New special footage about love released for The Last: Naruto the movie

An interesting special footage was announced today for the upcoming movie The Last: Naruto the movie by the official The Last: Naruto the Movie Facebook fanpage (Post by 劇場版ナルト.)

A special video was released for Japanese audience only, where it shows Naruto and his story along with the bonds he has made throughout the manga.


The video starts with the all-known painful smile of Naruto’s when he makes the promise of a lifetime to Sakura that he will definitely bring Sasuke back to Konoha, at the end of the video being shown to us the unexpected hug of Sakura’s for Naruto at the end of the battle with Pein and a crying Iruka after everyone starts throwing him up and down while the scene slowly transitions to Naruto and Sasuke in their children ages doing the sign of reconciliation.


If you’re lucky and live in Japan, you can see the actual footage here.

However, if you’re unlucky like me and cannot access the video, you can always find it here.

I say it’s absolutely beautiful and despite this seemingly awful ending, this reminded me of the Naruto series I always loved and cherished.

Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think!




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Cold Soul (3 years ago)

They just trying to comfort NS and SNS fandom any way they can because they know they fucked up big time. The number of seats taken in cinemas over Japan shows how much attention they want to give to this Hinata-sama fest,barely any…

    Steven (3 years ago)

    Rly? From what i’ve been seeing. Several cinemas have already sold out tickets in japan.

      Divergent (3 years ago)

      Source? /\

      Cold Soul (3 years ago)

      Well Japanese media is lying to you just like most media in any country. Japanese fan put on her tumblr TOHO cinemas plans in which the movie will be playing.The plans of cinema showed how many seats are taken for the movie on december 6th. Except the one airing where Kishimoto and SP staff will be present,the rest of cinemas are practically completely empty.In the 2 airings there will be only 6 people present. And also many japanese fans are dissapointed that everything is filled with Hinata.

        Steven (3 years ago)

        I’m suprised you can say they’re lying as if it’s fact.I know for sure that some cinemas have sold out tickets so it’s quite convenient how one can simply ignore that.
        Well, the only way to know for sure weather it flopped or not is to wait a week after the release.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          I think the point is that not all theaters are sold out plus if I’m not mistaken and reading things wrong, junko and some other seiyuu will be present during a movie screening event to be held about a week from now. Why not have this event during the public release tomorrow? The answer might be obvious if everything goes as planned.

          anon (3 years ago)

          ps the video was the trailer not the real movie the picture i showed you was the real movie.

      anon (3 years ago)

      Actually after all the narusaku marketing they just did people came back to see the movie and ALOT of them showed up with pink and orange balloons with the konoha symbol on them. It shows how much japan loves narusaku. To be honest kishimoto if naruhina turns out to be canon lost almost half of the naruto fanbase. Anyway we will find out tomorrow when spoilers start coming in.

    Roel Cisneros (3 years ago)

    I seems the way you’re all talking, you’re all butt-hurt because you didn’t get what you wanted. I honestly am happy for the ending, because it’s what Kishimoto wanted and as long as he did it his way and ended it his way then you all should be happy for him and stop with all the drama.

      anon (3 years ago)

      alright i am back and kishi DID NOT plan for naruhina there is alot of evidence for this first he forgot a lot of things i mean what type of author would do that if he has planned this for years 2nd he said in a interview that SP suggested it ALSO he said he didnt have any devotion to the lovestory of the two which means this isnt what he wanted also did you see anyone REALLY happy at the wedding it looked like a funeral sakura had a fake smile shikamaru had one two and sai didnt even smile naruto didnt even smile and sasuke didnt even come i thought he so called changed he obviously didnt want to see a force wedding and come on why are there more naruhina fans then narusaku fans did you just come here to rant about our ship? I mean WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE we never ever attack any of your websites we only ask kishi to redo the ending thats all the only reason you know about chatte is because you have been stalking our tags and most of you only like hinata because of her breasts and have you ever heard of a main character marrying a support character? NO this was all an asspull welp im done

        addicz (3 years ago)

        Harry Ginny
        Goku Chi Chi

      anon (3 years ago)

      oh and i am back also kishimoto didnt want this the wester fanbase did this is proof Translation:

      Will we see Team 鷹 (Taka) in the new era project?
      Most definitely. I have been planning for that. They will likely appear alongside Orochimaru. After all they play a huge part in Sasuke’s life. Sasuke chose 鷹 (Taka’s) qualities and abilities by the example of Team 7. So to speak, Juugo is Kakashi, Suigetsu is Naruto and Karin is Sakura. They have grown very close and much of a family like Team 7 has. They are left in a mystery for now! They were miles away from Sasuke after the war ended.

      The databook number 4 told us there is no way 香燐 (Karin) would stop being by Sasuke’s side, did she really get over him so soon?

      (laughs) Honestly I haven’t given it much thought. It is hard to find a way to explain how she got over Sasuke. I don’t think she ever would and it was not in my original intention to have her give up. If I was ever going to end the story with romance I had been planning to let Sasuke end up with 香燐 (Karin). In the process I decided to make her a member of the うずまき一族 (Uzumaki-clan). It would symbolize the end of the curse of hatred between Uchiha and Senju and the end of a repeating circle. Sadly she did not gain as much popularity as Hinata and Sakura so we discussed to ditch the idea.

      There are rumors about Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter looking more like Karin than Sakura, what would you say to that?

      I was conflicted when I realized I could not let Karin end up with Sasuke. Things went much tougher from then on since for me it would have been much easier to write Sasuke romantically if he had went for Karin. It becomes extremely hard with Sakura because she is an overly emotional woman. That is why at some point in the story I planned for her to get with Naruto. He’s the person who always understood her. Once more due to popularity reasons the idea was ditched in the progress and she went back to loving Sasuke. I always liked Karin’s design so I suppose the reasons for this resemblance is a franchise I am possibly creating (laughs) I do love all of my characters so it was hard to just not involve Karin anymore.

      How would you describe the relationship between Sasuke and Karin?
      Deep. In fact throughout the times they spent together Sasuke developed feelings for Karin. That became relevant when he awoke a new power to save her during their fight with キラービー (Killer Bee). When an うちは (Uchiha) learns to love changes occur with their visual powress. It increases out of hatred and love – out of the desire to save somebody. Even if they are apart now Sasuke still cares as much for Karin as for Sakura. The two have always been liked on a similiar scale by him. Karin is like the voice of the Sasuke fandom! (laughs)
      so… you messed the manga up D: now leave this site if you are not here to support but hey if your going to say FREE SPEECH then who am i to say no i am just a regular guy trying to enjoy this

troaloa (3 years ago)

I swear to god this trailer just made me real sad about the finality of the manga. Made me even more sad knowing this farce of a movie will be the last.
It was great while it lasted.

kyle (3 years ago)

that’s beautiful…… That’s the theme of this manga “BONDS” not love. well who want to see a movie if you already knew the ending anyway.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    It is indeed… It’s the Naruto we all fell in love with and cherished… Seeing this ending, it’s like something out of this world, heh… ^^

Hemant (3 years ago)

I’m not a shipper of particular pairing, but after coming to know that it ends with Hinata being the girl for Naruto, oppose to what Kushina advised his son, I can see Kishi really fucked up the Naruto story. Im still hoping in coming three part mini series maybe it all turns out to be Infinite Tsukhyomi, lol…. ! ^_^

    addicz (3 years ago)

    The one, the ONLY ONE,who will lead to his own destiny and choose whoever woman,he will spend the rest of his life is UZUMAKI NARUTO himself.
    As a parents, all Kushina ever want is all the best for her only child. As long as Naruto happy, she will be happy too.
    Yes, we all know her last wish is ‘ to find a girl who look like me ‘ :
    -NS fans will translate it,the girl is Sakura.
    -NH fans will translate it ‘the girl who really love you,value his life more than hers’ .
    everything, the decisions is up to Naruto, dude,

      Heyday (3 years ago)

      Absolutely, Naruto has the last word on this matter and their parents should only wish for his son’s happiness… but, why is Hinata suddenly THE ONE? Or don’t you agree that her development with Naruto was poorly handled in the manga and completely overshadowed by Sakura’s?

      Also, you’re undermining too much NS’ interpretation of Kushina’s words, just as you find meaning in Hinata’s love, we find one in Sakura’s. Sakura is a girl who makes Naruto happy (he smiles a lot when he’s around her), she’s someone who understands and cherishes his dream deeply (like Hinata), she’s someone who would give up her life for him (just as the entire shinobi alliance), she’s someone who speaks up to Naruto when she feels he’s on the wrong (as Iruka, Jiraiya, Sasuke or anyone close to him) and overall challenges him and wants to see him accomplish his goals. She wouldn’t be a trophy wife.

      For the sake of my argument, I won’t try to undermine Hinata’s love, at the moment will just ask you to consider that NaruSaku is not simply about Sakura, but about a well founded and healthy relationship that would set a good example for young couples in how two people can actually complement each other (Heaven & Earth).

        addicz (3 years ago)

        I never say that the girl should be Hinata. Any other girls who really really LOVE HIM deserve to be with him. Hell, i actually more prefer NS but not NaruSaku, it is NaruShizuka,NaruSara and NaruSamui. NaruHina is my childhood.
        Like Naruto have said during his fight with Neji. He doesnt believe with fates,his life is his own choice. He believe he has the power to change it.
        Bunshin : Sakura
        Kage Bunshin : Hinata.
        He believes Bunshin is not suit him well, and he learn something similar but different, it is suits him well and it is become one of his power. It is Kage Bunshin.
        The points is he choose to ignore something did not suit him well and choose something different. He was move on to something he believes better for him. He just doesnt want wasting his time.
        I am not saying Sakura is a bad in my statement above.

          addicz (3 years ago)

          For Anon : Kushina is his mother, so, she has the right to punch his own son.
          Who is Sakura for Naruto ? Lover?Big No, Wife? Absolutely Not, Girlfriend? Meehhhh… She is just stranger.

          anon (3 years ago)

          also when in the world did he say bushin didnt fit him well i mean he can still use bushin when making a rasengan its what helps him more the kage bushin also why are you making comparisons with jutsu?

        mel (3 years ago)

        She’s someone who hits him and loves someone else. She’s not who his mother was talking about.

        And Naruto already told his father he wasn’t going to do exactly what his mom wanted.

          anon (3 years ago)

          he never said that he said that he hasnt done everything she asked yet and kushina hit naruto two

          anon (3 years ago)

          Well i thought they were best friends but apparently by your logic if someone knows someone for years they are strangers to each other also if naruto didn’t want it then he would fight her i mean dont use the comedic relief to say its abusive i mean tsunade hit him before she even knew him

Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

Naruto told Minato before he returned to the afterlife he was not sure in efforts to find a girl. Kishimoto did not fuck up he concluded the series as he desired rather than cater to deluded fans like you who expect him to obey your selfish whims. The only person hallucinating is you Hemant

    Vic-San (3 years ago)

    You miss the point entirely is not what the fans want is what he set out in the manga.. He had enough time to reverse public opinion the manga ran for 15years.. you would think as writer he had enough time to unchain the events leading to the pairing very well setting an ambiguious mode but no most of the times Kishimoto put Sakura in the front specially after his come back with Jiraiya. There are several factors here that people don’t consider. Kishimoto never gave each girl 50% rivalry he always had Sakura leading the fight while Hinata was in the background.. even the last arcs its clear established how Sakura moments with Naruto overshadow Hinata’s. He should have keep us in suspense who would be the leading female while keeping the fight equally balance…While many accept the fact Hinata was elected the main female as plain and simple.. others including me don’t see that way as we find more clues hidden the storyline and finding things that to us don’t make any sense..Before raging or responding gloating remember for each flavor there is a different color some like chocolate others vanilla others strawberry..

    If you wanna see the manga as plain and simple is fine but if you want to go down the rabbit hole and see how long it is..don’t expect you gonna hit ground anytime soon.. as many of us haven’t..(remember Kishimoto drew ideas from the matrix :P)

    Hemant (3 years ago)

    Lol, all those NH fans who are saying m the one hallucinating, u guys sure do need to go bck to Naruto chap 1 and start reading manga again. As I said, m not shipper of any particular pairing but after all these years of reading and watching Naruto’s journey and the character development and his bonds with every one, any half witted also can see where stuffs were heading to incase of NS bond. Hinata’s confession during Pain battle was outright lame and dont say that Sakura never risked her life fr Naruto.
    Yes, followers of NH and SS might be very happy with the end pairing by Kishi. But go back read 15yrs of manga carefully and u will see more NS than NH.
    Quite disappointed by Kishi coz had years of fun reading and watching Naruto and believing in his ninja way of “Never Give Up”. In the he proved – Money talks Bullshit walks”. ╥﹏╥

      DemonSlayer (3 years ago)

      Why say “and don’t say that Sakura never risked her life fr Naruto” and not make use of any examples? It helps to re-affirm what you say by using quotes and/or examples

anon (3 years ago)

did you see this 1 it might be fake 2 it might just be a mistake 3 it might be real :D:D:D:D:D

Steven (3 years ago)

Simply because it’s fun to see these theories & analyzes of hers. It’s not like i’m causing any trouble. I’m just stating the facts.

anonamous (3 years ago)

Does everyone’s comment need moderation?

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