Japanese fandom not being so positive about SasuSaku in regards to Naruto series finale and The Last: Naruto the movie

As a general consensus given the first part of Naruto franchise, it is very well known that SasuSaku had once upon a time a quite large fanbase, given Sakura’s love for Sasuke in her early pre-teens. This was, however, all back in Part 1 when Sasuke hand’t had left Konoha, when Team 7 meant something more to him than it latter becomes, when his connections with them were still active.

However, as Part 1 finishes and Sasuke ruptures his tie with his former comrades, the situation between them becomes more and more complex and morally-gray over the course of the series, Sakura, however, getting what one would call “the short stick” given that in canon, after Sasuke has broken his bond with her, broken remains and no matter Sakura’s desperate pleas, she doesn’t get to touch his soul, like the likes of Itachi, Naruto and to some extent, Karin Uzumaki as well.

However, given its former glory, at the end of the series, given that chapter 700 suggests to us that ironically, Sakura and Sasuke have ended up together with a kid that looks like a copy-cat of Karin Uzumaki, and the latest news in regards to The Last: Naruto the movie, one would have expected that the reception of SasuSaku in Japan would be maybe somewhat better seen.

However, apparently it happens that not even SasuSaku can get under the skin of the Japanese fandom given its context in the ending following the manga’s events.

On 2ch, after the release of the movie fans have quickly gathered to discuss impressions and the Anti-The Last thread seems to be the popular one where critiques in regards to Naruto’s ending given its presented context in canon manga,  are discussed, SasuSaku had its turn and some interesting opinions in regards to their dynamics have surfaced:

89 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/10(月) 15:59:40.29 ID:QcBArsNrG
Sasuke and Sakura tried to kill each other
Especially Sasuke was serious
It wasn’t a misunderstanding to anything. He really tried to kill her.
Now they’re showing it as if the ending is okay there was nothing wrong?
Fans that are praising this have something wrong in their brain

176 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:11:35.70 ID:qNBVbBzV0
Especially the way he tried to kill her was very cruel it left an impression
He tried to smash her face with a chidor held her neck and tried to cut it
Until the very last he said “I have no reason to be loved or to love you” and he put her in a cruel genjutsu
Then in 699 he’s suddenly acting all nice
Then suddenly time has passed and they made kids~are they making fun of us
If this is acceptable a marriage between Onoki and Moegi should be applicable
As long as they can make kids biologically the pairing doesn’t seem to matter
It’s laughable that they call this romance
Not only regards to love but the whole story was so half-assed
They threw away the problems of the cycle of hatred, the Kaguya relations,
Sasuke was redeemed with only the few panels of Kakashi
There is a limit to who bad they can do their work
It doesn’t have the complete introduction, turn, development, conclusion
They did this for 15 years and this is just unacceptable

177 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:17:34.61 ID:aYZfNYjj0

If they had Kishi say, “That was Uchiha sickness” it could have been understandable

180 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 01:24:56.67 ID:19KNylZl0

The Uchiha sickness Is as unacceptable as having a serial killer be judged as not guilty due to some mental sickness

199 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 06:06:56.14 ID:j8m/S9D50

It’s amazing that they could produce the bad Uchiha DNA when they keep on insisting that everything is wrong from this DNA

200 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい転載は禁止2014/11/11(火) 06:49:47.58 ID:j8m/S9D50
The core reason is there
The Uchiha DNA is wrong is a double edged sword
In place of not being responsible for individual crimes they will be responsible for not producing further of those harmful seeds
The world is not always beneficial

It’s painful that the kids reading the manga don’t realize how stupid it is that a man who was excused from crimes is producing the DNA that caused them in the first place


Given the context of the dynamics between the two of them presented to us in the latest chapters precending the series’ finale along with the dynamics presented in the second part of Naruto series, SasuSaku’s relationship dynamic seems to, at the end of the day, leave behind a worrying message as concluded by Japanese audience itself.

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Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

If trying to stab her in inacceptable, why a girl who was actually stabbed(Karin) is more acceptable?

P.S.: Serial Killers with mental sickness are declared incompetent to be judged in courts of law(they go to health institutions, not prison)

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    The stab is merely a physical representation of the heart pain Sasuke brings to Sakura given her love for him. It is merely pointing how the dynamics of the two just don’t work, whereas the dynamics between Karin and Sasuke have been portrayed as more positive than those between Sasuke and Sakura.

      Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

      Because nothing is more possitive than adding lethal injury to attemp of murder :P

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        I don’t think you understood what I meant by that, but if that’s how you feel about it than sure, to each his own. :)

          Nicolas Lemir (3 years ago)

          Yeap, I did. The thing i don`t know how after Sasuke explicitly discarded karin as an expandable asset and was ready to finish her off just to cover up his tracks is in anyway more possitive.

          ..Or the OOC karin that after ,also explicitly, said she was done with him(as we all assume any sane woman would do) buys his apology , that probably he didn`t mean at all, and tearfuly runs to his aid..

      Bryon (3 years ago)

      It makes sense whatcha said, Chatte, since Sasuke had never done anything but cause Sakura pain and suffering with her feelings for him, and it seems even with a canon “win” for SS that Sasuke still causes her suffering since he’s NEVER THERE for her and Salad… :( What I just wanna know is if she and Naruto regret the fact they’re not together now since neither of them seem happy in their respective marriages.

        kevin (3 years ago)

        where exactly do you see that they are not happy in the marriages? or did salad and sakura even look remotely peturbed when we saw them? in the last chapter salad commented on her dads personality, which is proof that he is not a stranger to her..which could imply that despite the travels he still makes time for them

        Slayer (3 years ago)

        @Bryon We haven’t really seen Sasuke and Sakura since their marriage so no one has any idea if she is happy or not with him. Naruto appears to be very happy with his marriage. Which is shown at the end of the movie

          Bryon (3 years ago)

          Then you obviously don’t see the undertones of his treatment of Bolt in Chapter 700. Or the fact he had tons of empty ramen cups and a bottle of booze at his desk. Naruto obviously isn’t happy with his life, and can’t even seen all Bolt wants is to spend time with him, and just uses the excuse of his being Hokage to try to avoid it, which makes me think he’s come to REGRET his decision, given it was based off guilt and other BS.

Cold Soul (3 years ago)

SS fangirl defense squad incoming in 3…2…1…

EE (3 years ago)

It’s not surpising that Sasuke gets a happy ending, he’s the 2nd most important character in the series and he was the last Uchiha. If he were to die in the ending, or be sentenced to his crimes and put in jail, then the Uchiha clan would of died with him. So the moral of the story would be, the world is better off without the Uchiha, even though they were manipulated by Kaguya’s will most of the time.

It’s a whole unique race of people, and not all of them were bad, Itachi and Shisui prove that the Uchiha clan does in fact have good people as well. I’m surprised they are offended that he has offspring.

ryethe (3 years ago)

Chatte, please stop speaking for my people. You are ridiculing us by putting up our comments to “show off.”

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I am not speaking for them. I am showing what they’re speaking about. I am not ridiculing you by putting comments to show off, on the contrary, I am showing that you guys (if indeed we’re talking about “your” people) do have common ideas with others of us, such as me and many others I have seen myself on the execution of SasuSaku and given the manga’s content, on the bad message it leaves behind given the said context.

      ryethe (3 years ago)

      This is slander.

        Lies (3 years ago)

        “Your” people have opinions too.
        If they would instantly find their opinions to be used to support 15 years worth of manga development and to point out they also understand the consequential negativity of a detrimental to constructive human development pairing like this insult brings, to be slander to their name they would’ve never stated it on the world wide web for everyone to see and interpret.

Elkas (3 years ago)

I realy hate SS. Kishi is realy fuck this if he realy intend to make ss wedding in next movie. Sasuke become criminal not only try to kill sakura several times but kakashi and naruto too become an as***** and want to take konoha by force and become hokage. And just by saying one SIMPLE word “im sory” BAAMMM everything is HAPY. Is like you can make chaos in the world kill innocent people and all crime you do can be forgiven by saying im sory and oh… theres more no matter how bad or evil you are theres girl who waiting for you. Damn i hate ss sooo much. Just imagining their wedding is… oooohh my god worst nightmare i have ever had, it is my doomsday. I always believe if sasuke can choose between karin or sakura he will choose karin not because he love her its because she is an uzumaki sasuke want to revive his clan so he need strong blood and he knows naruto is uzumaki too. Even tobirama said uchiha clan is posses by evil yeah another plot hole unresolved. Even if sasuke success to revive his clan another madara will surely be born. Nice info my lady, Keep em coming.

    EE (3 years ago)

    Uchiha are possessed by evil because Kaguya’s will was manipulating them all of those years. He was also suffering from that Uchiha mental illness that is related to the sharigan that Tobirama mentioned. Sasuke commited crimes because the village destroyed his whole clan and that was also a crime.

    The real Sasuke was the little boy kind boy that clinged to Itachi. Not the adult that the world had damaged and manipulated.

      Vic-San (3 years ago)

      Huh you interpret Itachi wrong .. he gave Sasuke a clean slate and instead of getting out he dug himself deeper..He took on the Uchiha to stop the rebellion..Itachi used Tobi/Obito.. but never gave into his belief..rather took everything all to himself cause he saw no way out of this mess but with his death.. Sasuke try to copy Itachi way’s instead of understanding his brother wishes. Which was to rebuild the Uchiha and leave the past behind..still Sasuke choose to keep pursuing revenge against those who he now knew were the cause of his brother affliction as he understood it..But Itachi never regretted anything he had done in hope his brother would continue the clan.. Sasuke dug his own grave by trying to kill the Kages.. that is an international crime just the intent alone..
      He killed Danzo and Itachi.. even if no one like Danzo still he kill a reputable member of the Konohagature… so he already knew bloodlust.. that is why he attack Sakura withouth regards to who she was or team 7 or Naruto.. Plain and simple Sasuke fell down the hole Itachi try to save him from.. and he got off easy… still no way Sakura would have still love him.. no way Naruto would have stayed so silent with his feelings ..

      So the final fight was kinda boring… as the true feelings of what they were fighting over where not place..

        EE (3 years ago)

        The reason Itachi failed to save Sasuke was because there was no clean slate. His entire race of people got slaughtered because of the decisions the village made and he lost everything and everyone he cared about. Itachi couldn’t give him a clean slate because Sasuke is not going to live in ignorant bliss and ignore what happened.

        The only way Sasuke would of grown up normally is if the clan was never destroyed, and Kaguya’s will not manipulating them.

          Vic-San (3 years ago)

          Itachi did not fail.. again wrong interpretation.. Itachi knew he would never reach Sasuke again after killing his parents.. but still he gave him a clean slate there was no other Uchiha to oppose the Sasuke new instructions to build the clan meaning whatever he tell his sons and descendants would be law.. to them.. that is a clean slate..Sasuke’s descendants would not be full of hate for the village or bent on claiming past glories..
          If the clan was never destroy they would have either destroy the village entirely or govern the entire village which was their original plan to over take the village .. either way Sasuke would never grow up a normal child..

          And it was not Kaguya’s doing that turn the Uchiha to evil path.. it was their blinded love for power..Hashirama explain it to Sasuke the sharingan is a power of ultimate love turn to hate and revenge which is why they turn on each other they got sacrifice a loved one for the sharingan and upgrades to be obtain. Which is why Obito had hard time getting the eyes…The sharingan and upgrades never gives them better sight … gradually takes the sight away..Kyuubi also mentions briefly in Shippuden those cursed eyes…

          EE (3 years ago)

          Itachi has failed, he even said this himself. That’s why he told Naruto to never shoulder everything on his own, that he needs to rely on his friends. His plan to manipulate Sasuke into killing him and returning to the village as a hero failed. Itachi says later after the Kabuto fight, that he should of been honest with Sasuke and that it could of ended up differently.

          If the Uchiha clan surviveed and started a war before Itachi wiped them out, then Sasuke would of been a good guy. Reason why, is because Sasuke would follow his brother’s footsteps, not his parents. We know Itachi is a good guy and would of sided with the village, just like he already did.

          We know why the Uchiha go crazy, obviously Tobirama explained it. Thing is though, they don’t all go crazy, Itachi and Shisui are good examples. If Sasuke didn’t lose his clan and mainly his brother that he clinged to, he would of remained a good person.

    kevin (3 years ago)

    i recall sasuke saying that he might try to atone for his sins, hence the supposed journey and his refusal of the hashirama cell infused arm.

AiDi (3 years ago)

I’ve always thought that Sasuke would just end up, if anyone, with Tamaki–Granny Cat’s granddaughter–after the whole war ended. I generally could never see Sasuke and Sakura or anyone for that matter, to work! He looked more keen on redeeming himself than ‘reviving’ his clan. Though I’m ok with Naruhina being canon, Sakura should’ve been solo or just ended up with some other person besides Sasuke, that would’ve made a lot more sense I think and there would be nothing wrong with it. If Kishimoto really wanted sasusaku to be canon (since he apparently wanted naruhina to be canon), there should’ve been positive implications between the two, and show why Sasuke supposedly loves Sakura as we’ve always seen Sakura’s reason but never his, and last time I checked, he wanted to abandon Sakura and Kakashi during the Kaguya fight! I was also confused with the forehead poke, it may have been love, but more like a sibling love (like Itachi and Sasuke)? And why would Naruto bring up the Promise of a Lifetime after Sakura’s ‘failfession’? It just seemed that Kishi was never sure throughout the manga; he was always alternating between the Big 3, even towards the end of the story!!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I know what you mean, on the majority of what you say here I agree. If he would’ve wanted NH to be canon, fine, although like Junko Takeuchi herself said there was nothing in the manga that pointed towards that, but still, assuming there was like that, at least if you want SS along with it, give people more positive interaction, don’t kill the pairing and keep killing it like you’d be beating a dead horse and somehow then, poof! They’re canon because … “love”… With NH you can streeeetch it if you like turnaround the story (which happened in The Last), but SS? Not in a million years given the dynamics he portrayed. That’s unrealistic and no matter how we’re living in a fantasy dream, people do look for realistic positive, healthy outcomes which is basically the antithesis to SS’s existence and dynamics… But, oh well… I’m not Kishimoto, what do I know, right?…

Nando (3 years ago)

You do know that 2chan is the scum of Japan right? they have way worse reputation than 4chan and thats saying a lot, they really dont represent Japan or the Naruto fandom at all.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Funny how now 2ch is called the scum of Japan when it comes to information on sources like these but until an year ago, people were fine with it on any matter… Makes one wonder…

      Nando (3 years ago)

      -people were fine with it on any matter
      citation needed.
      They have always been hated I don’t know where you got this from, saying this is almost as saying “everyone loves the leaked pictures of the celebrities, source of this is 4chan” and then saying “well everyone was ok with 4chan until a year ago”.
      also even if you try to ignore it they still don’t represent the fandom as a whole.
      I can go as far to say that this movie is liked by most of the Naruto fandom, are there people that don’t like it? Yes, a lot but not as much as people that like it.

      Im not gonna say deal with it, you have your reasons to be angry but dont put excuses saying narusaku was meant to be and that the majority of the fandom hates the movie because that isn’t true.

      Mangekyo022 (3 years ago)

      LOL, same goes to NaruSaku fans:

      1.The Shinju and Kaguya are came from nowhere, NaruSaku protects Kishimoto.

      2.Black Zetsu retcons the ENTIRE story, NaruSaku protects Kishimoto.

      3.Nobody died in the war except Neji while Kira, Sasakibe and Yamamoto were killed in the first battle againts the Quincy army, NaruSaku protects Kishimoto.

      Suddenly, Kishimoto makes NaruHina common, and quickly all NaruSaku fans realised how sh*tty the manga was.

      I am wondering how much of those “angered, japanese fans” will be at the december 20th’s jump festa. Something tells me that there won’t be more than 40-50 angered japanese NaruSaku fans + 30-40 american NaruSaku fans. XD

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Dude are you schizophrenic?

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          I’d like for such name-calling to be not used here, please! Thank you!

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          I wasn’t simply name calling. His last post made me want to ask that serious question. Although I was already against the three points he presented as opposed to what he’s trying to suggest for all NaruSaku fans, the third point seemed like it came from someone under psychosis. Maybe he should clear up what he meant.

        Anon 2 (3 years ago)

        I sort-of agree with the first anon. What relevance does the events in Bleach (which is authored by Kubo Tite) have with Kishimoto and the NS fans in general? I actually have to search back in my mind if any of those names relate to the shinobi in the Naruto until I read that Quincy part.

sasusaku and sarada (3 years ago)

You know … this is funny because a tv program japanese was celebrating sasusaku as “an ultimate expression of love”and other fans japanese post pics of cakes, clothes with sasusaku in 699 and 700, so chatte shut up, all countries have fandoms, as well as some fans ns japanese are angry because ss happened other are happy with this

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I know the said TV show dear. Also, if you come at me with this, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you see, I worked in this domain myself and I know how shiny things can be presented when they’re dark as the abyss. :) The ultimate expression of love, besides the fact that makes one think about Itachi’s love for Sasuke, thus that means Sasuke views Sakura as his little sister. Now, I won’t go deeper into this, I know what you mean about that TV show but one it’s to talk about a directed show and one it’s to observe the reactions of real people like me and you. :)
    But to each his own, in the end. :)

      Guy (3 years ago)

      The thing is that you arent “observing the reactions” you are only cherry picking comments that agree with you from a website that hardly represents the fandom.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Funny how how it’s a website that hardly represents the fandom but before the finale it was the website that everyone in the fandom especially some subsets were looking up to it. Interestingly how things change nowadays…

OP (3 years ago)

Statistically speaking, this is not a representative sample of the Japanese fandom, but a sample of people who were displeased enough with the ending or the movie to write about it in an anti thread. It’s obvious that there would be such people, as there is hardly ever a 100% positive reaction to anything, so outside of that, it’s meaningless.
For me, SS has always been about two people who fought hard against their demons and pain, but thanks to the people who supported them managed to come out victorious and even find themselves at the end, even if they were forced on the opposite sides of a terrible and unfair conflict in the process. After all, Naruto is a story about child soldiers, about life-altering traumatic experiences, about unfair and corrupt system forcing good people to turn to darkness. You can’t fairly judge the characters and pairings if you take them out of this context.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    “Statistically speaking”
    Stopped reading right there. Unless you major in mathematics or physics (or in some cases economics), I really can’t take you seriously with that statement.

      OP (3 years ago)

      I did take a few semesters of statistics. But by all means, if you are more qualified, feel free to point out where I’m mistaken ;)

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        By the way you write I guess that you either took a watered down statistics course (for biologists for example) or a “statistics for social science” type of course.

          OP (3 years ago)

          You’re still not offering any type of rebuttal to what I said. Nor are you presenting any qualifications of your own. Unless you do, I’d assume that you have nothing to prove my argument wrong.

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          I wasn’t trying to refute your statements in the first place. What’s wrong with people today is how easy they can get on a soap box and use a bunch of buzzwords to make their arguments more pretty yet not properly address the topics they seem to be talking about. I’m saying this as someone majoring in pure math.

          Chatte stated that those negative comments originated on an anti-the last thread on 2ch. There’s no need to state it again yourself as if she never did this. I think that the point of this article is to document a trend on 2ch. If you want to refute her then try to prove that there’s no such trend in 2ch. You’re trying to downplay the backlash against the last which to me seems pretty newsworthy even though it’s not getting covered anywhere else.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      Isn’t this at the end of the day cherry picking negative reviews online for the sake of depicting the movie as a whole a failure? To me I’m sorry but this is honestly the most ridiculous resulting reaction from the whole shipping wars thing. You can say Chatte is just reporting it as it’s not being covered anywhere else. To me, if you’re just genuinely “reporting” this then you have to share all sides of the story, which includes the positive reviews, which includes an unbiased style of writing. When it’s done like this, it just comes across as “I’m mad I didn’t get my way so I’m going to do everything I can to make this movie fail”. Does no one else find this reaction kind of like disturbing?

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Until a few hours ago all of the Japanese pages I’ve visited gave the last: naruto the movie around 50% ratings. The last page I visited gave the movie a 4/5 but it also gave 4/5’s to a bunch of other movies and the ratings in that site are mainly positive.

        Also it seems that like 80% (just throwing out a number) of the ratings are either the lowest rating or the highest rating. This is pretty annoying since the lowest ratings often have the most upvotes.

        I’ve seen this before online when a movie studio has taken a certain direction and then the general public criticizes it and like a handful of users go through hundreds of posts basically pasting or regurgitating the same generic rebuttal (or promotion) without addressing their arguments.

          TTrasengan (3 years ago)

          For me, it just doesn’t really matter what the Japanese fans think of the movie, I don’t imagine I’m going to view it from the same perspective they do based on cultural differences etc. I mean I’m not Japanese!! lol. I don’t get why people from other countries are focusing so much on their reaction to begin with. Make up your own mind if you want to watch the movie or not based on the info you have available (spoilers, etc), don’t base it off of something as vague as translated online Japanese comments. That’s my opinion anyway.

OP (3 years ago)

Then I don’t see why it was necessary to try and discredit me if what I was saying wasn’t wrong. In any case, I was merely stating that what she was describing cannot be attributed to the entire fandom, not based on that thread anyway. I thought it fair to point out, as the title says “the Japanese fandom” and she finishes with what she says is a conclusion by the “Japanese audience”. Intentional or not, it sounded like a generalization and could be misleading.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Yeah I agree that there’s a degree of subjectivity in the article which might turn away an unbiased reader but either way we all know chatte’s leanings and readers should come prepared. At least chatte makes her opinion clear.

    The backlash seems very real though and the amount doesn’t seem natural or anticipated.

James S Cassody (3 years ago)

I think some people are missing the point about SK. “Didn’t Sasuke attempt to murder her too? Why is that okay, but with Sakura it isn’t?”

It is not okay with Karin either and in reality Sasuke should have either ended up alone or found a third girl who he did no bad to and thus create no bad history. However, what makes SK better than SS is the fact that Karin was closer to Sasuke than Sakura was and was actually in heavy debate over her feelings from time to time. (She is weird like that, but then again so is Sasuke so que sera sera.) She actually spent more time with Sasuke than Sakura did.

Now with that being said, what is wrong with SK getting together if Sasuke is going to forgiven no matter what? Why did it have to be Sakura and not some other girl like maybe Ino or Karin or any other of the random girls who had the hots for Sasuke? Because SS is not a product of good writing, but rather a product of NH. Kishimoto needed some excuse to get Sakura out of the way so he just left her with Sasuke and let Naruto go after Hinata. Also, keep in mind that Karin was just conveniently written out of the story and disappeared all together with NO explanation and that’s it. Not even the movie explains it.

So Sasuke is going to be forgiven anyway regardless of what happens, what is wrong with SK then?

Finally, I think I say say with confidence that a rocky start of a relationship with Sasuke and Karin, a girl who actually got close to Sasuke, would have been much easier to accept than Sasuke and Sakura, a girl who Sasuke literally up until the final page had no interest in at all and clearly states this many many times.

What is more believable from a story stand point?

Sasuke and Karin: The characters may have a rocky beginning where Karin doesn’t know whether to trust Sasuke, but going on travels with him, Sasuke learn enlightenment and on those travels he let’s Karin in and loves her for always being there despite his problems. They have a daughter or son and Sasuke truly becomes good again becoming a traveling family OR settling down and rebuilding the Uchiha clan.

Or Sasuke and Sakura (the Canon):
Sasuke: “Im sorry”
Sakura: “For what?”
Makes kids.

It’s kind of funny and ironic that if we reverse the logic of some people: “Sasuke and Karin can’t be together because he attempted to murder her and she went OOC to accept that he is not so bad,” but apparently, it is okay for Sakura to do the same thing? it is okay for Sakura to just “forget” all the bad he ever did, settle down, and have a kid all the while him never being around again?

I rest my case. And please noone say “You can’t tell he is never around.” Well, there is nothing to suggest he is always around seeing how the last image is of him traveling and never being home and people making comments of it.

bibiy (3 years ago)

I’m glad to read comments like these about SS. It’s the most popular pairing in japan yet it’s the most toxic, unhealthy canon pairing i’ve seen in any manga. Even if I didn’t ship NH i’d be okay with it since at least, all their small moments were positive for both characters but SS is just plain horrible.

Everything about ss is wrong. Sasuke has humiliated her, tried to kill her and her closest friend , made her feel like shit; I don’t like the word deserve for a pairing but in that case Sakura deserved far better. She should’ve stayed single.

For me, it ruined Sakura’s character, she regressed back to her part 1, 12 years old self, it’s really really sad. Granted, Kishi’s female characters are nearly all awful/pairing fodders but Sakura was supposed to be the female lead so it’s even worse.

SS is the only naruto pairing I loathe.

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

I seriously do not understand how people interpret the events between Sasuke and Sakura so literally. At the end of the day people need to realize some events take place for the sake of character development and direction. I’ve stated it before, and I’ll state it again. Sasuke’s acts of violence towards Sakura were for the sake of depicting how far Sasuke was willing to go to seek out his revenge. This was for the sake of the STORY. Stop overanalyzing every little detail in a fictional fantasy manga. Also it’s funny how fans pick and choose which moral values they wish to focus on. Pein has been considered so cool and awesome of a character despite the fact he committed mass murder and destroyed the entire village, but he turned good in the end so that’s ok. Do people not see the hypocrisy in basing an argument against Sasusaku from a moral standpoint? If that’s the case then you would have to hate basically all the characters in Naruto and label as violent murderers.

    bibiy (3 years ago)

    If both had survived, Pein and Jiraiya wouldn’t have been in a romantic relationship tho.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      @ bibiy you completely missed the point. No Pein and Jiraiya would not have been in a relationship. Jiraiya’s death was for the purpose of bringing Naruto to understand Sasuke a little more. Most events in the story take place for that simple purpose, for the sake of developing the story. Sasuke attacked Sakura for the reader to see how far Sasuke was willing to go. I’ve also said before that Naruto never gave up on the idea that the Sasuke he knew and considered a friend was still in there somewhere, and thus he never gave up on trying to bring Sasuke back. All this despite Sasuke’s even more numerous attempts to kill Naruto. Yet fans complain that Sasuke wasn’t even at Naruto’s wedding in the movie and that makes no sense cuz they’re best friends. Sooooo in turn Sakura couldn’t have held the same belief about Sasuke that Naruto had? That the Sasuke she loved was still in there, despite his attempts to kill her? And the same way Sasuke and Naruto can be best friends despite their violent past, Sakura and Sasuke can’t get together despite this too? If you disagree you make no sense.

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Personally I always got annoyed when pein talked. He was like a broken record sometimes. Also, I think people liked pein as a bad guy, maybe not so much as a good guy.

      TTrasengan (3 years ago)

      To me Pein was the best villain in Naruto. Either way though, I just don’t get how some fans pick out certain elements of the story for the sake of their argument, but don’t apply the same concept across the board. But even the concept of picking out moral values from something like a manga is a ridiculous concept in my opinion. Some times people just need to accept that it’s just a story. I mean little things like the fact for some reason in part 1 no one felt the need to tell Naruto who his parents really were makes absolutely no sense to me in a realistic logical sense. However I get for the sake of the STORY that in order for Naruto to feel truly alone and get readers to connect with him, he shouldn’t have known who his parents were at that point and that needed to unravel as the story progressed.

    Vic (3 years ago)

    The road to redemption is a lot harder then you express if you wanna go on morals.. Sasuke became a cold blooded killer..He should have stop when he learned of Itachi’s true motives and all the back history of his clan but still chooses to keep killing.. everything he did in real life carrry a futher burden then you think.. some threats the life of a president is treason… Sasuke threaten 5 leaders people that alone would have been enough for a lfie sentence or death.. He killed a citizen of leader of Konoha. (Danzo) whether he had it coming or not was not upto him to do it..so he did kill a politician.. Sasuke got off easy..

    Somewhere between the anime being made and Manga they lost focus on the romantic part of the storyline.. hence anime inroduces Hinata in episode 1 while she is not in it till chapter 34 in the manga..

    Splitting Naruto’s drive to make something as stated before the driving force for Naruto to do something has been Sakura.. Naruto wanted to be in team 7 with Sakura not Sasuke..Naruto notice Sakura first and goes gaga over her as she enters the room.. we dont even know that sasuke and naruto are gonna be rivals yet but we know already who he loves. and what he will do for her..In any story this is the major pairing this is where everything starts love wise.. Long shots do happen but usually the main character is a loner surrounded by friends and their girlfriends and he is always friend zone .. that did not happen in this story..
    Is not picking what I like or any to make a point.. is the focus behind the entire storyline..Nothing is being twist to favor something is how the outcome of the story was being told..

    Another example is they are dragging the next episode in the anime that goes alone side the manga which is the cpr scene..upcoming is another filler episode..why dragged so much if is not important.. I can only guess they have no idea how to put this scene together that would have define NS as main pairing….

kevin (3 years ago)

based on these lairing karin probably ended up with suigestsu. till naruto defeated gaara in part one you could say sasuke’s feelings for sakura was almost like naruto’s for hinata, (he prob thought she was retarted) however after he left the village he was basically dyed any color by whoever wished it, tobi, itachi probably even danzo..i recall him trying to kill sakura once,(lemme know if there is another case). and that was after he became “evil”.. and karin noticed his chakra had changed…this happened because of his hatred towards Danzo, so from then on he probably wasnt in his right mind…as for the genjutsu on sakura bit, he just needed to put her in a situation where she wouldnt interrupt his battle like she did when he and naruto were on the hospital rooftop..because she couldve died instatly due to their power levels at that time..he apologized and left again, lets just say that he used all those years to make up for his misinterpretation of life.

Lenali (3 years ago)

I am thinking that now is the time I should talk about naruto XD

Well I was heart broken(my heart is not made of glass but it still broke) about the ending so I just left naruto, unlike every naruto page from facebook and just gave up but when the last movie came, I went on tumblr and facebook to see what’s happening and I was so damn happy to see the movie was an epic failure. Ha Sp, Kishimoto, NH and SS Hardcore Shippers, in your faces!
So now just once, I am going to say something and no its not a RANT about my pairing not being cannon. I have read some of very good reasoning from different people as to why they didn’t like the end or the movie so even if I say something, it would be nothing new(I guess).

So now I am going to say something about Bastards! Yeah they are NaruHina and SasuSaku Shippers who call SasuNaru and NaruSaku Shippers being salty, butthurts, disrespecting, fake fans etc. Even though every Sasunaru/Narusaku is saying the fucking truth and providing proof with them but they will start bitching. And you know why is this? Because they are the real Butthurts who cannot hear the truth. They don’t fucking want to recognize that their DAMN illogical shipps destroyed the story. They stalk every where, I will repeat it, EVERY WHERE and then they enter in a Full Bitching Mode and start bashing others. They are acting like a whiny bitch even after their shipps happened. Do they realize that in reality they are the real desperate Hard Core Shippers who don’t give a fuck about the story as this makes it seems that all they care about is Hinata’s Over Size Boobs(ewww Yuck!). One more thing how the fuck they can like a girl being stupid as fuck who shows no moral values! Sakura was shown that she just want sasuke in her pants and that’s it! She have no fucking respect! And no I don’t hate her. I hate kishi for showing such a sickening side of a girl that will make any sensible person to curse the writer and not to ever watch/read such a disrespectful story.

Well enough of that, first thing hey you NaruHina and SasuSaku HardCore Desperate Real Butthurts, you can bitch about my post as much as you want! Because I don’t give a fuck about you losers! Also it’s just a one time thing as I don’t want to waste my time on naruto anymore. Just wanted something off my chest. So here I want to share some responses that I have noticed while being on tumbler and facebook. This is how Sasunaru, Narusaku and Naruhina Sasusaku interact with each other. Also I have never read a single sensible point from any Naruhina and Sasusaku shippers because they don’t have any logic or proof to save their shipp as all they have is 2 chapters and one movie and that’s it. Other than that, all they have is a side character stalking girl and a immature, idiot, nonsense love that is better not to be there in the first place.

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: I am so mad about the end. It’s a fucking fan service shoujo/Naruto should be with Sakura.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Accept this you losers. We Won!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: No it makes no sense as the only developed shipp was NaruSaku/SasuNaru. This manga was also a shonen not shoujo.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Naruto always loved hinata and sasuke always loved sakura. You read the manga wrong!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: We have proofs and our shipps are logical. Naruto always loved Sakura and Sasuke only cared about Naruto in the whole series.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Getting butthurt, just because your shipp is not cannon. Accept it, it’s cannon!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Naruto never showed any interest in hinata. He always showed his love for sakura.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!
SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Sasuke never loved sakura. He tried to kill her three times. He clearly rejected her at the end.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Sasuke only acknowledged naruto.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: kishimoto killed Neji for Naruhina to become cannon.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Kishimoto killed sakura’s character development and showed her the same 12 year old girl with no self respect.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Kishimoto made Naruto a liar by telling he was not in love with Sakura. He ruined Naruto’s character.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Kishimoto ruined Naruto and Sasuke’s bond by throwing sasuke away from naruto and showing hinata was his first friend.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Kishimoto ruined naruto and sakura’s bond and threw sakura out of naruto’s life.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: Kishimoto ruined every main character for making hinata the heroin.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: We have been reading manga for so long. We have every right to get angry at the illogical 699, 700 and the last.

NaruHina & SasuSaku: How disrespectful. You are not a real fan. If narusaku would have happened then we wouldn’t be bad mouthing kishimoto. Your are not naruto fans. You do not care about naruto’s happiness.

SasuNaru & NaruSaku: How can someone respect a writer who himself does not respect his own story and characters and at the end give in to money by saying he was misleading fans for 15 years!

NaruHina & SasuSaku: Shut up its Kishimoto’s story. He can do whatever he want!

Yes that’s all the logic that NaruHina and SasuSaku got. I’ll tell you one more thing, they are sooo BIG hardcore fans(I guess they really love hinata boobs).

Either laugh at my post or get butthurt, the choice is yours!

Ja ne mina san!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    You know the saddest thing? When talking about Hinata, Kishimoto addressed her big chest – since you were saying about the boobs thing. That is so, so disgusting, I swear. I never thought the day I would say this would come. The day I will say I’m disgusted by Kishimoto for the fact that all he can talk about when it comes to Hinata is boobs. I mean, yuck, really!

      Slayer (3 years ago)

      Wait…really??? XD
      I never thought he would either. Then again, when you look at basically every Japanese anime ever there is always at least one character that has big boobs. Even if it isn’t talked about in the show all that much. Akame ga Kill would be an example.

    Mimzy (3 years ago)

    You are so damn right.I saw this kind of discussions.They are EVERYWHERE.Those Naru/Hina and Sasu/Saku fans are stupid as hell.They want things to happen without any logical and rational explanation,so I guess the ending is very much for their taste.I am totally disgusted by Kishimoto’s trolling.He lost so many fans for that stupid ending…Pathetic…Just pathetic.

jim (3 years ago)

Hey please tell us how this stupid movie is doing in japan now.? And are they really gonna make a new movie? Are they really that much greedy? I am so mad!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    It’s actually dropping in scores and for a movie that was supposed to be so good the expectations were that it should have stayed so-called no. 1 on Toho Cinemas longer. But guess what? It doesn’t. The no. 1 it hit was because people couldn’t cancel their tickets and that’s why they call this movie and Pierrot’s advertising tactics a fraud. They marketed as big Naruto finale, resolve of all bonds, Team 7 action, cool Hokage Kakashi and in the end, none of this happened. Kakashi got maximum 10 minutes in this whole movie while Sasuke got like 2? While Sakura was nothing more than a matchmaker between Naruto and Hinata and Naruto suddenly cannot live without Hinata while Hinata takes the role of Naruto’s most important bond and heroine and shit like this.
    And thus many people wanted to cancel their tickets but couldn’t because it was the first movie that refused refunds and imagine that some people reserved like tickets to see the movie twice but couldn’t cancel it. Thus in terms of money it might seem like it’s the golden treasure, however, in terms of reception, it is doing very bad and the effects can be seen as I said, in the Toho Cinema top.
    I don’t know anything about a new movie other than the Boruto one that comes next year which is supposedly about Boruto and Sarada, Sasuke and Naruto and Himawari is going to be played by Nana Mizuki while Boruto will be played by Konohamaru’s VA because Junko Takeuchi didn’t take the role, despite when RTN aired, she offered to voice Naruto’s future son. But now she doesn’t so…
    They seem to be indeed that greedy, what can you do?… Too bad some people are falling for these traps, so to speak. But meh, to each their own.

      kevin (3 years ago)

      was i the only one who understood it as ghe last movie where naruto is the protagonist??? the advertising team are all big douches!! trolling fans like that…the whole sasuke and kakashi thing didnt annoy me, but disappointed me.. like in the trailer it shows a meteorite coming towards kakashi and then the scene changed, so i expected the new hokage to do some crazy new jutsu or something, but they made that sasuke’s only scene and line.. i feel the reason people are dissapointed is that they had too many predictions and hardly any came true..and honestly some of the rants of some people who watched the movie showed lack of understanding… like when hinata couldnt climb the wall they said she was a damsel, but its actually because her chakra was drained…also hating on the movie based on just tit bits is wrong, although i seem to like what ive seen..editing videos could give wrong ideas or create misconceptions.. im sure we would like it when we see the whole thing and not just bits and edited pieces.. and i feel bolt could be as awesome as his granddad

        jim (3 years ago)

        Are you an idiot? Don’t you even know that they replaced Sasuke and Sakura with Bitch Hinata! They showed that Hinata was there with Naruto when he was fucking 5 years old! They showed Hinata was Naruto’s First Bond! They Showed Hinata was Naruto’s first Friend when it was Sasuke! They made Naruto a liar who was not in love with Sakura but was just pretending to be in love for the sake of his rivalry! Do you think that people are only mad that Saskue got 1 min in the movie and Kakashi was not shown in action? Are you fucking retard? Go see or read the movie first before spouting nonsense! You desperate hinata lovers are so stupid that you just want NaruHina even if it DESTROYS the whole story of Naruto! The last movie should have been what the real story of Naruto was. It should have been about team 7, shinobi world, how every thing got resolved after the war but no the last is a fucking hinata movie. She was the side character who ruined every thing!

          kevin (3 years ago)

          it was he theme of the movie, the theme, you retard! its not about anyone being replaced or anyone being a hinata lover! if its to show how the two got together what do you want sasuke to do, call naruto aside and counsel him? for 15 freaking years all we hear from naruto and sakura is sasuke this, bonds, sasuke that..its one movie!!! their story has been resolved, he is on a journey now, what part will his journey play in showing the blooming relationship.. i wont say you’re an idiot who understands nothing, but there’s proof in your response. and yes actually, check other blogs..people are pissed because sasuke and kakashi had little screen time, or did you just learn to read? naruto didnt pretend to love sakura, based on he statement, it probably infatuation!!! there is a big difference there, look it up.!!! .oh and have YOU seen he movie yet? if so do yourself a favor and watch it again, but actually pay attention this time, if not..take your own advice thanks

          anonymous (3 years ago)

          I never really cared for Naruto and Sasuke’s bonds or whatever. It really seemed to hold up the plot and I think it’s what ultimately ruined Naruto in pt. 2. In fact if you ask me it was an arse pull because they were rivals and to make them BFFs like that really is an arsepull. What will Kishimoto do next?

          kevin (3 years ago)

          yeah it got tiring at point for me too

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    Last week The Last placed no. 2, one place below アオハライド and one place above the The Hobbit. The thing is that The Last: Naruto the Movie and Parasyte have been getting five screenings per day on major cinemas like Toho while アオハライド has been getting around 4 screenings per day and the Hobbit around 3 – 4 screenings per day, divided over multiple screens. There are also many additional unknown factors for us speculators and probably the best people out there to ask whether The Last is a success or not is it’s marketing department.

    One thing I’m pretty certain of is that it’s been pretty slow for major Japanese movie theaters these last two weeks. Although, this last Sunday for some reason there was around twice the movie ticket sales and with this, The Last somehow managed to place 2nd during the weekend. This week turned out even slower than last week. Naruto sold 47.8% of last week’s ticket sales: http://mimorin2014.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3270.html. Take into consideration that these numbers are for 30-40% of the movie theater market.

    The exact gross revenue for last weekend was reported for the like the top 5 movies except for TLNtM (The Last: Naruto the Movie) for some reason. All they said was that it broke past the 1 billion yen mark. Probably what’s propping up TLNtM at this point is its opening weekend. I get my news for movie revenue reportings from this movie data analysis firm’s twitter https://twitter.com/moviewalker_bce/.

    At any rate if you search on major movie theater websites it seems like the screening for TLNtM and Parasyte will be reduced. This is probably why TLNtM was so aggressive with its marketing for these past two weeks. Also from what I can tell there are at least two highly anticipated movies opening this weekend. So to me it looks like TLNtM’s window of opportunity was for these past two weeks and we’ll have to wait until some weeks to get the exact total figures.

      anonymous (3 years ago)

      What I tried to say was that Naruto the last revenues are past 1 billions yen, not that the movie made over 1 billion yen just last weekend.

kevin (3 years ago)

well its coming to america in february so we can judge then

    anonymous (3 years ago)

    I don’t really care about what the western Naruto fandom thinks about The Last since western naruto fans in general are one of the strangest people out there.

      Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

      Why the fuck should anybody care about your opinion if you disregard the opinion of Western Naruto fans?

        anonymous (3 years ago)

        Because for the most part the western Naruto fandom, that is the people who call themselves Naruto fans out in public, have always been full of BS.

        Also for the most part, western Naruto fans are a different kind of audience. It’s not at all like in Japan where anyone even an 80-year-old could call themselves a Naruto fan. The reason being is that the Japanese are supporting a good part of their own economy by being Naruto fans.

SakUchi (3 years ago)
    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    That’s the same excuse but still doesn’t change anything…

      Vic (3 years ago)

      Yup still doesn’t change anything.. the sage of the six path said best in 693 Sasuke has no love in his heart for what he lost as a child and Tobirama matches what the sage said..Sasuke forsake love for power.. He never care for Sakura as a lover.. he could not.. Which is why he talks in plural not singular form..

lel (3 years ago)

yeah 2ch is the ashole (typo for reasons) of the japanese internet, what else is new? anyone can go and have a hate thread and everyone else will join. naruto having haters is nothing new. hell in 4chan you cant even post about naruto without getting your thread deleted (and this has nothing to do with the last movie)
this is the same deal as the yahoo review page. it is not something to take account for, is not the equivalent to rotten tomatoes or robertebert.com, is the equivalent.. of yahoo comments or imdb comments.
from a translator on NF.com

hate SS all you want girl, i like the pairing but I agree that it’s dificult to see them in a romantic light probably due to kishi’s tendercy of having darksuke around for so long people stuck with that characterizacion- however it’s one of the most popular ships in the naruto fandom in japan (that is until naruhina became canon in a movie) so i dont think they’re pissed about the ending as tumblr and the western fans make it out to be.

Mimzy (3 years ago)

I HATE the ending so much.It makes me sick.It totally destroyed the anime.It’s disappointing.I always wanted to see a NaruSaku ending…In my opinion,Sakura and Kushina have a lot of things in common,and Sasuke NEVER gave any sign of love to Sakura.Also,while he was gone,Sakura started to appreciate Naruto’s true value and feel love for him.Now Sasuke comes back,states that Sakura is useless(like always) and tries to kill her in a cruel mode,and a few moments later he feels love for her?Pffft,yeah.Sure.Makes perfect sense…
The new relationship between Sasuke and Sakura sounds like desperation to me.Also,I saw Hinata giving Naruto signs of love,but never back.Yeah,sure,there were times when Naruto supported Hinata,like everybody.Which friend of Naruto isn’t supported by him?Yeah,I thought so.So all this SasuSaku thing is bull****.I hoped it was a joke when I first heard about it.I really wanted it to be just a story created by crazy fans,but…no.It totally ruined everything,the whole show which has been going for 15 years.It’s like everything was for nothing.Why did Kishimoto emphasized Sasuke’s nature if later he was gonna get rid of it in like 1 minute?Why did Kishimoto emphasized Naruto’s love for Sakura,putting him in danger for such a long time to save Sakura,while Sasuke was ready to kill the pink haired girl?Why?Just to make a mega twist and mess with fans’ minds?Personally,I am lost.I don’t know anymore who wants what.Before everything was damn right.It was perfectly understandable,everything was in balance.Their characters kept being themselves.Now they are to much OOC.I hate the ending.I am very disappointed and these 15 years are wasted on a final chapter made of cr*p…ONE CHAPTER,and everything is destroyed.Thank you Masashi Kishimoto for being such a troll.Thank you for letting such a thing happen…

Jess (2 years ago)

Admittedly, I’m not happy with how things ended. The romance fell into cliche-territory with its happily-ever-after ending – complete with everyone magically hooking up with their ideal mate. You get the sense Kishimoto was ready to move on from his creation after spending over a decade on it. Writer’s fatigue is common; it’s a dangerous beast to contend with. It makes simply settling for Option A that more tempting. That Kishimoto admits he doesn’t do romance well clearly shows in both the Sasuke/Sakura and Naruto/Hinata pairings.

Sasuke/Sakura: This pairing could’ve worked if Kishimoto left behind breadcrumbs for it. Darth Vader killed innocents, including children. He tortured his daughter and chopped off his son’s hand. Yet, despite all of this, we forgave him. How? There were moments of light here and there. Vader’s intentions were also ambiguous. The moment he learned about Luke, he sought to convert his son to the Dark Side. Yet, we, the audience, sensed there was more to that than simply appeasing the Emperor’s demands. We sensed his desire to connect with his son.

Had Sasuke gone down this route of ambiguity, we would’ve bought him genuinely falling for Sakura. In that moment Sasuke attempted to kill Sakura, for example, we should’ve seen some tension between them, not just from Sakura’s side. We should’ve seen some emotional reaction from Sasuke himself, even if it was hate toward her. Instead, we see only indifference. Indifference toward someone is worse. It’s a complete lack of emotion. You neither hate nor love for that person.

This is the source of Sakura/Sasuke’s failure: indifference. Kishimoto gives us only indifference between the two whereas the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke involves a spectrum of emotions that range from hate to envy to hints of respect. We totally buy into their soulmates -friendship, despite how many times Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto. The more Sasuke HATES Naruto, the more he shows us how much he inwardly cares for his rival. Meanwhile, Sakura sits at the sidelines, nursing emotional wounds Sasuke leaves on her heart. His indifference offers no counterbalance to their one-sided relationship. There are no hints that lead us to believe there’s something intimate happening between them.

This is why there are a lot of people who can’t buy into the pairing. And rightly so. Its lack of believable comes down to poor romance building (poor execution). This type of lazy writing demands we take this pairing at full face value and assume this pairing somehow got its shit together – this, without showing us the process of that. It automatically jumps to Point A to Point Z. Without showing us those steps in between, people are left with more questions than answers, particularly the question: how?

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