Never giving up hope and fighting till the end: last thoughts before the early screening of The Last: Naruto the movie

As I told you some days ago on my Facebook page as well as on Heaven & Earth, the place all the lurkers seem to have activated their infiltration accounts – but moving past that-, Junko Takeuchi’s latest interview gave me a lot of hope in regards to NaruSaku’s possibilities at canon given my latest thoughts from theories till my last post (that kind of connects all the other ones). Which interview you wonder? This one here …


There was a special part of her interview that intrigued me. Of course, the part that talks about what types of love we will meet in The Last: Naruto the movie:

We have heard that the movie’s theme is love, what kind of love would the audience see!?

A:可以看到各種各樣的哦。開頭可以看到對鳴人對母親的愛。而從小櫻身上可以看到賭上生死為了夥伴一路戰鬥而來的那種偉大的愛。雛田還是一根筋的愛讓人覺 得很可愛。而鹿丸和井野繼承了第四次忍界大戰逝去的父親們的意志,讓人可以感受到與兩年前緊密聯繫的愛。而舍人這個角色身上肯定也有著不同於他人的某種 愛,希望大家可以注目這一點。
Oh, there would be all kinds of love. At the start of the film, we would see Naruto’s love for his mother. From Sakura’s character we would see her risking her life, fighting till the bitter end for her Nakama, that kind of great/wonderful love. Hinata’s is still a single minded love, which is cute. From Shikamaru’s and Ino’s side they have inherited the will of their fathers from the Great Fourth War, letting the audience feel the bond/love from 2 years ago. And also from Toneri’s, this character must also have some kind of love different from the other characters, I hope the audience can pay attention to that.

You wonder why this part caught my attention? Well, maybe because the fact that this movie seems to be focusing a lot on Kushina’s words and Naruto’s love for his mother as well as his way of ninja of never going back on his word. Now, of course, this lead us to Kushina’s words in regards to a love life. Her words were none other than these:


Like I reminded in my previous post, I believe the whole NaruHina awkward love thing is just a marketing feint. Why? Because as we know, the girl canonically confirmed to be weird that Kushina advises Naruto not to go for is Hinata, while as well, we have Sakura canonically confirmed to be Kushina’s parallel, the girl like her.


Now, since we have that one cleared-up, let’s see what we’re moving next to: Naruto’s love for his mother Kushina.

After these words of Kushina’s, what did Naruto say he’d do? He promised that he’d eat more healthy, as for sleep and baths, she didn’t needed to worry as Naruto got plenty of these. He explained he knows about the three prohibitions when it comes to his master, Jiraiya’s  and how she was right about the school but he didn’t let it get to him, whereas when it comes to his friends, only with one he has problems, he said while remembering Sasuke.
Now, when it comes to friends, let’s remember an interesting imagery Kishimoto uses here:


While we have them all placed in one picture, whistle we have a smiling Naruto, Hinata, the girl he supposedly falls in love with it’s with his back at him, praying – in the same position as she is on the poster -, while Sakura is facing him, with her hand in a fist, close to her heart.

Speaking of Naruto falling in love for the first time all I’ve got to say is that one should know how misleading this marketing campaign is, given that we have already established the fact that Naruto already fell in love once, in canon, and the person he loves is none other than Sakura.




I don’t think I need to bring out Databooks, right? After all, Naruto was still listed to be very well in love with Sakura after Hinata’s own confession.

Anyway, moving past that and coming back to our subject, as we were saying, Junko states that the movie starts with Naruto’s love for his mother, Kushina. We already presented what were his initial convictions in regards to those respective matter, however, apparently, there’s still one more:

naruto-kushina-words01 narut-kushina-words

As we can see, in terms of his romance life, Naruto is also trying to fulfill his mother’s wish. Of course, it doesn’t go that easily, but as he says himself, he’s been really trying hard to do them all, and given the raws of this chapter, from what I informed myself around, it is implied that his actions not only talk about the past ones, but he also refers how he continuously will be doing so on the future as well, which goes in character with Naruto’s no. 1 known quality: never giving up.

So as we can see, this movie will mostly be centered, I presume, around Kushina’s dying words to Naruto in terms of everything, not only his love life, but mainly focusing on his love life, probably – as Kishimoto seems to be telling us.

Now, let’s move on a bit… after telling us about Naruto’s love for his mother, Junko says we will be seeing Sakura risking her life for her nakama until the very bitter end, that kind of great, wonderful love.

Now, where have we established this has happened before and with what does it connect? Oh, right, maybe Chapter 663 entitled as I need to remind you – Absolutely. The events of this chapter we have already established, but also, as reminded the contents of the respective chapter is basically a parallel between the triad/triangle of the real main featured pairings of this manga:





When it came to Hinata, however, Junko Takeuchi described her as cute, however, still a single-mided love… What does that remind you of?




So, given how we get these interesting choice of words I can’t help but think of the following route, think at it as circular: movie begins with Kushina – Naruto’s love for her (most probably we’ll hear again her words to him which later takes us his words to Minato at the parting time) —> Sakura (linking to the red thread of fate + destiny/life/destined life kanji) —-> continues with Hinata (her cute little selfish love, along with her trying to reach Naruto like shown in 663 + possible IT she might get in due to Toneri) —> goes to Naruto (possibly getting into an IT himself around there because he will try to save Hinata ergo the awkward love and NaruHina canon and family) —> back to Sakura (as Junko said we will see deep love for her nakama) —> back to Kushina’s initial words for Naruto and Naruto’s love for her, fulfilling what his mother told him = circle complete (her words to Naruto, the foreshadowing, as in will show the red thread of destiny doesn’t break).

I mean, don’t you guys see? The only thing that hasn’t been touched in canon manga and hasn’t been questioned until now, just made clear was none other than Naruto’s love for Sakura. Now the marketing comes with this shocking statement according to which Naruto falls in love for the first time. From the get go, you, as a Naruto fan should know that this isn’t the first time Naruto fell in love (unless you’re purposely ignoring it), on the contrary. If anything, it should be the second. And now, given that Naruto’s love hasn’t only been shown pretty clear in the manga but has also been thematically established by all the literary devices Kishi used, most poignant ones being the parallels, this paired up with his never give up attitude together with the red thread of fate destiny that surrounds Naruto and Sakura, should be very telling that this surface isn’t what it seems, that the truth lies somewhere deeper, thus, the movie.

Not to mention, we already got some sketches that show us a quite intimate Naruto and Sakura, the ones along them being none other than Sai and Shikamaru. Naruto and Sakura are not just simple comrades, but a pair that by working together, have changed the shinobi world like they said they would  when they both vowed such at the beginning of the manga. It’s past more than just a simple love, however, when it comes to love, Naruto loving someone else, now, all of a sudden indeed after loving Sakura for all these 15 years we’ve be reading the manga, would be nothing more than the reverse of Sakura’s own confession:


Naruto would be doing nothing but lying to himself.

As I remember, back at that time, people said this would be the ending of NaruSaku, however, afterwards, these two had only positive moments going on between them and we’ve finally had the last nail in the coffin: confirmation of Sakura = Kushina parallel.

Speaking of confessions… Remember whose confession was in the falling snow? Yup, Sakura’s… Maybe we’re in now, in The Last: Naruto the movie for Naruto’s real confession to Sakura? Hope so and keeping finger crossed! After all, in the end, the movie will tell its story. But given the manga’s contents and the fact that Junko Takeuchi herself said that the movie should be seen along with the manga and things that connect to it (like Road to Ninja *wink-wink*), I can’t help but feel hopeful for a positive NaruSaku outcome at the end of The Last: Naruto the movie.

As we know, on the 24 of November, an early screening is played out in Japan for fans. Let’s hope we will soon find out some real news, if not possible, I guess we should all wait and see the movies for ourselves.

With these being said,

Till next time






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dalli (3 years ago)

Wow this is really good, I have never thought you would do another theory. Hun, ignore those other haters! ♥♥♥

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Hehe, thanks dear! As for those type of people, I really don’t care, lol.

addicz (3 years ago)

Ooohhhh, mommy boy..
Naruto doesnt believe in fates, so if he thinks Sakura is his destinied one, he just hypocrite..
The only real parallel in Naruto romance is, the Uzumaki always marry the weird one… This story about Naruto,not NaruSaku. Every Naruto pairings is make sense.
Thank you very much.
Good luck Chatte-san

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    He doesn’t think that, I was talking about the literary construction here, you know?

Tiff (3 years ago)

Thank you for this Chatte, I really appreciate your undying fighting spirit but what Junko Takechi said makes me even less hopeful.

She says”From Sakura’s character we would see her risking her life, fighting till the bitter end for her Nakama*, that kind of great/wonderful love.”

*Nakama means friend.” That kind of great/wonderful love” she could be describing is friendship, camaraderie.

Also this,” Hinata’s is still a single minded love*, which is cute.”

*Single-minded means having or concentrating on only one aim or purpose.

She could be talking about Hinata’s “single-minded pursuit of love and how she achieves it with hard work and single-minded determination”.

This single minded love could be seen as a good quality. A quality that might depict loyalty,

Tiff (3 years ago)

faithfulness and devotion. Sorry I didn’t finish. I’m not hopeful but your theories always help me cope. Thank you for never giving up and continuing to fight on Senpai (: Never lose that admirable quality!

hhhhdgjjfddajkk (3 years ago)

:v Childish Teori

Mojoe (3 years ago)

Ya do know with all the interview and supposed “marketing” NH is already endgame. I respect you opinion and theories but there’s a point that it doesn’t make sense. The other day with the interview you and many others said kishi hurt you among other things and today your back with more hope and all. I mean hope is good but NS fans have drifted back and forth since the ending at 700. Sad to say NaruHina happenend and so did Sasusaku and they had children. So yeah :/

    Mini me (3 years ago)

    A strong argument against your theories is reflected on Boruto and Sarada’s existences, if everything were IT as you claim then why would these children be designed and named in the first place? Boruto will even have his own show FCS! IT would only doom Naruto new era since no one would give a damn about Boruto’s adventures if he were just an illusion… Unless, he’s real and not NH son O_o!! But seriously, if he’s not Hinata’s, from whom else would he have inherited that goofy hairstyle that even his sister shares?

    And speaking about her, she’s clearly NH daughter but no one really cares too much for her story… Though, who knows, her mother turned out to be the center of the World out of the blue by the end of Naruto’s series, so maybe the daughter will inherit the same ability: marketing no jutsu!

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      I think you missed my previous posts in regards to the kids…

        EP (3 years ago)

        I noticed there’s a big protest still going about mike brown, so I thought I’d share this with you because it seemed to get swept under the rug, he had a wii mote in his hand and she shot him, he even asked who was at the door. Sad as hell.

        Rex Julius (3 years ago)

        Oh, yeah, your hallucinations about Himawari is being Lee’s daughter despite they have totally no resembling to each others! You couldn’t even answer the facts that:
        1.The boy who trains with Lee might not be his son unless his name is Youth and no, Rock Lee resemble Guy too much yet not blood-related.
        2.Boruto and Himawari both have whiskers and blu-eyes while the kid with Lee don’t have any of them nor any resembling thing from Hinata.
        3.The finla movie confirmed they are both their children.
        4.Rock Lee as a little kid had a ponytail too.
        5.Tenten and Boruto were shown together on a page, so yout logic would say they are mother and son.

George (3 years ago)

addicz if you’re gonna try to establish an opinion can you atleast have one that doesn’t make you sound retarded? thanks.

    Heyday (3 years ago)

    Hey, if you’re gonna try to establish an opinion can you at least have one that doesn’t make you sound like an asshole? thanks

Clara (3 years ago)

Hello… by a group in facebook I found your theories.
Let me tell you are great and reinforce doubts and questions I asked me to read the 699 and 700.
Really everything is too suspicious, yet leaves nothing clear yet and the “ugly children”.
I read each theory, are magnificent and I hope to be fulfilled when the movie opens.

Everything begins to seem strange when Bolt says the joke in the eyes of all. And it is no coincidence that all behave differently.
Greetings from Mexico, from a Spanish forum Narusaku and me.

Hasta pronto!!! :D

Chi (3 years ago)

Chatte, I just want to let you know that your theories are amazing and they’ve always lighten up my day. But, I’m not going to hope for anything anymore. However, I truly believe that they were meant to be together and the bond they share is much more meaningful than this movie’s shet. (╥ᆺ╥;)

ANRI (3 years ago)

What if Toneri made Hinata’s memories disappear and the only way for Naruto and the gang to save Hinata was to put her into a genjutsu (thus the Chapter 700) in order to make her remember Naruto?
The Naruto in Chapter 700 is not the Naruto I know. He seems “too strict and proper”, and more like Hinata’s version of who Naruto is.

This is just my prediction though.
I swear there is something suspicious going on here..I even feel like Kishi just put me into a genjutsu because the ending is so surreal and I am not even into shipping wars.

xtinafan (3 years ago)


Heyday (3 years ago)

I thought you were taking a break and giving up, but it’s great that you’re not!

Good luck and keep it up! Regardless of what may happen at the very end ;)

Peranora (3 years ago)

your theory left my spitirts up, and the falling snow thing and all the moments between naruto and sakura

we shouldnt give up.

look i have this idea where that the last two chapters were a genjutus, you know cuz things happened so fast after she (sakura) healed naruto and sasuke.

but if my assumption is false. then ‘oh well’

i just hope you’re right :’)

Zeo (3 years ago)

Were there any accurate spoilers available after the early screening of RTN?

Bose (3 years ago)

I think its been confirmed that NaruHina is official and says there is a scene where they kiss and get married in the movie.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Yeah, I saw those there. It’s so chaotic that I choose to wait for the movie, sorry. :) Not to mention, the marketing campaign for the movie is still not done. ;)

mel (3 years ago)

I find it way off base to use Kushina and what she said as reason for NaruSaku. Even if he did say he would do things she asked, he’s still his own person who can love who he wants. His mother is important and he loves her, but he’s also one who always had to live alone. He doesn’t have to follow the parallel of his parents or the direct wishes of his mother. She’d be fine with “the weird one” if that is who Naruto ended up loving and if that’s who made him happy with two kids and a nice family finally. Anyway, theories are theories but just saying I see it differently. His mother saying that makes me believe the opposite did happen.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    He doesn’t, I give you that, of course. But you see, this is a literary world whose rules and follow-ups were established by Kishi, not me. That’s where the problem lies.

tobi720 (3 years ago)

This theory would have some form of plausibily If and only If naruto was continued as it is now fact is naruto is over baring the story of the new generation nvmnd that you actually want naruto with the dumbass whos been fawning over his best friend the whole series vs the one who actually loved him the whole time? Ok Sakura gave him cpr thats not da same a sharing a romantic moment. You are reading way to much in kushinas words. Is it not possible she meant somebody who would sacrifice themselves for their loved ones as she herself did(hinata, pain arc as well as shinobi war) vs somebodi with the same personality(Sakura)? But even lookin at personality kushina was a all around strong women not a fake it till u make it like sakura who whined wen sasuke didnt notice her and such

Mat (3 years ago)

Sorry to say… actually I am not sorry really. But Naruto and Hinata get married in the end of the movie and have a kissing scene. Sakura is shown to support Hinata’s pursuit of Naruto, Naruto has been shown to be over Sakura in this movie. Though it isn’t all perfect as it sounds as Naruto apparently has a scarf that was meant for him from his mother, blue one, and Hinata mistakes it for another girls gifts and becomes sad.

Also the Infinite Tsukiyomi theory that all this is Hinata’s mind is flawed, Neji would be alive for god sakes and he isn’t.

All in all, there’s no chance and hope for NaruSaku happening. Get over it and quit giving people false hope because you can’t accept the truth. Also don’t bash the kids it isn’t mature.

    anesuna (3 years ago) saying it isn.t mature? What are you then? Coming here bashing people.s thoughts only because you don.t agree with, is mature? free to do whatever we want (like yeah not everything) but like chatte is free to express her thoughts, free to don.t like what you saw here, to go party your canon or to get hell out of here because this is not your beach, right? already seen people from others ships that actually respect others opinions and all, but seems that you and most of your companions are still too insecure. Get a hold of yourself.
    Have a nice day

      Mat (3 years ago)

      First off please use proper grammar and context. Secondly, did I say anything about her not expressing her thoughts or bashing her? No, I didn’t. It’s called criticism. All I said was for her to stop giving people false hope.

      False hope is hope built entirely around a fantasy, a hope that has no knowable chance of coming to fruition. A hope that has been thoroughly disproven only for some to want it to be untrue.

      In this case Chatte is is free to express herself and her thoughts on how NaruSaku still has a chance. But with all the facts, and things that have a occurred she still doesn’t believe it. As a result she’s giving NaruSaku fans hope that Naruto and Sakura will still get together. Well guess what it isn’t going to happen.

      I will admit that Chatte’s theories are interesting, but ultimately flawed and biased. Much of what Chatte debates are either from her own assumptions that aren’t true or purely coincidental. ie the whole circle theory she had for Sakura that later was proven to be untrue.

      So don’t come here an accuse me of bashing her. I actually defended Chatte from others and I am a NaruHina fan. Want proof go look at some of the other debates and find my name. Criticism is what I do, I only bash people when they start to bash me or they decide to be a little prick or shit disturber because they don’t like what I said.

    anesuna (3 years ago)

    I apologise if i disrespect you in some way. Sorry about the way i write. English is not my native language. But if you came here and talk like that, i assume you are bashing. Talking about maturity and stuff. If you don.t agree with something you just need to say ” i don’t agree”. There’s no need to use statements like “get over it” and “quit giving people false hopes”. She is giving an opinion, she is not forcing anyone to believe in her.

Remus (3 years ago)

naruhina kiss confirmed in naruto the last by kishimoto so I guess that means no more theories…

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    All I say is don’t forget you still don’t have the whole context of the story… ;)

      Mat (3 years ago)

      Except for the fact that Sakura was shown to support Hinata in going after Naruto and Sakura has not shown any interest in Naruto.

Kira (3 years ago)

Hi there, Ever since naruto chapter 700 came out I was looking for some sort of theory that will give me hope or agree with me that narusaku was the better canon… And I found you, thank you for the thoughts and time you put in, I’ve read your latest posts about the movie and I truly feel the same. however I realized that ultimately, for narusaku to happen, kishi needs to make sakura realize her love towards naruto. Since naruto already loves sakura. as much as I am a narusaku shipper and as much as I want to doubt this but sakura till the last chapters STILL showed love affection for sasuke. And it scares me because she haven’t realized her love for naruto and it will be too late! What do you think? Can you find any evidence that sakura does not love sasuke although she clearly confessed again to him while naruto being there??

Suuu (3 years ago)

Hey! Basically I was interested to find what happened to narusaku fans since naruto ends and a lot of posts of suicide for non-narusaku ending were in tumblr. They disappeared after all the crap they said about naruhina! Cowards!!
But then I find your website and I read all your theories. Girl! Giving up is clearly not an option for you
Besides I am a naruhina fan from heart (#teamnaruhinamdf) I admire you for never give up just like naruto teach us

Cheers girl!

naruhina4lyf (3 years ago)

I am a naruhina diehard fan so obviously i dont really agree with your logic and reasoning and all.. but i am actually quite amazed by all your works on how deep you ll actually go just to prove narusaku.. even though naruhina is cannon ( ohmyGod yaaaaay).. you are an inspiration for all narusaku so you should be totally proud!! :)

    naruhina4lyf (3 years ago)

    Sorry I meant narusaku fans*

Allie (3 years ago)

I think your being a little unreasonable here I admit at one point I was a NS fan as well but like you said naruto was in love with Sakura for years and never and let me quote “NEVER” did Sakura ever love him back at all you say there was no devoplement between naruto and hinata there was no devoplement between naruto and Sakura as well I mean sure she cared about him ( so did hinata) but she never loved him she loved sasuke all this time did you forget the promise she made with naruto to bring SASUKE back no matter what she loved him she even confessed to naruto because she didn’t want him to go after sasuke she wanted to she lied about loving naruto and naruto at that point and the viewers and I would think would have had enough of NS you have to view it from both sides do you think Sakura would be happy with naruto no now hinata on the other hand has loved naruto from the beginning he inspired her to grow into a stronger person naruto said I used to think you were weird but now I realize that your the kinda person I like she protected him during the fight with pain naruto even transformed out anger when he thought she was dead and cried with relief when he realize she was alright and ok he fought for hinata against neji and in the manga he went around looking for her to see if she saw the fight hinata gave naruto the strength to move on When neji died and held her hand and they have talked plenty of times there is so much devoplement there so I don’t understand what you mean and say Sakura did end up with naruto wouldn’t she look like a horrible person after chasing sasuke for so long rejecting and lying to naruto several times. I think she would plus they are all happy that’s all that matters oh btw naruto doesn’t look depressed at all and if he is it’s because he is the hokage it’s a lot work and he barely gets to see his wife and beautiful children I mean god naruto is much more than a ship any way oh and spoiler Sakura in the movie points out that naruto’s love for her was only because he was jealous of sasuke he thought it was unfair that sasuke had pretty girls who liked him and began this puppy dog like love disillusion with her it wasn’t real love which if you go back to original series makes sense plus the movie will explain why he loves hinata and it says first love for a reason it’s naruto first real love not a fake one oh who cares about a promise with the parents they would like to see him happy not tied to some one like his mother lol

Allie (3 years ago)

Oh and naruto is not lying to himself what? If any thing he was lying to himself when he thought he had chance of Sakura loving him and after years of loving someone who doesn’t love you back wouldn’t you give up and love a person who has cared about and loved you this entire time someone who you can relate to and be happy with and hinata not weird she is anti social socially awkward and really shy ( people in the real world are like that)she struggles talking to people in general and can you imagine trying to talk to crush if your already a nervous reck it’s hard and naruto like you didn’t understand that and called her weird In beginning but starts to understand her better and grows to like her as person hinata is I kind,strong,beautiful intelligent women and that’s why he fell in love with her ( you have to pay attention to detail my friend)

Allie (3 years ago)

My finally comment is that hope you watch the movie because the facts are there and your still hanging on by your finger nails and teeth sorry honey the your ship has gone down in a giant flame filled with of silly theories and serious false hope it’s time for you let it go I don’t know why you wanted them to be together she treated Naruto horribly( she even called him annoying and blamed it on the fact that his parents are dead) and never loved him I don’t know why people think she loved him love is two sided not one sided there cannot be one person loving some one in a relationship YOUR right naruto “loved” lol XD Sakura she was every thing that his parents wanted but did she love him HELL no

narutoprophet (3 years ago)

I think that Kishimoto is making Hinata and Naruto one-sided on-purpose. He is using Hinata to fool the audience into thinking that Naruto will end up with Hinata. I think that some sort of the POAL needs to be addressed in this movie. Also, an explanation for Hinata’s child Himawari having whiskers could be that some part of the kyubi’s chakra was transferred into the embryo. As to how she became pregnant still remains a mystery to me, but I believe that Naruto is not the father (haha Jerry Springer). If you notice in ch. 700 sakura, hinata, sasuke, and Naruto are not shown together, so it is possible that the pairings are still not 100% confirmed. I always saw Hinata’s character as someone who learns to be stronger through Naruto’s ideals. Once her development has reached a certain point, she can then create her own ideals, or use her newfound strength to lead her clan. However, Sakura’s character development is completely different. Her dream was always to make sure that Naruto’s dream (becoming Hokage) came true. Her dream is the same as Naruto’s. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!!! I have a prediction that maybe Hinata always noticed that Naruto loves Sakura (which explains why she smiled when Naruto and Sakura hugged after the Pein fight). Hinata loves Naruto too, but I don’t think she would keep him from his true love Sakura. Hinata will be the final push for Naruto to go with Sakura. As for Sakura, I think she will be jealous throughout the whole entire movie that Hinata and Naruto are getting closer together. I mean who wouldn’t be? You’ve spent your whole entire life with someone who you’ve become really close to and all of a sudden someone else tries to take/steal him away. Thus, the bench scene from ch. 3 will be recreated and be the climax of Naruto and Sakura. This is where they will divulge their feelings to one another romantically. Chatte I have read a lot of your theories and I have thought the same way about most topics of NaruSaku. Oh and btw, Sarada has to be Sasuke and Karin’s child. She looks so much like Karin. Maybe Karin dies in the fight with Toneri Otsutski and asks Sakura to be a mother to Sarada. So she would be taking care of both Boruto and Sarada (when Sasuke is out).

Kakashi (3 years ago)

Okay.. I have not read all your arguments.. but clearly, you are not only trying to defend narusaku but also trying present the reasons for naruhina’s non existence…. First of all, your theory is based upon Junko’s interview.. secondly, she herself confirmed that she had “nakama love” for naruto, thirdly you have not included Kishi’s interview which clarifies the fact.. okay, now here is my thought on your theory.. “I don’t think I need to bring out Databooks, right? After all, Naruto was still listed to be very well in love with Sakura after Hinata’s own confession.” hence, Naruto is not lying to himself. therefore there is no reason for him to hate himself….. however, you also stated that he is fulfilling his mom’s wish by finding himself a woman like her i.e. sakura… naruto said that :”But i’ve really been trying hard to do so” that proves that he is forcing himself to do so… another way to put it is that he has not realized, but have fallen for hinata at this point.. then again, Hinata is a weirdo from naruto’s prospective which has changed over time which was confirmed by naruto himself later on……… now, kushina=sakura claim. I have often came across this point, being one of the strongest argument of narusaku fans….. and I am here to prove it wrong…… okay, how many of fans would agree that naruto personality is exactly similar to sakura’s? very few I guess… so here is my point, minato judged sakura’s personality being similar to kushina based on that single punch of her. But minato also confirmed that naruto is exactly like kushina, later on in the fight.. so, one of the argument must be wrong… .. that implies that.. sakura is not equal to kushina.. and there are several other point to it like, kushina being an idiot while sakura is pretty much of a genius(in class or theory at least), kushina’s hobby is to pull out pranks on people, which sakura tries to avoid… that implies that naruto resembles more to his mother rather than sakura……………. okay, now back to your theory, sakura is not selfish unlike hinata. Okay, Agreed! even then, that contradicts your own theory. she is not selfish exactly like you said…So, when she realized that hinata was deeply in love with naruto while healing hinata after the pain fight, she must have automatically erased her feeling towards naruto, even if she had some(which I highly doubt.) . as she is not selfish after all… back to hinata. seeing things from naruto’s prospective: she was a weirdo, then became a friend, their bond strengthened and finally they become lovers in “The Last” and later on, wife of course…… now sakura… she was naruto’s crush, became team mates/friends, …… okay, i see that as the end or maybe in-laws later on? xD So, that’s it! I see that development is more on naruhina’s side throughout the manga.. and don’t mix-up Screen time with development.. those two are very different things.. development may occur off-screen too… that is what happened between naruto and hinata…… their relationship grew off-screen. and that can be confirmed by Naruto’s line to hinata while holding her hand.. he said ” Thankyou for always staying by my side “…….. That says a lot of things….. and finally, Kishimoto confirmed himself that naruto had zero experience of romantic love in the screening.. So, until The last movie, naruto didn’t actually fell in love…… besides kishimoto told junko back in 2002 that naruto’s final progression will be love.. And that is Hinata…

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    From the get go I see you read just this part and not the others that are behind him. The interview was just a part… I didn’t say that I base all this on JUST Junko’s interview. I said why Junko’s interview gives me hope. Big difference.

      Kakashi (3 years ago)

      Not me, but seems like you have noticed that part in my entire comment. You have said nothing about what I said other than the junko’s interview part.

Ann ~ (3 years ago)

I was thinking about this : What if In The Last Toneri decides to come back to moon to make sure the moon doesn’t gonna fall again, but Hinata decides to go with him, because she understands his pain, and the loneliness he would feel, that’s why she said “Sayonara Naruto-kun”, also she knows Naruto loves Sakura, after that, Toneri feels really bad for her because he knows she loves Naruto so he decides to put her in a genjutsu to make her happy, even if is just a dream, and then you have the chapter 700, hinata’s dream.

What do you think? (Excuse my poor english ^^)

Michele (3 years ago)

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Nana (3 years ago)

[Sorry, Tranlate my language in Google translate] “Sebelumnya, saya benar-benar ingin mengerti perasaan anda untuk saat ini. Tetapi apakah anda memahami bahwa semua ini tidak berguna lagi? Perjuangan kita telah habis sampai disini sebagai penggemar NaruSaku. Kita tak bisa melawannya lebih lama lagi dan mungkin Masashi Kishimoto-sensei sedang menertawakan hal ini. Sekarang yang hanya bisa kita lakukan hanyalah menyalurkannya lewat cerita fiksi semata. Tapi saya juga bangga akan perjuangan NaruSaku sampai saat ini yang tak pernah patah semangat menyuarakan petisi bahwa hal “Ini” sangatlah tidak adil. Tapi ini kehendak Masashi Kishimoto sendiri. Dia lah yang merancang semua cerita sampai ke titik akhir. Jadi kita tak bisa mengelak kehendaknya, dan tidak mungkin dia “Masashi Kishimoto” akan peduli pada kita. Dia pasti tak ingin ambil peduli. Dia hanya ingin cerita ini sampai ke tahap akhir.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Uhm, I think I got what you said? I am not exactly sure though… Google Translate is not that good..

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