On why I consider NaruSaku’s love sends a positive message in comparison with NaruHina

Yes, it all basically started from my previous post on Tumblr which I later moved to my Facebook page so I can keep it as a reminder, haha. It was a response to the initial cross-tagger that cross-tagged in the NaruSaku tag on Tumblr, as you could have expected, haha.

Anyway, the subject in cause was this following picture:


So then, sorry but I couldn’t help myself, thus I responded to the person that was not only linking this picture as an example but was also asking where was Sakura when Pein attacked and put down Naruto, as you’ll see from here.

So then, after I posted it on my Facebook page with the same argument I left there, someone came and responded me with the following argument:

Alright, allow me to elaborate:

-First of all, I think is quite unfair to judge Hinata`s Achknowledgement of Naruto (or lack of it) in comparison to that of Sakura`s for a very simple reason: Hinata is not the hailed heroine of the series ¬¬U(duh!) If we get more achknowledgement from Hinata, Kishi might have as well inverted the roles and make Sakura the shy girl(in fact, there was a time in which fact Sakura was shy) That`s a narrative element not a flaw in the Chacrater`s...well, character.

Plus, allo to remember the anime portrays a hinata that in fact cares about Naruto(those little extracts about their childhood) he couldn`t do mucho about it because the way in which her personality ahs deveopted: With huge lack lack of confidence and self-esteem. In fact, I consider her situationa s being actually more painful to that of Sasuke and Naruto

For they lost their familiar bonds to the hands of an outside force (Kurama and Itachi, respectevly)but Hinata got ostracized by the very people that should have cared and loved her, putting her at the care of a Tutor(If you watched Evangelion compare to her situation to that of Shinji Ikari and you will get the dimension of the problem)

It strikes me as no surprise that her inter-personal capabilities are near zero. Even with the people she cares for...

-ABout the CHunnin Exam Thing: May I remind you of Kakashi`s Words when team 7 became Gennin? That one of the main abilities as a Ninja is the ability to work together as team, making your own strenghs to complement the weakness of your companions. Naruto lacks of academic knowledge is therefore complemented by those of Hinata, while Hinata`s confidence is bolstered by the confidence of Naruto. Opposed but complementary

Also, EVERYONE around him was taking the "Easy way". Ino hijacked Sakura`s body to copy the answers. Sasuke used his Sharingan, Gaara his Sand Eye, Neji the Byakugan, etc. How come using an advantange is selfish? It`s what`s expected from a Ninja in fact, according to Ibiki`s words

Now, how is come that Sakura bailing out the CHunning Exams, in order to preserve "Naruto`s Impossible Dream" is less selfish than leaping in front of the the Rinnegan wielding corpse that was about to finish him off? How Sakura not intervening was more helpful to him at that point? One the characteristics of Love is that is not a rational Emotion: You don`t actually especualte about the odds when it comes to the people you actually love. That is why denial is natural part of the grieving process

If Sakura`s bond was that powerful at the time he should have leaped in front of Pain, try to smack him and get Shinra Tensei`d directly to the Atmosphere. Japanese culture holds in high regard acts of martyrdom, dont label them as a selfish but as something that is actually expected from a warrior. And from a espouse(the Boshin Wars have plenty of accounts in which the women of Shogunal Soldiers accompanied them in their Last Stand against the superior Imperial Army...And died along side them)

Success is not a pressing matter in Bushido. but Sacrifice is expected, regardless of the odds. You should ask youserlves who matches that arquetype: Sakura or Hinata.

I wanted to respond to him directly there, through the reply function the Facebook team still seems to be needing to work on, but since I couldn’t do it there, I decided that I should do it here on my blog and given the occasion, I can as well keep track of it, hehe.

So, my answer after said argument is this:

Well then, if we go by the same logic, I think it’s unfair to judge Sakura’s acknowledgement of Naruto (or therefore lack of it) in comparison to that of Hinata’s given the information we know. Yes, Hinata is NOT the hailed heroine of the series, I give you that, that’s why you have Sakura and that’s why Sakura in regards to this matter tops Hinata in terms of … well barely anything if we’re to calculate. If we get more acknowledgement from Hinata? But who is Hinata for Naruto to need acknowledgement from her? Wait a minute, what are we exactly talking about here? Yes, Kishi might have as well inverted the roles and make indeed Sakura the shy girl (which she actually was in the beginning, when she was bullied, but in the end Sakura snapped out of it and did something for and of herself).
So, you’re telling me that if that’s a narrative element, she’s to be excused?! Well then, why then don’t we apply the same logic to Sakura then? After all, miss Hinata-sama from the information I was telling you about in the beginning of my reply, knew Naruto’s history, it was made clear to her that he’s a “demon” to not be approached by. But you see, Hinata took time to not only break those rules, but also get to watch Naruto behind the trees. So she knew he wasn’t this demon - like you would be inclined to think about Sakura, but we’re getting to that later, now we’re talking Hinata – because she had the time to “study” him and in this time she saw how much he suffers and feels like shit and all that, yet she still didn’t do something about it?! Excuse me but if you had the guts to break the rules posed to you by your father in terms of not seeing Naruto, you might as well break them to the fullest and actually go help that poor kid with something, not just you leech on his strength – which mind you,he made for himself because of the loneliness he suffered from, when Hinata was watching behind the trees and could have had all the possibilities in the world to CHANGE THAT – and then expect him to notice you and love you because “Oh, you see, I actually loved you from the very go but I didn’t tell you because I was this and that but when you were alone there and crying your ass out because you were lonely, I was actually watching you but doing nothing”… No, things don’t go like this! These are pure justifications! Life doesn’t go that way.
It’s either white or black, it’s either you did it or you didn’t do it. Period. And Hinata did nothing when she had all the chances in the world, especially considering her status, she was basically served on the plate with everything she got, it’s not Naruto’s fault or anyone’s fault that she couldn’t step up to it and always gave-up. She had all the chances – she has been given training and whatnot by her father, after all, she’s the special heir to the Hyuga throne, so to speak, the bearers of one of the three dojutsus, aka the Byakugan as we all know it. On the other side, there’s Sakura Haruno.
Who Sakura Haruno is at that time? A bullied young girl that came from an apparent no special clan, on the contrary, her parents didn’t even had great dreams, they didn’t even wanted to become at least ninjas, they were leading a normal life, filled with all the weights of the normal life, you know, as we all do. Her relationship with her parents was sketchy, especially when it came to her mother and thus this affected not only Sakura’s young child soul but her self-esteem as well. She had zero, nothing, nada. Then she starts to get bullied until Ino Yamanaka appears one day in her life…bits by bits Sakura starts becoming this little bud that one day shall bloom and gets confidence and even falls in love, all these childish things we all know. She has no knowledge of Naruto and when she does, she doesn’t even care who he is or what he is. She takes him face-value: he annoys her, she makes sure to tell him, he does something stupid, she makes sure to point it out to him and all that. Sakura didn’t even knew that she was the nine tails jinchuuriki, she finds out later in the series, so she didn’t treat him more or less specially because of this. No, all she knows is that he is messing with her pursuit for Sasuke’s attention given that she liked him.
To her, Naruto wasn’t the Jinchuuriki who you need to stay away from, to her he was just the annoying little pal that didn’t understood anything about her, and always came between her and her pursuit of Sasuke’s attention.Thus she made sure to tell him, face-value whenever she annoyed him. Granted, these are not Sakura’s best moments, after all she was a 12 years old love-struck girl, just like Hinata. But you know what? While Hinata knew all about Naruto and she could have been and done so much more than Sakura given all these advantages she possesses in terms of Naruto’s backstory, she does nothing. Nothing.

However, on the other side we have Sakura who has no clue about that yet as soon as she gets to know Naruto better because she starts getting interested in his state of being as well – as she realizes in Chapter 3 -, she starts doing all these dangerous but as well wonderful things for him: worry about him as in love as she was for Sasuke in their first mission to pass Kakashi’s text, as soon as he gets injured when they walk Tazuna to the Land of waves, prior to meeting Zabuza, she quickly wants to return to the village so a doctor can see him and his injured hand, she quickly jumps and almost gets herself beheaded by Zabuza’s sword all so that she can keep Naruto safe, when Chuunin exam comes, when she notices Naruto’s down she tries to cheer him up, instead of selfishly putting Naruto in danger by offering him to copy the results, she not only is ready to forfeit her career as a ninja but as well Sasuke’s, her oh great “love”, she fights in the Forest of Death as equally fierce for Naruto as she fights for Sasuke and Lee and all those other things we know.

That’s what Sakura does with all those other things taken into consideration, while Hinata who knew everything and saw his hardship does nothing. Sakura even admits to herself how wrong she was about Naruto and we see her growing stronger and stronger from there.

You say Kishi might have inverted the role… Yes he might have. He could have done so many things in these 15 years, but the point is he didn’t. He had millions of chances to do so and they are independent of Sakura’s and Hinata’s statuses as the heroine of the series and secondary character, that has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the fact that Kishi could have made things in a certain way independent of this fact yet he didn’t. And this is why Hinata loses point blank to Sakura in every term, despite Sakura starting the way she did. Because Sakura learned from her mistakes and started doing something about them. Hinata didn’t. Period. Plus, you said that’s not a flaw in character but a narrative element.

Well, a narrative element can be the very flaw of the character. And as Kishi portrayed things, this is Hinata’s flaw: her selfish – as he as an author and she as a character has pointed out -, nature of love for Naruto. You can twist this and justify it as you wish. There’s no justifying. We’re good at justifying but what about accountability?! When are we going to take responsibilities for our actions? Sorry but that’s what I always read when a fan of Hinata’s justify her actions. I am a fan of her’s as well, I just don’t like the way she ended up. You know the reason I support Sakura and NS?

Because yes, Sakura was an annoying 12 years fangirl, I give everyone that, but just that. Because whereas princess Hinata was all shy and “good behaving” she didn’t do anything to help Naruto in any good way, it was all selfish-based while she remained the same 12 years old self, just in a bigger body, whereas Sakura the moment she had the opportunity, she took it and made something of not only herself, but Naruto as well. This is why you’ll see Sakura at Naruto’s side when he’s at death’s door and not Hinata, if you ever wondered why Kishi made Hinata trip the moment Naruto was about to die. Because while Hinata wanted to be there for him, granted, she only wanted to be there so Naruto-kun can observe how great she is and thus she can be by his side, while Sakura doesn’t care about that, they each mind their own business. He is on the front line fighting while she is on the back line healing, however with the two of them working towards the same direction things move and when the time comes, it doesn’t matter to her that “Oh, notice me sempai it was I that healed you because if it weren’t have been for me, you wouldn’t be alive”. No. When the time comes, it’s all: you’re not going to die on me, dammit, you hear me? And thus she proceeds to hold his hear in her arm and pump it, while on the other side she locks her lips to him to breathe life into him. It doesn’t matter she is about to die herself of exhaustion, it doesn’t matter anything: Naruto is definitely NOT dying because he has a dream to accomplish, he has a dream that needs to come true and damned be anyone who tries to interfere with that! In those moments, the world takes a back seat as her sole purpose is Naruto’s heart to stay alive.

So then, you see, you can justify this how much you want and say that Kishi didn’t do it because of their statuses as main and secondary characters. Neah… Shikamaru is secondary as well, Jiraiya is secondary as well and so it’s Tsunade and Madara even… But think about the impact they had over Naruto’s life and what impact Hinata had. HELL, take Iruka and compare him to Hinata… He tops her from point blank. And he has even less screen-time. Why? Because Iruka acknowledged his existence when nobody else did. When Hinata knew about his and did nothing. Why is it that Iruka and Team 7 always comes in front of anyone else? Haven’t you wondered that? That’s why I’m sorry to say but from the very get go your argument goes invalid as the manga itself cancels it.

And what does the anime have to do with the manga here? Even in the anime, EVEN MORE SO this puts her in a bad light. Are you really sure you wanna go there? If we’re to go by the anime, while Hinata was ordered to look away Naruto’s side she always subdued such thing from the get go, while Sakura, she was dragged but still had the time to just a little look around and worry about Naruto solely, not herself. Let’s not go into-detail with the anime because even the anime, if read as it should burries Hinata more than it should help her… So I am not quite sure you wanna go there. Don’t forget that Pierrot himself gave us plenty NS fillers as well. Episode 235 says hi…as well as the kids one. But anyway..
You’re justifying her actions again without taking accountability into account… Sakura also had a huge lack of confidence and self-esteem, even moreso since she was shown being bullied and all this thing, Hinata-sama had bodyguards, but instead of crying her eyes out of pity herself and excuse and justify her actions, she made something of herself. Hinata didn’t. Period. You want to say to me that her situation is actually MORE PAINFUL to that of Sasuke and Naruto? Come on, tell me you didn’t go there or else I feel like not even discussing with you, I’m being hella honest here… No, dude, just don’t go there. Sasuke had the same fate as her and still did something of himself instead of crying himself out of pity, same did Naruto, same did Sakura, despite not being served ON PLATE those things. She had all the things at her disposal, it’s her own goddamn problem she couldn’t take a stand and do something of herself. Come on, let’s not go even deeper than this.
And so did Sakura’s parents and so used to do Sasuke’s as well, at least his father. Yet look where they are and where she is. No, no, excuses don’t work here. They all had it bad. Some chose to do something for themselves, some chose to give up and cry their selves out of pity. Period. Her interpersonal capabilities are zero because she chose so. We all have a choice in life to make. Be like this or like that. But you've got to live with the consequences of your actions as well, not try then to justify your choice of actions. Nope, doesn't work that way.

Lol, dude, no. You’re applying the wrong context to an important lesson. Typical. The example you gave here, sorry but it’s so weak… Naruto lacks of academic knowledge yes, indeed, that’s true, but he made it up by his own force without having to cheat. What Hinata did there was show Naruto the easy,cheating way out and like Naruto said, in life there’s no easy way… because then if you take the easy way out it makes you look cheap. And that’s something Naruto doesn’t want and that’s why as complementary we have Sakura’s own desire to give this up for his sake’s dream. Because what Hinata did was first of all dangerous and risky and could have possibly put Naruto in the situation that if caught cheating he would have never became a ninja again thus bye bye Hokage dream, all that so he can observe she is there, thus making it look selfish. But on the other side, we have Sakura almost there ready to give up for his dream’s sake, so thus that dream be untouched by any circumstances that might make it unrealizable, which makes it only selfless of Sakura… BIG DIFFERENCE once again the way the author portrays the two’s actions in regards to Naruto. As always and mentioned in her confession as well Hinata’s one come as selfish because she doesn’t take Naruto’s situation into consideration, just what she wants to achieve, while Sakura doesn’t even care about what might happen to her, all she knows is that she wants Naruto to accomplish her dreams thus she does everything in her power to accomplish that without thinking about herself for a second. See the difference?

Yes, everyone around him was taking the “Easy way” indeed. But Naruto expressed his convictions from the very get-go and even now,recently, at the end of the manga: he will never take the easy way out. That’s a lesson of morale and outside the ninja context. What’s in the ninja context is that indeed, by Ibiki’s words, he had to utilize their capabilities to do somehow and do this test and Naruto did it in the end, without having to put himself in danger: by being himself and staying true to himself. After all, what Ibiki wanted to see was if was there someone who was gonna break psychologically. Don’t forget that Ibiki was part of Konoha’s Intel Squad.   See, careful how you read the manga because there’s always an underneath under the initial underneath.   I don’t know when you will guys understand that Kishimoto has built the manga in such a way that you cannot possibly touch Naruto’s and Sakura’s relationship, especially when compared to Hinata… Come on.

Wow, you really don’t understand a thing about love… No wonder… So you wanna say to me that Sakura wanting to forfeit the Chuunin exams for his dream’s sake is selfish but not jumping in front of Pein and respecting his wish is selfish as well? Wow, sorry, I consider this argument so flawed that I am not even going to answer to it as it’s a disrespect to this work itself, all for Hinata-sama’s little angel ass.
Sorry dude, you might have expected more, but this isn’t even a good argument to take into consideration… All I hope is that you never meet in life such love like the one you seem to admire cause then it’s when you’ll understand why it doesn’t work. Until then I am not even gonna waste my time because you clearly have your opinions well-set in mind.
Sacrifice is expected when it’s a real sacrifice, not when you do it so that the other one can observe the “great oh sacrifice” you’re making for them… Sacrifice was what Sakura did with her confession, because despite lying that she doesn’t care about Sasuke, she was willingly going to kill him with her own two hands, leave Naruto hate her for the rest of their lives, all so that he can be safe, she didn’t want anything in return... Answer yourself one thing: have you ever or would you ever be able to go to those lengths for someone you don’t love, supposedly? With all the implications such decision impose? All while keep it so that the other one doesn’t know that you’re doing this for their own wellbeing, no matter how much it might hurt him/her, and you’ll look like crap? Would you have the guts to take on something like this, something that will make you look like the bad guy in the story, while all you’re doing is actually taking care of the other one’s wellbeing at all costs? Even the cost of your own life and happiness? Think about that for a second… Because while everyone goes “ooh, poor little angel Hinata” she “sacrificed” her life for Naruto and call Sakura the “big bitch”, think about at the end of the day in what situation was Naruto left after Hinata’s confession and in what situation he was after Sakura’s one?
Destroying your own friends and home and land and even your own self or physically well although indeed, it does suck and hurt? But which one do you prefer? The variant of Naruto being alive and well or the one where he destroys not only himself but his entire home and friends? You pick.

With that being said, thank you for your attention and to respond to Nicolas, I answered myself the question and the archetype fits Sakura like a glove because that’s how Kishi constructed the manga. Now I ask you, are you sure that your answer is the correct one?

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Elkas (3 years ago)

Finally new light. I’ve been waiting for your next theory my lady. I heard kishi gonna rewrite the script for the last movie. Do you know if this true? . By the way i’m glad you decide to stay (not delete things). This is the only place i can talk with you since H&E forum is lock if i know this gonna happen i should have make account earlier. Thanks alot please keep making theory my lady.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    To be honest I haven’t heard about such thing as Kishi rewriting The Last. So I cannot guarantee for that information. And yeah, I’m still around, heh… ^_^ Thanks for your support dear! ♥

Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

Alright Chatte this going to be a long be, so brace yourself :3…

“So, you’re telling me that if that’s a narrative element, she’s to be excused?!”

If we to assume that Kishi actually has defined charatceristics for his characters and their portrayal is not casual yes. Like I said in this same blog: Characters are supposed to epithomize certain traits and concepts. THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE, they don`t actually “decide” their actions in the manga, their bound to the Demiurgic power of Kishi and how they are represented by him: whether is good or bad.

Creative process is complicate thing, sometimes you to prioritize some stuff over the other: and that is why Sakura portryal is distintict to that of Hinata. being a Main and Secundary makes big differences and Kishi pririotized the Story of Team 7 over the rest. Now, who is part of Team 7 and who is not?

“Well then, why then don’t we apply the same logic to Sakura then?

I don`t think has to be “excused” in the first place ¬¬ I wasn`t bashing Sakura to start with not I consider her affections towards Naruto be illegitimate.

“It’s either white or black”

Only a Sith sees the World in absolutes -_-(Jajaja xD!) Now seriously, Hinata wasn`t “served” in dream-like princes life. he was burdened with a lot of expectantions: the mastering of the Juuken and Byakugan related tecniques prowess. And of course , she didn`t excel and was rather mediocre. Sometimes it cannot be helped: People don`t always have the proficiencies their parents expect fromt hem

Now, Chatte: You always have to your family`s bidding to earn the tiniest bit of love respect? Yes, Hinata, sucked at the Traditional Hyuga Style, you think that the Elders or Hiashi actually took a pause and thought that she might excel at other styles of ninjutsu/taijutsu? Perhaps she would`ve aced at Nature transformation tecniques, for her fine Chakra Manipulation, but instead she was discarded because she failed to meet demanding standards of excellence. Like when some rather selfish parents impose a career tot heir children in spite, their actual skills or preferences. That the children`s parents fault or the CHilden`s fault? For I really doubt that she got a saying

BUT, in spite of all that, you can see Kurenai stating that Hinata worked and trained to oblivion in order to try and to improve her capabilities in an style she showed no proficiency at(in the anime you can see her sparring until she hurt her hands) That mirrors Naruto`s progression from the inability o produce a decent bunshin to become a Master of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

Her “incompetence” is not due to an actual mediocre vision of the world and herself(We had Neji for that at the time) but from insecurity and actual lack of skill(perhaps even well under Rock Lee`s own lack of skill). She didn`t “wished” to reamin so, but that was the case: Not everythings goes out as we might like, regardles of how much hard work we invest in going forward sometimes we will trip. That`s a reality we all must face under the heaven: Hinata`s defeat at Neji`s hands is a clear example of that

Like i said, you just can`t compare the understanding that Hinata`s possess about the Pain Loneliness brings to that of Sakura(She needed Road to Ninja to actually understand it). She had her parents, she had a friend(Ino). tell which of those Hinata had? Even Naruto “had” Sasuke

I think you are seeing the wrong way. WE ALL got bullied at some point in our childhood, Kids are cruel, big surprise. No special treatment because of thatAt least Sakura could return crying to be comforted by her normal/mediocre/meh but still around family(who didnt get murdered or got her ostracized). Since when having a “normal family” is actually worse than having No Family at all or an Ostracizacing Clan who actually exiled you xD?

And People cope with that pain in different ways: Either becoming Roucous Bragarts as Naruto, Angry Sociopaths like Sasuke or Sad Loners as Hinata. none is right, none is wrong.

If you can go all high and mighty pointing out which is best good for you, I certainly don`t have that amount of hubris ¬¬

” She was at Naruto’s side when he’s at death’s door if you ever wondered why Kishi made Hinata trip the moment Naruto was about to die”

For the same reason he choose Hinata over Sakura for the Last Stand against Pain?

Well now, how that`s more important than when he was nailed to the ground with Chakra Disruption Blades, with no means of defence and with Pain about to begin the Bijuu Extraction process?

Both were dire situations, with the latter having the nice bonus of still having Pain standing night next to him ¬¬U Both of them care about the full-fillment of his dream with the difference is that Naruto`s Dream is what saved Hinata(Your smile saved me) I find that to be quite powerful

“Period. You want to say to me that her situation is actually MORE PAINFUL to that of Sasuke and Naruto? ”

Ohhhh but I did Chatte, you are damn right I did. Because you know what is actually WORSE than having no family at all? Is to have it and know that they don`t love you. At least orphans can hope their parents loved them before they were gone. Exiled offspring don`t have such doubts they have terrible certanty: Knowing that it wasn`t a random twist of fate what took their bonds away, but they people who shared bond with them is the one who severed them.

If that kind of thinking isn`t worth your time. Fine, there are plenty of people who engage in such self-righteous tantrums in the Internet, I have become used to it

“What Hinata did there was show Naruto the easy,cheating way out and like Naruto said, in life there’s no easy way… ”

So, when Ino took over Shikamru and Choji bodies so they could answer the exam she was somehow messing with their morals and outlook on the world and not actually helping them, right ¬¬? Do they look cheap to you? That`s a new one…

Now about Sakura: She made that choice but the only thing I saw is that she just didn`t belive Naruto was up to the challenge(She was expecting Naruto to bail out and try next year), that he would fail, so she decides to go on messianic mode and preserve Naruto from his own stubborness. She also misjudiging his character and was reminded tha in fact he was “that big of an idiot”

Her intentions are good nonetheless but share the same roots with Hinata`s offer: They wanted to help him stay on track of his dream but clearly misjudge him. Plus, may I also remind you that Naruto felt lucky that he sat next to Hinata? And he was willing to accept her aid(even managed to overcome the mistrust he felt towards Kiba influencing Hinata), the only reason he didn`t is because a Chunnin had an eye on them…

I have the manga in my hand right now, I have checked that scene for scene, dialog for dialog. So I`m not making any that stuff up.

“Wow, you really don’t understand a thing about love… No wonder… So you wanna say to me that Sakura wanting to forfeit the Chuunin exams for his dream’s sake is selfish but not jumping in front of Pein and respecting his wish is selfish as well?”

So, you are going to pull an Ad Hominem falacy on me instead of actually elaborating on that, Chatte? You are in your right of course, but that is kinda dissapointing

Let`s assume for a second that Naruto isn`t aware that he has plot armor and didn`t speculate that things could go south against Pain. What do you think would`ve happened if everyone “respected his wish” to stay out of the fight and left to rot against Pain? Would we even be having this conversation if it was Iruka or Konohamaru the ones who leaped in front of Pain? Would you label them as selfish? If see the chain of events as contingent and neccesary they you can`t argue with the results: Konoha was saved and Naruto became a Hero

There is saying that “No Plan survives contact with the enemy” and another saying that sometimes depends on random events, acts of god and dumb luck: Such of having someone disobeying your wish…

I will let you to lend some thought into it.

“not when you do it so that the other one can observe the “great oh sacrifice” you’re making for them… ”

So Hinata was going to end up less dead if she had “better reasons”? Naruto would`ve been “less” devastated? Would`ve end up less dead if everyone respected his wish -_-…?

I won`t stop repeting this: At that point, how not intervining was more helpful to him and suddenly intervening became selfish?

If one of your friends is defeding you against a thug, ask you not to intervene, but he is overpowered and left to the mercy of the thug your would still not intervene just to “respect his wish”? If that`s the “right thing to do” we live in strange times indeed…

“Have you ever or would you ever be able to go to those lengths for someone you don’t love, supposedly?”

Friends and comrades don`t love each other? Jesus once said: There is no greater love than one who gives his life for his friends. I think that answers the rest

“The variant of Naruto being alive and well or the one where he destroys not only himself but his entire home and friends?”

Yeah…because his situation before that was such better, Chatte. Let`s not fool ourselves okay? At that point, Kurama saved the day, again, you can say whatever you want about his motives and attituds towards Naruto. But that doesn`t change the fact is that single event(Hinata`s COnfession) is what allownaruto to regain the iniatiative and defeat Pain.

Thanks for your time

EP (3 years ago)

“Because yes, Sakura was an annoying 12 years fangirl, I give everyone that, but just that. Because whereas princess Hinata was all shy and “good behaving” she didn’t do anything to help Naruto in any good way, it was all selfish-based while she remained the same 12 years old self, just in a bigger body, whereas Sakura the moment she had the opportunity, she took it and made something of not only herself, but Naruto as well. This is why you’ll see Sakura at Naruto’s side when he’s at death’s door and not Hinata, if you ever wondered why Kishi made Hinata trip the moment Naruto was about to die. Because while Hinata wanted to be there for him, granted, she only wanted to be there so Naruto-kun can observe how great she is”

Hinata has been there for Naruto when he’s at death’s door already, that was the whole point of her jumping in front of the spikes when Naruto was about to be killed, It’s not like she knew Neji was going to jump behind her. She also doesn’t want Naruto to see “how great she is”, if she was truely that selfish, then she wouldn’t have been smiling when Sakura hugged Naruto at the end of the pain arc. She probably would of been jealous, sad, mad, ect ect

Both of them make reckless decisions to help Naruto.

Hinata could see Pain had Naruto pinned down and was about to capture him, due to her eyes, thus Naruto dies and the manga is over, bad guys win. So she tried to do w/e she could, even if she was a insect compared to Pain.

Sakura tried to help Naruto by freeing him from the burden of the promise, which was also reckless because it nearly got her killed 2 times. Kakashi saved her 1st, and then Naruto saved her the 2nd time. The odd thing is she didn’t know Naruto well enough to realize that Sasuke was Naruto’s best friend and that Naruto wanted to save Sasuke regardless of the promise. Naruto was always doing it for them both. Either way though, Sakura had good intentions.

Anyways I feel like the shipping war is very far out of hand, shippers keep trying to degrade the opposing girl to promote their favorite. When in the end, we know both Hinata and Sakura are good people with good intentions. We’l probably see more of that in the movie as well.

    Random Dude (3 years ago)

    Someone give this guy a medal.

    “Because while Hinata wanted to be there for him, granted, she only wanted to be there so Naruto-kun can observe how great she is and thus she can be by his side.”
    Much BS in one sentence. For someone who’s great at making theories, I didn’t expect her to write…this. Seriously. This sentence is so…*shudders*…I cringed. There are a lot more up there but I’m just gonna use this.

      Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

      I’m sorry but when everyone is glad to have Shikamaru back by their side, you know as a whole and all that, all Hinata thinks about is what…? How she wants to be by Naruto-kun’s side too? It’s everything yet again about her? How she wants to do something, how she wants to prove how great she is and yadda yadda, when Shikamaru has just came back from his death bed!
      So excuse me if I cannot see Hinata-sama’s greatness as much as you do guys… But please, don’t mind me… Carry on!

      addicz (3 years ago)

      hey random dude, why did you not insult Sakura for the same case she done.
      When team 7 can end the war quickly if she shows her awesomeness early but she show it after her Sasuke-kun show up ?
      She does her role as medic ? bleehhhh. Why she sudenly jump in front line after her Sasuke-kun show up and not do it early so her other teammate did not need strugel alone against Juubi+tobi+madara ?

        Random Dude (3 years ago)

        Erm, you do realize that I was not bashing Hinata right? I said give a medal to EP since what he said was awesome, and I said that the paragraph that chatte wrote that I copied with the quotation marks is kinda BS.

        Eh, wut.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        she didn’t have her strength of a thousand seal until after sasuke arrived

        also naruto was happy to see her fighting alongside them

          addicz (3 years ago)

          To anon : that was lame excuse dude.
          1. Naruto boost her up with Kurama chakra.
          2. She is a medic, it means she has more Hyorogan or Food pils. So she has no reasons for no strenght. Stamina ? she is support battle ninja. more resting than fighting.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          “Naruto boost her up with Kurama chakra” So this is more reason why sakura wasn’t showing off for sasuke.

          With her strength of a thousand tseals then she could take on a role more like tsunade where she can be more on the offense while still healing the wounded.

          Also her medical supplies/food pills aren’t just for her to use on herself if she’s the only one in the battlefield carrying them.

        Vic-San (3 years ago)

        Simple it was more important to her to be close since those two were gonna fight and were gonna need more healing then the others why they were the only one that could end the war.. In terms of MMO Sakura is a main healer she will only heal the main group not the rest if she did she had no power to heal when the real need for healing had come..

          addicz (3 years ago)

          To Vic-san : If that that is the reason, before Sasuke show up, the other Shinobi is more importan than her ‘other’ teammate who strugel alone and almost lost his moral after Neji death. And after her Sasuke-kun joint the battle,suddenly her ‘other teammate’ became important. Why not since they arrive to fight Juubi she help Naruto?Just like Shikaku have informed to the Shinobi Alliance force, Naruto is the key to win the War ( That before Naruto transfer his chakra),there is no doubt she informed as well. Why she doesnt go in the front line to support Naruto aka the main figure. Thank to the Hyuuga,Naruto still alive protected by those wooden pike attack from Juubi. Neji and Hiasi use their Kaiten,Hinata the weakest one use her body as shield. She does it because her love and the order from the Kage and Shikaku -> Protect the Jinchuriki and the main Key should keep alive.
          Where is Sakura ? Do her job as medic,of course.. (sarcastic)

Suuu (3 years ago)

Hey! I’ve been reading your website for a week now, and to be honest I am really surprise, you are one of the few narusakus that refuse to give up after the end of naruto.
My respects! But I recommend you to update your website with this hot news
“New trailer of the last 28/11/14″ 18 seconds. How can this fit with your IT theory?
And besides the fact the my heart will always be naruhina, I want to give you cheers

Vic-San (3 years ago)

Yeah most HN dont realize that his end with Hinata is so negative to the core.. as giving up Sakura breaks his nindo never give up.. never go back on his word. Gives up Sakura and breaks his word to him self chapter 3 he accepts and confirms his feelings for Sakura not Hinata.. I sort of knew the last panel on page 18 was translated wrong Naruto is about to kiss her and he is on “like” no one says like when they are about to kiss someone..// Hinata’s confession when saying I love you at the end she gives a little smirk smile like she had done something great.. and when Pain ask her why she goes against him she repeats his nindo..??? why not yell again because I love him?? why shy again?? // Sakura’s confession Naruto knew she was lying Sage mode told him.. he can read peoples feelings now.. that is why he space out a bit he read her internally and most found some kinda of stress in her emotions, aura what ever he use to read people..So from the get go he knew she was lying.. but something that click to me after re-watching the scene on anime Sai told Naruto she and Sasuke were a burden .. why was sakura gonna take Naruto’s hatre cause she was gonna be dead.. Sakura was gonna kill Sasuke and kill herself.. problem is one thing saying kill other thing is actually doing it..that is the big reason why she could not kill him and the other she is a healer she wants to save people so no way she can kill// 693 brings another nice fact for SS by way of Hagoromo.. Sasuke is full of hate there is no love in him.. so how they hell is gonna fall in love with someone he hardly knows since he left the village the only female around has been Karin … also brings another lie into Sakura already blind eyes for Sasuke pretty much he tells everything how he feels about her when question by Kakashi.. nice conversation there why not tell her to face all that.. So now not only there is a lie portrait by Naruto in episode 3 now there is a second by Sasuke on 693..// 700 the Sasuke kids looks like Karin ..Sakura is not the biological mother even thought the kids copies Sakura’s Shanaroo and call her mom.. that kid is Karin’s and Sasuke might be looking for her why we see him looking for someone..

After heart broken over the events of 700 to see how it did not made sense.. I broke 700 apart like puzzle. First thing there is no love.. the pairings act happy there is no love in their emotions.. Naruto is absentee father, Hinata remembering Neji.. why not together in the same shot showing happiness.. Same for Sakura/Sasuke why not together but shown apart .. at this stage I think Sakura is just in free union with Sasuke not married..
Just like in the earlier chapter Hinata is behind and Naruto somewhere else.. while Naruto/Sakura were always together except when Naruto left with Jiraiya..

My expectations of the movie are low on a true fix according to the screener spoilers but they can be fanfic creations dunno..Doesn’t make sense to make Hinata the love interest so late in the story with no backbone.. all is made up in the movie from the spoilers..nothing said on the spoilers point at being in the manga or happening anywhere in the manga..

Suckura (3 years ago)

Give up, Narusaku fans.
This is a reality.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    As Naruto himself, you know, the HERO of this story would say: give up on making us give up. ;) We’ve learned the best lessons from our most beloved hero and heroine so you can come here and anywhere else to tell us to give up on Naruto and Sakura but what you guys don’t know, those of you who hate us so much is that while Naruto has taught us through his bond with Jiraiya to never give up hope, Sakura has taught us through her bond with Tsunade to die fighting, if we are to die anyway… So you see, you can come here and brag whatever you want about how we should give up, do this and that but what you should always remember is that the response will always be the same: NaruSaku fans will never give up on Naruto and Sakura and their bond!
    Thank you!
    Have a good day. :)

SouChirou (3 years ago)

Chate Hi, first sorry for my English, I’m Spanish and my English lvl is very low, I am using a translator web xD, I wanted to thank you for your analysis and opinions, by k give hope ah many narusakus around the world, in this absurd canonization without sense, both your as ladygt really give hope ah all the narusaku worldwide.Chate keria conpartir Contigo by k not the law in your theories, a k things I realized about 700 cap and sleeve 697, just because you know them sure, but even so the conpartire with you.At 697 cap there is a page double k naruto and sasuke are hits ah lian, kishi shows equality between the two, but then kishi shows an expression of the sakura of 6 years between concerned and surprised, this expression does not appear in the full flashblack is new that 697 CAP and does not fit with the attitude of fangirl of the time sasuke sakura, k is obio k cares about naruto, perhaps a form of kishi’s choose ah naruto in a clash of both as the same, by the concern.And in the gentsutsu of the 700 I realized k looking for the meaning of the flowers of sunflower, whose name the supposed daughter of naruto, its meaning in some cultures is “false appearance” and “unhappy love” curious I have.And then at that cap 700 we see a rare change of shikamaru, but k clothing carries in the hokage office is equal k the sasuke of rtn, less the color of the shirt, and if you look at the hanging is equal k sakura carries in last film connecting rtn with the movie and the 700 as well as clothes so curious I have.And then sakura if you look carries on the same point characteristic of karin lip, as well as in the neck something k could be their bites, and hair forks of kushina in the same place she, wearing them in the movie but does not carry them. Espero k me understood allas, oh by the less what you wanted to say, and which you alla helped something, throughout Asia.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    OMG, hello dear! Thank you very much for your words and appreciation, means so much to me you guys, you have no idea! And yes, LadyGT is a beam of hope and happiness for us all, indeed! I can only feel honored to be mentioned next to her. ♥
    Anyway, yes, I kind of understood of what you said and WOW, you are indeed correct, although some things you mentioned here I already observed them myself, some not so for that, thank you! ♥ This theory and my latest theories since the movie announcement wouldn’t have been possible without people like you so thank you once again from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Unbiased bloke (3 years ago)

It’s hilarious how desperate NS fans are in trying to grasp any straw they can.

It’s over, just move on.

    cc (3 years ago)

    Narusaku had development unlike naruhina and what chatte said it true. Hinata was never there for naruto when they were younger. It was always team 7, iruka, jiraiya, tsunade and even shikamaru. Heck even killer bee is important to him. All of a sudden hinata becomes important and falls in love with her in a movie? Thats laughable and mind you im not denying ch 700.

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    It amazing how HN fans are happy over naruto failing his nindo.. even to the point of gloating like the won something..

    Amazes me how people are willing to accept negative events faster then dig up the positive aspects..

      addicz (3 years ago)

      Naruto is not fail his nindo.
      He just move on from loveless relationship from the girl who always look upon someone else to a girl who always show him that he was worth enough to be loved.
      He is just too realistic.

        Vic-San (3 years ago)

        Moved on? still doesn’t change the fact he gave up on Sakura.. If Kishimoto would have stayed true to the beginning of the Manga the entire story-line would be finished..So I am leaning to think he left it as loose end.. to write something else..

          addicz (3 years ago)

          If he was not move on, he get missery then everybody sad.
          Naruto never want to make everyone got sad because of him, and his departed parents didnt want to see him like that.
          Just put your self on Naruto shoes, You have a crush, perhaps love him/her. But your crush LOVE SOMEONE ELSE and stubornly love someone else like the only human alive in the world and put you on Siblingzone. And you have someone have a crush to you. What will you do ? Move on is the only best answer. Is up to you if you still ignore the other one.
          But Naruto CHOOSE to give Hinata a chance,live is just once, why dont make yourself to be happy ? he has made the better decision aka MOVE ON.

Fath. (3 years ago)

Chatte-san, The new trailer Narto The Last is Already in http://www.saiyanisland.com/2014/11/the-last-naruto-the-movie-3-new-clips-naruto-vs-toneri-footage/ what do you think? :)

getoverit (3 years ago)

I’m not gonna bash you or anything but I do have a question.

If your theory gets jossed again, are you going to rely on the spin-off to validate so called NaruSaku romantic moments? Or are you gonna finally accept the reality, stop giving false hopes and move on?

    cc (3 years ago)

    False hope? Do you even know what theories are? Plus this blog isnt even about giving false hope. You obviously did not read her replies to the other guy. She provided facts and common sense into what she says. Unlike you guys who come to narusaku fans to insult our ships. You couple is canon so why bother us? Its annoying

Krys (3 years ago)

Hi there! I just wanted to say that while I’m not a legitimate shipper of NaruSaku, this is absolutely beautiful. All the points you bring up about Sakura’s growth in character and her relationship with Naruto are really great. I adore Sakura and when I read this I couldn’t help, but smile. I think people make her character appear worse than she truly is.

I guess you could say first impression is everything. That’s certainly what it feels like to me when I look at Hinata and Sakura. Hinata came off as a “cute” and shy girl, which naturally tends to appeal to many people and when they hear she loves Naruto they can’t help but root for her. You however, in more ways than one prove ways in which this is selfish on her part in terms of the way Kishimoto handled her character. I want to like Hinata. I honestly do, but I couldn’t ever bring myself to, and I think you’ve helped me figure out why (her selfishness). She’s a doll still, nice and all, but her as Naruto’s spouse makes me cringe. I don’t feel there was anywhere near substantial development between the two and this movie seems to be forcing this relationship sadly.

I can see why you argue what you do in this. When you compare both Sakura and Hinata’s relationship development, Sakura and Naruto were much more developed by a long shot. And I mean LOOONNNGGGSHOTTT. I believe Sakura’s always been genuine with Naruto. He wasn’t treated badly by her in the beginning for being a ‘monster’. She was always honest, and even in her false love confession, she does it with the hopes of relieving Naruto of a burden she felt she’s caused him.

So in the end of this all, while NaruSaku didn’t happen, NO ONE should deny the fact that they were the best developed pairing in the manga. Apologies for any possible spelling or grammar errors. I didn’t read over what I just wrote.

Yuley (3 years ago)

Yea, don’t give up hope. Have faith in Kishi’s story telling abilities. Even readers like us feel that it’s odd and a severe lack of development. I trust Kishi knows what to do after being in the industry for sooo long. Notice how chapt700 showed NaruHinaSaku apart. He’s giving us the slight possibility that Himawari is not Naruto’s daughter. Salad may probably be Sasuke and Karin’s daughter and NaruSaku adopted her because Karin is dead and Sasuke is being so irresponsible.
In the latest trailer of The Last, Hinata exclaimed “Sayonara Naruto-kun”. Maybe it’s a sign??

But anyway If Naruhina is really canon then Kishi will prove himself to be a horrible story teller who doesn’t plan properly for his manga and a mangaka who sold himself for money. And I will boycott his next project.

And for the Naruhina shippers, not disrespecting hinata or anything. Disregarding how I feel about her character, don’t you guys think it’s arrupt and strange at all?? For Naruto who has loved Sakura so much since the beginning to change like that (don’t pretend like you didn’t read/hear what he said in part1 and to Sai). Don’t you guys think it’s weird and unfair for Hinata to deserve such shallow developments? If Naruto’s feelings towards Sakura is a crush, the same goes for Hinata’s feelings towards Naruto! For Naruto to fall for Hinata in that 110min is too unrealistic and too fake. Hinata deserves better.

    Mat (3 years ago)

    Ok, so Sakura’s daughter Himawari has Hinata’s hair colour and just so happens to call Hinata mom, and Neji her uncle. Great deduction. See this is what I am talking about Chatte. Giving theories is good and all and never giving up is one thing, but not knowing when to move on and accepting facts is a whole other. You’re giving people false hope and this is the result. Nice going, I thought you better than this. You may not like the ending but accept it and let yourself and others move on with your life.

    addicz (3 years ago)

    so you say to be a meat shield for the love ones is nothing compare sacrifice the feeling.
    Hinata trying sacrifice her life so Naruto can life to the other day he can continue pursuing whatever his dreams was. Not just for show off.. You insult her sacrifice. You tough of her so cheap.
    When Naruto at the death dor, yes, Sakura at his side, but ignore Hinata wants to save him as well. You know if Hinata suceed reach Naruto ? You Narusaku fans will bitching around againt and shouting ‘Hinata stole Sakura role as heroine’…
    So if Sakura so in love with Naruto,why she is not jump in the front line and show how powerfull she is at the begining intead she shows her skill just Sasuke in front of her.
    You said Hinata is attention whore to Naruto.
    But I say Sakura is attention bitch to Sasuke.
    She has the skills,powerfull one. But why she does not show them when Shinobi Alliance come to aid Naruto vs Tobi and Madara + Juubi ?
    She goes all out after Sasuke comes to help.
    ‘ she play the role as medic’, Blulshit. She abandons her role as medic when Sasuke show up. She tries to impress him.
    I remember when she almost killed by Juubi minons Sasuke Kagutsuchi it, Naruto Rashenshuriken it. Do you know the person she says her gratitude for saving her life ? ONLY Sasuke-kun. Naruto ? Naaahhhhh.
    Still say Hinata is an attention seeker selfish ?
    Sakura want to save Naruto dreams by forfeiting the test ? Blewh. Look carefully who is 12 years old Sakura. She has little respect on Naruto. She FORFEITS because she has NO FAITH on Naruto abilities.
    The first test is to gather informations in EVERYWAY without detected,you blame Hinata because she give the answer/information to Naruto.
    I sugest you to reread Naruto from volume 1 so you can understand why the manga is called Naruto no Narusaku.
    thank you very much.

      Vic-San (3 years ago)

      Lol yeah the manga is call Naruto but what you dont get is NS was done in chapter 3 not 404 chapters later.. when HN begins.. lol

    Naruto.... (3 years ago)

    I’m really sad about the decision Kishimoto made. I mean, I think it’s really sad for Naruto. I read the whole manga, and I wasn’t NaruSaku or Naruhina but this…..plot…. kinda made me really sad because it felt like it wasn’t really what Naruto wanted. I didn’t watch the movie but I kinda get the plot, it’s about Naruhina love yea, gosh. I really wanted this Naruto movie to show the important aspects of the manga, I mean I never thought love was that important. And if love was important, than it was Sakura. But still, they making the whole movie about love was a little disappointing for me. I didn’t watch the manga but I watched the animes and the last chapters of the manga. Yes, like you said there was development between Naruto and Sakura for a loong time than Naruto Hinata. I’m sorry Naruhina fans, I think…uhhh… you need to consider (be wary) that this Naruhina thing might have been for advertisement and money. If you want to go realistic here, then Naruto might have fallen for another girl other than Sakura, but not Hinata. These are my theories that I think is more understandable for Kinshimoto to have done. (From Best to So-so)
    1. Naruto loves Sakura, and his personality is that he will never give up and fight for his love for Sakura and ends up with her. (I thought this and Sakura would fall for her)
    2. Sakura is with Sasuke already and Naruto is thinks he has to let her go so he goes to another girl that is not Hinata (but I heard about the movie and probably Sakura wasn’t with Naruto in the time period of the movie? or maybe it wasn’t long-distance relationship)
    3. Naruto understand Sakura to love someone else so he gives her up and gives him to Sasuke becuase he is getting tired of the loveless relationship as said because Sakura never returns love to him and always acts like friends (this is probable I mean even if you really love a person but that person does not give the slightest affection towards you then yea, you will give up if its like more than 5 years.)
    4. Naruto becomes popular and his personality changes so he starts to like another girl type (omg, if kishimoto did this…uhhhh… not good, not good)
    5. Naruto thought of Sakura as a friend all this time and he goes to another girl – might be
    6. not Hinata, not Hinata, Idon’tgetitItdoesn’tmakesensewtfkishimotoomgwhateffhappenedtonaruto

    I don’t think 5 is true and don’t want it to be true cause that means, the whole Kishimoto story is really unreliable and false.

    I mean people, I’m don’t know everything about Naruto, but look at his actions. I don’t care NaruSaku or Naruhina and but thinks its not totally unimportant. He was always promising Sakura, and he kept his promise and now it’s time for him to get Sakura. I’m really disappointed about the movie to alter Naruto like that. It feels like Naruto has changed and in the animes, whenever they bring in Hinata like in the war time like Hinata comes up and holds Naruto’s hands. First, there’s no time for that, I wished they focused on the crucial thing here, winning the war. Is someone changing the plot? I think like someone is changing the spotlight to Hinata. I started realizing this after that grabbing Naruto’s hand ting with Hinata and she saying stuff like omg I’ll always be next to your side. I meen shes getting the spotlight I do not get why. Someone please tell me why Hinata is getting the spotlight? What’s so important about her in naruto’s life? Did she change Naruto? Of course, it’s not only Hinata, I meen the film makes extra episodes like the one about Sakura going to parallel universe. But, it’s really sad, this is not true but it feels like Hinata came and she steps into Naruto’s face and like forcing him to fall for her. It feels so fake.

    Anyways, Kishimoto why didn’t you let Naruto pick who he wanted to love. It doesn’t have to be Sakura, (but pickingSakura would make it more like Naruto)but not Hinata. He didn’t really care about her seriously. She’s invisible but I don’T think she is Naruto’s type either. Love doesn’t mean choose the person who loves you and was always there’s for you. That can be your friends and your family. This can happen, but mostly not, especially for a guy. A guy falls for the girl he wants to love and GIVE love rather than reciveing love. This might be a cultural difference, thoguh. But he starts to have fangirls and Hinata is kinda like that, but she watched him for a long time and cared for him. Gosh, I did that too, so did Sakura, so did Iruka, and how did he know? He didn’t even pay attention to her and hes the type of guy to go for a girl he can achieve. But if hes really nice, like the one comment up above. That comment made me cry sayign that Naruto wanted everyone to be happy so he chose to be with HInatat and let Skaura go.

    I feel really sad about this ending and Naruto not being with Sakura the girl he loved… it’s probably about him giving up on her I guess. I guess the last comment makes sense. Or it might be he suddenly thought Hinata was super pretty so he fell for her?
    I don’t like this ending, I feel so bad for Naruto, I wished KIshimoto would write the ending again I think it’s just too sad.

    I think Sakura would have made him more happy. She’s bright and he was and orphan. And he knows how to keep him still when hes rishing all over the place. Hinata is okay but personally she is just really random and not the Narutotype. I wouldve liked her if she didnt ruin Naruto’s ending. Are we watching a different anime here, just with the characters that look the same?

      Naruto.... (3 years ago)

      sorry alot of typos

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

This is still going on? I mean ok you’re entitled to your opinion and all that, and to express them… but this is just ridiculous. I don’t have the time to write an essay, but to say Hinata is selfish is ridiculous and deluded. This proves your biased interpretation. In now way did Kishi ever really depict Hinata as selfish, but in fact as selfless, completely devoted to Naruto and through Naruto, her own development. Hinata in most of their interactions cared more for his feelings, and success, etc. That’s just her nature in general as seen when she gave naruto medicine during the chuunin exams, then to kiba as well. You’re so biased it’s sickening. Seriously stop writing if that’s the sort of nonsense you’re gonna spew. PS your reference to the cheating instance in the chuunin exams is hilarious. That shows your lack of understanding for storytelling, and character development. You’re making that scene about Sakura’s intentions vs Hinata’s lol…yes cuz that’s what that scene was about lmao. You’re so blinded by your bias, but I guess that’s why you actually thought NaruSaku was going to be canon lol.

    Anonymous (3 years ago)

    If you read the manga chapter hinata herself admits that she’s being selfish by stepping out. Not hating on Hinata with this but even konohamaru would’ve done a better job against yahiko pain, and he was a genin at the time (and is without a kekkei genkai). Not only this but after ino’s dad figured out nagato’s location, shikamaru’s dad told shikamaru to make sure that every ninja group going for nagato had a sensory type ninja. So had she been more cool-headed then she wouldn’t had to risk naruto almost going nine-tails and losing naruto forever. She had much to be happy about when seeing sakura hugging naruto because hinata almost blew it for everyone.

    And about ibiki’s selection exam: it was pure genious for naruto to get through with a blank paper. Had naruto decided to cheat off so un-ninja-like and accepted hinata’s offer both of them definitely would’ve been caught.

    The way is see it let’s say that naruto’s about to get hit by car. Hinata would jump out in front of the car, maybe pray for the best, and that’s it. That’s pretty childish and dangerous, Hinata isn’t a genin. In contrast, Sakura (if she knew this was about to happen) would push naruto out of the way or tell naruto to watch out for the car or do something more useful for naruto’s sake.

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    In reality NS doesn’t need to be canon .. since is already stated by some many hints that sooner or later will be.. is just a matter of time.. and the events leading to it to happen.. chunnin written exam Ibiki’s rules were misleading and yes if he had notice Naruto copying from Hinata his dream was over.. the entire exam was base on a simple reasoning gather information while not been notice you were doing it..If they notice Naruto cheating would have been automatic fail.. Yet Sakura decided to protect his dream since Naruto would not give up ..Why Ibiki pass Naruto cause he did the one thing he excels at he motivated everyone to keep going regardless of the outcome of the test. The test was not base on how well they did on the exam score did not matter..it was psychological evaluation..

      addicz (3 years ago)

      To Anon : How close the car is ? So risk her life for someone she loves is childish ? So,Naruto parents is childish ? After get stabbed by chakra rod Naruto chance to free is less than 98%. Look at what Yahiko done to Fukasaku. That chakra rod absorbe his chakra. He cannot turn those rods into toads. Nagato just Need 1 move to knock Naruto off. What Hinata donis selfish,but she do it for someone she admired, someone she loves, he is her comrade. Konohamaru against Deva path ? Konoha 8 against Deva path ? it is massacre. Just put yourself in hinata shoes. What will you do if your crush threatened by Deva path. I bet you will do something like Hinata have done. Do something crazy. “If I were Hinata, I better die than I use my eyes witnessed someone who I loved die and use my hand to burry someone I loved. I cannot bear it. If I die, at least my crush still alive anfd move on. And pursuing the dreams”. That my opinion.
      To vic-san : If you see love between Narusaku, then you see it. All I can see is Naruto jealousi of all attentions toward Sasuke.All popular girls like Sasuke,not him. All villagers like Sasuke, not him. Then if Naruto can stole Sakura attention so he think he can defeat Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura is look alike. They are twin. You NS fans always say Narusaku is like Minakushi. But all of you ignored why Minakushi can happen. Minakushi have two different personalities. They are Ying and Yang. NaruSaku ? more like KushiKushi.
      Oh,Naruto is not into Older Women. That is the reason he cannot punch back Sakura when Sakura abuse him.
      Chatte-san,please answer this. NS fans didnt like abusive relationship. Tey bash Kishi because of that. But all of you Okey with SK when you already knew Sasuke stabs Karin in the heart. And allmost of you angry when Naruto move on to Hinata and go away from abusive teatment from Sakura ? Are all of you a bunch of Hypocrites and racist people ?

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        addicz: Say the car 5 yds away decelerating and hinata just lunges into it getting hit and almost getting killed and the car still would’ve stopped if she didn’t get in the way. Pain wasn’t going to kill naruto yet. Naruto had tons of options left. Shikamaru, shikamaru’s dad, and ino’s dad came up with a plan. Minato and kushina had no other options other left, they had exhausted all their options.

        Sakura hitting naruto strikes me as pretty annoying/childish but I think it’s just an issue of sakura just growing up in regards to that. Naruto probably knows that she always had good intentions. I mean it’s naruto. Also it’s not like she almost died trying to bring up naruto’s pulse when in the same scenario for shikamaru she couldn’t do much for him. So she really cares a lot for naruto. I sort of see their relationship like the one in inuyasha with the pervy monk and the woman demon slayer. At first the demon slayer is always hitting the monk even sometimes when he doesn’t deserve it. This is supposed to provide comedic relief in the story. Eventually when their relationship gets more serious the hitting stops.

        Btw naruto is older than sakura.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          Also in yuyu hakusho keiko hits yusuke for pretty much the same reasons that sakura hits naruto.

          addicz (3 years ago)

          What plan ? Straigh attack to the real Pain aka Nagato and Konan ?
          Shikaku Kagemane worst nightmare is Konan. Nagato will kill Inoichi and Choza in no time. That is the biggest older Inoshikacho plan that they have ever made like after Naruto defeat Deva path.Shikamaru is in no condition to fight. Naruto biggest mistake in that time is his order to ‘ Stay Away’ from his fight while he has friends that can help him in fight against Pein.
          Yes,whitout Hinata interuption, Pein will knocked Naruto out, if the Rookie still fight it, Shinra Tenshei them or Konan come to aid and then ‘BOOMMM’…. End Story.
          I never knew October always come early than March.. You make assumption Naruto older than Sakura is because he takes 3 times Genin tests,isn’t it ?
          Dude,the Rookie 9 is in the same years in Academy. Why Naruto take 3 times Genin test ?
          Dude,in Rookie 9 who the only have original orphan and outcast background is only Naruto. They come to academy at 8 years old.
          Sakura have happy family.
          Sasuke is orphan but he has money from the clan and the village pampers him A LOT.
          Naruto hated and not every shops welcome him in with nice atitude.
          Naruto take the test early so he can be Genin and have proper job so he more money to suport himself. And he can be the best Hokage early. haha.
          Naruto is the Baby of the team 7
          Kishi did not show he uses Japanesse class system or not and no years in their birthday date. So the savest answer is Sakura the oldest one and in the Last movie she is the big sister…hahahaha

        Vic-San (3 years ago)

        Lol Naruto saw Sakura first before even Sakura had hinted she was gonna hit on Sasuke.. lol This a lie being brought up from spoilers of the movie.. Chapter 3 1 page we see Sakura enters and Naruto going gaga over her.. where is the stuff you said over Sasuke.. lol..The rival relationship is entroduced after produce by Sakura herself.. but not before so.. yeah that don’t hold water that Naruto likes Sakura cause of being rival with Sasuke..Naruto loves Sakura because how simple she is.. and how pure her heart is.. not cause of a rivalry.. that is a sorry excuse to make HN pairing..

        Wrong explanation of comparing Naruto to his mother lol.. if the relationship Naruto/Sakura was not like Minato/Kushina then Minato would not have pick up how Sakura is like Kushina.. Base on Kushina’s flashback it was Minato who was interested in her.. He defended against bullying even though she did not need it.. as she was big bully herself.. Naruto has never bully anybody.. he has defended himself against people trying to bully him..being a troublemaker and mischief doesn’t make you a bully.. and he gained Kushina’s trust by caring for the one thing she hated her red hair.. What Sakura hates the most her forehead.. what Naruto tries to complement her on chapter 3 her forehead oh yeah .. HN wanna make up stuff it was never there in the background nor in the front of the manga it just never existed.. but apparently time travel does ;P

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    After researching the naruto wikia it makes sense that naruto is the younger than sakura. In fact I like it better if naruto is the youngest in the konoha 9 if that was ever confirmed.

    In regards to defeating nagato/pain I have to disagree. Shikamaru needed a sensory type ninja and he had the anbu ops. They could’ve conducted a sealth assassination with hinata’s help. Nagato was distracted with naruto and we don’t know how much chakra he was using to keep him pinned down. In the worst case scenario they would’ve distracted nagato enough so that naruto could break free. Gai, neji, and lee were on their way to the village. Even with konan mixed into the equation, they still would’ve won against pain one way or the other.

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Holy shit,
      What manga did this guy read?
      Sasuke got pampered??? WAT
      Naruto wants to become Hokage for money??? WAT

      Also, お姉さん is a general term to refer to a young women in her twenties. It is only big sister when used in a familiar context, and Kishim would’ve said お姉さんのよう/お姉さんみたい is

        Lies (3 years ago)

        Sorry fucked up lol

        So, お姉さん is a general term to refer to a young women in her twenties. It is only big sister when used in a familiar context, and Kishimotosensei would’ve said お姉さんのよう/お姉さんみたい in this situation if he wanted it to seem like she was a “big sister” in his opinion.
        He said ” she’s a pretty young woman “, not ” she’s a pretty big sister “.

          addicz (3 years ago)

          To Anon : Team Gai miles away from the village when Pein finish the Rookie. The ANBU too bussy guarding comatoes Tsunade and other important areas.
          To Lies : what I mean is Sakura play her role as big sister matchmaking Naruhina. Naruto wants graduate early so he can make money, show off his awesomeness to everyone and can be a HOKAGE as fast as possible. that is his mindset as 13 years old Naruto. I never say he wants to he a Hokage for money,but for his awesomeness
          Sasuke is the last honorable Uchiha. I can imagine the villagers took pitty on him and pampers him. If not, the parents of those fangirls will tell their daughters to not idolise the Uchiha.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    No. Gai’s team would’ve arrived on time and gai would’ve gone 8 gates on pain if he had to like he did with juubi madara. Also, I don’t recall adult gai ever losing a fight (other than with kakashi and madara).

      addicz (3 years ago)

      We read the same manga right ?
      If Gai so on time just like you have said, why Naruto pinned down by Pein ?
      Why Naruto berserker against Pein ? Why Naruto still against Deva path Alone ?
      When Neji tracking down what have happened in Konoha, all he can see is one of the toad. So, Gai order is to come back in Konoha imedietly. But in rush and no rush potition at the same time. Because he has a faith in his comrades in Konoha. When he arrived, Konoha already in huge craters,and Hinata has healed by Sakura. So, from team Gai when they take a rest -> Konoha,less or more need 30-45 mnt travel time. More than enough for Pein finish the Rookie + older InoShika and fly away.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        adicz: Nope. Pain had to deal with naruto first which is what he came for and there were teams out looking for the nagato so the rookies wouldn’t have gone to fight yahiko pain to get curb stomped like hinata did. They were coming up with a better strategy. Either way a situations would’ve been created for team gai to arrive and help out.

OP (3 years ago)

I think NH sends a positive message:
– If you gather confidence to pursue your dreams, you could make them a reality (Hinata).
– Even if things don’t your way the first time, you still have a chance to find love (Naruto).
– Sometimes it’s better to let go and move on (Naruto).
– You should respect a girl’s feelings (Naruto).
If you look hard enough, you can find a negative message with all the pairings – for example, NS could be interpreted this way:
– The guy always gets what he wants and the girl’s feelings are ignored.
– You can be violent towards a guy, treat him badly, try to manipulate him, profess your love for another guy in front of him and he will still love you and take you.
– Even if a girl doesn’t like you, treats you badly and wants another guy, you should not give up on her, because she will eventually return your feelings.
Kishi wanted to portray how true friendship (Naruto) and love (Sakura) are unbreakable and can save even someone who has fallen deep into darkness (Sasuke). He made a beautiful, but platonic bond between Naruto and Sakura.
I get that NS are disappointed that Kishi has a different view from them, but I just can’t agree with a lot of the things that have been said as a result.

Mark (3 years ago)

Look, I don’t get why there are negative feedbacks here. It’s just someone’s opinion. Is it wrong to have an opinion and a theory? If you come and read this, obviously you were interested in it, or you just want to hate on it. So why hate on it, smh at crazy NH fans.

    addicz (3 years ago)

    Well, NH fans are crazy. Yes,we are crazy. At least we are not Hypocrite and Racist fandom. We respect Sakura and the other Kunoichis as proper housewife. We are not look down at them. hehe

      Lies (3 years ago)

      Wait… Racist???

      Okay, for me that’s the cherry on top of their ignorance.
      Oh lets just throw a random politically incorrect accusation to try and justify our butthurt hate.
      Hip hip huray! *cheers for degrading women and domestic violence*

      Also, “proper” housewife? ( ´▽`) lol

        addicz (3 years ago)

        Yeah yeah,
        Chouchou is a meh ? (she is black and fat)
        Chouji Karui is a joke couple (againt,because she is black) and Chouji still loves her.
        Sarada is a shitty name, they didnt know or ignore it that they insult Devi Saraswati.
        Bolt is a dog name, direct indirectly they insult Boruto is a Dog.
        Inojin is weird.
        Sakura quit her job as kunoichi permanent or not to raise her daughter properly by HER OWN HANDS like Kushina who abandon her dreams as the First Female Hokage just to raise Naruto and support her husband.
        They proud of it. They proud watching their children growing up. That is their true happines always near their family.
        Sasuke abandon his family ? I believe he is not abandon his family,he is on mission looking for informations to make sure there are no Shinobi like the Ootsutsuki still exist in Ninja world. He looking for money.
        Love cannot give his family food,but money.

Lies (3 years ago)

Wtf did I just read?
Seriously, don’t project your own narrow-mindedness onto these NaruSaku fans.

Also, I’m no expert in farfetched name-calling when it’s as simple and straight-forward as salad ( sorry to crush your fantasies ), but um look up サラスヴァティー or 弁財天. Just look at pictures if you don’t know Japanese. Then look up サラダ.

Don’t do drugs, kids. ( ´▽`)

Kris (3 years ago)

Hi there!

I just want to start by saying I have no shipping preference for Sakura. However, I do believe that she has one of the best developed relationships in the show with Naruto and no one can deny that fact.

I’ve personally never cared for Hinata ending up with Naruto and have honestly never truly been a supporter of those two, perhaps for the reasons you’ve given above. I’ve always felt Hinata was always slightly selfish with Naruto. I know there are those who argue it’s the same with Sakura, but she definitely is selfless in my eyes. For Naruto, Sakura’s only shown Naruto that she cares for him over and over and sees herself as the one to have burdened Naruto with bringing Sasuke back. The confession was never met to hurt Naruto’s feelings, only to relieve him of the burden despite how many take it. Again, sure it wasn’t the smartest way it could have been done, but the goal Sakura had in mind is what truly matters. I’ve always liked their dynamics, I really have, but to the point of shipping I can’t really say so.

I won’t regard where I stand now with the pairings, but I will say that being a neutral fan to either SasuSaku or NaruSaku, I was happy for Sakura in the end. I can however say NaruHina made me cringe though. That was just so poorly developed in my mind and it does frustrate me a bit.

Well anyway, thank you for taking the time to write this. It was a nice read and I admire your dedication to this pairing. Apologies for any spelling/grammar errors. i didn’t proofread this.

Rex Julius (3 years ago)

Message of NaruSaku and all Tsundere animes = if you harassing a girl enough time they will come to the conclusion they won’t find better and you will get her. ;P

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