s advice and didn’t surpass his master and thus looks crappy as sh*t.
    But on the other side we have Naruto telling Kaguya that a kid that can’t leave his mother’s side is idk how, but as soon as Naruto breaks his mother’s advices he gets to live a crappy life. But on the other hand Naruto has stated that his mother Kushina Uzumaki despite being severe, she was a woman with a good heart – doesn’t that remember you of someone’s love and selflesness despite its severeness?
    Where on the other side we have Kaguya, the beholder of Byakugan, a selfish mother, the descendant of no other than Hinata Hyuga… Interesting, isn’t it?

And then, something else clicked…

  • About Obito btw, hear me out…We all got mad when Naruto called the Obito who returned at his morals pre-the masked man “a cool guy” but think about it. Think about why Kishi constructed the story this way.

    He fought with the Obito who lied to himself bc he lost Rin and f**cked up his life, ok? Gave up his Hokage dream, yadda yadda. But the important deal is that Obito NEVER gave up his love on Rin. Doesn’t that tell you something? Obito even said he’ll be Hokage inside this IT…

    Naruto is lying to himself the same way Obito did so cue, like Obito he f**cked-up his life bc he didn’t end up with the girl he loved, despite being Hokage cue f**cked-up life.

    But then Naruto says that the Obito who came back to his old self, that was the one who was cool. Remember the common thing between NS and OR? The kucklehead wanted to be Hokage while the medic girl supported him.

    Now Obito lost his way but in the end he came back to his original path and ended up with Rin.

    So what is Kishi exactly pointing at here?

    Maybe Toneri understands wrong that Hinata is Naruto’s lover and tries to kidnap Hinata and so he can get to Naruto to have all the chakra of ten tails and puts them into Tsukuyomi but bc he got the wrong girl, the IT looks like crap and in the end Sakura will be the one to break it, cue Sakura’s genjutsu skilla + she is the destined one? In the end, Naruto going with Hinata would be the same thing he said he hates would hate “people like” Sakura, as in the ones who lie to themselves… Maybe in the end it is as I initially said that while RTN was to show that Naruto was the destined one for Sakura, The Last is to show that despite all the entanglements, the read thread of fate cannot be broken, thus NaruSaku cannot be broken and will happen?
    I don’t know…


After all of that, Kwon91 comes with this interesting news… that talks about none other than IT…

I really don’t know what to say, to be honest, things are pretty crazy, lots of Kishi’s arguments don’t make sense and all of us know it. The way he wrote the manga, by trampling on his own foreshadowing and manga construction, is like he’s destroying everything he built up until now…

That’s why I say, as crazy as this might sound, until the movie isn’t out and we get to clearly see what happens, I say we wait before jumping to any type of conclusions we might make, despite being tempted to do them… I mean,hell, even I am on that boat, haha.

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below,





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dalli (3 years ago)

The translation with the calendar of Sakura is interesting. I think the theory overall is interesting as well. Toneri putting them in a genjustu – could it be why we saw a leak spoiler of Hinata and Naruto’s kids from the last movie? Hmm maybe the movie would be similar to RTN but with Naruto and Hinata instead of Naruto and Sakura? We will never know…

Well I am not sure what to say, but since I believed Naruhina are endgame ( but I still ship narusaku), thank you for theories. I always enjoy reading things online anyway. :)

Anna (3 years ago)

Theories are interesting, though I am curious about something. What makes you think Naruto is miserable in 700? He wasn’t extremely happy-go-lucky, true. Maybe he was even too serious for the “matured with age” excuse to be fully accurate. Still, what about him is bitter and miserable? We didn’t get to see much of him, though it’s not like he didn’t even smile in what we’re given.

Numnum (3 years ago)

I think it is what it is. However it’s not logic at all. How can naruto end up with a girl that he had no dialogue with in the whole anime. Even when she tried to save him during pain arc, they didn’t speak. Heck kibas dog akamaru had more connectin with naruto than she did. By letting her have screen time during the neji death isn’t going to change that especially people who have been following the anime for over 9 years like me. Another thing the whole anime, 1. Narutos parents dying 2. Itachi killing his clan 2. Naruto And sasuke pain and struggle 4. Pain/nagato loss. The whole plot the reason behind it is a 13 year old love for a 13 year old. Yes the mastermind behind it was madara but the reason why was obitos love for rin. As a person who have been following naruto for 9 years now he is truly part of me, I always knew he loved sakura n I wanted him to be with her, he deserved happiness, another thing arnt Hinata fans offended even for a bit. He knew her n sakura as kids, but who did he express interest in? Sakura. As a girl I don’t mind if I guy I end up with loved a girl before me but hell no when he knew me. I wouldn’t be able to live with it. At the end of the day this is a shounen manga catered to boys, the boy gets a girl who will die for him and loves him no matter what, it’s their ultimate fantasy, heaven forbid he likes a girl and she doesn’t, their ego will just…..
So in conclusion I will draw my own ending to this beautiful manga/anime that stopped being beautiful after jirayas death. Naruto part2 was biggest shamble I have ever seen. Story that I only taken on board was itachi,pain and jirayas death everything else is hazy

Suki90 (3 years ago)

Believe me Chatte-san when I say that I just enjoy reading you, all your theories are like medicines to my broken heart. I mean, I know they’re just that but your thoughts are so… true, so… logical that my heart stop hurting a little.

I’m prepared for what we’re gonna see on the movie, I have to because I need to surpass this painfull feeling that afflicts my heart as I did when Tai and Sora, from Digimon Adventure 02 didin’t end up together.

Once again Chatte-san, thank you so much for letting us read so logical writtings and thoughts.

Greetings from México.

greengalaxy (3 years ago)

and Naruto says in the trailer “I finally realized what I want to protect” and something along the lines of “Remember that time. I have something to tell you. Wait for me” maybe he sees the genjutsu and realized that his feelings needed to reach her. He needed to confess even when Sasuke is there. He wouldn’t give up his feelings. and yeah regarding the red thread of fate. Maybe they encountered lots of difficult challenges along the movie but still ended up together. As long as Hinata’s kanji is “love” and Sakura is “Fate / destiny” I would continue to hope.

Wow (3 years ago)

It’s a shounen manga. For boys. Men like the idea of a girl loving them no matter what they do whatever they want the girl still likes them. It’s their fantasy. Hinata loves naruto although he doesn’t. He knew her and sakura since childhood. But as someone mentioned earlier who was he interested in? Sakura!!! Frankly speaking if I was a hinata fan I would be insulted big time. As a girl I can never live with that. Another thing why I wouldn’t have minded if naruto ended up with sakura is because the whole anime part 1 was about team seven. Their interaction and friendship and as a reader for over 10 years I became fond of their bond and would have found it unexpected if it happened. Same as sasuke and sakura but that ship sailed as soon as that disaster shippuden began. It ruined everything, sasuke my fav was hardly ever shown although the plot centred around him coming back to naruto. Naruto part 2 is the biggest joke. The only thing I like and would agree with is itach, pain and jiraya parts in it n that’s it, everything else didn’t make sense and wasn’t as wow as part 1. It was all about fighting and running. Nothing about emotions and people changing. Also this anime was about naruto and team 7. Everyone is fighting about couple happening that have no to little development what so ever when the biggest bond/love of the anime is forgotten. HALLO!!! Naruto lost his arm for sasuke and sasuke as well in the process. It was epic until kishi goes and ruined it with that unspeakable 699-700. Where is team 7. How r naruto n sasuke now. Do they fight like before or r they friends who share their thoughts now? He should have done a chapter of them healing n in hospital. N lets not forget the thing that true fans have been waiting for. The big thing that haven’t been mentioned so far while this crazy fan war is happening, naruto becoming hokage. I wanted time him become hokage, n how. Sasuke, sakura and Kakashi behind him, him n his feelings n thoughts in his journey, him being goofy and funny like he always was. Instead we c kids running around with no creative looks (copy n paste of their parents looks n personality) n naruto all serious n violent. Naruto was never angry by nature. Remember him n konohamaru. That the relationship I wanted him to have with his kid. N plz don’t talk about the movie just no. Who will go n watch it plz tell. Not fans who r unhappy with the ending, why the hell will I go watch a shoujo movie of my favourite characters when. The main plot wasn’t resolved? Why?. I am just going to have my own ending in my mind.

what (3 years ago)

you’re past seeing jesus in toasts, you’re now finding the whole bible in it. i think this merits a celebration.

    JG (3 years ago)

    Do you haven’t something better something better to do than lurking around here all day everyday?

EE (3 years ago)

Obito had a unhealthy obsession with Rin, even more so than Sakura did to Sasuke, or Hinata did to Naruto.

He’s really the guy you should look at and say “ya this guy is nuts, he needs to move on”. Fact is, in the real world there are more than one person you could fall in love with. 7 billion people in the world and you only have 1 true love? Nah I don’t think so, that’s just stupid. Obito sends everyone a unhealthy message. “If you’re child hood crush doesn’t work out, destroy the world!”. We know for a fact Sakura and Hinata would never follow Obito’s footsteps even if they had as much power to do so. He was just crazy.

Also I don’t think Narusaku parallels Minakush, mainly because Naruto is more like his mom, and he’s nothing like his dad other than his yellow hair. NaruSaku is more like Kushikushi.

Obito + Rin and Jir+Tsunade are the true parallels of Narusaku. They even had the love triangle thing going on, with Dan and Kakashi

Elkas (3 years ago)

As always nice theory my lady. What i get from those spoilers is kishi is trying SOO hard to break the hope of narusaku. One of the spoilers i read is the movie will be romance between naruto and his surrounding and naruto will tell very important thing to “SOMEONE”. So maybe its just me all those spoilers is 100% naruhina but why he said naruto have to tell something important to “SOMEONE” ? i find this very weird because he can just say naruto have to tell something important to hinata instead of “SOMEONE”. Correct me if i’m wrong but “SOMEONE” means just 1 person right?. I think kishi means its not hinata but its sakura this is where his promise of life time will be close and the bench scene where naruto compliment her forehead in disguise will be revisited. All naruto master/predescesor never give up on the girl their love so why naruto give up and goes with hinata? “IMPOSSIBLE”. No matter how good and redeemed sasuke now he will never be in love with sakura because if he want he could’ve done it when after naruto beat gara in part one when sakura thanking sasuke for saving her from gara he could’ve have lied here and said yes but no he said it was naruto who saved her. Same with kakashi and nagato when rin confess her love to kakashi he said obito love her and nagato ask yahiko if he love connan he smiled when yahiko blush. So we got nagato suport connan with yahiko , kakashi suport obito with rin and sasuke suport naruto with sakura. So i guess sakura gonna confess to sasuke once more in the movie this time sasuke will ask why you(Sakura) so anoying/love me that much and sakura gonna bring the bench scene and ofcourse sasuke gonna said i dont remember every said those things, maybe that will happen but who knows thats just me. Forgive me for my bad english im still learning. Keep up the theory my lady i like reading it :)

    anesuna (3 years ago)

    I really like your point… but then again doesn.t fit with the selfless sakura that kishi talked about in the interview… :/

kamen hentai (3 years ago)

Maybe kishi just want troll NS fans from the beginning, give NS fans hope but that’s never happen

    Kykorodi (3 years ago)

    He stated in the beginning it would be Naru-Hina and Sasuke with Sakura ( before the time skip even happened )

Ryousan (3 years ago)

I considered the firt theory as plausible and well thought but now your argument is that Naruto looks Miserable because he drinks sake(Tsunade drinks it, Jiraiya had a taste for it, what is wrong with the sake?) and has children? Give me a break…

Then, you bash Hinata and label her as a potential selfish mother because she is an Ootsuki descedent? People like Tsunade, Hashirama and Itachi are also Ootsuki descendents.

Infinite Tsukuyomi, or even a Limited Tsukuyomi, don`t work like that: Provided the user has a way to cast it the enthralled victims will enjoy their happiest pipe dreams until the genjutsu is dispelled: Remember that a Tsukuyomi caster has complete control of what “happens” inside of it.

But, nevertheless, the whole Tsukuyomi thing is unilikely for a very simple reason

Toneri is a descedent of Hamura Ootsuki, therefore he lacks the apropiate “eyes” for the job: He was born with Byakugan and Killer Bone Pulse, as her mother and unlike his brother who possed the Rinne-Sharingan. Thus cannot use Mangekyo tecniques.

But ,let`s suppose there is a part in the movie in which Toneri manages to “awaken” the appropiate eyes: He seemed to be more about to destroy the world with Tengai-Shinsei like Jutsus(the moon was falling down in the trailer) than to put them to sleep as Madara pretended: His goal is to punish humanity, not to “save it”.

…And the doenst`t need the Mugen Tsukuyomi for that

    Aya (3 years ago)

    Ummm…. She was calling KAGUYA a selfish mother not Hinata. The only thing she mentions is that Hinata is the decedent of Kaguya. She wasn’t bashing Hinata.

      addicz (3 years ago)

      Naaaahhh, she totally insult Hinata and SHE TOUGH Naruto lives is crappy because he doesnt marry Sakura…

ryethe (3 years ago)

just give it up already, it’s done.

Lori (3 years ago)

I like how this NaruHina fan ^ was so quick to comment on this theory as soon as you posted it. And I saw your ass on her first theory too. You’re really on some Hinata shit with this stalking now. Don’t you have a canon ship to worry about? Are you lost?

    Aya (3 years ago)

    I’ll never get why they are so upset when the rival ships posts their own theories. It’s like “how dare people question the ending WE like!” It’s of no consequence to most ns fans what theories nh/SS fans place in their tags because ,most of us don’t care. I swear some of these fans spend more time in our tags than they do in their own! LOL

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    Is there a problem? I like reading stuff in the internet :P Specially if it is interesting stuff, These theories are interesting(if kinda forced and increasingly desperate) but like I said bofore: Every Thesis admits an Anti-Thesis. And therefore here I`m…

    ryethe (3 years ago)

    since when did I state I was a NH fan?

    getoverit (3 years ago)

    Stalking? Nope, I just so happen to find an unnamed link directed to this site again in a topic I’m currently reading on a certain forums site and would love to stay away from the ns drama and enjoy myself on the month long celebration of the ending, the movie, and finally the spin off that revolves aroung Naruto, Hinata, and their children. I just can’t help myself but to react on the devastated feelings on some of the most hardcore NS fans, but I understand, it is afterall a coping mechanism… though I can’t help but gloat.

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Guys, I have heard of this condition before.
      Do you experience any anal cramps when you feel that desire?

      It seems like you must not be very pleasant a person. Do you laugh at elderly falling down and breaking a hip as well?
      You should get over those gloating issues, it’s not very charming.

      I do hope you aren’t telling NS fans to get over themselves if you yourself still have issues with accepting and celebrating your own ending. I feel sorry for you that, although its coming close to canon, your ship has been deevaluated to shits by the absurd neglectfulness and inconsistency of this ending filled with horrifyingly shallow un-Naruto-like messages.
      Nobody who actually respected the story and the in-story moral values Kishimotosensei must’ve spend a lot of time on developing, and not only a particular pairing, should be satisfied with this. Getting one filler movie? Is that sufficient for NH fans, when Sakura got the whole foundation? I would assume they feel cheated out of it as well.
      And frankly, its rather sad to see them backtrack their morally well-developed story by disgracing the female characters as only being relevant when it comes to male characters, not even thinking who actually loves who and who would be better of with who. It seems NH fans feel no problem throwing hinata and sakura under the bus. If you really cared for hinata you would’ve wished for her to use Naruto’s inspiration and nindō as a stepping stone to become strong and confident herself and to grow the courage to stand on her own two feet, stop obsessing over a crush and doing what’s best for him as a way of showing gratitude. Just like Naruto inspired sakura not to walk behind men anymore and to realize what honestly/humbly caring for someone actually feels like when she was around him. Until 699 that is, that’s when everyone lost their development for marketing apparantly.
      It’s rather dissapointing you, a self-proclaimed fan of Naruto the story and hinata the character, are happy with the way this turned out.
      Hinata breaking loose from Naruto and regarding him as a hero/example/inspiration instead of a love obsession, and sakura breaking loose from Sasuke and regarding him as a friend instead of selfishly owning a person without even respecting and understanding them, would’ve been the sole good option.
      Pairings were unnecessary. And if there were to be a hint of a pairing, lets face it, if you Read the story unbiased it would undeniably be Naruto and Sakura. Their development was always intertwined, no matter how many times hinata trips over rocks.

      Either way I can understand, in a way, why you need to vent to these NS fans as a coping mechanism as well.

      Also, did you just change your name? Or did you just finish that other guys strange ending sentence? If you finished his sentence its kinda stalky as lori was referring to the other guy’s behavior.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        Lies, I have survived my share of less-than-brillant endings in my time, endings that make seem this ending like a work of art: Whether that makes me easy to please or not is irrelevant, as is something I already came to terms with and saves lots of dissapointments.

        That being said, I really enjoyed chapter 700. It felt right and warm, considered how grim is a shinobi`s life if we pay attention to Haku and Itachi. I don`t think the message was “unNarutish”, they live in world of hard won peace, hell yeah some things must be diferent to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and reigniting the cycle of hatred . I saw this as a fullfillment of Naruto`s promise to Nagato and thus very “Narutish”

        Why Hinata`s feelings for Naruto are merely a crush? Why you belive she didn`t grow up as a result of their shared nindo? Because going one on one with the evil little clones of a fallen tree god is pretty badass…and certainly requires certain skill. And then we seen her mastering the Signature and most coveted tecniques of the Hyuga Clan, to the point her father(a dismissive prick who didn`t belive in her) considered her capable of protecting Neji who was a Hyuga Prodigy and Genius Really, Lies, hasn`t Hinata blossomed into full-fledged and strong Kunoichi?

        If we belive Naruto and Hinata share the same Ninja Way that includes “To never go back on my word” and I think Hinata`s Words in the fight against Pain were rather clear . If she gave up up on Naruto that`s were the true treason to the their shared nindo would`ve happened.

        The same can be said of Sakura and Sasuke: she saw Naruto not giving up on Sasuke, no matter how deep he descended into darkness and hatred. If she gave up on Sasuke she would be betraying both him and Naruto. And the her stumblings are quite evident: She at times really doubted that Sasuke could be saved/redeemed that`s why she went with the purpose of killing him, but couldn`t bring herself to do it. She couldn`t stop beliving he could be saved.

        And that is why for me for me is so rewarding they can finally be together: Most people make them analogous as an abusive couple but I see them more as a couple where a member has an addiction problem. Sasuke was sick, sick of hatred and lust for power

        He needed to healed from his illnesss, the very illness that was killing the Ninja world. And only love could save him and whose love could be greater to that of of those people who, despite his illness, loved him anyway?

          Lies (3 years ago)

          Are you “getoverit”? Because that’s the person I responded to.
          I assume you are, as you responded to me.
          For someone who feels the need to gloam and enjoy others’ “defeat” and goes looking for it ( yes I’ve seen a few link to this site myself and its obviously about an anti-ending theory, not just unnamed ? ), the first part about you saying you accepted the ending doesn’t even matter as you’ve revealed your disrespectful motives for being on the blogs of NS people as pathetic, obsessive and hateful. Or you’re an asshole trying to be “right”, or you’re smooth talkin’ your way out of an asshole thing you said.
          If you are not “getoverit” and you just ended that comment above a little weird, I’m sorry nevermind this first thing. And change it by a neutral, cause no idea why you felt the need to take it upon you personally then.
          Anyhow, I’ll respond, sure.

          First of all, I’m not going into the last things you said as I can’t, nor am I willing to, change your opinion if it’s your fixed idea. I’m sure you have your reasons.

          But I will say this if you were to be interested:
          Inform yourself about abuse and the effects and sacrifices it brings along.
          Look at women, men, children. Don’t even focus on women alone being the victim, look at the effects on a man too in a relationship where the son/man/father is abusive. Look into the interaction of women abusing men as well.
          Same goes for addiction.
          Focus on the other side of the spectrum. Then look at the one you prefer again and think critically.
          Also think of the individual and their benefits, not a couple.
          Understand this well in all its variation and all its common points as well.
          Then look at them in terms of whatever kind of social connection.
          Then re-read.
          Look at Naruto & Sasuke’s dynamic.
          Look at their 699 ending.
          Look at others & Sasuke’s dynamic. Look at their 699 ending.
          Look at others & Naruto’s dynamic.
          Look ar their ending, if they got any.
          Remind yourself of the research you did before.

          And ask yourself a few of these basic questions as a guidline to get yourself on the thinking track. Please extend this yourself.
          What do people owe eachother? Do you owe something to a loved one, do they owe you something? Can you distance yourself and still love someone to the fullest platonically, but love yourself more? Is it bad to express yourself physically? Is it bad to leave? Is it bad to live and let live? Is it okay to realise you don’t love someone enough? Is it bad not to feel a connection to someone who feels for you? Are you allowed to be alone? Is it bad to move on and love someone else? Are you completely and forever responsible for everything your loved one does and must you carry this burden even though whatever connection you had has (long) vanished/diminished? Is it okay to dissagree, part and be friends? Is it selfish to just accept things as is, tell someone you love them and release yourself? Do you need to feel guilty if someone brings out the worst in you? Do you owe them an apology if they don’t understand? Do you need to feel guilty because someone never gave up on you? Do you owe them?
          Does love always have to end up being romantic? Can love grow differently?
          Solve them for yourself. No need for us to know, it’s personal.
          No need to ask yourself anyway if you don’t care for it.

          You sound very naieve, though.
          Beautiful words and all about the Ninja world I never mentioned as a topic of discussion, so I’m not going to agree or dissagree.

          I never said hinata didn’t grow up because of their shared nindō. Re-read. She was cheated away from that development after a suggestion towards it. She is only handled because of what she can do for Naruto, and this ending is the epiphany of that pairing-focus, not because of herself. You can make up deeper meaning fairy tales from the past manga interactions between them ( I’ve noticed quite a few, but these are just as up for interpretation as NS is, as this theory above is, and NS had more factual guidance within the 15 year storyline to expand the interpretation without going “fanfic” immediately. NH will have to rely on a filler movie ) all you want but her underdevelopment for the, apparantly, big role she had is a fact. If she had they would not make an exception and tell us to watch the filler movie to understand a manga that, with any other ending, would have no need whatsoever for an additional last minute explanation.
          If her character was more important to Naruto than her voice actor is, why let her trip over a rock? Why not give her some opportunities other than that moment when Neji dies, that moment she fairly pointlessly throws her into something that guiltripped Naruto, and some childhood things. She can heal too right? Why let Sakura represent his lifeforce?

          During 15 years she’s gone from being a stalky silent rooter for whatever Naruto did, to a supporter and follower of his nindō. And during that time, the bigger the accomplishment the bigger that crowd became. The analogy you could make with that handholding scene especially, is her being representative of the faceless people, pretty much everyone at that point, to whom his nindō meant something. A nindō which, don’t forget, Sakura also shared and protected immensely ( mouth-to-mouth scene ) because Naruto was the one who found it important, someone she had grown more and more fond of everytime he looked more and more brave and confident in his words, after thinking it was silly at first. And of course those side-characters and unknown people who believed in him. There hinata did show a hint that Naruto wasn’t just a love interest to her anymore, that she had surpassed that for herself, he was a hero to everyone now ( Naruto kinda did seem to care more about Neji than her but hey lets not nitpick) And she encouraged him with the words of what everyone would say when he got beaten down. This is what I saw as her greatest development. Not throwing her shit in front of him and saying she loves him and leaving him feeling guilty for it. Not being his wannabe love interest. But actually formulate a damn opinion and be selfless for once. Be hyuuga hinata and not naruhina.
          She could’ve taken this lesson, just like everyone else could’ve and made a statement for herself. Like, say, becoming head the Hyuuga clan and showing him gratitude by acknowledging how he fought for his loved one as well. That would’ve made her go full-circle. That would’ve been a strong woman right there.

          But instead she is reduced to a pairing when Naruto clearly had someone else he loved. I’m sorry but readers are in strict denial if they didn’t see NS blossom.
          If you want to go overly deep into interpreting it, you even see hidden things like: sakura’s named after a flowerblossom right? Who represented light and who represented darkness (literally/visually)? And what does a flower do when confronted with these? They grow to/with/thanks to light right? They wither in darkness.
          I picked shōnen because I can’t stand shōjo and too much overly romantic crap and even I felt this as natural, Because it grew out of friendship and that’s solid as a rock.

          Especially in that “fake” confession scene that anti-NS desperately clings on to. She cared to the point that she chose Naruto above her own selfishness and immaturity. (Don’t take a positive argument out of that sickening murder-suicide stalker message, that would say a lot about you.) And Naruto cared to the point he got agry when he mistook ( I don’t believe people blush on commando ? ) Sakura’s confession for being a lie as he would never expect her to love him this easily ( boy who didn’t know love remember ), as his love wasn’t anything mundane to be reckoned with and neither was his promise. The latter being something that was left conveniently unanswered.
          To me that screams potential that they now decided to hold back. But they have fooled themselves, as these NS fans are seemingly full of love thanks to Naruto and Sakura’s development.

          This was not just a crush, this was also no mere stepping stone to his own development for believing in her, this was his red thread and the promise he made. Something we got reminded of until the point we got fed up with it sometimes, maybe.

          He gave up, no matter how you twist it, Naruto romantically loved sakura more than anyone. It’s very conveniently twisted as if it weren’t true now.
          And to refer to my former analogy:
          Naruto loves and wants to protect the people (of konoha), but that doesn’t mean he has to marry them. Love and sense of obligation/honor are two different things.
          With this ending, Naruto gave up on ninjō and went for giri instead.

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        I think my nick is quite clear as it doesn`t identify me as “getoverit” :P

        Sure, truste me when I say I`, fully aware the effects of abusive behaviour not only in women but in other people as well. But I think you are looking at it the wrong way: I have been thorugh the “Best for me” speach of the individual from a long time ago, It`s what WE in our real world do because it`s the “right thing to do” we move on from abuse people and the peopel that hurt us. Because we are utterly convinced that such people is toxic, will never change and we have to put ourselves before others in such condition

        But the, we have Naruto and the Ninja World, in which one of the recurring themes is about unbreakable bonds and redemption. I won`t answer every single question you posted as I don`t most of them are relevant but suffice to say that is clear difference between our real, indivudualistic world and that of Naruto, where altrusm and sacrifice even for lost causes are a recurring theme.

        About Hinata: because if she reaches Naruto and revives him she would have finally hijacked Sakura`s place as the heroine of the series, which has been a running gag even amongst the producers since Pain`s Invasion, and thus broken the consistency of the series and of Team 7. About the Lifeforce thing, considering that Kabuto was the one who saved Sasuke and not Karin I don`t think it represent nothing relevant

        I don`t see it that way. Sure, for some people would more fullfilling showing her as Head of the Hyuga Clan and all, bu I don`t think that would fit her character. Some people are not strong by themselves, they need kicks, they need to be rescued. And that`s where I think lies the true chemistry between th two: neither of them consider themselves to be strong(Naruto admitted this before his own fight against Neji) but where the other came in said that they supported the other regardless. Because Hinata considered him a “Proudful Loser”, she is the one to restore his confindence, to give the “kicks” he needed to which I consider was his most difficult fight til then.

        That scene got mirrored with neji`s death:where despite of all the Main`s bravardo and hard work, his confindence wavers and that`s where the other comes in restores his faith and charges home to achieve victory. neither of them would have went that far if not for the other, they were not Strong back then but together they beacame strong. And while now Naruto`s Nindo has lots of fans, Hinata`s was the very first to belive in it, and that`s important. She was alays Hinata Hyuga but the thing is that Naruto Uzumaki is necessary for her own happiness: And for me that`s the stuff love is made of.

        Sure is awesome to be strong all by yourself: That`s how Madara(and Madara is awesome xD) ended up being Madara in the first place.

        About Sakura`s Name: There are flowers that blossom better within the shade. Sure they all need sun, water, nutrients, etc but that`s not the point. Too much light can also kill a flower(trust me, my dad is fond of gardening). That is why I think of Sakura as the one who balances both aspects within Team 7 (The Yang inside the Yin, the Yin inside the Yang if you must) For while she certainly deeply cared about Naruto she never stopped loving Sasuke and while she never stopped loving Sasuke she wasn`t willing to let Naruto continue to carry the burden of the promise he made to her. She owes her strengh, in a way, to both them.

        The thing is that as a christian man , despite I have the uttmost respect for all these theories and foreign cultures, I don`t belive in fate, red threads or whatever. I belive in choice

        That is why I belive the Red Scarf is a nice touch in the movie, for me it hold a powerful meaning: Red Threads can be weaved, made and unmade at will if you belive you can do it and that mirrors the words of Hizashi to Neji: Fate can tamed, can be seized.Can be changed. But if only if you choose to do it.

        The power of choice is a recurring theme in the series: because giving up and not giving up are all matters of choice. he chose to reject Sakura`s Confession. He choose to belive Hinata`s words againt Neji and Obito.

        And he chose Hinata in the end.

jini (3 years ago)

Ohhhh… my… th3 hardest thing is waiting.. here in the phil the movie will be shown on dec 17 and i am still wavering if i will see the movie..

I so love narusaku. I’m sad but not ready to cry.

    Divergent (3 years ago)

    I’m a filipino beh, wag mo iwatch kung ns fan ka Lol. You’ll just be disappointed but if you want to sige manood ka beh. <3

AJ (3 years ago)

After everything that’s happened, I find myself shipping SakuHina friendship more than anything else.

    Ryousan (3 years ago)

    I like to belive they were always friends and Sakura was always aware of Hinata`s feelings

LadyGT (3 years ago)

geez chatte ,, what exactly are you doing ,, you spend time on things that are less important things like this ??? ,, You’ve got parents ?? , You have a family ?? , Better than you think they thought of the Naruto ,, my question, do you think of the feelings that only the anime Naruto, and whether other people care about your life, basic madman ..

    naruto (3 years ago)

    you’re not ladygt are you?

      Divergent (3 years ago)

      Wtf ladygt saying stuffs like this she won’t do that. Don’t stoop that low whoever fan you are. @[email protected]

    Aya (3 years ago)

    Don’t you EVER use ladygt’s name to bash anyone. How obvious is it that you aren’t her? Firstly you gave yourself away by how you constructed your sentence, ladygt does not write like that, and you make little sense, double commas? Really?
    Secondly the very fact you even had the nerve to call her a madman and question her sanity. If there’s one thing that can be said about ladygt is that she respects her fans and friends. She does not go around causing crap, she makes art to make herself and other fans happy. But alas miserable fans hate that fact so they bash her none stop like the tools they are. Stop using her name, it’s a douchebag thing to do. Trying to make Chatte listen to you by imitating Lady is a sickening and insecure thing to do. Cut it out!

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Guess that person won world’s loneliest Limbo competition.

        getoverit (3 years ago)

        Wow Lies you made an essay, I’ll commend you on that. But I apologize since I lost you at the no respect Kishimoto due to your hypocricy and insanity. I don’t hate Sakura respect to the character but you and your kind on the other hand are a great example of how poisonous to the majority of NS fans. You could have your daydreams of Naruto love Sakura, bash Hinata, rely on ladygt for your doujin, and other hardcore NS fans to lick your gangrene stricken wounds by using fanfiction, It’s a free world afterall. But in the end no matter what you bitch and complain about it will amount in the GARBAGE since it’s FANON.

        p.s. Ryousan is a totally different and respectable individual like me who is not blinded to his fanatiscm and relies on name calling and character bashing unlike you.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          Sorry to break your heart but I’m not a NS shipper ( and you…’re Out! ). Nor do I hate Hinata. I’m pro open ending without pairings, but to me it is very obvious positive development was mostly found in Naruto&Sasuke (intra-&interpersonally) and secondary to that, in NS Throughout. I think it’s rather obvious I’m not anti-hinata, I might be more pro-hinata than you are even, but as you didn’t even read what I said, what am I to expect from you?
          But good thing you have shown me how fast you bring on the prejudices again. You must love hating on the weak little NS fans huh?
          Respect another opinion by reading it at least. If you can’t even do that don’t respond if it’s going to be hateful crap like what you wrote above again. What did you expect as a feedback to your comment, really? Did you expect an applause?
          Why do you post if you know you will have to hate on the feedback you’ll get? Calm your tits down & handle it.

          Indeed, this ryousan person at least has a little thoughtfullness backing him up. There’s no comparing to you. That’s why I humbly mentioned my confusion about the name ( with you being all gentleman-like in your above statement and all..I wouldn’t have been suprised you’re backing your own ass up) and specifically referred to it, as to me he responded much too kindly and inconsistent with your immature behavior.
          I have shown Him no disrespect as he has given me no real reason to. He explains himself well. No need for anyone to win here, we’re just discussing things.
          Atleast he has his own way of thinking and expressed it without a hate slurr and prejudice in every sentence. It’s not difficult, you know. And it makes it a whole lot more interesting to talk because it doesn’t anger either parties. I’m not here to change anyones mind so why would I hate him for his own thoughts if he expresses it properly? Hell, maybe he’ll give us some answers? I’m sure he has gone through his own life, for example him stating he’s a christian man helps getting a vision on his background a little more, and he experienced his own lifelessons, which is why he came to these conclusions for himself. He probably valued some things more than others, just like every single one of us, and this reflects in his impressions as well.
          Like I said, he shouldn’t even have read the part about abuse if he found it irrelevant, I don’t know his reasons but I’m sure he has them. I frankly do not care about getting into it that deeply. However, when I feel as if someone is being quite naieve towards abuse and other problematic topics I like to add some easy steps to try out in case someone is open to some mind-broadening (sometimes people just need that incentive) as an active advocate against it. It’s his choice, and as he seems to value this option of choice, I hope he appreciated that.
          Why would I complain about him seeing Hinata differently if he doesn’t go bashing my vision immediately? This is proper talking here. Having a different opinion shouldn’t make communication impossible.

          You however, things are different with you. I think you already get the picture how pathetic you make yourself sound with how you respond and admit you just go spread your hate. Just the gravity of your insults make that very clear.
          I don’t even think another pro-ending fan, who knows a little respect, should/would be in favor of this.
          Do you really think the person who came out for gloating over desperate little NS is going to be the good guy here? How many people have you tried to break with your insults? What if NH goes/went differently? Would you still have been this hateful towards others who just talk about the ending being unnatural? I don’t think NS has a negative foundation as it is all about friendship growing into love and being against the abusive counterpart. What is there to hate exactly? (Don’t say the naruban because that was a hater just like you)
          I’ll handle you according to your own attitude towards others. You act inpolite? I’ll treat you that way.
          Try saying your comment above without anal cramps. Then I’ll take you serious.

          But go ahead and limbo like this fake ladygt above though. Prove me right.

          ( But I’d rather see you prove me wrong about you though )

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        I dont consider myself naive in regards of abuse. Whether I`m or I`m not is something I cannot say with certanty. I don`t consider your questions to be relevant because I highly doubt Kish dweled that deep in human psycology, I`m judiging them for what they are: Fictional Characters that are supposed to epithomize certain concepts and ideas. But alright, let`s give a go to see if I can get out my “naive-state”

        -What do people owe eachother?

        Lots of stuff. Ranging from Money from one`s very life

        -Do you owe something to a loved one, do they owe you something?

        Same as above. ^

        -Can you distance yourself and still love someone to the fullest platonically, but love yourself more?

        I dont`t think is “right”for anyone to love himself more than others. And Thought without substance is empty.. Loving Equally? Perhaps, but not more. So no, my answer is no

        -Is it bad to express yourself physically?

        I don`t understand this one. But let`s say no.

        -Is it bad to leave?

        Depends on the situation

        – Is it bad to live and let live?

        Sometimes is not that easy

        -Is it okay to realise you don’t love someone enough?

        There isn`t such thing a not “enough” love, whether you love or you don`t. I considered it an absolute emotion

        – Is it bad not to feel a connection to someone who feels for you?

        I take it as a lack of emphathy. Whther that`s good or bad I cannot say

        -Are you allowed to be alone?

        Humans are meant to live in society. I hope that answers the question

        -Is it bad to move on and love someone else?

        I take it as failure. Whether that`s good or bad I cannot say

        -Are you completely and forever responsible for everything your loved one does and must you carry this burden even though whatever connection you had has (long) vanished/diminished?

        If you truly love it never vanishes or dissapears. I`ve seen people weep for love ones long lost their bond affecting their hearts completly and forever since

        -Is it okay to dissagree, part and be friends?

        Depends on the situation

        – Is it selfish to just accept things as is, tell someone you love them and release yourself?

        I don`t understand this one. Release yourself of “what” precisly?

        -Do you need to feel guilty if someone brings out the worst in you?

        I take as lack of discipline. Whther that`s good or bad I cannot say

        -Do you owe them an apology if they don’t understand?

        If “they” don`t understand means we both failed to empathize. That requires explanations, not apologies

        – Do you need to feel guilty because someone never gave up on you?

        I would feel the need to correspond in the same way. Whether that`s out of guilt, I cannot say.

        -Do you owe them?

        As in the first question

        -Does love always have to end up being romantic?

        Depends on the situation

        -Can love grow differently?

        Love only grows or stagnates. The direction it grows is determined by the situation.

        That`s it.

          getoverit (3 years ago)

          @Lies What an ironic statement your spouting, I don’t have any obligations to prove my point to a lost cause, and do me favor and please include footnotes on your comments cause despite being wordy it pretty much less substance as a fart and sadly I lost pretty much interest. Cause every word that’s coming at your mouth is pretty much analagous to a broken record player like all the most bitter NS fans I’ve talked with. You’re welcome to reply to my post but don’t expect me to reply if you don’t have anything to entertain me.

          Lies (3 years ago)

          Where did you read that I wanted to know this? I frankly give rather few shits about people who seem to trivialize abuse in the first place. I just felt it as my duty to put it here, as trivializing abuse and addiction just because it’s written in fiction says a lot about the person and, as you well know, you are not the only one reading this.

          And well… fiction as you well know is More than just fiction. You can’t brush off something as sensitive a topic like this because it’s written in a “story”, that in fact should make the topic more approachable from a healthy perspective Unlike Naruto’s 2 chapters&filler ending. A story that nonetheless is directed at youngsters ( from whom now the first generation has grown up parallel to it ) in the first place.

          I disagree with abuse, and no fiction will Ever make me trivialize it. That’s exactly the thing you people in denial that this is a depiction of it don’t realize. Just because You don’t feel it, doesn’t mean others won’t. And then it’s a matter of choosing to believe either that everyone is like you, or people might all be different and have different backgrounds so there’s a chance other might truly take it as a negative example. Do you choose for the projection of yourself you put onto a mass of unidentified people or do you choose for a smaller group that might fall victim to it? To me one, is one too many hurt.

          A story isn’t Just a story like I said.
          Fiction inspires people and, even, many flee into fiction when not being able to bear realities ( vunerable ). It grows with you, as what you experience, assess, develop in your actual life influences how you see things within fiction ( and this is where expressing your individual impressions and opinions, founded on your own goggled view, creates impressions of the thoughtprocess behind it in Others as well ). And in turn, fiction makes you see things differently as well, granted the comprehension of its message.
          So are you really that suprised I associated your impression with being naieve? Please.
          But I do understand some like to use fiction as a vent for which they lack the opportunity of in life, seeking the horror, thrills, immoralities and enjoying them. But then, you should realize you are not the only person on this earth reading this.

          Anyway to get back to the point, I specifically said it three times ( 2 over the first and 1 over a comment I’m now starting to regret that was rather positive about you ) its not up to me to listen to your personal answers.
          Hence, and I quote the sentences Right below those questions:
          “Solve them for yourself. No need for us to know, it’s personal.
          No need to ask yourself anyway if you don’t care for it.”
          Don’t you get all cranky and butthurt too. What’s your problem anyway?

          But this was it for me. I doubt you’ll even understand what I’m saying at this point. Don’t expect a response anymore, go seek your attention somewhere else. You go shit over people with your little angry sidekicks, who stood behind you when the brains were given away apparantly, all you want. I’m not a fool, and I have some actual constructive things to do in my life. And I prefer to support or have a good discussion instead of hate and growing anal pains cause everything is sooo personal.
          Don’t know what’s so damn fun about keep on trying to be right and trying to hurt everyone on a page which you disagree with. Do you really have no better things to do? Read the theories and respect the people who speak here, if you disagree approach it properly instead of out if some nay-say-incentive that everyone can smell from afar. How in the hell is that Ever interesting for someone else than a egocentric person? If you can’t, get your shit together or go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, set one foot in front of the other, repeat, and start walking.

          I was going to answer you ( ryousan ) before on your elaborate way of thinking^ but if you had to go be ridiculously defensive taking everything so damn personal as well, so Nevermind. You’re not worth it.
          I’m not even going to waste my time on how sorrowful mister/misses asspull got below either, and how he/she certainly has proven me right. Sadly but very much As expected.

          Go ahead and hate amongst yourselves so everyone who goes to this page for support can see what kind of people you are. I’m sure you’ll need that in your lives. Sure you have “won” the loneliest competition as well. Lets hope you get a little medal for it, shall we?

        Ryousan (3 years ago)

        Why the self-rightious tantrum, Lies? since you called me naive I guess I just curious to find out why was it. I`m not butthurt, I`m not having angry sidekicks. And I`m certainly not calling you names. Just curious, not being defensive. I thought you were interested in “broadening” my mind. That is how you always react? Way to go pal ¬¬…

        I think I didn`t explain myself properly with regards of fiction. Fiction despicts lots of stuff that are not apropiate within the Real World but are used as way to vent out exactly the things they can`t do in real life. Violence, for example, is common place in Naruto and almost everywhere else, same goes for War, Weapons, etc. I don`t think the correct term triviliazation, but “Romantization” of certain elements, where Sasuke`s Dark Demenour is result of a Corrupt System that rules the world he lives in(and that`s hardly an excuse in Real World).

        The thing is that I think you can expect real world handling in such circumstances because in our real world there are not such things as Curses of Hatred, Wills of Fire. And World Domination Mental Tecniques -_-U. In Real World, Sasuke would have probably ended either dead, rotting in a mental institution or spending his life in prison. Or perhaps even facing Capital Punishment

        No redemption chance whatsoever.

        We can`t lose perspective of that, in the “Fantasy” and “Heroic” elements of the Mix. That`s how you end up having morons who actually belive they are these Fictional Characters.

        But well if you are going to go all in bashing mode about, suit yourself.

LadyGT (3 years ago)

One question to you Chatte ,, are you happy with all of this? I even feel your sanity level is not there

    JG (3 years ago)

    I have some questions for you: What the hell is YOUR problem? Why do you care about how others spend their time? Questioning other’s people sanity makes you look like a total jerk.

Cold Soul (3 years ago)

So, Kishi confirms NH kids,confirms he planned NH some time ago,he confirms Sakura wont end with Naruto because she would be asshole towards Hinata. All that merchandise and marketing showing NH,they even made SS/NH themed takoyaki stand for fucks sake xD. Do you realize how fucked Kishimoto would get if all this 3 month SS/NH propaganda and 15 year old manga ending turned to be false? They wont because its impossible on every level.You seriously expect too much from that guy Chatte,its not like he dissapointed you on many basis

cs.js (3 years ago)

ladyGT knows how to respect and straight english

greenerpasture (3 years ago)

Wag niyo na panoorin para hindi na kumita si Kishi satin. Paranf protesta na rin sa SP. Ayokong kumita ng mas malaki ang The Last kaysa sa RTN.isa pa ang pangit ng ending at madaming loopholes. No need to waste money sa basurang pelikula

Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

Let’s be honest: you are just can’t accept the facts that people mistook Naruto manga and forgot that this is not a romantic manga but an action neverending shonen manga and the fact that fanboys not only took too seriously their shipping, but also “saw” more things what they were in reality. Be honest: there’s no romance in CPR or medical treatment. There’s no romance in hand holding! There’s no romance blushings! There’s no romance being saved by someone ect. Also, you should be sure that Sakura had to do tons of CPRs and “heart massages” to other people, Naruto was just one of them.

Also, just because Kishi showed Sakura cleaning the house after work time is it equal to being a housewife already? Just because she was shown cleaning their house in her freetime for the sake of not living in dirt?!?

Just accept it: there was never romance in Naruto, MinaKushi was a clitche and lame joke (save the girl, say something nice then you can f*ck her), all those “parallels” and “evidences” were just the fantasies of the shippingers and that’s true to all shippingers, not just certain ones.

If I would be a shippinger, I would recommend you the Kinnikuman and Dragon Ball mangas, because they were Kishimoto’s favorite ones and the “romances” are stole from those mangas.

Yes, my viewpoint is that “shipping”, mostly NaruSaku and NaruHina were nothing more but fanservice to Kishimoto! Is it concidence that Hinata confessing love than some chapters later Sakura confessing love too? Is it concidence that Hinata saves Naruto from Obito and they are holding hand then some chapters later Sakura gives CPR to Naruto? I don’t think it.

anna (3 years ago)


IXXXXXXXXXX (3 years ago)

You’re wrong again in making theory Chatte ,, Calendar to Sasuke in the month of March is the birthday of sakura, and for Sakura calendar in the month of April was the first day in which the spring at the start in Japan, Sakura Haruno Name (Cherryblossom) is for the first kanji letter HA RU NO SA Ku Ra : The first day of spring, which means the name Sakura where the first spring start, not a day where Naruto fell in love with cherry, It’s only in dreams Miss, you need to check your mental state seems

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Oh, I guess you don’t remember this, do you? Don’t know what it is? Let me tell you, it’s April 3rd: the day Naruto fell in love with Sakura, officially posted in Weekly Shonen Jump. :)

Yuley (3 years ago)

Hey Chatte, a fellow Narusaku shipper here! found your blog recently and I’ve got to say some of your Narusaku theories seem quite possible and believable! I really hope your theories will come true in the movie! Can’t wait for the movie that is coming out in a few weeks’ time!
To all the Naruhina shippers who say that Narusaku shippers seem like we got into Naruto just for the romance, it’s not true! The general consensus for the main plot is positive, we have no bone to pick regarding the main plot so naturally we don’t criticize it. We are just voicing our opinions about the pairings in the end. Just let us be. I mean we’ve got the right to lament and come up with theories for our ship. It ain’t over till the movie finish screening.
However if NH turns out to be true in the movie, I’ll graciously accept it. But I will be disappointed. It will seem like Kishimoto is telling kids to be obsessive in love. Hinata to Naruto and Sakura to Sasuke. Kids, that’s not what you are supposed to do in real life. To hold on to one person so stubbornly. Girls, your life doesn’t only revolve around men. Seriously. Sure Naruto may have been obsessive towards Sakura at the start, but his feelings for her developed to more than merely just a simple crush. They worked together so well as a team (pair) and that’s what a real couple has to do in real life.

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Allie (3 years ago)

I think your being a little unreasonable here I admit at one point I was a NS fan as well but like you said naruto was in love with Sakura for years and never and let me quote “NEVER” did Sakura ever love him back at all you say there was no devoplement between naruto and hinata there was no devoplement between naruto and Sakura as well I mean sure she cared about him ( so did hinata) but she never loved him she loved sasuke all this time did you forget the promise she made with naruto to bring SASUKE back no matter what she loved him she even confessed to naruto because she didn’t want him to go after sasuke she wanted to she lied about loving naruto and naruto at that point and the viewers and I would think would have had enough of NS you have to view it from both sides do you think Sakura would be happy with naruto no now hinata on the other hand has loved naruto from the beginning he inspired her to grow into a stronger person naruto said I used to think you were weird but now I realize that your the kinda person I like she protected him during the fight with pain naruto even transformed out anger when he thought she was dead and cried with relief when he realize she was alright and ok he fought for hinata against neji and in the manga he went around looking for her to see if she saw the fight hinata gave naruto the strength to move on When neji died and held her hand and they have talked plenty of times there is so much devoplement there so I don’t understand what you mean and say Sakura did end up with naruto wouldn’t she look like a horrible person after chasing sasuke for so long rejecting and lying to naruto several times. I think she would plus they are all happy that’s all that matters oh btw naruto doesn’t look depressed at all and if he is it’s because he is the hokage it’s a lot work and he barely gets to see his wife and beautiful children I mean god naruto is much more than a ship any way oh and spoiler Sakura in the movie points out that naruto’s love for her was only because he was jealous of sasuke he thought it was unfair that sasuke had pretty girls who liked him and began this puppy dog like love disillusion with her it wasn’t real love which if you go back to original series makes sense plus the movie will explain why he loves hinata and it says first love for a reason it’s naruto first real love not a fake one oh who cares about a promise with the parents they would like to see him happy not tied to some one like his mother lol

Allie (3 years ago)

Oh and naruto is not lying to himself what? If any thing he was lying to himself when he thought he had chance of Sakura loving him and after years of loving someone who doesn’t love you back wouldn’t you give up and love a person who has cared about and loved you this entire time someone who you can relate to and be happy with and hinata not weird she is anti social socially awkward and really shy ( people in the real world are like that)she struggles talking to people in general and can you imagine trying to talk to crush if your already a nervous reck it’s hard and naruto like you didn’t understand that and called her weird In beginning but starts to understand her better and grows to like her as person hinata is I kind,strong,beautiful intelligent women and that’s why he fell in love with her ( you have to pay attention to detail my friend)

Fengshui (3 years ago)

LOL, sorry, but Kishimoto already ruined the manga after Kakashi Gaiden and this is a fact.

    Guy (3 years ago)

    I’d say he ruined it after the pein arc.
    Early part 2 had lots of potential even though it had some small problems like the exaggerated focus on Sasuke and Naruto’s lack of evolution during the 2 year timeskip

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      Nope, Kishimoto truly fucked up the manga after Kakahsi Gaiden ended but even the final chapters of Part 1 and Kakashi Gaiden was bad.

      – An enemy ninja can use the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu without even seeing the secret scroll (because I don’t think they will showing it to the enemies).
      – Instead of making Temari or Baki Kazekage who had huge power and leadership skills Kishimoto, just to show how much he changed, made a mass-murdering psycho into the Kazekage who loved killing innocents even inside in his own village!
      – Instead of sending a tracking team to help Naruto’s team and Sunagakure to find Gaara Konoha send a team made up by muscleheads with no tracking skills at all
      – Instead of letting Gaara die, giving an impact to the series, they resurrect him and kills an arc-only old fart
      – Despite praising Sakura to the sky, she ends up standing like a tree and needing to be saved by Chiyo who then both defeats and kills Sasori, the weakest Akatsuki member ever.

      And these were just some of the first Part 2, if I wish I would writte entire novels about how bad were the first arcs of Part 2 already. ;P

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