Sakura Haruno: third most popular Naruto character

After the unpleasant news with Naruto’s finale, some good news appear on the horizon. According to Meganezaru from Tumblr, given Kishimoto’s latest interview, a heated discussion is happening around Japanese fandom due to Kishi’s latest statements about Sakura’s popularity, given that she is the third most popular Naruto character, according to this source.




Source This is the poll for the most favourite Naruto character in the last chapter: 1) Uzumaki Naruto: 24.5% 2) Hatake Kakashi: 9.0% 3) Haruno Sakura: 5.2% 4) Uchiha Sasuke & Nara Shikamaru: 3.0%* 6) Hyuuga Hinata: 1.3%

The poll also shows Hinata Hyuga as being the least favorite character, therefore Japanese fandom apparently wonder why Kishi stated such supposed things if Sakura seems to be a very well liked character.




After all, it would be no wonder given the wonderful things we’ve seen Sakura do these latest chapters…

Well, at least at the end of the day, we can celebrate this good news. She earned it! She worked for it and she earned it and this is the best memory we’ll have of Sakura Haruno after a ruined 15 years legacy… Like she worked hard and earned the Byakugo, same happened with the popularity and although she isn’t there no. 1, she’s fairly well in the top three, a place well-deserved, if you ask me!

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naruto (3 years ago)

its sad that an awesome girl like her ended up with an asshole . she didn’t deserve it

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Each of them kind of not deserve the other in that way… But oh well, Kishimoto lately, Studio Pierrot and all that, you know…?

Mat (3 years ago)

No offence but for all we know this can be from biased sources or from someone who doesn’t like Hinata, or the ending in general.

If it’s from a NaruSaku site for example it will obviously favour Sakura and Naruto, and vice versa if it was a NaruHina site.

There’s also the fact that Jump has their own official polls to see who is popular. Officially when the polls were put together Sakura ending up coming short with Hinata and was the second popular female character. She was in the lead for a while but Hinata ended winning as most popular female.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I think you haven’t seen the SS avatar of the source… SS and NH are mostly sisters hips and well, I don’t see a SS lying about that. Not to mention if you’d have followed the main wave of the fandom, people pretty much started to love Sakura more and Hinata less since well, at least Sakura punched a God while Hinata all she did was trip over a rock and repeat the all-known Naruto-kun…
    So you see, fake or not, it does describe the overall fandom perception. Plus, you’ve to the source in the picture, it’s Not as you cannot check out for yourself.

      Mat (3 years ago)

      Hey I am not disputing the fact that Sakura is popular, or that fact that she would be in the top 10. I just stated that it may not be 100% legit.

      Also just because some people are pissed off with the ending and what Sakura did doesn’t equal her being more popular. Some people can simply be voting for them out of pure spite, trust me it’s been done beforehand.

      A person can make a poll and one character is much more popular in that one while it’s the exact opposite in another character poll.

      It could also be that not a lot of people are aware or give a rat’s ass about it because what’s the point. Their pairing won and their rivals didn’t, to them no matter what happens afterwards doesn’t mean anything.

      Also I did check it out, it brought me to this monster hunter website thing? Must have done it wrong if it was the case.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Yeah, no. I don’t think hinata would win in a popularity poll which includes just females. All of the votes would go to sakura.

          Mat (3 years ago)

          Actually Hinata did beat Sakura quite a few times in the official Naruto Jump character polls. Go here for proof.

          In the 10th anniversary Hinata came in third with 11% of the votes place while Sakura came in 6th with only 5% votes.

          Also on fan fiction there are some who host female anime characters polls and Sakura is usually in the bottom, and these aren’t NaruHina fans.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          No. The fanfic community does not represent in any way the totality of the millions of customers which buy and consume Naruto products. If Shonen Jump wants to clarify things for fans and Kishimoto they should run a popularity poll just for female characters. They should’ve done this before but now might still be as good of a time to do it.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        But I gave you the source of the news and all. If it is to not be true, then check for yourself instead of just telling me how it might not be true.
        I was referring earlier how if you look around the fandom and the chapters’ content, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that such results are true given that while as the supposed ninjas they are Hinata tripped with her Byakugan, a so-praised dojutsu activated, over a rock while Sakura, a mere normal girl, who all that she has acquired with hard work, wasn’t given to her by default was out there, punching a God…
        As for the popularity polls you refer, once again, look at the chapters’ content around 540 for Sakura who was doing we all know what while Hinata was in a better light.
        But went the party went real, well… look at the manga’s content and their results (popularity or non-popularity based).
        Easy judgement here.

      Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

      LOL, my friend translated it and it was only made by females without given numbers! XD

      So it was not only just females, but there are no numbers like at the TRUE official character polls given in the past, just “percents”, but without numbers they are only as good as taking a CPR romantic… oh, wait, hahahahaha! XD

      But you know what! At december 20th, there will be the newest jump festa expo, so let’s see how many “angered fans” will be there.

      ftreys (2 years ago)

      There’s an explanation for that, and you know what it is. Sakura had to fight because she was one of the MAIN characters, not because she could cope with Naruto or Sasuke. In turn, Hinata was just a supporting character. So, what’s the point in making her fight alongside the Team 7? That’s all. Look, I LOVE Sakura, I really do, but… let’s just face it.

anonymous (3 years ago)

The whole recorded interview was at but now it seems they deleted it or set it to private. :/

Yumi (3 years ago)

You wrote that you ended up with Naruto. So here they do not bother and leave. Your eternal drivel about Sakura and Narusaku me really tired, your theories, your reasoning why Sakura end up with Naruto, your very plausible arguments and sources that are picked up who knows where they are now really, but really annoying! You know what you’re? Manipulative, tell everyone just gibberish to you to convince others that you simply must have the truth and looking for any excuse to make you sink even Hinata itself Kishimoto. Have you finally admit, NaruSaku will never happen! It’s just NaruHina, SasuSaku! Your behavior is really childish. The only real reason why I come here not that I doubted about NaruHina, but because I was mightily amused over your figments of your mind. Every time we read them with friends, one of them is a fan NaruSaku and she told me how stupid person and you still talk to your heartfelt laugh. I used NaruSaku fans recognize and I had no problem with them until I came across you. The more I read it the more I began to NaruSaku fans awkward and miserable. This is because of you I am over most of them hated. The peak occurred over your theory that it is a genjutsu. It seemed to me he really pathetic. -_- ”
People like you and I’m really, really sorry but.
(PS: English is not my native language, so it’s not perfect.)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Yes, with the series I did end up. You won’t see any theory from me or anything of the sorts, however, if you would have noticed around my Tumblr, as well as Facebook page I did announce a certain thing – that I will keep people in touch with what’s going on around the series, with news and such because I have been asked. Therefore, before making silly assumptions be sure to inform yourself with everything.
    Also, excuse me but… leave where? This is my blog. If you don’t like what you see here, you leave. I’m not begging you to come here and read my ideas, blog posts etc. So, I don’t really get what’s your problem and your statements sound rather… unnecessary.
    My theories are my theories, no one forces you to read them you do by your own will as well as the things I write have sources you can verify yourself at any time, without saying I say things without proof. If at the end of the day the source is proven to be wrong, well it will be so, but that isn’t my fault, excuse me. It’s the information that has been presented to me, information that is presented to you as well, as I do give it to you, not talk cute empty words. So, once again, I don’t really get what’s your problem?…
    And I can see English is not your native language, don’t worry. Your malice can be felt behind those wrongly used grammar.
    But you see, people like you I’ve seen all my life and I’ve learned to do the only thing I did until now and I will keep doing as long as I am around here: ignore and move on towards my own things, do what I feel like, write about what I feel, do what I feel, not what people like you would want. Because you are you and I am I. This is my blog, thank you!
    Have a good day!

Elkas (3 years ago)

Very nice post my lady. I like her to along with erza scarlet from fairy tail. A girl of my dream. I guess in the end the power of money win the day. He said he plan Naruhina 8 years ago but keep drawing narusaku he clearly means to deceive. You know what my lady, maybe the word of UNDERNEATH THE UNDERNEATH was not apply to narusaku at all. I just starting to wonder maybe that bench scene in chapter 3 was not narusaku but to open way for sasusaku to happen. When kishi said ninja must read underneath the underneath then he throw alot ns hint,paralel,development because it was a big lie and he means to never trust it. Well i feel like from now on whenever kishi interview appear it will be hurt for me, no good will come from it anymore. By the way my lady you should be carefull incoming naruhina fan who will spread hate here like that TTrasengan.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Ah, don’t worry about those type of people dear. I leave them talk but that’s it. I have my opinions and I stick to them, after all, that’s why this blog is here. If I would post what those people want then it wouldn’t make it my blog now, would it?
    Anyway, thank you a lot for your words. Indeed Kishimoto’s latest interviews seem to become more and more destructive by day, as if he’s trying to burn down his own series, or at least, that’s the impression he left me… I don’t really know what to say more than that…

    Suuu (3 years ago)

    Hey are you a boy or a girl? I thought you were a girl, But then I read that your GIRLFRIEND cheated on you.. So….
    Hey I just want to know ;)

    Sushi (3 years ago)

    Hey are you a boy or a girl? I thought you were a girl, But then I read that your GIRLFRIEND cheated on you.. So….
    I just want to know ;)

anonymous (3 years ago)

I’d expect for sakura fans to be silent since she is/was the main heroine anyway. I think a lot of people would rather use their vote on kakashi, naruto, or sasuke than waste it on sakura in popularity polls (I’d vote for sakura over naruto or sasuke any day. Those two turned out to be one of the lamest characters in shonen). If they have a popularity poll strictly for female characters I think that sakura would win by a lot.

Lady Diana (3 years ago)

OMG, you know what ?! I was discussing with mah girls about Sakura’s popularity (and the fact that it must have increased with Kishimoto’s recent shocking statements) and that’s EXACTLY when I saw your post xD ! What a coincidence !
But gosh, I never thought I’d see the day when Sakura would top Sasuke in a popularity poll, even if not official.
Now, as somebody said above, it *might* be biased and the only way to find out would be for JUMP to hold another popularity poll since the last one we have for NARUTO dates back to chapter 584 (meaning, before Sakura’s great deeds during the war). But I don’t think they’d hold one for a finished series…

BTW, I’d like to ask you something since you have an impressive amount of data : a few months ago, JUMP had this little poll for people to choose their all-time favourite female leads, and the results were #1 Nami from OP, #2 Rukia from BLEACH and #3 Sakura (there was a #4 as well but I didn’t know her). I can’t remember if they held this poll on their website or if it was in the actual magazine, but I’d like to know if you have seen this and if have saved a screenshot of the results of this poll ?
I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you for everything you do for the fandom. Keep up the good work ♥ !

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Hey dear, haha! I don’t really know if the one you told me about was about popularity poll or anything else, but I remember there were the three of them and one more – can’t remember which one either – and each of them had a speech bubble in which there was written a meal type name or something like that? I believe that’s the one you’re talking about… I will try to search it and come back with the info if needed. :) Thanks for the feedback! :)

getoverit (3 years ago)

i was on the impression you follow your word that you would stop posting naruto related work since said your farewells, i guess i’m wrong… hypocritical zombie, you never die do you? even with fire.

Syeda Buraira (3 years ago)

Hey girl!
I recently discovered your site and I am so glad that I did. Better late than never, right. I wanted to tell you don’t let negative comments get to you. You are doing a fabulous job. This is your blog and you have freedom of expression. You can do whatever you want. So this is my message to the people who don’t like your blog, thoughts and opinions, namely yumi and getoverit, stay away don’t comment just ignore.
I worship sakura-sama. If it were up to me I would rename the series sakura instead of naruto. Sakura-sama is my all time favorite character. That’s why I stay away from anti-sakura posts. I mean what’s the point of torturing myself. But that doesn’t mean I am doormat and will let sakura haters walk all over me, if someone says anything negative on a pro sakura post I retaliate strongly. I am an ardent believer of expressing ones thoughts and opinions freely but as long as it’s done in their own territories. I personally multiship sakura and believe that she can be paired with any character but i always thought she would best match with naruto in the canon universe. I am highly disappointed with the manga ending and the last movie because she was reduced to a side character. After all the things this flawed yet soulful character went through, she deserved more screen time and respect. At least way more than hinata did. I know for some peculiar reason Sakura is the most hated and bashed character of naruto. And this fact greatly disappoints me, saddens me, hurts me, crushes me. But I am ok coz my choice is unique and definitely not mediocre. Anyways thanks for sharing your valuable information, thoughts, opinions, theories. I really appreciate them. Take care

Hello (3 years ago)

Hello there. English is not my native language so please forgive me.

I stumble upon this site today and saw this.

I watch Naruto The Last movie last week in Japan. I watch it at the second day. I and all other people thought the movie was amazing(?). Much camera crew also interview many people after watching the movie for a advertisment. A few days later I saw it on tv. All people in the advertisment said they like or love the movie.

They also ask who their favorite(?) character, and many say they like ‘Naruto Uzumaki’ and ‘Hinata Hyuuga’ after watch the movie.

So I want to say that many people from Japan agree(?) that Hinata is the popular girl character in “Naruto”. I want to say this for your information(?)

Sayonara! (Means ‘Goodbye(?)’) *0*/

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    If you’d have a source for what you’re saying, that’d be great!

Marie (3 years ago)

OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me! This site should be renamed Sakura the third most popular character? Really? First of all, that source of yours, where does that come from? It could be some random poll on a NaruSaku page. There have been official popularity polls for the Naruto characters for a while now.
Here it goes:
Poll 1- Sakura 5 / Hinata 10
Poll 2- Sakura 14 / Hinata 6
Poll 3- Sakura 9 / Hinata 6
Poll 4- Sakura 10 / Hinata 12
Poll 5- Sakura 8 / Hinata 9
Poll 6- Sakura 12 / Hinata 13
Naruto Databook 3 Character Poll- Sakura 6 / Hinata 11
Naruto Tenth Anniversary Poll: Sakura 5 /Hinata 3
Poll 7- Sakura 6 / Hinata 20
Poll 8- Sakura 11 / Hinata 8
Poll 9- Sakura 12/ Hinata 10
Poll 10- Sakura 10/ Hinata 8

And also this:

Clearly Sakura is not as popular as you like to believe, particularly for a main character. She might have beaten Hinata on some if those polls (not even half of them lol), but considering that Hinata has like 20x less screen time, that’s nothing to brag about. And if you would bother to read comments on general sites (not NaruSaku or NaruHina oriented), you would realise how much people mock and dislike Sakura. Just go on Naruto forums, facebook pages or Chapter reaction video on Youtube to see for yourself. Even I was taken aback by the level of dislike toward Sakura.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Lol, you really didn’t get anything from what I’ve been saying here, do you? Narutoforums and Youtube? LOL, quite the examples you gave there…

      Mat (3 years ago)

      Well considering they have millions of people on there with different opinions of anime characters i would not be laughing. Also considering you use Heaven and Earth a NS fan site as a source information from them would be biased. At least forums have a combination of both instead of a site that’s biased towards just one pairing.

      Also while I would agreed that some from Japan didn’t care for the Last same could also be said about RTN. You guys make it sound like the majority of Japan ship NaruSaku, whenever I ask where’s your proof I get no answer.

      Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

      More believeable than your “source”, which is… a man who posted a picture from… which site again? Oh, yes, from a “mysterious site”.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    If you tally up the votes (excluding the tenth anniversary poll and the character databook 3 poll which I’ll get to later), Sakura is more popular than Hinata. Sakura has a total of 25,360 votes while Hinata has a total of 25,112 votes.

    The argument about Hinata appearing like 20x less than Sakura isn’t valid since Iruka appears like 20x less than Hinata and he has a total of 42,215 votes. We already know the character so there’s no need for more exposition to be able to vote in a popularity poll.

    The character databook 3 poll is just a compilation of the polls 1 – 6 so there’s no need to count those votes again. The tenth anniversary poll was only given in the English version of Shonen Jump. In this same poll Iruka didn’t make it into the top-7 (ranking below Shino) and Kakashi tied with Kiba at 6th place. Also, it’s kind strange that they gave their numbers in terms of percentages instead of giving absolute values. My guess is that if they had given their tally the results would’ve been something like the following:
    1st place – 100 votes
    2nd place – 70 votes
    10th place – 1 vote. I’m exaggerating but I think my point is clear.

    So adding up the numbers now I really don’t see how Sakura is more popular than Hinata (in Japan) and how Kishimoto convinced himself to make Hinata the main heroine when Iruka is a side character and is one of the most popular among readers (in Japan). Using that same logic Iruka should be the main character since he has the greatest ratio of votes per appearances.

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      Using his own logic, Kishimoto should’ve made IrukaxHinata since they both have a low number of appearances compared to the main cast.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Sorry I made a typo in the last paragraph at my 3rd to last post. What I meant to say is that according to character polls, Sakura is more popular than Hinata. Whoever says that Hinata is more popular than Sakura hasn’t added the poll results correctly. Below are the official poll results and my tally.

        Iruka Umino (Character Polls 1 – 10)
        1. Iruka Umino – 7,128 votes
        2. Iruka Umino – 1,562 votes
        3. Iruka Umino – 4,627 votes
        4. Iruka Umino – 3,855 votes
        5. Iruka Umino – 4,128 votes
        6. Iruka Umino – 2,232 votes
        7. Iruka Umino – 3,722 votes
        8. Iruka Umino – 5,023 votes
        9. Iruka Umino – 4,494 votes
        10. Iruka Umino – 5,444 votes
        Total: 42,215

        Naruto Databook 3 Character Poll
        Iruka Umino – 23,532 votes

        Sakura Haruno (Character Polls 1 – 10)
        1. Sakura Haruno – 3,055 votes
        2. Sakura Haruno – 359 votes
        3. Sakura Haruno – 1,186 votes
        4. Sakura Haruno – 1,348 votes
        5. Sakura Haruno – 2,394 votes
        6. Sakura Haruno – 1,359 votes
        7. Sakura Haruno – 3,557 votes
        8. Sakura Haruno – 4,009 votes
        9. Sakura Haruno – 3,188 votes
        10. Sakura Haruno – 4,905 votes
        Total: 25,360

        Naruto Databook 3 Character Poll
        Sakura Haruno – 9,701 votes

        Hinata Hyūga (Character Polls 1 – 10)
        1. Hinata Hyūga – 553 votes
        2. Hinata Hyūga – 1,002 votes
        3. Hinata Hyūga – 1,534 votes
        4. Hinata Hyūga – 1,182 votes
        5. Hinata Hyūga – 1,598 votes
        6. Hinata Hyūga – 1,048 votes
        7. Hinata Hyūga – 2,100 votes
        8. Hinata Hyūga – 5,789 votes
        9. Hinata Hyūga – 4,517 votes
        10. Hinata Hyūga – 5,789 votes
        Total: 25,112

        Naruto Databook 3 Character Poll
        Hinata Hyūga – 6,917 votes

      Mat (3 years ago)

      I don’t know where you got your numbers from because I did my own and Hinata’s total votes were 25529 and Sakura’s were 25360 and I used excel and an official source. Plus when you factor in the 11%, if i were a number instead, Hinata would still beat Sakura as the poll was in the thousands so roughly 500-600 differences between Hinata and Sakura.

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        I got my numbers from here

        I added character polls 1 through 10.

        Also you can’t really factor the 11% properly because it’s in relative terms and given to English speakers and in what world does Kakashi rank the same as Kiba?

          Mat (3 years ago)

          Don’t look at me about the Kiba and Kakashi thing.

          Mat (3 years ago)

          Ah my bad. I was wrong.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          No foul done.

TJ (3 years ago)

Um, what? How legit is this? Sasuke being less popular than Sakura and having the same popularity as Shikamaru? This looks like total garbage.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Why is it so hard to believe that people might actually like Sakura tad bit more than Sasuke given the presented dynamics as well as Shikamaru on the same level as Sasuke? After all, Shikamaru might not have all those flashy cool powers, but he’s a cool character himself, we mustn’t forget that. Plus… Sakura in an ironic way did more damage to Kaguya in a blow than Sasuke in the whole fight – that is if you look at the overall picture. So you see, it wouldn’t be that out of this world for it to happen, not to mention that many people identified themselves with Sakura when the Kaguya battle was over, given that everyone was just done with this whole thing…
    As for the source, you have the Twitter account of the poster as well as the link in the image (click for enlargement). If you find it hard to believe, you can always check it for yourself. :)
    Bear in mind that this poll is per chapter 699/700 as you saw in the picture’s description.

      Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

      Sure, the “newest”, on which site again? Because your pal forgot to link the site where he found it. ;P Sorry, no link to the site where your pal found it, no believeable.

    Misunderstxxxd (3 years ago)

    I don’t think the statistics stated above are garbage, but you are right about Sasuke. He has always ranked in the top 10 and has never scored below Sakura. However, this is a manga targeted to boys so it makes since that the viewers would choose cool guy characters.

    Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Gaara are 4 characters that have always been on the Top 10 list and rank the highest in terms of popularity.

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      Sakura’s placed over Sasuke before in character popularity polls, for example character poll #7. And no, I don’t think Sasuke is not one of the “cool guy characters”. By this I mean he’s not type of character which you can put into a manga panel with him just watching paint dry and it somehow turns out genius. He’s not Kakashi, for example who placed within the top-3 in 9/10 polls (the only one in which he didn’t, he placed 4th). Seriously, Kishimoto had to kill this guy at some point so that he wouldn’t outshine the main character and still if you add up all the votes I wouldn’t be surprised if Kakashi has more. As for Naruto, I’m expecting for him to not be such a lame-o with him being Hokage now (and grown up).

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Shizune and the rock-village girl that’s Tsuchikage now should make it up in the rankings if there’s another character popularity poll. Shizune because she has some sick jutsus (still can’t believe how she bluntly said Sakura surpassed her). The Tsuchikage now because of the not so amused look she gave Naruto with his tardiness in the last panels finally made me realize how these kids finally grew up. It wasn’t the Kage hats. The not no amused look from the other Kages looked forced to me for some reason. But nonetheless, forced or not, it was banter between these very important people which was amusing to read considering the setting.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          Kishimoto should also draw that Japanese initiation thing where they drink sake that Gaara told Naruto for when he becomes Hokage.

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

Well here’s something I can agree on. Sakura does deserve a place in the top 3. I do have characters who I favour over her, like Gaara is my favourite side character, however I would say Sakura is a more important character and thus deserves a place in the top 3. She was veryyyyy annoying in part 1 in my opinion but her character really evolved in part 2.

Vatsa (3 years ago)

I am at least happy that sakura got what she deserved , Chatte my real problem with naruto ending is i never cared about pairing that much even if i did i wanted to it to be NH and SS but the way it is done i cant accept or settle myself with the way kishi did this.
As for as sakura, if i were her i would never forgive kishi for treating her like this , most of the time he ignored her and made her a cry baby even at 694 or 695 she cried for sasuke! I expected her to be at the same position as other two not just being in team 7 but also by jutsu strength. When kaguya entered i had hope that may be she will be powered up or something like that but again disappointment. In 4th war when they summoned 3 way dead lock others got updated while her’s first sentence was Tsunade sama will be proud!….? In spite of this she is one of my fav characters because she is realistic and normal., but there is no rule that normal people should live normal and died normal. My deepest wish in Naruto series was to see sakura capable of defeating naruto or sasuke in a fair fight!

Anrie (3 years ago)

I dont know what your point.. if Sakura more Popular than Hinata.. so what.. she is a main Heroine that’s not surprising.. she’s deserve more popularity than Hinata? of course she deserve that.. even she deserve than other female character.. because, like I say.. she is a main, what the point you over proud with that?.. unless if Hinata more popular than sakura.. that surprisely amazing for Hinata who only side character get more popularity than sakura the main heroine
sakura’s Cool.. I say yes
sakura strong.. I say yes
sakura cute.. I say yes
sakura more Badass in the last chapter mangga.. definetly YES
Hinata more weak than sakura.. maybe I say yes
Hinata to shy and no development.. if you say that.. well ok.. I say yes if that make you happy
Hinata not Independent and only depend naruto or the other.. ok for you I say yes
even if Hinata last popular, ultimate fucking bitch, or being main Villain like Kaguya but weak version.. anything you say or thinking..
if kishi wanna make her with naruto.. she will be with naruto..
if kishi wanna make naruto being Asshole.. Naruto will be an asshole,
or if kishi wanna make rock lee most handsome man in Konoha.. that Lee will be.. its kishi story.. even if Hinata less popular than ichiraku ramen guy daughter.. that will never change story that kishi made

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    The point is simple: it’s a post where I inform people of a certain thing as well as my opinion besides the info. What’s so hard to grasp?

Rex Julius (3 years ago)

LOL, sorry girl, I am a huge Sakura fan, but even I can tell it that this (only) “poll” is incredible bad and not reliable because of 3 huge drawbacks and problems:

1.This poll is not made by Shonen Jump, but a random site which has nothing to do to the Shonen Jump. Official character polls are only made by Shonen Jump.

2.This poll was made up ONLY by females, so males are not counted in it, which also makes the poll stupid.

3.The biggest problem with it: there are NO numbers, and not just vote numbers are missing but it also don’t mention how many people “voted” or participated in it! Without numbers percents are truly good for nothing, because if it was just 50-60 person, than I don’t need to explain why it is “misleading”. So unless you can show MORE sites with the SAME polls OR an OFFICIAL SHONEN JUMP poll, than this Livedoors only good for teasing female Sakura fans.

Also, you brought up the WORSR “feats” for Sakura. Let’s see why:

1.”Sakura getting the Byakugo”

Half of Sakura’s fans admitted that it was a sudden asspull from nowhere, because unlike Naruto and Sasuke Sakura wasn’t shown training in Part II (real time) and unlike the other two she never hinted that she will have this technique.

Also, what did she accomplished with this technique:

Yes, even getting Tsunade’s ultimate jutsu was only good for defeating fodders and landing one single punch on the worst female character in Narutoverse, which is funny, because Sakura couldn’t even hit Madara, yet she could hit someone who is “stronger” (cough, cough) than Madara?


Still can’t believe you are riding on simple medical treatments. It’s her job and if not only but the best thing to do to heal others.

But if you ares till riding on it because of your shipping, sorry, I am a Sakura fan, but I don’t like any shipping around her (SasuSaku, NaruSaku ect). And CPR is everything but not romantic. With your logic, Munsu and Hwang are also a “romantic couple” because Hwang give Munsu a CPR, but we all knowing they are not. Kishimoto (like the “Kushina parallels) used it only to give more misleadings to shippingers.

3.”Defeating Kaguya”

Couldn’t stop laughing. Look, I liked her and Chiyo’s fight againts Sasori, but “defeating Kaguya” makes me laugh. Let’s just see what happened before the punch and how did Sakura was able to land that punch:

Yup, Sakura, like in all previous fights, was almost killed if somebody wouldn’t save her, and the only reason she could land that punch was Kakashi landed her on Kaguya while Kaguya was only carring about Naruto and Sasuke. Even Tenten could do that punch, but since Kishimoto wanted give a Team Seven moment Sakura had to do it. So bad that knowing that nothing could kill Kaguya, the chance that Kaguya would simple killed Sakura without giving a fart could easily be happen if Sasuke and Naruto wouldn’t seal her.

4.Sakura’s Byakugo Chakra Stronger Than Rikudo’s chakra

I don’t think it has to be explain.

About your comment that Sakura is stronger than Sasuke, let’s see what happened in the legendary Sakura VS Sasuke “fight”

Sasuke knocked out Sakura with a weak genjutsu. Didn’t even needed Susanoo againts her.

About “how much Kishimoto’s words are true about character popularity” I think the only TRULY RELIABLE anwer would be the next japanese Jump Feast which happens on on this weekend (december 20th, 21th).

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    You know that all the arguments you brought here can be turned backwards just like you did?

Misunderstxxxd (3 years ago)

Hey cool article but sorry that was not accurate statistics haha. The real character polls can be found in the actual manga or on the naruto website or wiki

Sakura has never ranked above a 5 which is not bad considering how many characters there are in Naruto. Depending on the chapter she floats between rank 5 to rank 14. :)
That aside am I the only one who found the ending to Naruto hilarious. Wtf does Sakura end up a single mom… *awkward laugh*

And I can’t but picture this scenario for it to make sense.

Sakura: I missed my period.

Sasuke: Good for you.

Sakura: No, that means I might be pregnant

Sasuke: …I think I’m going to walk the earth again, so much pain and destruction I’ve caused. I need more reflection.

-_- Really Kishimoto

Matty (3 years ago)

I’m really happy that fans appreciate Sakura as a character! I’ve loved her since the beginning. Flawed but rightfully so, I enjoyed her quirky behaviour in Part 1 and often times served as comedic relief. Her determination and resolve was shown in a few fights, where often times she never backed down and remained unflinched although severely injured. I’m happy things ended how they did. Her dreams were fulfilled, and with Naruto their love remained unchanged for Sasuke despite his actions. While rereading part 1 it’s easier to see how much Sasuke loves and respects Sakura, notably during the chuunin exams and prior to the hospital rooftop fight. I believe At first I was kind of shocked she caved that easily to Sasuke’s sudden change of heart in the end, but I believe at the same time she had been wishing for that moment since he thanked her. (and thoughtfully knocked her out LOL)

Rex Julius (3 years ago)

And it was made after your bias “poll” by a japanese comic, which is truly about animes and both genre were included not just females, but looks like japanese females also don’t like Sakura neither. XD

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Chill out dude. Two different stuff, no need to get your jimmies rustled.

Sarah (3 years ago)

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