New books of secrets released by Jump Books after the release of The Last: Naruto the movie

Jump Books twitter account announces their future-planned books for release after the end of the original story and the release of The Last: Naruto the movie.


This is a series of books that are supposed to take place “after the original work” and we’ll be reading about the secrets of:


This series of books will be written by Higashiyama Akira who has been previously working with Kishimoto Masashi on books such as the all-known “Naruto – Demon Castle in the light (Prison Blood)” which later on had its own movie adaptation in the form of Naruto Shippuden: Blood prison as well as the author of ‘The Thunder Chronicles – The Day when the Wolf Howled’.



What do you guys think? Excited? Nervous? Waiting forward to them or..? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.



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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

Higashiyama Akira wrote gutsy ninja in which we know parallel of NS-TsuyuxNaruto got canon. Also its clear while he wrote blood prison he liked emotions between Sakura and Naruto. He is basically pro NS. Dont know why give him those novels to write?

kymbaie (3 years ago)

i’m looking forward to it since there’s finally going to be something about sakura because despite being the one of the main characters we really don’t know anything about her. we don’t even know if her parents are ninjas or if she’s in a clan (everything is just implied). so now i want to know what these secrets are

    S (3 years ago)

    Just praying narusaku gets canon. I know it will be it’s just the infinite tsyconomi! In hinata a dream world!

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      Looks like you are still inside Chatte’s MT.

      Let’s remind you: in Hinata’s MT dream, Neji was still alive!

      Explain: if it would be MT, why Neji is not there anymore despite he was in the MT? MT creates the perfect world, and in Hinata’s perfect world Neji was alive. But in the ending + the Last + the Novels, Neji is nowhere anymore.

Cookie (3 years ago)

Man, I feel like Kishi rushed this ending so much to the point where this has to be written. Like seriously, why couldn’t u include it in the manga? I used to enjoy this show, but now not so much.

Nowyouknow (3 years ago)

In other words, it’s not canon.

uchiha ma dara (3 years ago)

Naruto is my life. Please part 3 for hinawari or bolt… Please kishimoto sensei

Remus (3 years ago)

So apparently the movie is doing extremely well with lines for tickets being 3 hours long in some places. I guess that whole “Naruto the movie failing in Japan” thing was just some bs huh?

    blue (3 years ago)

    The one who wrote it is a completely butthurt nut. What did you expect?

    Daniel Hernandez (3 years ago)

    No it isn’t…people from all over the world are coming to see this movie…so that in itself is enough to say no…that the profits don’t mean anything at all…because this is supposed to be the LAST Naruto movie and bit of Naruto info done by kishi…of course that’s lie now but its centered around Naruto still…rest by kishi is about fucking boruto…people couldn’t refund their tickets too…and that video of narusaku that was released like a day after people tried refunding was crap too…its all crap…but Japanese fans couldn’t get refunds and foreigners (us and just basically the world) came to see the movie…i’m not giving up though…I think that time in itself will improve things…word will get out that this ending is bullshit and we’ll get more narusaku in a way from poster and possible info from RTN rerelease and the anime.

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      “people couldn’t refund their tickets too…and that video of narusaku that was released like a day after people tried refunding was crap too…”

      1.Since 2013 there are no refunds, because piracy started spreading in Japan too.

      Also, it is a very oblivious fact that pre-order tickets can’t be refund and they even wrotte it on them. Those who learned from the false advertising of Bonds and RTN are already learned that they should pre-order anything mindlessly – thought, since there were only 30000 pre-order tickets (50 million yen profit), it is not even an argument.

      2.That video was not NS video, you idiot. It was a small video for fans, including several random moments from the anime only.

      lucca (3 years ago)

      see, this no refund schtick came from NS side of the fandom, further perpetuated by chatte but even after many disproved or provided true sources that this is untrue, chatte never cleared this and in fact posted another blogpost insisting the no refund policy was one of the many problems prevalent in the last movie only. now, schmucks like you blindly believe this without even verifying or considering it logically
      1. IF the no refund is the only reason the last did well, we should be able to see a more than normal decline on the next showing dates. none of the “friends from japan” can deny the fact that figures show steady box office – which does not support the no refund
      2. You should know that in japan, advance tickets come with merchandise hand in hand and no refund is indicated before hand. do not insult the japanese people into concluding they were conned because they knew the moment they availed these advance ticket WITH goodies, that you are not allowed to refund
      3. the “no refund” did not only happen int the last naruto the movie. this is true for ALL movies with advance tickets. so saying rhe last only did well because they wer refusing refunds were all baseless lies.
      people should not just take other peoples opinion without doing a little research for themselves. this is what happened to the NS fandom which i dearly love but because people blindly followed, we were constantly fed with untrue, mistranslated bits of information, most of the time taken out of context stuffs and yet we never went out of our safe bubble to at least look at it logically, whether these things make sense.
      lastly, the last movie does not invalidate NS -we can continue shipping even if this movie does/did well.

Lies (3 years ago)

Oh, no thank you.
No more character destruction for me.
It ends here.

It’s just going to be more excuses. Another movie that’s going to explain how non-dertrimental abuse is to the foundation of a relationship and how trivializing violence towards women, victimizing someone and women’s insanity is normal? A “sakura” book that’s going to try and excuse her being the WORST rolemodel there is out there for women?
And DESTROYING “Sasuke”‘s legitimacy as a character and as a representative for those who believed in him as a prime example of someone trying to pull himself out of/ cope with the stages of trauma and loneliness?
Oh, do believe me that fucking isn’t going to help you out of there, but is going to Keep you chained up in self-pity, guilt-tripping and DENIAL. Oh the potential Sasuke had.., if he would’ve only had the respect from Kishimoto that he himself had as a character BEFORE.
But do fuck yourself out of trauma young children unloved by their parents, young orphans left behind, young children abused, raped and treated like garbage ( oh yes this does not only exist in a “fictional world”, I hope you are capable of realizing this )
Do read Naruto and delude yourself that a penis or a vagina can save your world, when all you trully need is self-worth.
Oh yes, the marvelous message of Naruto.
Maybe they should’ve added some people jumping off buildings, children being raped and old homeless people being beaten to a pulp also, cause that’s “cool fictional action” too, right?

Doesn’t matter who creates these follow-up excuse fillers, it’ll be a disgrace, because it’s going to have to be a continuation/justification for this SPINELESS OOC ending.
Lets be real. What else should we still expect from someone who has, in retrospect, had No respect whatsoever towards his work of art or his fans? Which he so readily admitted to himself.
I guess we got fooled in believing in Kishimoto’s benevolence.
Yes, very amusing….. He trully showed us the meaning of “respecting/honoring those that supported you all the way to the top”. Like a brother supports his brother, parents support their child, a teammember supports his teammates, a teacher supports his students, a people support their inspiring leader and, conveniently, a fan supports the creator of what they love.
He trully appreciated us for never giving up on his story for 15 years, didn’t he?

Oh no, but wait….maybe we looked at it in a too positive light?
Seeing the better in things. Might we have deluded ourselves with a positive message throughout the story, might we have deluded ourselves with hoping for the best, instead of a horror-story?
That’s what arrogant imbeciles, who got their way, are still telling us and stalking anti-ending pages for. To very accurately paraphrase what they have said a multitude of times ( which they’ll conveniently deny as this is simply how they are bound to self-righteously express themselves, no suprise there ): “it’s a fictional story so unhealthy messages are okay, I do not care what the effects are on others cause I got my way.”
And they surely did get their way, so this manga might’ve been down to their very very very lowlife level all along. But not really, until now.
Remember how Pein murdered his teacher Jiraiya, Obito murdered his teacher Minato, Kushina, a mother who had just given birth was butchered to death, two dead parents who sacrificed their lives for their son’s future are (mis/ab)used as mere baiting devices to mislead loyal fans into thinking about a well-becoming positive message, Rin let Kakashi murder her and this was seen by the young man who couldn’t stop caring for the thought of her even though he believed he didn’t stand a chance, Obito got baited and mislead into hate and destruction, two families murdered eachothers children, two brothers fought eachothers legacy, a man didn’t get respect because he stood strong alone, a child murdered his family, a father, being just too much of a good man instead of an apathic shinobi, commiting suicide as he became a disgrace to even his son for simply not being enough of an asshole, a superior abused and hunted down a child, Orochimaru, who had before tried it with another traumatized young boy, sadistically Groomed a young 13-year-old traumatized hopeless boy into coming with him to be nurtured into his physical enjoyement of a new body and potential, multiple young children who got alienated, kept from love and the truth of their existence, one of which murdered people without any guilt, another of which fought for his own revenge and justice, others who fought for their own delusional hope of there ever being peace in the world, villages that got destroyed, people who got massacred for the benefit of the “stronger”, mercenaries who lived through lies to cope with their destructive role in a shinobi world?
I guess that’s the Real message, not the positive morals who grew out and surpassed that hopelessness, what we, deluded fans, learned from? But just the remainders of that unresolved negativity behind it.
Oh it surely was advertised as a horror in moral development for youngsters 15 years ago, wasn’t it?
Surely nobody has mistaken Naruto for a piece of art, which teaches readers to never give up on themselves, however gloomy and hopeless their situation.

Don’t excuse blasphemy of a very positive loving potential.

I guess in kishimoto’s case we never noticed how he was trampling us to get to the top.
Good thing he has the same kind of morally disgraceful, oblivious, group of people still supporting his severely lacking “effort” now. They deserve eachother. They’ll both never wake up and realize the ripple they leave behind in others as they are too pre-occupied with their opportunistic selves.
Who cares people are unhappy, can be potentially hurt, as long as you benefit from it, right? Who cares about it if it doesn’t express itself in high numbers, right? For example, who cares about one mere child hopelessly killing him/herself when he/she can’t live up to the unrealistic standards he/she feels are placed upon him/her, when millions of others are smiling, right? Who cares about principles and morals. Kicking someone when they’re already down is how it should be done, apparantly(?)
Let me be the one to say that someone with that sadistically egocentric state of mind shouldn’t get even the slightest light of your day. Not even the shimmer of your night.

Sasuke’s book ( mentioned above ) actually had value, luckily it was written before Naruto’s armageddon happened.
Salute his character development, as the conclusion of his own story was tied into his pure personality and his own sense of justice. However flawed.
Excuse me, formerly pure personality and sense of justice.

Nevertheless, I sincerely doubt they have anything proper/morally valuable/uncontradictory to work with as now all the characters are shelved into boxes as “destroyed”, “twisted” or “forgotten”. No matter how hard you try to justify it. It won’t ever be.
They’ll keep harvesting their 15 year build-up, that made many fans adore them to the fullest, after deciding an unnatural comatose ending for them like some sick necrophiliacs, instead of ending it RESPECTfully.
You can’t twist abuse into something good, for example, no matter how hard you try. Abuse ends when delusion does. Love will not absolve abusive events. Seperation from unhealthy expectations will. Telling yourself otherwise is a sign you are not ready to face problems of that magnitude. Don’t even try to justify it, your mind is simply Not mature enough if you do not have the ability to see this.
And someone lacking moral development to that extend shouldn’t be in power to inspire other people.
Kishimoto’s interviews contradict eachother ridiculously obvious. They are simply that oblivious. It is as clear as purified water.

Don’t try and justify this ending to Naruto anymore. It’s over. Enjoy the past, non-delusional story. Sadly we were not gifted with the message to always look forward, nor were we gifted the message to enjoy the present, when this should’ve been the positive moral tying all characters together, however hard their past. No, instead we are expected to endlessly relive it’s lost potential vicariously through yet another generation that will ( suprise suprise ) repeat the failures of the past.
So like I said, enjoy the past unfinished story instead. Continue that way. Enjoy the pivot points of positive change. Not those of desperation that are glorified for the twisted. Enjoy Naruto being selfless, funny, cheerful, naieve, honest and stubbornly strong-willed. Enjoy Sasuke being stubborn, introverted, justified, honest and pure.
Enjoy whatever the others meant to you individually.

However, as cruel as it sounds, trying to search for answers still, will be like coddling a decaying corpse you can’t let go off and imagining it still makes sense holding onto it because of how much you’ve loved it/how much you feel like it still owes you.
Kinda like what hinata and sakura’s characters end up doing, but they preferred to do it to a living human being that’s disrespected for a toy because of his looks/the idea of him.
Kinda what Kishimoto did to his characters and story because of an “idea” he “had” in the beginning.
Utter Dishonor ensued.

Letting go is hard, but it would’ve been for the best. Especially those characters who were undermining their self-worth because of it.
Now we fans have to, even though that’s not supposed to be the case.

Don’t project the kindness and hope in your own heart onto this dark abyss of desperation that became Naruto’s final resting place. He didn’t get a peaceful happy ending, his character is put in a comatose state to excuse further underdevelopment. So were Sasuke and the others as well.
Lets respect them for who they were, not for who they’re suffering to be now.
I know it is very diffucult to accept how useless it is.

Lastly, yes I speak these words as a non-biased loyal Naruto reader, with principles and moral values, who never even knew what “shipping” was until this armageddon of a shōnen story I loved happened.
I read the story, not the projection of what I wanted to happen as this should be recognized as seperate. Thus what I expect, and so should anyone, is truthful story development. Which did not happen with Naruto, as admitted to, straight-up, by the creator himself. It became a blasphemy to 15 years of development because he had no interest in developing what he so-called “wanted” in the very beginning ( needs/desires don’t change over time, when you yourself change, you say? Adjustments are impossible? Hmm very healthy look on life you have there, but it is, of course, up to par with your opinion on women ). He didn’t feel like writing it, thus he just filler-added it in the end and expects others to excuse it. Then at LEAST he should respect story enough, by leaving it like that, instead of writing even more fillers of what he didn’t give a damn about in the first place and trivializing Extremely negative morals.
Can you blame loyal fans for saying he’s just doing it for the money? Cause it’s pretty flatout in your face, you know. It’s either that or he’s a horrible writer and a horrible human in general. You choose.

If you are that blind that you cannot seperate the 15 years of Naruto story-development from your own wishes, and are so self-righteous that you go blame others for doing the exact same thing, but in their case with at Least 15 years worth of Actual development on Their side ( yes I’m talking about that 15 year long, now conveniently excused as a, “troll” called narutoxsasuke and narutoxsakura), which supports whatever they were expecting to the fullest, unlike yours, you should be abstaining from opinion until you recognize how you portray yourself to be utterly imbicile and narcissistic.
Lets face it, then you never read the story, not without taking your self-centered goggles off first.
It is only through ignorance you got your way. Do cheer how miserable your pityful victory is in a delusional fanfic made-up competition.
Do applaud yourself how you agree to Naruto being hopeless in the end, while we love it too much to accept it being treated this way.
Guess who should be disappointed in who.

    Fengshui (3 years ago)

    Lot of laughs!

    Have I remind you that Sasuke’s character already failed when after Itachi’s death he “still wanted revenge”, but this time on Konoha, then later on the world?

    This is not “pulling yourself out of trauma and loneliness”! This is called “I can’t do anything with this character anymore”!

    So yeah, Sasuke’s character has failed since chapter 402, after that Kishimoto gave new and new “goals” to him, only to say “he is doing something now”.

    Also, if you ever read any long running shonen fight mangas before you should already knew that none of them were planned, they were written week-to-week, based on popularity polls and the advices of the editors.

    Toriyam also did the same as Kishimoto! He confessed that he wanted to stop after the Goku VS Frieza fight + the reason why he had to bring back Goku as the main protagonist for the Buu Saga was because Gohan was not popular enough despite his efforts to make him as the main protagonist.

    And EVERY long running shonen fight mangas are working like that! There’s no exception!

    Also, if you want something with morals + lessons, then read seinen mangas and not fashion hyped shonens!

Nocx (3 years ago)

That wall of text up above is the most delusional filth I’ve ever read. Why don’t you back your wild complaints and allegations with content instead of over generalizations and platitudes. You just go on for several hundred words in the most obnoxious manner.

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