Update on The Last: Naruto the movie postponed to April 2016 due to “technical concerns with the content”.

As we already know, The Last: Naruto the movie had a very bad reception in its motherland, however it has been planned to get released in other countries.

As we know from when Road to Ninja: Naruto the movie came out two years ago, Philippines was one of the very first countries to air the movie after its motherland, Japan, having a huge success and its overall reception being excellent, given the movie’s content.

This year, as reported by Saiyan Island, The Last: Naruto the movie should have been airing in Philippines on December 17.

However, despite its initial planned release on 17 December, ever since then, the movie has been postponed two times, until SM Cinema have decided to postpone the movie until April 2016, due to technical concerns with the content, as they have declared on their Facebook fanpage.



Therefore, once again The Last: Naruto the movie gets canceled from release.

Now, this makes one wonder why, right? They say that they’re concerned with the content of the movie? As we all know, this movie is nothing but a big retcon as the majority of the fandom calls it, besides its subsets, the NaruHina and SasuSaku fandom, and are deeply disappointed with the content of the movie after being fooled to believe through low-level marketing techniques that this movie will be a movie that resolves all the bonds of the manga, when it was nothing but a sojo-esque love festa for the sudden love story between Naruto and Hinata, despite the manga indicating nothing of the such, as stated by Naruto’s VA (voice actor), Junko Takeuchi in the interview given for the pamphlet that accompanied The Last: Naruto the movie.


Q2: How was the love story of Hinata (with Naruto I’m presuming)? Junko Takeuchi: Until now, I didn’t feel any aura of love or any indication like that between them. I just felt like if it was actually like that then I would be happy to have it. A movie in this fashion, it was like “ta-da!!”. Suddenly revealing it(their love and the movie) to me made me really surprised! Source

Of course, we can never be sure on why SM Cinema decided to cancel once again the airing of the supposedly “most acclaimed” movie in the franchise. All we can do is speculate, however the discrepancies between how Studio Pierrot decided to advertise it and the overall terrible reception from the fandom, makes one wonder and connect the two.

And it wouldn’t even be a surprise as most the fandom considers this movie nothing but a disrespect towards the fans that have been following this story’s development for 15 years.

What do you guys think the reasons could be? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!




UPDATE: Apparently this was hoax as announced by SM Cinema on their facebook page:

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kevin (3 years ago)

probably subbing issues? i don’t have a problem with what I’ve heard about the movie, or what I’ve seen. although the advertising was really really crappy and deceptive!! that move is bound to piss a lot of people off.. this all seems fishy in my opinion though

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    I just found out that it was a hoax in the end.

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      Yes, and you forgot to mention that because of this little hoax 15 other movies has been delayed thanks for the trolling of some trolls!

      About your “As we already know, The Last: Naruto the movie had a very bad reception in its motherland, “, just some fact:

      eiga = 3.6/5, moviewalkerplus 3.5/5, Box Office till 2015.01.12. is 1,810,000,000 Yen.

      Also, there are rumors that the japanese yahooo is officialy trolled because of some interesting things:
      1.All the negative “reviews” and comments are directly copypasted from NaruSaku 2chan threads without any edition so they can easily track them back.
      2.70% of the negative comments were already on even before the movie premiered + the movie was already at 2.9/5 on japanese yahooo two days before it’s premier.
      3.All negative “reviews” and comments are only about “naruhina scuks” while there are no any other mentiong like visuality or any music.
      4.The negative “reviews” and comments are full of logical errors like “if they had chakra cannon why didn’t they used it in the war”, forgetting that the movie is 2 years after the war so probably the chakra cannon was built after the war + those who still remember back to the second Rasengan step training from Part I shall remember that Naruto was already with friend with Shikamaru, Choji and Kiba but still proclaming that Hinata shouldn’t even know him in their childhood despite we learned it from the Rasengan training that Naruto had already pals at the academy and so on.
      5.35% of the negative “reviews” and comments are written english and 80% of them are written by google translator (kanji and hiragana errors).
      6.Most of the negative “review” and comments writter are fresh accounts who never rated any other movie before.

      Back to the hoax, there are rumors that some NS fans created the fake MS Cinema facebook site in order to cause problems to the cinema, forcing them to deal with the problems they caused. One of the NS fans spread it like a victory that SM Cinema got into trouble because of the hoax what the fake SM Cinema facebook did.

      I hope this is not true, because that would only show that there’s something big problem with NS fans if they would truly do things like that. Twisting interviews, harassin the mangaka and his family + assisstants, calling the publisher to change the ending were already enough, this would be a final strike to NS fandom if these rumors are truly true. There are some nice and good NS fans, they woudln’t deserve this humiliation.

        kevin (3 years ago)

        wow, just…wow..people are crazy

narutoprophet (3 years ago)

I think that SP is to blame for all of this. its been 2 months and I still can’t get over the ending. It looks like kishi was trying to convince SP that the ending would be flawed. the last panel that kishi has of hinata is her tripping over a rock. If the movie was two years into production then why did he have hinata fall flat on her face. Maybe he was fighting with SP to not ruin the ending and he finally got tired of it. In ch 700 naruto hits his son Boruto. But this shows symbolism because boruto who represents SP’s ideas is being hit by naruto. The city in the background probably represents how everything is about money.
It was probably a rights issue between SP and Kishi. If he didn’t do what they wanted him to do then there would be financial disputes. Also if he wanted the movie to be a success then why didn’t he spend more time building the relationship between naruto and hinata or sasuke and sakura? We may never get the answers to any of these questions. And anybody who tells me give it a rest I will say I can’t because I loved this series just like any naruto fan. Chatte I admired your work. Thank you for all your insight and analyses. It was nice to know that there are people like you who shared the same views about the ending.

Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

Well Kishimoto said in that one interview that’s here was that this movie is about first loves and everything in the manga is stuff like kids having a crush. Everyone knows what I’m talking about when you’re a kid in high school your crush or first girlfriend seems like the only one for you but when you get older you realize how childish your feelings were back then but that’s beside the point.

Us in the industry when we see something like this we don’t hurry to conclusions like “negative fan reactions” or “creator dispute” it’s usually contract disputes between distributors or MPAA red tape beuracracy. The movie’s already made it’s money back and then some at this point plus the blue ray sales, toys and commercialization, from the number’s I’ve seen the movie was a smash hit financially wise, and will only make more with an american release. Personally I’ve seen the movie twice and both times and most of the reactions I got from the moviegoers were positive. But then again there are always people with differing views also to understand the interview with with Hinata’s VA you have to think about the content of the interview. Most were surprised at The Last being marketed as a love story because Shounen is known to be for children and of course the cast would react surprised in interviews just to sell tickets. You don’t actually think most actors or actresses believe half the bullshit they say about their own movies pre-flops?

    anon (3 years ago)

    so your japanese? because if you go on 4 chan nobody likes it and what movie has to take 2 more years to release in a pre planned country also a lot of people pre-paid and i can guarantee you that shounen fans hate this movie and shounen is number one also the movie only aired once in japan in many theaters so idk how you saw it twice also the actors aren’t paid to act goody goody in an interview thats only rookie actors and narutos va was voice acting for at least 12 years and no you dont love someone for 5 years and not find out it is just a crush also it doesnt take two years to fix a movie it takes two years to make a movie ex: the last also its if the Philippines has tech problems the u.s. probably wont receive it till later .

      Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

      I was visiting family when the movie was released but no I’m not Japanese I married into a Japanese family. I’ve gone to both 2chan and 4chan and while there is some hate for the movie most the the reactions I’ve seen are “myeh” since it’s shounen also NH fans glowing and NS fans still pouting. The movie had like a 2 month run I don’t know what you’re talking about having only shown once. Actors are always “coached” about how to act in interviews and how to come off as innocent, badboy, impish and stuff so take interviews as a grain of salt. Just think of Justin Beiber how people who work with him in movies are always glowing about how much of a sweet kid he is and talented but then there’s overwhelming evidence to prove he’s a scum bag loser. There could be some problems porting the actual movie for western digital cinema since the Asia uses different formats but then again it shouldn’t take so long. What I think is the MPAA thought it would be a kids movie,since they’re fucking out of touch with cinema, and when they saw romance they didn’t green light a pg13 rating.

        anon (3 years ago)

        the movie has only been out fpr a month and why would studio pierrot say bad stuff about its own movie i mean the only interviews that have been positive about the movie are only kishimoto interviews and all the comments i’ve seen are negative but seriously the Philippines already knew about what was on it all theaters check what is on the tape before putting it in (figure of speech) besides that i’ve seen plenty of pg13 movies with romance in it like harry potter. And i dont think it will take 2 years just to change a rating i mean that is how long the movie took to make

          Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

          The thing is most of the people that respond negatively do so because they didn’t like it. Average moviegoers aren’t “shippers” they see the product for what it is and don’t dwell on one small aspect of a bigger story. Same thing with the manga/anime most fans just take it for what it is and accept whatever the outcome then there’s the “shippers” who look at every scene with a microscope and concoct elaborate scenarios to justify their view, then when their “theory” goes up in smoke they respond by hating or flaming any material they see, hence the “negative reviews”. Most of the negative reviews get debunked fairly quick since they didn’t even see the movie and don’t appreciate the voice acting, directing, animation and story all they see is their “ship” not being canon and don’t give it a chance. It’s sad really the movie wasn’t amazing but it was pretty good compared the the last few Naruto movies.

          Shitimoto (3 years ago)

          How do you see what’s on a tape without putting it in?

          Sorry, but this is just stupid. Just like those people on Steam with their “If the game is bad, don’t buy it”…

          HOW do you figure out if a game is good, before you buy it? Certainly not through youtube videos. Because they apparently get payed when they say good things, or deleted of they say bad things…

          In cases similar to this… there IS no… checking… either you put the tape in, or not. Either you fall for a scam, or keep wanting a game, that only exists in commercials…

          Really don’t understand how some people can think like this…

          What you see, is NOT what you get…
          What you deserve is what you get…
          Man… really… what the hell did we do to Shitimoto, to deserve THIS ending? :P

        anon (3 years ago)

        its not that because most of the comment have specific details from the movie they didnt like and do you really wonder why the RTN aired a few days later? Because the ratings were to low and they needed to get back popularity now yes i do admit the alot of the people who saw the movie were non-shippers but they still didnt like it they say things like why is naruto a scumbag or where is naruto and the anime isnt in the top 10 anymore and let me tell you this american view does not count in the japanese popularity and you know my brother is fluent in japanese and he watched the movie and he said that the theater he was in people started to leave in the middle of the movie

Chris (3 years ago)

Why is all the “sources” Tumblr… I can’t even trust this site because of it.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    First of all it’s a blog. Second of all, it’s from people on Tumblr and third, not all of them are from Tumblr.

    Nigel (3 years ago)

    Tumblr is full of sores on Naruto. It WAS postponed sadly. Good news, the movie will be airing this and next month in some countries.

    Nigel (3 years ago)

    Oh wait, I thought you were talking about in the Philippines from December. Ignore my last comment. They’re most likely lying about it being moved in America.

JJ (3 years ago)

Maybe this is a way to save the series and everything that Naruto symbolizes. By canceling the movie maybe they are trying to do the same thing like Kakashi did in the fight with Obito from episode 375. “Killing” the movie is representing the death of Naruto from the present, action that could lead to the salvation of Naruto fom the past, the one that we loved and followed in the last 15 years.
I’m sorry if my english is not so good

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Haha, it’s okay dear, don’t worry, your English is okay. Well, apparently it was a hoax!

kcuf u (3 years ago)

The fact that u don’t like the ending doesn’t mean others don’t like it. I loved it and anybody who doesn’t can go f***k themselves. “Bad reception” ? That movie made the equivalent of $12 million on its release date so what are u talking about? Naruto and Hinata was the logical ending to it. I mean, Hinata always had a crush on Naruto whilst Sakura had no love or respect for him. Nice way to air your feelings though. Hope u get some relief now. Lol.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    From the fact that they couldn’t cancel their tickets… But keep continue believing whatever suits you.

      XXX (3 years ago)

      Post the Japanese source that says they could not get refunds, that’s not from an anti-thread from 2ch or tumblr with no Japanese script/source. From a legit Japanese article.

      I’ll forward it to translators at NF.

      Because otherwise, you are perpetuating a rumour. I can ask takL, OrganicDinosaur, Yagami1211, etc to verify. They read all the press releases in raw Japanese and they are all unbiased. If it happened, they would know about it.

      If you can only find the source from an English-only tumblr, then it’s not credible.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Oooh, now we don’t accept 2ch as a source because it turned against The Last, whereas before that everyone was referring to the same source? Now we only take what we like or what?
        From a legit japanese article? What does constitute in your opinion a “legit” Japanese article?

        You’ll forward to TakL who not only once has been called biased but because he’s NH/SS translator he’s seen as this respected figure, despite showing his bias when he didn’t want to translate Kishi saying with his own mouth that Neji died specifically so that NH can happen.

        I think we had this discussion on Tumblr before, no need to come here under another name to act like we haven’t had it before.

        It’s not like translators @NF are the word of god and we should abide by them, considering that other people have called their translations being as not exclusively and universally correct, on the contrary.

        And let me tell you the 101 of marketing: you don’t do a press release admitting that you took people’s money fraudulently. No company would do that, and you guys know it too, your translators know it too and that’s why they switched sides now and only look for “official” information, because officially this thing has to look pretty and shiny where the underneaths show it’s not that pretty and shiny and this is why you’re doing this.
        You know you’ll ask for something that no one will ever give you because no company would admit it, decline as source the very sources you and your translators have used for years and only cling to the so-called “official” news or press releases, so you could paint this as something that is not.

        Well, look again. People don’t like it. I have enough proof of people not liking it on Tumblr and I have reblogged it enough times for you to pick them on yourselves, but noo, why do that when it’s easier to say we’re lying?

        But ofc, back in the days for example when Sakura was shit on and Hinata was put on a pedestal by people WRONGLY translating what Kishi said, on 2ch, everyone had no problem with 2ch as a source, when they were interested in Sasuke’s character, no problem having 2ch as a source either.
        But now that people @ 2ch have turned against this movie and with right reasons, suddenly, your translators dismiss it as a source?

        Tell me now, who’s the hypocrite?

          Shitimoto (3 years ago)

          I am!

          But seriously, your comments are way too good to be posted as a reply to something stupid like this.

          Keep on ranting on the movie and stuff, it’s an abomination. But post it as response to people that at least learned their first secondary language, so people actually understand your beautiful hatred for the movie.

          Lots of love
          – Some Jerk

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      But didn’t you wrotte that people cancelled their tickets? You know, the post of “Japanese people cancelling their tickets. The movies are full empty”. Now you are stating that they didn’t and even couldn’t while before the movie you said they could and did? How is it then?

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Congratulation on missing the questioning mark and the overuse of the apparently part.

Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

Oh shit it was a hoax? Haha damn trolls.

Orion (3 years ago)

Wow… that’s one of the most stupid posts I’ve seen about this movie. It kinda makes me angry cause you declare the movie bad. I couldnt care less about the shipping part, NaruHina though was sure from the start. Only blindman and underage people thought that Sakura will end up with Naruto. Ive grown with this series… Ive been watching it for 13 years now and althougt it wasnt that perfect in the end, it was an awesome run! And I’m just happy for Naruto cause in the end he found love and happiness. The movie is the best selling Naruto movie ever… I have no idea what u are talking about… Bad reviews, only NaruSaku kids thought it’s bad. The majority loved this movie!

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Which majority? SS majority? NH majority? Becuase it’s the only part from where I’m getting this so called “loved the movie” part. The others hate it and it has nothing to do with the pairings, as we’ve been saying for months now, but of course, you have to reduce it to pairings because to hell with character development!

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      LOL, who others? The NS and SK fans are the only ones who are hating and ranting about it. “Normal” Naruto fans are usually giving from 4 to 10 stars or 3 to 5 stars. ;)

lel (3 years ago)

“As we already know, The Last: Naruto the movie had a very bad reception in its motherland, however it has been planned to get released in other countries.”


please refrain from using that “people couldnt refund!” excuase because i’ve yet to see a verifiable source other than tumblr and “i live in japanland and checked the three teaters around me at 9 am, the last will flop!” doesn’t really count http://kawaiirenren.tumblr.com/post/104315217848/meganezaru-kawaiirenren-1st-picture-kamiooka

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Congrats on missing on 2ch, the very source you people like to turn your back onto now, whereas prior to this it was everyone’s no 1 source!

      Rex Julius (3 years ago)

      LOL, no, 2chan only good for getting scans, but that’s all. People only using 2chan to get pictures. ;)

mat (3 years ago)

Actually the movie just made over 1.7 billion and it’s rated better than Road to Ninja which was rated 7.7 while The last was 8 out of 10 and going up. Plus some have been postedponed due technically and environmental reasons.

A few places due to the intense storms that are occurring and thus peoples lives and homes are being destroyed and the last thing they wanna do is go see a movie. Even afterwards they are most likely gonna help people and rebuild.


    Nigel (3 years ago)

    I wonder if people will continue to make excuses not to count IMBD’s 4 star rating because “America likes NaruHina more.” or “The movie didn’t come out in America yet.” or “The movie is from Japan, not America.” The more excuses, the more desperate the hatere will become. (Notice I didn’t say NaruSaku, because they’re are some GOOD NaruSaku fans who although don’t like the ending or movie, aren’t complete idiots about it.)

XXX (3 years ago)

So, how do you explain that the novel is still selling super well, despite it being released over a month ago? http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=52657734&postcount=1311

You’d think that people would refuse to buy the book if they really hated the movie right?

So obviously Japanese fans really enjoy it if it’s ranking high on multiple bookstores.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Or maybe are just curious that all this might be a joke and things somehow get resolved at the end, yet they get nothing? Plus, it’s not like this ending wasn’t made specifically for those exact type of people, you know, the ones that don’t care about character assassination and 15 years of retcon with one movie, in the most horrible way? You know, the ones Hayao Miyazaki was talking about ruining the anime industry.
    But what do I know, right?

      Light (3 years ago)

      This is hilarious. Do you even listen to yourself? Also, how can a movie destroy characters that have already been destroyed at midpoint during the main series? I mean Kishi completely destroyed the concept of Naruto fighting against destiny, and turned him to Jesus like character that forgives mass murders and calls them cool. Or is all these illogical claims over a pairing?

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        No, it’s not. The point was other, one which you don’t seem to understand but whatever…

          Light (3 years ago)

          No. You are the one the does not understand. You are just asshurt that your shitty pairing didn’t happen. The end pairings have no effect on the main story, since they were revealed way after the initial story ended, that you and your delusional tards claim to have ruined the characters and story. The characters and story you claim NaruHina ruined were terrible long before the final chapters.

        rayodeluz (3 years ago)

        Light is absolutely right. The story the characters. They were getting devolop in part 1 and an in part 2 were completely ignored.

Jazzy Jeff (3 years ago)

Thank you for confirming your hypocrisy chatte. You wrote a big essay on how you are done with the Naruto series but in this New Year you disparage the character and the series for no reason.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Yes, I am done with the series, not reading it. That doesn’t mean I am not allowed to comment on it or even keep people up to date with news, like I’ve been asked and thing you should have known this by now since you guys seem to be following my every step but I guess it’s more convenient for your cause of painting me into a hypocrite. Cause otherwise you’d know the difference between these two instances.

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

Can’t believe you came back with this lol. Then even more so it turns out to be a hoax. Would you give up on trying to run down the movie because you don’t like that NS never happened and NH is canon. The movie will be successful either way. NH is canon either way, most NS fans don’t like it, many NH fans love it. Get over it, let it go, and move on like you said you would. On my end I can’t wait to see the movie dedicated to NaruHina as their love blossoms into canon while Sakura cheers them on :D

    guest (3 years ago)

    still in a genjutsu chatte????

    Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

    I’ve never seen a ship getting blown the fuck out like NS. Seriously they had NH happen, Naruto having kids with Hinata, Kishimoto himself saying Naruto never loved Sakura romantically AND an entire movie just rubbing salt on their wounds. To be honest I pity them because Sakura their “heroine” backs NH up the whole movie.

      Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

      I can also sympathize with them a little since I’ve been a part of a couple ships that sunk myself Oreimo, The world God only knows and most recently Legend of Korra(this one tore me up a inside a little). My wife was devastated and wouldn’t leave our room for 2 days when one of her ships sunk once.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Keep telling yourself it’s about pairings…

      JustFacts (3 years ago)

      Chatte, to you, it very clearly is about pairings. Spare the internet and fellow NaruSaku fans the embarrassment of having to be associated with your gross exaggerations. Stop the lies already. Enough is enough.

        Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

        Uhum, yeah because me critiquing Naruto’s character solely outside the whole pairing stuff is clearly “just about pairings”. And I don’t associate anyone with anyone, these are my opinions and as I have said multiple times I do not speak for the NaruSaku fandom, I speak for myself. You’re on http://www.chatte-georgiana.com not http://www.narusakufandom.com, right?
        But keep portraying it like that if it makes you sleep better at night.

          Jacob Devlin (3 years ago)

          I’ve read a few of your posts and leading up to the ending you made up some pretty far reaching theories about genjutsu, circles and obviously biased interpretations of translations to support your NS pairing you were reading the manga happily. As soon as NH happened you turned into a belligerent Naruto, Studio Pierre and Kishi hater grabbing whatever bullshit articles from unverified sources to support your warped point of view that somehow Naruto failed. It didn’t. It had a run of more than a decade(which is damn near impossible), a final movie that outsold the biggest NS wank movie to date by a large margin in a land where in your head it “bombed”. Have you seen the final Naruto Tankoban sales predictions? Off the charts. Stop trying to act high and mighty like you’re some impartial fan and just admit it you’re bitter cuz your ship failed, get off your high horse and move the fuck on. You were wrong, the movie was a success and the spin-off will probably be successful too.

          passerby (3 years ago)

          thats total BS. you know full well you would have been ok with EVERYTHING, even with naruto suddenly becoming a circus wanderer as long as NS is end game. stop making it look like you have some sort of deeper crusade with your shennanigans

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          No, I wouldn’t have been. But if it makes you sleep better at night imagining that and living in a world like that, go ahead, be my guest. It’s not the first series I leave behind because the route it turns is shit despite me initially loving it so try again. :)

Meri (3 years ago)

——-“From the fact that they couldn’t cancel their tickets… But keep continue believing whatever suits you.”——

Can you post your actual sources? The actual links to 2ch where you said people can’t refund their tickets? Can you post the tumblrs that say that it’s true, and if so, did they link, cite, or quote an actual Japanese website?

You seem very confident that it is the case, but you only write it in English, and never source the information.

I have not seen that information. I am curious about where it is “confirmed”. 2channel is a large website and has antithreads, lovethreads, and support threads for Naruto, pairings, and individual characters. So if I have missed such an important detail, I would want to know where it was said, because it wasn’t in other places.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you, and the citation to your argument.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    Never source the information? Are you sure you browsed and read correctly? I just addressed this in here.

    Also, if you’d know 2ch’s system, it’s unusual for anti threads to blow up like they did for this movie…

      Thar (3 years ago)

      2chan has anti-threads for plenty of other fandoms.

      TBH you look like you’ve never actually tried to browse 2chan. The first anti-thread for the last started before the movie was even brodcast. Way back when there were trailers people were complaining about the battle animation.

      “Never source the information? Are you sure you browsed and read correctly? I just addressed this in here.”

      The person just asked for THE LINKS. We know you keep saying 2chan, but we want the LINK to the COMMENT or THREAD. There are hundreds of threads. Which one? Which page of the anti-thread? What section of 2chan? You clearly don’t understand how 2chan works.

      Your response is the equivalent of saying “I saw it on tumblr”. What tag? What should I pop in the search bar? What’s the username?”

      It’s not hard to realize that you don’t have the hard links saved anywhere at all.

      You are spreading hearsay. And won’t admit to it.

TTrasengan (3 years ago)

@Jacob Devlin well said, well said lol.

darkness027 (3 years ago)

why the last movie still not airing >.< we are waiting for this movie

otakugirl29 (3 years ago)

Why the heck are they cancelling it.. It was supposed to be aired last December! What issues or difficulties could hinder them to air it. There is nothing controversial or “SPG” about Naruto unlike other movies.. I mean come on! we waited for a month and then they’re gonna say that it will be next year.. Are you kidding me?!

    Fengshui (3 years ago)

    Some angered “fans” were nice to trolling on both the site and facebook of the Philippenes cinema, causing them to delay not only the latest Naruto movie, but also tons of awasome movies! Thank them!

      Guy (3 years ago)


      How can “trolling” in a site or facebook delay something ?
      SMH wake up

      I can’t even believe they really trolled anyway since you didn’t gave any proof

      But oh well, I will try to troll the avengers 2 facebook page just to see if they will delay their movie too XD

      Such a joke

      Try harder @Fengshui

        brutus (3 years ago)

        are you from PH guy? for you to know what exactly happened? and you keep on saying try harder, like people’s comments are there to debunk YOU. no, they are not, comments here which doesn’t kiss your ass nor this blog’s ass is here to dissuade incorrect things that are stated here – like this supposed delay due to things like content concern or that it isn’t acclaimed. ah, now I see, try harder is your Nindo! because that’s what you tell yourself in your mission to make it seem like the last tanked. pathetic.

          Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

          Incorrect things that are stated here? Lol, funny how when it’s us it’s incorrect but when it’s you guys it’s correct.
          The delay part was corrected by myself as well in the meantime as soon as I found out it was a hoax/whatever it was so cut the crap, will ya?

          brutus (3 years ago)

          yes chatte, when its you its definitely most of the time INCORRECT. dont get me started on all the bullshit you try to pass as facts. you are one of the reasons why NS fandom became so toxic when naruto ended. yes you can be opinionated, but you also have to be responsible and be well informed. you owe that to your fandom

          Guy (3 years ago)


          The NS fandom isn’t toxic, since most of them aren’t really part of the Naruto fandom anymore,.

          But the Naruto fandom is still toxic as a whole, and that is a blame to all the people still there, anti endings/ pro endings/ etc, NH and SS too, don’t try to square things up to blame only one fandom for the shit state of the Naruto fandom

          Guy (3 years ago)

          @Brutus , use your brain!

          Fengshui said the reason for the delay was fans trolling the facebook and the websiute of the movie theater, and he showed no proofs to back that up. and even if he showed it stillbegs to question of why the hell would “trolling” in facebook delay a movie, it’s an a stupid excuse

          brutus (3 years ago)

          oh lookie here its guy! its People like YOU who are toxic. oh yeah right, i apologize, NS fandom as a whole isnt toxic, there are actually very smart, sane and sweet NS fans, its people like you who are. people who are so bitter and who cant deal with facts slamming their headcanons in the face. plus i wasnt talking about the whole naruto fandom, hence i only addressed it to stuff that coNfused the NS fandom – exhibit A: people like you who present unbacked claims.

          Guy (3 years ago)

          @ brutus, you are funny lmao

          You talk about unbacked claims and that is excaltcy waht Fengsui presented, should I take him as toxic too?

          And look, you are also presenting unbacked claims about me, saying I’m toxic and taccusing me of shoving my headcanons ( I don’t really have any tho) in other peoples faces when I never did that, and also saying that the things I say are all lies but not backing up on why they are lies exactly …so does this mean you are toxic too Brutus?

          oh lookie here its guy! its People like YOU who are toxic. oh yeah right, i apologize, NS fandom as a whole isnt toxic, there are actually very smart, sane and sweet NS fans, its people like you who are. people who are so bitter and who cant deal with facts slamming their headcanons in the face. plus i wasnt talking about the whole naruto fandom, hence i only addressed it to stuff that coNfused the NS fandom – exhibit A: people like you who present unbacked claims

          Guy (3 years ago)

          @ brutus, you are funny lmao

          You talk about unbacked claims and that is excaltcy waht Fengsui presented, should I take him as toxic too?

          And look, you are also presenting unbacked claims about me, saying I’m toxic and taccusing me of shoving my headcanons ( I don’t really have any tho) in other peoples faces when I never did that, and also saying that the things I say are all lies but not backing up on why they are lies exactly …so does this mean you are toxic too Brutus?

kai (3 years ago)

Please wake up from your genjutsu. People still cant get enough with the last movie. Im guessing the dvd sales must be skyrocket.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    You’re just guessing since the movie is barely in theaters. DVD usually come later but anyway…

      Fengshui (3 years ago)

      LOL, the The Last was only running for 4-5 weeks in the US. Now it will go to France, Mexico, Philippenes (along with tons of other great movies whiches had been delayed because of the tiny little “funny trick” of “certain fans” that caused problems to the cinemas) and some other countries too.

      The DVD and Blu-Ray editions always coming out after 5-6 months after the premiere of the movies. That’s happened always. Like in the case of RTN: it started in August and came out in next year’s march (the subtitles took + 1 month for the subtitle teams). Meaning the The Last will come out on July, but because we will need for someone to upload + subbing (japanese DVDs rarely or absolutely don’t have english sub), we will get it in late july, first week of august.

        Guy (3 years ago)

        I still remember when some NH fans said the Last would profit more than 1 million in the US

        LOL ! good joke

Shitimoto (3 years ago)

“We have to change the content because everyone already knows that the movie is horrible. We will let you know when we have found and eliminated the last 3 enjoyable seconds of the movie!”


***Much later***

***so much later that the old announcer quit, and they had to hire a new one***

“Hey, the movie is out in the US now, let’s spend money on it!”

*180 minutes of Naruto mooning the audience*

Well played Shitimoto… Well played indeed…

MysticTwirl (3 years ago)

Your ‘update’ is very biased and ill-informed. First of all, the topic of your article has already been discredited which should result in you discarding the article or adding the update ON TOP of the page. From this I can conclude that you do not want to delete this because you really just want to rant about the movie. I am guessing you aren’t a Naruto/Hinata shipper, which I respect. But trashing a movie you are supposedly updating on is very immature, especially since you have not watched it yourself. You spread the false or biased information of other people without seeing the whole picture. Please don’t let your judgement or pairing preference affect your writing. What a waste of time and effort. Show some respect to Kishimoto and SP for providing us with a movie that relates to the plot of Naruto. It’s only fair.

I hope we both get to see the movie in SM soon! Have a good day.

    Chatte Georgiana (3 years ago)

    And why are you sure I haven’t watched it myself?
    Yes, indeed, the update is down below. You’re free to conclude whatever you want though.
    I don’t spread false or biased information, dear. That’s what you don’t get. This is MY BLOG and based on information that roams around in the fandom, I give my opinion on MY BLOG. Got it?
    Seeing the whole picture? You’re talking to me about seeing the whole picture when instead of seeing how the big picture is ruined you just defend this crap of a movie? Well then, to each his own.

    My judgement is not in any way affected by pairing preference, that’s what you guys could never get it. I can very much make a difference between the two. If there are some people out there that cannot separate the two, well, that’s definitely not me.

    Show some respect to Kishimoto and SP? Ahaha, lol. I understand now. I’m sorry but I have no respect for writers/companies that have no respect for their fanbase/people that support them. Support is mutual. It’s something Kishi and SP needs to learn, apparently.

    I hope I don’t ever get to see anything Naruto produced ever again. They’re at the level of embarrassing themselves already.

    Have a good day yourself! :)

Anne (3 years ago)

I have seen the movie, It was fantastic! Nicely done.

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